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KatsuoOda: -Fierce banging on dungeon bars reverberated through the Klashi Hold, followed by roars and what sounded like uncontrolable grunting. These sounds made Blind human boy, Lucas Standet, flinch with fear and his heart skip a beat with pain in it. With a sigh a red-eyed black haired male close Lucas closed both his eyes but re-opened just one o them up to rub his head and place his other hand on his hip. "Honestly that Lycan has been at those bars for the last twelve hours, i'm suprised he hasn't collapsed from a head concusion." Lucas sat up, "M-maybe we should go check on him?" Balda put his hand in front o the boy. "I'm going to stop you right there, if this curse is in the blood and you go check on him, you could get a nasty scratch, and being a human.." he looked the boy over, "And a weak,youthful one at that, you probably wouldn't last a day with this curse." Lucas put his head down. "but... he's hurting himself..." Balda, just shrugged, "what else is new, Christopher hasn't revealed much of his past to you, has he, Lucas? I imagine he's kept plenty of things hidden from you, to protect you from the truth. Of course you know yourself you are adopted." Lucas scrunched his face. "What are you talking about Balda?" the shade sat on a couch and picked his ear non-chalauntly. "Oh nothing, scept for your daddy used to be another Lycan's bitch." Lucas sweated, and clenched his fist. "your lying." Balda licked his lips in a evil sneer. "Oh am I? when he was in human form has he ever mentioned a Coal?" Lucas flinched and sweated, remembering when he was taken down by dunkan, Christopher was screaming in fear about a person named Coal. "N-no." he said, it was a blatant lie, but he hoped Balda wouldn't catch on. the black haired shade shruggeed his shoulders. "Coal Is a Purebred Lycan, born from a male and female Lycan. Aside from Christopher, who was born a human, purebred Lycans have a power that other Lycans do not, and that is a Temptate spell, Or curse, that occurs when they make contact with a cut, bite, or open wound and share their magic with the target." Lucas gulped hearing this. "If it's a curse why did this other curse effect him?" Balda sighed, "people can be cursed more than once, Lucas, besides, Coal's Temptate was removed by me. the temptate a Lycan places not only allows said person to transform into one themselves, but also places a Location beacon on their victims, letting them know where they are. If they try to escape the pack, the leader will know. If they die, the leader will know. If they have intentions of fighting the leader for ownership of the pack... He will know." Lucas rubbed his hands together listeneing to Balda, and hearing the slamming in the dungeon again, followed by more roars. Christopher was going rabid, mad downstairs, and the sounds echoed to the main hall.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra yawned softly as she seem to have lingered in the throne room of the keep for most of the day. Her eyes closed as she seem to lean on her right hand as she sat there debating what to do about the curse that seem to have not have found a why to spred other then those whom had been in the dungon. By her count there was a good handful of subjects that had been infected and turned to these so called icy mindless beasts. The woman took a deep breath and allow her eyes to flutter open showing off their emreald green color that seem to sparkle in the right light. The woman shook her head a few seconds before allowing her hands move up to her tangle onxy hair before pulling them through as if combing at it. Her mind wondered on the sounds that seem to echo through the halls; she could hear the sounds that seemed to be coming from the dungon area's, if it was not the curling screams or the rawrs that seem to happen; or plainly the sounds of the so called prisoners beating and smashing into what ever had been in their cells. The woman sighed her eyes closed once again as she tried to figure out what to do. Then she decided she would slowly rise to her feet as she allows the long dark navy dress fall to cover her legs better as she slowly walked towards the large door of the throne room. Aez seem to frown as she found her way to the comman area of the keep. Her gaze shuffle about as she took the sight of each and everone of her so called people that seem to be in hard time. It was true it was hard times and she couldn't manage to get word out to any of the empire allies to get help with it seeing evrything outside of the bubble still was frozen. 

KatsuoOda: -"you know what happened Balda? To Christopher?" Balda looked over hearing the boy, Lucas, and sighed, "It was a long time ago boy and it's really not my place to tell you. to be honest, I didn't think Christopher would really have the balls left to tell you himself, seeing how much you look up to him." Lucas blinked, and pointed his head down again, "Tell me anyway, I want to help Christopher." Balda gulped, and looked around, "It was more than fourteen years ago, back before you were even born. Coal and Christopher grew up in the same village beyond Necromar and the wormwood. Coal's family were nobles, and nobody knew about their dark secret. Coal's father tried his best to keep their family secret, but one day it got out, and Christopher's village, killed coal's parents. Coal fled to the forest, one day swearing to seek his revenge... Of course he got his revenge the only way he knew how, most of his pack consisted of comfort women, say or one fourteen year old girl. Her name was Dahlia. She was Christopher's friend. Coal had raped her, cut her up pretty badly. Christopher was 19 at the the time, and didn't know about Coal being what he was. The two got into a heated fight just outside of the village and that's when Coal Bit Christopher." Lucas scrunched his face, "bit?" Balda continued, "When a Lycan bites you, that's not their temptate. That's the initial transformation phase. christopher had it all, a wife, a child on the way... and his parents. It was all taken away from him two days after the initial bite. the first moon transformation. He killed them, all of them. He couldn't control it. When the village found out they were going to kill him, like they'd killed coal's parents, but Dahlia saved him, and took him to Coal. They were safe from persecution, but, not safe from Coal." Lucas flinched hearing that. "What... What did coal do?" Balda breathed in, and sighed, "Oh... Coal was a ruthless busy body. that Lycan liked 'humping' a lot of things. Probably because of his pent up rage mostly i think. well, that's what I got reading christopher's dark past. I'm a shade, I feed off of darkness, christopher's one of my most favorite customers because he's got a lot of darkness i can feed off of, and he doesn't care that I do... yum yum..." Lucas sighed, "balda your going off track from the story.." Balda blinked, "oh.. right... I am... Anyway.."-

GarexTasmin: -Garex stretched as he entered the main hall, the sounds of the "wild beast" clanging and banging against the sturdy bars of the prison cell made him consider asking one of the very few remaining acolytes left to put a dampening spell over the throne room and main hall, along with the sleeping quarters within the keep. As he moved, the staff he always seemed to carry with him jingled softly whenever the base hit the ground. "Balda...you might want to spare some of the more...exacting details. Honest though your tale is, I imagine Christopher would not care to share the entirety of his past with the little one. I'd also wager he's probably going to try to kill you when he finds out that you're disclosing his past unabated. Not that I think he'll succeed..I just really don't want to have to help someone rebuild a keep and the surrounding town when the 'Big Bad Wolf' gets pissed and decides its worth the trouble to try and end your life." -spoke the mere 5ft masked male of black and red flesh. Garex had spent the majority of his day-to-day doing odd job sorts of tasks, helping where he could given his apparently unnatural strength. He'd also eat...regulalry...although never to the overal amount he'd consumed when Aezvyra herself had met him at the tavern that one night some time ago. Many of the mages had left and thus, research into the counter-agent for this damniable icy curse had slowed considerably although, for the moment anyways, it seemed as if Necromar itself was as safe as could be from the onslaught of this savagery. Food stores were stocked well enough, but Garex worried about the year after this one some. The Wormwood and surrounding lands had originally had plenty of game and the sea could offer extra fish to help offset the lack of agriculture that was able to be carried out on these lands. However....it seemed every week there was just less and less game to be had. Such was life for the moment though. He hadn't noticed Aezvyra enter the common area though, his back presntly turned towards the direction of the throne room and his mind lost in thought for the moment, before focusing on Lucas and Balda, whom the heft male would sit next to, resting his back against the fountain while his long onyx hair draped down over his pectoral muscles, the tips of his hair just starting to reach down to his lower chest area, the same for his back as he hadn't been keeping it as well groomed as he normally would. The male's focus was diverted half to the conversation and half to figuring out how to prevent them from dying within the next couple of weeks or so-

KatsuoOda: -the mage/shade looked over to Garex, but Garex was interupted by Lucas, "No. I want... NO... I need to know. Maybe if I do then... I can help him and.." Balda put his fingers to Lucas' lips "shhhh shhh" he said, and smiled, "I understand. that's why i intend to tell your reguardless. Coal raped Christopher." Lucas's eyes went to focus and he sweated hearing that. "And then, to add insult to injury, raped that girl Dahlia again too. Just when they thought they were safe. They were enslaved by the very beast they sought life from." Lucas rubbed the back of his head, and bit his bottom lip. "that is when he received the temptate i removed. the second bite seals. He and Dahlia both got it. stupidly enough christopher had no idea what it was, or what it did at the time, and tried to escape... at the cost of Dahlia's life. Coal's mental, verbal, and physical abuse didn't end, it never ended. not until a freak hunting accident injured Christopher's nose to the point he could no longer sense smell. that is when he met...You." he looekd at Garex, then back to the boy. "well, not really you alone, twas a Vampire that gave you to him." Lucas sweated, "Christo told me he found me wrapped in a blanket by the riverbed, cold and hungry..." Balda smiled lightly, "No, You were given to him. By someone special, but knowing coal that man is probably dead now." Lucas stomped his foot, "tell me tell me Balda!" the shade cracked his neck. "God what a picky kid. what will you do? go look for him? like I said, fourteen years ago, the guy's probably dead after helping Christopher get a new life, you won;t be able to find him in the wormwood with all of that ice." Lucas reached out and grabbed the shade's shirt. "ohh grabby grabby." Lucas' eyes burned with anger. "Your grandfather. your real grandfather." Lucas calmed down and let the shade go. He sat down quietly on the couch. "Why'd... why'd he let me go?" Balda rolled his eyes, and smacked the boy in the back of the head, "helllooooo vampire? and a blind human boy? the temptation to feed is too great? He was probably going crazy just trying to take care of you." Lucas sighed, "So... why didn't he give me to my parents?" Balda rubed his eyes, "if your grandfather had you, wouldn't that mean neither one of the parents wanted you? Your mother was a pleasure girl. As for your father, Christopher never said, you happy?" Lucas just gulped. "How am i supposed to help christo knowing all of this?" Balda shrugged, "I dun know kid, figure it out yourself, I done all I can do... The curse travels through blood, and it's main effect is through the magic in the body system, though it effects non-magic people as well through scars and cuts." Lucas nodded.-

GarexTasmin: "Because even non-magical people still have magic within them. Very small, nearly useless amounts of it, but its still there. There aren't alot of anti-magicka areas in the world...at least not that I know of though I can't say I've spent a copious amount of time looking into the matter. I'm sure Balda here knows a bit more given that his trade lies alot closer to the magical fields than my own. In anycase, you could theoretically slow down the spread, and/or weaken the curse slightly by draining the magicka from a person. The problem with that is people, especially mages and magically imbued creatures usually have a good capacity and, more importantly, their physical bodies will usually suffer side effects of such a process, or so I've been told so if Balda here just forced all of the magicka out of Christopher suddenly and against the mad wolf's will...it could indeed cause alot of physical damage to his body, possibly killing him if its done too quickly." -he said as he looked to lucas, his eyes glaring now at the small child when he heard the last remark. "Thats the easiest part of this problem. WHEN christopher returns to his normal grumpy-ass self, all you have to do is........................" -he stopped himself before giving the answer away, looking to balda as if to see if Balda and Garex himself were on the same page about this. Garex was sure that balda actually knew how to fix this particular issue, given his unique personality and history with the 'wild beast'. "On second though....I think I'll let you come to you're own conclusion, But If you asked me, I'd say the answer to your question is very obvious provided you ask yourself the entire question." -he said, grinning behind his tungsten mask, before returning his gaze to balda, debating on whether or not the shade could truely feed off darkness. If he could, then Garex would have to take extra precautions as to not reveal himself to this person. He'd worked long and worked very hard to hide what he was from the world. Perhaps not as hard as he should have but the fact was that the short-statured male put alot of effort and alot of time into making sure that his past stayed right the fuck where it was. Long forgotten to the outside world-

KatsuoOda: -Balda sighed, and pointed to Lucas. "He's got no magic in'em." Lucas blinked, "wait what? I don't?" Balda shook his head, nope, not a lick. Makes you unigue not only in the species department but the magicka department as well. only... it also makes you weaker to creatures, making you all that more tantalizing a meal. Your vampy grandpa must have had a strrrroooong will to keep his fangs from sinking into you." he sighed, looking over at Garex. "do ya know how to shut your chili ring for two seconds? You give the boy bright ideas and he'll try them, although he's resistant to magic he can still get cursed by magical effects, I for one don't want to see the kid go downstairs right now with Christopher going all wild. " he said, but Lucas drifted off in his mind thinking about how to help Christopher. "If the answer is to defeat him, then I can't do that... Christo can split me in half litterally with his bare claws.." Balda scoffed, "I can defeat him, but where he's sent of to after I don't really know. unless you prefer he go to some far of distant dark world." Lucas shook his head no with a sweat.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon's greenish eyes seem to linger slowly on the many faces that seem to fill the common areas of the keep, to her it seem the main floor seem always to be filled with people that had come to seek shelters off the streets in fear of the curse.Let alone others who seem to always be lurking looking for their time to strike against her. It had not been the first time, within the last sevral weeks it had seem the woman had nearly been attacked if it was not for her guards being there, or her so called Captain she would have most likely been dead by now, or worst the etire captial city fallen within the Shadowlands. Oh the woman debated still tempted to drop half of her subjects into the Shadowlands; the very place that seem be in a competely different plane of existance yet it mocked the real world. She seems to sigh as her eyes moved right to the ground and off of the people before her. The sounds of the people chattering back and forth seem to fill her mind as the woman had become paranoid. It had been a few hundred years since the sounds of her own 'little' voices seem to be able to get the woman do what ever they wanted. Aez stood there her fingers rubbing against the dark lace of her sleeve cuff as she stood there. Her gaze finally shifting up a bit as she started to hear the shade's comments about the Lycan that had been sent to the dungeon do to the icy plague. 'They're staring at you.' the voice would pause before echoing again 'They are going to kill you... you're a failure you know.' the voices echoed in her mind as she stood there in a near trance-like state before finally coming to. "Hmm?" The demon stood there confused as she watched the male known as Garex approached the two whom she was going to greet but got lost in her own mind for the time being. The woman seems to shrug and then walk past them and straight to the dungeon. Making her way down the winding staircase the female seem to not be bothered by the reeking smell of the rotten body smell that seem to fill the lower halls of the keep do to the rampage and the fall of the Mage's Quarters as she passed by she had never got anyone to pick up the mess the huge room had been in. She glanced through the door seeing the debris what was left of the room. She seems to have brushed it off, even though the bodies of the fallen acolytes had been removed and burnt to ash. The room seems to be covered in dried blood and bits of what seem to be any and all chemical seem to be scattered about the ground. The woman seems to sigh once more as she headed back towards the door and headed farther down the hall to the dungeons. Aezyra's eyes lingered to the two guards which seem to have stationed at the doorway of the main area leading into the cellblock. Aez smiled softly stood there a couple seconds. "Let me in" she mumbled out before watching one of the guards shift in his place and unlock the door before opening it. The woman waited for the male to pull open the door before looking at her confused on why she was there, after all, it seemed it was more threating there than on the upper floors even though to her it seems the other way around. 

GarexTasmin: "Chili ring?" -though hidden, his left brow would raise slightly as he looked at balda without having a clue as to what he was saying. His attention was then diverted to lucas as the boy gave what garex felt was completely the incorrect answer to the question. Shaking his head, Garex would get up and brush himself off slowly, never once letting go of that staff he always held onto. Not only did it allow him to actually control his magicka instead of just giving it a vague, non-specific set of instructions and usually fail at casting actual spells, it also A) suppressided his own curse and B) suppressed the signiture of his reserves. To those as skilled and even more-so than balda, they'd know his capacity was higher than what it seemed to be, just not really how much larger. The fact that his "fuel efficiency" to coin a term, was so poor was about the only saving grace in the matter because it always looked as if he was just a poorly trained mage. Taking slow steps, Garex would nod his head to the pair before leaving to follow after Aezvyra. He said nothing, keeping the staff in a sort of loose grip so that as little movement as possible would transfer into the staff so as not to cause the ringing noise that usually announced his presence. Right now he remained as silent as he could, even slowing his walking pace so that when the tacts on the soles of his boots hit the stone, they'd make as little noise as possible. This meant that he was always at least a few minutes behind Aezvyra. He heard the door to the prisoner's cells creak open. "Is she visiting Christopher?" -he thought to himself in his own head, wondering just what was going on in the fair maiden's mind at this point-

KatsuoOda: -Balda watched Aez and Garex leave the room, but he decided to sit, and keep Lucas company. Meanwhile, down in the dungeons as Aez approached a cell, though he was chained up the red haired beast with glowing red eyes yanked hard on the silver chains that burned his wrists, and gave a roar out toward her, a vicious snarl and foam coming from his mouth. he couldn't reach but he was definately biting at her. His claws twitched trying to reach but the chains were too short. Anyone could see the deep gauges and claw makrs on the floor from his feet, and the point on the wall where he was beating his head and biting at the silver chins that bound his hands back. Lucas could hear the snarling and biting from upstairs and drew his feet closer to his body, lifting them up on the couch and sinking his head between his legs. "Oh christo... the ice has turned you into an animal..."-

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez sighed softly as she just stood there inside the door of the cellblock as she allowed her gaze move about each cell before she started to walk down the corriador. She seem to linger slowly as she passed by cell after cell as she would pause and look to the person within and seen how far the ice had built up on them or how far they had lost themselves to the curse. She shook her head as she finally came to Kai's cell before noticing the male seemed to been asleep on the cot before moving on. She frowned before coming closer to the cell Christopher, the Lycan whom she had made a guard inutaite not even a day before he had ended up infected sorta speak. "I am so sorry." the woman's words came out in whispers as she leaned up against the stone brick wall that seem to be across from the wooden and steel door. The woman had to have the cell doors and the cell itself enchanted so no one could escape again, meaning only way out of the cell was passed the door if it was opened. The woman seem to take a breath her chest lifting its its place as she stood there before commanding the shadows around her to her, granted it would take time to pull enough shadows to her for what she wanted to do. "We are going to see if this works." she seem to lose her self seeing she finally had time alone from everyone to the point she could actually attempt the idea she had since the start of this so called curse. Though she had already decided she wasn't going to test her idea on the male for the sheer fact that she couldn't help but feel for Lucas if anything should have gone wrong. Aezvyra sighed softly as she put her mind into what she was going to do while she was waiting for the shadows to pull and dance around her body. The woman would take the few steps from the cell that held the lycan and move to one that had held a guard within it which seem to be have first or second person whom was infected by Kai himself. Aez took a deep breath as she allowed her gaze to shift in color as she prepared herself for what she was about to do. Her eyes shifted in color flirkered to a dull grayish color then finally settled on a deep pitch of nothingness; which was uncomman seeing normally within her demonic form at times it would have been swirling crimson and onxy. About the same time the female's leather like horns seem to appear curling up out of her long onxy hair as the silver chains that had been embeaded in them from the years she had been tortured; even her long barbed tail seem to sway behind, one hit with one of the barbs could send an adult mortal male into shock from the poisons that were lanced around them, her now that she no longer focused on the enchantments that hid her demonic features from everyone view. The woman's painted lips curled as her flesh had started to lose its color and turn to a charcoal black color as time went on and the more shadows seem to dance violently around her body. Aez shrugged giving up on the full transformation allowing her true self to show before those who were cuse, it wasn't like they would most likely remember seeing the demon in such a way. The woman's form seem to chance more as she  grew leather like spikes from the middle of her back where her large dragon like wings would have been. Her wavy hair seem to frame her face as her painted lips curled into a devilish grin as she allow her right hand move up and touch her horns. "That is more like it." she chuckled out before she kicked off the wall and looked at the cursed mage before chuckling as she licked her lips. "Shall we?" she snikered out nearly waiting for a replie from the male. 

GarexTasmin: -Garex was making his way down the steps before coming to the bottom. As quietly as he could, he'd put the staff down till it was upright on the ground and still in his hand but his arm wasn't bearing the full weight of it constantly now, which was a good thing. At the moment, Garex held it in his left arm, giving his right one a small break for the moment. "What is going through your head Aezvyra?" -the masked male thought to himself, pondering what she could actually be doing down here at this hour. Was she mourning? Beating herself up? Raging at these people?" -Garex could not understand why she was coming to the dungeon. It wasn't like there was a sudden development in the search for a cure at this point. Garex came face to face with the guards after just a scant few steps, his dark vissage becoming just barely visible in the dimly lit post. Were he at his natural height, the problem he'd have at the moment would be very different issue with the present situation. He said nothing, trying to think of how to get past these guards. Unlike most of the guards still within the keep, those attached to the queen we of a higher caliber than the common initiate or even graduate guard...all of them had actual combat experience and without his tools of the trade, garex was not prone to picking a fight in close quarters. Sure, he could brute strength his way past these men with ease just because he could kill them with a single hit. Problem was that he didn't really care for fighting to the death. Never made much sense to him were the truth to be told. "Evening gentlemen." -spoke the male as he had no choice but to reveal himself. It wasn't like he could really cast illusion magic to the point that he'd be able to slip past them un-noticed. Even if they didn't, the Empress sure as shit would, and that would just cause him alot more hassle than he was willing to deal with at this point-

KatsuoOda: -The beast roared and snarled in the cage, his rabid-like anger even frightened the guards to the point they decided to guard the doors to the Entrance of the dungeon rather than his cell themselves. He lost interest in the Empress and began slamming himself aginst the wall again, making more stone fall to the ground. though the silver chains burned his hands and teeth her still tried gnawing at them, clawing at their binding points to no prevail, at least not yet, the claw and teeth marks were evident, as ws his never-ending rage. He let out yet another roar before slamming his hard head into the concrete again, and again, then slashing at it twice, all to break the silver chains on the wall.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The female seem to drift off into her natural state of mind, this was a bad idea for mainly anyone around the woman seeing she was normally suffered from bloodlust within her demonic state. For the first time in a long time the woman had actually falling into her self. Sadly, enough Aezvyra did not noticed that she had been followed down deep within the belly of the keep by Garex whom she didn't even hear at all, which was odd. The demon could blame the sheer fact she was tired and fed up with the whole curse bit and was on the verge of ending it all. The female allowed her tougue slipp from her painted lips and then run quickly over her bottom lip getting it wet as she debated what she was going to try first. Aez seem to step foward closer to the door of the cell to the guard before allowing the corner of her gaze fall on the lycan before she forced the cell open long enough to slip inside despite the fact she was about to level everything within that cell if she had to. The female chuckled softly as she pulled some of the shadows around her self to her hand as she used it directing the darkness around the guard as if ready to pull the male into the Shadowlands as she was attempting to do a few different things. "Well either this will hurt you and I am sure it will which is going to bring me so much pleasure if it does." she smirked as she spoke to the cursed being as if he could even understand her words anyway. "This is going to burn a bit" she chuckled out as she licked her lip again before holding out her hand towards the male before she went to start the summoning of Hell fire. That was the woman's master plan for the split moment she could think of one. Fires that wouldn't burn out over time but seem to burn a very soul if it was used too long. Her eyes seem to widen as she started the chant under her breath to summon the fire as she stood there. Calling the flames was harder then she remembered as she closed her eyes and dug down deep within her self to summon the flames from the Abyss that no longer was truely there. The sounds of the Lycan in the cell next to the one she was working with caught her attention causing the woman to seprate her fingure tips from eachother as she turned her head to the beast. "Still your self Christopher" the woman's dark luring voice echoed through out the etire dungon. 

GarexTasmin: "You and I both know that the beast beyond those bars, snarling and roaring in pain isn't chistopher.....So why are you down here now Aezvyra?" -he said, stretching his arms out before pushing open the door and stepping inside, causing the guards to draw their weapons and point them at Garex, who'se eyes were visible in this dimly lit dungeon. Garex took one, purposefully heavy step foreward as he cracked his knuckles audibly without locking his hands together. Using the staff to close the door behind him as he kept his eyes locked on Aezvyra, taking in the visage of her demoness form. Garex was literally drooling at the moment. Half of him wanted to fight her....half of him wanted to spend three weeks between the sheets. Unusually, his travllers pack was on his back and he looked like he was about to hit the road, even though he wasn't and had no intention of leaving before making good on his promise to her. "Well...this is certainly something to witness." -he said, taking note of the strange horn-like structures that seemed to be protruding from her back. Along with the horns on her head and darkened pale flesh. The barbed tail she had just seemed to round out the sex appeal. Were there to be a poll....100 out of 10 Garex's would smash.....repeatedly. 85 out of 1 Garexs' would request death by snu-snu. "If I hadn't been sober the past week and a half...i'd swear I was drunk right now." -he said, taking a moment to remove the mouth guard and wipe the drool from his chin...twice, before putting it back into place and continuing to 'stare her down'- "I'm all for costume parties...but it seems like nobody's having a laugh....." -he said, trying to gauge the situation further while keeping the head on his shoulders filled with blood rather than the pair between his legs-

KatsuoOda: -The pain going through the beast's mind was being registered through the silver chains, though it suppressed his strength and made him more a rabid wolf or dog than a hefty lifter, massive strength angry Lycan, the chains did burn him, and his skin. Though the black ice in his chest and arm, was forming fully causing even more of said pain, the ice on his arm that touched the silver seemed to melt away when it touched the silver, preventing it to spread because of christopher's blood being weak to silver. He gave off a wicked roar yet again, upn zoning back into his fit, and ran to the and of his chain to yelp as the jerk from the chains lipped his feet forward toward Garex but his arms back. The animal stood back up and pulled, the claw marks and blood on the floor indicating he's been trying to break free for several days.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: "Hmm?" the woman attention was soon pull to the corridor that lead away from the main cellblock, her dark gaze lingered on the male whom had followed her. "What are you doing down herer Garex?" she paused questioning the male as she allow her shoulders rise a few inches before lowering once more as she seem to shrug. "Seeing about something." she hissed out as she watched him a bit before the guards seem to finally rush into the area causing the female to shake her head not really wanting to break full attention from the spell she had already started and had paused for the moment. Feeling the male's gaze on her she finally turned her hands still up. "What is it..." she hissed out her voice darker then normal then she normally sounded. Her body seem to shift as her left hand lowered to her hip as  she shifted to the side as she waited for the responce. "Well.. what cat got your tonuge or what.." her brow seem to rise as she turned once more to face the male. "Oh wait let me guess never truely incounter an shadow demon whoms mother was part temptress I take it?" she seem to shrugg it off before returning to her spell. Aez took a deep breath as she turned her head letting her eyes fall back to the crazed male before her as he seem to raize from the cot and actually attempt to charge her from the side only to struggle by the chains that held him to the far side of the cell. She shook her head and laughed at him, the urge of spitting in his face sorta speak. "Calm your self Gregor, Your not going to harm me, and you know if you did I would be forced to put you down." the woman's lips parted and then moved to a smirk. "Don't tempt me my dear, we both know deep in the head of yours you know I will; I don't care if it leaves your five year old father less" The woman had shifted her weight to the right as she went back to the spell at hand restarting it. The darkness would fill the cell and start to swirl around it as the woman seem to protect herself and that of what she was up to. 

GarexTasmin: "Making sure I still have a reason to stay in these lands. The fact that you didn't actually notice my heavy ass coming down the stairs with bronze tacs on the bottom of my boots means i've either become rather adept at sneaking around....and I haven't....or that you weren't even aware that I was following you at all. Which says alot." -he said, making a step to approach Aezvyra before being cut off by the guards who'd rather proptly pointed the tips of their swords at his chest. Sure....his body was extra durable compared to even the average tanky demon but getting stabbed still hurt enough that it caused him to think about that action. "What are you doing down here?" -he asked again- "Yeah you're right. never seen what most people would call a succubus..or..half succubus I guess. Least not in person. Gotta say....you look good Aez. Though I get why you don't go around showing it off. Bad enough that your human form is hot enough, add to that your aphrodesiac effect......damn. But I can poorly hit on you another time. For the moment, I'd at least like to know why you're chanting an incantation to what I can only assume is something that is normally reserved for murdering the fuck out of somebody....and boys....I suggest you put those blades down. Before I have to do something reckless and stupid." -he said, letting the light in his eyes flare up so that it was clearly visible, giving his eye sockets this rather ominous blood-lustful red glow to them. it started small, just a glimmer, then an outline...then his eyes seemed to project past the mask as he appeared to be staring into the very souls of the hardened guards infront of them. All he was doing was opening the flow of mana to his eyes, flooding them with raw energy in an attempt to literally stare-down the guards at this point-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The female brow rose as she heard his replie to her as she chuckled. "Oh my beauty not good enough for just that." she teased back as she glanced to the male from the corner of her sight as she watched the cursed. "I had other things on my mind, I simply tuned everything else out." she paused as she mumbled more of the spell. "Little hard to hear over the voices." she chuckled out before shrugging as she would get the darkness to move more violently around the cell as if it could have produced the flames that would appear it self. "only a small part I am even though tales state mother was a pureblood shadow demon so its hard to explain I guess why i have this extra traite." the woman would allow her eyes to slip back to the infected before the flames would spark to life. "Ah.. " she smirked happily as she watched the flickering flames danced from the place on the ground before her before she used the darkness to move the burning dark flames to the male. Screams.... Painful blood curling screams followed the very instant the fires of the Abyss would touch the cursed yet it had done nothing to the ice. "Dame it" Aez cursed.

GarexTasmin: "You can't burn it out of them...not without killing off the people who are infected, which defeats the whole purpose of a cure." -he said taking another step closer, using his staff to fend off the attacks of the guards as he walked closer to Aezvyra. "From me, you do not have to hide...not when it is just you and I. Of that I give you my word. If this is what you actually look like...then feel free to remove the mask you wear if you are so inclined." -he said, reaching outwards slowly as he came to a stop right infront of her. If she let him, his palm would make contact with the flesh of a woman he considered to be his friend and those same eyes of Garex which once had shown nothing but hostility were not showing nothing but sadness in his eyes. It wasn't pity. It was Empathy....pure empathy was why he reached out, his hand charing with magickal energy which would create quick infusion of magika, using Garex's own body as the source. "Remember this well. I am your friend first, a promise giver second, and you're servant never. So do me a favor....stop making me worry so damn much. If you die. I leave. My promise only holds true if you're here to hold me to it damnit." -he said, attempting to refill her magicka reserves from his own, if she allowed it- "I'm serious you know....you don't have to wear that mask infront of me. Because you and I are walking that particular path together...just not in the same way. My steps are alot.......longer...shall we say." -he said with a soft chuckle, trying to cheer her up a little bit-

AezvyraIsadorValke: Her emreald green gaze shifted up to the male as she hissed. "oh but it will work sooner or later." her painted lips curled at their ends as she licked her lips. "It is a cure sorta speak; I just will not use it on Kai or Christopher until we figured how to purfect it." she chuckled out as she turned to watch the guards before she grew tired of them trying to attack the male. "Go away" she mumlbed out before sending a blast of the shadows out of the cell and down the hall causing the guards to fly a good three feet from where they had been standing. "Your welcome by the way." Aez seem to roll her eyes before turning back to the guard she still was trying to burn away the ice which wasn't working. "I do not hide; I just wish people not to see the demon whom rule them. It is easier to deal with the people when they do not really wish the demoness. The woman chuckled a bit as she watched the male still on flames drop to his knees if begging to be released from the pain that was granted on him. Aezvyra took a deep breath her charcol skin seem to grow darker as she flicked her wrist causing the darkness she commaned to put the hell fire out. Just as she watched Garex seem to step foward and between herself and the cursed. "umm" she blinked slightly as she watched as his hand grew closer and then touched her. She could feel the energy grow within the room which caused the shadows at her command seem to shift and swirl more. When the male spoke the woman listened her eyes yet traveling from him and then to the male on the ground as if waiting for the guard to do something stupid. She knew it was matter of mintues if not seconds before he would be able to grow enough strenght and try to attack. "We shall see my dear friend...we shall see." she paused and thought about it. "As for dying... I don't plan on it." she smirked as she watched the cursed being more studying him as she stood there, her barbed tail swaying about

 Guest_Vestrel: ~Dark clouds moved through the unnatural Icy grip night sky their silhouettes dotted across the dark grey expanse in a chaotic manner. Each one moving through the night canvas at a perfect opposite to the land below which stretched out in silent watchfulness. Winters grip in full motion now to better exercise her will upon the land. Her reaches laying a blanket of snow and ice that infected every crevice within the makeup of the land. Vestrel observed life force auras cascading and flowing in and out of each other. Each stream representing a different life form. He cleared his vocal chords the sound alien to the lush land that surrounded him if one had looked at this action they would have seen no breath upon the frosty air. Birds reacted in unison to the sound and scattered towards the heavens the flapping of their wings falling silent as they soared. The trail of the aura he sought was here, a sliver among the tide of energy that washed unseen across the land. It trailed away to the west among the outskirts of a large foreboding forest, the canopy of which partly reflecting the light of the moon which now crept across all below it as a predator might stalk its prey. He detached himself from the shadows of the partially ruined wall. Each footfall darkened the earth it touched as if scorching it. Silently moving across the frozen vale, the mind lost in its own search for something tangible. Maybe an answer for what he was. The semblance of self now lost in a myriad of pained torture that could only be temporarily exorcised by doing the will of that which held dominion over him. The creature he had once been lost to the thing he had become, the only remnants haunting the voids of his consciousness and whispering their urgency in a language he could not seem to comprehend. Like a memory that hung on the edge of one’s mind yet always just out of reach and all to easily drowned when his master awoke from his slumber. His hand reached up feeling the shape of the amulet pulse beneath the folds of dark clothing. Voices floated from the way he had come, raucous in nature. Vestrel cocked his head backwards and contemplated returning. He moved on until all was silent again and opened the pathways of his mind to find his way.’’ The form 6ft 4 was covered in dark semi frozen rags. The folds of clothing grating as the metal weapons he carried rubbed against each other. He ghosted towards the treeline as the voice within was drowned out again amongst the din of hate that suffocated him. Spires of a city came into view their heavenly reaches surrounded in a sea of auras, pools of colour swirled to show this place held life, its beat deep and echoing. There were elements of darkness also as if something was amiss among this sea of energy. His grey eyes scanned layout of the land before him noting that winters grip had faltered in this area. This place surrounded on most sides by the forest he had been traversing each tree standing sentry like as their lines peeled away into the distance. A semi demolished structure lay among the outskirts of what appeared to be a city. Yet the look for a passer would be deceiving Vestrel sensed the pulse within it. He moved towards two large doors that stood from the slowly rising northerly wind to momentarily surprise the creature. Their workmanship built for withstanding force. His mind reaching out in case the place was protected by wards. Tendrils of shadow slowly whipped about his form in a manner that was chaotic in nature their effect to try drain life force and power from sentient beings when touching them. ~ ‘’You were not always like this ‘’~The inner sound surprised and reverberated in his mind~ The same voice that haunted him. Anger rose then and he forced himself to move faster. How could he know that this echo of derision that spoke to him in a language that felt foreign was the last semblance of what he had been. A lone survivor lost in a sea of hate trying to shout above the crashing of negative emotional waves that sought to drown it out of his tortured mind. Shadow fell away from his dead flesh as the decrepit form moved onwards the tempest within his mindset offset by the now eerily quiet countryside. Vestrel began looking for a way in. The sliver of energy of the being he had sought forgotten momentarily as this new opportunity presented itself ~

KatsuoOda: -Balda arrived downstairs, another guard was keeping the boy occupied, with a training session. The Shade arrived by smoke, quietly looking back and forth between Aez frying her guard with hellfire and, Garex just stading there letting her do it. "Hell fire isn't working, your highness. You had better let up before your guardian is fried boar meat." he said, flicking his head lightly toward christopher's pen, "also I'd get stronger walls, two days time Christopher will chew through the remaining concrete and slam those doors. Silver chains or not he'll force himself to death trying to get out." He floated himself to the ground seeing the two guards she had downstairs point their weapons at him. "Oh please move your pointy stick before I shove it in your ass." One cut from the swords didn't matter to him, he simply took his hand and shoved the blades aside, what came out of the cuts was only a miasma-like form of dark magic. "anyone can point a flashy stick at a man, hell I can do it too." he phased into Christoper's cage, and the beast came snarling and charging at him, but he reached his hand inside Christopher's head, the beast was paralyzed. "I'm tired of your howling, go to bed." he said, suddenly the creature's head rolled back into it's eyes and it clanked to the floor. It breathed steadily like a massive beast would, sleeping. "Honestly I don't know why any of your mages thought of it sooner. though it doesn't cure the symptoms it makes it easier for them to study it, if they neurologically disable the being for a short amount of time, like what I did with this beast." he phased through to the other pen where the guard she'd been trying to burn to near death with hellfire to try and cure him was. "Honestly I don;t know what you were thinking, hellfire? this is a curse made of ice but not normal Ice, no hellfire can melt it."-


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