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DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna had been out onm a long hunt many more days and weeks than she expected to be of course her pray was elusive it was no normal stag she was going after the hunters of the area called him Grandfather Stag the eldest known in the forests near the port. He was said to have may gifted powers that kept him safe from all hunters. He was said to be a saged creature that at times also bargained with hunters for its life. It was a once in a life time hunt for one to be on. Venna did not take the task lightly as she tracked him for the weeks she had it was an epic hunt all her tricks and whiles to identify him from others just to start then he seemed to prove more myth than real at times as she followed him he went places not possible buy any stag, making her retrace back to find him again. The trail would grow warm then cold again as she hunted this beast. He was her trophy a prize to be certain. Till one day she took a bad fall from her horse no doubt she was dying from the wound to the head but the stag itself took form of a wisened saged old Druid. He healed her by magics unknown and blessed her in her hunting for him. In the days that followed she stayed with him something just told her to stay near by the old druid. She would carry water for them on her horse and hunt meager meals of roots tubars and berries unwilling to offend him by eating and killing an animal in his presence. The druid it proved was kind and in return for her work for him he departed on her some sage old wisdoms. She went to bed one night and the druid had changed forms again this time as a bird that flew off to the west After placing her near the tavern she had once called home. She took up her bow and took a nine point Stag a large boar bigger than any she had taken before. She field cleaned them leaving behind the innards for scavengers and brought the animals to the tavern. If she would be asked about her absence and hunt she might just say I found that bounty is right in front of you if only you seek it. She skinned the stag with a practiced hand and speed that took a life time to master for humans. She left the hanging animals to be butchered by the work men here who commented on the size of her kills. The clear skies and calm breezes seemed to bring a peace to her soul. Rose looked at her it had been a long while since she had stayed in the tavern for more than a meal and bath would she stay now for she was missed here greatly.-”Rose my good woman may I get a sweet red wine and yes I need a bath drawn up as well also a room if one be available? Its been a good while since I slept in a bed.”
AezvyraIsadorValke: As the day drifted the sun slowly moved through its path in the sky over the land. Aezvyra yawned softly before slightly moving from her home at Kleshi Hold and making her way across the capital city of Necromar to the Ram's Tavern and Inn as she did on a nightly bases. She chuckled to her self as her long onyx hair pulled back partly and laid behind her shoulder; each step silent as if a trained assasin moving through the dead woodland that surrounded the city, around the buildings. Finally coming to the building itself she smirked as she held her hand out and pushed open the double doors before walking inside. The woman held her head up as she let her hood fall from its place and rest on her shoulders before looking around the room. "Good evening Rose." she spoke to the maiden behind the bar. She nodded to the woman as she pulled her cloak away from her body showing off her slim frame which still had been hidden underneath the dark fabrics of her long gown; granted the woman stood to be five foot six. "Don't spill anything on it this time I just had it cleaned." the demon spoke her voice soft and luring to anyone who heard it. The demonic empress smiled as she moved passing table after table until she made her way to the back of the tavern to her table off by it self. The same table she sat at on a nightly bases just so she can watch over and see if anyone sparked her intrest. It was here she would wait for the tavern to fill. Normally by the time the woman had arrived to the time the the full moon was nearly high in the sky it would be full from the patrons. But not this night, granted it was still early but the Ram's Tavern and Inn was nothing but dead, a few patrons who were hardly talking, just sitting around the building and keeping to them selves. Aezvyra shook her head before lowing her gaze to the table afraid that this very night she wouldn't be able to find anyone worthy of even a conversation. To help her mind off of her duties was always the main reason she would spend the countless hours within the some time busy place; plus it was an added bonus that she could some times find people worth holding some rank within the land she ruled.
MorriganOkultizmas: Morrigan seem to ponder around the city as she searched for the few goods she still needed. Of course she had yet find a well priced horse to replace the one that had simply died on her. She sighed softly pulled her cloak closer to her body as she walked around the empty streets. 'Where is everyone?' the idea moved over her mind as she thought about it seeing the streets near empty not even a simple begger on them. 'how odd' she seem to stop in her movements as she looked around trying to get her barrings on the area; of corse the sorcerer was lost beyond all reconition. Her glace shifted to the tavern once which was the place she had started to call home the last few months seeing she was unable to leave the city. Her feet slowly moved carrying her closer and closer to the building as she decided seeing she had once again failed on finding what she was looking for to call it a night. At lest within the tavern she would be out of the cooler winds that seem to flood down from the Northern Region. The mage was surprized that she had managed to find a way to come up with a little coin to keep up with the room she was renting let alone the food she needed so she would have the strenght for the very moment she was told she could head to get the Black Grimore that was the only reason why she was within this empire in the first place. Yet, it would seem the woman with dark brown hair seem to be growing on the land and its people over the time she had spent there. Pushing open the door to the building, her lips curl into a smile as she looks around the area before heading stright upstairs to the third door on the left before stopping before it. She lifted her right hand, before digging through her coin bag which is where she kept the brass key to lock the room while she was away. "I know I have it somewhere..." she mumbled out to her self as she sought for the key that had been at the bottom of the bag under the silver and gold coins she had made from doing little odd magic jobs around the captial city.

DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna sat at the bar with Rose tendimnng her needs and the bar maid slipped her a key with the plate of roasted lamb with potatoes and side of green beans taking note Venna looked thinner than before leaner and sharper of eyes and stealth as well. She looked at the her state a bit more her head healed with a slight scar on the left side of it at the hair line. Her dark brown hair neat yet disarrayed lightly. She did not appear too dirty but she was not going to argue thge Archer was back.-"You have been missed here the hunters have been over doing the small game a bit."-Rose looked at her she had always kept the hunts running smoothly till she disappeared.-"I am Sorry Rose I had to do something I haven't done since ever and that was to find the uncatchable."-Venna smiled and went back to her wine taking in a sip lifting the goblet to her lips gently as any lady of court might do so.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Lady Aez yawned softly as she leaned back in her chair hidden away in the small room across from the bar; of course this room only the few sorted allowed within it unless they were invited by the Empress her self. Her emreald green orbs moved about the empty tables as she started to wondered where most of the patrons had been, granted it was still early. her eyes soon drifted towards the bar then out one of the windows as she watched the setting sun finally vanish from its place. "Well" she mumbled out before standing up making her way across the tavern the woman would only stop and greet a few of the people in the way as she done so. "Evening Ravenna" she spoke with a smile before lowering her head taking the nearest seat to the woman.

DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna set down her goblet and looked to the woman who said hello to her and she smiled to her.- “Hello to you as well Lady Morrigan.”- Venna then turned to her roasted lamb and took a bite savoring the seasonings that was one thing for sure Rose could cook a good meal.-”So other than not enough larger game than your used to any complaints about the hunters?”-Venna was back to business now as she had been before she had been away. For a moment she closed her eyes and and listened to the spounds around here the quiet over the groups of people the sounds of whispers at times as if others might be afraid to speak. This seemed to unsettle her a bit where was the stories and the tales in the tavern. What ever it was it was a good night that should not be wasted in silence alone. She scanned the tavern for someone to speak with and saw in the back rrom the Face of Lady Aez. Venna knew she had been gone a long time and if there was any dispeleasure in her being gone for a while she needed to have it out of the way done and over. That would mean facing Lady Aez head on. Taking ant berating offered by her for her long disappearance. She picked up her plate and goblet and went to the table where Aez sat and she bowed lightly to her.- “Milady I am sorrry I have been away so long and my hunters have become lax in their Duties I take full responcibility of course. I was charged with the hunters and Archers of this Empire and I have fallen short I beg your forgivness and pardon. I do have explaination of sorts but not sure if its one you might understand fully. If you will premit me to join you I am sure I can help you understand.”
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra took a deep breath watched the woman approuch her before nodding, her onxy hair falling into her face as she did so. With one quick movement she brushes the few strands of hair from her view before waving her hand for the woman to join her. "Venna its alright." she spoke softly her voice soft and luring to the tone. "It happens, as for your Archers some of them nearly found their way to the dungons" she teased before letting her eyes linger on the female before here. "All is forgiven for now.. nest time please warn someone first." she nodded once more before reaching for her chalice and taking a drink from it.
DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna took a seat by her and set down her plate and goblet.-”I Did not realize I would have been gone so long as for the Archers just give me the names of them and I will see an full Archers punishment for them. The disappointment for me is the hunters I had everything worked out just right. Should have known hunters sometimes lack discipline that my true Archers have been learning. I see I have work yet to do with them but what commander does not have troubles at times?”-Venna was glad she was not to strernly spoken to.-”I had to go on a journey for something legend myth and lore of the local area to prove something to myself not anyone else call it sojorney to the ends of reality in ways. I think everyone must do such a thing at some point but mine had to be done alone.”-It was much more complex then she let on.-”It was finding a truth with in myself Lady Aez and I had been putting it off so long here I finally could no longer do so. I still do not know where I fit in the world. Stolen as a child traded among humans all my life not knowing myself who I was or can be. On this journey I found some of that not much mind you but some. I wish I could explain furthere but nothing seems to fit so fully.”
AezvyraIsadorValkeAezvyraIsadorValke : The demonic female would nod slowly, her eyes moving towards the fireplace in the room before allowing her toungue dance behind her painted lips. "I wouldn't have some of their names I'm sure Rose has them all.. I know Gregor was one of them." she shook her head tossing her onxy hair some before lifting her brass chalice once more to take a small drink before setting it back on the table top. "Oh I could always punsh them the same way i did with that bar maiden months before hand." her lips slide into a devilish grin just thinking of the painful punishments she could come up with depending on the sex of whom ever disbeyed the laws set forth. She hated anyone who slacked off from their roles that made the empire grow; she seen it as a clock at times.. the many different gears moving about and yet when one slows she or another would have to bend it back into place. "I see.." she chuckled out softly hoping the hunter had found what ever it was she was looking for.
DawnDarkCrystal: “I will get the list from Rose I am sure she would greatly be happy to help assist in their punishment. As for Gregor he has a problem taking any orders from a female. Him I will say do as you see fit he needs a true lesson I Have tried and with him I fail. I told him do not cross you and of course he has to show he can.”-Venna sighed as she took a bite of the lamb and savored the flavor slowly chewing the bite.-”I did find something that may depending on how you look at it may make you chuckle. I ran into an imp with an incredible talent for getting someone to laugh till they pee themselfves its they small females only defence.”-Venna chuckled and shook her head a bit with a smile pulling at the corners of her berry shaded lips.-”I think everything in a way showed me its not what I am that matters as much as who I am now and what made me. I can be happy with that alone and find some solace that I am exactly as I am.”

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra giggled hearing the words of the hunter before clapping her hands together. "Oh I plan to my dear.. The idea is to come up with a perfect plan for him though." she sat back in her chair thinking of what no good ideas she could come up with before getting the perfect one. "Females he has issues with.. I guess no better way to break a male domanice is to turn him into one." Aez's eyes got wide as she giggled the idea over in her mind before nodding and speaking again. "oh this would be great." she glanced towards the door at her butler Leon whom been standing there. "Please summon Gregor in a few minutes." she chuckled out before reaching for her glass only to run her index finger over the lip of it. "That would be something my dear." she added out.

DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna knew Aez could come up wth many diabolic punishments for Gregor then she could alone act on for if it came from Aez then it was not to be questioned at all the others will take whatever punishments Venna would ply to them with a greatful heart and spirit.-”I also came in to possession of a second horse and need only my Charger. They other is even smaller for even lighter equipment than mine not suitable for an archer yet for some other class very well suited like mage or apprentice mage. Its a nice bay mare. She is sweet as the day is long yet when she was threatened she fought just as good as my Dapple Charger.”-Venna was a great judge of horses and the kinds of classes they might fit better with and she sat back a bit.-”Now I have one for sale and no one to seel it to at the moment. Not that I cant find someone in town I am sure I can but dont want her to go to the livery for an undetermined amount of time.”-Venna went back to her meal taking another bite of the lamb and savoring that as well. Then she lifted the goblet to hetr lips slowly and took a hearty sip and looked down a bit.-”I Can keep her a while I am sure Gosimer wont mind her company he gets restelss at times she calms him.”
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra smirked as she liftred her glass to her lips allowing the crimson liquid to touch them to nearly staine them a dark crimson granted it wouldn't show through the black paint on them. She closed her eyes savored the taste for a moment before hearing the woman whom had joined her speak once more. "Well I would supose to leave it in the stables.. The stable hands will take care of it for now.. I'm sure some of the Acoltys could use one by now." The demon was unsure if Morrigan had finally found a steed or not though she didn't really mind the mage around the city seeing it was doing some good. "It sounds as if he taken a fancy to her" she chuckled while talkign about the horses. Thinking about them she figured she would have to summon one of the farmers and have them start rises all sorts of animals once more now that the last bit of ice had melted months before hand.

MorriganOkultizmas: The entchantress sighed softly still digging around her small pouch looking for the room key still before finally managing to dig it out. She shook her head letting her sappire blue eyes move back towards the oak wooden door before her before reaching to unlock it. With a flick of her wrist and the key in hand the door lock seems to click as a sign as the lock opening. The woman smiled before taking hold of the brass doorknob and turning it to open the door. She sighed softly hearing a voice; the voice causing her to look around the hall before shaking her head. "Its all good its all in your head.." she spoke softly before realizing that it couldn't be seeing she hadn't cast any spells that would cause voices lately. She quickly walked through the thrushhold of the room and closed the door behind her hidding her self away within the rented out room. Morrgian could hear the echos of people from the floor below her room the laughing and cheering. The mage sighed softly as she moved about putting the belongings she had finally bought within the market earlier that day away before looking about her room. It was dark now she could tell without opening the blinds. Movement inthe hall caught her attention long enough to move towards the door unlock it and peek her head out once she cracked it open some. That split second she looked down the hall and then towards wherer the balcony would have been. Her eyes widen as she pulled her self back to her room and slammed the door shut hard enough to have the door echo in the tavern. Why was she doing it she didn't know all she knew was she was stuck there still even after the ice had melted mostly she still couldn't leave for some unknown reason. She sighed slide down the door as she sat there in her dark crimson dress her hair done up and for once she had decided to were her circlet. The female sighed softly leaning back on the door long enough to tilt her head up.
DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna's sharp huters ears heard the door echo in the tavern and she jumped lightly always aware of sound around her anywhere she was. She had been gone so long that the ice had melted away something she had felt would happen but had not inquired of yet. She had missed so much with the need to journey so much in her recent life. The hunt was to prove she was exactly what she was nothing more a woman against the elements and time itself. She brushed aside her hair from her left side to her right the scar showing a bit more as she did so. They story was in the way she had been saved by something she had always doubted was real the gods themselves. They had done the Druids biddding and saved her why was the question. She still had her doubts but yet started to belive in something more than her skills. Venna looked upstairs and sighed deeply just a little.-”Sounds like someone is having a rough night of it.”

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez's brow rose as she took another drink of her mix drink, this time finishing off the glass and setting it down on the table next to the bottle. "Its hard to tell." she mumbled out as she glanced towards the ceiling of the room just after the echo of the door slaming. "I would have to say it was most likly the Mage Morrigan. She been staying to her self since my brother been doing the same it seems." The woman shrugged lightly reached for the bottle before removing the cork from it and pouring her self another glass. There were times she wished she could get drunk like when she was growing up yet now the liquir did nearly nothing to her. She sighed softly before letting her attention wonder around the tavern once more. "Its quiet, so much has changed and finally the talk of uprising is over for now. People have food again." she smirked thinking of the hard time that had past and happy for everything to finally be back to normal; or well simi normal.
MorriganOkultizmas: Morrgian sighed as she started to lightly hit her head over and over on teh door as she sat there. Her eyes closed thinking wondering why she was still there, why she felt the need to remind within the empire even though she could leave. She had gotten most everything accept for a new horse and of course the whole reason why she had found her self within the empire.. 'the Dark Grimorie' the black book of blood magic and the key spells to her finding herself. The mage took a deep breath and debated. Would she ask. beg the Empress to allow her to quest for the item within the crims of the wither again only to be turned down for the tenth time. Or she could play it off as she had forgotten wait until some unknown reason caused them to search the crypts and of course she would be there along side of them and just snatch the book; it was highly unlikly anyone knew of the artifacts that were hidden away within the Necromancer's treasures.
DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna looked to her a moment and her lips pulled into a half smile.-”Well I am glad the uprising is over and there is plenty to go around again. As for whatever plagues the Mage Morrigan be it your brother or not that has yet to be seen. What ever it is I am sure things will work out for the best somehow. I know I have been away a long while and once again I am sorry it was unavoidable I am afraid. Just how did you come to end of the uprising? My curiousity has the better of me now.”-Venna sighed sometimes mattres of the heart were at play in ways under the currant of things known and unknown.-”I for one have missed far too much I believe I can read it all in the court records if you prefer? I do like tales though it a a tavern good place for tales and stories to be told.”

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra nodded about the same time she let her shoulders lift from their place an inch and back down in a shrug. "With them I will never know.. They act so weird I have noticed, yet there might be something there. Ive seen gifts given that about it.." she added before changing the topic to the small little uprisen that had happen. "Nothing a good flogging or two could hand." she chuckled making a joke out of the matter. "Oh you only missed everyone blaming me for the lack of food seeing the trade route remained close until the ice was completely gone. So there was starving children; I would guess my foes took the kindness of my heart when i open the keep up as a safe haven to attempt to slay me." She paused glanced around and leaned over to the female. "They didn't think Kaf would be around I guess those who tried while he was around fell pretty quick." she laughed before sitting back up and taking a quick sip of the glass she had pour a few moments before hand. "You didnt miss much really."
MorriganOkultizmas: Morrigan had finally some what dozed off as she sat there debating on how to go by getting what she wanted. Yet, her mind went to that very moment she finally had it in her hands she had no reason to stay this brought a frown to her face as she realize that ment she would be leaving him behind. Granted there was nothing there yet, only a beautiful hand made dress that was given to her as a gift but it was something she loved. No one had ever gaven her something so sweet before. She took a deep breath opened her eyes before finally getting to her feet and moving towards the bed and sitting upon it as she started to weave a spell right there.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra nodded about the same time she let her shoulders lift from their place an inch and back down in a shrug. "With them I will never know.. They act so weird I have noticed, yet there might be something there. Ive seen gifts given that about it.." she added before changing the topic to the small little uprisen that had happen. "Nothing a good flogging or two could hand." she chuckled making a joke out of the matter. "Oh you only missed everyone blaming me for the lack of food seeing the trade route remained close until the ice was completely gone. So there was starving children; I would guess my foes took the kindness of my heart when i open the keep up as a safe haven to attempt to slay me." She paused glanced around and leaned over to the female. "They didn't think Kaf would be around I guess those who tried while he was around fell pretty quick." she laughed before sitting back up and taking a quick sip of the glass she had pour a few moments before hand. "You didnt miss much really."

DawnDarkCrystal: "Well looks like I have an empty plate and might I say give Rose a raise best lamb I ever had. Of course there were months I went without meat as it would have been rude in the company I was keeping."-Venna smiled to her and took the empty plate and goblet of wine to the bar.-"Rose good woman I need at least a bottle of the elderberry wine please I have been missing that elixor a while."-Venna waited as Rose collected her plate and set the bottle of the sweet dark purple wine infromt of her realizing she was indeed staying a while here this time.-"I missed your cooking Rose very much so."
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic Empress nodded before letting her eyes move back to the fire of the fireplace just as Venna had gotten up and walked off from near her. The woman didn't replie nor did she move from that spot she sat she just sat there zonned off into the fire as she waited for someone to catch her eye in a manner.
DawnDarkCrystal: “You know all your clothes have been moved out to the stables so I had a room available I wasn't sure when or if you would be back. I packed it all neatly for when you did come back Lady Venna.”-Rose looked to her and smiled sheepishly as she sighed deeply and Venna chuckled.- “Of course Rose rooms were at an all time need and my things I trusted you with. I Have no problem I have to go dig out something before bed I will just have the stable hands bring some of my things up to my room. That way can can learn that bay mare belongs with Gosimer here and therefore to me until further notice.” -Venna went out to the stables and saw to her horses and then asked the stable hands to carry three of her trunks to her room. She was going to need to get her cottage up again as well. She had let that also fall behind in repairs while she was away. When Venna came back inside she set down her weapons by the bar some she had packed in with her saddle bags that the young stable boy took up to her room as two older stable hands brought up two of the three trunks behind him. The boy gave her her key as the room was left unlocked for the last trunk to be brought upstairs. Venna sat at the bar an allowed Aez her time to be lost in her thoughts as Venna rose the goblet to her lips once more the elderberry wine staining her lips a deeper shade of berry.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Lady Aezvyra yawned softly before finally giving in to her duties. "Alright I guess now would be as good as time as no other." with those words she forced her legs to untuck from underneath her body, putting her bare feet on the cool stone and wooden floor. Step after step the woman would bring her self out of the small room in the back of the tavern to dead center of it. "Evening all." her painted lips would move to a devilish smile. "It would seem as there is disapproveal of some of the of the people I ask to train you.. Well today a day we are all going to learn what happens when you disobey an order.." She chuckled clasping her hands together before looking to Leon and giving him a nodd as a symbol to summon in the hunter Gregor from the outdoors. Once the male had entered the demonic Empress smirked. "Ah just the person I wanted to see." she moved towards the male whom seem to be nearly surprized to have the attention of Lady Aezvyra let alone shocked she knew who he was. The woman smirked as she stopped just short of him. "Why is it I been hearing that you have a issue from taking orders from a woman?" she asked before letting her eyes grow dark and colorless as the endless voide she commaned. She licked her lips her hand would slide to the male shoulder and across his chest. "Do tell me Gregor.. Do you like displeasing your empress?" she batted her eyes at the male and waited for an answer.
DawnDarkCrystal: -Venna turned in her seat and smiled lightly at the way Aez did things with Gregor in mind here she took a sip of the elderberry wine watching as she worked. Gregor and she knew did not like strong women and well Aezs was the strongest here. Venna had tried everything she could to no avail with him and she even remembered when he quoted women are just good for babies and house work. He was one that could not change his ways and refused orderes from Venna. Most men broke but not him right now he was maybe shocked she knew of him but was also flattred by this at the same time.-


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