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The Law of the Land Empty The Law of the Land

Post by AezvyraIsadorValke on Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:51 pm


This thread consists of the Rules and Guidelines for the Nyamithler Empire and the Valke Family. These rules and guidelines have been placed to insure the safety of this family. We are striving to keep order within the realms not to make anyone feel uncomfortable. If there is any issues or problems that are needed to be addressed or resolved send a message on IMVU to anyone of me. (AezvyraIsadorValke) you may also send us a message on Skype if you have our Skype. There will be a group Skype made for the family just search for either Valke Family or Nyamithler Empire.Please make sure you have screenshots and non forged logs if you are reporting anyone breaking the rules.

The General Rules

001. THE GOLDEN RULE - Always show respect to all family members, friends alliances, and or guests. Disrespecting anyone in any way will not be tolerated!! Keep in mind if you want RESPECT and LOYALTY you have to show it. THERE WILL BE NO, ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA!!!

002. We are not discriminating towards anyone! We prefer that everyone is to have the freedom to walk among the family by there own free will and not to be controlled by anyone.This does not refer to anyone who does this outside of the family or makes the choice of their own free will.

003. There will be no joining in spars, fights, battles, and wars if you are pregnant. We are looking out for the safety of the baby as well as mother. There will be no Exceptions!!! Your life and the baby's life is more important.

004. Any family member who has a problem with anyone in the family please do not take it upon yourself to handle anything about the matter. Do not involve other family members unless they were there when the matter occurred.

We do not wish for any one family member to have a problem with the other, if issues arise we will handle the matter by discussing the situation in a calm non violent manner. It will be discrete and will prevent any further type of issue.This also involves spreading any rumors. If you are unsure of anything please go to the right source to find out the truth about anything you are not unsure of.

005. There is NO INCEST within this family. INCEST WILL NOT BE TOLERATED NO IF'S, AND'S, OR BUT'S ABOUT IT!!! There are plenty of women and/or men around you can chose from you don't need to chose anyone within the family that is blood related to be your mate. (If you are truly wanting to make your sibling your mate the male must step down and out of the family. Be warn if you step down and out of the family if you break up you must wait at lest 3 months to even think about joining the family once again)

006. There is a Three(3) months dating period on game before you are able to get married. Your beloved must be around the family for those three months before the Council will grantee it.

007. There will be NO fighting with family members unless it is within a spar. We are a family and should not be fighting against one another.

008. We do not make friends with our enemy. If a family is on the black list we aspect you to stay away from them. Anyone caught breaking this rule may be subject to being exiled and brand a traitor.

009. What happens in PC ( private chat) stays in PC, its not part of the role-play thus it did not happen.

010. Do not withhold any information from the Council. If you see/hear anyone plotting to do anything wrong and you know it is wrong you best report it. Do not try to protect the person whom is in wrong or may just be held accountable for it your self.

IMVU Public Rooms

001. RESPECT... respect everyone in the rooms this includes any and all guests.
002 Keep your clothing respectable.. we are not wenches or sluts don't dress like them in common rooms that are GA. if the little ones are in the room please use your use common sense and have all sexual parts covered up.

003. Most and all rooms are family oriented meaning when the little ones are present use common sense. Please make sure your sexual parts are covered and refrain from cursing.

004. Please keep your kbs no higher then 3,000. Please make sure you show respect and have your outfit changed before entering the room. Some of the people may not be able to handle changing within the rooms. If you do have to change please ask before doing so.

Group Page Rules

001. There are always changes being made within the group. Meaning Check the group page once a week.

002. You must have permission to post a new thread within the group. Do not be afraid to ask to post one.

003. This group is a family/community oriented. Please no cursing within the threads.

004. DO NOT leak any and all information of this group page. If you are caught doing this you will be charged with Treason no and or buts about this.

**Punishment for breaking any rules will fit the crime.. They range from suspension from the family to exile and banishment.**


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