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((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy base roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos do to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now the Ram's Tavern and Inn is located within the outskirts of the capital city Necromar which is on the far side of the city compared to Kleshi Hold aka the castle. It is evening; overcast skies with a tempture around 55 degrees. light breeze about 7 mph. The tavern tonight only has a handful of patrons within it, not too busy  [NPC: Rose: Head Barmaid, Evel Eytsalt: Female human Ranger with silver hair and brown eyes, Ames Gedde male halfbreed druid, white hair and blue eyes. ))

AezvyraIsadorValke: As the sun drifted through the sky making the same path as it did day end and day out since day one over the land. Lady Aezvyra yawned softly as she had started to roam around her home, the Keep other known as Kleshi Hold. Growing bored of watching the people move about the halls she would leave her home and stroll across the captial city to the Ram's tavern and Inn as she did most nights. She seemed amused this night as her long onyx hair pulled back into a large braid to keep it out of her gaze for the most part; the woman found dressed in a long black and gold dress as she honestly felt like being a lady for once not just because of her title. Aez moved about the buildings her steps silent do to the fact the woman normally never had shoes on if she could help it. Once closer to the building that the tavern was found in close to the ruin wall she smirked, held out her hand and pushed open the double oak doors of teh tavern before walking in. Her hood slide from its place as she pulled her cloak from her and placed it on a hook near the doorway. "Good evening Rose my dear, has the new shipment come in yet?" she would asked the head barmaid as her dark greenish eyes would land on the woman whom seem to be cleaning the bar with a cloth. 

DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna was in a simple blue dress with tan bodice and light off white under dressing it also had two belts that hugged her hips rather than her waist. Her long deep brown hair was worn long today as she had those ever watchful vivid green gem like eyes with hints of gold to the center of them. She came from down stairs to get something from rose and found her normal table by the bar open and she headed for it. Her steps were small light and soft as she walked on the balls of her feet just something she had done for years as it made on more quick to move when needed. She was much more than an simple elf in the fact she had still hidden talents to her as she never had been seen in a fight here and they did not know the extent of her skills. She always seemed to surprise many that had come across her path but still she needed more sword training and that seemed to be something she could wait on a little while longer. She does however see that the Empress has arrived here again and knows its its the Hold that has her come to the tavern to get away from those who always stir about and needs the tavern for different an maybe new people to arrive. She would wait till Aezvyra was helped firs before tying up roses time as was proper for her to do she guessed as soon Halon arrived to see her and give the report from him on the drilling of the archers as each group had different skills and tasks to train for in different ways.-”Halon wait for me to get something to eat and drink please Rose is currently busy I will join for a meal here as I am sure you have to hungry now.”-Halon smiled to her and also watched her as he knew she had been drilling in her own way at time with the hunts she often went on.-'Of course Lady Venna.'-Venna shot him a look that was mean and cruel.-”I am no Lady just the Head Archer I am way down on the totem pole in this realm dont forget that Venna is fine.”

KafzielLaVayne: Eyes flashed from golden to a deep dark purple while the Captain walked over the ends of the walls surrounding the city. A dark mood had surrounded him for most of the day.The knights as well as the guards doing their rounds knew this and had been keeping their distance from him. Everyone felt that something was off and even he himself sensed he is walking a tight rope. It bothered him greatly and it left him silent all that time. He only watched the distance away from the city as he made his way over the stone wall.Occassionally he growled as a growing headache pounded in his head. He is sure that he is not sick as a being like him would have a hard time managing that through normal means. So he ignored it all and seeking something more stimulating jumped off the wall and started walking to the main road going through the city. For a droopy day such as this it suprised him how many people were still going along their business, walking with others through the streets while kids ran around to find something to play with. For a moment he would watch as a woman had a fight with a shopkeeper. He stepped in closer to hear what was going on. Seemingly the shopkeeper was to proud to haggle with the price like many other shops do. The woman to stubborn yelled unwilling to acknowledge what was a reasonable price. It did not help his mood which got darker and in turn his headache became worse. The sounds around him he could barely hear the anymore because of the pain and the world around him felt like it was spinning. A nearby guard noticing how the captain seemed to struggle while holding his head stepped to him." Sir, are you okay?" He asked and the captain could only nod to proud himself to accept something to be wrong with him. With a wave of his hand to the guard he stumbled into a nearby alley, it was quiet there and dark. Solitude as he sat hidden behind a rotting wooden box while the guard seemed to keep an eye on him from the edge of the alley.-c-

KafzielLaVayne: It was then in floods of agonizing pain that his head started feeling like it was being split open. A growl sounding like a wolf found its way into the city clearly heard by bystanders on the main road and the smaller road at the end of the alley. Curiously they would try to see what was going on. The guard in its worry leaned further to see better into the alley. He was cautious but with the captain out of his sight his fear took the better for him. With kicks against the box, scraping of nails against the wall the notice was clear to the people. Something was wrong in the alley and maybe the wolf had taken its first victim. They did not know it was the Captain hidden between two boxes that made those noises. Unable to see that the scraps of fabric scattering around the ground were being thrown off instead of ripped off by the wolf that was not there at all. The guard which had been watching into the alley in worry all this time started with sword drawn walk into the shadows that covered the narrow road between the shops. His voice was shaky and unsure on what to do, but his bravery was commendable and the people that watched what was going on agreed on that."What is happening here."With his grip on the sword getting tighter almost in an act of desperation he swung it and the box on the recieving end got crushed into pieces. There he saw it, a man with a dark skin sitting naked. Eyes dark purple with slitted pupils looking up to the guard with a menacing grin."Nothing out of the ordinary." The man says as he rises to his feet. While he stood up the shimmering reflection of light got shown on the guards face. Looking up following the body of the man he would see large horns decorated with silver. It was not his first time seeing a demonic being and in his line of duty he even served one."Sir?" The guard asked with a tone betraying his bravery for the fear that it was meant to hide. The man grinned in response and spoke with a voice that echoes before it even escaped his lips." No, not him." While he spoke he had grabbed quickly the guard by the throat and swirls of black aura surrounded them shortly after taking them from the sight of the people that tried to watch. Not even a sound could be heard, the screaming of the dying guard within the black aura contraption was completely kept within.-C-

KafzielLaVayne: The people had started to gather around the alley. Their curiousity was stronger then the fear of what happened to the guard. Never would they know that the guard had been taken apart and used as raw material to cloth the dark skinned man. A guard which had been watching from a distance in horror ran to the keep for someone to report to. Unsure of what to tell them, but atleast that a guard was attack within the city by what people said a wolf with purple slitted eyes. By the time the guard was out of sight of any person seeing what was happening the man started walking out the alley himself. Barely clothed but enough to not be considered in the nude. He watches all those people looking at him the man walking out of the alley." Bad wolf." Indeed he had heard the rumors around what was happening that were being spread by the bystanders. In horror they looked at him and in response started spreading out going back to their daily lives of confusion as what was out in the world. He walked away from the alley as well. thirst was on his mind and where else to queench it then at a tavern especially at a enjoyable day like this. He was free of his host to roam the world and while his host slept within the confines of his unconciousness he would enjoy the taste of freedom and ale. The doors of the tavern he opened rather quickly and while he stepped in he watches the people inside with a grimace and much enjoyment could be seen on his face as he stole the ale of a nearby man and drank empty the mugg with a few gulps." Delicious." He says pressing the empty mugg against the chest of the man whom watched him in confusion while he walked to the bar for more.-e-

AezvyraIsadorValke: Rose would nod to the Empress before not only her slim frame turned towards the left along with her gaze. "Its in the back My Lady." she spoke with a smile on her face before she went back to wipping off the bartop as the tavern had been near empty. "Do you wish for me to bring it to you?" Aez would shake her head and chuckle out. "No I will deal with it later tonight." she mumbled out softly before turning away from the bar and slowly made her way to her table to allow the woman to work. The empress knew that as long as she remained out in the main part of the tavern most people would stare and not work; this was one reason why she would sit in the back room which had its own little fireplace. The same very reason why she had that part of the tavern added on wonce she had moved fully back into the empire. "Its going to be one of those days." she allowed her voice to echo out as she took a breath pulled a chair from the table letting its legs grind against the floor as she then sat down. 

DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna sat there as Rose seemed to notice that Venna had been awaiting her turn here and she came over to Venna and already poured the sweet elderberry wine for her that she liked so much as she the Looked to Halon he was almost handsome in his own way and he had cole black hair with big blue eyes and dimpled chin with strong high cheek bone and squared jaw line. He also was 6' 5” tall well muscled as many of her archers were to but that right pull on the bow strings. Halon was in charge of the Long bowmen and that made him Venna's next in command here as she sighed deeply he had told her some of the men were crying for a break from the drilling and the practice she demanded they kept up with.-”Tell them the more the complain the more I will drill them and the short bowmen have really no reason to complain at all I have recently given them four days rest if they keep it up they will not see a break for another three months.”-Venna was harsh at times by really had no time for them to raise a fuss.-

KafzielLaVayne: With eyes set on the price he made his way to the bar and with a kick against one of the stools made space for him to stand. Surely he could have found a better spot but he wanted to be at the center part of the bar and the stool stood so neatly in the way of that. He looks around for a moment and then gestured to the woman behind the bar. Rose whom had just beeng doing her duties made her way to him, and her expression quickly got sour when adressed." Woman, some ale. Two muggs and quick." The man still carrying his grimace then gestured his hand to Rose to step on it while he ignored her reaction completely. While Rose with a unhappy expression did what she was told to reluctantly the mans attention was to the one whom he stole the ale from when he entered the tavern. He seemed unhappy about what he did and he loved that it was so. This smug attitude got him in trouble quickly as the man made his way to him and gave him a push with his hand while cursing at him and making clear what he did offended the man greatly. He did not really listen however and quickly his attention was swayed and he started looking around once more. He gave the man the second mugg of ale to then wave him away when Rose had delived his order and he started drinking his own ale. When the man with a dumbfounded look on his face walked away and whent down the stairs he tapped with his finger on the wood of the bar. Rose turned around thinking it was meant for her and with a sour expression looked at him while the man tripped by his own shadow flicking around his ankle. The ale he had was thrown over him and both the dark skinned man and some others saw it were laughing at the mans expense.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra swore she had just sat down the moment the door seem to  open once more. From where she sat she could just make out the small entrany point not the door it self. She sighed as she seem to lean on the table some as she waited to watch the person whom ever it was walk into veiw. Her brow rose as she watched the male move  and seem to head off towards the bar after a while. The demon shook her head as she grew bored soon and closed her eyes. Her right hand moving over the table as her aura seem to spark to life the moment the shadows seem to move about just as the patron seem to trip. Her brow rose once more letting her attention turn to seek out the source of the cause for the feeling. Aez would lift from the seat and move to teh doorframe before leaning across it. Her arms crossed over her torso just under her breast as she watched the people laugh. 

KafzielLaVayne: The almost empty mugg in hand and watching the people laugh their heart out at the expense of the man that had fallen he stood there with his grimance intact. His attention completely ignored the broken pride of the man as he made his way back to his spot and instead he watches as some were proudfully boasting to the women with them. He looked pleased and with his free hand moved his fingers tapping in a tune with them against his palm as his gaze moved to the woman hidden away at the other end of the tavern. She clearly was looking for something and had a bit of a suspicious looking face as if she was seeking for something.The grimace on his became more serious looking and slowly faded away, it seems someone noticed. Turning his head to Rose whom looked at him with a sour expression he gestures to ignore him and then he started making his way across the tavern. His purple slitted eyes were firmly on the woman and his steps almost artificially faded away in the sound of the crows talking as did his presence. He felt no need to take someones attention as he moved to someone of interest. His own shadow already gestured to the woman something he made do as he flicked his fingers for her attention to bet on him.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra sighed softly watching everyone, her gazed moved from person to person slowly as she study them, there was not many people she knew that could do something such as what had happen. Her gaze stopped at Ames, whom was a druid she knew that but could he do shadow magic as she felt. She sighed shaking her head her braid behind her swinging in place as the momentment of some of the peopl caught her attention; one being a thin male whom seem to be strolling closer to her. The demon watched the way he carried himself as he grew closer to her, her dark green gaze studying every feature of the male. She watched and glanced down to the darkness which seem to call to her. She had her answer it seemed, she waited until the male grew close enough to her before turning around and walking back into the small room her hand lifting as she motioned for him to follow and join her before taking her seat once more. "I see you enjoy playing with darkness." the soft luring voice rang out just loud enough for that small room to hear, not the whole tavern. 

KafzielLaVayne: With his shadow turning back to normal and acting as it should be once the woman had noticed it was him who did it he stood still for a moment as he was gestured to follow. It did not seem as interesting as enjoying himself at the bar or breaking the pride of some people. The pride in the tavern however was lackluster and did not leave him very satisfied. Once the mention of playing with darkness was brought up he decided and walked into the small room after the woman." If it can be bended, i will sway it under my controll.I don't play with the darkness i make it mine." He spoke proudfully of what he did and unlike her his words could be heard by those near the room. Seeing she had taken a seat he kicked aside a chair and sat down across the table looking at the woman. The purple in his eyes got darker and the slit that were his pupils narrowed slightly.With a last gulp he drank untill the mugg of ale was empty and then placed it on the table. " So what do you want?" 

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra had made it back to her seat as she tucked her legs underneath herself as she took a deep breath watching the male closely as he seem to remain where he was at the bar at some time. Her brow rose as she was growing impation with him before he finally came and sat down. "Well It would seem you dont know who I am seeing you found it funny to make me wait first off. " she shook her head with a light smirk on her face and a chuckle to her voice as she sat back in her chair so the backrest was in the middle of her back. "What do I want.. " she repeated.. "Depends what you can grant me." she chuckled out. "what does most people want.. a happy life.. a game... food... sex... " she smarted off to the male before shrugging. 

KafzielLaVayne: With an amused look he watches the woman talk. Boasting about whom she is and how letting her wait was something you simply don't do around here. To someone as himself this was just a hilarious insight into the woman. No matter whom she could be he would let her wait if he so desires. He does not look at beings and think they are above him, instead everything around him eventually gets looked at as if it is so far beneath him that giving interest to it is not worth it.Even this woman gets the same treatment and while she was smarting him off he looked at her, not as an equal or even something living and breathing the same air he does. Just like he once did before though he did not remember it he looked at her and really looked down on her. He leans forward when she was done speaking and he places his hand on the center of the table the silver on the large horns chiming before he spoke while he moved some of the black hair from his eyes." Do i look like i am interested in hearing anything but an answer? i did not follow you because i want to hear you talk. Why should i not walk out of this tiny room right now?" His voice would betray him and it seemed he had started to lose his interest. This lackluster amount of pride just like the people in the tavern was not enough to leave him satisfied. He wanted more and his desire to seek for that was like a blazing fire heating him up. If he could not find it here then he would leave and seek for it elsewhere, his hunger was something he would satisfy first before anything else.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The time it took the woman to speak and finally learn something about the male he had already started in speaking. Her brow rose as she listened to his tone, his words before shaking her head. "An answer." she laughed chuckled before allowing her finger tips touch the black stone around her neck. After all that was one thing she did not need to do was to asnwer anyone if she didn't want to; of of the things she was proud of was her title and what perks came along with it. Aezvyra shrugged. "Be on your merry little way then." she bushed the male off not going to respond to him much more before she started to glance down to an empty glass debating what she was in the mood for this night. Moments seem to pass as she glanced up. "oh your still here.. why havn you left." she snickered out. "Be gone before I summon the guards your boring me." 

KafzielLaVayne: Licking his lips having had his taste of her pridefull nature towards her title he stands up when mentioned he could go on his merry way.Looking at her with a glance for a moment longer when she whent to glance up he started to laugh at the suprise that he still stood there." Interesting. Instead of leaving now, you offer me to stay a bit longer and kill you and your guards before i go. Suprising amount of pride in your after all." He spoke as he turned around. Making his way to the exit of the small room he lets out a chuckle. He didn't want to keep it to himself, and with a grimace on his face he looked back to her as he walked away." As the aspect of pride, that means something when i say it." Turning away once more now that he is done talking with her he placing his hands on his hips and debated the choice between the bar and leaving for something that could truelly sedate his hunger. With a lick of his lips he nods and after pushing behind him the red cloak he steps aside and makes his way towards the doors to roam the city. He knew for sure that somewhere his hunger could be sedated within the city.


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