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Post by AezvyraIsadorValke on Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:05 pm

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Normally found within the northern Aceoxis Region. deep within the far most Wormwood Woods their sanctuary is hidden. The Crypt of the Withered, is home to the Necromancer and her undead horde. Her soul mission to destroy everything in her path. Her horde comprised of skeletons, ghouls, zombies, abominations and her general linchs. Granted they normally don't leave the north but they will randomly attack Elador and Necromar.

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Now within the crypts its self there are treasures for those who think they can best the Necromancer and her horde. She has a chest which holds the 'Dark Grimoire' and the 'Chalice of Malice'

Quests line soon to come


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