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((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy base roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos do to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now Klashi Hold [which is in the works of contruction to repair it]  is located within the outskirts of the capital city Necromar;  https://images.imgbox.com/97/d6/1WRY2nfl_o.png.  Its warm autumn day temptertures around 66 degrees with a rain showers through out the day. ))

MorriganOkultizmas: The Mage Morrigan awake from a dead sleep of course she had slept in, her pale eyes lingered on the door of the tavern room she had bene renting for what seemed a year now. Had it truly been a year since she arrived to Necromar; she didn't know anymore. All the woman knew was she was there until she could finally get her hands on the Black Grimoire which had been lost to the Crypts of the Withered. The woman flung the bedsheets from her body and moved about her small room before finding her long black dress as she pulled it over her slim fram as she got ready for the day. Her pale orbs moving to the window after finally hearing the sounds of rain against it, which caused the woman to groan out. "Lovely" she muttered out as she sat on the bed putting on her flat leather shoes before finally taking hold of her coin bag which had been on the nightstand and leaving the room only to lock it behind her. Morrigan smiled turned and face the main part of the tavern granted she was high up on the balcony watching those below her. From what she could see with the handful of patrons within the building it had to be early still. Knowing her self it was about early noon if she was lucky which she wasn't sure if the person she was going to see would be awake yet or not. She needed to plea for a quest party per say. A small band she could go with within the crypts of course wher the Undead Legion was found, their home dangoues seeing the Necromancer never left the safey of the maze like crypts. Once ready the Entrantress finally left the tavern and made her way across the city. Her hood up keeping her some what dry from the rain that seemed as if it will be a all day thing. 

RenvaMeI: Denji grumbled to himself, lifting a hand to wipe the muggy sweat from his brow with a kerchief. The humidity from the rain showers was driving him mad. That and his disagreement with the guards about the secrecy of his goods had put his mood off. 'What's under the tarp' they'd demanded 'Something you couldn't even afford to look at.' he'd wanted to tell them, but held his tongue. Eventually he persuaded them, with the promise of shy animals and a very up to date trading permit, to let him enter the city his with goods still bathed in secrecy. It wasn't that it was illegal, per say. It just had a bad habit of causing havoc when shown to the public. He only saved this for the best of buyers. It must have known, even under the large tarp, that they were in public, because it cart began to rock gently with unholy snorts and chirps slipping out from beneath the fabric. It also didn't help that the stray dogs in the street were barking at the damn thing. 'Gods, could you tie down that thing better?" His lackeys looked like they weren't sure what he meant. Eventually they did, tying both the tarp down tighter and cranking the levers actually welded to the cage a few notches tighter. After that it took a hint and settled down. They avoided the main market, too many people and none of them wealthy enough to buy what he really needed to sell. Instead he went straight for the biggest owned building in the city: Klashi Hold. Even someone who'd only been trading and living on this continent a few years knew this. Hopefully this offer would go well, as he'd lost several carts and even men to the Wormwood. Still, as the gate to the Hold came into view, after a few hours of walking, occasionally getting lost in the maze of a city, relief and anxiety both washed over him. The showers were starting again now, making him wipe his brow off once more as he order the carts to stop in front of the gate. He approached the guards there, putting on his best smile. After a bit of light conversation he finally requested an audience with the owner. He wasn't an ugly fellow. Ugly merchants didn't sell much. Denji was fine as far as middle aged men went, minus his slight gut and the missing canine on the left side of his mouth. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: Minutes seem to become hours as mother moon made her travels across the night sky and had nearly finished by the time the Demonic Empress other known as Aezvyra had stirred from her slumbers. Slowly at first the woman would literally toss and turn in her bed, the black silk sheets bunching up over her nude body as her emerald green eyes seem to finally snap open as she jolts straight up. Panting the female searches over her bedchambers before quickly glancing at the oak door to see if anyone had entered without her permission. Seeing that none had, nor was there not even the source of her night tares. "it was nothing but a dream." the words echoed through her mind as she sat there for a few moments trying to calm her self fully. Her mind had darted off to the past, back to the small impish creature that haunted her nightmares, the very creature that had taken the woman's mind and shattered it. Aezyvra's green hues flickered crimson and then onyx in color before settling back down to their dull greenish color as she slipped out of her bed and moved to the window before pulling back the heavy curtains, only to see the sun nearly lifting from its place over the horizon. "Dame" the single word came flowing out as she moves towards the wardrobe to choose the outfit for the day. The demonic female paused standing there her hands on each of the doors of the bureau as she let her eyes roll over each gown. "Where is it" her eyes search on as her arms moved and cross over her nude body before finally seeing the long gown she was searching for. Aezvyra sighed softly as she slipped the long black dress over her head and allow the soft fabric to fall into place hugging her tight frame in places before its length would fall to the floor. The woman then would move towards the mirror before glancing into it. Her long onyx hair a mess as she reaches up and combs it out when her hand before deciding to leave it down for the day to frame her face. Of course the empress was taking her sweet time getting ready for the day even up to the point she had moved across the room once more to a small nightstand close to the bed and pulled out the blade from its case and placed it in its proper place hidden under her dress before finally walking over to the door and pulling it opened. Aezvyra's right hand moved along the cool brick wall as she strolled along the main corridor before turning on her heels slowly to face the door to her room. Flicking her finger the woman would glace over the door as she mumbled under her breath; she would chuckle and watch the shadows slip from their places and close the door before returning back to where they had come from. Her movements were short and fluid more than normal as she walked down the hall towards the grand staircase to make her way to the main floor. Even though the busy night before had left the woman with no choice to sleep really, she wonders about her home. Even before she would start her daily duties the woman found her self slowly descending the stairs her hand on the banister as she had done so. "It's quiet" the words seem to echo in the hall as she finally brings her self to step foot into the center of the keep. Her gaze moving to the blood fountain as she slowly walks up on it. leaning partly over the woman would let a devilish grin appear on her face as she sticks her right hand into the crimson waters before pulling it out and bringing it to her face only to lick it from her finger. "All so sweet" she seems to chuckle out before turning about and looking at her home. "Things to do and people to kill" she giggled as she didn't have the slightest clue where to start her day. Should she start with the people.. to add another tax? ... run down to the market? It all sounded good to her.<c>

MorriganOkultizmas: Morrigan yawned softly as she watched as a cart seem to pass her as she strolled along side of the road making her way to the Hold. Her stare moved as she watched over the building come into veiw finally as she walked. The woman pulled her hood closer to her as if trying to block some of the rain from hitting her again. The dark mage mumbled cursed under her breath at the rain as she finally made it to the gates, granted it had taken her serveal mintues to move across the captial city to make it to the castle. She would lower her head to the gaurds which seemed to be checking the male they had stopped which allowed the woman to slip right passed and into the courtyard of the hold. It wasn't like they would have stopped the woman anyway seeing she was an acolyte for the realm anyway. Once closer to the double doors of oak and steel the woman would flick her wrist as the doors slammed open before her as she walked inside. 

RenvaMeI: It took several minutes of explaining to finally get the guards to agree to let him into the castle, and even more haggling to convince them to let him bring a few men and the tarped cart into the courtyard alone. Even if it could fit through the doors, as he could see from even here that it could, he'd want to leave it out here. They checked him for weapons, taking the large hunting knife strapped to his hip before leading him and the cart inside. It was drawn by four draft horses who, quite frankly, looked like they wanted to bolt the moment they could. The cart began shaking and grunting again as they stopped a second time, just inside the courtyard. The horses whinnied nervously and Denji groaned internally. This was definitely not what he needed to stay on the premises. Still, the guards began guiding him inside. Once he was through the massive front doors, they lead him to what he guessed was where he was to meet the owner. He brushed off his hands, then folded them behind is back, waiting with little more than a sliver of patience.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra sighed softly her eyes on the flowing crimson liquid of the fountain as she heard the door swing open a few times. Her greenish gaze shifted towards the corridor that held the door within it as she smiled. "Good Afternoon" her words were soft and luring in sound as she stood up from her seat and walked over slightly out of the center of the common area. "What can I do for you?" her eyes moved to the gaurds as she waited for one to speak as she didn't take noticed to the Mage Morrigan enter whom seem to stick to the shadows at this point in time. 

RenvaMeI: He seemed a little taken by her appearance and voice. It took a moment for him to realize it was his time to speak. He cleared his throat to focus, his fingers figiting behind his back. "You seemed like a refined lady?" 'and a wealthy one' he thought. He threw on his charm, raising one of his hands towards the door he was just brought through. "And as a refined woman you deserve refined goods. I'm a merchant of... /very/ particular curiosities. I've come to you with a special offer." He broadened his grin, showing the blank space where his tooth should've been.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic woman's eyes landed on the stranger whom seem to be an merchant, not only did the way he dressed but the way he started to charm her gave it away. The woman smiled clapsed her hands together and nodded as if allowing him to give her his speech on what ever he was trying to con her into. Aez chuckled softly watching him as her eyes difted back towards the door. "Indeed I am" she paused thinking about it before finally asking. "What do you have to sell sir?" her brow rose slightly watching him before giving a smirk as she turned back to the fountain of blood before taking a deep breath. Lady Aezvyra would take a few steps away from where she stood her fingers of her right hand moving along that of her left hand as she watched and listened. 

RenvaMeI: She only seemed half interested. This was the usual aloofness of the high born. However, this usually faded when he showed them what was under the tarp. "How does one make all their friends jealous at a party? What makes you the talk of the town? Having things other don't. And what I have outside I garuantee no one else in this city has." He had the doors opened to show the cart sitting in view. He gave a sharp whistle and the a snap of his fingers. It took a moment for his workers to undo the ties of the tarp, but once it was pulled away even they took a step back. A dragon lay on the cart, covered in shackles and chains. Most of it's head was covered by a large metal mask over it's skull. The chains were drawn tight by the levers on the sides of the cart. Smoke drizzled out of the vents around the nostrils and angry snorts russled the horses nerves.

AezvyraIsadorValke: It was no secret that the woman whom always seem to dress in dark colors, whom carried her self with a aura of darkness was easily sold things. Small things vases, and trinkets mainly but it was something else missing so when the male said there was something to sell it had caught her. When the male started his bid on trying to sell her what ever was under the tarp. Her eyes could see the tarp from where she stood as she took a few more steps towards the double doors of dark oak and steel to get a better look at it. Aez watched as the men pulled the tarp from its place and watched as the beast was shown. Her eyes widen darting over the creature as she walked closer just to the point she was outside the doors now. "How did you ever get it?" she couldn't help but to ask seeing that it had been over five hundred years since a dragon had been seen within the empire and well there one was on a cart for sale.  The demonic empress was a child in a candy shop that moment, her lips shifted into a chester cat like grin as she looked over the creature before walking down the steps. She didn't wait for the male to explain how he came by the creature before rambling out. "How much?" she turned to him her eyes widen. "How much or shall I simply take the poor beast from you and toss you into the dungons?" she smirked before letting her eyes land on the creature once taking note of the mask it had on before letting her attention back to the merchent.

RenvaMeI: Her captivation pleased him. Maybe he'd finally get this cumbersome beast taken off his hand. "I hired trappers. They been learnin' ways to catch'em young. Grown, feral dragons are just too much of a hassle." He gave a wave of his hand, only watching her as she stared at the beast. When she finally did look back at him, he straightened his shoulders She was already asking a price? What a good day indeed, rainy or not. He didn't take her dungeon threat with much salt. It seemed more like playfullness than anything. "Oh... we can work out a price. There's a few things you aught to know first though." This was what truly made him nervous. Even if he'd gotten people interested before, this particular dragon was never the popular of the bunch. "It, or she we think, can spit acid. Now, before you get completely turned off by it, all you need is some copper and you're golden." He gave another grin, holding his hands up like it was no big deal. As the woman approached, the mask tilted ever to slightly and another hiss ripped through the air. She never was one to play nice when it counted. The claws, even pinned to the floor of the cage, flexed and clawed at it. The wood that had been between the dragon and the copper base was already mostly ripped or melted away, but the sound of spinters could be heard snapping under each talon. "and she's a hell of a climber... still interested?"

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra stood there watching and listening when he spoke of the trappers. She didn't know what was more pityful the male on didn't flat out give him a price or how the dragon looked all chained up. She stood there moving her bottom lip into her mouth to chew on it as she examined the beast, it was a wonderful creature in dead. "Need to know?" she brushed the comment off as he spoke of the acid; that peeked her intrested just a tiny bit. It wasn't a bad thing and with some dragons it was bound to be a thing; Aez knew that. She took a breath and turned on her heels to face the man not minding teh sounds that came from the cart. "Yes, how much?" she paused before yawning out as if she was growing bored of the male. 

RenvaMeI: He swallowed a bit. She was still interested? Yes, this was truly wonderful. Once again his grin grew so broad that his missing tooth looked like a hole punched into a slightly stained fabric. He still wasn't entirely sure how the currency worked in this country, but when he'd had it all exchanged he'd gotten a bit of a feel for it. "Oh… how's about 450 gemstones sound to you? Horses and cart included. You'll need somewhere to keep'er until you have a cage built." His hands rubbed together slightly before his stomach, eager to get the deal done. She'd cost him a cow every two weeks. Granted he figured she'd go for longer without food, but he didn't want to risk it. As the dark dressed woman turned her back to the cage, the beast within it flexed it's shoulders, rocking the cage slightly. A snort was released, blowing a cloud out of the nostril vents.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon blinked looked at the male and studied him, she could tell he did not believe the fact she actually still wanted the dragon. Why would she not; the concept was beyond her. She shook her head as she went to turn to face the creature strapped on the cart as the ideas started to flood her mind. So many ideas and sadly enough none of them would have been to kill the creature let alone to use it as sport. Her brow rose as she glanced quickly at the male from the corner of her gaze to witness the grin and the fact he was infact missing a tooth which she had not realized until that moment. The empress nodded hearing the price of the dragon which caused her to smirk nearly; oh well if it was her peoples money she had taxed them to fill her treasury with, it was to pay for the armies to keep them safe after all. For the food when the winters were to hard such as it was at this point seeing the etire summer months were ice do to the curse that had happen. "Sounds good to me." she nodded once more as she turned to the male fully and held her hand. Of course once the deal was struck all she had to do was walk back inside to the the gemstones and such. Her gaze landed back on the beast just as the cloud of smoke vented out of its muzzel which caused her to smirk. "Im sure she will enjoy her stay here soon." she smirked as she turne around went back into the keep and made her way to her study. Once in the study the woman would move about to a small chest on the desk letting her hands move over the wood as she lifted the lid of it pulled a small berlaps sack from it before looking up to see if the male had followed her or not. 

RenvaMeI: How quickly she agreed on the price both filled him with joy and concerned him. Had he picked too low of a price? Or had he just picked the best customer in the city? He truly hoped it was the latter. As she held her hand he glanced at it, wiping his own hand off on the side of his pants and dipping his head. "Then it's a deal." But she was already starting to walk away. "Cover'er back up boys." He commanded, trotting to catch up behind her. "The men have took to calling her Raylene. Of course that's just them. You can name her whatever you like." He stated as he was lead to a study. She should know she could name her own pet anyway, but he thought he'd throw out what the beast was used to being called. "I'd avoid letting her out without a cage to put her in. She took off someone hand last feeding time." Stupid kid deserved it. He was too slow letting the latch loose on the mask. As the box was set before her and opened he shut up, eager for the deal to be done with.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra had slowly opened the small bag into her hand to see how much was in it and if it was in fact gemstones. Each bag within the chest had been filled with different things; it had just so happened to be rubies that she had chosen. The female chuckled softly as she started to open the box once more as she dug through each bag to get a few of each gem stone until she reached the desired price. Once she had enough she dropped the stones into a empty bag before watching the male once more. "Raylene" she spoke the name softly before nodding putting it into her mind. "I will find out when I ask the beast later" she shrugged softly as if she was going to stick to a name what the trappers gave it. The demon glanced up as she listened about not letting the dragon out without a cage which forced the woman to shrug. She was sure sooner or later she was going to have to earn the trust of the beast and already had it in mind to let the dragon roam free seeing after all it was the first dragon in the about five hundred years or so. Granted Aez didn't know this; she was going off of the books she had read about the history. "I see. Did you keep the hand or did it eat it?" she couldnt help but to ask the stupid question. Once more the woman glanced down to what she was doing before tieing the bag once more before tossing it to the male. "There is four hundred and fifty gemstones and I added an extra fourty gold coins. " 

RenvaMeI: His tongue ran loosely over the corner of his mouth as the rubies came into view. He didn't want to distract her from her counting, as it was pretty important to him. It wasn't until her question that he finally spoke. "No, she carried it around like a trophy until she was done with her meal… then she spit it out of the cage." He shuttered a bit at the memory. True, she'd taken fingers and hands before. She even killed a man once, but usually she did eat the taken limb. Once the deed was done and the bag tossed to caught it and quickly tucked it away. Her generosity made him nearly bow. "Thank you, m'Lady." But he was also already have walking towards the door. This woman was beautiful, that was true, but there was something… not right about her that made him uneasy. "Should we move the cart anywhere before he head off?" 'out of this city' he thought the last bit to himself, but continued his gracious smile.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic woman chuckled softly hearing the words about the limb before nodding. "I see" she closed the lid of the chest before moving back around the desk as she walked to face the male as she wanted to laugh about the arm still; sadly enough she found it funny. The woman took a breath and lower her head in a bow before her body followed suit as she stood back up her green eyes landed on the door which seemed as the male moved to. "No thank you kind sir for the deal." she smirked pleased about her acutally buying the dragon. Now the thing was what was she going to do with the beast after everything was said. She took a breath and slowly walked, the hem of her dress trailing behind her as she moved through out the keep heading back to the double doors. Her footsteps were silent as she hummed walking about as she stood at the door. "There is no need, just remove the tarp please." she requested. 

RenvaMeI: He followed her back, tucking the pouch away. His hands stayed on it through, fiddling with the stones within through the burlap. Fortunately they hadn't listened when he told them to cover her up, so he didn't have to same much more to them but to wave them on out the gate with the rest of the caravan. He walked up to the cage, pressing his face against the bars as he looked at the blessing and curse on his trade for the last time. "Well… it was a pleasure… Oh and you'll need these, Miss." He wasn't sure if he was saying the pleasure part to the woman or the dragon. Both were and weren't a pleasure to deal with, so he just unlatched a keyring holding a few keys and held it up. He pointed to one after the other. "Cage door, crank release and mask key." He said shortly, setting them on one of the crank levers. "Good doing business." He said as he bowed once more, backing towards the gate. The dragon had gone quiet, only the deep sound of it's breathing coming from behind the bars. 


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AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra stood there the light chilled breeze tossing a few strands of the woman's hair that had not been done up in the large braide. She watched as her eyes landed on the dragon once more seeing it had not been covered back up by the tarp. The demoness wasn't sure if if she should have been worried by the words of the man before he moved closer to the cart. Her gaze locked on the beast half tempted to ask the male by what he meant by what he said. Brushing the comments off the woman finally slowly strolled down the few stairs from the double door to the courtyard and then finally down to the cart it self just as the merchent had showned the keys even if she didn't really need them. Aez slowly nodded before allowing her right hand lift from its place and brush the hair from her face and then went to flick her wrist as if she was going to use the shadow magic of her talents. If the locks were even able to be undone by magic that was, the mask would unlock. The woman watched as the trappers and the others finally left through the gates from where she stood. 

RenvaMeI: She laid there, pinned down to where she could to not but wiggle faintly. The conversation between the merchant and the woman was now done and she could feel eyes on her. This was not an unfamiliar feeling. She'd grown with it. Still, she'd heard no one enter her cage, nor smell them, but the lock on her copper mask clicked. It didn't do much for her freedom however. The little movement she had with her head, mainly rocking it from side to side, let her move the bottom forward on her face just enough to get half a glimpse at this woman. The pupil contracted and flexed at the new light that poured in, even in the rain. Her jaws were still pinned, so she just huffed. Slitting pupils fell on her, jumping to and fro as she took in what she could see.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The chilled air helped some what even though she stood there her arms crossed before her as she just stared at the cage debating if she was going to go head and open the etire thing. She wasn't sure if the mask had unlocked when she had moved her hand or not nor did she really feel the need to climb into the cage. She took a breath as she finally moved closer to the cart enough to snag the keys form where they had been left. The woman could feel the eyes of the beast on her before glancing to the female dragon. "It will be alright." she spoke softly as if whispering to the beast. "If you can behave I can let you out.. I don't need anyone freaking out because of you." she mumbled out normally as if she was ranting to her self. The woman moved tucking the ring of keys around her hand safely as she debated on what to do when she finally gave up and went to unlock some of the chains. 

RenvaMeI: She couldn't very well answer yet. She could've mumbled, if she'd really wished to try, but she didn't. Still, she didn't start thrashing about to try and get the mask completely off either. Instead she stood still, like a deer watching for danger or a cat stalking prey. As a few of the chains went slack she even pressed herself flatter against the floor. It wasn't until her shoulders were free that she finally moved. Her front legs clawed at the floor, dragging her scaly underbelly forwards until her back end was free as well. The chains might have been good at keeping her hips down, but not from sliding back and forth. Immediately she flailed onto her side, using her front and back legs to pry the mask up and off her horns. It took a few tugs, her claws catching on her own face and making a faint ripping sounds as they slid over them. It popped loose, flying to bang against the edge of the cage. "Hatchling snatchers… egg crushers" She snarled, her voice deep and gravely, yet holding a feminine quality to it. "And you." Her head snapped to the side to stare at her new 'ower' you encourage their.." Her anger faltered as she had to think of the word. "Cowshit!" She concluded, chest huffing. Her wings were still pinned to her back by a separate set of chains, but she let it be for now.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Standing there as the rain seem to grow ever so slightly harder, at this point it could actually cause someones clothes to soak after time being out in it. The woman not having her cloak to keep her dry for the most part watched as the cart started to rock as the dragon started moving around now. Aezvya figured it was trying to break free of the chains now that the links had slack in them. She took a breath and waited for what could happen. Her eyes didn't widen nor did her gaze move from the beast on the cart right up to the point it seemed to have started to rant which caused Aez to shake her head. "You are able to think what you wish.. I only bought you to get you away from them" the demon lifted her shoulders as she shrugged before turning around. "Keep in mind who feeds you now. The moment you calm down is the moment you are able to leave that cage." she smirked softly before nodding to one of the gaurds at the gate across the courtyard as if telling them it was alright to let the dragon out of the cage once she was calmed down enough. 

RenvaMeI: Her tantrum, shorts as it was, seemed to be over. Still, angry drips of her chemical breath dripped from her slightly gaped maw. When it hit the still intact wood of that part of the cage it let off a pained hiss and began to melt away. It only made it to the copper beryllium alloy below it. She was weak. Years og being chained down with small spurts of free moving had atrophied her muscles. True, she could still flip the cage she was in easily, but compared to most dragons her size she was considerably underweight. The thought of food made her consider the offer of calming down. "I…" her nostrils flexed in thought before her head bent around to her midsection. Teeth sunk into the spaces between the chains, yanking on them, though still sitting back on her rump. The horses were still incredibly uneasy, especially nowt hat it was free to move about it's cage. She chewed them until they hit the cage bed beneath her, freeing her wings. "I will listen." She agreed. Not that she would take orders, but this woman was offering her a life outside of this cage. She could also just play along until the door was open. It was clear the woman before Ray had power, which would be potentially dangerous.

MaxDinLarae: -A female figure moved htrough the city. Not many people were out it seemed due to heavy rain that fell. Her red hair was soaked, dripping wet but she seemed not to care, though how could anyone tell when facial features were hidden behind a mask, one of the bones of a predatory cat. The eyes were nothing but a black void, even her own face could not be seen through any of the openings in the skull. Her Dubai semed wet but still held its form. Such an item she held along with the mask had been enchanted by the very mage who wore them. She was adorned in black pants, made of fibers and were somewhat baggy. She only had her breast covered, her stomach and arms showing all the skin. She walked the dirty streets barefoot, did she have something against shoes? the scarlet maiden made her way though to the keep on the outskirts of the town. She merely stopped at the gate, not speaking a word as to wait to be allowed enterance into the courtyard and eventually to the insides of the Hold.-

MorriganOkultizmas: The acolyte had been roaming around the keep since she had entered it. Making her way down the spiral staircase towards the belly of the castle which was the only way to gain entry to the rubble other known as the arcane studies, the lab and library which had been pretty much destoryed when the demoness Aezvyra had last thrown a tantrum killing nearly acolyte and mage she could find in the room when they had failed to find a cure for the ice curse a season ago. Now the mage was wondering around the large room when she did finally come to it trying to find some of the spell books to see if she could in fact use them for anything she was working on her self. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra slowly turned on her heels as she listened to the dragon still seem to beat against the cage even after she had said what she had. The demon shrugged making her way back up the four stone steps to the large doors of dark oak and steel before turning around now that she was safe from the rain per say. By time she made it there she could hear the sounds of creeking as if something melted away before allowing her gaze shift to the dragon once more until it seemed to fall still. "Good" she mumbled before her eyes caught someone else entering the hold. Aez brow would lift from its place as she seem to take a side step so she wasn't taking up all of the door way at this point before greeting the being. "Evening." the word slipped out of her painted lips as she turned partly to watch the creature. 

MaxDinLarae: -She stared at the woman with her souless mask. Her frame was firm, sturdy looking. She knew the woman before her was most likely a person of power and possibly in charge before her. To her knee she moved, despite the ground being wet and possibly muddy, to one knee she cam and her arm crossed over her chest as he bowed before the woman before her. For the most part, the woman that the being before her saw was silent, like a mute, as if the 'cat had her tongue.' She then rose back to her feet and looked over at the dragon before back to the woman. What she had seen on her way here was that the building needed a bit of help. The red haired woman would only speak if she was requested to.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez stood there watching the creature before her grow closer and then seem to drop to a knee and bow which caused her eyes to widen; was it so obvious that she was the ruler, the person of the so called great power within the land. The demon lowered her head to the woman, or well she felt as if the being was a woman before she spoke. "Rise please" she shivered slightly before crossing her arms back before her torso. She had never gotten use to the whole 'Empress' title and ever will still; "There is no need to bow." she added before eyeing the creature. "I am Lady Aezvyra, you may call me Aez if you like most do." she paused before mentaly smacking her self. "Welcome to the Empire Nyamithler. What can I do for you?"

MaxDinLarae: -The woman stared at her before a voice would echo out from inside her mask. It was a bit eery at first but her voice wasn't an unpleasant one to here.- Rosalina Versali, a mage at the current. I pursue a place who may need one, or perhaps to be something else?. -She knocked on her mask, suggesting it may be more than just a mask of an animals skull. Perhaps it was a prt of her? Her wet red hair sunk around it and she raised a hand, messing with it, it was knotted and annoying and still it got wetter the longer she stood out there in it.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic Empress moved slightly more this time taking a few steps, steps that were silent as if a trained assassin was stalking their prey, back into the corridor of the entryway which was lined with suits of armor. "Come in, out of the rain." she would speak softly her voice soft and luring in nature nearly as honey to bees, despite the fact the woman could honestly be calm one moment and then the next to be having a fit of sorts. Yet, it would seem the Lady had been in one of her better moods seeing she, after all, had just spent nearly five hundred gemstones on the dragon in the cart in the courtyard of the keep. Plus it had been weeks since she had one of her so-called episodes and attacked someone or well hex. Aezvyra nodded slowly listening to the being as she let her greenish gaze wander over her as if studying her and trying to pinpoint the species that was before her. She had to admit to her self whatever this being was she had not run into one before. "We can always use more enchanters around, honestly I believe my High Enchanter is away traveling, though I do have a few that poke around here and there. You are welcome to study under them if you like." she allowed her painted lips to part into a small smile before adding the woman's name. "Rosalina". 

MaxDinLarae: -She made her way up the steps, out of the rain. Her hand rose over her and her body steamed. Soft windy echoes came from inside the mask as she tried herself. Her red hair fluffed a bit and she messed with it. It felt better now that she was dry. She was always warm though, thats how her Dubaii was enchanted, to always keep her warm since she seemed to wear nothing really. She nodded now and bowed her head.- Curious to see what they may know. -Her frame looked young, obviously female, atleast one would hope with her figures form having breast. She looked around the insides of the hall and scratched at her stomach, wondering what kind of place the woman ran here.- 

AezvyraIsadorValke: Lady Aez would allow the charming smile that had been painted over her lips move away as if she was going back to her normal content self. She watched the woman carefully seeing not even her personal guard Kyran was around seeing he must have been out training the new guard initiates. The woman would speak once more after Rosalina stepped out of the light rain. "They know some but truth be told our Mages and Acolyte numbers are few since last season. Many of them perished and we are needing to train more." she wasn't going to quite tell the stranger the reason why there was so few people who study the arts of magic within the land. Nor why it would seem out of a city of around twenty-two thousand people there were but a handful of people who were talentend enough to join the ranks of the Enchanters. "If you like there are rooms open on the second floor for travelers whom dont wish to stay at one of the inns or taverns.. The enchanters' layer for the time being is down the stairs I can't tell you what shape it is in no one has been down there for a few months." Aezvyra lifted her shoulders in a shrug as if brushing off the fact there could be a few skeletons lingering where the dead bodies had dropped; she couldn't remember if she had ordered someone to clean up after that day or not. "if you reach the dungons down there then you went way to far." she added in. "I do believe the Lady Morrigan whom is one of our gifted Acolytes might have gone down a bit ago." 

RenvaMeI: She stayed still, even in the rain, and watched at the lady of this hold turned her attention elsewhere. Her pride was bitten, having the attention turned away for some with so few limbs. Still, she sat like a feline until they were gone. The guard seemed to make no moved to release her though. "You're owner is far scarier than I, I assume. You release me?" She inquire, content witht eh fact the sentence came out corrently. He hesistated, but eventually did unlock the gate. She snorted, waiting for him to return to his post before she finally slithered from the opening. It was beginning to be to small for her, but she could still wiggle through. Gripping the bars, she crawled to the top, looking around. "No one to stop me." She said lowly to herself, flexing her wings out. They were weak, but she was sure they could at least carry her over the wall. From there she knew there were forests. But no, instead, she took a leap from the cage. After a few hard flaps the most she could manage was a weak hover before she came crashing down to the ground, skidding halfway across the courtyard. A pissed groan came from her

MaxDinLarae: -She stared at the woman and crossed her arms, thinking for a moment before shrugging softly. A small portal opened beside her and she dug her hand in, leaning in far and felt around before pulling out a bag of goodies.- No need. -She then made her way aways to the location of where the other mage or so mayb be. She stopped so she wouldnt go too far to pear into a room where another woman she hoped currently dwelled. the area seemed to be rather ruined and she quietly to herself wondered what has happened.-

MorriganOkultizmas:Morrigan dug through the mess which the Mage's Quarters had been left in. The state which oddly enough had been better then what they had been in months, the smell of the rotten corpses had went away when the bodies had been removed and burnt to ash leaving dried blood on the stone floor and wooden tables as a reminder. The mage sighed shaking her head looking through what books she could find that had not been ruined. "This is why you dont piss off a demon." she shook her head not realizing that someone else had been there as she glanced over the spell books and different artifacts before huffing out seeing she couldn't find a single thing in teh stae of the room. The enchantress growled as she shook her head stood up from where she had kelt down to pick up a book before she rose her hands, her palms facing out towards the open room as she started chanting. In the mist of the spell small objects would slowly start wiggling from their found places and lift returning back to where they should have been. Within the matter of minutes the etire quarter had been returned to its grand state before the demoness had gon on a rapapge months before hand. "Well that fixes that at lest" she spoke out softly as she turned around nearly running into the other woman. "Hello" she spoke blinking eyeing the woman wondering how long she had been there.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez had fallen silent lost in her own little world of thoughts as she had not noticed the woman open a small portal before pulling out a bag. She stood there her back towards the door right to the point she heard a crashing sound; the woman figured it had to be the cage outside so she turned around once more. Moving closer to the stairs once agian she watched as the dragon seem to try and fly which she did not say a single word just watched. The demon wasn't going to keep the beast locked up, there was no point in it. After all the woman figured when the time was right she could use Raylene; even more she was infact a pet sorta speak to the woman even if it was to give her a better freedom from that small little cart. For Aezvyra she figured whom ever would have bought the beauiful beast would have just killed her and ate her after all or well any noble family within the city could have... If they had not been smart enough to try and use her to dethrone the woman. 

MaxDinLarae: -She tilte dher head in silence and watched how everything moved. She watched how the woman spoke and what it was about. When she turned around and tilted her head a bit as the woman spoke to her she simply lifted a hand to wave. Well this was interesting but she was feeling rather tired.Without a word she turned and made her way back up the stairs. She now was amking her way to where hte rooms were here, hoping she would find them with ease.-

MorriganOkultizmas:The Enchantress blinked a few times before watching the woman wave to her causing her to lower her head in a nod before turning around trying to put the room back in order. Granted the woman was an dark enchantress her main talents were in artifacts not stronger spells yet, hints the whole acolyte part. Morrigan had yet been moved up the ranks within the Enchanter class for the empire before the death of most of her peers; it now caused her to think about her choices and the fact she now had little time to study more seeing she was always improving her self and her magic. Feeling the woman's gaze vanish from her she returned to her rummaging around the quarter trying to straighten it up for the most part at lest it would give her somewhere to study and practice out other then the room she rented at the tavern across the city. 

RenvaMeI: She'd landed on her side as she skid, legs flailing in the air. Rage filled her as she righted herself, wings tucking angrily against her spine. If she couldn't escape, she could eat. The horses made easy enough prey, the guards might make even easier prey, though. She highly considered it, especially since she though she'd heard a snicker from one on her landing. But, the horses would do, at least one of them. She started towards them, her paws sending tiny tremors through the immediate ground. Their panic was their death. As all four tried to bolt in different directions they would be able to move in none. The closest one was caught in an instant. Her claws came up as she reared back, wrapping them around it's mid section. Her jaws came to the back of it's neck, the needle like teeth sinking in and pinning it there. It didn't fall, but she didn't kill it just yet either. They sat completely still as the sent of trickling blood filled the dragon's nostrils. She was waiting for it to flinch, to flail, anything before she finally snapped it’s neck. Her ferocity was bringing out her possibility for cruelty, to let the animal think it might have a chance if it fought. It did not.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra sighed softly watching the events unfold before her as the beast seem to roll over onto its feet once more. Her eyes darted at the gaurds whom acutally seemed amused by what had happen. The woman shook her head in disappointment knowing now she was either going to have to deal with a handful of gaurds mocking the Dragon or simply have to explain to the six gaurds' family why their fathers'; their brothers, their sons are in the belly of the beast. Part of her self wanted to chuckle, to giggle like a mad woman just because she was so use to the idea of a dragon eating someone. The demoness's eyes slowly closed as she throught about the past; her past the time of the Rose and her adotpive siblings who were in fact dragons, she remember feeling as if she was the odd man out right up to the point she mastered her skills enough to be able to twist and turn the shadows to her will and create an shapeshift form of a dragon. Even now she still would not use it seeing she was unsure on how it would act nor did she think she could hold that form more then a few seconds. Her eyelids reopened after some time; nearly only because she heard the horses clash withone another whining and pleaing with each other in terror. The sight was beyond her amazement nearly as she watched Reylene stalke the horses and then finally pounce on one of them. She has tempted to use the shadows and unhook the rest of the steeds to at lest give them a fighting chance. Aez chuckled softly as she flicked her wrist and mumbled under her breath; the shadows of the cart quickly moved from its place and snatched the gate lever and then slamed the gate shut before moving over to the horses and slipped the pinn from the harness. Aez watched as the chestnut mares seem to realize they were free from the one Raylene had been toying with. The moment the dragon snapped the horses neck caused Aez to think back along her memories once more. 

RenvaMeI: As the animal went limp in her jaws the shadow began playing with the harnesses of the other animals. They then bolted around the courtyard. It kick started her hunting drive, but she swallowed it down along with a small chunk of meat ripped from the neck of her victim. She looked up towards the castle, only taking a moment to find the woman from before. She eyed for only briefly before asking her question. "What are your intent?" She didn't realize the sentence was wrong, and that was clear in her face. She stood still, dead horse at her feet, and waited for the answer. If she were to be made a pet, she would fight to her last if needed.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Lost in her thoughts and memories the woman sighed softly as she watched the events of her past play out before her. She could actually see her self as a child raceing along the courtyard along side of her twin Ragnor and her cousin Traian. Aez watched as all three children seem to play a game sorta as the modern game cowboys and Indans. The memorie caused the woman's painted lips to curl into a grin; yet the moment she heard the voice of the dragon within her head which snapped her back. "Hmm?" The demon moved about now that she glanced about to see that most of the rain shower had finally ending allowing her to leave the saftey of the keep as she watched the siutation. Her hands moved from her side and clapsed together behind her back before she thought about it. "My dear you are within the Empire of Nyamithler; there hasn't been a dragon in these parts for well over five hundred years." she paused as she had to think about it. "Honestly the last dragon was known to made its home far across the Empire within the Ferygh Mountian Range." she added thinking about it and then remembered she still needed to send people across the seas to start minning the range again. "I could not see a beautiful beast like your self killed and eaten or made into armor." she shrugged softly it was one of the reasons at lest

RenvaMeI: The news of lack of dragons only made her less happy to be here. That's why Denji had brought her here, to make even more of a profit. "I watched them peel the scales from my clutchmates face. They burn the two-legged's mark in her skin." How it had actually managed to burn the dragon still amazed Raylene. Still, she hoped none of her siblings had been eaten. That meant there was no hope of ever freeing them from the damned who bought each of her siblings. "You don't plan on killing me, then what?" True, she took the compliment fully, her shoulders wiggling a bit as a hand slipped down over the carcass. The claws sank down into it, drawing up the flesh up against her paw before releasing it. "Chain me and show me around the city as a show of power?"

AezvyraIsadorValke:Aezvyra slowly took a breath listing to the fragmented words of the dragon before allowing her head drift up and down in a soft nodding way. "I see" she paused allowing Images of what the dragon was describing enter her mind. "You will only be harmed if you don't behave." the demon lifted her shoulders in a shrugg as she glanced back to the stone stairs next to where she was standing to see if there was a dry area to sit; when the woman only could find a wet spot seeing the rain hadn't stopped but a few moments before hand she waved her hand over the place to the right of her. Her eyes slowly closed as she muttered under her breath, using the shadows of the awning high above the doorway. The demon worked on making herself a place to sit. Her gaze would soon reopen and look to the beast once the stop had been dried enough for her to sit. Lowering herself to the stone steps before the door of the keep the woman would slide her hand over her rump to stop her dark color dress from bunching up as she sat down. "Oh In time you will know my dear Raylene." The demon's painted lips curled at their ends in a devilish grin. "Raylene... Do you even wish to be called that?" she folded her hands on her lap as she looked back up to the female as she watched it some more. Aez once more found her self shaking her head at what the beast had said. "No chains.. and there is no point of showing power." she chuckled softly before thinking about it. "My dear, you have been bought by Lady Aezvyra" she chuckled speaking in third person before finishing what she was saying. "Empress of the Nyamithler Empire. I don't need to show power. Most of the folk around here fear me already, or they love what I have done with the place." That last comment was more of a joke it was true though the demons whom call the empire home where pleased with the ruling and the way the woman governed over them, it was that tiny faction of holy creatures that dislike it and wanted to at lest tip the scale at lest back into balance. Aezvyra watched Raylene as she played with the flesh of the horse before allowing her mind move off of the topic of why she had acquired her, then simply letting someone else procure her. 

RenvaMeI: The rain didn't bother her much. She could hardly feel the fat drops that pelted down on her back. It was only when one would hit the ridge of her brow that would make her blink out of reflex. The water from the rain was, however, making the small pool of dark crimson from the horse spread out like tendrils of pink fire. Nostrils twitched as she watched the display, the measures Aezvyra had taken to keep dry for the most part. It drew the attention to the water pooling in the folds of her wings. She lifted them once, tilting them backwards so they fell in segregated waterfalls from the tips. They then tucked firmly back against her warm sides. "I have no other name." It was true. They'd only been with their parents around a month and hadn't yet been named. And when her siblings were still around they had no other means to get each others attention than by the names the humans had given them. The more she thought about it the more it troubled her. But she would let it go for now, the current situation was more important than a name. She doubted the guards would stake claim over her horse should she step away, so she side stepped around it. She continued to move forward until she was a mere few meters from the lady of the castle, and lowered her head until they were about eye level. This caused water to run up her neck instead of down towards her back, and it trickled off her ears as she turned her head from side to side to look her over carefully. "And what do you consider not behaving?"


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