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((**Welcome to Nyamithler Empire** Please give us a few seconds to get you the setting for today.))

((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy base roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos do to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now Klashi Hold [which is in the works of construction to repair it] is located on the outskirts of the capital city Necromar; https://images.imgbox.com/97/d6/1WRY2nfl_o.png. Its warm autumn day temperatures around 66 degrees with a rain showers through out the day. ))

--------------------- Next day after buying the dragon -----------------------------------------

CardinalSinn: There were repairs being made on this town, more particularly the hold which was there. Activity like that tended to attract attention, the noise, the people, so much to see and quite a bit to do, more so with construction…perhaps there was recruitment as well? Time would tell these things. On the outskirts of the town, not too terribly far from the city walls a darkness would begin to gather, astute and attuned people might have been able to feel this thing, this ,evil. It was an ancient creature from an ancient time, long forgotten by most. On the occasion a teller would speak of them they were thought to be nothing more than old legends, lies you told the masses to make them behave. Most people would never come to see these beast, those that do were often either ignorant of the truth of them…or came to be them. This creatures gathering darkness relapsed a sort of wake of profanity, this thing astoundingly “evil”. So much so that merely being within a thirteen foot radius of it tended to make the senses tingle, the closer you would come to it the more profound the impulse to “sin” would become. This creature was forming itself outside the walls, a thing which would take a matter of minutes, and have a beauty all its own. Its manifestation first springing into the world as if a drop of darkness, shadows bursting and undulating upward reflecting the dance of ink in water. That darkness growing at an alarming rate beginning to fold over an in on itself, quickly beginning to assume a more tangible, and somewhat human form, albeit this thing was far from human…though some would argue that some small part of it is, or at least was at some point. For now the creature was coming, still not fully manifest in this place, it took its time, as if a way of giving the populace a chance to react…it they chose to at all, the reaction to Kinn was a varied one, in some places they were favored, in others it was immediate combat. Time would tell what came of the Evincars visit to this place.

MorriganOkultizmas: The Enchantress other known as the Lady Morrigan within the Empire of Nyamither seemed to spend the entire moon cycle for the night working on repairing the Enchanter's quarters hidden in the belly of Klashi Hold. The quarters last was damaged during a few months beforehand when the Demonic Empress of the land had decided to go on a rampage and murdering most of the Mage class do to them not being able to figure out how to cure a simple curse that had ended up plaguing the lands in ice and snow. Now it had been broken and the ice is gone the cooler seasons started. Morrigan sighed softly as she picked up book after book from the stone floor before setting them on one of the tables that had not been flipped. The woman felt as if she was in over her head for trying to make this large room which was once a place of study and magic spells grand once more. Her pale eyes lingered on the dried blood on the floor as she finally finished collecting the books. Her hands slowly lifted from her side as she went to outstretch her hand, her palms facing outwards as she started a spell to ride the large room of the dried blood and the faint smells of decaying flesh that had been missed when the bodies had been removed from the room. The Acolyte sighed softly her lips pushed softly together as she started the spell. 

Guest_KarmaFayth: Rhemeine yawned softly in place as her eyes drifted back and forth from the floor before her and the row of steel cages along the walls. The woman had yet been told she could move from the exact spot she had been knelling  within the study. Even if anyone had entered that room they would not be able to see the halfbreed seeing she was tucked away on the far side of the large dark oak desk that took up the center of the room. The woman's eyes soon lifted from the ground once more and landed on the window before her she could see out of seeing the curtains had been pulled back by one of the maides whom had already been in the room cleaning. Rhemeine remain silent as she listened to the ticks of water hitting the window as the rain seem to finally fade for the time being. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: Minutes seem to become hours as mother moon made her travels across the night sky and had nearly finished by the time the Demonic Empress other known as Aezvyra had stirred from her slumbers. Slowly at first the woman would literally toss and turn in her bed, the black silk sheets bunching up over her nude body as her emerald green eyes seem to finally snap open as she jolts straight up. Panting the female searches over her bedchambers before quickly glancing at the oak door to see if anyone had entered without her permission. Seeing that none had, nor was there not even the source of her night tares. "it was nothing but a dream." the words echoed through her mind as she sat there for a few moments trying to calm her self fully. Her mind had darted off to the past, back to the small impish creature that haunted her nightmares, the very creature that had taken the woman's mind and shattered it. Aezyvra's green hues flickered crimson and then onyx in color before settling back down to their dull greenish color as she slipped out of her bed and moved to the window before pulling back the heavy curtains, only to see the sun nearly lifting from its place over the horizon. "Dame" the single word came flowing out as she moves towards the wardrobe to choose the outfit for the day. The demonic female paused standing there her hands on each of the doors of the bureau as she let her eyes roll over each gown. "Where is it" her eyes search on as her arms moved and cross over her nude body before finally seeing the long gown she was searching for. Aezvyra sighed softly as she slipped the long black dress over her head and allow the soft fabric to fall into place hugging her tight frame in places before its length would fall to the floor. The woman then would move towards the mirror before glancing into it. Her long onyx hair a mess as she reaches up and combs it out when her hand before deciding to  quickly braide it. Of course the empress was taking her sweet time getting ready for the day even up to the point she had moved across the room once more to a small nightstand close to the bed and pulled out the blade from its case and placed it in its proper place hidden under her dress before finally walking over to the door and pulling it opened. Aezvyra's right hand moved along the cool brick wall as she strolled along the main corridor before turning on her heels slowly to face the door to her room. Flicking her finger the woman would glace over the door as she mumbled under her breath; she would chuckle and watch the shadows slip from their places and close the door before returning back to where they had come from. Her movements were short and fluid more than normal as she walked down the hall towards the grand staircase to make her way to the main floor. 

CardinalSinn: The manifestation of Fides took some five or six minutes to take a more definitive shape and form. It was the battle which had happened not long ago that drew it, the scars of fight made for fertile grounds this thing found. Fides struck perhaps the most imposing figure of all the kinn. A shadowy specter of death and darkness, truly a creature from the darkest nightmares of the most devout individuals. The most visually striking features if had would be that of a massive right pauldron, a self loathing angel, embracing itself, with a plethora of feathers, which formed a cape concealing the Evincars right arm. The feathers were a dark cardinal red, and unimaginably sharp. The left shoulder was covered by a large pauldron, so large in fact that it was even oversized for the likes of the Evincar. The pauldron itself had an imperial purple lip around it to hold in the plate which had the inlay of the lament configuration, each of its six faces unfolded in such a way the cube made an inverted cross. From the front, back, and center of this pauldron hung yet another Peterian cross, these chains often jingling softly. This plate rested on another which went as far as about one would expect a pectoral muscle to have been. The end of this plate also pierced three times, these piercings were in the form of rosaries, adorned with onyx beads, each bead containing the now damned soul of seraph conquered by the Evincar itself. These piercings digging in into the outermost reaches of the lamenting angel pauldron’s left wing, as if to tether the abomination to it. there was a massive belled sleeve though this sleeve was in reality an incredibly long rosary itself, forming a large belled sleeve which would softly clack as it billowed in the same unseen breeze which the figure seemed constantly subjected too, though it would affect nothing aside from the manifestation. Grasped gently by the left hand a small length of the chain, the end of which is adorned with a breathtaking Peterian cross. This cross would appear different to all whom beheld it as it was an image conjured from the eye of the beholder, truly magnificent, perfect to the last detail, all thanks to the imaginations of every individual who would come to see such a thing. It gently swayed back and forth in what most would call a blatantly hypnotic way; its befuddling beauty begging for attention. One of the most attention grabbing features this beast possessed was that of a ribcage, this was somehow definitively darker then the unimaginable darkness that formed this beast. The ribs themselves only truly apparent in the font, along the sternum and a fair bit of the ribs themselves. The ribs were so dark that they glistened, the light not allowed to profane their darkness at all, it was a curious thing to behold in such a dark manifestation, it gave the ribcage a sort of ominous glow to it, occasionally revealing what might have been thought to be a soul flowing through it stretched out in some random impossible contortion of pain. . The belt which it wore had a “V” sort of shape to it and hung seductively off the hips, the left side of the belt home to three chains which hung loosely forming three tiers which disappeared around behind the “skirt” which Fides had. The eyes were much as they were before Fides' six glowing violet eyes are placed across his umbral features in two symmetrical rows; lined with purest silver that glitters like mythril in the moonlight. The rest of the Evincars face was absent any discernable features. From his brow spans an impressive tangle of horns, purveying a sort of bestial show of majesty, the horns often adorned with various baubles .Most notable would be the numerous Peterian crosses which were generously draped throughout. The halos which were occasionally hung would also attract a fair deal of attention, as they were uncommonly “animated”. The evil presence of the Evincar so profound these holy artifacts writhed in excruciating pain at being so close to such a profane being. There were also rams horns, their curve complementing the jaw line of this beast nearly perfectly, the horns coming to sharp points before the center eyes. Above this crown of horns hung a rather blasphemous crown of thorns, black and often glistening as if somehow alive and moist, gently spinning, always to the left. A point of pride for this creature was its ridiculously long pure silver hair. Each hair was actually an asininely sharp chord of silver, each of these countless millions of strands were between sixteen to twenty feet in length. They pooled about the feet of Fides, given some cover to the more sinister truth of the “skirt”. If one were to venture a scrutinizing look at the skirt which the Evincar wore a far more nefarious reality would become apparent. The eternally flowing skirt of Fides was not some strange cloth manifest from shadows, no; it was in fact a torrential downpour depicting the countless damned souls over which the Evincar had definitive dominion. These figures poured out around the Evincar for three feet, forming something like a puddle which Fides was constantly standing in, or rather on. These souls at the outermost rings can be seen desperately struggling to pull free from the mass while being pulled back in by other trying desperately to do the same, in an eternally vain struggle. Once a high priest of the Sinn Fides had truly become a figure of intimidation, the king amongst Sinn. Though it would have a sort of respect as it simply walked to the gate now, it was not sure if the place was guarded or not, nor was it entirely sure where the door was to this place, merely that there was strife and sin both within these walls, both of those things tended to serve this beast well, and that being the case it would gravitate towards the largest are of noise, or sin if its senses remained unimpeded. Despite its rather odd visage and presence those who saw it might have noticed one more particular peculiarity, despite the slight rain this creature was completely dry, untouched by it somehow.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Even before the demoness would start her daily duties the woman found her self slowly descending the stairs her hand on the banister as she had done so; taking that last few steps of the grand staircase in the center of the keep, the hem of her long black and silver dress trailing behind her with each stair she would take."It's quiet" the words seem to echo in the hall as she finally brings her self to step foot into the center of the keep.  Her footsteps silent on the cold stone only do to not having shoes on at this time. The woman mumbled under her breath as she passed by gaurds and servents alike to the point she eyed Kyran, her personal guard, before waving him off to return to what ever he might had been doing before she entered the room. Aezvyra's emreald green gaze lingered on the large common area with the center piece the large fountain that ran crimson instead of the murky blue it should have been if it had water within. The woman's chest rose and fell quickly as she took in the sweet metallic aroma as she grew closer to the dark stone. Upon reaching the fountain itself Aezvyra would lean partly over  towards the right, A devilish grinn slide across her black painted lips as  the index finger of her right hand slide into the crimson waters before her. Seconds seem to pass before Aez would pull her finger from the liquid and slowly brought it up to her face only to lick it clean nearly missing a dropplet of blood that had decided to pull down her hand do to the graveity. "All so sweet" The woman chuckled out softly before turning around on her heels to study her home and the people within it at that exact moment. "Things to do and people to punish." the words nearly came out nearly in a sing song form as the demon giggled as she debated what she would do. She had not a single care in the world or a clue what she should do to start her day. Should she start with the people of the Empire; add another tax, or maybe tell them that she needed their sons to the barrick to fill the armies, or maybe their daughters to fill the brothels to excite the weary travelers whom visited. Nothing seem to really catch her excitment so she decided she would decided later on, she had time to waste. Aezvyra lowered her self to the ledge of the stone fountain to sit upon it dipping her finger in its crimson waters here and there as she watched the people move by her doing their duties as quickly as they could seeing she was infact roaming around the Hold now. Aez closed her eyes and waited, she could feel the magic of the mage down in the bellys of the castle she figured Morrigan had been working on a spell or trying to move about in what was left of the Enchanters quarters down there; she knew she had left her pet in the study. 

CardinalSinn: It did not take Fides long to find what it took as a southern gate, the walls did their job of preventing things from entering…or leaving aside from a few gates, Fides imagined there was more than one but it sought out the southern gate. An odd sort of preference in these begins, hidden meanings in nearly every action and word. Fides moved with a sort of awe inspiring grace, its profanity and darkness visibly emanating from itself. For those near it it may have effected them crept into their intentions and personas, this being so evil that simply to be near it would set the mind wandering on more devious paths. For some the figure the Evincar imposed was one of intimidation, others might have been awestruck. Fides was vaguely aware a sort of faint divinity here in this place, which would make it weary of angels and the like. For now though the guards were its immediate concern, a quaint little ceremony of most walled areas, beings to guard the walls, it made sense it supposed in its own way but often found such things folly, and futile. Never the less the being was Civil and silent, its monstrous frame coming to a halt six feet from the gate itself, likely placing some of the guards within its aura, IF that were the case the ambiance around them would seem darker, and even somehow more heavy…and there was of course a want to do evil things…a need to sin which would creep deeper and deeper the longer they were there or the closer they got. Before any of the guards could address the Evincar it slowly rose its left arm, the insane amount of rosary beads clacking gently against one another as the rosary would swat accordingly, as if a hypnotic pendulum. The rosary a thing of beauty beyond words…yet strangely were the guard to discuss this not a single one likely saw the same thing. The more attention grabbing thing here though would be that it held out in its hand with not a single word uttered , a some of thirteen silver coins, whether this was a bribe or a toll was not apparent, but the offering of the coin was simple enough. The guards if they were paying attention would have noticed two other oddities, perhaps the most obvious was that the flames near this thing could not and would not likely burn their normal hue, at least without some form of intervention, as Fides drew more near the flames would being to actually turn purple in this things presence, and if any of them wore the sign of the cross if there were within the darkness this thing emanated even in the slightest holy imagery would writhe as if it were in excruciating pain. The strangest perhaps would be the prominent scent of clove and eucalyptus which this thing carried with it, a strong prominent smell often able to overpower all of the other scents in the area. The Evincar Fides sat in silence, likely looking down at the guards waiting to see and hear their questions and reactions. 

KafzielLaVayne: It was a simple start of the day.The guards just having released the earlier shifts were still starting up. Nothing odd except watching the people pass by through the southern gate under their watchfull eyes. Above this all a Cealer was watching leaning with a bored face over the stone of the wall. Their duty was a simple one and rarely did combat healers ever find themselves in a situation where they were needed. The guards walking over the walls would look at the girl barely a young adult with contempt.There was always friction between the divisions. The archers liked the young Cealer, but disliked the guards. A circle of hate except for the Cealers that were just happy to be needed sometimes. Overlooking all this was one kngiht from the Nest Legions. This was the knightly order with a homebase in the main capital. Their armor was a mixture between a lightly colored steel and silver going around it in patterns. They put importance on looks rather then practicality with their armor.Their long red capes and feathers above the helmet proved this openly. However odd those knights look though the whole of the militairy within the empire respects them.Each guard lowers their head towards them as they passed him. This knight a large man stood a few feet from the Cealer watching over the road. He was the first to notice the large being comming for the gate, and the aura he carried would be found out as well. His reaction made the young cealer raise her brow and stand up to see what was happening. The knight taking off his helmet showing a red skinned demon quickly told the guards to keep a moderate distance and made his way to the gate. With more experience and practice under his belt the 7 foot demon carrying his helmet under his arm was more resellient to the aura of this being. Though the two simple guards kept some distance they were showing sighns of being influenced. Their legs shakey and their grip on the halberts tightening.Above the Cealer with a excitement that would not be aproved was jumping to see as much as she could. When the demonic knight in steel armor he had risen up his hand to gesture the being to take steps back. " Sir, what brings you to this capital?! are you here with ill intentions?!" The demon spoke with a loud voice, and his questions sounded more like demands for answers. A lack of respect but it was quite clear why. Even he was effected by this aura and the primal original personality of demons was scratching at the walls to come out. With eyes becomming darker red he did not even notice the changes in the being. How his arm had gone up to show something and the flames changing colors. The guards whom were taking a defensive stance had been started to be surrounded with a light green hue around them. Their cealer out of reach from the aura standing high above the walls was hastily casting protection and soothing spells together with an older man that had joined her. Most likely her teacher that attempted to calm the knights and the guards mental states in hope to barr the aura's effectiveness on them of only a little.

CardinalSinn: Fides noted that this demon which approached it by its lonesome had some degree of resistance. It was not long before the caster on the tower began to cast “buffs” on the other guards about which had taken an obviously more apprehensive approach now to their duties at the gate. A harsh exhale could be hear, one that hinted at this things impercieveable smile, the squinting of the eyes might have given it away more plainly though. As the guard commander raised his arm Fides did come to a halt, were he to have been more respectful he may have even taken those few steps back. But with demons such things could have ill implications. The Evincar had not come with ill intentions, far from it. though Fides was aware that most shared that preconception of it, in truth it enjoyed that being something called to attention so often Given as while the Evincar much enjoyed combat it was a thing it often tried to avoid, as it in some fashions detracted from the game it played with others…with all. Given the effect of its appearance it could not help but wonder the effect of its words. This creature had an incredibly od way of speaking, which was far more then unsettling to most, Fides spoke with a chorus of voices, numbers beyond counting, the hissing whispers of men and woman, young and old alike in near unison were the voice of this beast. “we find such things tend to be a matter of perspective, as there are certainly things which we will not stand for…however, that being said we have no initial ill intent or ire for this place as of yet”. The voice aside from being so many millions did not truly seem to come from the manifested form, no that would have been simple, and Fides was going to stroke its ego with some parlor tricks. Its voices came from the shadows, and not simply one or two but rather from all of them that were near enough to have mattered, making it sound as if his voice was coming from everywhere…but him. The stemming calming spells of the healers were quite effective of the men on the edges of the auras reach, so much so that the aura would likely make it as if the men had not been effected by Fides at all…they might even become too calm in fact, as the effects of the aura there were minimal, barely any force behind them. The demon that stood before Fides though had a resistance its own and that did make the Evincar wonder, it notably looked to the palm of it hand with the thirteen silver before looking back up to the demon that stood before it and offered the silver now directly to him, though without words. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra's brow rose slowly as she seem to lose her self within her own mind, her right hand lingering from the sweet blood of the fountain and her face each time she would slowly suckle the liquid from her fingertips. The woman would seem to lean back partly enough to make it much easier for her self to tuck her right leg under her bottom as she pulled up part of her gown so it wouldnt bunch in places. The demonic Empress took a deep breath as she kept to her self, her eyes slowly reopening as if she had heard the sounds of footsteps come near her. Of course there was harsh footsteps approuching the woman, her guard moved about the shadows of the common room only moving far enough yet to keep the Empress in his sight. Aez sighed softly as she seem to just stare off into the liquid as she let her mind move along different topics. What was she going to do about the food shortage that the impending winter season was going to bring. Such small harvest do to having lost time in the summer months do to the ice that took forever to melt away. Her life had seem to be a mess and now even the Empire seem to be in that same state of a mess. At lest the walls and keep was being repaired finally; years it had been in its decaying shape and it took the demon to finally rise the need to make the city better then what she had returned to. The woman was still in the ground works on improving the city and the empire one position at a time. She had already started to fill her so called high council and lower council with people she trusted. Yet, it seemed never to be enough nearly. 

KafzielLaVayne: The Cealers whom constantly were aiding the guards in keeping the composure had moments of relief as the guards had become aware enough to make their way through the gate. Them being out of the aura's reach completely allowed them to aid the struggling knight. His composure was almost completely gone his breathing was feral to a degree.Their aid through magic allowed the knight to have some form of clear thinking. Though his raised hand had gone to the handle of his blade which he gripped tightly on to. The way the being spoke was unsettling. His hairs were straight up on his neck. Like a instinct pushed to the brink a desire to attack was being instilled into the demon. The demons red eyes were shining under its intent to attack for the sake of the city. Nothing it said sounded good enough to trust it. The knight putted on the helmet it had under its arm and closes the lid. His blade slowly sliding out of its sheath. The archers on top of the walls reached for the arrows in their quiver to prepare their back up for the knight. " A energetic way to start the day." A voice then spoke out. In between the mess the Nyamithler Captain had joined the people on the wall. His armor unlike the knight was thick, practical and its color was much darker. Behind him a large cape got dragged along on the ground. His steps were large and announced his presence comming close to above the gate loudly. Unlike the knight and guards he wore a completely different weapon, a large blade with a handle that could fit 5 hands. His hair was long reaching to just over his shoulders and its black contrasted with his violet slitted eyes. With his hand he patted the stone of the wall he walked by and looked towards the knight and in his eyes creaute. The aura it surrounded itself reached quite far and the knight was neck deep in it." Go back to your stations, let the man pass. A odd way of speaking does not mean evil." The captain spoke with experience backing him up and the way he spoke made the archers and guards quickly resume their duties. Yet the knight whom was almost completely out with unseathing his blade seemed to protest this. He had turned his head upwards to look towards the captain defying the order as the blade was completely drawn out now." You will see me in the castle Knight, and you will do so now." A harsh tone filled the captains voice now. His own aura had been released. It was much different then the being down on the ground infront of the knight just 10 feet away. All seven colors were accounted for. They shined bright and reached untill 7 feet away from him before fading into a unseeable state, atleast for the untrained eye. The knight under the pressure of both aura's would recognize this moment for what it is and sheath his blade. He however walked with a clear anger through the gate to make his way to the castle. The captain would then turn his attention to the being at the gates. A simple gesture was given to move along while the captain started walking ahead on the walls again to make his rounds. The knight was bound to wait for almost half the day if the captain did what he intended to do.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic Empress sighed softly her finger tip of her hand lingering in the blood causing ripples this time she didn't pull it back. She actually sat there playing with the thick liquid that seem to stick to her fingers enough until it would form dropplets and fall back into the fountain to rejoin the rest. Lost to her thoughts, the endless amount of thoughts and memories both that were on her mind and it was purly driving the woman insane; all ranging from the state of the empire to the nearly forgotten memories of the so called agrange marriage in her past.  Oddly enough Atman, the demon whom her father's council had her marry way before now, back before her parents deaths, seem to have finally gave up so it would seem. The Empress did not want to admit that she had been going insane; then again all those who knew her she had lost her mind far before her time returning to her home land. Of course Aezvyra didn't care whom had watched her nor cared what others thought of her, for all she cared they could believe she was the embodiement of the darkness that has took over the realm; which in most cases she was. Even at her birth it was her birthright compared to her twin brother whom was born first yet there she was the one ruling not   him. Her mother gave her everything to destory what the so called Makers of the realm held dear. Even in Aez's time away from her home caused destructing and now that she was back she fought to at lest make her home livable despite the fact she killed those who oppsed her, or worst locked them in the dungons far below the city for her demonic armies to rape and torment much like anyone she grew bored with. The woman's painted lips curled at their ends as she smirked slowly sliding away from the fountain as she reposition herself before glaring at Kyran. "What do you want?" she hissed out looking at the male in armor on the far side of the room before sliding off her leg that had been safely tucked underneath her self before rising to her feet once more. Her dark color silk dress seem to fall to the ground in places where it had bunched up as she fixed the straps of silver cloth that had held the gown off her shoulders. The cold stone on her feet didn't bother her as she took a step towards the demon across the way.  Each step bringing the woman closer to the person whom was supost to gaurd her, babysit her as will. Lady Aezvyra's finger coated in blood still, dropplets falling from it here and there landing on the stone ground seem to circle at her will as she pulled the shadows around the room to her. The darkness gathering within her own shadow that seem to follow her about right to the point she stood a good three feet away from the male. "I asked you a question, Kyran" she hissed out waiting for the male to respond to her command. There were times she didn't mind the male following her around but she was sure she had told the demon he was to help with the training of the younger guard whom wanted to be within the Royal gaurd; to be able to follow the woman around the Empire when she did decided to leave the safety of the gated walls of the Keep or even the walled city. "What no answer today?" she hissed out as she watched the male lean against he wall. Kyran was normally silent never did speak to the woman herself unless it was out and about, but within the walls of the keep not a word as if he didn't have a voice there. Aezvyra chuckled softly as she pulled the shadows more to her before allowing them to ball up within her hand in an orb as she started to play with it. From the corner of her eye she could see the double doors of steel and dark oak open which lead to the outside world open and then close. This caused the woman to focus more on the knight whom hand entered then her so called gaurd. Throwing the ball of darkness at the new target she watches as it seems to lift the knight from the ground and holds him in place causing her to giggle out. "Look what we have here." her brow rose as she seem to skip over and titled her head back once she made it closer to the knight which now seem to be held in a giant orb like sphere above her. "Why would a knight of the souther gates be in the keep?"


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