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AezvyraIsadorValke: As the day drifted the sun slowly moved through its path in the sky over the land. Aezvyra yawned softly before slightly moving from her home at Kleshi Hold and making her way across the capital city of Necromar to the Ram's Tavern and Inn as she did on a nightly base. She chuckled to her self as her long onyx hair pulled up for once in a somewhat of a bun as she moved; each step silent as if a trained assassin moving through the dead woodland that surrounded the city, around the buildings. Finally coming to the building itself she smirked as she held her hand out and pushed open the double doors before walking inside. The woman held her head up as she let her hood fall from its place and rest on her shoulders before looking around the room. "Good evening Rose," she spoke to the maiden behind the bar.  She nodded to the woman as she pulled her cloak away from her body showing off her slim frame which still had been hidden underneath the dark fabrics of her long gown.  "Don't spill anything on it this time I just had it cleaned." the demon spoke her voice soft and luring. The demonic empress smiled as she moved passing table after table until she made her way to the back of the tavern to her table off by itself. The same table she sat at on a nightly base just so she can watch over and see if anyone sparked her interest. Granted the Ram's Tavern and Inn was normally full by the time the full moon was high in the sky but not this night. This night it was nothing but dead, a few patrons who were hardly talking, just sitting around the building and keeping to themselves. The Aezvyra shook her head before lowing her gaze to the table afraid that this very night she wouldn't be able to find anyone worthy of even a conversation. To get her mind off of her duties was always the main reason she would spend the countless hours within the sometimes busy place; plus it was an added bonus that she could sometimes find people worth holding some rank within the land she ruled.

OurMortalSin: -Rumours were already passing through the lands of an odd sage that was making his way through the kingdom. He had just finished clearing up some work nearby, and the soft allure of a tavern called to him. The steps from the sage were properly balanced and failed to waste a single shred of energy. His posture was damn near perfect, and his muscled stature went well with his tall frame. He stood roughly 6 ft 2, with an upper-body teeming with compact muscle. His core was chiseled down to perfection, giving hints to those around him that he wasn't just some simple monk. His skin barely seemed to hold color, and jet black markings were etched into his flesh along his arm, ribs, and back. He could be considered handsome by some standards. His jawline was sharp, his cheekbones were prominent, and he carried a soft air of confidence. His hair was a sharp raven hue and found itself cut short and tossed to the side. Pinned to his right ear was a dark cross, giving hints to the order he followed. In ancient times his order was a vicious group of players who brought down any monsters threatening the balance of society. They were a curious order, and within this day and age, some don't even believe they existed. Despite the man's damn near perfect form, one might wonder how he moved about. This was due to the thick blindfold that rested over his eyes. One could only assume he was blind, and this only added to the odd air about the man. Resting on the hip of the odd mythic was two swords that seemed to be equal in length. It was an odd sport to carry two blades, and even more strange to carry them both on the same hip. The blinded man stopped at the door to the tavern, his lip twitching just slightly as the soft scent of mead filled his senses. He sighed and pushed through the door, allowing his presence to take the scene. His black outfit with gold trim peeked some eyes, but the swords and blindfold did more to pull attention than anything. He ignored them, allowing them to make any kind of inferences they wished. He, however, moved to take a seat at the bar, his hand setting a coin purse on the counter. The purse was loaded with gold coins, a by-product from his last job. He flagged down the bartender, hoping to get his things ordered in a timely manner.-

AevyraIsadorValke: The woman had just managed to glance up at the table when the hush tones of the patrons caught her ears. Her brow rose as she tilted her head up so she could see past the doorway out to the main floor of the tavern. She watched as people seem to move about forgetting that she had even been in there, there were far more people it seemed now. The demon's black painted lips curl at their ends as she watched her eyes landing on a few different people once being the stranger who looked to be making his way to the bar. Aezvyra slowly made it to her feet brushed the wrinkles out of her dress before she placed her right hand on top of the table waiting for a few moments. What she was waiting for she was unsure; her emerald green eyes locked on the barmaid who seems to be too busy with her duties to even remember to get the empress her chalice and bottle. The demon shook her head before lifting her hand from the table and slowly walked towards the bar. "Rose?" she called out granted the young woman most likely didn't even hear her. The empress shrugged before finally reaching the bar which stood slightly higher than her waist it seemed. "Never mind I got it," she mumbled out to her self before walking behind the bar to fetch her glass and the bottle of mix drink she always orders. Her eyes moved to the stranger once more before; she wondered if he was waiting on something then again she wouldn't even know if he had been helped or not. "Have you been helped sir?" she spoke softly to the stranger. She placed the brass chalice and bottle down on the bar top and seem to wait for an answer.

OurMortalSin: -The blindfolded male kept the purse within his hands, his senses screaming that someone had approached. He turned in her direction before she spoke, his head cocking to the side almost in confusion. "I have not, I am curious as to why the barmaid didn't tend to me herself." He furrowed his brows and gestured with his head to the direction of her table. meaning that he knew she moved from there to the bar. "I suppose it doesn't really matter, you can provide the same service I assume?" He asked, his voice oddly passive with a melodic undertone. "I'm simply looking for a glass of water, a hot meal, and a room for the night." He pulled the cord-free on his coin purse, allowing the one who served him to see the gold coins that were stacked within. "Payment is no issue, and your smallest room will suit me just fine." He muddled his thoughts together for a moment figuring he should pay for information as well. " Also, I would be willing to part with some more gold for some information." He resettled himself on the chair, his free hand staying away from the blades at his side. He had no wish to agitate thoughts int he wrong direction.-

AevyraIsadorValke: She waited there her gaze seems to bounce back and forth from the male to the crowd wondering just how long until either of the bar maidens realize she was up at the bar and not at her normal place. Aezvyra never really thought the thing out her eyes moving down to the males blades which seem to rest on his side and she hoped they would stay there.  Once hearing the voice she turned her attention back to the male confused on just how he knew it wasn't her place to help him. Aezvyra chuckled softly "How do you know I not the barmaid?" she asked wondering on just how he would know seeing the blindfold. Of course, the demon was the help but she couldn't help on some nights, it put her in the spot where she could speak to others unless she just simply invited them to her table. She paused and nodded. "I can for the most part" she let the words leave her lips before nodding and looking to his coin purse briefly before seeing where either Rose or one of the others were. "Well there's plenty of rooms open I do believe and a hot meal is easy to come by." she smiled softly before taking a step back enough to reach a empty glass from the shelves behind her and place it before the male. "what kind of information?" this perked her interested granted she had no use for coin but wanted to know what he was looking for. Before long she took a few steps away heading towards the kitchen to gather a pitcher and a plate of mutton. Once inside the kitchen, she glared at the help as they went to question her. "Don't even start" she hissed out moving about before getting what she had come for and returning to the main room. She placed the plate down first and then filled the glass with water. "Anything else?" she spoke shortly after the task was finished.

OurMortalSin: His eyes burned from underneath the blindfold, almost crying to be released from their cage. His reasons for wearing the blindfold were numerous, and within a bustleing place such as a taver. It was simply easier to just keep them covered up. He didn't need an over abudence of information being sent through his mind when he wasn't within a fight. He offered a gentle smile to her question, her confusion easy to see considering what she could see. " You smell to nice, your perfume isn't muddied with mead or sweat." This man knew what he was talking about, it was his job to know everything about his surroundings. It's what made him a truly horrifying slayer to his enemies. The sage offered yet another smile, happy to hear that she could provide his request. He figured she would be running off to retrieve his things, so he waited to ask questions. When she returned, he nodded his head in thanks and hefted the cup to his lips. He downed a good portion of the water before sighing to himself. "I'm hoping to secure another job, is there any sightings of monsters within the area." If she had any kind of knowledge about orders from the past, she might just understand what the cross hanging from his right ear meant. But of course she was probably more worried about the blades that sat untouched at his side. When the food was placed before him he smiled and played with his coin purse for a moment.- How much do I owe you?

AezvyraIsadorValke: Her brow rose from its place as she took a step back from the wooden bar. She just hoped that no one was going to throw their glass at her this time and ruin her dress. She nodded softly she had not even thought about the perfume nor did she really remember putting any on that day she had been busy with just about everything. She chuckled softly and nodded. "I see" she watched the male a short time before answering his question. she nodded softly thinking about it. "What kind of job are you looking for?" she paused as he seems to speak more. "There are always monsters in these parts. The so-called Undead Legion being the brunt of it." she couldn't think the last time anything had attacked the town let alone the horde of what seem to be zombies and skeletons sent by the one called The Necromancer. Granted even that she was unsure of it was all rumors by the time she was told about it made it hard for her to provide for her people. The demon mumbled to her self-thinking more before giving up. "There might be a troll or two in the hills north of town maybe," she commented before he had asked about the price. "I'm not sure what they are pricing these days. " she paused took a deep breath and thought about it. "Let's call it five gold coins and if the owner has an issue about it he can take it up with me" she chuckled softly before taking hold her glass bottle finally and opening it; the sweet smell of unicorns blood filled the air before she started to mix the drink into her glass with whisky. Once her brass chalice was filled she placed the cork back on the bottle and set it down before taking up her glass and took a stip.


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