Scroll of Banishment

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Scroll of Banishment

Post by AezvyraValke on Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:56 pm

The Scroll of Banishment or in other worlds Blacklist is a list of usernames whom should be booted out of the rooms. For one reason or another these people have been blacklisted out of the empire and should be found within any of the known rooms for Nyamithler Empire.

Note: I will not force anyone to block people, I just don't want these people within the empire rooms for reasons.

If they are in within a room they have to have permission from myself to be there.

✘ ElderZaosBloodRose & ElderAleaBloodRose
✘ LdAlexanderCorvinus
✘ PsychoClownDarkWolf & XxSakuraYukixX (Mixing and Meta)
✘ spadebldragephoenix (Meta alt account of PsychoClownDarkWolf)
✘ NyxAmarante & IraMarieDemise (for Mixing and Meta Gaming both account same person)


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