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JillyLeFae: -She had been walking for what felt like days. Her feet were sore and she was in desperate need of a drink and a place to rest. Jilly was surprised that she had found her way through the forests to various paths that she seemed to keep losing as she wandered. Finally, she found a city. She had no idea where she was or what types of beings may be residing nearby. All she knew is that she needed to rest and soon. As she had wandered through the city she had kept her head down not wanting to draw attention to herself. She came upon the tavern and hoped that at the very least there would be an empty seat where she could put her rump for a bit. Before opening the door, she looked down seeing the hem of her dress covered in mud and torn from her travels. She could only imagine what her hair looked like after such and adventure. She did her best to smooth it down and breathed out a slow breath. She pushed open the tavern door and stepped in breathing easier that being barefoot meant her shoes would not make noises on the floor. She lightly cleared her throat and closed the door behind her.-

MaelumRagnarosYlium: ~Mae's decorated ears flicked once as she heard the noise from beyond the door and walked over to the door to see what the fuss was about. Still carrying Aez, she opened the door just a bit and looked outside and sniffed the air. In a low, rumbling voice she finally spoke after several long moments of simply gazing down to the being beyond the threshold of the door.~Hello.
JillyLeFae: -Looking up she took a step back unsure whether the beings in this place were friendly or not. She bit her lip for a moment and decided it was the time of truth. She did her best to straighten her posture and tried to blink the tiredness out of her eyes. As she got ready to speak she knew that fear had her voice. She coughed once and looked back at the floor. "Hello"-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon empress chuckled as she kept her arms wrapped around her friend's neck as she was being carried around as if she was a child. She tried not to laugh before her attention moved to the main part of the Ram's tavern. Her green eyes locked on one of the barmaid, Rose. "Rose, my dear fetch some water please." she laughed out softly as she wiggled in the arms before looking to her friend. "You can put me down you know, I can walk." she laughed as the words left her painted lips as she sat there blinking pretty much. The woman had been in the tavern for maybe a couple hours now. Granted, unlike normal Aezvyra was normally either alone or with her twin brother which wasn't the case this night. She was with a good friend. She smiled before the sounds of the door moved as she was being carried around the building now. "Mae please do put me down for the time being, it seems we have a guest." she chuckled out before letting her gaze move to the people of the tavern "That and I don't want to upset Rose or the BarKeep from me knocking something over today." she giggled out softly as she let her attention move to the new comer. "Well Greetings." she smiled softly

MaelumRagnarosYlium: ~Mae opened the door fully, revealing herself to the stranger at the door. She set Aez down and stood to her full 2.5m height, towering over Aez. Mae's black canine ears flicked agitatedly and flattened back into her long dreadlocks. Mae's tail twitched side to side, expressing eagerness to move. Her bronze skin glistened in the light leaking from the tavern, gleaming over her muscled frame. Mae then, without needing to be prompted, turned to face Aez and knelt before her...still nearly as tall as Aez was even when bent to one knee.~

JillyLeFae: -She looked up to the other one that spoke and nodded in greeting. She still wasn’t sure about her own safety but she was sure that if she did not sit down soon her own safety would not matter as she would be on the floor. She took a step forward and bowed politely trying her best to appear calm and mannerly. Taking coins from an inner pocket she held them out. “I need drink.” She hoped that the desperation she was feeling was not showing on her even though it seemed to be growing worse by the moment. “Just a drink please.”-

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra emreald green hues moved on the new comer as she was set down she smiled turned back to her friend and lowered her head. The woman dressed in an all black silk gown only stood to be maybe just under five foot six. "Thank you my dear." Her body turned just slightly as she took a step away from the door so the woman could enter better. "Im sure Rose can help you, the barkeep supost to be keeping just about anything on hand now." she spoke softly as she shot a glance back to the barmaiden whom rushed over with a glass of water at first. Aezvyra took the glass before holding it out to the woman. "Here" she offered it to her before waiting. It was up to the woman if she would take the glass or not if she hadn't taken it the woman would simply place the glass down on a near by table. The Demon would smile before pulling back her long raven hair that was in fact partly pined up already, she would move it behind her shoulders as she stood there. "Welcome to Nyamithler" she would lower her head as if giving a slight bow.

JillyLeFae: -She stepped in further and took the glass of water. She greedily drank half of it down before she remembered her manners and stopped. She blushed deeply and smiled. “Thank you.” As much as she wanted to chug the rest of the glass she took a small sip and held the glass against herself so that she didn’t drop it. Feeling a little more comfortable she looked around her and took in the sights of the tavern. She took another sip and thought about the name of the place. “What sort of city is this?”-

MaelumRagnarosYlium: ~Mae huffed softly and stood back up to her full height, resting a hand on Aez's shoulder. Both her expression and body language relaxed as Aez welcomed the newcomer. Mae's ears stood back up, the rings on them jingling at the swift flick. She then began to observe the newcomer intently, her piercing emerald gaze never faltering as she stared. Her expression was neutral and her muscled were not tense, but she seemed intent on keeping a careful eye on the woman.~

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra would stand there for a few moments before she would turn now facing away from both women she would slowly stroll back into the tavern heading to the back where her table was. Her hair seem to sway just about the same amount her dress would with each and every step, here footsteps seem to be missing as she walked seeing she was barefoot. She would most likely reach the door frame of the small room before finally calling back out to the bar maiden once more. "Oh Rose, please don't forget my bottle and chalice please." she would speak softly even though the room seem to be louder then what her voice was at this very moment. Her slim frame seem to move again as she went back to her table before sitting down. Her right hand moved brushing the wrinkles from her lap as she glanced up hearing the questions of the new comer. The woman's painted lips curled at their ends as they pulled into a smile. "Your welcome by the way" she chuckled out before returning to the question at hand. Granted the woman was now across the tavern her voice would sound as if she was standing right next to the woman. "What do you mean what sort of city?" this question confused the woman as she was unsure how to answer her. "You are in the Captial City of Necramar. The heart of the Empire my dear." she smirked softly as she glanced about looking for the young red headed bar maiden wondering where her bottle was. Aezvyra's brow rose as she seem to grow impation before standing and moving to the doorway of the room. "Rose, My drink." she hissed out her eyes seem to flicker a blackish tint for a split second.

RagnorKirryanValke: -wakeing up in his room he smiles as he hears the people in the tavern talkinhg, all of them talking talking to loud or at least it seems that way for him as the mead went down to easily the night before ah what a night he doesnt remember anything but firegures it was good. swinging his feet out of his bed onto the floor he smirks as he steps in a thing of vomit, "oh that was,, i mean why.. god damit" he yells as he kicks the vomit off of his feet chucnks landing on the wall he starts to chuckle to him self before removeing his socks and tosses them to the floor. "oh thoes maids must hate me but atleast i make them earn there pay" pushing off of the bed he lands on the other side of the puke, wearing his favorite read jacket he pats it down makeing sure he didnt puke on it anyehere, "ah good missed the old red this time for once" shakeing his head he makes his way to his door. raiseing his righrt hand to the door he turns the handle and opens the door slwoly looking aroudn for people around his room, not seeing anyone he walkes out of his room barefoot and walks to the railing as his room is on the second level of the tavern. looking out ofer the tavern he yells to the maids "oih wenches bring me my mead i need to begain this day right.. mornign .. lunch time.. the fuck time is it" the maids look up to him and rool there eyes "great the lord is awake, dam thought we could go one day with out him" he shakes her head before going to get hus mug and fill it full for him setting it on the counter for him as they know he will be down shortly.

JillyLeFae: -She stepped in and found a seat at a table and was feeling remarkably relaxed. Just sitting made her feel better. She slowly finished the wine as she discreetly stretched her legs and feet under the table. She did her best to get the person named Rose’s attention and was failing miserably as she did not want to draw any more attention to herself. Hearing a male’s voice yell down she jumped startled and reached for where her daggers would normally have been. She had forgotten for a moment that she had traded them for a bed a few nights earlier. She almost shrank into her chair and then reminded herself that this was not the same place she had come from. Hearing the servants words about the man though made her tense.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman never was the one to wait she stood there her arms moving up and crossing just below her breasts as she leaned on the wooden door frame as she watched the bar maiden dart around the room some more. Aezvyra stood there blinking she could hear someone in the room above her shift and move about. She wondered if it was her twin, knowing him it was; she knew it. When the voice called out from the landing she was sure of it. She sighed softly as she was already growing irrated with the staff of the tavern this day which was odd for her to do so. Her eyes never once leaving either Rose the bar maid or the new comer. She was use to the rest of the patrons and they to her. When Rose seem to finally find the time to wisk the tray with the Empress bottle of unicorn's blood and whiskey mix and a glass to her she lowered her head. "I'm sorry Mlady, tonights a busy night it seems." Aezvyra took the bottle and then the glass before waving her hand. "Shoo" It was unlike the woman to just dismiss someone but she had which was the odder part. She turned faceing her table before placing the glass down and opening the bottle and pouring some of the liquid to the glass. The demon chuckled softly as she turned her attention back to the new comer. "Your not from here are you?"

RagnorKirryanValke: looking around the room still he smiels as he starts to think about going to go get his drink but sences his sister and another in the tavern, looking down he leans to far over adn ends up falling from the second story down to the stone floor below. landing with a sound thud he curses before moveing slightly than lays back down "fuck this im staying here for a bit", his eyes trace the roof as he notices something int he roof looking closer its black and looks like a blade "fuck there it is my sword i knew it was around here" he blurts out little louder than he probbaly should have. "wait what the hell is it doing up there " he shrugs than lays there as he can feel his bonkes healing and his body slowly feeling better, he moves his head and notices his sister and another "hey sis and good evening or morning or lunch time.. not sure what time of day it is but welcome i think"

LarzAxel: -he wakes up in the middle of the woods after a successful night of hunting. he throws what he caught over his sholder and makes his way to the local inn. once he arrives he peaks his head in through the door to anounce his return from his hunting trip. "Hey Aezvyra im back with some supplies for the inn." he walks in and throws his kills, 5 large elk, onto a large table. "hopefully these Elk will supply enough meat for a few days." he makes his way to a table to order something to eat-

JillyLeFae: -She turned to the woman and shook her head. “No Miss I am not. And I have no idea where to go from here.” She wasn’t sure why she revealed that much but it didn’t seem that she could keep it from flowing out of her mouth. As she got ready to say more the man she had heard yell fell to the floor. She jumped and stifled a scream. She didn’t know if this was a common occurrence but it wasn’t something that she was used to. Just as she had started to settle back from that she heard another voice from the door. Her head jerked in that direction. She grabbed the one that was called Rose by the arm. “I am going to need a mead.” Her eyes had to be huge with the way the woman looked at her.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: Taking hold of her brass chalice the woman grins faintly as she brings the lip of the glass to her lips. Her eyes closed as the sweet aroma fills her nose as she takes a moment for herself before returning to those around her in the tavern. Just as she went to take a sip a large crashing sound seem to shake the building. Her eyes rolled as she groans as she lets the liquid seeps pass her lips and into her mouth. Pulling the glass away she holds onto it in her right hand. Today was one of those days and now that the sun had set she was growing tired of it, stupid things like this made her come to the tavern on a nightly bases. The woman took a deep breath, collected her thoughts as she returned to the new comer. "I can tell this" she smiled softly "Well where is it you are heading?" she questioned trying to figure out what to say. When the woman seem to let a shriek out is when she took two steps from the door way and looked at her brother shaking her head. "Stop fooling around, you might get hurt sooner or later." she commented out before letting her eyes move to the woman. "Im Aezvyra by the way." she didn't even feel like she was being rude or not when she had forgotten to intruduce herself. "Oh don't worry about the man on the floor it happens lately it seems. Hes an Idiot" she laughed taking another sip of her drink before her attention got pulled to another. "Well good evening Im sure the barkeep will be pleased he will not have to go hunting so soon." she laughed before going back to her converstion.

Kai thrust his pelvis into the woman, their sweaty, naked bodies glistening in the dim light of the private room. She held her arms around his neck, wrapped around them as though clinging for life as he bit her neck and shoulders over and over. He stared at her emotionlessly, his amethyst gaze keeping her captive in the night. She bit her lip and moaned under her breath as she reached climax. Kai pulled out of her slowly and did the same, letting loose on the towel draped over the bedding. He ran his hand through his splayed hair, fixing it back to his typical style, and redressed as she did, not saying a word. She continued to swoon over him, blush bright red and talking endlessly. He didn't pay attention. As he finished restrapping his daggers to his legs, she handed him a pouch full of coins. He left the room, leaving her behind and carefully made his way back downstairs, slipping the bag of money into his jacket as he did. He noticed Ragnor on the ground of the tavern. "What is he doing?" He thought. He approached Ragnor and knelt over him on the ground. "Lord Ragnor, is everything alright? You can't be that drunk already."

RagnorKirryanValke: looking aroud ne notices kai moveing down the stairs, than over to his side "really its like only... fuck i dont know the time of day it is and no im sober a hell of a place to be i mean my drink is ready" he points to the bar where his mug is full and calling to him. "i kinda fell again off the belcony, but hey kai i found my sword.. not sure how it got up there, do you rememebr" he asks him as he is sure that kai has a better memory than he does. he moves slightly than sways back and forth a bit moveing to a sitting position his back cracks a few times as the bones in his back rea adjsut and move into place, rotateing his shoulders hie smiles as his shoulders pop back into place. "there as good as new" he chuckles before moveing to his feet almost looseing his balance he falls into a chiar but quickly stands as if nothing happend, "im ok i swear im not drunk.. yet: his eyes dull as he feels nothing at this point in time but hides it well. turning from everyone he moves over tot eh barn and pulls his stool back before almost falluing on it than reaaches for his mugt and drowns his sorrows in the golden mead of the tavvern.

JillyLeFae: -She turned to the woman. “It is nice to meet you Miss Aezvyra. I am Jilly.” Rose returned with her drink and Jilly set down two silver coins. She lifted the mead to her lips and took a slow swallow as she eyed the newest man that came down the stairs. She shook off the fear she was feeling and turned to the woman. “I have no idea where I am going. I only know I am not going back to where I was.” She delicately tucked her feet under her dress trying to appear more lady like than her attire would allow her. “It is late in the day Sir.” Her voice was a mere whisper as she spoke the man that had fallen.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The Empress would not even know where to begin with the thoughts that seem to roll around her mind at this point yet there she was trying to funnel them so she could at lest think. She watched everyone from where she stood confused and wondered what happen the night before last but she wouldn't ask. "I see well, it is nice to meet you Mis Jilly." she gave another one of her faint smiles before taking a sip from her glass. She watched as her twin seem to just do what ever it was he does without her. She chuckled before tuning him out fully now. "I see.. Im not sure what there is outside of this empire." she leaned over and whispered softly nearly. "LIke i said don't mind him." she laughed softly mainly to her self as she bright the glass to her lips once more. "Things happen around her all the time it seems." she spoke her words softly and a hint of luring to her voice as it carried. "Is there anythign you would like to know about my homeland?"

TundraLynx: Kai watched Ragnor stumble across the room like a newborn giraffe attempting to take it's first steps. "Truly pitiful..." he mutterred to himself. He followed behind to ensure that Ragnor didn't somehow manage to hurt himself. At the very least, Kai could use his body as a cushion for the fall since Ragnor was gargantuan in comparison to him. "I really think you need to get back to a room. As for the sword you told me never to mention to anybody, you can come back for it later." He went back behind the bar and grabbed a mug. He filled it with water and handed it to Rag. "Here, drink it." He said. "It's new; water flavored rum."'

RagnorKirryanValke: putting down his mug after drinking all of it he smirks to his words "realy kai water flavoured rum the maids have tried that before,, and guess what it was water!! so no im good thanks there" he grips his migh harder than taps it twice on the bar as if wanting another mug full. the one maid came over and grabbes the mug and quickly turns and fills it than hands it back to him, he qucikly grabs it and takes another swig.

JillyLeFae: -Jilly felt more comfortable with the woman than she had with anyone in a very long time. “Yeah one question what kind of man is it that can fall from the second floor and get up without being hurt?” She took another sip of her mead. “Also is there anywhere around here that is hiring? I am about out of coins and they come in handy when travelling.” She turned back and watched the men. She chuckled at the one trying to pass off water as rum. It made her shake her head and giggle. At least she knew that they didn’t water down the drinks here. She kept her eyes on the men wondering where it was that she had walked into.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra chuckled softly at her question before she spoke giving her a simple answer. " You will hardly find a mortal human around this empire, or well I have yet to see one in a long time. He being my brother sadly enough a demon granted he takes more after our father who was a mere mortal." she took another sip of her drink before glancing to the lady. Her gaze moved over the woman then back to the surrounding area's as she stood there. She seem to chuckle with a smile on her face at the actions of the male with her brother. "He not dumb at time though. Granted he likes his ale." she laughed before resting her hand down by her side without spilling her glass.

RagnorKirryanValke: takeing another swig of ale he spins on his stool looking around the kingdom, people everywhere but he is moslty interest on what his sister is doing and the girl he is talking to. the mug still in his right hand he looks back to the red headed maid and gives her a slight wink "oh miss thre is a clean up in the room upstairs you know which one" he chuckels as he takes to his feet and stretches again, than his eyes look up to his blade "now to get you back" he says as he takes another swig plotting his valent rescue of his blade.

Kai chuckled as he dumped the water out of the mug he prepared. "There's not much cleanup to do if you're referring to my room Lord. Or were you talking about your own room for private matters perhaps?" As soon as Rag turned his back, Kai glared at the head barmaid, his eyes full of frustration and intimidation, "Nobody from here on out is to give him excess amounts of alcohol while he's drunk unless specifically ordered by the empress. GOT IT?!" Those final two words were forced from behind his clenched teeth. The waitresses just scurried about. Kai let out a sigh, and walked over to the nearest table to grab their orders. One of the men gave him an odd look, the same most women gave him. He shoved it off and brought back their jugs of alcohol. "If any of you need any more, please notify one of the barmaids. ...~preferably not me~" He thought. "The lack of class is astounding."

JillyLeFae: -She took a very long gulp of her mead and looked over at the woman. She looked down before she turned the tankard up and finished it. "D... Demons?" She blew out the breath she had been holding. "You are demons. Not a lot of mortals hanging around." She bit her lip and scratched her head. Okay so she had found her way into a tavern of demons. Maybe here they wouldn't try to burn her at the stake, but that did not give her much hope on any other front. She again became unsure of whether or not she was in danger being here. She pointed to the other one that seemed to be taking charge of others and looked questioningly at the woman. "Another demon?" She was sincerely hoping that she hadn't just made the biggest mistake of her life by choosing this place to be the place where she rested. She chewed on her bottom lip as she pondered everything she had been told.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon chuckled softly as she before finally sitting down. Her glass ended up on the near by table as she lowered her self into the seat before brushing her the wrinkles out of her lap once again. Her left hand moved up to fix her onxy gem necklace that she never took off. Her green eyes lingered on the woman as she waited for the converstion to contiued. When she noticed her brother taught the bar maids as he always seem to do even when she wasn't there. She shook her head, her long hair moving from its place as she did so. Her glance moved to follow where her brother's eyes hand went. "What the hell" the words left her lips without thinking as her head tilted up to see the sword stuck through the roof. Her eyes moved to the male before raising a brow to his words. "That I am unsure what he is. other then seem to be my brothers keeper whom runs the tavern."  she laughed confused at the matter and now that it was said it would be on her if Ragnor got more alcoholic drinks or not. She wanted to slap this man for this but she knew it was for the best. She had heard rumors of her brother drinking so much. "But yes demons, there are all sorts of creatures that linger around the empire. Just humans and angels are not really fond of being around I guess." she paused as she turned to look at the woman.

RagnorKirryanValke: his eyes trace the side of the tavern up to his sword in the roof but somes up short for ideas and than he smirks as he gulps the rest of his drink, "maid i need another " he yells as he slams the mug onto the table . narrowing his eyes he jumps from the gound to the second level railing where he balances and walks along it tryign his hardest not to fall, jumping from the railing he smiles as he lands on a cross beam than walks across it and still a few feet away from the hilt he sighs as he tries to jump for it, missing it the first time he tries again this time looseing his footing he falls from the cieling again this time landing on some customers table brakeing the table and spilling there drinks everywhere, "fuck this landing sucks" the men jump up and start yelling at ragnor but he smiles at them and yell to the maid get them another drink and table on me, they tell him off a few times than grumble away. shakeing his ehad he lays there as his bones re adjsut.

TundraLynx: Kai immediately glared at the barmaid with a snarl. She turned to the empress seeking the approval or denial of Lord Ragnor's request before she made any moves. It was then the men at the previous table he waited called him back, the one that had hit on him in particular. This man was very tall and rather overweight, and possessed a beard full of crumbs that wreaked of his beer breath. Kai could barely stomach the revolting individual. Kai grinded his teeth. "Yes gentlemen?" The man looked up at him. "Why don't you get us another pitcher of ale sweet thing?" He said. "Sure thing..." Kai felt the man's hand smack his ass as he bit his teeth to go grab their order. He came back to the table and set their ale down when the man took hold of Kai's wrist. "I urge you not to do that." Kai seethed. "Well come on young'in. Been a while since I had a fine boy like you under me. Why don't we go get a room upstairs? I can even pay you to make up for lost wages."

JillyLeFae: -Jilly rolled her eyes at least all taverns held the same types in them. Rude men who thought they could what they wanted for the right price. SHe looked back over to Aezvyra and smiled. "I suppose it would take the right kind of human to be comfortable here. She pushed back from teh table and tried her best to stand. Her legs still felt wobbly and she wasnt sure exactly how far she was going to be able to walk. She smiled sweetly at Aezvyra. "Is there any chance of getting a bed for the night? I am afraid I am about done in from my travels." She continued to glance around after asking. She wasn't sure how she had come to be so desperate for a place. She had run from warm beds if nothing more. She could almost feel the grief of the loss of home coming down on her .-

AezvyraIsadorValke : "Indeed something like that, granted there arn't that many of them and I find them fastanating so they pretty well protected if I know about them. If not that on them" she chuckled between her words just thinking about it. Her eyes moved to her brother and what he was doing before back to the woman. "There are bed free I do believe." She glanced at the male whom seemed to have taken over the tavern. "I think the bar keep would know that one for sure though. I just tend to wonder in every night and cause issues because everyone seems to be on edge with me here." she shook her head as she moved to pick up her glass. Seeing the bar maids glance she blinked looking at her. "I don't care if my brother drinks you all are the ones who have to deal with him." she called out to the tavern help. She was going to leave it up to them if they were dumb enough to let him drink more or not. She nodded once more. "I wouldn't doubt that when traveling, If you like I can set it up where if you stay it be cheap at lest until you find work if you plan on staying within the city for the time being." she spoke softly tuning everyone else out for the time being right up to the crashing sounds of her brother hitting the table then the floor. She rolled her eyes and mentally slapped her self. "Ragnor what the hell are you doing?" she let the words slide from her lips in a taunting sound nearly . "Stop wreaking everything, and they say I'm the bad one." she laughed mainly to her self as she finally got to that sip of the crimson liquid.

TundraLynx: Kai was using every ounce of self control not to draw his blade again. He didn't want to have to pointlessly kill another patron as Ragnor had made him do the first time his blade got involved in any skirmish. Suddenly the call to him pierced through his mind, as the voice of the epress was the one who called out. He stepped over to the empress and her guest, and greeted them with a subtle bow. "Yes your highness?" He addressed with respect. "I appreciate you getting me away from that table." He glared back at the repulsive man and then to Ragnor. "Unbelievable a man of royalty can get away with being drunk and destructive in a public place for no good reason. Never would have gone by in my home town."

InfinityImplosion: The door to the tavern would open once more to let in yet another weary traveller. After a long days hike through Wormwood she'd made it to Necramar, hoping to find answers for questions that she currently had. She knew little of this place aside from the rumors that may have passed through the country and beyond, and it seemed like a decent place in which to search. The woman who shut the tavern door behind her was dressed in a leather dress with purple in-laid cloth underneath of it, the dress only coming to just above her knees. Her crimson locks flowed down around her shoulders in soft, fluttering waves as she stepped across the wooden floor, boots clapping against the wood. Crystal eyes gazed at the bar wenches and the patrons, of which there were a decent amount though it wasn't jam packed full. As she took in the scenery she saw a sword stuck to the ceiling, and just stared for a good two seconds in total bewilderment as to what happened. She also noticed the strange man who was trying to get it out from the roof. Her attention however would be diverted towards what appeared to be a rather large man grabbing another man..or boy, she couldn't quite tell from this distance, but whatever exchange was going on didn't look quite consensual. Beyond that were a few more patrons milling about, a couple of women talking amongst themselves before one of them got up to go confront the man trying to grab the sword off the roof, fruitlessly one might add. There was one table where it seemed like the men were trying to get as drunk as possible before the rest of the late crowd got drunk. Stepping up to the bar counter she would move to sit down at the bar while looking to the tender behind it. "Evening sir, if I could get some Rum that would be nice." She asked, her voice carrying a soft and gentle tone to it with a strange, undeterminable accent.

JillyLeFae: -Walking up the the barkeep she inquired quietly about a room that was perhaps away from the others. He agreed to have one of the others show her up. She took out the money she had left and handed it to him. Her feet still sore she did her best not to limp. She was still thankful that without shoes she didnt clomp on the floor. She turned and bowed politely to Aezvyra. "Thank you MIss for welcoming me. And thank you again for the water when I arrived. I think I would like to begin looking tomorrow for a position in town for a while. It should be an interesting place to be." With that she carefully made her way up the stairs looking forward to a relaxing night's sleep.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra smiled and nodded as she watched the woman soon be off on her way. The empress slowly rose to her feet looked around before hearing the woman's voice. "Very well if you need anything please feel free to come find me." she smiled softly as she lowered her head as the woman seem to head off towards the stair case that lead to the second floor were all of the rooms where. She chuckled softly to her self as she moved about heading back to her table. Just before hand she blinked as Kai seem to respond. "You know its your job to keep my twin out of trouble yet how did the sword end up up there?" she waited for the answer before giving up. She walked, her feet not leaving any sound as she did so. Granted there were times she regreted not wearing shoes do to the ale and the mess on the ground but she had delt with it. Her table being in the far back as normal she went to go claim her wine bottle that had now been half full of unicorn's blood mixed with whiskey. Sooner or later she would have to have the hunters go out and track down another one of the rare creatures to fill the group of empty bottles she had ran though, she was just lucky that one beast would fill a good fifty or so bottles and it being mixed helped alot too. The woman yawned softly as she watched those around her mingle and go on their merry way before someone had caught her eye again. The woman seem to smirk as she poured her glass and stood in the door way that lead to the small room her table had been in.

Kai let out a gentle sigh. People were just moving way too quickly for his tastes tonight. Perhaps somebody had spiked all the alochol earlier? He'd have to have a word with the staff as he seemed to be the only one doing any real amount of work. "Hey" he shouted over to the empress. "In my defense, he lost that thing before I started working here." He rushed over behind the bar and poured the order of the new visitor relayed to him by another barmaid. He tossed the amount of gold the empress' guest had given him to Rose, and handed the new woman her drink. "My apologies for the wait, there's a lot going on around here tonight. Much moreso than usual, and the empress' twin brother doesn't help reduce the amount of chaos that goes on here on a nightly basis."

Seems like things were settling down just as she got inside, which was a nice change from her trip through Wormwood. Granted her dark passenger would rather disagree, but she ignored the creature as her crystal eyes glanced over to the man who came to give her the drink that she had requested. "Ah, thank you." She stated, before letting her gaze fall on the woman she had seen him speaking to before coming over to her. "So, she's the Empress?" She asked in a more rhetorical sense, not speaking directly to the woman since she hadn't come towards her yet, before turning back to the bartender. "Strange, don't see royalty usually at the tavern, but then I did hear this place was a bit different from the norm." She stated while immediately taking a sip from the rum, attempting to ignore the jeers of a few drunk men who were calling out for her, simply naming her "red" and saying things such as "Bring that fire my way". Well, one thing doesn't change, men will be men, and red hair will always make her stand out more than usual. As she sipped from the drink she gave a slight breath of contentment. "Mmm, good stuff there. So, is there anything you can tell me about the city that the rumors might have gotten wrong?" She asked of the bartender.

AezvyraIsadorValke:The woman debating standing in the door way as she watched everyone before moving from her little whole in the wall space. She turned picked up her bottle and carried it over to the bar. "Well it seems it has slowed enough for me to come out of hiding again." she laughed mainly talking to her self before she set the crimson bottle ontop of the bar. She moved freely before finding her self a barstool to her liking before sitting down upon it. Her emreald green hue moved along before landing on the stranger once more. "Good evening" she spoke softly her voice luring to some her nose seem to twitch slightly after the words had escape her lips.

TundraLynx: Kai chuckled a bit in slight frustration at the pace and friskiness of the tavern goers that night. The small amount of sweat, some of which produced by the running around, and most from the sex, highlighted his amethyst eyes. "From which point of view? If this is slow, I must not have experienced busy yet." He took a calming breath to stabilize his heart rate a bit. It was the first time that he actually had time to just sit and enjoy the night. "I don't know much about this city to be honest. The man you may have scene trying to get his sword from the ceiling, that was her brother." He said nodding toward the Empress. "As far as the customers go, it's best just to ignore most of their passes. Seldom do any quality love-worthy people come in here, and the ones that do are usually either taken or too preoccupied with their responsibilities." He ran a hand through his hair. "I'm surprised with how many sex offers I've received that I haven't gotten asked out once, and moreso that nobody has sustained any injuries in doing so."

InfinityImplosion: Taking another sip from the rum before letting out a soft giggle while lightly shrugging her shoulders. "It feels slow, but then I just arrived so what do I know." She said while her crystal orbs were suddenly taken away from the bartender to the Empress. She was a little surprised to be approached by her, and a little worried if the woman might think she was some kind of threat. After all, she might look normal, but people could be full of surprises from her experiences, both personal and second-hand. "Good Evening my Lady, my name is Vivian Von Bellandros." She said, not sure how to address her formally as of yet, so she went with something that was basic enough to not insult, before turning to the man talk about all of the sex offers that he's recieved lately. "I'd chalk it up to lack of respect and incredibly high standards, or low standards. People tend to be pretty flimsy with relationships I've noticed." She replied to him before turning to address the Empress once more. "I don't mean to be presumptious my lady, but I have a sixth sense in determining possible danger. Did I trespass over a rule of some such?" She asked, both concerned and a little worried.

Aezvyra seem to just be one one this night it seems, granted it was unlike her to be in a odd mood she was actually in better shape then she normally was. The drinks didn't help her this night it seem, not even doing a dent in the mood she was in. Yet, she found her self still able to hold her self to the respectable person she needed to be for the time being. Her eyes emerald green eyes seem to linger on the rack of bottles behind the bar as she just sat there waiting on a respond. Then she heard the male speak about her brother and her brow rose. She wanted to laugh as it seem he was explaining people to the new comer and yet sadly enough this night everyone knew whom she was. This was the weird part seeing she after all was taske with the job to make sure that the empire at lest didn't get taken over, that the people didn't lose their land they worked hard on. She listened in more intrested in what was being said, she laughed softly. "People around here really don't care nor truly fall for anything but their desires Kai have you not figured that yet?" she smirked softly as she brought her chalice up to her lips taking a sip of the sweet aromora of a drink. "Do remember we going to need to send hunters out soon for another unicorn if we can even find one. I think we have nearly wiped them out." she sighed softly thinking that she would miss her favorite drink when that came to be. Her attention moved to the woman "What rumors prey tell have you heard?" she paused wanting to hear just what was said about her home. SHe was shocked before she could even finished what she was saying the woman seem to greet her this caused the demon to lower her head in a small sorts of bow. "It's nice to meet you Lady Vivian. I am Aezvyra Valke. " she smiled softly letting her eyes linger on the female for the time being before it seem the attention was off of her. She took a few more quick sips from her glass before placing it on the bar top next to the bottle. "Hmm?" she let her wondering mind easy back into the conversation. "No not that I know of." she chuckled out softly.

InfinityImplosion: She gave a soft nod to what the woman had said, looking relieved to hear that she hadn't accidentally upset some sort of custom. Some places wanted you to immediately bow to their royalty as soon as you enter the same room as them, whether or not you knew who they were before hand. She was quite pleased to hear that things here weren't so strict, though they appeared to keep things at least decently formal. She silently listened as the woman spoke to the bartender, especially when she mentioned hunting for unicorns. Most, especially humans, might look livid and afraid at such a comment. Vivian simply appeared to accept it as it is, it did give her pause but not enough to make her gasp in exasperation or surprise. "Just that it's a strange place, and people of faith, or people with a pure sense of heart or self should stay away. Nothing's being said that the place is bad necessarily, just....strange, in a way that makes people somewhat wary if that makes sense. There hasn't been anyting too sinister said about this place, at least not commonly. A few of the more....extreme cases like to say it's run by demons who are trying to bring about a dark lord to conquer earth and turn it into a hellscape. I told them they're being racist, they told me I was ignorant......despite being homeless and uneducated." She said, giving a soft little shrug as she answered the woman's question. "It is a pleasure to meet you Lady Aezvyra." She replied back to her with a light nod of her head, before taking another sip for the rum she held in her delicate fingers.

TundraLynx: Kai simply watched as the two women conversed. He found it best not to interject nor listen into a conversation between the empress and anybody else uninvited. He nodded at the empress' request. "I'll have Rose begin preparations for the hunt in the morning, as well as a search for any area that may have more in the unlikely case we seem to run out. Perhaps we should begin breeding them somewhere within the castle. I must go check on Lord Ragnor before I retire tonight. I hope the two of you enjoy your night! He set aside his apron and made his way upstairs to check on Ragnor before bed.

AezvyraIsadorValke:The woman couldn't help but to laugh at what she was hearing. she nodded which each rumor before shaking her head and laughing even more. She didn't want to laugh and end up falling off of the stool but at some point it might have actually happen yet it wasn't this time. "Wow they don't really know us it seems." she smirked as she let each tale roll over her mind before trying to string her own version of the tales together. Before she could even say anything her attention moved to the male whom responded. "Very well." her words was simple before he just seem to go off to check on her twin. Her full attetion back to the woman now. "I can tell you the empire is ran by demons." she laughed as her leather like horns which had silver chains wrapped embedded in them had been pretty well hidden do to her hair. "The Empire is a very strange place indeed, and stranger by the minute it would seem. But we are not trying to summon the Maker and the Great Mother. Thost two left when my parents were put in charge and not really wanting to hear them judge how I run things." she laughed as she mocked their so called Gods that had abbandon them so long ago. Her brow rose as she turned to face the woman. "Is there anything you would like to know.. some rumor that needed correct?"

InfinityImplosion: Since the horns were kind of hard to ignore she gave a somewhat non-chalant half-shrug. "I kind of figured, didn't want to assume though. Lot of creatures have horns." She stated, then took another sip of her rum while gently running a finger through the crimson locks of hers. It was hard to notice but it looked a little like she was flicking a way something that might have been annoying her, though her facial expression didn't change. The shadow was incissently pressing down onto her shoulder, and she had moved to brush it off. "Yeah, I'm not an expert in demonology but I am educated, which seemed to be the wise thing to do before venturing off into strange lands. Not that things don't still surprise me, I just have an easier time understanding them. Also, yeah, thank you for not trying to summon anything and bring about a hellish landscape.....seriously, that'd just be rude, especially to the demon you summoned who was probably reading a book when he got called." She said, before tapping her finger onto the counter of the bar as the Empress asked if there was something she would like to know. She hummed to herself for a moment, contemplating something before giving a slight nod. "Yes, actually, but it's not a rumor....in fact it's not something I've ever heard of and as far as I know is rather unique to myself. I had an....experience, something that has changed me, fundamentally, and I was wondering if I could find answers here. No book, no story, and no peice of history that I've read so far has given me a clue as to what precisely happened with me....and so, hearing that this place is stranger than usual, I thought maybe something might be here."

The woman nodded softly. "True there are many creatures with horns and seeing mine tend to stick out there all the time as of lately its hard to judge." she spoke softly as she let her eyes wonder as she watched in time the place seem to lose its patrons to the cool streets outside as time seem to drag alone. She took a deep breath as she listened to the woman talk about some sort of hellish landscape. She figured she hadn't heard the stories of how the realm was made and wasn't planning in giving a long history lession she would leave that for a later date. She just simply passed it by with a nod of her head.  Then the fun part came, when the woman asked about something. This threw Aezvyra for a loop on answering it. "Well what sorts have happen to you?" she asked wondering if she might be able to point the woman at lest in the right direction; or maybe even know what she was speaking about. Granted she had collected all sorts of scrolls through out time mainly from her realm but she could if need be try and summon a portal and travel else well to get a scroll, a book she needed, let alone she tried not to do that seeing how much it took out of her for that. She was getting rusty with her demonic powers and she didn't like people to know about it. She have seem to mellow out even though the woman was missing that light inside, her good part which had been lost so many years before. She was glad that the people of the empire didn't know this, her people she feared if they figured it out that she was stiring them right into chaos they would simply overthrow her. That is were her brother seem to come in when he wasn't a drunk fool, her balance part; the voice in her mind that told her hey this is wrong. The empress shook her head bringing her self back down to earth sorta speak, she had fallen down a rabbit hole it would have seem in her mind. "Hmm?" she questioned not sure if the woman had answered her or not. "Depends on what it is.. I could have a book on the matter."

InfinityImplosion: She gave a bit of a soft nod towards her while trying to find the best phrase to describe what had happened. She took a slight sip of her rum before figuring there really was no other way to say it. "I died." She stated, rather simply, but if one looked her skin, while slightly pale, was flush with actual blood and she definitely wasn't a walking corpse. "I tripped over a tree root, and fell onto the bone of a dead animal that peirced my heart. There's still a scar there too from the incident, so I know I didn't imagine what had happened.....because there was no tunnel with a light at the end, nor did my life flash before my eyes. No, some....thing came to me, and offered me a deal." She said, before giving a somewhat thoughtful look on how to explain everything. "It wasn't a demon or a Fae or anything like that.....I know because I'd have lost something after making the deal, but I've lost nothing. Hell, I'm actually in complete control of all my actions.....but the thing, whatever it is, is some kind of spirit I tink, or....manifestation of death. I can feel it, at all time, yearning to be closer to death.....to interact with it, through me. There's no impulse to do so, nothing that makes me want to get closer to the other side, it's like when you can tell someone is hurt or in pain and you feel that pain, or that joy if they happen to be happy or joyous. Nothing forces you or gives you an impulse to feel as they do, but simply by the nature of them being there and you being around them, you feel as they do......not sure if that's true for Demons but it's true for humans. Beyond that, I've gained some new...abilities, and I can interact with the dead, and I'm alive....painfully so. I can't be knocked unconscious no matter how much pain I suffer....it keeps me going, it wants me to live, because if I live, it lives through me." She took another sip of her rum before giving a slight sigh. "I don't feel in danger, so I'm not in any rush, but I know I should understand it....if simply to give my life purpose."

AezvyraIsadorValke:Hearing the woman's words grew the empress slightly worried sorta speak. She had never heard of what she had described at all; at best she would have come up with some zombie statement then again she doubt that this female was part of the Undead Leagion. The demon hoped not at lest she wasn't ready for the next attack from the north just yet, she knew it would happen sooner or later. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly just before taking up her glass once more and finally finishing what was in it. "Honestly, I'm not sure. I haven't heard of anything like that but it might be in one of my books back in the library at the keep. " she spoke softly not sure what to say she knew she wasn't really helpful to the matter but it was something new.. something intresting to her. "Im not even really sure what to say, your heart still beats, you look normal but what creature doesnt really look too normal this day in age. " she chuckled softly


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