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Character Biography Template  GRBMeu5

Now that you have joined us, and we welcome you whole heartily. Now that it is time to let your entrance come through to your dictated characters. Although we can be harsh on what types of characters that can be allowed within the role-play; or how powerful they can be and what they have to offer... Please do not make some powerful unable to be killed character... Demi-Gods and Gods have been removed from the roleplay

Keep in mind you are able to have more than one character... only one character may move up in ranks though

If you are not active your characters may be removed from the roleplay

[size=9px] SIDE NOTES:
The history tells the background story of the character up to the point they enter the Lumene Realm if they were not born to the realm. It is important to try to be as detailed when coming up with this portion. The minimum that any history can be is two well-written paragraphs. Do Not say that your character doesn't know nor can remember his/her past. There has to be a point in their life where they would remember things even if they are just glimpses.

[size=24px] Character Biography Template [/size]

----------------------------| Basic Deails |---------------------------
Full Name:
Past names (If applied):
Titles (If applied):
Class and or Rank (if applied):
Purtiy of blood:
Sexual Orientation:
Martial Status:
Past Martial Status (If applied):
Occupations (if applied):

----------------------------| BloodLines|---------------------------
Sires (if applies):

----------------------------| Personality|---------------------------
Basic Personality:
Likes & Dislikes:
Desires in a mate: (if not paired already)
Dislikes in a mate: (if not paired already)
Greatest Desires:
Greatest Fears:

----------------------------| Appearance|---------------------------
Basic Appearance:
Distinguishing Marks:
Shapeshift forms (if applied):
Weapons & Armor (if applied):

---------------------| Abilities & Weaknesses |--------------------
Mundane Skills:
Racial Skills:
Racial Weaknesses:

-----------------------| Familiars (if applied)|----------------------
Name of Familiar:
Came to be:

-----------------------| History |----------------------
Birth and Childhood:
Young adult:
Adult to Present:

[size=24px] Helpful Resources [/size]

The Monsters Grimoire
[size=9px] ❖ Contains useful information on different creatures ❖ [/size]

The Armament Grimoire
[size=9px] ❖ Contains information regarding weapons and fantasy magics and spells. ❖ [/size]

Medieval feudal system (its people and titles)
[size=9px] ❖Contains different Medieval titles/position and about them ❖ [/size]

Medieval and Fantasy Roleplay Society
[size=9px] ❖ A community which involves in IMVU roleplay knowledge resource for Medieval Fantasy ❖ [/size]

The Grand Revelations Library
[size=9px]❖contains a fair amount of a community which is involved in IMVU role-play knowledge resource. ❖[/size]


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