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AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman stood there watching the male whom seen to get worst over time. She let a soft chuckle leave her lips as she shook her head, the book in hand still. "I see" she wathed and nodded as he told her where she could place the objects. She lent over just enough to pick up the swords with her other hand before entering the room and placing them and the book down on the table. "Are you sure your going to make it, you don't looks so good." she was worried. SHe watched the male lay back down before moving to the door. "Rose your needed now." she would yell out over just about everything within the tavern. "That or anyone who can heal" she added to her comment as she looked down from the balcony. Her green eyes moved to the bar maid as she watched the woman dart up the stairs with some supplies in hand. 

NicklausMochizuki: Klaus would shake his head " Healing wont help this was done by a reaper weapon . So it have to heal normally " Klaus would roll over as he began to think about his past . Klaus would then say to the empress " I will be fine I been worst forms " Klaus would chuckle alil as he look at her  

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra sighed as she stood there waiting for Rose to bring the supplies it woudl take to stich the male up. She turned hearing his voice as she nodded. "Give me that and leave" she gave the order to bar maiden who seem to hand off the tray and turn around leaving the sencond floor. The woman turned and walked back into the room placing the tray on the bed side table. "If you say so." she spoke softly as she had decided she would stitch the male up. How hard could it be after all it was just sewing. "I can stitch up unless you want me to call for Rose again." she chuckled softly as her hand moved down to the needle and thread which was on the tray next to some cloth bandages. 

NicklausMochizuki: Klaus would say to her ' I dont mind you doing it " He would move his right arm from where the wound was . Klaus would then sighs alil as he feel ashame for being such a problem for her " Im sorry Im being such a probelm for you " He would look toward the wall 

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic empress moved closer picking up the needle and thread before sitting on the edge of the bed. "Are you sure?" she asked as she went to thread the needle while she waited for an answer from the male. Once the thread was through the eye of the needle she would wait for the respond. If he said yes she would grab one of the clothes on the tray so she could wipe the blood the best she could just so she could see what she was doing. 

NicklausMochizuki: Klaus would nod " Yes I am sure " He would be use to pain so it wouldnt bother him. Klaus would then close his eyes as he think about his past and he would humm a lullaby. Klaus would say a few words " Dancing bear, painted wing,thing I almost remember ,and a song someone sing. Once upon a december." 

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra chuckled softly as she worked. Once the wound was clear of any of the crimosn liquid that seem to stick to it she could finally start. She took a deep breath as she lent over the male as she used her free hand to push the two sides of the wound together before pushing the needle through it. The woman would start from one side and slowly stitch her way across closing it before cross stitching just to make sure it was good and closed. Once she had finishe she would tie off the thread and bend over enough to use her teeth to break the string. "I would hope whom every did this you got the better of. 

NicklausMochizuki  Klaus would finsh his lullaby as he was then asleep. His body began to warm up but the room began to get ice cold like if it was snowing . His hair was all in his face. Klaus hand scar all over his back in chest. Klaus would began to have nightmares as he was asleep

AezvyraIsadorValke: The empress smiled softly as she noticed he had fallen asleep as she had stitched him up. She wasn't sure reather to stay there at the bed side or to leave. Seeing the sun had started to rise she let a yawn out. It had been a very long night indeed for the woman. She toss the needle down on the tray and took the clean bandages before wraping the wound the best she could. She would close her eyes for a brief moment then reopened them. Her hand held out just a few inches above the wound as she would start to mumble. The room would slowly fill with shadows as her eyes reopen, the color no longer green but black. The demon would keep chanting up to the point the room had gotten to cold for her. She would break the spell, causing it to do competley nothing as she had no choice but to leave the room. 

NicklausMochizuki:  Klaus would still be sleep do to the sun being up . His dreams would go on but the room would still be cold as ice. His dreams was about how his family and land was destroy and how he lost everything. Klaus would wake up as he lethat was demonic and abgel he realize it was only a dream . Blood tears would run down his face cheeks " Why do this haunt me so much " 

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra still had blood on her hands from the work she had just finish, her eyes slowly turned back to their deep emreald color as she slowly walked back towards the stairs that would lead her to the main tavern area. She took a deep breath as she made her way to the back of the building towards the kitchen just to wash off her hands. The water felt cool as she dipped her hands the washing bowl before she found a towl to dry them on. She made sure she had gotten all of the dried blood off of her skin before strolling back into the main part once more. Her gaze move over the empty building seeing it was far too early for anyone to be about yet. She figured most of the staff let alone patrons were asleep other then Rose whom seem to be busy  clearing tables from the mugs that had been left. "Busy night" she commented before walking to the bar bar as she finally after the hours she had found her glass before dumping what was remain in it just to pour water into it. "How bad do you think it will be this time?" she would ask pretty much her self as she looked around knowing anyone whom was awake were busy getting ready for the day to start. 

TundraLynx: His boots pressed lightly against the cobblestone on the streets. The metal plating on the bottom lightly clacking against the hard rock. He held bags in his hand, hoisted over his shoulder and resting on his back. In the bags were necessary materials for the night, including one bag full of bottles of the empress' drink that had been prepared just after the hunt for the unicorn came back successful. Kai smiled in excitement over the orders he'd submitted to begin search for the first wyvern and pixie haven. He kept one hand in his pocket, as he smoked one of the cigarettes he picked up from the market that day. He carefully pushed open the doors to the tavern once he arrived, careful not to damage any of the merchandise he had gathered. Rose soon met him at the door to assist him in carrying the bags. She promptly grabbed the bag of the empress' drink. "Careful." Said Kai. "That's the empress' beverage. The hunt came back successful this morning. Go ahead and tell her why don't you?" Rose smiled. "That's wonderful!" She said. "Truth be told I was afraid the hunt would be unsuccessful. I'll put it away in a safe place." She then walked off to the bar to store it alongside Lord Ragnor's drink of choice. "Your highness," she said. "We've obtained more of your drink of choice." Kai smirked and set all but one of the remaining bags down in the back room. The other barmaids began putting everything away where it belonged, and he went up to his room where he put the final bag down in his room. It was silken clothing he had bought specifically for his nights in bed should he have any customers at night. He left back out to the main lobby, where he saw the empress still sitting at the bar. He walked over and sat next to her, relieved that he actually got to sit for the first time that day. "Good to see you tonight. I didn't miss anything major did I?"

AezvyraIsadorValke: THe demon moved to the bar and sat down her arms resting on a clean part of it as she held her head down on them. She closed her eyes just to rest them for a few moments. It was going to be a long day indeed without sleep and she was lucky to not be back at the Keep afraid some of the decree that the council was trying to pass; or some scroll stating an alliance has backed out or requested more goods from them. She sighed softly as she sat there leaning forward on her arms, she never even heard some of the bar maids enter or the tavern doors swing open from time to time. Aezvyra nearly fell asleep where she sat, the moment Rose or Kai would approuch her causing her to stir. The woman's eyes open and she shot straight up, the quick movement sending the stool she was sitting upon to flip causing her to fly backwards. "ugh" she landed straight behind her her head just missing the table behind her by a few inches. The lady's eyes widen as she looked up Rose. "what was that for?" she asked as she just laid there not moving; blinking up at the woman. Rose seem to jump out of her skin the moment Aezvyra went flying. "I am soo sorry MLady" The demonic empress blinked a few more times before sitting up slowly before sighing out just as Kai seem to come down the stairs. She shook her head and got to her feet and managed to get back to the barstool to sit. She groaned as now her head seem to spin even before her first drink of the day. She picked up the glass of water and took a sip from it. "its going to be one of those days." the woman's eyes found a darker tint as she sat there. She glanced over to the male before shaking her head, "Not really I stitched our friend Nicklaus up, hes upstairs in one of the rooms asleep I think."  

((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy base roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos do to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now the Ram's Tavern and Inn is located within the outskirts of the capital city Necromar which is on the far side of the city compared to Kleshi Hold aka the castle. Its early morning; its cloudy looks as if its going to rain, tavern pretty much dead with everyone asleep other then the staff and travelers... NPC: Rose[Bar maid] Kyran[Empress Personal Gaurd] Elynia[elf who sings in the tavern))   Post order so far: Kai, Ravenna, Ragnor, Aezvyra, Scarlet, Jilly, 

TundraLynx: Kai chuckled at the empress' actions before taking a drag on his cigarette. He closed his eyes as the smoke swirled in his mouth and lungs, and released it in a big exhale. "Judging by your looks, you could use some sleep too. We have extra rooms available and even royalty needs rest every now and then." He motioned Rose over to him. "Would you mind getting me a glass of ale?" He asked politely. "Of course" She replied, still shaken at the Empress' fall. She prepared his drink, hands slightlly shaking from the scare. She handed Kai his drink, and he thanked her with a tip of a small pouch of gold coins. He took a sip of his drink and set it on the counter. "So," he addressed the queen. "The hunt came back successful. We've got plenty of your drink in stock for the night; I'm sure Rose told you."

HuntressRavenna: -She moved through the city and looked around she had gone most the night stopping only to let her horse rest a while and eat some dried meat as a meal. Her long hair was worn straight down with just the top pilled into a rolling braid on either side to meet in the back with the rest just cascading down. Her vibrant gem like emerald eyes were kissed by golden hints in her irises making them appear inlaid. Her features nice yet small of one who was young or one who was fae in origin. Her elven ears twitched showing off the bright amber earrings to be joined up the ear by a small silver cuff an to piercing of diamond. She also had on an amber necklace with a single drop of onyx from the bottom as well as the ring that matched the rest of her finery. Her height was five foot seven inches tall and she weighed in at about a 120 lbs. She was slim athletic and carried a bow with throwing daggers on her left arm and two calf daggers at her boots. She moved with a grace and lithe nature likened to a prowling cat as she entered the tavern having left her swords hidden on her horse tied outside at the post. She seemed a bit skittish at first as she looked around but one would just know caution was used by a woman traveling alone.-”Greetings to you all I need to a just my eyes just a bit till I can find the bar.”

AezvyraIsadorValke: She nodded slightly "Don't judge" she hissed out even though she knew it was funny that she had jumped and fell backwards her self. The woman was just happy that it had happen when the tavern was dead, no one really was about at this time. She took a deep breath took a sip of her water before shaking her head. "Its too late for me to go to sleep, you should know that Its the matter of time one of the guards comes and looks for me or someone will" she spoke softly letting the normal luring tone seem out of her lips. "I will be fine." she spoke out once more before listening about the hunt. "That is good, I still may make it a quest one of these days and see just who comes back and wins." she laughed trying to get her mind off of the fall she was still dizzy from. "I do beleive that what she was trying to say before i fell." she added shortly before the door seem to open. Aezvyra's head turned as her body did just enough so the tavern's doors came into view as she watched a female enter. "Darkest greetings MLady" the woman would soon speak out after the female. 

JillyLeFae: -She slipped into the door behind another woman. She hoped not to draw attention to herself. She had earned a bit of money doing odd jobs for others around the city, but was not yet satisfied that she had enough stashed away to be able to travel on. When she had left her home she had not given much thought to how much she would need to be able to survive on her own. Now she knew it was going to take much more than she had. She had managed to earn enough to pay for her room and meals, but it was going to take more if she was going to make a go of it here or anywhere else. What she needed today more than anything was drink to fortify her courage to continue to look around the city. Walking over she stopped at the bar long enough to get a tankard of mead before quietly going and sitting at a table. If she was going to keep doing this she would soon need to find a cobbler and get a pair of shoes. -

HuntressRavenna: -Venna Moved to the bar slowly taking in all the faces around her at the moment and took a seat showing she was taught grace and manors were something to have in new places as you never know who maybe watching.-"I would like a sweet red wine please and whatever house stew you have please I am not to picky at the moment as I think I jest can take anymore jerked meats for a couple of meals. I know I should have hunted something but I just kept on the move."-Venna looked to the bar maid and she got her the wine then headed to the kitchen for the stew as Venna picked up getr goblet and took a sip of the wine.-

RagnorKirryanValke: “this day is so dreary” he mumbles to himself as he looks up to the sky, dark grey clouds circle around and moves over head causing the humidity to raise insisting that rain and a storm was on it way. Shaking his head his jet black hair moving with his every move, “great rain just what this land needs, I hope there is something to do today or I may have to make my own entertainment” sitting on a old tree branch at the end of the of the forest the tavern in his sight, his eyes tracing the horizon of the land but is blocked by the branches from the tree. His back firmly against the tree he moves and hangs his legs off the side of the branch his boots hanging a good 30 ft from the ground, his eyes move to the ground looking at the floor he watches a few animals scurry around and with no interest in them he smirks slightly. Looking to the darkness of the shadows he puckers his lips slightly and whistles loudly three notes, once the third one left his lips a set of red burning eyes opened in the shadow he was just looking at. With the sound of branches braking the eyes move as if something standing up, moving from the shadow the eyes quickly take a form of a black fire wolf the size of a horse covered head to toe in black flames opening his mouth to reavel his white fangs as sharp as daggers to let out a blood curdling howl that can be herd from miles around. ”there you are boy “ he says to the beast as he pushes himself off the branch and falls 30 feet onto the back of the wolf, “to the tavern fin I think there may be entertainment there for once” he leans ahead slightly and smiles as he pushes his heals into the back of the beast indicating for them to get going. The beast lets out a growl before taking off into a full sprint leaving a black fire on the land with every step he takes his claws digging into the soft ground to get better traction to move them at such a great speed in the direction of the tavern. Moving fin around the tavern he smirks as he looks in and notices a few people in the bar including his sister and kai but another he didn’t recognize, stopping outside if one of the windows he leans back on fin slightly before sniffing in the air. His eyes burts into flames as he turns around on fin and looks to the part of the land behind him, turning fin around quickly he kicks his sides and takes off even faster leaving a trail of black fire behind them still. His anger growling as black fire begins to engulf his whole body his eyes burning brightly as he can smell something off close by and he won’t let anything happen, moveing from side to side but in one general path he growls slightly and fin hears his master and pushes it more quickly clearing a few miles. Rag quickly looks ahead more than 30 fee in the air is a pack of harpies who are moving away from him but can not match fins speed and quickly the distance is closed. “you rotten birds, I will send you back to hell no mercy this time” he yells as he moves to crouch on fins back moving his right hand into the air as if reaching for a blade, the darkness from fin forms around his hand than quickly forms into a hilt than shoots out into a 5 foot two handed sword jet black from hilt to tip. Less than 20 feet away fin pushes off and jumps into the air taking one harpy in his mouth his giant jaw coming down on her crushing her whole body the sound of bones braking as blood flies everywhere. Before fin bites rag jumps from the back of his beast griping his blade in both hands the blade ignites into black flames, now air born he grins wildly as he motions and swings his blade from side to side sending a wave of pure black fire power at the remaining 3 harpies. Hitting two of them dead on in the back the fire quickly spreads up there hole body turning them into ashes instantly, the third manages to doge but circled back right under rags falling path. Laughing as he drops his blade it turning back into darkness than returning back into fin, Laughing louder he moves his arms open as he grabs onto the back of the harpy his arms around the beast neck. “good day bitch” he wispers as he bring her into a choke hold, “ground now” this one seemed to listen as it landed but rag still having his arm around her neck ne smiles as he moves his hands from there to her wings. In one swift motion he pulls them behind her back and rips them off of her she lets out a loud scream of death as she falls to the ground holding her back . he throws the wings in his hands to the side and fin comes out of no where and eats them , “your death wont be so easy “ he moves to her and places his hands onto her back and using black fore he closes her wounds on her back sealing the wounds up. The beast rolling around in more pain he chuckles to the sight of this and whistles to fin than points to the girl, the beast moves over and changing a bit he opens his mouth and picks up the girl his jaws now acting as a prison to the beast. Jumping on the back of fin he kicks the bests sides and they take off to the tavern with the speed they were at before “fin to the back of the tavern now I don’t want to interrupt anyone in the tavern with this business.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra sat there on the barstool her eyes still lingering on the new comer as she walked right up to the bar.The woman lowered head head, her onxy hair slide across the skin of her shoulders that had no cloth on them. She took a deep breath as she brought the glass of water to her painted lips as she took a sip. Before she would even speak she would neatly place the brass chalice on the bar top as she looked down to the bar top as she waited for Rose, the red headed bar maid to do her job and get the travler what she had ordered. "Are you traveling from afar?" she asked her voice having a luring tone to it as she glanced back up to the woman waiting for a replie if she was even going to get one. The demon empress would just plainly sit there her right hand on her glass as she waited for something to happen. it normally always did. 

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet was wondering around a land that was not her own once again after being inside of her home for who knows how long, She had been out training and hunting near a wooded area all day and she was now walking around minding her own business, "Feels good to be out of that castle." She thought to herself as she stretched her arms while approaching a home that she had never seen before, "wonder who lives here." She said before accidently opening the doors and tumbling in the home instead of walking gracefully like she was going to do, "oh dang it", She landed right on her backside and quickly got up and brushed herself off, then she noticed that this place was actually very familiar to her like she has been here before-

JillyLeFae: -She simply sat back and enjoyed the warming feeling of the mead. She watched the others in the tavern and listened to their conversations to get to know he surroundings better. Jilly had nowhere to be and had no desire to head out into the cloudy day. She could spend the day being lazy if she so chose. She took another sip of mead and became startled by the woman who came tumbling into the room. She jumped to get ready to go and help when she saw the woman stand. Jilly looked at her and bit her own lip. “Miss are you quite okay?” She slowly sat back down seeing the woman brush herself off. She lifted her tankard to cover a giggle knowing that it would be rude to do so.-

TundraLynx: The new excessive amounts of customers quite literally stumbling in was unheard of in Kai's time as a barkeep at the Tavern. He was much more accustomed to people coming in large groups one at a time, over long spans of time; Not so much large amounts of individuals all coming back to back in a very short amount of time. He let out a sigh. "Lots of new visitors tonight huh?" He muttered to the empress and one of the many new women as he put out his cigarette. "Never in my time here have so many brand new people come back to back. I wonder if Ragnor is out scaring people into the tavern?" He chuckled at his own joke, regardless of how completely pathetic it was. "Or perhaps they've all come to admire you your highness." He shut his eyes and imagined a world without so many loud people. "Perhaps I should go over and ask their orders? I've already asked Rose to do a ton of work today."

HuntressRavenna: -Venna was happy to here a voice speak to her just a moment yet she was leery still of others just met as she had traveled alone for a while now having no real home or place to stay as one. She had been one that moved around often as a younger child as she was traded several times with her own home destroyed by raiders leaving her an orphan very young and now her own age was unknown for none could tell how old she was. She turned her head towards the women who had called out to her asking if she was traveling from a far and the simple answer was yes but she did seem to have good skills about her even yet unseen. Venna caught the girl who fell in the door way with those sharp eyes ever looking as if tagging on targets of some kind yet she was absolutely calm and relaxed as she sat here and once more turned her attention to the woman who had spoken to her first.-”Yes I have been traveling far in search of many thing such as hire as a hunter for a tavern as well at times work the bar. Who knows find a place to call home.”-Venna caught him call the woman Your highness and she instantly rose and being in pants she bowed lightly to the woman it was a sign of respect to be shown at any time by a traveler.-

RagnorKirryanValke: Reaching the back of the tavern in no time he senses a few more people in the tavern and chuckles as hi thinks to himself that his sister must be having a party but with other issues at hand he looks down to the hands handing out of fins mouth with a evil smile he laughs a bit as he claps his hands together than rips them back and forth a few times. Jumping off of fin he straightens out his red coat as his eyes focus on the girl, snapping his fingers fin opens his mouth dropping the girl to the ground right into a mud puddle than running around he moves away from then and lays down by the tavern near a big bowl of water and food. Looking down to the creature she probably stood 5 feet tall so a smaller harpy, blue feathers covering most of her body even into her hair her blue eyes looking up to him in pain and hurting as she laid there in the mud. He says noting as he kneels down to her as if to offer her compassion but instead he reaches out his right arm and grabs her throat tightly his nails slightly digging into her throat, “evil beast”. He mumbles as he takes to his feet her hands on his as he chuckles more “oh your still not going to die” he looks to his arm as his snake tattoo begins to move slithering down his arm it splits into 5 little snakes and moves from his fingers into her body, one tattoos moveing around her neck, one to each arm, and one around each leg. Letting go of her he watches her fall to the ground and began to cough and catch her breath “w…w ..w hat did you do to me you evil man”. He hits her across the face and growls “don’t talk to me you speak when spoken to got it and as for what I did each tattoos is a curse allowing me to control any of them to cause you pain or I can move them on your body and choke out your heart killing you slowly got it”. The harpy nods her head as she starts to regain her breath and tears roll down her face, “I understand” he sighs and looks to her “what’s your name” . she looks to him and not wanting to piss him off she answered “its sapphire sir” she holds her head down as she feels humiliated and utterly defeated, “your young arnt you why where you out with the others and what are you doing around these parts”. He quietly answers “I …. i… I am young.. and weak.. and scared.. we where looking for food at least that is what I was told until we came across the building than they started talking about looking for the empresses brother.. I didn’t know what we were doing I just wanted to help and become strong”, she cries more as she winches expecting him to hit her. He sighs as he figures that was the case for all that, to her surprise he doesn’t hit her or anything even though he wanted to, “I hate your kind but there is some light in me for now” he points to a sink beside fin the size of a bath he motions his hands controlling the facet to turn on the water “go clean up”. She looks to him then the tub than quickly moves to it and jumps into the water the fresh water feeling good on her back that is brused and burnt now, the smell of burnt feathers fills her nose and is al that can be smelt around them, rag just closes his eyes and sits on a dry spot around 10 feet away from sapphire.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The young demonic empress seem to sway in her chair a bit. Her emreald gaze moved from just about everyone as soon as the door seem to open and close over and over. She could not help but to realize this day was going to be farly busy by the looks of it. "Its going to get busy." she spoke mainly to her self as she glanced over to Kai. "I do hope you and Rose can keep up alone with the other staff." she chuckled softly as she brought the glass of water to her chapped lips once again. Her heart steady and her head finally stopped spinning form her fall moments before everyone seem to arrive. The woman allow the ends of her lips curl at their ends and slowly pull into a half smile. "this is good" she laughed as she spoke to her self once more. Then she was addressed, Aezvyra shook her head to bring her self back from her mind. "Hmm?" she smiled fully now, "Ah i see. Well I know many positions within the city are looking for help, there are plenty of odd jobs and I do believe Kai here." she glanced over to the male "He might need more help here in the tavern." she laughed as she heard the door and the sound of someone falling, this sound caused the woman to turn and face the door. Her words seem to just trail off for a bit as she watched the woman not really realizing who it was at the moment. She let her attention soon move back to the woman. "I'm Aezvyra by the way and welcome to the Nyamithler Empire." with the movement within the tavern caused her eyes to dark back to the person who had fell and the woman she known as Jilly before returning to the new comer. 

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet gets done brushing herself off before she brushes her dark bronze hair from her face and looks to the woman that spoke to her, "Peachy", She said as she caught a familiar scent in the air, "Alright. That's either the smell of this place or it's actually the scent of a two legged being." She dark brown eyes start to scan the room for the person that was giving off the scent and looks straight to the bar from the side of her eyes, "It must be coming from there."

TundraLynx: Kai watched the two in conversation. The idea of an odd-jobs worker amused him as it wasn't long ago that he himself was making money through unconventional means. Kai took a drink of his ale and got back behind the bar, resting his elbows on the wooden countertop and meeting his amethyst gaze to Venna's. "The empress is right you know. We could always use more help here since Rose and I always have our hands full, and I'm not sure this will be a permanent occupation for me." He looked behind Kai arched his eyebrow as he heard the faintest sounds from the back of the tavern. "Do either of you hear anything?" He asked the two ladies. 

HuntressRavenna: “Thank you Milady for the welcome and if you might need a good archer that is what I have been trained for in a kingdom that fell by the wayside. I can hunt just about anything as I did much of that growing up the bow seems to be my profession and trade. I will be happy to help if needed by Kai but will not be in his way at the same time as that would be rude.”-Venna was committing the woman's name to memory here as a simple exercise of saying it a few times over and over not sure how to exactly spell it abut that was something she need not know at the moment. She went back to the stew and her wine eating of the food and sipping her wine as if it had not been had in a long time and she suddenly realized she had not put the coin for the meal and drink on the bar yet and corrected herself. By paying for what she had ordered here. Not many sought Archers much except as out riders maybe on long coach rides but there was something more that hinted to Venna and it would seem so different yet so simple of a thing as she stretched her back not to have it pop but as if she needed to do more than that and she stood up and suddenly almost bend over full with her back her head low by her ankles an an arch like stance that she slowly came up from he back popping as she did so.-”Better been on Azor too long that's for sure.”-Venna looked around again and she took in a deep breath as she took her seat again as if the back bending was something done by everyone in the world.-Venna saw the girl and smiled that she seemed to know where she was as some are just fully lost as she had been most of her life. Venna met his gaze and smiled as she had finished her stew and looked to her empty wine glass.-”Thanks and yea I hear what seems to sniffling from the girl whatever floats ones boat I guess.”

RagnorKirryanValke: Opening his eyes slightly he looks to see if she has tried to escape yet but she hasn’t she’s still in the tub cleaning her wounds and the mud from her feathers that are not burnt to a crisp. She moves her talons ad picks out the burnt feathers but has issues grabbing them and cleaning her back, he sighs a she stands and moves to her “let me help he says sternly or it will get infected”. As he moves to her she cowers in fear but relaxes a bit to his words moving her back to him she braces herself, he shakes his head a bit as he looks to what he caused and thinks to himself why in the world am I cursed with some light in my soul and my sister is full evil. His hands trace the burnt area on her back moving from the pain, he reaches into his coat pulling out alittle bottle of cleaning alcohol, “this will hurt a lot”, she sighs “I just had my wings ripped off theres not much more that can compare to that pain”. He stays quiet as he pours the bottle onto one side than the other she lets out a terrifying scream as the liquid cleans the wounds and burns the wounds cleaning out everything. Turning from her he sighs again “there now clean up and get out I will fetch some bandages and cloths, and oh don’t try to escape or fin will eat you” hearing his name fin looks up than to her and begins growling to her. He moves around the tub and enters into the back of the tavern through he kitchen where the cooks are busy but they dint talk to him as his face is as hard as stone and his eyes still glowing as a black mist fallows every step he takes. Opening the room behind the bar he looks to everyone and smirks “good evening” but doesn’t stop as he jumps over the bar and walks through the tables and chairs to the balcony and without any effort he leaps to the second floor and enters into his room.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra sat there partly turned in her seat as she spoke to the woman; her voice luring as ever. Nothing about the woman really changed other then her hair color. She was still the same demon that had been within the land of the rose. She laughed softly mainly to her self as she finally decided now was the time to start drinking seeing it was getting busy and her nerves needed it by now. The demon took a breath got up from her seat and slipped behind the bar; of course she could have just simply had called for Rose to get her drink but what would be the fun in that, after all she could do just about anything she wanted within her home land. She felt it, the demon was happy in the first time in a long time. Granted there was a part of her missing she knew that she could feel it. Aezvyra would just shrug it off as she searched behind the bar for her stash of bottles. Her eyes moving over just about everything as she waited for for the woman to speak once more. She touched just about each bottle looking for hers before finally finding it. "Ah here we go." she said as she chuckled at the same time standing back up and walking back to the barstool she had decided to sit in. It was a change for her to sit up at the bar where everyone could see her. The woman took hold of her cup and dump it out on the floor next to her before setting it back on the bar top and started to try to pull the cork out of the bottle in her hand. Her eyes seem to cross as she struggled with the bottle for a few moments. "God why do they do this to me.." she mumbled out to her self still fighting the cork before finally popping it from its place. Her eyes moved to the woman as she nodded hearing her words. "Your most welcome by the way" She poured the dark crimson liquid into the empty brass chalice as she listened to the woman before speaking again. "I'm sure we can find you a suitable job that would match you " The woman paused glanced down to the glass before setting the bottle down on the surface of the bar. She couldn't wait for it any longer. Aezvyra took the glass in her right hand brought it up to her face, resting it just ontop of her bottom lip as she took a breath. The sweet armora filled her lungs as she slowly tipped the glass back. Her eyes closed for a brief second as the metelic taste hit her toungue. That when it hit her she remembered why she loved the taste of unicorn's blood and whiskey mixed. The woman seem to smirk to her self as she returned her full attenion back to the woman wanting to learn more. from her just as she normally did to anyone whom was not from the Empire. Granted in the back of her mind, it would bug her she knew that person whom seem to fall right into the tavern. The way she had just stumbled into the building reminded her of someone from years before hand. It was before she had returned home before she had excaped the hold of her demonic lover; the time she fought so hard to try and remember. 'Could it be?' she thought about it once more letting the idea of the past come to her. 'Nah' she thought to her self and turned in her seat to look at the stranger whom now seem to approuch the bar. Her eyes widen as she got a better look. 'It has to be' she told her self as she sat there blinking, a dumb founded expression on her face as she tried to put two and two together. After all it had been years since the woman had seen her adoptive sister. She paused glanced to Kai."Hmm?" she took another sip of her drink this time much quicker then she did the first time. "No I didn't"

((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy base roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos do to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now the Ram's Tavern and Inn is located within the outskirts of the capital city Necromar which is on the far side of the city compared to Kleshi Hold aka the castle. Its evening ; its cloudy looks as if its going to rain, tavern pretty much dead with everyone asleep other then the staff and travelers... NPC: Rose[Bar maid] Kyran[Empress Personal Gaurd] Elynia[elf who sings in the tavern))   post order is Ravenna, Dante , Aezvyra, Ragnor,  Scarlet

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet got closer to the bar and locked her sights on the female leader of the place that she recognized, "So my nose wasn't playing tricks", Scarlet thought to herself before she pointed with a small bounce to her movements, "I thought that was you." She remembered that the woman she was eyeing was her adopted sister from long ago, Scarlet found herself an emppty seat at the bar and hopped herself on it as she noticed a freshly made drink with a dark pink color next her, "This wasn't here before", Scarlet thought to herself then she turned her attention back to her sister, "Still enjoying the good life I assume," Scarlet stole a sip on the dark pink drink before she put it back on the table-

HuntressRavenna: -Venna noticed the man who walked in and seemed to be similar to her in the ways he moved and the way he seemd to fluidly moe from place to place with the jump over the bar then to the top of the stairs. Granted she would make the lower landing the the top as she was smaller in comparison to him.Yes she had skills to move fluidly with some very acobatic qualities that would show through loudly at times and she loved how at times it through off some one in a spar for her to strike then move as fast as she did. She knew some also had the ability of sorts and she smiled.-"Well worst come to worse I could take a job as an acrobat for your guests to enjoy and delight in but thats kind of bottom of the barrel for me."-Venna chuckled lightly then she realized her manors were completely forgotten.-"I am Ravenna Eldenari but most just call me Venna for short I was of the house of the Eldenari when it was a small kingdom that drew the wrath of blood mages. They sought the princess as part of an Alliance and well the princesess did not agree at all."-Venna smiled again and looked to Rose a moment and waved her over.-"Can I get another sweet red wine please I have not drank in many days when one travels alone one needs to keep their wits about them."-She knew at times when alone and not sure of the welcome you never thought twice about needing to make friends at times as not everyone cared for elves or beings like she was. Venna watched her struggle with the cork a bit and did not offer her help because she seemed to want to do this on her own and she saw her thinking about something as she looked to the girl at times.-

DanteAstor: Moving forth down the corridor path which are filled with the buildings within the capital Necromar and the streets would soon be busy in due time. But the sun was about to reveal it’s wake as it came to slowly dim itself into view amongst the clouds which blanketed,causing it’s dew to lay forward as the sun shines across it. The Jotun or a descendant of Ymir continued forward as his 7’8 tall height moved forward with his eyes lazy but his face cold hearted. For he had the looks of a sellsword or a barbarian of some sort, yet he cared little of what he was for it kept him alive in times of war. It got him paid and gave him a full belly. May that be mead or food. His movement would be trailed by the sound of armor clanking and a sword contained within a iron sheathing moving as well. Thus every step he took sounded heavier than the last for his tall stature compliment his barbaric appearance. Once exiting the capital the male would begin his trek toward a tavern which the directions was provided by a denizen within Necromar. Although it was vague, it still helped him. Moving forth upon the path which directed him, he would move forth toward the tavern which he guided his mind to then eventually he arrived to the front door of such a tavern. The Goliath male would take his spiked helmet off then placed it as he wrapped his arm around it then opened the door, ducking. Once within he looked around and saw many faces. He scanned to see whom he needed to watch out for before he continued his movement to the stool. Moving forth with a juggernaut like appearance he sat himself at an available spot. His face was covered in healed wounds from past battles and he has the eyes of a blind man. But he is far from blind. Once sitting at the counter he would mutter one word “Ale” and then he rose his one hand to show a coin which was the size of his Goliath sized thumb. A golden coin with outlandish engravings from a bygone age. But gold nonetheless. Thus he leaned forward, staring forth with a unwelcoming half of heart look about him. As he only showed interest to the drink he would drink. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon blinked and tried to hear what ever Kai had heard. " i still dont hear anything" by that time the back door seem to opened and closed her eyes moved to the doorway to the kitchen. Aezvyra shook her head seeing her twin move through the frame. "Afternoon or well evening I think I dont even know anymore" she chuckled softly unsure what time it was seeing she had not left her seat but for her bottle which wasn't even outside. She blinked watching him move passed and up to the second floor. She shook her head hearing the door shut behind her. "oh well" she hissed out softly under her breath, at lest he greeted them she guessed. Her eyes moved she watched as everyone seem to be moving about again, Kai seem to have vanished out of the tavern leaving Rose to deal with most of everything. The woman glanced back "Rose where did Kai go?" she asked stopping the bar maid asking where the keep went. "Mlady he left for the market, he forgot something there." Rose spoke softly and quickly before returning to her dutys around the tavern. Aezvyra blinked and nodded dismissing the woman before returning her attention to the others. "Huh" she heard the woman who she was sure she knew. "Scarlet?" she finally figured it out. "Is that really you?" she laughed it had been years since she seen her adoptive sibling. "oh you know it" she chuckled out before taking a sip of her drink as she waited for someone to speak. Her eyes moved back to Venna. "Oh no I'm sure a hunter for the Tavern or just a hunting party would be a good fit for you, thinking about it." she paused trying not to let her mind wonder around to much. "Its nice to meet you Ravenna." she lowered her head in a small sorts of bow before chuckling and looking at her adoptive sister Scarlet. "How have you been my dear sister?" she asked quickly before she had forgot to ask. Her attetion span seem to have changed from before she was actually better at addressing mulitaple people once now. The woman allow her left hand lift from its place as she held it over her lips as she let a soft yawn out before shaking her head. "I dont know where that came from." she spoke softly her voice soft and luring as her glance seem to bounce over the couple she was speaking to." I don't believe I have heard of the Kingdom of Eldenari" she allow her words to pause as she reached for her chalice to take another sip of her unicorn's blood mix with whiskey. "Sounds like a sad story and a bad outcome for the princess." she added in shortly. Yet, her words seem to fade for the time being as she heard the door of the tavern open once more. Her eyes lingered on the crowd wondering if it was still safe enough for her to remain out in the open or if it was time to find her self back in the side room of the tavern that held only a few tables and  its own fireplace; where her normal table was found. Aezvyra took a breath as she watched the large figure walk in and seem to walk straight to the bar. "Rose" she called out trying to get the attention of the bar maid to help the new guest. 

ScarletEveDeLaRose: "The usual has been going on ever since...me being the roaming huntress that I am." Scarlet was looking at her nails that were now pointed and thick unlike their thin rounded shape that they used to be, "Feels like it's been ages since I came out if hiding", She had actually been stuck in her castle for weeks without any fresh air because of the strict rules that were put out recently, she was finally able to run out to get some air after the rules were lifted slightly, she did not care if she was going to get in trouble for this and she was glad to be outside of her lands for once-

RagnorKirryanValke: Closing the door firmly behind himself he sighs as he looks around his room for something to clean wounds and some sort of clothing for her, moving to his closet he looks through clothing. “mens ,mens blood stained, fuck do I not have anything that she can wear” he rips the door out of the wall and throw it against the wall with a loud bang it splinters and shatters raining pieces of wood all over the room. His rage flickering as he is about to throw more things but remembers something under the bed, moveing to the opposite side of the bed he drops to one knew and looks under pulling out a white box, he opens it slightly and smirks “yea this will do” he says with a sigh before placing it on the bed. Taking to his feet he moves to the bathroom where he keeps all his home made creams and bandages throwing them as well onto the bed as he finds what he needs, “wait why am I doing this shit again” he growls deeply the daemon in him fighting to get out and take care of business but he contains it and hold onto the cross on his chest. Looking back to the bed he packs the things into his white box than closes it and locks it, picking it up he walkes to the door walking over pieces of door, raising his right hand he opens the door and walks out of his room. Walking to the railing his eyes look to everyone at the bar as he says nothing he grips the railing and leaps over it, landing hard on the ground with a thud of his boots impacting the stone. “hey maids I made a mess again do me a favor and take care of it” he says in a stern voice as he weaves through the chairs again exiting out of the door he entered through behind the bar.

HuntressRavenna: -Venna watched as the two recognized each other and smiled at the reunioun and she heard the call for an ale and she looked over the new comer here and knew he was not one she wanted to face in a fight. She keard the door suddenly crash from upstairs and she watched as the man soon jumped down with a white box in his hands. Complete curiosity over came her and she seemed to follow his way out the door and watched him closely as i trying to assertain what the problem was or could be.-"If you need a hand with anything I might be able to help if you will accept it from someone new here?"

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic empress took a deep breath once more as she could feel the tavern fill she closed her eyes and let the sound of the tavern fill her ears. The sound of Elynia whom had started to sing along with some unknown flutest. She needed to think and couldn't she was trying her best not to show she was getting overwhelmed by everything. Let alone a blast from the past was there. She allow some of the only memories she could recall come to mind for a brief moment as she waited for someone to address her.  Aezvyra off and on would take hold of her glass with her right hand her slim fingers gripping the slim part of the chalice before bringing it up to her lips; after words she would place it and just allow her fingers run around the lip of it. There was a time or two when her index finger would slip from the cool brass and into the crimson liquid. "I bet it feels great" she commented shortly after her sister seeing she seem to have things on her mind nearly. The woman did look different to the different but who wouldn't look different after years of not seeing eachother. "Hiding?" she questioned the word with a rised brow. "Why were you hiding you could have sent word. I could have come and help you." she spoke quickly letting her voice carry out for a time. Aezvyra took a deep breath as she tried to fight the feeling to learn more about what her adoptive sister been though. She was more afraid of losing her head sorta speak and wanting to go out hunting. The woman would turn her attention once more to the others around her other then her sister; that was when she caught sight of her twin once more. She had not heard the crashing sounds that had come from the floor above moments before hand.  Her brow rose as she watched him for the moment she could. Hearing his words she wondered "what the hell did you do." she hissed out not knowing if he heard her or not. The funny part was he was the one who was the good one, the one with the light within him unlike her. Hers was missing causing her just to do just about anything. This is why she calmed her self because she knew it could have a bad outcome. The demon wanted to cause chaos yet there she was trying to behave for once. She could cause all the harm and all the chaos later when she finally decides to find a band of people for a quest or not. She was still thinking about the idea. The woman's green hue gaze moved along as she watched one of the maids move up the stairs and start to clean up what ever mess her brother had cause. The empress let her gaze move this time back on the woman whom had intruced her self as Venna. She chuckled as she watched the woman seem to take off after her twin leaving thru the back door. She shrugged before her gaze moved over the male a few stools away from her. She took note how tall he was and he seem to be a warrior of some sorts. She watched him drink the ale that was given to him. The woman bored out of her mind now that everyone seem to have started find silances in their drinks. Aezvyra allow her painted lips curl at their ends and pull into a smile as she jumped up out of her seat. Her eyes moved to some of the patrons at the tables before she let her voice carry out and fill the tavern "Move those tables right there, push the clear some of the floor." she spoke her words demanding as she had come up with an idea maybe. Within her head it seem to work yet now was the test as she watched the scrawny maids move the tables from their places to open up the middle of the room. The moment the floor seem to clear the Empress chuckled as she glanced over to Elynia. "Sing me something happy my dear, we shall get this tavern moving tonight." she laughed as she looked around the room trying to figure out whom she was going to ask to dance with her just because she felt it would be a nice idea. "I need someone to dance with." she spoke out looking around the room.

RagnorKirryanValke: Stopping in the kitchen as he hears a voice coming from behind him he turns quickly his black hair wiping as he moves so quickly to see who it may be as he has not herd this ladies voice before. “good evening miss you wish to help me?” he asks as he looks at her his head tilting a bit, “if you do than you will do as I ask and not ask any questions at all as to what has happened or anything or there will be consequences understand?”. His expression lightened as he smiles “don’t mean to be scary but have to some days I’m Ragnor Valke its is a pleasure to meet you” he nods his head slightly than raises it and awaits for her responses to what he has said to her.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: "I'm not in any danger at all...It's just the whole team have been hiding themselves in the castle." Scarlet said before her sister got up from her seat to possibly clear her mind, she could tell that the amount of people in the room was causing a bit of a stir and stole another sip from the dark pink drink infront of her, she jumped from her seat and put a finger on her chin, "If you don't mind I'll be staying here until the crack of dawn." She said with a grin, "I'll be gone before you all wake up." She held back a laugh and disappeared to the area where the rooms were located-

((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy base roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos do to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now the Ram's Tavern and Inn is located within the outskirts of the capital city Necromar which is on the far side of the city compared to Kleshi Hold aka the castle. Its evening ; its cloudy looks as if its going to rain, tavern pretty busy now; there a big open space in the middle where tables are missing ))NPC: Rose[Bar maid] Kyran[Empress Personal Gaurd] Elynia[elf who sings in the tavern))   post order is Ravenna, Aezvyra, Ragnor,  

HuntressRavenna: -Venna could hear the faint sounds of the music while she was outside near the tavern doorway and the request for a dance. She sort of chuckled a bit as she still paid attention to the man out back her greem gem like orbs falling on him more as she nodded her head to him.-”No question I got that and I can work with that as what happened is not my business. I am Venna please to meet you and what ever you need I will do.”-Venna went with him and she did understand that scary was in the eyes of the one who saw it as such.-'Not that I don't have a healthy respect for folks I just don't scare too easy not saying I don't fear at all.”-Venna looked tom with a slight smile of her own night a full smile yet not displeasing at the corners of her moth lightly turned up.-

RagnorKirryanValke: He turns from her and walks around the side of the building to fin and the tub type sink that the harpy was now sitting on the edge of it drying herself of her feathers now clean and same with her back. Moveing closer to her he sets the white box on the ground and opens it moveing the bandages and the creams from it he looks to venna “this harpy is sapphire and can you come takes theses and apply them to her back you will see where, and remember what I said.” He sighs as he hands her the creams and bandages than looks over to spahire. “this lady is going to help as well be nice and let her help you” he says to her. She smiles and looks to venna with big eyes than moves from the sink and turns around and kneels to the ground revealing the two big wounds on her back where her wings where but now the wounds are cleaned and not bleeding. He looks to the other thing in the box that he will take out when the times comes, motioning to fin he moves close to the harpy and lays there his heat drying her feathers and body.

HuntressRavenna: -Venna looks to sapphire and the creams and the bandages and applies them for her then she looks to Ragnor.-”Its not a question I have as more a statement telling I can help heal faster than the creams by a couple of days. I have phoenix tears in a potion as the tears no not the difference between good or evil just to heal wounds Shall I offer them or not. I have been told what to do and what not so far I am doing that and as I said its a statement of fact not a question for you its more if I should let her suffer longer than is need as I see she is a Harpy and they value not elves or my kind. I leave that decision up to you to make weather it out of compassion or not.”-Venna looked to him as she opened the pouch and took out the vial of the potion leaving the decision up to him as to how much compassion should be given.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra let a pout come to her face as she seem to turn in circles, ,her eyes moving over just about anyone. She watched as Scarlet seem to take a drink and then vanish upstairs and the male who was at the bar seem to not even pay any attetion to her before getting up and walking towards the stairs that lead to the rooms. The woman pounted looked at Elynia and then back around and crossed her arms. "Well that was a bad idea." she seem to move her self to her corner table off by her self to sulk. The woman seem to be alone now which bugged her. Then she remembered her bottle she got up from the wooden chair and dart across the room just as the maidens seem deal with the patrons still. She snatched up her bottle of blood and whiskey and headed back to her little area. The woman sighed softly sitting back down, her hand moved to her lap as she brushed the wrinkles out of her dress before leaning back. She pulled the cork from the bottle and poured her self another drink as she sat alone.She debated if she was going to get up and leave the tavern and finally head back to the keep after being away from it for a fully day now. She wasn't too sure if she would be needed there or not in the morning. She wondered and plotted letting her mind move over the idea if she going to or not. The demonic empress could miss something if she left the tavern early then normal. She always missed something it seemed she still tried to figure out how her brothers sword ended up dead center of the roof above everything. The woman pulled her feet up into the chair with her causing her knees move closer to her chest. She wrapped her arms around them as she sat there quiet as a church mouse just listening to the music as each song changed over time. 

RagnorKirryanValke: he looks to her and her words and smirks than sternly says “use the creams on her, on her the tears of a phoenix are way to valuable to use on such a creature” he picks up the creams and is about to hand them to her but stops and asks. “you don’t have to help if you wish not to I can do it myself and you can go back inside and see to my sister and have a drink on the house. he thinks to himself slightly than looks back to her “actually please return inside and see to my sister and have a drink on the house tell the bar keeper its on me tonight. I will deal with this situation as I see fit and my actions I may not want any others to see for I do not know if this creature deserves to live yet or not, or suffer or be healed right away”. Sapphire lets out a small wimper as she knows her kind is hated by a lot of people and when a daemon or anything gets a hold of them and curses them such as he did that her life is in there hands and usefully there life ends sooner than they want it to.

HuntressRavenna: -Venna nods to him and looks to Sapphire and sighs to her a bit and at least offers a word to her that could be taken for a kindness.”I leave your fate to the one who has not yet decided what should happen as for sure if I judged you the care for your wounds would not be needed at all by you yet. I might have compassion if I felt you out of place and that's the best I can say.”-Venna then turned on her heels and went back into the bar and rejoined the woman she had spoken to earlier and put away the potion as she had been said to save it for another time. She had a source for the tears many would not fully understand as she was the princesses Aunt and she lived with the attack by the blood mages but she saw fit they only have contact outside of any ones seeing.-”Sorry I have been away I was just seeing if I might help Ragnor a bit Aezvyra I was told come have a drink on the house and would be happy to join you if you like.”


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