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((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy based roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos due to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now the Ram's Tavern and Inn is located on the outskirts of the capital city Necromar which is on the far side of the city compared to Kleshi Hold aka the castle. It is evening; full moon and a chilly due to the first days of fall are coming near.The tavern is empty with the threat of the undead near.. Ten miles from Necromar; roaming bands of undead approach lead by one of the general Linchs..))

Times have changed and Aezvyra knew this, the demonic Empress had left the safety of her Keep which had been half way repaired which still seems to be taking forever until she was able to find a master stone smith that could actually do their job. With repairs of Necromar starting, she finally found time to leave the city and travel around the empire. It had been years.. a few hundred or so since she had the time to roam freely around Nyamithler seeing the last time she had was when she was growing up before she even decided to flee the land. The woman's chest lifts as she takes a deep breath her emerald green gaze lingering on a leaf that had already taken its turn to turn a soft brownish red color symboling the change of the seasons was not too far away. Aez had managed to finally reach the edge of her homeland; making sure everything had finally defrosted after the curse. Her eyes watched as the leaves swayed and danced in their place high upon the trees, her painted lips parted as she chuckled watching the wind touch them causing a single leaf to pull from its place and fall gently to the ground before her. The shadow demon's eyes remained on a single orange leaf as it rolled along the near dead grass the same path she was slowly walking. The woman dressed not in her normal black silk gowns to show off her title but that of her armor for a caution. The heavy leather and mithril chain mail tunic made it slightly harder for the demon who was walking not riding a horse to move about. Yet for once, she did not have her cloak but a simple fur that wrapped around her to block some of the chilled wind that was rolling in from the north. Even though the woman had her magic her gates she would normally use to travel between small area's or even out of the realm she decided not to use them. Upon the woman's back, she wields a great two handed long sword which seems to have a history all for its self. Aezvyra took another deep breath as she forced her self to take a few more steps down the path; the demon's mind wondering on the past and present but never the future it would seem. She comes to realize there was nothing she could do about it any longer it was her destiny to lead this empire if not she would simply have to ask someone close to ruling in her stead and she couldn't do that to them. The woman's mind shifted from the idea of leading the people of Nyamithler into Darkness to the past. Darkness.... the feeling she knew way too well as her true nature had been shown to her. It had brought pain, painful memories now played out in her mind much like they would do if she had used a spell to bring them into few of anyone. She closed her eyes her feet finally stopped as she thought about it. It took losing her adoptive siblings, her ex-husband who abandon her, and even her adoptive children forsaken.. all this bad all this pain lead the way for the demon Atman to be able to take her from the land of the Rose... to cast his spell to make the woman's true dark nature come out. Aezvyra found it funny how she would spend years trying to fight it, seeing the male only did that to make her realize there was no other that would be with her when she was like that which of course he was wrong. To her, it was funny how one fight could awaken the woman's true nature that had been sleeping deep inside of her this whole time. The very thing her family warned her about for years, now that it finally happens there was no going back on it. Aezvyra's  eyes closed for a brief moment as she stopped, remembering the horrible feeling when she uses to awake to find herself within the forest. The woman could still fully smell the sweet aroma of the crimson liquid that had covered her from head and toe and yet she didn't even worry about where the blood had come from. Her painted black lips parted as she chuckled once again heading on her way traveling the dark path towards the unknown. Aezvyra grew closer to the very place where a maybe not even a week before where she had last woken up, cover in the dark liquid, even the woman would never admit that it was the last time it spooked her, yet she was shocked it had not happened once more yet. She waited for the day she would end up stumbling to her feet beside one of the trees covered in some poor person's sweet tasting blood; just the thought made the demoness's mouth water. She could do without the stumbling those first few moments when she would wake up. She had often thought about what to do the next time it happened seeing she had scared some of the others around her doing it. Her ramblings, darting straight to her bedroom and locking her self away from countless days; all that in the past. She had come to terms that she had lost not only herself but her mind, did she truly care; not one little bit. <c>

The demon finally decided to push on the very moment her eyes would reopen. She was debating if she should have been concerned, with all the talk of bandits in the forests and roaming bands of undead, let alone talk of something more. Faint whispers had made their way to the Keep; talk of some Lycan pack that had gone mad, let alone orcs that seem to be killing their way closer once again. Yet, her long journey across the land to where she decided to rest for a moment or two she had not run into a single thing; no undead corps or some sort of beast to hinder her from making her journey a safe one. She couldn't help but to go searching now, leaving the dirt path she starts to stroll through the woodland area around her. Her painted, chapped lips parted not even an inch before she let out a gasp hearing the leaves of a bush close to her rustle; She quietly turned on her heels her right hand moved to the very place her daggers would have been if she would have remembered to wear them that day. "What luck" the woman's voice rang out as her hand moved up from her side once more. Her gloved hand lingered there ready to pull the closest shadows to her and use them how show seem fit, Wither it was by a creating an orb for a ranged attack or by to reach behind her and pull the great sword from her back. Which she didn't know which she would do at that moment, granted the shadow magic was the easiest thing she had at that moment. Aez stood there waiting for the source of the bushes' disruption only to see a small rabbit hope out. Her eyes widen as she shook her head placed her right hand on her chest as she took a deep breath; she was actually hoping for it to be some imp much this scene had played out countless times in the past. The woman's dark nature normally would have appeared out of the bushes causing her to react to it. Each time it happens the reaction was the same. Aezvyra would have allowed a threatening growl leave her lips as her eyes swirled red and black. Her fangs would lower just as she completely transformed into her demonic form; she stood to be five foot six with long wavy onyx hair; her skin had darkened to a charcoal black color. Her pierced lips seem to have closed as she tilted her head, her black leather like horns curled out from under her hair and along the side of her head. She chuckled, her hand moving to the side of her head as her finger tips trailed along the embedded chain that had wrapped around her horns. Isis glared moved watching the creature still as her barbed tail seem to sway behind her, one hit with a barb could send an adult mortal male into shock from the poisons that were laced around on them. Aez would cuss and demand to know what the imp wanted only to fall right into its trap on chasing it. Yards of ground covered and thinking about it the woman would have stopped at nothing to reach her goal and finally catching the imp and killing it, not knowing it was just a show of the Demon Atman at the time; or it was all in her mind her true self-echoing the past trying to get out.  <c>

The rabbit finally decided to make its way back into its hole just as branches a few feet seem to snap forcing the woman to look in the direction before fading into the shadows around her. Her eyes widen as she watched the horde of corpses seem to be a group of twenty or so in total not alone with the massive undead trolls that seem to be shortly behind them. Her eyes moved over each one as she counted the small band that seems to make its way towards Necromar. Slowly the woman traveled shortly behind the pack that was moving much of a speed of the slowest undead within the party. Aez could have just started a spell to open one of her gateways to the ShadowLands to travel back towards the capital city faster; to warn them of the raiding party of the undead legion seem to be making its way towards the city walls; Granted the woman was a few hours ride out if she had a horse that was. Aez sighed softly her eyes finally swirling and resting in their voidless color state as she watched. The demon was powerful that was giving but what was she waiting for. She could either take on the whole group and murder them all or simply drop them into the ShadowLands where they could do no harm to anyone yet there she was stalking behind them as they made their way to the city. Aezvyra was sure once they hit the walls the guards would either abandoned their post which would be upsetting and cause her to have to once more punish the people or they would start the assault but were they smart enough to start with the trolls? Closer... how close were they now? The demon didn't know how far away they were, she guessed ten miles from the edge of town maybe. <e>

KafzielLaVayne: With the placement of his hand above his eyes he peered into the distance as he had made his way to stand high on one of the towers. His hair moved wildly by the wind and the hairs of his unkept stobbled beard stood straight up as it whent around him. The agitation from being unsure where the empress was as captain of the guards was starting to show on his face. His sharp gaze and ready to do battle stance kept the guards away from him when they wanted to adress this behaviour of his. But he wouldn't care for it even if they told him. He looked down on them with much contempt. To often did he watch the guards be punished for their failures, untill one shows otherwise he may never see them in a positive light. He placed his fists against the lower wall and leaned against it letting out a sigh of annoyance." I hate days like this."He said a bit to loud letting the guards hear it and quickly make their way away from him knowing how he gets during days like this. Their posts was quickly made at the lower walls and they watched together with the captain outwards in silence. Would they say a word they feared what would follow from the captain if he was given even the simplest of reasons to vent.<c>

KafzielLaVayne: Luck however was on the side of the guards that day however. What seemed like a clear raiding party of undead appeared on the horizon. It seemed small at first however more kept appearing on the horizon untill even the undead orcs could be seen by the captain. The guards almost all in unison letted out a sigh of relief. One the captain would not have heard perhaps, but all together? he heard them allright. His sharp gaze turned to the lower walls and with his flat hand he slammed against the small wall he stood nearby and waved his other hand at chest height."Everyone to their stations."He yelled as he started to dart down the stairs."This is an attack of undead origin, and with the empress not around i will take command of the defences." He explained as he ran out the door and towards the lower walls."I want 2 rows of archers, and swordmen at the gates."He orders as he starts to make his stance next to a group of guards.The wolf together with the swordmen ran towards the nearest gates."Lets make this a day to celebrate out actions for once."With a mumbling of words he drew the large blade from his back and placed it on the wall before him. He had no intention of fighting with the blade at first chance, instead he would attack together with the archers. He grabbed one from the barrel nearby and with it a quiver of arrows. Throwing them over his shoulder and on to his back the cloack slowly floated down to the ground. He was not wearing any armor underneath clearly, instead it seemed like a sleeveless grey shirt and some leather pants with open skirt that only covered the back of his legs.<e>

MorriganOkultizmas: Countless nights Morrigan would lock her self within the very tavern room she rented out. She had made it home despite she was all to ready to return back to her family granted there she was stuck within the Nyamthlier empire until she was able to get the object that caused her to enter the land in the beginning. In the months she had been there she had seen darkness over the land, an icy curse over take it which she had hardly helped with granted she did find the stones that could help the people to ward off some of the ice within the city after it had broke through the ring the Empire enchanters seem to have made. She sighed her sapphire blue eyes lingered out the window as she started to pace. She was for once dressed in her mage garments even though she was debating on becoming a full Enchanter for the empire here now that she was stuck her; then again there was other magical artafacts she needed to track down was her time well spent here the best. The woman turned facing the door as she looked to it. She sighed taking a breath she turns around walks to the nightstand by the bed before picking up a small ring and placing it back on her hand before finally approuching the door and unlocking it only to walk outside. Once on the oppsite side of the door the mage would turn shutting it behind her and locking it soon after. Her gaze shifted as she made her way to the lower floors of the tavern before walking to the bar and ordering a glass of water seeing she hardly drank. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demoness tracked the hored the best she could trying to stay a few feet behind it as she watched the city walls come into view only do to the lite braziers that seem to be in the towers. The view of her home wasn't that bad despite the reason she was coming to see it at this exact moment. She took a breath shifted in the shadows as worked her self closer to the group; she would pull the sword from her back holding it with one hand despite it being a two handed sword. 'Let's play' she thought to her self as she snuck up on a few of the stragglers before quietly trying to windle the vast horde down the best she could. The moment she had went to swing her sword how ever made her decided agaist that. The moment of the sword the force she needed to wheild the weapon one handed much like she always done caused pain. The woman gasped, the sound luckly hidden under the sound of branches breaking and twigs snapping from the trolls moving closer towards the city. The woman's free arm moved over her right side as she placed it over the bottom of her rib cage. How was it she forgot she was hurt, that she had cracked ribs a few weeks before and they had not been set let alone healed. Now she felt stupid, there she was in the mist of battle unable to even force her self to swing her sword at its full power without it taking the woman's breath away. She managed to knock one of the corpses to the ground with the half swing at lest she moved closer before plundging the edge of the blade into its skull. Her dark gaze shifting to the other one she had stopped just as it seem to noticed her. The woman would allow the tip of her weapon remain in the skull of her victum a she watched the straggler wobble and stumble its way closer to her much like an horror movie zombie would. "Oh come on stop with the groaning please" the woman's dark voice would linger some before she would lick her lips. "I promise it will be as painless as I can make it" she smirked as she pulled the sword up once more despite the trouble she was having controling it with the pain it brought her yet she had to; for her own saftey she had to or she would simply fall in battle. She mumbled to her self cursing the fact she had not told a single soul where she was off to before she made the choice to leave the keep, let alone told her personal guards she didn't need them and told them to enjoy them selves for the day. Oh it was the grandest of plan the woman had by far. The woman growled trying to mask the pain she was in from the couple of crack rips as she lifted her sword one handed once more pointing its tip at the shamblings of a undead. "I don't have all day." she mumbled out as she allow the creature to close the gab between them hoping that the trolls or the rest of the horde would remian heading towards the tavern at lest. The woman would take a breath causing a sharp stabbing pain ripple through her chest as she moved the sword laying the blade on her shoulder as she waited for the moment. The corpes of course stumbling closer ever second had nearly got close enough to touch her just before the blade of the great sword came swinging around aimed for its neck, making a clean cut the head would soon fall to the ground and the body along with it. Aeazvyra chuckled softly before stabbing the end of her sword into the dirt as she rested for the moment her leather boot moving close enough to the body to kick it just to make sure there was no way it was going to turn and get back up even without its head. 

KafzielLaVayne: With burning embers in his eyes he watches the hord as it drew ever closer. However they were so slow, it felt like it took forever for them to come close enough. He just stood there, silently as he watched the hord together with the guards that ran everywhere to prepare."Everyone in position."He yells as he drew the long bow from his shoulder and held in his free hand the first of many arrows that would fly."At my mark, let them taste the arrows of our homeland." Placing the arrow against the string and balancing it upon his fist as he stood in the ready to fire he gazes over the hord. He was thinking, counting and guessing what they were in for. The expression he made looked grim in that regard. His eyes were already one of someone that was going to see the death of many. The muscles in his arm which showed strain of holding the string of the bow back would move up as he brings his elbow slight higher to improve his aim. During these final moments of his peace he took a deep breath, and with a booming voice adressed all the guards that were going into battle with him."Men. Today many of us will die, perhaps even myself."He said at which some of the guards seem amused, perhaps they thought he would die first or not at all he did not know." However the homes behind us will go untouched. Our wifes, our children they will see our return. If you got no one, then tough luck."At this he letted out a chuckle himself."But i command you to stand tall, and after all this. I will buy the ale for us all myself." With this the guards started to scream, they laughed and the expression on the face of their commander seemed more hopefull. No warrior is usefull when they are tense, but with this perhaps the death count would not be to bad. He watches the hord come close, close enough for longbows to reach them. He smirks and pulls the string back further making the muscles in his upper body tenser and pushing against the grey sleeveless shirt he was wearing."Fire."He screams his voice now even louder as he releases the arrow after which a cloud of arrows followed. A grey smur in the sky that flew ever higher, so far they took so long to fly that he and the guards already had arrow in hand before the arrows started their descend towards the first rows of the undead hord.

MorriganOkultizmas: The dark enchantress sighed softly watching Rose for the moment before looking around the room as she had noticed there was no elven bard singing no lute being played. "Where is everyone?" she asked the barmaid before reaching for the glass of water that had been place before her to her lips. She looked confused she could bearly hear the screams of the warriors on the walls at the tavern let alone the tavern wasn't exactly in the city walls seeing the walls were crubbled at that spot which made it easy for the hunters of the tavern to get in and out of the city. The woman glanced down finishing her glass of water before turning around and realizing just how dead the tavern was. "Ok there something up Rose what is it. Out of the months I have been within this land I have never seen this place so dead." she mumbled out as she turned to face the young woman with the burning red hair. She waited for a replay and the woman seem not to have an answer to give. 'its early' that was all that was said about it which the mage didn't think was the case. 

TundraLynx: He roamed the abandoned streets. Those desolate streets left silent with women and children hiding deep in their homes in fear. He looked around and while all seemed peaceful, the air remained uneasy. Having just recently awoken from the coma he stayed resting in awaiting his return to the world. He looked down at the bandages that remained wrapped around his wounds from his previous battle of which he had little recollection. They slowly seeped rich blood, still open from his battle against the frozen demon. A sharp sound suddenly pierced through his ears and drew his attention over to the walls that lined the city as barrier. It was a voice, a loud man's voice that he recognized through hazy memory. He quickly rushed to the wall. The chilled stones stung the scrapes on the bottom of his feet with each step. Upon reaching the steps he heard more shouts and sounds of combat. The sound of arrows speeding through the air amidst war cries. He looked up the staircase he faced and charged up them as quickly as he could. He quickly cought sight of a familiar man from the castle. What was his name? Kafziel perhaps? He stepped behind the line of archers careful not to bump into them, and walked up to the tall male. "What's going on?" He asked before peering out over the walls. He couldn't see much but approaching figures. "What is that? Is THIS the invasion from the crypts that Aezvyra would speak about?" 

LordMikaboshis  The moonlight shines down upon the land as the undead feast upon a unsuspecting victims, the moans and groans are hard through out the silent night. The cold air Nipped at Gilgamesh's back neck as he summoned a sword out of a portal plunging into a near by zombie that tired to claw itself on his golden armor. "filthy mongrel you dare lay a hand on me?! King of kings? you will rule the day you choose to touch me filth!" He said as he impaled it with 20 more swords, the zombie would twitch before laying there dead for good this time. the swords then would smoothly vanish as they came, leaving golden specks of dust in the air as they disappeared. Gilgamesh was a tall man, in fact he was about seven feet tall, he wore a Bright golden armor with the mouths of golden dragons at the shoulders. His breast plate had the mouth of a lion, with jeweled eyes of ruby. His leggings was also golden but with black leather pants under it, On the back of his armor was the symbol in Hebrew for King of kings. He stood there as the moonlight glistens over his white bright hair, showing his golden color iris's and his pale but prefect white skin. At he side he bore a large sword, thought it was mostly for show, it was his most prized weapon the Sword of Babylon , this sword had the power to consume all the souls around it and unleash a time rippling effect that can destroy the cradle of life. He stood there for a moment basking in the full shine of the wind before another claw reached out to grab him, But a sword appeared and slammed it into the nearest tree. "How dare you interrupt my moment of basking in the glory of the sun, you filthy body of scabs, I shall burn you like the dog you are" He said as he flicked his hand and igniting the zombie on fire, it screamed and howled, but the boot of Gilgamesh slammed into its face. "I did not give you permission to howl in pain dog! i am here to watch you burn in agony, Not cry like a shambling baby Now die with honor dog" he said as he spat on the zombie with a gross looking loogy. He then watched as the skull caved in under the flames as it was burnt nothing to ash. He spat again as he made his wave over to the high walls useing his flying magic he would simply begin to walk up like the air was a pair of steps and step over the wall, But as he was about to cross it, he saw a tavern in the distance and smiled. "Surely the dogs of the lowly birth can tell me what is going on in this city of undeath and chaos" He said loudly to himself as walked upon the very air towards the tavern, His bright golden armor shined brightly in the air as his white long hair flowed in the cold night wind. coming close to the wooden door, He would push it open with a smooth push, the door creaking under the push as it whined loudly. Upon entering the tavern he saw it was dead , and none was there, though oddly enough the lights was still alive. Making himself at home he would walk behind the bar and grab him a bottle of 1560 vineyard wine and pop the cork as he summoned a wine glass to his hand and poured it softly into the cup, He would give it a few swishes before he sat upon the edge of the counter milking his drink with pride.  

NuLumination  A black and gold carriage was heading along a rather rough road from a near by kingdom, horse hooves beating heavily upon the ground in a steady beat. The carriage itself was rattling and the passanger inside of it was bouncing about, the passanger inside was becoming rather frustrated and aggrivated at the fact that they were being tossed about like a sack of grain. The passanger was a young woman that was rather unique in nature for she didnt look like most your women in the world, she had very prominate Fae features that mixed with her demonic features rather nicely, long light pink tresses were pinned up into high ponytail at the crown of her head, some of her bangs were left out and swept to the right side of her face. Full lucsious ebony stained lips were met with equally beautifulf tanned flesh that was a smooth as a freshly born babe. She was looking out the window of her carriage taking in the scenery when she noticed fires and torches off in the vast distance, she was hoping that she was coming to the town soon so she could get out and stretch her legs. The driver of the carriage could sense her worry and spoke in a husky tone, "No worries m'lady we will be there soon. We shall be stopping at a tavern before we go much further however so the horses can rest and you can eat." A soft and gentle sigh fell from her lips before she spoke in a nearly hushed voice, "Thank you Drake." Her right hand rose up and ran through her hair untangling it as her gaze never left the window, her left hand was resting on her thigh that was showing slightly from her dress. Suddenly she felt the carriage stop and she growled, "Drake, I swear to the Dark Gods there better be a reason for the sudden urge to stop right now." She felt the carriage shift a bit and Drake opened the door and held out his hand, "M'Lady we are here at the tavern, that is the reason for the stop." Nodding she took his hand and stepped out of the carriage, once both feet were on the solid ground the fixed the dress she wore, it was made of the finest silks that money could buy. The wine colored skirt that held a slit on the side was nearly to her hip revealing much of her leg and hardly leaving anything to the imagination at all, a black corset top that connected the skirt showed off her sides and a great part of her ample bosom. Adjusting her cloak she headed for the doors of the tavern as she heard voices and seen fireplaces light inside, she pushed the doors open and looked around it with her bright ice blue crystaline hues as she stepped inside. A small shiver came over her and she took a few more steps inside, her heels lighty clicking against the hardwood flooring as she moved with a grace that was made for a being of light she was hoping to go unheard as she made her way to a seat.  

XtraVaganT23  The gypsy wrapped herself tighter in her hooded cloak, and stuck to the shadows of the forest. She kept turning behind her ever so often, making sure she wasn’t being followed. Behind her were the roaming bands of undead that everyone was so frightened of. How she managed to escape or be ahead, she will never know. What she did know is that she needed to look for shelter, or she will catch her death with the chill in the night’s air. Covering half of her face with her cloak, she took each step with careful ease. Being a gypsy, she has been taught very well by her beloved uncle to survive in the wilderness, and to use her abilities to protect herself. Among those traits was to be stealthy within the forest, to where she hardly startled a small creature, like a rabbit. Kezia grabbed hold of her gypsy skirts that she readjusted a few times, so that it would not get filthy and quickened her step after a few strides. Curse me for being so short! There needs to be shelter around here somewhere.” She thought to herself. As the air began to reach the core of her bones, she quickly dug into her sack of stones that are always attached to her hip. But just as quickly as she reached for her leather sack, she came to reasoning and preferred to wrap herself tighter, almost forming her silhouette with her cloak. “If I light a tiny fire for my own warmth, it might make me known to these deadened creatures. . I do not wish to fight or defend myself right now, I need to get warm.” She thought yet again. After a few miles of what seemed like an eternity to Kezia, she came around to see a small faint light in the distance and the smell of freshly brewed ale. She closed her amethyst colored eyes and inhaled deeply, imagining the crisp of the ale burning down her throat and insides. “Thank the gods there is life in this godforsaken forest!” She exclaimed aloud this time. Finally reaching the door of the tavern, she didn’t realize how hard she pulled it open. Kezia took a quick glance around and found the bar towards the end of the tavern. Forgetting her manners, she rushed towards it almost stumbling over her own two feet. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon needed a break, she felt as if she was getting to old for this let alone her days being the ruling power of the empire made sure she was out of practice for this sort of thing. She sat there leaning upon her great sword which was sticking out of the ground to give her self enough time to breath, she could feel those cracked ribs now and wish she had been smart enough to have had them healed before now, but no the woman was stubborn much like there she was widdling down the horde of undead so she thought alone. She took a few more moments before plucking the sword from the ground this time with both hands as she attached it behind her once more. Her dark voidless eyes lingered on her targets that seem to have gotten far enough away now that it took her sevral moments to take out just two of the walking corpse. "Dame" she mumbled out as she had to catch up to the end of the moving horde once more. She had to keep up with them despite how she felt; and at this exact moment the woman wanted to lay down and baby her self from the pain she was in even though she knew she could not. She was not going to give in, one boot infront of the other she made her self follow the horde back to the city. She would bring her self closer to them and once more take on the stragglers whom seem to have distance them selves from the brood of the masses. She would stalk again, much like her days as an assasin for the highest bidder before she had finally decided to seek her self. The woman would use the darkness around her to despose of the three corpse before her this time. Her painted lips curled at their ends as she spoke lightly pretty much under any sound as she did not want to make her position known to the near by undead troll. A silver band would rapidly move across her black gaze as she summoned a small portal in the ground just to drop one of the so called walkers into the ShadowLands so she could deal with it on a later date. She sighed forcing her self to move once again she would pull the great sword from her back to use on the other two. Hacking the first one she came to in three parts before fainly removing its head and the other she quickly dispacted. Closer.. her eyes moved back towards the walls they were closer she could make out the shadows standing on the walls and hear the battle cries of the guards upon them. Hearing that from where she stood made the woman's smile, at lest she was not the only blood thristy monster of the night. It was music to hear ears right up to the point she heard a few bodies before her drop. Her brow rose as she glanced up to the sky she could hardly make out the arrows but was sure that what they had to be. "Great my own men will be the death of me tonight." she hissed out as she shook her head before moving along the trees once more making it to the clearing just as she spotted another small group of undead. She could take them, of course she could as long as she did not draw the attention of the trolls she would be fine. Yet, something bothered her, she seen the trolls, the corpse a few random ghouls and a couple of skeleton archers in the back known she knew held any rank within the Undead Legion, where was the Necromancer? Was it one of her generals leading this raiding party? Aezvyra glanced about searching for the leader, she figured if she could find them take them out then that would either disband the party or best slow them the hell down. When she was unable to find such a leader amonst the horde she come to realize this was bad. She grumbled to her self pulled her sword close to her and made her way to the walls. She had to beat the bulk of the horde and dodge the arrows she have seen not only in the air but in the bodies of the lucky shots that have managed take some of the horde down. The woman gave in finally she stopped turning around faced a tree before whispering under her breath. 

KafzielLaVayne: The cries of battle. The sound of the arrows swishing from the holds of the guards and into the sky. Completely the commander immersed himself in the battle and did not pay attention to those around him except when he ordered the arrows to fly into the sky. To his suprise he found that Kai all of a sudden was behind him and holding his shoulder . He turns to him putting away the longbow onto the low wall along with the quiver he had hanging from his shoulder." We are under attack. It seems bad and i need someone to keep the bow men going while i go out."He spoke absent mindly as he looked back towards the undead hord that came to close for his comfort. " You will have to do the part. Keep the arrows flying aslong as you can without hurting our own men. Untill then, try and make yourself usefull atleast a little even if you are wounded." He started to speak more commanding after the first quarter of his sentence and he spoke started to grab the longbow and quiver he had used himself just moments ago. Almost forcing the two in his arms he attempted to give it to him, would he not take it he simply drops it to the ground infront of him." It can not get any worse, so dont worry about failure."He remarks grabbing the demonic blade he had placed on the low wall into his hand as he arches his head back slightly. A loud whistle comming from his lips as he presses them together made the wolf already standing with the knights at the gate perk up and jump up the stairs towards its master."I will be leading the men on the ground. Good luck." Stepping upon the demonic wolf he sits down on its back and holds the blade tightly in his right hand. He whipes some sweat from his neck and chin with the grey sleeveless shirt he had on and adjusted it to clearly show the sign of fenrir on the back. Then with a kick against the side of the demonic wolf with his heel he gets taken along down the stairs at a rapid pace.

TundraLynx: Kai's expression grew stern as the call of battle recruited him. Kafziel was right, and he knew that he had to do something to help. He whipped one of his daggers from its pouch on his thigh and with a twirling flourish, pointed it towards the sky. "Men!" He began to shout. "Fire with everything you've got! Don't hold back. For everything behind these walls!" He took his dagger and brought the edge of the blade to the bandages guarding his chest, slicing them off. He watched the bloodsoaked wrappings drop to the ground, and dug the dagger into the gash in his shoulder-width from the demon's claw months prior. His blood dripped onto the ground, and began pumping his strength into the reproduction of blood cells. Slowly and steadily the pool grew larger. He stared at the battlefield, and yet every approaching horde of enemies looked the same. "Where's their leader?" He whispered to himself. He shrugged off the thought to continue doing all he could to help the resistance, and soon the pool of blood coated the length of the wall at a depth that nearly reached his ankles. He ran a hand across the oozing wound on his chest, forcing a scab to block the bleeding temporarily. Once more he raised his dagger to the sky. The sanguine pool slowly clumped and hardened into the shapes of arrows ready for shooting. "Refill your quivers!" He shouted to which the soldiers obeyed, loading up with the arrows of crystalline crimson. A psychotic smile dawned on Kai's face, and at the top of his lungs he bellowed the command, "Fire!" sending a hail of artillery into the oncoming hordes. 

MorriganOkultizmas: Morrigan yawned her eyes lingering on the door just as it seemed to open. The mage blinked watching not only a male walk in but a few others over time to. "See people" she chuckled out as she turned to glance at the bar maid Rose again. "I hope you have some stew or roasted boar" she teased the woman before taking a sip of her water which seem to have refilled over the time that it took for the door to swing open and then close once more. The woman would glance down to her robes before shaking her head letting her eyes fall on the male whom had entered the tavern, she took note of his armor and the way he carried his self as he walked across the room right up to the bar. Her brow rose as she watched him seem to move behind the bar also and take something. Morrigan shrugged knowing most people did that to but this one she wasnt sure of. She had never once seen this male within the lands before let alone the two females that seem to entered some time aftewards. The next person she watched would have been the female, she could tell she was royal or seemed high court if anything just by the dress she had. Hell morrigan was lucky if she had managed to get enough money for a dress such as the one the woman was wearing and she could tell it. She shook her head turned to Rose once more. "you might want to do your job." she teased the bar maid before taking her glass of water and moving to a table just as the door seem to open once more.

LordMikaboshis: He drinks his fill of the aged wine and sits the glass down , as he does a woman enters through the tavern , at first her eyeballs glared around the room before she walked in, and it seems there was a man behind her, A servant? He chuckled to himself. "So this place isn't full of Ill blooded mongrels " he said out loud towards the woman who he suspected was of noble birth, But alas he spoke to soon as another lass would tumble through the door, and land on her face. he knew this woman, she..seemed like they meet before. he thought on it for a moment as he stared at the lady and then it clicked. "Ah ha! your the mongrel of that village i visited" he said out loud as he pointed towards her, But before she can respond his ears flicked as he heard the sounds of battle and sighed. "it seems the King of kings must protect the Mongrels of this realm If he wishes to stay" he said turning to see the mage at the bar and smiled with a sinister grin towards the mage as his body would disappear in golden dust specks. ~~~The castle walls~~ A figure flashed in by gold would appear before the men at the wall, Loud bells would ring as the man stepped out of what seemed to be a magical portal music begin to play around him as he stood there. In fact if one had a ear for classical music one would note it to be Mozart requiem, the tall White haired figure stood before the men as they lunched their arrows into the air towards the undead below , But as he flashed in , some of the men would turn their heads confused at what had appeared before them. He turned his head looking for the one who was in charged and spotted the man with daggers in hand ordering his men around."Id advise you pull your men back" He said with a cold voice as he half looked over his shoulders. Portals behind the golden man would begin to appear as swords, axes , spears and even harpoons would being to appear all around him, In fact there was thousands of portals around him with all types of swords. The man in gold would then open his arms like he was at a drama play and yell loudly towards the zombies and the men behind him. "Let me show you mongrels how it is done, I Gilgamesh will be your savior and protector, Watch as a I Save your filthy lives from becoming food for the brainless" He said as he flicked his right hand foreword and the weapons in the portals begin to rain down upon the zombies below, the portals would spit out weapon by weapon slamming into the zombies with such force that it kicked up clouds, Gilgamesh would let out a loud blood curling laugh as he fired his weapons upon the zombies, though those who would be locked in battle with the zombies would be in danger as the swords did not care for freind or foe. It was aimed for the horde, though even as the swords plunged down upon them, some of the zombies cut in half or just by pure chance sneaked by his blades, But his suppressing fire had opened a room for a advance charge.

NuLumination  As she took her seat, she noticed that Drake was not far behind her. Shaking her head she waved her hand and sent him to fetch her something to eat and drink since he wanted her to rest and manage her hunger. Crossing her right leg over her left as she waited, the slit of her dress seemed to only spread apart further which now gave better access to any viewer to catch a better glimse of her long tanned well toned limb that held a bit of shine to it from the rosemary oil she used to keep her skin silky soft. She noticed that someone had glanced at her and she offered them a kind and warm smile before Drake came back to her with a cup of wine and some bread with a few bits of cheese and meat all of which came from her own carriage. Once Drake set it down he walked away but stayed within distance in case he was needed, the young woman rolled her eyes as if she were irritated that he was acting like a big brother then a guardian. She reached for the cup but stopped suddenly as she heard alot of shouting and weapons clashing, closing her eyes she focused herself so she could hear better and then stood up and rushed for the door but was stopped by Drake. "I dont think so lass, go sit back down we dont need you getting hurt out there." Without even thinking she smirked turned around and grabbed the hilt of the sword he carried at his right hip, drawing it from the sheath she pointed the tip at his heart and spoke in very clear voice that held a such power within it for one small like she is, "Get in my way again Drake and I will run you through. I was trained for war and if there is one that is raging on outside it is our duty to help in anyway that we can. Now move your gaint arse out of my way or I shall move you myself." With a hearty laugh Drake stepped aside and she handed him his sword back, reaching down she picked up the hem of her dress and headed out the doors and looked for any signs of where the most damage was being dealt within the city. 

XtraVaganT23: Grumbling from the fall, she slowly raised herself up and rubbed her forehead to soothe the landing. “What a way to make an entrance.” She chuckled aloud. Unwrapping herself from her cloak, her attire appeared to be of a normal peasant. A white top covered by her corset and a forest green gypsy skirt she made by hand with several other patches of garments she could gather. Her skin appeared to be sun kissed and tan-like. Each of her shoulders contained one mark on the side, and one on her shoulder blades. These represented the 4 elements she welds with her stones as vessels. Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. And once activated, the markings spread across her body like vines, and increase as the power increases. A single tattoo of a crescent moon on her forehead represented the gypsy spirit realm known as Akasha, that is only available to Kezia when her life is on the line, and happens in rarity. This is only activated by her onyx stone necklace she wore around her neck and can take over when the fear of death is too much for her to handle. Kezia did a quick check on herself, feeling for every item she wore and then nodded in satisfaction. “Everything is in place.” As always, she is adorned with jewels, bracelets, anklets her dagger she has tied around her arm, (for safety reasons), given to her by her uncle, and her stones that are attached on her hip in a leather sack. These never left her side not even for a moment. Running her ring adorned fingers through her raven colored hair, she strolled towards the bar and sat on the stool. She jumped at the curious man who exclaimed she knew her and once Kezia’s amethyst eyes landed on his. .she grumbled slightly. “Oh no, its him.” But as soon as she said that to herself, he vanished leaving a trail of what seemed to be like pixie dust behind. Rolling her eyes she then turned to face the others in the tavern. She blushed realizing that she didn’t even introduce herself, but then again neither have they. It was a tavern after all. The Regal brat that sat in the far corner of the tavern, made Kezia roll her eyes again, for all her life people like that always tend to give gypsies like her hell. But her attention quickly tuned into the screaming that the other heard as well. As the brat stormed outside the tavern, Kezia sulk towards the shadows. Whatever it was she wanted to get a good vantage point and advantage if she were to defend herself.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The whispers would increase as the womans stood there her hands outstretching to the tree as she pulled the shadows from near by as she worked on summoning a portal. "Logdkitt... Logdkitt U fix an mpi xgokm ji cottoxi humpuk mpi roklt an Tpolaht. Ykma mpi Giorj an tpolaht ma xuqi jetirn toni-cottoxi fozd ma hpigi U tiid. Logdkitt... Logdkitt U fix mpi" ((translation: Darkness... Darkness I beg of the grant me passage within the lands of Shadows. Unto the Realm of shadows to give myself safe-passage back to where I seek. Darkness... Darkness I beg the)) the words seem to wrap upon themselves as she repeated it over and over her fingers pulling away from eachother before her sight changed her head turned as the sound of an arrow hit right next to her. Her spell stopped, the portal not opening as she bend over and plucked the arrow from next to her. "their trying to kill me now" she hissed out as she turned to face back towards the horde and the walls. Aezvyra was going to use a quicker way there but now that she was nearly shot, the pain from the broken ribs didn't help, the woman could feel the wrath bubble deep inside of her as she took off as fast as she could darting towards the city now. Sword strapped to her back as she did so, she was glad she was no meer mortal even though her illuison made it appear so. The demon rushed dodging tree after tree and then weaving in and out of the slow undead corpse right til she nearly hit one of the undead trolls. Her eyes widen as she came to a stop right in the middle of it all. Arrows flying all around her the horde clawing and finally realizing she was there amist them; oh this was a great plann now. The demon growled drew her sword "Logdkitt... Logdkitt U fix an mpi xgokm ji cottoxi humpuk mpi roklt an Tpolaht. Ykma mpi Giorj an tpolaht ma xuqi jetirn toni-cottoxi fozd ma hpigi U tiid. Logdkitt... Logdkitt U fix mpi" (translation:Ready to meet your maker because today is a good day to meet mine if I must.. The Great Mother and her Mate will welcome a proud warrior with open arms) A smirk came across her painted lips as she worked on dismembering the ones close to her other then the troll. 

KafzielLaVayne: Ready for battle he sat upon the demonic wolf with the large crude blade in hand. His hand held tightly onto the furr of the beast. Leaning forward he wanted to call for the gates to open.He would have called out to go towards the battle if it weren't for suprised mumbling behind him from the knight furthers in the back of the group. It was not a good sign he thought to himself.Curious to what in the hell they were thinking getting distacted so easily he steps off from the wolf and makes his way to the line further in the back. Preparing to beat every single one of them back in line he follows their line of sight and to his suprise he sees a spectactly of flying blades."What in the blazing hells is this fairy thinking?"He shouted out loud as he starts to storm his way upon the stairs.The stone that built the walls would start to rumble as he stepped with powerfull strides. His sharp gaze once ready for battle showed him to be furious at this man.A random man, unknown to him had the gutts to step out of line and into his battle. When he reaches the lower walls he watches the man that made the blades fly towards the hord. Glad that he did not send anyone into battle earlier he raises his arm and made a fist with the clear intention of swinging it towards the cheek of the man."Are you not right in the mind you castle on feet? what if my men were there?" He shouts to be heard above the sounds of his men reaction and the blades flying into the hord which reacted loudly to the sudden barrage while he swung his fist straight to the cheek of the man. This was not an irregular occurence and he did oftenly find himself to get physical when he considers people to go to far in their actions during times of danger. He wishes or rather he demands a strict line of order and when people break the order that dictates the flow of battle he easily explodes.


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