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KafzielLaVayne: -He smirks and with a shrug he places his right foot directly behind his left the nose pressed against the heel- What can i say, i am a sucker for blood and battle.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez shakes her head as her long black gown had done changed into her light leather and chainmail armor she only used for sparring and hunting. "Oh Im sure it is... you just want more" she chuckled out as her great sword she had always used appeared on her back as the shadows seem to dance around her body as she still prepared for an attack.
KafzielLaVayne: Moving his hand upon the handle of his blade tracing his fingers over the gold that decorated it he bends his right arm behind his back to hide it form her sight." And what do i want more of?" With a raised brow looking to her questioningly he starts to move his feet. He steps sideways to his left and with a quick pull unsheathed the blade out for half a feet.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demoness watched her partner as close as she could. His movements seemed fluid to her causing her painted lips to curl at their ends into a smirk as she glanced to his right arm before it vanished behind him. Losing sight of hit her gaze shifted towards his face as she seem to allow her left hand drop to her side her index finger producing small circles as she stood there directing the movement of the shadows around her. "That is the question of the night isn't it." she chuckled out before taking two steps towards the right.
KafzielLaVayne: Stopping in his stracks when the floating thrones were behind him he starts to chuckle and pulls the blade out from its sheath fully so he may put it upon his left shoulder." I hope you are prepared for a long night then my dear. It will get messy, i assure you." He spoke with a grin and as he did started moving his right hand in circles which he had hidden behind his back. His violet eyes gaving away a shine same to its colour as he reached out to manipulate the thrones and make the outer ones fly towards her.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Granted it had been years since the demon needed to fight, of course she was rusty at the art of battle let alone anything that wasn't dealing with trying to fix her mind that had been shattered before this time. After all now this day she was better then ever, yet it threw her off. The woman's emreald green orbs locked on the male some more she had not even noticed her surroundings. She broke a rule she had made 'always pay attention to what around her.' She watched him studied him to the point she watched him move pulling the blade before she shook her head. "Are we up to no good again then are we?" she simplly asked before her right hand moved stopping just at her shoulder as if ready to pull the great sword that had been on her back at a moments noticed. It was different using a two handed sword even though she most of the time only used the one with it. "Are we really going to do this again?" she chuckled out. "its been years.." she stuck her tounge out relaizing that he had stopped moving her brow rose. Truth was she had not even noticed the floating thrones heading towards her now.

KafzielLaVayne: Making a fist with his right hand as the outer thrones were under his controll he had sended them her way with a grimace and glee shown on his face." What can i say, i just like how it ends." A comment on times past he throws her way along with the two thrones that were once behind him. Hurling them in a curve they would first clash against eachother before barreling their way towards her. With the intention of removing him from her sight by the way he sended the thrones her way.He had started to take a step forward to lunge behind to the back of those thrones,kick the upper part from the left one and straight for her chest quicker then the remains of the two thrones would follow.
AezvyraIsadorValke: "Which part the blood or the amazing sex?" she teased him calling forth the old memories of their last sparr together. She took a breath as she chuckled at the thought of it and then it seem vanished as she heard the sounds of the two thrones clashing into eachother. The demon glanced about finally.. her eyes turned colorless as she raised her left hand calling forth the shadows that had been swirling around her at a moments noticed. Yet, it would be to late for at lest one of the thrones would actually hit her in the chest. The others would have been stopped by the darkness that the woman commaned. Aez would fall to the ground her breathing would be heavy as the hit had knocked the air from her chest. "Oh I see how we playing today." she chuckled as she rose to her feet once more before pulling the blade from her back. She smirked holding it with one hand as she searched around the arena for the male before giving a part smirk before mumbling under her breath a start of a spell.
KafzielLaVayne: With loud steps appearing to walk on the back of the throne stuck in its place by the darkness she held under her controll he told her where he was. He had after kicking the throne grabbed for the throne with the intent to attack from a blind spot when she was busy. The questioned asked by her however took him off guard and made him grin as he not stood on the top of the throne still in its place." Both. Making love in the blood that we shadded in battle makes for the best sex i could ever have." He said as he brought his blade from his shoulder and down to rest against his right thigh moving it up and cutting the fabric of the leather pants he wore. Though not cutting the flesh itself the cut was large and the muscles pushing against it made it grow larger slowly each time he would walk, jump or strain his muscles in similair ways.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Hearing the sounds of his boots the woman brow rose as she pulled her left hand from its place as she turned the thrones around to study each side of them better. Growing bored of it the woman would speed up the spinning of the thrones using the shadows that held them in place. The words still escaping her painted lips as she watched holding her sword with her right hand the tip of the sword down on the ground to give the appearance that the object was way to heavy for the woman to hold one handed. Aez would glance around still looking for the male as the portal she had been summoning was about half way in place, if she had managed to stop with the spell it would just simply vanish. Hearing the male's remarks she shook her head and honestly didn't respond to him as she watche the darkness swirl around the objects before her still as she waited.
KafzielLaVayne: Forced the jump from the throne he had latched himself on when it started spinning he landed back in the original spot from which he threw the thrones to her.Some dissapointment showed on his face as she did not respond to his words which he had been quite curious towards. He had expected that it was going to go as usuall which was a sparr spend more talking then fighting as sometimes would happen, but he seemed to be in the wrong. Letting out a chuckle he looks to her and the summoning spell that she was using, it was a technique of hers he was quite known with. He decided to wait out the spell and puts the blade half a feet into the ground of the arena where he letted it stand as he crossed his arms over eachother against his chest.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez had reverted to an old play right off the gate which was one of her ways of snapping fun at somone whom known her for whom she was. After all she was still the same demon who loved to poke fun let alone play games, and this to her was a game which ended normally the same way. Her eyes locked on the male while he was mid air before landing back where he had started. Her eyes seemed to shine even without the color as her lips moved as she went on with the spell. Her left hand stopped moving holding the thrones away from her as the gateway seem to open a bit more just a few feet before her. The woman's horns seem to slowly come into view same with her barb tail seeing her magic was taking more energy then what she had to hold this appearance. When she watched Kafziel wait her brow rose as she gateway opened fully after a while. "What waiting are we?" she finally spoke after the spell was completed with an gateway fully opened before her. "How about a quick game of catch the rabbit?" she chuckled before taking the few feet before jumping into the portal which brought her to what she called the ShadowLands; her little space between the world it would seem. There the darkness seem to swirl as mist causing the mind to become confused and even able to see things. The woman laughed as she waited there for the male to follow her.
KafzielLaVayne: The Shadow Lands, a place he preferred not to go to whenever he had the chance. Though a fan of darkness, and oftenly found sitting in the shadows that place was not one he enjoyed. He had been in it multiple times over his lifetime and much like the void between the deminsions and planes it was awfully boring in his experience. Not even the rough housing he could expect if he would enter made him feel interested in following through the gate. Yet it did not seem like he had much of a chance. He opened the gates of aura within his body that allowed it to circle through his form and started to surround himself with the violet mist version of this aura he controlls so freely. His eyes being violet was caused because of this aura that he surrounded himself with, and almost teasingly he spoke its name in the hope that she would hear it form the other side of the gate." Let us make our move then, Sahasrara." Staring the walk he prepared to step through the gate, looking back to his blade for a moment he raises his hand and left behind upon its pummel a small violet flame made from the aura he had released." In case i will need it." He mutters to himself while he turns around and steps through the gates appearing within the shadow lands. The darkness that surrounded him quickly became a hassle to him as it limitted his visuall perception of the world by a large margin. Forced to rely on sensing energies and aura's he started to look around him and took a deep breath before he adressed the owner." Well, it would not be fun if i kept you to busy. Atleast for now."
AezvyraIsadorValke: Time seem to past slowly as she paced the few feet before her as she waited for the male within the ShadowLands. "oh come on you know you want to follow." she mumbled out before he had actually appeared down there. She laughed watching from where she stood as she pulled the sword and rested its blade across her right shoulder still holding it. "what is the great Kafziel scared of the darkness now?" she teased as she filled the void more with swirling darkness. She mumbled more allowing the memories she shared with the male to feel the void as whispers to play with him. The female laughed walking around again watching the male from where she was. "busy my dear? lets see how busy you will become when you have things in your head.." she giggled as she started to force more memories into the air. She could hear the faint whispering herself yet she kept her mind focused so she wouldnt fall in the rabbit hole she had created.
KafzielLaVayne: With sudden quick movements his head whent side to side. Whispers, faint memories of times long past surrounded him. He looked confused, and he definitely was as such. His voice started to sound like it was trembling as he answered the owner of the ShadowLands." Hun...if you think this will sway me. Then you got another thing comming." However his words sounded it was true that the memories did not sway him into a position where he would find himself vulnerable or weakened. Some of these memories they spark other emotions from him. Anger, dislike, sadness in small quantities yet also happiness. He starts to smile and brings out his right arm, his hands clearly open to recieve something. The violet mist that surrounds him would give away a hue though it drowns in the darkness of the ShadowLands. He called for his blade, and as his aura is not bound to the physical planes it was able to do so. The blade got pulled from the other side out of the stone ground and with the pummel forwards it shot towards the gate.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez laughed as she waited sword in hand as she watched him before shaking her head tossing her onxy hair. "Oh but its not ment to, don't you want to know what goes on in my head.. " she laughed as the last spar played out a few feet before them. She walked closer to him leaned over and whispered "welcome to my mind.. " she chuckled softly as she pulled the sword from its place taking a few steps away from the male as she used both hands at this time before swinging it towards the male aimed for his torso but unlike normal she of course was far enough away from him that even at a full swing the cool blackish metal of the sword wouldn't even touch him.
KafzielLaVayne: With the mist around him still in place and the blade to late to come through the gate for him to use it against her blade he did not have much of a choice in what he could do. He knew the blade was comming and the extent of where it was going to reach as it had to go through the aura before it reached him yet his hands were tied still. Feeling the blade passing him by leaving him unharmed he catched the blade that came through shortly after and starts to sheath it slowly while he watched the memory of their spar." Well you got me interested in taking off my clothes off." Turning his head towards the direction she was in he starts to grin as his body starts to follow." But atleast wait a little before we go into that." He spoke openly with confidence in his tone as he starts to hold the handle of his blade more firmly. His bloodlust was yet to be sedated and the rust on his old bones were far from removed. The desire for battle still burned brighter then the lust for her body and embrace, and so he moved his right foot back preparing for some physical exercise before something more intense could start to bud.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The very moment the blade had come back to her she lowered the sword before leaning on it some as she stood there watching the male. "oh the games." she chuckled as her eyes moved to another part of the ShadowLands; within this part she could see one of her own memories which brought a sadness to her face. Her hands gripped the handle tightly as she growled shaking her head before looking to Kafziel. "Alright no more games I guess.." her tone changed as her moods turned violent. "We both know what you want after all" she spoke harshly out as she took hold and step forward enough to actually hit him the next time she decided to swing.
KafzielLaVayne: "Indeed. No more games, let us shed some blood my dear." Kafziel pressed his foot against the ground, his muscles started to push against the ground upon which he had found footing.The sound of a *klink* could be heard and it was the blade that started to slide out slowly from its sheath. His aura dense around him would become thinner and spread around him extenting the space of which he could sense movements though by doing so making it harder to be precise in it. Through this he knew the general position of her body, and the way she held that large blade. Lowering his body similair to bowing towards her he lets the furr of the fox that was around his neck fall off and when it landed with a *thud* upon the ground he pushed himself off. His attack was much like the eastern styles some warriors use. The body would go lower and his legs bended by which his step became larger, the blade in an arc that would come from the right of her thigh up towards her left shoulder swiftly left the sheath which he held unbuckled in his hand. His range however lacked in comparison to her blade and it was only a quarter of a feet of the blade that would reach her if she stood still in the position she was now in.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez watched him yawned softly her sword seem to linger for the split second it took for her left hand to leave its handle to move to her mouth then back to its place. Her lips pushed into a smirk as she lowered the sword enough to defend from an attack as she moved towards the left she was in a defence mode even though the memory she had just seen had her more out there. Her eyes shifted from their colorless form to a red as she looked at the male. The whispers play as she stood there her body shifting back and forth slightly swaying in place after she had moved. "Your getting slow my dear" she laughed before lifting the great sword from its place and swinging it aimed for his torso still.
KafzielLaVayne: His eyes a stark violet with no pupil to be seen would not show how his sight gazes upon the blade that was comming his way. The serious look by which he watched the steel comming towards him changed quickly. He bites down into his bottom lip and swung his right arm slamming the sheath into the large blade right before it would connect for his torse. His weight places upon the momentum of the blade he balanced himself upon the foot he had brought forward in his attack and rolls himself upon the hand guard of her blade. He could feel how it pushed against him and how the bones in his right upper arm were heavily strained by this. His grip upon the blade in his left loosened and he letted go off of it and it fell with a loud klank. A gaze now set upon the face of the women he was battling against was narrowed and his cheeks started to swell up. He builded up his energy and like a battering ham he unleashed it towards her without restrains as the momentum of the hand guard pushing against his right arm started to create tears in the bone which would quickly be followed by the sound of it snapping.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez took a deep breath, her chest lifting slightly as the air rushed into it the woman cought slightly from the blow she had already took; her eyes seem to widen just a bit as he had took hold of her weapon to get out of the way of it. Even though the way he did what he did should have suprized her it did not. Nothing more could suprize the demon after all, yet the moment the blade was dropped her head tilted towards the right. She blinked and jumped back pulling the weapon as she did so. She stood there the weapon in hand as she shifted into a defensive state as she waited. The ideas in her mind formed before she slamed her blade into the make shift ground of the world they were in before taking a few steps away from it leaving it where it now set. Her right hand moved forming the bound with the shadows around her as she waited. "Come on.. "
KafzielLaVayne: Suprised at how quickly she was able to pull back he balances himself out back on both his feet and starts to move his right arm. The strain had left some damages behind, but it was not as bad as it could have been. Some tears in his bones from the impact and momentum though not enough to keep it from being used. His suprise attack however had failed much to his dislike and by opening his left hand the blade lifted up back into his hold." Well, damn." He comments looking around him in search of her. Her voice had given him a general direction in which he started to walk, but the distance removed her from his sight and sensation. While he walked the aura thinned out further again and lowered the amount of movement he could sense by a large margin once more. Yet the dome around him would not grow instead it seemed to pull back into his body, clearly he was preparing to use the properties the aura had in influencing the outer world much like mana could do in magic.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon blinked her eyes moving around the area as her memories played out, of course they weren't just the ones she had shared with him. One caught her attention causing her to forget that Kafziel was even there. Her eyes widen as she watched one of the last nights she had been within the land of the Rose. Her heart started to beat quickly as she watched the night she was kidnapped out of it by the demon whom just didn't get it through his head.. She was lucky she didn't have the sword within her hand. The demon growled the world around her seem to shake as the ShadowLands' mist seem to take a violent turn as it seem to swirl around the two more then what it had been. Aezvyra took a breath as she walked up to the memorie before forming her double daggers with the shadows turning around to face the genral direction where she had left the male before throwing one of the daggers as hard as she could trying to get the thoughts out of her mind.. The three foot imp had appeared shortly from where she had thrown the dagger.
KafzielLaVayne: Silently watching the memory she had forgetten him for he stopped in his walk and stood still. The aura within his form refining into its usable state continued to go as they both watched the event play out. It was the first time he could see it visually happen and it had gotten his attention for quite a while. Focussed on it he did not turn his head to her untill she started to growl and formed the double daggers from the shadows. He had been ignoring the darkness for most of this time, it ws not like he could do anything about it. Its activity however as it started to move violetly brought his attention back to the situation at hand and he kept his blade in preparation.

KafzielLaVayne: Silently watching the memory she had forgetten him for he stopped in his walk and stood still. The aura within his form refining into its usable state continued to go as they both watched the event play out. It was the first time he could see it visually happen and it had gotten his attention for quite a while. Focussed on it he did not turn his head to her untill she started to growl and formed the double daggers from the shadows. He had been ignoring the darkness for most of this time, it was not like he could do anything about it. Its activity however as it started to move violetly brought his attention back to the situation at hand and he kept his blade in preperation. The dagger flying towards him he swung his blade against in response and it loudly bounced away behind him carried on by its momentum."You should not get so flustered by your own moves." He comments a bit suprised at the sudden attack. She did not do this often and he only remember few situations that called for this behaviour. It made him wary and he starts to focus on condensing the aura further while he prepared in the place he now stood for what he was expecting to happen.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez blinked a bit her eyes moved towards the sound of Kafziel's voice as she chuckled darkly.. "What scared of what you caused?" she shrugged before turning on her heels to face him fully now walking away from the mist and the memory holding the single dagger in her hand. Her right hand holding the blade as her fingers played with it. "Fluster is a undestatment." she shrugged before looking down to the ground debating on what to do. "Lets play with some fire shall we?" she laughed as her eyes shifted to the blade she had thrown at him before mumbling under her breath as she stated a spell.
KafzielLaVayne: " Fire? you should have paid attention to the battle for that." His comment was a clear taunt as a smirk had grown on his lips. Dropping the blade as well as the sheath he places his now free hands upon his hips and started to walk towards her. The dome of aura which he used to react quicker in the darkness pulled back untill onto a feet of distance was between his body and its edge. With it being this dense he was very accurate in knowing where an attack could come though he would be very limitted in time to respond. His aura which he condenses further and more within his body he started to mix it with its yellow counter part, as he so far has only drawn power from violet and his physical form he clearly got more serious." Lets go for something quick and spicy." He says followed by a chuckle escaping his lips and the steps of his walking starting to get louder, faster it seemed he had started to dash his way towards her.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman shook her head as the words still flown out of it yet the blade she had aimed at him didn't burst into flames as she wanted it to. Was the spell taking so long to cast unlike the normal ones; she did not even know it. Her mind flashed blank as she heard the sounds of footsteps quickly come upon her. Aez turned again blade in hand as she brought it up so it was even with her chest. "You need to pay more attention my dear." she chuckled as she waited the darkness that surrounded her seem to fall still as she heard the voice of the imp before shaking her head. Of course, the memories were going to get to her; it had not been that long since she was able to recall any of them that that mental block she had finally broke allowed her to remember whom she truely was again. It allowed her to remember them.. their love despit the pain.. The demon growled as she looked around for the male. "Come on show your shelf." she yelled out tempted to drop the darkness from the land so she could no longer be hindered by her own spells.
KafzielLaVayne: With a sudden stop the sound of his footsteps would have ended. The last of her words had given him what he had wanted. He know where she is and he had leaped upwards to the point he would have been almost right above her. From there the explosion of aura would have started. A mixture of violet and yellow bursting into nothing followed by a large wave of spatial distortment created by intense gravity bursting its way towards her. However this was done only through violet aura as the impact of the yellow aspect mixed into it was an emotional attack which when the wave of gravity arived would bombart her with feelings of love, desire and happiness. Though they could not appear in her if she did not have those feelings towards him already if she has it would forcefully remove any other feeling she has and give him the time to land 8 feet behind her safely.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The moment she had spoke gave her away, of course it did that was what she wanted. She turned towards the footsteps holding the dagger still she was going to move, her mind told her to yet her body did not fully react in time. Her eyes darted above her just to see him before the aura over came her. The woman's eyes closed as the shockwave of all of it hit; causing her to once again meet with the ground. She panted laid there for a moment as the emotions ran amuck within her mind until everything had settled once more. Her gaze shifted back to her green ones as she rolled to her side facing away from the male to hide the fact her moods had changed. She was goin sadly enough going to use the hate.. the pain she had against him and the moment it had vanished she would have to think of another way. Yet, that was not the hard part. The desire that back in her mind; the lust, the same feeling that always was there that she wanted to act on no matter what she couldn't wouldnt.. The woman panted her hands moved to the ground as she pushed her self up to her knees at lest still facing away from him as she pulled the dagger closer to her. She still had a trick up her sleeve all she had to do was wait.
KafzielLaVayne: Having safely landed on his feet he turned towards the origin of the panting. It seemed that his attack proved effective, but who was he kidding but himself if this meant that he would run to her with open arms. He knows her, and the things she can do. Hurting him even in the names of the feelings he made her feel was something she had done many times before. Like the lust she had sometimes shown only seen after she made sure she was covered in his blood. He starts to make a fist and coughs in it while he moves his other hand. Raising it up he starts to slowly walk towards her, at the same time the sheath would float from the floor and 4 inchest up. He spoke with a uncertain tone and as he started to talk the sheath would have flown towards her stumach." How are you feeling love?" He asked, his steps stayed the same. They were slow, calm and almost everything that he could do to try and show that he was not making the sheath fly towards her from the opposite side he came walking from.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Her eyes remainded close as she sat there her arms before her her left hand hidden under her right seem to draw symbols in the ground as she waited. Her lips moved without sound as she waited, listening and counting the footsteps that approuched her from behind. Aez was still her chest seem to stedy as she felt the pain from the first blow still, she was sure she might have a couple broken ribs yet it wouldnt have been the first time. Her head swirld with the mix feelings of love and lust; it wasn't going to stop her. Hearing his voice she didn't respond just waited. Even at that point the shade that had appeared in the form of the imp seem to vanish long enough to appear behind him dancing about with flames in his hands. Aez took a deep breath held her head up as if reacting to the footsteps her eyes closed still.
KafzielLaVayne: At the point that he could see her clearly once more, or atleast her back he smiled. His pace started to pick up and his footsteps became louder." Did i hit you to hard hun?" He asked with a curious tone, it was at this moment that he moved his finger and the sheath flew straight towards her stumach. His faster steps to make himself louder as he aproached her closer was to hide this fact, and the smile he had not only because he was glad to see her okay from what he could see was also in knowing that the sheath was going straight for its mark.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez wanted to chuckle so badly at this point as she kept drawing the symbols which commanded the shade which stood behind the male. She didn't even realize the sheath before it was far to late to dodge it. The female growled as it hit her before driving the dagger into her arm coating the spell in blood. That very moment she had fallen still her body dropping to the ground lifeless. The imp that stood behind Kafziel still dancing with the flames fell still as it seem to be the sorce of the displaced soul had been within Aez's body. The female couldnt help but to laugh in her mind as she knew it was a dirty trick but nether less the bombardment of the emotions was dirty too. The imp seem to jump up and down before summoning the two firballs together before throwing them at the male aimed for the middle of his back if he had approuched the woman that is.
KafzielLaVayne: A growl had started to escape from his lips. It was unintended to hurt her to the extent that he did, and the sound of her blood falling upon the ground was a fact further then he would accept. He could not see the wound, neither could he see where it was. What he knew was an attack to her stumach and blood falling upon the floor. The fireballs that landed on his back much to his dismay hurted like a bitch, his sizzling flesh however completely ignored. He had jumped to her to grabd her, turn her around and hold her to heal her. The imp behind him did not get his attention in the slightest. He always knew of its excistence and it was not the first time he was around while the imp was as well. Well versed he was in the things the imp did, does and would do. As so during the attempt in which he wanted to heal her every spirtuall gate in his body opened. This was not just to let out the green aura by which he could heal her, but his essence to the very core of his being would leave him and present himself in its meta physical form. A large demon with black skin, burning red eyes and a easily sensed hunger formed. Its attention was fully on the imp. Though they both did not know what the imp was or how he came to be, both knew that they held the power to slay it if so desired. Its black wings spreaded out behind it the darkness around it would feed it, its aspect the counterpart of its host. Kafziel was a proud being, and he cared for many things and killed never for no good reason. The demon his very essence saw things different. Kafziel, the woman he wanted to heal, the imp behind Kafziel and the ShadowLands itself were seen as something to consume. Its claws though they were incapable of touching anything reached out for the imp. If one could look from behind the black demon it was shown with a wounded back and proved that the host and him were deeply linked. This demon, aspect of pride, was his inheritance from the Zuuvita family.In its pride none stands above it, none stands beside it for all is beneath it.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The plan had worked she seen that the very moment the male ran to her's body side. Oh it was sweet how everything would always play out how she thought it would. The Imp moved dancing closer right to the point she watched the demon appear. Her eyes widen as she watched it not moving from the spot she had stopped now. This was the first time she had met the said demon that she could recall. Aez was confused then the flash of green yet her body refused to heal seeing she wasnt within it. She shook her head and decided to play some more what more could harm.. he actually kill her? The imp danced and tossed another fire ball this time towards the demon. "Aww did you kill her?" she mocked wondering how the demon would act if in fact he thought he had killed the woman. the imps eyes locked on the beast before darting around just as it reached out for it. "No touchy" it mumbled out before tossing another fireball..
KafzielLaVayne: Dead? was she really dead? did he in his desire to win truelly killed the woman he loved? these thoughts haunted through his mind, and as the imp taunted and attacked the demon the man himself sat still staring at what he had done. One thing he never had wished for, what he would give his life for to keep from happening he made it happen himself. The woman whom had made a permanent home inside his heart laid dead in his arms and he was unable to heal her. Slowly he laid her down on the ground as tears came from his eyes. The demon, aspect of pride had found its desired moment of weakness and it was as the flames flew through its body as it lacked a body to be hit that it pulled back into the host. Kafziel now found himself in darkness, darker then the ShadowLands. His own mind a prison of guilt in which he would spend his time while the aspect of pride took his place. A smirk now showed on the physical form, and the imp that once taunted to demon was picked as its first victim. The many colors once his aura had all turned black and formed one cohesive form of darkness, pride had turned it into its corrupted version.Green chains flowing full with Nether took the place of his fingers and slithered for the imp. Through the demon did not speak, it never had to his actions were loud enough. His pride would not use an attack meant to miss, these chains could reach the imp and touch it as if it were physically present. Black metal started to cover his skin, and a helmet with a strip of red covered his eyes. The decorated blade and its sheath fell apart into darkness and behind the demons back formed a set of two demonic blades that were his own personal weapon.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Oh what had the demon Aezvyra done now, she stood there within the imp form watching the outcome of her little game. the imp took a breath she didn't hear anything yet seem everything. She taunted the man right to the point the demon seem to have vanished right back to where it had come it seem. It was the very moment the metal started to reach for her the chains that tried to reach for her made her worry, had she gone too far with this one. She darted back as quick as she could trying to get away from the being yet again. "I said no touchy its not part of the game." she mumbled out as she hopped around yet it wasnt enough sooner or later it was caught.
KafzielLaVayne: With the chains wrapping itself around the imp forcing it to stay in one place the demon finally started to move. Its energy had taken physical form and in the shape of black lightning it flashed into excistence time and time again while the demon walked slowly forwards to the imp. The hunger over present around him would give more pressure the closer he came to his victim, and it was hungry beyond human comprehension. Its fingers would slowly form back from the chains he did not need anymore and it made sure it kept the imp close to him, each step forcing it to stay closer. Flames forming behind the demons shoulders lighted its way. Once the imp was close enough the demon would raised its arms, his right hand had fully grown back leaving only the chains from his left to keep it stuck in place. He traced his fingers over the arm of the imp, its skin was smooth.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The imp couldnt move she was stuck in place as she watched the figure come closer and closer to her. Aez knew she done messed up this time as she tried to bounce away but was held in place by the chains that held her there still. Her eyes lingered on the figure as it grew close enough to run its hand along her. Her eyes widen watching the finger move across her flesh before looking at the creature. Of course the eyes giving it away that it was infact the demon only to one who knew the form after all. The imp shivered at the touch and pulled away the best she could. "I said no touching." she hissed out as her wings appeared on its back her tail swinging about.
KafzielLaVayne: A roar from the deepest parts of the demon would come out carrying the corrupted aura with it like death carried with it its scythe. Pure intimidation by unleashing its power, loudness and hunger towards the imp. It stopped tracing its fingers over her skin and instead it lunged to grab it by the throat with every intention to hold it with the force to keep it unable to breath. The demon did not care what the imp would tell him, it was not above him and neither was it beside him nothing is. It was just another dish that he could feed from if he so desired and this way of looking fown on everything made his presence so dangerous. No stop or any other word would be considered, no action was enough to make him do differently.This imp in his eyes was so far beneath him it equalled only the ants he steps upon without thinking.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The female shuttered at the sound of the demon that echoed through out the Shadowlands. That feeling that one gets when they are scared beyond anything, that what she felt for the third time in her life. The only other times she felt that way was when she had lost someone close very close to her. She took a deep breath but by time she tried to force the air into her lungs the creature had caught her by the throat. She whinced as she struggled in its hand. She couldn't breath.. the lack of air was getting to her after a few moments. Her eyes lingered on the demon as she tried to pull the figure hand from her neck. struggling.. clawing. her barbed tail swinging trying to stab at the being to get it to release her. Oh this was a grand plan she thought she might actually die this time. She felt it inside her.. she forced the what remaining air she had as she struggled more. "Kaf.." the name didn't even leave fully before her eyes closed.
KafzielLaVayne: Kaf? he hated that name. A failed celestial being that ended up becomming the darkness it was meant to be its opposite of. The chains would quickly dissapear and before her eyes were fully closed he casted her aside, throwing her just a small bit away from him. The chunks of the black metal that had fallen of because of the barbed tail striking it showed the skin of the host underneath it. Clearly a incomplete transformation with the demon controlling the body yet not having it as its own. This the demon hid under the black metal.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The imp was shocked the very moment she was released air had flooded back into her. Landing hard on the ground, she coughed her small hand moved up to her neck as she fought to get to her feet. Of course the imp stood a whole three feet tall and didn't honestly look like Aezvyra it was her nether less. "Kafziel enough." she hissed out still choking on the words let alone air. She could feel the bruised skin that was around her neck as she looked to the demon. Her left hand summoned a fireball to defend herself again even though she knew it would not help but at lest it was going to give her a fighting chance if the creature would attempt to grab at her again.
KafzielLaVayne: Again the imp mentioned the name, it hated it. Sounded like failure to much and it was the host it found itself in,which had so far proved unable to merge with the aspect as was intended by the Zuuvita family.The sin energies he commanded being the fuel that commanded the being had already drained by a large margin having attacked the imp. Doing it again which he did roaring once more towards the imp whom seemed willing to fight lowered its controll over the host shown with the black metal falling from the original skin. Kafziel in this moment had spend its time being awake within the darkness of his mind, watching it all go on with not the slightest bit of a care to give. She was dead, what did it matter anyway to him.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The imp debating what to do, she caused this she knew that. There little game got out of hand as it normally always but this this was bad. She hissed at her self as she moved her free hand drawling and tracing symbles as she always done to summon the darkness around her to act like a small shield, granted it was not much she could do while in this form, she needed to get back to her body so she had full power. The imp moved watching the being as she hopped about moving towards the body of the demon before thowing a fireball towards the direction trying to actually hit her body. What was she trying to do she wasn't even sure of it, her actions was either going to pissed the demon off or it would strike a nerve. The imp moved closer trying to dodge anything that would come at her even the faint echos of memories seem to come to a stop which she needed to start them back up to at lest fuel her emotion enough to cause her to snap out.
KafzielLaVayne: The demon did not care what the imp was doing and almost laughably it found the imp as it tried to protect itself with a small shield made off darkness.It just watched its meal amused like it was ever going to anything but a meal the calm his hunger. Kafziel on the other hand had started to watch through the sight of the demon following the demon with some interest to what it was planning to do about not becomming a meal. Watching the fire ball form quite casually the demon followed its path as it flew from the hand of the imp, it did not care. The end result was just a dead body being less body and more dead. Kafziel however cared and the body of his beloved was not going to be defiled so easily. With the demon already lacking in power from not having done a complete transformation while still attacking it was enough for Kafziel to take controll, atleast long enough for the body to jump and take the brunt of the fireball straight into it. The black metal along with the helmet would be blown away and the demon wounded that it gave Kafziel the chance to resume full controll even though it did not quite matter as he was unable to move because of his injuries.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The imp watched the ball of fire move towards her body she did not even want to watch if she hit it or not. She prayed she didn't but the very moment she watched the being throw itself into the path made her at ease as she took a deep breath. 'Thank god' placed in her mind as she watched the being get hit by the flames. The imp moved carfully closer to the body as she tried to reach the dagger she had used for the spell to start. All she had to do was make the same slash mark across the other arm to deactive the spell, now the only issue was would she be able to. The imp moved quickly taking hold of the dagger that had been yards away from the body as she approuched it slowly, do to the lack of air her vision was fuzy after all.
KafzielLaVayne: Kafziel stared up into the darkness of the ShadowLands, and clearly he was reminded why he was so reluctant to enter that gate a while ago. Never once did it end without him being wounded or hurt in some way. He grunted when a sharp pain whent up his body and them mumbled about his dislike towards the ShadowLands. If the imp was close or not he had no way of knowing as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath which was quickly followed by another grunt for even breathing hurted him, and so he mumbled again about his dislike towards being in the ShadowLands.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The female managed to get the dagger and crawled her way back to her body, sadly that ment getting close to Kafziel again and she had no clue if it was him or that being that attacked her. She felt around as she crawled dagger in one hand as she moved. SHe took a deep breath as she as she touched him. Her eyes widen as she pulled her hand back quickly her tail poking him a few times in the chest if it was able to. The woman gave up sitting next to him before she leaned towards him her free hand on the ground drawling the same symbols as before this time she pluged the dagger stright into her heart. If the spell worked not only would she be returned to her body but the male would heal also.
KafzielLaVayne: For a moment he thought he hurt something dragging itself over the floor and he peaked out from his right eye. He didn't see anything, and he did not care for it either. Would it kill him then they would have a boring murder as he would welcome it with open arms. Already was he in enough pain as it was, and that was excluding the wounds on his body. So he laid there waiting for his moment to come, and indeed he could hurt the sound of a dagger plunging into a body. With the pain he felt he was unsure if it were him. So he peaked out once more and he found himself still in the ShadowLands. He tries to move his head and to his suprise felt no pain. Slowly pushing himself up to be seated on the ground the last of the metal fell of his body and revealed that the metal on his body had used his previous armour and clothing to make itself leaving him effectively naked and confused about the dissapearance of his wounds.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The eyes of her body shot open quickly as she gasped for air the bruise that had been around her neck from when the demon had grabed the imp. Her body fought for the air it needed as she laid there in pain. "Kaf..." the name slide off her tounge near quiet whispers as she didnt want to move. Her hand moved closer to the dagger as she pulled it the best she could in case she needed to defend her self, granted there was no way she was going to any attack would hit at this point she was far to weak to do anything about it.
KafzielLaVayne: Turning his head at the mention of his name he quickly makes his way towards his beloved with shock in his eyes. He falls to his knees beside her, being naked it made select things quite wild in moving around. Picking her up he holds her a smile bright as the sun upon his lips as green aura left his body to heal her and share his energy with her." You are okay, thank god. I was so worried." He said wildly looking over her.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra laid there her eyes closed once more, the whispers in her mind seem to echo she didn't even hear the male approuch to her. When she was touched she pulled the dagger closer her hand tighen on it as she thought she had moved it to strike with it but nothing happen. The demon's eyes fluttered open to see him she took a deep breath. "I'm sorry" a tear feel from her face as she barried herself in his chest the best she could until she felt his aura heal her. "I..I didn't think you would react like that." she mumbled out ashamed she should have known better then that.
KafzielLaVayne: He holds her in his arms so glad to see she was doing fine, or atleast that she was still alive. His aura left him quicker then regenerated and caring he did not wanting only to see her doing fine." Ofcourse i would. You silly woman, i love you and you know that." Brushing his hand through her hair he lays his head against the top of hers and smiled." I am just so glad you are okay."
AezvyraIsadorValke: the demon shook her head her face still barried into his chest gripping onto him tightly. She only pulled back to look at him her green eyes glittering sorta speak. "Kafziel one of these days its bound to happen you know." she mumbled out shifting here eyes to the ground. "I dont want you there when it does.. what ever just happen doesnt need to happen." she was scared of it, it made her scared partly for him and she was never scared of him. She glanced back up to him the moment he brushed her hair. "of course I'm ok.. I know how to get to you.. I think you win this time." she faked a smile out hidding the emotions she went back to bottling up
KafzielLaVayne: He looked to her his gaze set on her as she spoke about how she wishes not to be around him when the day comes. Shaking his head he places his hand upon her cheek and lets out a chuckle at the absurdity of it all." I will be there, and i will die before i will see it happen. You know whatever you say that will happen, no matter what." He spoke with absolute certainty and he looked to her and once more his gaze whent over her body to make sure that she was indeed okay." Yes you do not how to get to me. Lets call it a draw however, it was not me that won after all in the end." Smiling back though hers was a fake he leaned down to her and placed a kiss on her forehead before he drew back his aura.


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