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((**Welcome to Nyamithler Empire** Please give us a few seconds to get you the setting for today.))
((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy base roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos do to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now Klashi Hold [which is in the works of contruction to repair it] is located within the outskirts of the capital city Necromar; https://images.imgbox.com/97/d6/1WRY2nfl_o.png. Its warm autumn day temptertures around 66 degrees with a rain showers through out the day. ))

AezvyraIsadorValke: ---------------------| SHHHHH there Roleplay going on feel free to enter if you wish keep your OOC to brackets |--------------

Desacroth: Many times of the day were spent wandering, traveling, and finding something to do with the day. But for once Zane had a chance to sit down and read the his book. The sun had started to go down and he was killing time before he had to sleep. Where he had set up camp was known for people going missing. In other words there were bandits in this forest that refused to allow their faces to be seen. Using his raw magic he set up runic traps all around the camp that would, if stepped on, erupt a massive gust of toxic air that would rot internal organs. The campfire had been built small and would remain that way because he had been starving himself for two days now. Three was his limit and that meant the day after tomorrow he had to eat. Otherwise he would risk falling over and then medics would cram ‘healthy’ things down his throat. The concept of force feeding someone capable of killing an entire Kingdom without setting foot in it would always blow his mind. This night went better than he had hoped. Nothing set off the traps he set up and none of them even made a sound. Zane’s senses had honed in on hearing just to make sure none of them would sneak up on him. With dawn breaking he kicked dirt over his campfire and shut the book that he had fallen asleep reading, his covered face going a brilliant red at the detailed sex scene and a ‘general photo’ the author had placed on the opposite page. Rolling his eyes he kept going. After walking through the forest for nearly an hour he found a decent sized building. Perhaps they offered something for him to eat that wasn’t ‘healthy’. When he entered he was surprised to see it was a small boat store. The owner was a very cheerful man despite the ‘I’ll kill you’ look Zane gave off with his appearance. With a little bartering the owner sold one of his rowboats and Zane happily took it over to a place called Nyamither. After he landed in a port he was greeted by nearly five people who wanted to purchase his boat and for more than he bought it for - which was surprsing since he overpaid the previous owner. After accepting the highest bid they had used some kind of water magic to push his boat onto another’s in a place where an emergency boat would go. Guess they didn’t get many here. Shaking his head and thinking no further he followed the main path and found himself in a market place not too much longer after. Now he clasped his hands and wondered what good food he might be able to get in a place as big as this.

AezvyraIsadorValke :  Lady Aezvyra Valke yawned softly as she grew bored sitting there on her throne staring blankly out among the room, her gaze would shift from her advisors to the single hand servent that had been in the far back. She was sitting there listing to them speak on teh matter of taxes and how some of the outlanding farmers had too little to give this season. Growing bored of the banter the woman waved her hand after slowly lifting it from its place on the arm rest and dismissed them. "Leave" the single word that cleared the room as quick as it had filled leaving her alone to her thoughts. The demonic Empress sighed rising to her feet before strolling down the runner rug and out of the throne room until her eyes locked on the center piecse of the comman area, the fountain. Of course the woman didn' t fill the fountain of water much like most royals she knew, hers was filled by sweet crimson blood. Blood that was gain from one the recent battles she had last been in. Aez moved slowly making her way to the stone struture only to dip her index finger into the liquid and pull it back out to lick it as she made her way to the double doors of dark oak and steel that lead to the city. 

Desacroth: As he was now considered ‘rich’ there was no reason for him to hold back anything. Smells, sights, feelings, all of it overwashed his body while he ran from stall to stall to see what was going on in each. One gold coin out of the entire sack he had got him tons of balls of meat skewed on an oversized toothpick - and the vender was kind enough to give him a small bag to carry them all in. After eating only one he found a sweets stall and got a few of those and another bag. Yet another stall held more things he liked and this continued until he had three bags of meat, one of colored rocks, two of sweets, and a new ceremonial dagger which had actually costed him two gold coins. To test it he slapped the blade on his guantlet before buying and knew it was the real deal - fake items would shatter against the force he had used. Whatever it was this dagger was meant to kill and would most likely penetrate armor and deliver a killing blow. Though being human did give him the trait of greed and he retreated to a place that had guards around it. With the silence of an assassin, though none of the grace, Zane scaled the wall and dropped on the other side. With a big grin at being ‘protected’ by the guards he pulled out a round thing called a doughnut and started to much on it happily.

AezvyraIsadorValke :  Her long tight black dress seem to trail behind her every step of the way as the Empress made her way out of the castle passed the courtyard and to the front gates that surrounded the keep it self. She pulled the hood of her cloak over her head to stop some of the light rain that had been hitting it. Oddly enough she found her self wanting to move down the the market place once she was free from the gaurds. She didn't even have her personal gaurd Kyran with her this time as she strolled along the quiet streets. The woman watched as she passed building after building some of the run down others seem to be in proper living condtions as she made her way to the center of the city. Necromar, the city of darkness, her home the very place she grew up as a child. The woman's emreald green orbs lifted as she seen the temple that had been built as she was away come into view and she knew that the market was just on the other side. The walk seem to take forever for the woman whom seem to had stop to speak to a few of the common folk as she made her way to the very place she wanted to be. What she was looking for she didn't know. Aezvyra smirked as she finally reached the first of the few stalls her eyes moving around the buildings that surrounded the market as if searching for the very place she was looking for. 

Desacroth: The doughnut, which tasted amazing with the bread-glaze mix on it, only got half eaten before it was hastily shoved into a bag to shelter it from a rain that he had not noticed. Having walked through frozen torrential rains he never noticed it - not until his sweets were in danger. The meat wouldn’t be too affected by the rain but he knew there was sauces among other things on it and that would be ruined. With a pouting face and no cloak to shelter his bags he scaled the wall again of whatever this odd place was and ran to the stalls, taking shelter over one that had a few others under it thanks to the size of the roof it had. Now it didn’t stop one from getting wet but it did stop them from getting soaked. All Zane cared about was his goodies. “Where’s a shelter?” The owner of the stall pointed to the place he had scaled the wall of. “ ‘at’ll be where yuh will find the palace. They shel’er strangers like youself, those that can kill at least.” The words made Zane eye him but he used his head to gesture to the sword on his hip and then raised an eyebrow. With an understanding nod Zane scanned around, wondering if he could just waltz in there. Most places wanted outsiders to be willing to deep throat their royalty before you laid eyes on them.

 AezvyraIsadorValke: Her gaze moved over the first of stalls which seem to have different types of pottery within it. She amired the colors of the clay that had been use and the way some of the designs had been carved into it let alone the small colored rocks embedded into it. She seem to pause staring off into space before the table still before shaking her head as the thoughts passed by. She glanced at the elderly woman whom seem to be selling everything before she gave a faint smile lowering her head in a nodd and moving on the the next stall. One by one the woman would roam around as if searching for something, what she was looking for she didn't even really know at this time. Finally stopping under one she couldn't help but to over hear the owner and what seemed to be a traveler. Her painted lips curled as she grinned before lowering her hood showing the owner whom she was. "Indeed the Hold is open to wery travelers for the time being." she smirked as she lowered her head in a nod to the male before letting her greenish eyes land on the new person. "Evening sir." 

Desacroth: “That’s a joy.” The terse reply practically fell out of Zane’s mouth as his eyes wandered up and down the woman. No questions were to be asked that this one was a very fine creation of whatever traits she had but invading a conversation was always an interesting thing to do. She either belonged in the Keep or had a deep association to be proclaiming things like that. “Evening indeed. You’ve the face of someone who would sneak out of the palace just for giggles.” Teal eyes bore into the female’s soul like he was climbing an iceberg with very sharp picks. But since this female could be his key to a good night’s rest he held up a roll of a doughnut that was called a ‘doughnut hole’ to her. There was enough in his bag for him not to miss one morsel. Even so his sword hand was ready to cut her down with magic or to pull the sword from his hip and hit her in the guts or worse if she unveiled herself as anything darker than a kind lady offering unsolicited help.

AezvyraIsadorValke : The woman chuckled softly her gaze lowering to the objects for sell before shaking her head, her cheeks flushed at the comment about sneaking out of the keep. "No there is no sneaking, I go as I please." her comment was straight to the point as she smiled as she watched the stranger trying to figure some things about him. She allow her eyes to wonder up and down the male as she took a step back enough to really see him. When he had held up the cooked dough she shook her head. "No thank you." she spoke softly out refusing the sweets. "Like the owner has said there are rooms open at the Hold for weary travelers whom cant afford the inns or taverns or simply rather not be bothered by some of the folk in the city. The demon allow her attention move back to the objects before running her hands over one of the small wood carvings of a dragon before picking it up. "This one." she smirked softly before letting her right hand move to her side as she pulled out a small coin bag even though she didn't need it, pulling the sides open the Empress starts digging around before pulling a few denarius out despite the carven only worth a couple copper. Placing the coins in the owners hand she would lift her hood back over her head lightly enough not to mess up her onxy braid. 

Desacroth: Without much else to say he nodded to the female, assuming she would understand the gesture. Slowly he let his eyes run her up and down again, those soul-piercers eating her form and body up. His right eye twitched for a moment and he reached out to her, pressing the tip of his finger to where her dimple would be. As soon as he did he let a subtle hint of holy magic embrace her, his mind wondering if he was imagainging this female as a demon. He would know based on her reaction. Meanwhile his other hand reached into the pouch and pulled out a skewer of delicious looking meat balls. Steam poured from the five balls when he pulled it out and he couldn’t ahve been more happy to see it as he took a big bite of one, nearly eating half of it. He didn’t eat it all due othe skewer getting in the way but he did still have to try the meat even though he would eat it whether is was good or not.

AezvyraIsadorValke : Aezvyra blinked as she finally reached down for the carving before holding it in her hand. It would have to do, it solved some of the need to find something but not all of it. Feeling the male's hand grow closer to her to the point it finally touched her she backed up so his hand wouldnt touch her other then that split second it first did. She blinked watching him as she felt the so called holy magic which caused her to hiss out as her dark auroa filled the sqare. "I wouldn't do that again if you value your hand." she smirked out her eyes flashing a voidless color within the matter of seconds then return to their bright emreald green shade. "she lifted her free hand and touched where he had touched her as if trying to wipe away the 'good'. "If you are ready I can take you up Klashi Hold." she mumbled out fainlly letting her hand return to her side. 

Desacroth: Any that told him his suspicions were right. A demon who was not a total arrogant ass. A nice change, if not a strange one he almost refused to acknowledge. “I’m a Hunter. I kill anything from a demon, like yourself, to bigger and badder things. I have the coin but I don’t have the will to stay in a tavern, inn, or hotel. I perfer the walls of the ke-” He interuptted himself to take the half bitten ball of meat off of the skewer and nearly swallowed it whole. With a satisifed smile he peered back up at the woman. “I don’t know what you konw about my kind but I could most likely have my way with you and none of your magic would end me. Cripple perhaps, but not kill. I can also regenerate limbs, so you can have it if you want.” Zane reached out and cupped her cheek as he slid past, this time no holy magic swirled to touch her as he walked towards the keep, not waiting for her to catch up with her newfound purchase.

AezvyraIsadorValke :  She shuttered a bit as she still could feel the holy touch, it chilled her as she used the darkness within her to overcome it for the time being. She glanced back down to the carving. "I see" the soft luring voice of the woman seem to end after the two words as she glanced up to the male and nodded. "Good thing I had open teh doors hmm" The woman chuckled out softly as she shook her head "Oh I'm sure you may try like most but in the end no one smart enough to get that." she chuckled knowing it could end badly for the male to even try. Her shoulders lifted from their place as she turned on her heels just after watching the male take off back up the street towards the keep. She slowly walked as she glanced from her new object to the male then back on the road. "Well I supost let me be the first to welcome you to the Empire Nyamithler." her stepps were slow, yet there were no clicking sounds from her heels on the smooth stones that made up the road. 

Desacroth: In truth his banter about anything seuxal would be nothing more than incoherent babbling to himself but she didn’t need to know that. Males, others at least, weren’t always scared to try that. Idly he wondered if her womanhood had teeth, being a demon and all. The thought was so sudden that he stopped walking and turned back to her, making a face while he let one hand stroke the goatee he had under the scarf and the other pointed to her pelvis. “Do you have teeth down there?” Without waiting for her answer he turned back around and started to walk again. “Can you eat food?” Amazement was pouring from him as he imagined a big monster with teeth on their anatonmy greedily eating an entire horse in one bite. He made a face and scooted a step away from the female, his mind not even hearing her welcome. 

AezvyraIsadorValke :  Aezvyra didn't mind the fact the male kept walking before her as they made their way closer to the gate house that was the only way into the outside court yard of the keep. His question hit her and forced her to glance at him confused before shaking her head. "No." the simple word she shook her head and chuckled wondering what he was. "Yes I eat... " she paused looking at the male as he seem to move again before taking a step away which caused the woman to laugh. "You might be fine depending if your a human or not." she smirked teasing the male a bit.. She had yet to peg what his blood was, she could tell it wasn't a demon of any kind, nor did he have pointy ear that gave away most of the elven kind. Which ment the male had to be part of that small little faction that was well hidden within the city, the mortal or holy faction. 

Desacroth: “I’m entirely human, love.” The hand on his chin stroked more and he dropped to his knees, poking her just a bit above her pelivs to the point where it would feel invasive. “Show me. I n- oh yeah.” He stood up and made a face at her though most of his was hidden. “Don’t I need to take you to dinner or something like that? Whatever that odd tradition i- you don’t have teeth?” The one eye she could see widened and he worked his jaw. “I’m a Hunter. I’m a genetically modified human. Super-human, if you will. You can drink from me if you want to die. Well, you’re demon. Perhaps I could feed you.” The hand again moved to his goatee as he stroked it, feeling very inquisitive for some strange reason. “Does the King here rule with an Iron Fist? If so I might cut his head off so let’s avoid meeting.” 

AezvyraIsadorValke :  The moment the word human hit her ears the woman's painted lips curled at their ends into a grin as she looked at him. That would explain why the woman had that feeling, that feeling she had to corrupt something nearly when he touched her. "I see." she chuckled out as she thought about it. "In that cause I will have one of my hand maiden do up one of the good rooms." she chuckled out to her self as she walked her eyes moving from the male and landing on the gates, she could just make out the gaurds posted by them checking the carts that went through here and there. The ramblings had over done her she only caught part of what was said that time. "Hmm?" she shook her head passing it off as if it was nothing. She chuckled at that last part. 'I.. I don't feed from humans" she licked her lips and shook her head. She found mortal more as a play toy seeing how breakable they could be at times. Much like those around her she enjoyed watching them suffer even though she unlike most within the city would bribe them into staying by cherishing them and spoiling them. Then the question on the king she shook her head. Her voice range sweetly as she quicken her pace to pass through the gate. "No he doesn't." she chuckled. "Maybe if there was infact a King that ruled then maybe but there is not." she laughed as she turned around lowering her hood once more as some of the rain hit her but not enough to cause her hair to become wet as she moved quickly to the doors of steel and wood before flicking her wrist and opening the doors. "The land is ruled by an Empress; now she depending on her moods can have a tight hold on everything. She not one not to get her way; I heard she has a thing from making sure of that. 

Desacroth: There was nothing wrong with a Kingdom or any sort to harbor a hatred for humans, or to keep them as pets. Humans typically wanted or asked for it so there was no real issue to Zane on the subject in the first place. The idea of being someone’s pet made him shake his head while he listened to her, his keen eyes ripping into the guard as he observed the layout of the armor, weapons, and his body language. He wasn’t tense in the slightest which mean whoever was in front of him was someone they trusted dearly. “I just want a place to sleep.” Because the bags of sleep under his eyes werent pleased with his once-a-week schedule and he was ready to pass out. “I don’t care if it’s a woman or not, I just don’t need some macho monarch thinking I need to lick their boots because I’m in their home. I’ll gladly assist with things but they should have slaves, servants, and all that good stuff. Not my fault if they don’t. Are you going to show me if you have teeth?” 

AezvyraIsadorValke : Lady Aezvyra lowered her head as she waited in the doorway of the keep as she had turned on her heels and waited for the male to make it up to her before turning around, she watched the suits of armor as she passed by her hands still cupping the small carving right to the point she had entered the center of the indoor courtyard type deal that was the common area. She turned as she took a deep breath, all she could smell was the sweet metallic aroma of the blood fountain as she turned to the left through a large archway which leads to another common area this one with a harth which small portraits of her family, and books. She would shift and rise to the tips of her toes as she placed the figure on the fireplace. "There we go," she mumbled out nearly forgetting the male was still following her. "Well if you wish I can show you to a free room then?" she turned around as she pulled her cloak from her body and dropped it before smirking. "I see." she couldn't help but to chuckle as she took a few steps closer to the male. "Don't like to lick boots do you?" her brow rose at the thought of it before shrugging off. "Indeed She does." she shrugged again as she moved about the room heading back to the center of the keep to the grand staircase. 

Desacroth: Little things in his head started to point at things being odd in stautre and place, the biggest one being this woman herself. No one just went out and got something to put into a Kingdom that he knew of. Princess or the Ruler? That was the question now but obviously this woman was either ashamed of the role or doing her best to toy with him. Both were fine with him due to his past. “Still didn’t answer me about the teeth.” The reminder was said idly as his gaze shifted everywhere around him. This place was rather cozy, nice, and he knew he would get some good readings done. Crouching down he scooped up a book about romance and began to read it, flipping from the fist two pages to the next two in a less than a minute, showing how frequently he read. Even so he snapped the book shut and put it in the bag on his back, making sure she saw him do it so she knew it was there. “My room?” 

AezvyraIsadorValke : Aez chuckled as she stood there at the staircase her hand on her hips as if waiting. She was bound the male would figure it out sooner or later but for now, this little game was fun to her. She was at least getting enjoyment out of this for the time being. She took a breath as she waited to hear about the teeth again. "I told you no I don't have teeth there." she chuckled shaking her head watching him snag up a book and place it in her bag. "Well, yes a room for you to use for the time being," she added in before letting her brow lift from its place as she took another breath. It was a book that was it, there were thousands of them within the keep let alone tons more in the library. 

Desacroth: “No look-see for me? Fine. Be that way Monarch.” Zane lifted his head and moved up to her, putting a hand to her as he shook it. “Zane. Forget about the last name I ain’t got one. I still wanna know if you have teeth and for some reason, I don’t believe that you don’t. Consider it disbelief because of proof of others. At least you aren’t screaming at me and attempting a ritual. That was fun.” He rolled his eyes as he spoke and ventured up the stairs, wondering which of the rooms he would pick. Instead of allowing her to select one for him he tried a room until he got one that was unlocked and pushed it open, smiling at her. “Thanks for the help pumpkin.” 

MaelumRagnarosYlium: ~Mae strode in through the broad double doors at the entrance of the Hold. The hinges creaked loudly as she shoved the doors open with ease, her eyes and nose taking in every sight and smell around her. Her formal dress hid her tail but hugged her curves, displaying her figure quite well. Her ears twitched as she heard a familiar voice speaking toward the rear of the Hold, and she strode toward it with a warm smile spreading across her lips, her graceful gait belying her incredibly toned build. Once Mae finally reached the rear of the Hold, she sat on one of the wonderfully comfortable couches before flashing a smile and playful wink at Aez.~

AezvyraIsadorValke : Aezvyra stood there her body shifted forward as she started laughing, louder than the first time she had been. "Monarch." her brow lifted as she smirked before holding out her hand out to the male to take hers. "Empress Aezvyra.. yet most people around here prefer Lady Aez it would seem. " she giggled out calming her self some before watching the male vanish up to the second level.


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