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Guest_Camiryuchan: :::He settled into the chair in the corner and saw the man in black looking over at him. He met his eyes and held them for a moment before he gave the man in black a swift nod. He heard the woman speak and his crystal blue orbs moving to her and seeing she was another elf. He nodded to her and pulled down the mask that covered the lower half of his face.::: Correct Mistress something to eat and drink would be most welcome if it pleases you.

KafzielLaVayne: Bot him and the red head of whom he did not care to remember the name in any instance both looked eachother with confusion. It seemed she knew him about as well as he knew the peculiar elf. Quite amusing he thought to himself as he turned to the elf seated somewhat far behind him. Taking the bottle of bloodwhine he had requested he opens it and raises it to the elf before taking a swig and a gulp from it while he turned back to the bar. Looking over the bottles and glasses he starts to raise his brow. He did not oftenly sit at the bar. More often then not he sat in the side room accompanying the Empress. Basicly doing his duties but mainly he was drinking or eating at the same time while casually trying to strike a conversation with the others that tend to follow.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez yawned softly glanced up from her table. Where was she? Her vision was nothing but a blur for the moment as she sat there waiting. Her left hand moved from her lap as it touched the table before her, she could feel the grains of the wood that familur texture. The woman's finger slide over it as she waited to see if her sight would return to her. She most have doze off, had she doze off... she couldn't remember let alone where.. The woman's heart seem to beat away pounding in her ears as her colorless eyes seem to blink as she tried to clear her vision again. "dame" she mumbled out as she leaned back hoping she was in a chair, once she did she felt the back of the chair and sighed in relif. "well that good I guess." she mumbled out as she sat there listing to what was around her. She could hear the sounds of a fire crackling, of coruse she could she could hear the fireplace which was lit, the sounds of people talking. She had to guess she was in the tavern; the Ram's tavern the place she found her self often which would explain why she was there but how. How did she come to be there this time, this confused her as her sight slowly returned, she could see shapes at lest but not make out whom was around.

DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna took notice that Kaf had come from the upstairs in a room not far from hers at all and she smiled to him as he knew her well, Venna hoped that bright white armor would somewhat dull a bit in the darkened tavern as it was much to standing out even for her tastes and she took another drink of her whiskey as she heard Kaf who he was but at least Venna had greeted him here in hope he might also introduce himself, and say something to some one here. She had allowed her self to look in the darker areas of the tavern away from the stark white armor as she was still in a dark mood here today as she thought to herself about things she really need at the moment. Venna has always been somewhat happy at times but today depression and loneliness seemed to rule her heart. She hoped that something might cheer her up more as the day went on as she was dressed fresh from a hunt she had been on and brought back two grouse and the goose of good size that seemed to please Rose here. Venna did look back to the elf that had entered and figured he might talk with here but she did not go over to the table instead moved a bit closer to the end of the bar kind of closer to him but yet a distance away.-”Greeting there Fellow elf I am Venna the head archer and hunter here as well I hope you find this tavern hospitable to say the least.”-She tried to hopefully get him to speak here and try to learn what he might be.-

KafzielLaVayne: Ignoring the white clothed elf at this point with little interest he drank further from the bottle of bloodwhine that he had in his possession after having requested it from the red head.He gave Venna smile in return and nodded to her in greetings as he then started to look when he noticed the presence of the empress. Grabbing hold of the handle of the blade hanging at his hip he took hold of the bottle of bloodwhine with the other and stands up to his feet." Well thank you for the info." He comments off hand to the barkeep as he starts to walk away from the bar and into the side room where he usually was found. Taking a seat next to her he with a raised eyebrow looks her over with a curious look." Are you okay?"

DawnDarkCrystal: Venna noticed Aez waking up at the table and looked her way for a moment and she had not dared to disturb her when she had been asleep. Venna looked then to Kaf as well as she sighed but she was not sure what to say as things might come out wrong today with her darker mood and feelings here. She hoped that she could pull out of it and knew she needed someone to help her with it somehow. Who could she actually trust to help her at the moment as she turned away as the elf seemed lost in his own world here and Venna unanswered ignored him as well and Rose looked at her sensing the distance in Venna today and her dark mood by the way she had wrung the neck of the goose as she had brought back alive to start with. Venna ate the meal slowly as she seemed gto withdraw more into her morass and darker self.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman took a deep breath as she sat there she seem to rock nearly back and forth as she waited for her sight to return. Heaven forbid if she had to go through the day without being able to see clearly; of course the woman could just shift into her demoinic form but what fun would that be if the sight issue was just in her glammer form. She sighed her head lifted as she heard footsteps come near her. "I told you go away." she hissed out thinking it was one of the tavern workers. She seem to be on edge and of course she would be seeing at this moment she was at a disavanage to any attack. Her right hand moved pulling it self from her lap as she started to beckon the shadows to her need. "Are you dumb or stupid?" she hissed out as she heard the footsteps stop, the chair near her pull out and then all fell quiet. Her head turned towards the male as she blinked, the colorless void staring right through the male. "Does it look like Im ok?" she mumbled out before allowing the shadows to form a dagger before she seem to slash it towards the male. Before standing up her back to the wall, she could tell it seeing she figured she was in her normal seat off in the back room of the tavern. The woman's painted lips curled as she used the left hand to summon a few shadow orbs before sending them flying in the tavern, if they had managed to hit anyone they would send them directly to the ShadowLands( Aez endless void, more less her playground for mindgames))

KafzielLaVayne: With a suprised look he would gaze to the Empress whom suddenly acted hostile towards him. It was not the first time he would find himself at the other end of where her anger got pointed towards, but rarely did she attack in such a harmfull way with her dagger. Except for their sparrs normally it stayed quite tame, atleast tame in how he saw it. Placing his foot against the table he pushes himself back to get out of the reach from the dagger and brings up the hand holding the bottle of bloodwhine firmly. Turning the back to the Empress he pushes it in the way of where her hand was going to stop her from swinging while he dagger whent by his chest." Are you not right in the head or something? i am not your enemy, and i like being alive." He growls out his aura expanding around him as he potrayed back the hostility he felt from her right back. His hand holding the handle of the black would push forward and with a klink one could hear that the blade got unsheathed in part. The metal of the blade black and sharp slided loudly against its sheath the rattling of the loose belt making it even cleared that he was more then willing to go in confrontation.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon seem to growl as she stood there blinking staring off into space pretty much seeing she was unable to see but shapes. Granted she could hear but to her it seemed distorted to her. In the state of confusion the woman only had to defend her self and that of course was something she could do. She was lucky enough to be in her leather armor after all granted she couldn't remember why she was in it nor anything really at that moment. This left Aez not only confused but hostile towards pretty much anyone that would dare come near to her. The woman would lean forward the swing of the slashing motion nearly completed as she could feel the person before her move back. "And they move." she chuckled out darkly as she realizes something had hit her hand. "are you not?" she hissed out blinking as her aura darken as the illusion of her being mortal tried to slip away from her. "alive or dead dont matter to me..still a puppet." she giggled out half mad in the moment. The woman would step back nearly falling into the wall behind her as she tripped over the chair she had forgot to kick out of the way. Her sight darking around to the dark shapes in the room before using her free hand to wave it to dim the fireplace alone with the rest of the light sources within the tavern. Of course at the same moment the balls of darkness would dart around the main area of the tavern, the moment someone would move or noticed themt hey would latch onto them and send them into the ShadowLands.

KafzielLaVayne: " I may be a puppet, but don't forget that makes you my puppeteer." He mentions as the blade slid fully out of the sheath. A sharp grinding sound would fill the tavern and it would made sure that all attention whent to him for the moments." You may want to reconsider your actions, Empress." He spoke as he started to stand up on his feet having been seated on his chair the whole time so far. The bottle of bloodwhinewhich he held in his hand still he would throw it aside and its broken glass would scatter on the ground with the remaining whine. The hostility that he was still sending out through his aura had continued to go with no end in sight. If he needed to intimidate everyone around him to freeze them in their spot then he would happily do so. And the people were frozen. The fear he spreaded by filtering his hositlity through aura was on its own a mental attack most effective when unexplained. Much like a magic trick the magic dissapears once you know how it works.Together with his dark clothing, demonic nature and the fact he had drawn his weapon openly announcing he had by slashing it over its entire lenght against he wood of the table he cleverly his this weak mental attack." Or are you going to openly attack your own people and captain?" He asks in a curious tone though the bloodlust he was portaying externally would blurr the intentions with which he spoke.With a hand free he grabs the metal of his blade and with the blunt side against his stumach he held it while he looked to the Empress with the same confusion about her actions as he had when this started.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra head turned her colorless eyes lingered toward the doorway, she listened picking up on the sounds around her. She could hear the people chattering and screaming when a few of them vanished from her orbs. She smirked licked her painted lips before her attention moved back to Kafziel, whom she had not even realize that who it was yet. "That is right you all are my toys.. my personal toys to do what ever I wish until I break you." she smirked as she took a step closer taking a deep breath as she managed to move away from the chair and the table without hitting them once more. Her dagger in her right hand and her left seem to hold shadows within it ready to strike with god knows what. Hearing the male's word she pouted before shaking her head tossing her onxy black hair around before giggling. "actions?" she mumbled before whispering the word again. "I want to play though." she chuckled out as her head turned toward the sound of broken glass as if she had seen it. "No breaking things only I get to." she hissed out before pulling one of the orbs back to her with her left hand and directed it toward the left side of her to hit the dark figure in her vision. Her bare feet would move over the cool wooden floor once more stepping lightly as she hissed out, she could feel the dark hostile vibe yet seem to feed from it nearly as she chuckled out. "Toys I say toys." she mumbled back out madly again. "As for My captain hes not here.. hes away as normal." she chuckled out thinking of the spar quickly but the idea soon left as quickly as it had come.

KafzielLaVayne: First he started to grin, shortly after it became a smirk and he started to laugh. this laugh that he made sure was heard was one of the aspect of pride, a dark sinister laugh that even then seems to look down on all." A toy? i am a toy you think? oh dear,dear lady you have no idea with what you are playing." The intimidation through his aura stopped as he spoke, now it seems a much more darker sight was to be shown. The demonic being, and sometimes aspect of pride had prepared his stage. The humans were scared, darkness was around them because of the Empress and she herself? could be counted more as a mad queen at the moments.He dropped the blade and the sound of it landing was different then those of others. It did not bounce, it barely moved it just landed with a loud thud and a shivering whent through the ground as its weight was more then a fat human carried. The black clothing around his body would mold, shape itself around his body and the horns of his headpiece fused into his ground untill alll four were part of him. He hissed and with the gloved and sleeve of the coat melted in one with his skin he grabbed what seemed to be the orb. From many angles it was true he grabbed the orb physicly, but he had not. Once you stand infront of him you would see it. Black lightning was in a perpetual of hitting the orb around most of its surfaces, clashing with it over and over so quickly that it got forced in every direction and by it was still in its movements." I am not a toy, i am not blind in my loyalty. I slay my rulers, i slay my people, i ate my wings to be free. I am Kafziel, and i will not be played with." He growls through his words and what seemed to be an actuall horned tailed broke the table infront of him. His feet were no more, instead it seemed more like hooves and with each step he made towards the Empress they banged and broke the wood. This whole representation of him however was fake, capable of changing his biology on what can almost be called a whim was what made him look human in the first place as well. This what he was now was what he remembers and thinks his other form looks like. What he had come to call his beast form, unbound and unchecked in its pride. Though vanity was also part of pride he did not consider this and purely he whent for a show of power. The orb that he held in his hand he aimed the open parts to a human nearby and with a select amount of black lightning stoppit it shot out and took it to the shadowrealm. He had been there before, it was going to be rough for the humans but they would most likely survive. Or atleast so he thinks.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman stood there blinking trying to clear her vision more, hoping with each movement of her eye lid what ever caused this blindness would leave. She hated this which didn't help her mood at all. "Yes a toy.. care to explain.. your in my lands... under my rule.. there for your a pawn a toy." she shrugged off as seh seem to listen to the area around her; mainly the room they were in. She took a breath she could feel the fear of the people but the intimidation was gone..the aura she had been feeding off of gone. She stood there confused before takign a step toward the broken glass, her feet a mere inch away from one of the larger shards. The thud seem to echo in her ears as she pulled her right hand closer to her holding the dagger of course her great sword on her back still as she moved. She couldn't see the changes that was happening to the male but she could feel them within her sort of speak. Her tail would appear and her horns the silver chains embeded on them seem to cling together as they tossaled about with each movement she made. Her eyes shifted to the sound of the voice. "What are you then?" she mumbled out "If you are Kafziel what are you then?" she hissed out waiting for a reply as she felt her darkness being tampered with. She could feel her realm fill with people she closed her eyes she could nearly see them nearly taste their pain from the torment that her little world was bringing. Her attention would move back to the male before her once more as she took in the sound of the table breaking. "What did I say about breaking things.." she mumbled out half tempted to attack the figure.

KafzielLaVayne: " You told me not to break things my Empress, but you keep forgetting something. You know me and through that should be familiar with the fact that i kill those i serve if i desire it." He spoke quite casually the darkness in his voice and the bloodlust speeing out however blurred away the casuall nature of his voice andm ade it threatening, hungry and most of all very pridefull." What i am, i am the first hurdle you passed when this empire was reformed by you. Or have you forgotten my armies? the reason you are rebuilding still." Taunting her with much pleasure his body had fully shaped and much different clothes started to form themselves around him. A orb of bright chaos magic circling above his palm while he suddenly held a book in his other hand. Though she could not see this he was actually already reading in it, spells from the chaos magic branch while a third eye watched her with piercing gaze. His body had slimmed down slighly in its change, less muscles but much sharper in form. The tail had wrapped itself around his legs and in turn became his pants while he hooves turned into his shoes. 4 horns once part of his head piece had grown longer and in waves whent down almost all the way down his back." Gontrazz, zabbiwa oth gaednaees yaeza ir zes loes."True demonic speech exited his mouth, and from it all sense of human like voice had left him. Like an echo in the voids of excistence ever going, shadows swaying and moving and pressure making the wood around him creak under it.(( Darkness, serve and destroy those in my way.(translated for convience.)). With a flare of red energy behind him his sigil came to be slowly circling behind as tendrils of sin energy connected with his arms, legs, back and head. He in turn was now feeding from her, pride became his sustenance. This would give him power in battle from this point on and in turn he could move and bend the unstable energies of chaos magic which if he made a flame could explode in his hand, when he throws it or not at all and forever stay as a flame. In return its strenght was dangerous and it could grow in power the more chaos it surrounded itself with and now that the humans were panicking there was enough chaos to fuel a few spells with deadly precision.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra shook her head as she listened finally taking that step, that very step that would send that one shard of broken bottle into her bare foot. Yet the woman didn't fell it she didn't have to. The smell of blood rushed to her nose as she moved her head once more, the chains on her horns sounded once more, pure chimes as she stood there. "Oh you..." she chuckled out turning away from the male before taking a step she could see the fireplace finally and where it was.. she used her right hand which held the dagger to find the other table within the room. She knew that was a longer table she never sat down at before pushing it away trying to send it across the room so it wasn't in her way. She would shrug, her shoulders lifting from their place and dropping. "yes as so many armies have done and yet, We still stand.. Your armies didn't do their job.. " she paused turned around and mocked the male. "Im still very much alive now arn't I" she giggled before turning back around her left figure moved along her midsection playing with the end of the fur that was around her neck. She was scared of the being, The demon seem to wave him off before letting a soft yawn pass her lips. "Your boring me." she allowed a devilish smirk come to her face as she dark lurring voice seem to streatch out into the tavern for the patrons whom where left and had not fled the building or were cast into the ShadowLands could hear. Those who did hear it stopped what they were doing and listened; her voice mimicking a sirens call. "Do me a pleasure.. " she smirked again. "Gregor.. my dear.. if you wish to be male again dispatch this fool from my sight." she spoke loud enough for the turned female to hear her.

KafzielLaVayne: With some suprise he looked to the Empress, it seems the speech of demons was foreign to her.That was good however as his magics required demon speech and it explained almost every spell before it could be used.His eyes which were still set on the book reading it quite casually it was his third eye at the center that looked to the empress in its suprise before it turned to the female once a man.Unlike the Empress Grogor did know he is the captain of the guards, and high council member.He was neither blind nor mad, but perhaps to be man the options he had were limitted and indeed he ran with blade in hand for the attack.Kafziel chuckled however, a fools errand at best to go at him in single combat." Ya l'togael lizz raeq hiedar" ((The shadows will not listen.)).He said as the shadows in the tavern then froze into place like unmoving statues even the shadows of those that were moving stopped in their place leaving their original ones casting the shadow behind. The orb made from the energies required for chaos magic shrank a little, but with the Empress grew back to size rather quickly again. From the shadows however once frozen for a short moment spikes came and they closed the room they were in off from the tavern. Gregor would be left on the other side banging its blade against the black construction but sway it would not.This left him, alone, with the Empress in a ever growing darker room. Her eyesight comming back did not matter, his dark figure easily molds into nothing within the shadows. Only his three violet eyes would be seen as they released a soft, but shining hue."Pathetic little Empress, mad after so little. A empty husk with nothing to fill it, a personality shallower then a bucket of piss." With disgust he talked to the Empress, his humanity or rather his personality had been fading away ever since all that made him seem humanoid had dissapeared."You are alive, your city is here because i pulled them back. I am generous to you, but you are looking a gift horse in the mouth."He spoke once more in demonic speech, would she understand him he did not care.((I will simply state demonic speech like this. To much of a hassle to switch between)). Eyes, shining white appeared in the ever growing darkness. His children, his abominations were eager for battle. Where she had the shadowlands, he had a domain of his own. The home of his armies, creatures bended and twisted by his experiments that only seek to feed.Few had no physical forms and were the ones he sent forward first the most. Their clawmarks appearing upon the walls letting know their presence within the room as their vague life energy forms with no body to controll moved slowly around the two. Yet still the demonic being read his book with his main two eyes, only the third watches and stares to the Empress as veins of black blood popped around where the iris should be.

NuLumination: Lumi was a sleep in a room upstairs and she was tossing and turing, something wasnt right at all and she had a feeling that was gut wrenching. Sitting straight up in her bed, sweat beads along her face and chest showed greatly as if she had just woken up from a nightmare. Shaking her head, letting her long curly black tresses fall infront of her face for a moment she sighed and got out of bed. She noticed that there were close laid out for her and she got dressed. It was very comfortable for to be in a tight leather pants and a top that flowed freely around her large belly, today she put on her dagger and blue gemmed chain she always wore around hre waist. Her ears were twitching as she heard voices and pinned up her pain into a ponytail and headed out of her room and down the stairs where she noticed her father talking with a woman. Raising her hand to her cheek she let the glamour fade to reveal a blue mark that was burned into her cheek and then quietly made her way to where she seen her father and the woman. She kept her distance so she wasnt in the way iif anything occured, seeing her father taking a new look, one that she hadnt seen unless he was in battle. HEr bright icey blue crystaline hues danced over to the woman and they flickered to a soft golden hue before shifting back. There was something about this woman that was making her feel as if she knew her some but that would be a topic for another time with her father, she wanted his attention so she took its resting place at her thigh, with the tip inbetween her thumb and index finger she smirked and aimed for his left leg, she made sure it would be a few inches off so she didnt actually hit him but she wanted him to know she was there. Once she let the dagger fly in his direction, black and violet mist started to form around it, increasing the speed of it and all she did was let out a soft giggle waiting to see what he would do.

DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna had when the things had started to happen with Aez and Kaf went upstairs and listened to things happening outside here door way and laid down to rest. She had fallen asleep and paid no mind to thing as this was kind of normal here, and she seemed to just sleep through thing hoping when she woke she would be in a better lighter mood. She also stayed clear of the going on with them and any troubles they may have caused here as they had the sparring fight since Aez could not really see well to know she was fighting with Kaf. She had also changed her clothing as well before drifting off into her slumber now donned in a off white shade of white top and red corset around it. She had on dark brown pants, and boots as well. She stayed lightly armed with her daggers and throwing knives as she slept her swords and bow were not that far from the bed. She slept peacefully unaware of anything around her as she dreams had her toss and turn in her sleep yet still she did not awaken. The way she slept it was easy to tell she had not really done so in the past couple of days as well as missed meals here. She rested unsoundly for a while as she still dreamed of happier days for herself here and hopes for a future life with someone who would stay with her. The figure was faceless and formless doe the most part a blur as it seemed to haunt her being there than almost pulling away from her as many times others had. She still did not wake from her dreams bad and good as one popped in her mind as if a ghost form the past for her it was the destruction of her elven home that played the way the blood mages had attacked and were killing all in their wake as she tossed and turned more. The sweats had start and still she could not wake from the nightmare yet it was as if reliving it was her life for the moment and she gave into it. She could hear the screams and the shrieks around her of those trying to just survive the slaughter of the moments that had past before her eyes.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon had not put any thought into what he was speaking, the words in the old langaue that filled the room here and there. She didn't care, she didn't care about the blood that was gushing from the bottom of her foot or the dagger in her hand still that was pressed up against her chest. Aezvyra would think, ideas pounding away within her brain as she lifted her left hand and ran it over her horns touchiing the chains before down to her necklace, the black pearl one with the onxy stone that kept a secret that only two knew. She took a breath and listened she could hear the soft steps of what she figured was Gregor trying to prove himself to her once again only to most likely fail which showed the male which was turned female by the empress was nothing but a failur at life. She shook her head watching to smack her self in the face. "Never send a piss ant to do a demon job." she cursed out as she went to pull the shadows to her and realize she couldn't that they had been stuck. "What the hell." she hissed out as she went summon them again to her. She felt the energy as she stood there, the wave nearly starting in her feet and rippled up to her finger tips as the room was cut off from the world it seemed. She couldn't hear anything now just the sounds of the male. "What do you want." she hissed out finding this little game to be more annoying then what she thought it would have been. Her eyes moved to the male as he spoke, mocked her which only fueled her rage. "Empress maybe.. though everyone has tricks up their sleeve.. and you are in My Realm.. Bestoyed to me by my father Salathiel and mother the demon Adrissa.. My Grandparents.. The demons Samael and Lilith her self.. I have the Goddess's blood running threw my veins." she hissed out as she moved her hands before her as she used the growing darkness in the room to strenghten her self. "I am alive because I am.. your the one who couldn't deal with me your self.. you sent your armies to do your job.." she pouted as if the idea of it had hurt her. She mocked him for it even though it was her stenght against him she knew if the male was truly Kafziel he wouldn't harm her to much. " Generous you say..." she paused debating to curse the idea she wanted to spit at him. "Your not Generous..You feared my death that is it." she chuckled out as she moved closer to the male she wished the dagger away seeing she had her sword on her back; but at this point the game was not with weapons but of the mind.

KafzielLaVayne: "Indeed i am generous. Very generous even."He spoke in the demon speech as he slowly landed upon his feet and the darkness around him made way for a voidlike floor for him to stand on."I may not be a divine being, my ancestry does not point to one either. But unlike you clinging to the divine blood going through you, i have bathed in it."He spitted the words to her. The thought of divinity meaning something to him was as bad as threatening his daughter infront of him. He gets cruel in those moments, and his words and actions will be meant to hurt every possible aspect of a person."Your death would not sway me."He takes a step forward towards the Empress claiming to have divinity going through her acestry."Pass away, die by my blade, die by the power of my armies. I have lived to long to see one person as a everlasting thing in my life."With another step forward he came close to her but he balances on his toes and swaying almost dancing to the ritme of darkess he goes forward."You inherit darkess, move it through a blood connection."He stomps his foot upon the ground with a loud bang that could be heard through the spiked shadow construction."I gained this power, i dominate the shadows and force my will upon what i wish to change."He smirks and licks his upper lip a black forked tongue snapping like a whip when it reaches the end."You are born in the darkness, i claimed it. My armies, claimed it. Everything i am, claimed it. You can not stand up to me, you inheritted your power. You did not claim that power, and neither do you know how deep this rabbit hole goes."He whispers at the end and as he raises his hand the smirk on his lips slowly dissapears."Xael , doir , gaoy. A simple transition in life, and one i can command on all if i desire. After all, my scythe once reaped royalty with no regard or power to stop it." Clasping his hand into a fist he looks up from the book with his main two eyes. Staring to the Empress as the beasts of his armies dissapear and the shadows themselves shatters like glass. Floating around him as if they were there physicly but with sigils flowing through it as if they were but a gass that could be passed through."Never forget that. My name is one of power, yours is but a lineage." He said as he turned away closing the book with a loud thud showing her his back as the shards of the shadows fly towards her. Specificly they shot towards her eyes and if recieved would grant her the eyesight back that she missed. His aura had been mixed into these shadows, but not in its colored form but its corrupted demonic form which blended in with its colors with a astonishing degree.

DawnDarkCrystal: -As the destruction around her continued it was as if she also had no real means of escape yet some glimmer of hope remained as that dream still played out before her. Venna was trying to defend the princess the phoenix she had loved so very much all her life as if she had been her own child. The form did change to the fire bird that had risen high up above her at the time when she was destined for her death, blinding the mages and allowing her escape as the great bird had picked her up and saw her the cliff side caves. It was safe place for her as the blood mages did not see them as they were still reeling from the huge fire bird that had taken the field adding its purging flames down on them. The ones that had also escaped to the caves an the labyrinth of them all turned to Venna for salvation and refuge as the home was now double falling from fire and the dark magics of the mages. Venna started to lead them deep into the cave, and showing the way to a safety not many would come to know it was her duty to save them all suddenly. Venna was cast to a roll she had not expected as many could not fight or withstand much more as she urged them forward with her and kept them together with her ever moving through the darkness with not more than mere lanterns to drive it away. A darkness that touched her soul and being as she had never know that day it had given birth to her own darker side that showed through at times and she had willed to break that from herself to no avail and she was also grateful for it at times as it honed her survival instincts as well. She had seemed to know and become one with that darkness willingly as she brought other to the light of a day unlike any know to them. They were alone with lost hopes and shatters lives and no hope for a future as Venna kept pushing them onto other safer land that they could settle in. Venna had then struck out on her own and started a life or journey with not knowing where it might lead or end.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: She walked, her body swaying with each movemet until she had placed her right infront of the male, she could tell it do to the dark shape before her what she could see. her gaze was starting to clear now, the shapes becoming sharper and details to be seen. The sounds of the male echoed in her mind as she took a breath. "Are you now?" she glanced up to him half tempted to lay her hand on his chest. as she watched him. Oh it hit a nerve when she spoke of being part of the deities' bloodline; of course this fact was lost over the years what recordes were left tranced her back to Samuel and Lilith. She took a breath agian pushed aside the urgers as she smirked. "Oh will it not sway you?" she paused and chuckled still in arms lenght right nearly against him. "Then why am I still here Kafziel?" she smirked before shaking her head taking a step back her eyes closing for a moment as she opened them with her full sight restored to her.

KafzielLaVayne: He could not do otherwise but let out a chuckle out of his amusement. Then he started to shake his head and watched her come closer to him untill she was within his arms reach."I am more then you think i am. My reach is further then you realize."He smirks and as she takes a step backwards and was able to see him fully with her sight restored he looked her over.He casted his book aside and it dropped on the blade he had casted aside with a loud thud while the orb of chaos energy slipped away leaving his hands empty."Why you are alive hm?"He sighs and takes a step forward untill he could easily reach her with his hands."That reason is very simple..."He spoke suprisingly calm, but with a another step forward his hands go up and grab for her shoulders to pull her to him untill his breath could trail down her skin." You have more value to me like this, then cold."He starts to grin and walking forwards further he pushes her backwards to put her back against the wall while he leans to her and looks her over once more from a better angle."Warm suits you much better after all."

DawnDarkCrystal: -Now Venna had fallen in to a much more peaceful sleep as her dream wen to flashed of endless taverns and kingdoms she had tried to find a welcome at and never had until now. She no longer tossed and turned as she slept and her breathing slowed and her sweats had stopped for the time being as she drifted in an endless state. The others that had drift into and out of her life and left her alone again to continue her journey again. Her ever endless searching and her past seemed to still loom over her in some ways as she had never expected of it. The endless lonely feeling that weight on her heart and mind that never truly left her as she felt destined to always be like that at this point. It would not let got of her like a creeping dark cloud ever present and never clearing by and light of day. She had tried many time to escape that with out hope it stayed with her and she once more turned in her sleep as she was endlessly trapped in that darkness now. It had not been the same that had driven her on to survive but was different and more pronounced at times. The pain of an empty shattered hear at the loss of so many including he husband and maybe the only one love in the world for her. She would at least try to fight this type of darkness that engulfed her crushing her heart time, and time again. Maybe it was also the loss of her daughter that she had with her husband the really haunted her as she had never spoken of her as it was too painful to remember her. She was in her own way jealous of those with children and the life she never got to share in with her own. The dreams of grandchildren gone with her and the ache as she would at times alone weep for that girl. Venna realized as she slept it had come to that time of year for her that the pain was forever in her heart. Venna woke with a star and tears streaked her face as she was so alone as of yet and she wiped them away with viscous swipes of her hand.-”Jessa my dearest girl I lost you forever and I would give the world to have you again if for a moment in time but that will never be meant for us."-Venna spoke as she got up and washed her afce to hide the red eyes from others as she looked around her room getting a hold of her composure again.-


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