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DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna rose the purple wine to her lips again the elderberries making her lips a shade of pale purple very alluring and yet very disturbing in a way. She watched carefully as a few hunters were seated in the bar also watching the exchange between the male and the the Lady of high court. Here there was a High Court a lower court and ranking officers of court. From there things Trickled down to lower ranking officers of which she was considered one of as the Officer in charge of the the Archers and empire hunters. She would settle their disputes train them punish them and see they were fit for duty at all times. She had been away for a while and now she had to reinsert herself as back and able to command again. For now she was relegated to watching Aez's back knowing a few of the hunters might take exception to the way Gregor was treated for his trouble causing. He had been warned not to push against the empress yet he dared to try and now came time for the price to be paid. Venna was seated her swords close by her something even and archer carried at times but she carried twin dual blades. The polished handles sticking out the sheaths She would step in at any movement from anyone taking objection to the punishment earned by Gregor.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Oh she was going to have fun with this one; the woman curled her fingers against the male's chest that of coruse had been covered by thread bare cloth that made up his tunic. Her colorless eyes looking up at him as she waited for an answer if he could even come up with one. She smirked, her facial must had seem as if she was acting so innocent yet still tried to screw with the male with those bedroom eyes as she stood there. The scene that seem to play out looked nearly as if it was a couple right before they they share an intement moment. Aezvyra took a deep breath and shook her head. "Oh no comment for me, such a shame Gregor." she shook her head before pulling her hand back and taking a step back before turning around to face the crowd. "Tisk... tisk.." a devilish smirk played across the woman's face as she allow her gaze fall towards the bar to Revenna before giving a slight wink to the Hunter. With a slight raised voice she would address the whole tavern, her voice still carrying its luring pull within it. "If you all have a issue with whom I put in charge on things then you are sadly need to simply find a new home." she paused turning back around to face the Male hunter. "I do not approve of this disloyal.. this disobeying leadershit even if its a woman." She hissed out the shadows of the room seem to pull to her as her right hand moved toying with them, becking them to her as she started to cast a dark spell. "Days are changings and so is our ways.. I am not my parents.. nor am I that spinless snake of a stewert that had been in charge before me." her eyes seem to scann across the room as she turned on her heels slowly making she to make eye contact with each one of the Hunters within the Ram's Tavern on this night.
Guest_ethostheripper: And stay the fuck out! -the woman yelled as Ethos' head met the somewhat rough gravel. the woman stood in the doorway, clearly angry, as Ethos rose himself up and sighed.- look, that was the only way your husband would even have a chance to live. now you can stand there and hate me, blame me for everything that happend. -he said and brushed himself off. as the woman just glared at him.- you didn't need to do that! -Ethos sighed again.- why did i become a doctor again? -he asked himself, as he shocked his head.- your husband is dead, he had very little chance of living with that potion, and none without it. i did everything i could, i'm sorry for your loss madam. -The woman just slammed the door shut suddenly, as Ethos sighed.- and goodday to you too. -he said as he corrected the rings in his dark horns. his dark red hair sure did stick out, and he tried to make it flow with his red and black trenchcoat. His eyes however were a silver blue.- Well, better get going. -he said as he grapped his rugsack, and carried it over his shoulder, and began to walk along the small gravel path. his small steel rings and chains gave off a soft melody as he walked, he knew this was the way to Necromar, the capital, however he came from the wrong side, so not many people were on the road, yet he felt eyes on him. he thought nothing of it tho, most likely a deer or something. he tracked long the small gravel road, leading into a small forest, and just a few moments later he stopped dead in his tracks. Bandits. surrounding him in the trees and bushes.- I know you're there, and if you value your life, i suggest you turn around, and wait for the next helpless person. -Ethos said and kept walking, and turned a corner, around a tree where a bandit, lunged drasticly towards Ethos. Ethos simply grapped the man by the wrist, let him follow through with the lunge, letting the man land on the ground, before Ethos used his knee to break the mans arm. the bones sticking out of the flesh in a gaping wound. the bandit Howled in distress and pain. Ethos sighed.- anybody else? -he asked, before threee jumped down from above. however Ethos had prepared his Purple orb in the meantime, as he split it in three and shot them towards the bandits. As the orbs hit the bandits, they stopped dead in the air. Ethos sighed.- why must i do this? -he asked before he snapped his fingers, and their entire digestion system came out their mouth, slowly and painfully at that. Ethos let the bandits go, and they fell to the ground lifelessly. Ethos waited for a few secods, as there seemed to come no more bandits.- good. -he said and turned on his heel, as he continued along the gravel road. the moon looked beutiful this night, and he couldn't help but give a small smile. Meanwhile it was a beutiful sight, his stomach rumbled.- time for breakfeast it seems. -he said and knew he had seen a sig with a tavern, just up ahead. and sure enough, just a few minutes of walking later, the small building appeared. he smiled a bit, as he picked up the pace, and soon reached the doors. he read on a small sign over the door.- The ram's tavern. sounds nice. -he said and wiped off his boots before he walked inside the tavern, letting the door give a small creak.-
DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna smiled hearing the call of the shadows as she kept her eyes focused on those around the tavern the few hunters either hung their heads or looked away from Aez's eyes as she looked to each man there. Venna hated being challenged when she was here but to know while she was away Gregor had bullied the others around himself that's what he had always been good at but when Venna was here she had managed to place him in check in ways that stung. Her return was just in time for his punishment some had agreed with him a little that a woman could not effectively handle or lead men. Yet they did not challenge her instead they had followed her well waiting for her to make a mistake they could bring to Aez's attention and try to have Venna removed as the lead of the archers and the hunters guild. Venna heard the creak of the the Taverns door and she looked to the new comer here as she rose her goblet to her lips again She was not at all worried at this point the hunters knew when Aez was pissed and not to make a bad situation worse. Her gentle vibrant green eyes that put emeralds to shame danced in the light of the candle on the table.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: Lady Aezvyra , the Demonic Empress that she was, took a deep breath ; her chest rising from its place then lowering as the air left her lungs, turned back around to face the male whom she was about to teach a very important lesson to. Her head slowly shifting side to side stating on the right side and moved gracefully to the left. "Pitty that this had to come to this Gregor." Her lips fell into a frown before holding up her hands pulling the shadows to her slowly she did. "If you sir can't follow a female then I guess I have no other choice but to show you how much of a dark creature your Empress can be.. now don't I?" she paused before closing her eyes which were still a colorless void as her painted lips curled at their ends as her nataive language seem to seep from behind her lips as her tounge danced. "Hump mpi pirc an mpi Xgiom Jampig okl mpi Jodig, U zorr ycak mpi logdkitt. Ap, je tpolaht zaji ma je oul..." she paused a silver band seem to dart across her eyes at the speed of light as if they were shinning. "Rim't tpah iqigeaki vytm pah hirr hi ogi aki.. Tpolaht je raqi la je fullukx..." As this line of the spell seem to be said the Tavern seem to turn a shade darker then normal as if all lights had been snuffed out by the summoning of the darkness from every crack and cranny of the building. The woman's index finger of her right hand seem to slowly start to make circles as she watches the male with a grin. Aezvyra could feel the darkness, the shadows pluse about. Their soft whispers within her head. "Zotm mput jori ykma mpi ruxpm..." Oh the light.. the error of the males ways for the simple fact how Aez felt was if they could not handle a simple change within the tavern staff, the hunting parties; how could they accept her as their Empress. This was the reason why the woman did what she was did. Oh she hoped that this was the last time she would had to show everyone just how she thought. Hell she figured the last time , when she had completely teleported one of the bar maid to the dungons just so she could allow her guards, the males who had permission to use the woman as a place to release them selves for over the span of a couple weeksjust because the young woman had put someone's order before that of the Empress on a day that Aezvyra had very little skill in waiting; she showed the people it was the last but she was wrong it seemed. They still lingered in the old ways. "tpah puj mpi iggagt an put hoe hump mpi rozd an fimhiik put rixt, logdkitt piog je zorr..." The demon giggled as she finished watching the swirling darkness around the male nearly making it impossable to see him as the spell did its course. "o nijori ut hpom U hutp" her words fell silent quickly as her hands stopped moving. <c>
AezvyraIsadorValke: The time the shadows seem to clear to seep back into their hiding places of the tavern the demon's skin seem to have grown darker her leather like horns with the chains embeded within them seem to shine a bit even her barbed tail seem to have started to appear long enough to flick about twisting and turning in the air and vanish from sight as the demon had once again replace the illison that she was mortal other then her horns which she didn't mind showing. Her eyes flickered here and there before settling to a nice bright emreald green as she chuckled out watching the newly formed woman. "I guess we have to give you a new name Gregor.." she glanced to Venna quickly with a smirk. "I don't believe it suits you now." she laughed more before taking a step back and turning on her heels before heading off to the back room of the tavern where she had left her chalice. "I do hope you enjoy being a woman.. If you keep it up Gregor.. I make you my personal gaurds breeding bitch." she smirked. "And its been so long since Kyran had touched a female.. Im sure he would not know how to be nice about it." she hissed out as she made it to the table reached for her glass and lifted it to her painted lips before taking a sip of the Unicorn's blood and whiskey. The Empress turned back around taking the chalice with her as she returned to the main part of the tavern. "So.. My good people.. have we learn not to mess with me.." she hissed out still on edge. She was growing tired of this unruley act that they seem to; the dance between her and her people. What was she to do, she was trying to fix the state of the empire let alone allow it to grow how she did. Yes, it was no secret the woman was dark in nature that she loved the set path her demon blood that burned set her upon. The desire of destruction much like her mother before her; the lust, the greed.. all of it called to the woman and she was going to have it all. She did not mind how she got what she wanted as long as she got it. Aez chuckled mainly to her self watching the now made female move about screaming still in shock of what happened to them. She shrugged growing bored of the situation seeing she had handled it. She was sure in a week or two if the person could even handle it would come begging at her feet. Just that thought made her blush, the idea of making someone break always brought joy to her.. the pleasure of it. Aezvyra walked up to the bar, her footsteps silent seeing the woman had no shoes to cover her feet. "I do think he learn his lesson maybe." she spoke softly to Venna as she stood there next to the bar before allowing her gaze shift to the taveler quickly before lowering her head in a soft bow just as she brought her glass to her lips once more. <e>
AezvyraIsadorValke: ((and before I forget the translation : With the help of the Great Mother and the Maker, I call upon the darkness. Oh, my shadows come to my aid... Let's show everyone just how well we are one.. Shadows my love do my bidding... Cast this male unto the light... show him the errors of his way with the lack of between his legs, darkness hear my call... a female is what I wish))

Guest_ethostheripper: -Ethos looked around, as the place got darker, he chuckled gently to himself, as he walked past a line of men with bows and swords. he thought nothing of it, as he sat down at a lone table, and muttered to himself.- Quizais un pouco sobre o bordo. -he said as he mumbled to himself.- Podería tamén acender un incendio ... quizais verde? .he said as he lit up the small candle which was on his table. he looked to the barmaid, as he called out.- Blue lagoon, bottle...and what ever kind of meat you have. -he said as he turned back, pulling out his notebook, and slowly paged through it, as he read something to himself.- Pregúntome por que o meu irmán deixou isto por min. Parece que non ten pistas sobre el. só páxinas de poemas e tales. -he sighed as he closed the notebook and leaned back in his seat., the chains on his horns ringled a bit with eachother. he heard footsteps approaching, and turned his head, making the rings jingle mover, as he looked to the bar maid, who handed him his Whiskey, and a plate of boar meat.- Grazas. -he said and handed a small pouch of gold pieces to her. he took a swig of the whiskey bottle, as he chuckled gently to himself.-
DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna stood where she was at the table and looked around the room.-”Here is my first orders back go make it happen fast spread the word to others. All hunters will report tomorrow night to the guild hall. Second I see a few of my Archers here including my commander in my absence. You will get the drilling by the morning no more relaxed drilling practices here. I want a forced march of my Archers by morning no more sitting around in nice dressed uniforms with over bloated egos work to keep it. Your military time to prove it no more sitting around lazy bums in archers style anyone not reporting will be flogged. I have a list of names that Rose will hand me of others who caused trouble the floggings will start tomorrow night. I have no patience or weak stomach. My hunters have been laxed as well in areas of the hunting schedule I had set up so the tavern did not have to by live stock and yet they had to while I was away.”-Venna took a seat again as her eyes danced and she looked to a distraught female that had been Gregor and laughed to herself.-”Yes Gregor you make a fine woman hope someone will make you his wife. After all that's all women are good for right being wives and having children.”

AezvyraIsadorValke: It had been a few mintues as the shadows slide back into their hidding places allowing the tavern to return back to its natural poorly lit state. It was one of the many things that the woman had to see to getting fixed; the state of some of the buildings it seemed. She was still surprized even though she had been home for a few years now that she was still dealing with the lack of structure that most of the buildings had. They were liveable at lest, kept the cold out and was in better state then the Klashi Hold; the keep, it self. She sighed why did she not just use the shadows to remake the land.. the city instead she left it in the poor conditions hoping the people would rebuild it once the Keep was done, even though it was still undercontruction yet had to put it on halt seeing the number of people whom had been killed during the icy curse months before hand. Aezvyra took another deep breath as she stood there watching and listening to the woman as she took charge. She smiled nodding before taking a sip as she waited.
DawnDarkCrystal: -A few of the hunters grumbled and the Archers commander got up with his men and soon were out the door also grumbling Venna treated her Archers like military men they drilled as well as the others marched and had formations and positions that had been left unmanned for a while. Venna had noticed that the towers had no archers in them the perches were made with them in mind. She had made notes on places where she had wanted archers on the walls by the gates also were undermanned. She had to get her Archers back in shape and positions. The Archers wore Leather armor similar to what she now wore tonight light armor yet effective due to the reach of the bows. Close quarter weapons were another thing all together and those varied by Archer as well some used maces some swords some daggers alone others yet liked spears and distance weapons. Her Archers all had a sense of pride being special troops elite in a way but they needed to remember to server as an archer they had to be better trained than the rest. Archers pride was earned and not exploited as it had been since Venna had been away she was putting an end to the entitled feelings here among them.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon giggled as she watched the displeased men and women before the left the tavern. She smirked clapped her hands as she took another drink quickly before placing it down on the bar. "Well that solved that." she mumbled out to her self as she watched the stranger not say a word but eat then move upstairs to what she assumed to an open room. She shrugged her eyes moving around the tavern once more.
DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna went back to her wine as Rose smiled and gave her the list of names of a few more trouble makers here. Venna rose the wine to her deeper shaded lips the purple of the elderberry wine. She licked her lips as she poured another goblet of the wine. Her journey and trip had been illuminating in many ways and she had missed the sweetness of the fine wine.-”To be home again so much to rebuild my cottage will wait a bit longer.”
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez yawns softly as she bring her right hand to her lips as she closes her eyes for a split second listening to the flut and harp from across the room as she stands there. "You will have the time Revenna. " she spoke out softly before taking another sip of her drink.
DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna smiled from where she sat at the table by the bar sipping her own sweet wine as Rose seemed happy they had fresh game again and Venna was back to help keep the hunting rotaions back in order for things she needed so she was not paying a premium livestock fees. Venna knew the first order of business was her Archers and hunters. Both had different jobs yet they were essential to the empire. Both had to be handled differently and restructured in different ways. HUnters were loners and and more often in hunting pairs or smaller groups of three to four. THey did not take to military will much but would if needed fill spots as archers on the walls. Her Archers had two different classed to them Scouts were among them specialized to no end each one worth two of any one man. THen there were the shooter class archers that had the walls and the tower perches and the gate slits so if needed the could fire on intruders that broke in the gate itself. There were the ground archers that marched with battle troops for wars that fired in formations to send large quanties of arrows in a volly. She had drilled them into the positions and that had not been going on as much in her absence. It was time to get them working again prepared for anything scouts on ranged missions again. Venna fell uniquly into the ability to head the hunters guild and the archers of the empire as a hunter and Archer herself. How she managed to so easily fill the role and fit in place as she had was something some admired of her not many could switch to military thinking from loner and lone travel.-"I guess things will get back to normal soon I am just tired of the complaining of the archers I spend too much time with the hunters and my hunters saying I spend too much time with my archers."
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon couldn't help but to savor not only the moment she was within at the time or the taste of her mix drink. The empress fingers seem to curl against her glass as she stood there her eyes still closed as she listened to the small voices within her mind that was the outcome of her using her shadow magic such as she had just done. 'do it again' the words eachoed in the back of her mind, her finger fighting the urge to circle. The shadows of the tavern seem to seep back out from their hiding places as th ewoman opened her eyes showing that they had infact changed back to the colorless void once more. "Logdkitt.. iklritt logdkitt hurr aqig zaji mput rokl taakig ag romig" the words slide of the woman's lips her voice dripping honey for any male and female alike while she was in this state. Aezvyra was actually tempted to drop the Charade of being mortal which was just somethign she did not do unless she was in a fight. The feeling itching in the back of her mind made her look over her shoulder before rolling her neck from the right to the left causing it to pop once. She took a deep breath trying to calm down yet it was still there. The woman placed the glass down turned around walked across the tavern floor, her footsteps silent. "Jodig pirc mpij makuxpm" she mumbled out as the shadows formed and danced around her body nearly adding more detail to the black silk gown she had been wearing before hand. Her aura it self seem to darken as she watched over the patrons debating on who was going to be her victum tonight other then the poor soul Gregor whom already had the outcome of her temper.
AezvyraIsadorValke: ((translation in order: Darkness.. endless darkness will over come this land sooner or later... Maker help them tonight))
KafzielLaVayne: -With large steps the demonic being walked over the main street of the capital city. The moon was full, and the people walked him by unnoticed as they were to busy with their chosen company. His form never once the same had taken a new one from a mortal he saw at the edge of the city.All that proved he was infact not the man he looked like were his eyes both different in color, black and white. With a stubbled beard seen often on workers and commoners yet with hair styled he made for a well looking man that gave the vibe of pride which oftenly meant high birth. Yet he was not of high birth, instead he was a roaming warrior for most of his life serving many masters and mistressess before ariving under the care of the empress. The blade hidden into his cloak was an ancient one that was not his own, taken from a friends collection. He showed himself to be in high spirits as he walked out of the main streets, near enough to see the tavern that was his destination. Perhaps it were his instincts or the fact that he knew most aura's he came across very well after being around them twice or thrice, but the closer he came the more on edge he became. By the time his hand rested against the wooden doors a sharp gaze hid what was once him being in high spirits. His hidden hand moving its fingers in anticipation to throw away the cloack and reach for the blade. Speaking with a dark voice that oozed out his mental preperation for battle he started to open the doors and walk inside." An odd feeling, i can not help but worry." With his voice hushed down to keep his words to himself he stepped inside with large steps that announced his presence through the whole of the main room.

DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna sat at the table and watched Aez tonight as she sipped her wine She often got in a state after using her magic but she liked the out come very much as the woman Gregor was turned into sat weeping at the bar now as Rose laughed seeing that the men's clothes fit horribly on the woman. Venna had no care for her or him either way he hated women and answering to them was something he had to learn the hard way. She thought a brief moment to the girl he had chased after who wanted nothing to do with him and smiled she was free from that now. Venna looked up as the Captain entered the Tavern her eyes drifting around the room as she looked around. She said nothing and did not draw attention to herself as she sipped her wine the purple of the elderberry wine staining her lips. Her right hand did come up and move some hair from her face as she set down the wine goblet as Rose looked to her.-”Yes rose I think I need another plate of the lamb please.”-Rose went to the kitchen and brought out a plate of the lamb again for her with a smile happy to have Venna back home her tavern would have a full smoke house in no time and the variety would be back as well.-
ZelenaLlithyiaValke: ~Zelena enters the tavern strangly not keeping herself hidden but only with the mask she wears on her face as she walks over to the bar to grab a drink. She gaze at all the others around her and nods semi greetingly however not speaking to anyone around her unless they speak to her. She was still looking over her shoulders watching everthing around her while keeping her dagger hidden and close to her*
Guest_Demitryi: *as he'd glance down through the "eye". Thousands of realms would move past him. Was simply a matter to which one he wished to visit. He'd written enough names down in his notebook to net him roughly a hundred years. More than enough time for vacation. He was A shinigamai. Or God of death. In the human language. So to speak. So the normal rules of travel didn't apply to him. Welst gazing absent mindly into the "eye" a realm started to glow. Which caught his eyes. Place looked rather quite. From what he could see. There was a tavern. With a handful a patrons within it. He'd reached out. Placing the realm withen his hand. It was a ticket. So to say. He rose steadily from the " eye" it would be a brief walk to the exit of his realm. On his way to the exit. He ran into a fellow shinigamai. Bat like in shape. From what demitryi could remember. His name was peratru. Peratru glanced at Demitryi as he walked by. Asking him " where you going Demi? " to which Demi shrugged off the question. He hardly interacted with his kind. Which they all knew. And understood.... Demi walked down the stairs slowly. Placing the realm on the pedistol. A white light would shine brightly. He'd breath steadily. Walking into it.*
Guest_Demitryi: * he'd appear within the tavern. His boots hitting the floor with a quite thud. A red aroura would be around him from his recent travel. He slid his note book into his jacket. Looking up to address the crowd*
AezvyraIsadorValke: Her darkness seem to spread within the room as she flicked her wrist and with them move the tables nearest to her to create space for herself. The woman danced, twirled as she giggled madly just before stopping hearing the sounds of boots and footsteps, not only the small brass bell that had been placed on the door handle of the tavern that lead to the outside world. "hmm?" she attention perked as she noticed the captain of her gaurd, Kafziel walk in. Her colorless eyes stared at the male as her head tilted before glacing over the the male she had already made female whom seem to be darting out of the tavern at this point in time. "Oqq Tonyl ztedyz ihaf ty saferws... za tofu sauz.. za tipw e pof ka" ((Aww Maker smiles upon me tonight... so many toys.. so much i can do)) yet as quick as her attention moved she spotted the female before walking over to the bar before sliding her hand over the woman's right arm. "Oly uai obloek ab swy koln? E pof zwaq uai swy kolnfyzz eb uai deny" ((Are you afraid of the dark? I can show you the darkness if you like)) Aez giggled again before licking her lips and turning away not even really waiting for a replie from the woman as she allow her eyes to move to the hunters whom remained once again. "Have we learn our lessons yet?" she hissed out teasing them. Her eyes widen as she felt an aura of another enter causing her to turn her head to face the being. "Darkest Greetings stranger."
Guest_Demitryi: *hed smile a little . It was a pleasent sight to see. Being this close to potential names. More years he could add into his notebook. But he was on vacation after all. He had no need to produce his quill.))
Guest_Demitryi: " may the darkness keep you safe" he'd say in return to her greeting
DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna had been watching all coming and going in the tavern as she took a bite of the same lamb as she had before the meat tender it almost melted in the mouth the seasoning,s and flavor to be savored, and enjoyed like the good sweet elderberry wine she drank. The meal was simple lamb potatoes and green beans cooked with a bit of bacon and onion in the pot to add flavor to the green beans so the weren't so bland. The side of fresh roll made a perfect top to the meal. Venna savored the meat by chewing slowly it had been a long time since she partook in a meat with her meals She had been polite to the druid who had taught her things about accepting she was just the perfect being she was intended to be no matter she only knew she was elven born human traded around, and taught little to succeed on her own till she had no choice and that was the way of the gods for her to stand on her own. She had never believed in the gods much till the druid explained he had done nothing to save her except pray and beg the gods not to take the woman from the world and the gods granted his request healing her fully save for the new scar on her left temple area. Her emerald green eyes flashed in the light from the candles on the table as she nodded to the woman who met her eyes a moment and not long after she saw a being appear in the tavern of its own volition. Venna watched as Aez's went to the woman and heard her address the newest member to the room as she watched everything taking in everything not missing a thing as she reached up and scratched her left ear the crystal earring that dangled from it flashing in the light a little.- “Greeting miss and toy you stranger welcome here enjoy a drink or a meal.”
ZelenaLlithyiaValke: Zelena looks over at the lil imp and nods softly speaking " Dark Greetings." She then brings her attention back to the bar grabs a bottle of black liquired
ZelenaLlithyiaValke: Raise an eye brow not sure what going on here but she put her mind on a different matter as she greeted everyone polightly
DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna had turned her attentions back to her meal and took another bite of the food then gently raised the goblet to her purple stained lips from the wine, and took a long sip fully enjoying her meal. Her dark brown hair looked almost black in the shadowed area she sat in at the table in the corner her words of greetings simple quiet and she seemed at peace. As she ate and watched the flames dancing from the candles on the table. She enjoyed the quiet of the evening as the hunters that were still there looked to her knowing they had been relaxed to the point of laziness. One finally approached her as he looked to Gregor and cleared his throat a bit. “Lady Venna I am sorry I have not helped to keep us more to the duties of the hunters here I am but one man and thought someone else might step forward to be more leader then I had a right to be.”- Venna cleared her throat after swallowing a bite of her meal.-”Well Lucas an honest man to admit what he thought and felt. However when everyone else thought the same way as you then maybe you should have stepped forward and took control. Let me Guess Gregor kind of did that in his bullied ways. No one challenged him so you all blindly followed his example. I must say I am a bit disappointed in you all we had everything worked to a schedule that was easy to comply to for everyone. There was no over hunting no population boon and there was stores in the smoke houses. Now we have to again fill the stores and work out the schedules again. I also have the scouts and archers to work with as well as my own hand to hand skills to work on I have become a bit soft with them I am afraid. I don't have enough hours in a day to do all things I am but one person. I lead not by force of hand or title granted I lead by example and hard work. Lucas its alright enjoy a nights rest we will have much to do and be done soon enough.”-Venna looked to him and offered a light smile to him as the commander she left in charge entered the tavern again and looked to her this time her eyes narrowed he was a military man left in charge for her absence with him she could be cross.-
ZelenaLlithyiaValke: Zelena nods at all around her " Dark Greeting" She spoke softly throw her mask while she pour the black liquied. She only moved the mask so slightly and take a sit of the drink. Her eyes closed enjoying how rich it was having missed there drinks since she was never able to enjoy while she was captive and tormented by her former owners.
Guest_Demitryi: *he'd lift his hand. And a chair would slide to him. Taking a seat. He'd cross his legs underneath him* " so how are we on this fine evening?
DawnDarkCrystal: -The second in command walked to her and stood to attention as she took a drink of her wine her eyes still narrowed as she waved a hand dismissing Lucas for the night.- “I can be forgiving of my hunters but not the military man I left in charge of my and scouts. They walk around getting fat lazy and out of practice. Towers without them positions left abandoned and the gates with two archers only on them. If I am disappointed by my hunters think what I am with you Stephan. I cant even call you commander anymore I chock on the word and you in the same sentence. You will be reduced to captain of the gate watch and be among the flogged tomorrow. Consider yourself lucky to have a head.”-He bowed to Venna and left fast she would have to raise another to the rank of commander later. She then turned to the being here and smiled lightly.-”I am well and you I hope fares the same.”


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