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VennaDawnSinger: -Venna was just a bit over stated in quiet ways at the time. She stayed hidden most of the days till now it was a way to survive for her at times. She came to the castle and crept in silently as she looked around and saw many gathered in the side room off of the fountain. She moves slowly as she went. Today her swords were openly worn as she had been practicing with them in a slow almost like dance movements with them in fact if one notices it was the elven sword dance minus the ribbons. A well practiced dance and steps that was beautiful and soft. Yet she did not know well how to use the swords she always made do in a pinch with them using them as longer extensions of her arms as she did with her daggers.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Seasons come and they go much like people seem to; in the cause of the demon Aezvyra it seem to happen more then most. She had realized this since the mental wall that was holding back some memories and broke and she could nearly remember just about anything; how many people came and gone. This seem to cause the woman to sorta mope around the halls of the keep. The woman who stood just under five foot six and for once had found a dress that wasn't all dark in its nature; the gown she had found was a recent gift from a close friend. she loved the way the crimson and black silk fabic hugged along her small frame and nearly dragged on the floor as she walked. The woman emreald green gaze lingered as she seem to move about leaving her study and entering the main comman area her eyes landing on the fountian before seeing Venna. "Good evening"
KafzielLaVayne: Though the bricks and stone making the roof were loose the demon walked over them with ease. His violet eyes dark with a sharp gaze yet only one could be seen. Over the matter over several days he had not returned to the hold. For the city had been all this time protected by a bubble, protected from the ice found outside. It meant the capital itself was the largest prison probally ever made in these lands, but within them were innocent people and refugees. Because of this he had left the hold and started to keep an eye on the people. After all what was keeping them to blame the empress, her servants or any race other then themselves. So his gaze had been fixed upon the races and people of the capital. Helping where he could, aiding those in need of aid but also punishing those in the wrong. He had effectively completely hidden whom he was. A piece of fabric wrapped around the most of his head with a spiked circlet surrounding his head, medium armour plated with iron while also having exposed most of his arms. Around his waist a skirt was tied having with it multiple daggers and 3 pouches containing posion, medicine and material to make the 2 previous ones. In all aspects he was clearly a spy, an assassin and also stating himself as he whom decides over life as behind him almost scythe like daggers hung from his shoulders. He leaped off the latest roof and towards the doors into the hold. It had been a while and with a deep breath he walked through the doors swinging them back closed behind him. His voice was muffled and altered to sound almost human." Greetings." Looking through the hallway he noticed two women and made his way to the fountain where he saw them.
VennaDawnSinger: “Good evening Milady I am sorry I have kept myself away so long but it seemed the most prudent thing to do. Greetings sir merry met.”-Venna had no idea who this man was or might be so she kept a respectful distance from him as she kept her green kissed by gold eyes on him as she seemed a bit shaken by the recent events. Her eyes were something of interest as she seemed to see past him when the doors had been open far into the distance like and archer would search for a threat. That is what she truly was after all yet she had on a simple shirt of leather held together by laces in one shoulder and up the front her pants held up by thick side laces and the black leather boots as well. She seemed a bit ready to allow the twitches to her arms to allow for the throwing dagers one at a time fall to her hand before drawing swords.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: The sound of the male voice caused the woman to turn a bit her gaze landing on the male, yet her attention seem to be else where as she took a deep breath, all she could smell was the faint smells that drifted from the kitchen here and there that never seem to go away; the smell of blood from the fountain which she had to still come up with a way of masking and of course the smell of infection seeing she had opened the west wing of the keep to act as if a hosptial wing. The noise seem to have increased as the chatter of the empire seem to be centered about a posaable over throw of the empress her self. Each time the woman would hear the simple talk she would ingore it for now, granted she wanted to rip the person tongue out of their heads and feed it to their next of kin. Truth was Aez was getting stir crazy and with the main doors of Klashi hold open for all it was even worst now that she didn't have anywhere she could truly get away from them all. Aezvyra sighed softly as she heard the females voice. "It's alright we are doing the best we can." she spoke out before adressing the male. "If you need food try the kitchen, a room there might be a few on the east wing or south.. the make shift hospital wing is to the west wing." she mumbled about before running her fingure over the cold dark stone bricks of the fountian before finally sitting upon the ledge of it.
KafzielLaVayne: With a suprised look did he gaze upon the women of the empire. He understood that he dressed differently because he adapted to the things he was doing, but had he changed that much?.A burst of laughter started to escape him and as he laughed his voice turned back to that of his own." Do not worry, it is i...Kafziel?" At the end he got a bit insecure wondering if they had forgotten him. It had only been a few days though maybe something had happened of which he knew nothing about. He noticed the make shift hospital wing and around him the voices of treason surrounded him. Anger burned still like a flame within him, for days he silenced those voices and yet they were already in the hold. He was not one to accept this, and as his hands dropped to his hips as if he was to walk more casual towards the fountain as he stepped into the main hall he balled up his hands. Swiftly his fingers moved over the leather of his skirts and 3 daggers suddenly fell as he had unlocked them from the chains that kept them in place. 2 he took by hands and they got lunged through the air straight for the center of the necks of those that speak of treason. The third he kicked up with his left heel, it would go in a curve to come down infront of him where he catches it with his right hand.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman brow rose as she turned to look at the male just a small bit before a faint smile pasted over her lips as she thought about it. "Kaf..." she chuckled softly as she started to rock back and forth as if she had one of her little epoisdes she use to a few hundred years before hand. "Im alright." she shook her head and lifted it as she glanced to the woman. "See we are good alive and well" her rantings seem to end as she fell quiet as she sat there her head lowering once more as she watched from the corner of her gaze the male whom held a part of her as he left for the hall. Her hand moved up to that onxy stone necklace as she mumbled under her breath. "Qwu kayz swy ztodd ytxyl bdepnylz zsedd? es depnz os tu jylu ythsu zaid hiddefr ofk poddefr sa lyopw ais. Qwu pof's es xy zedyfs... " the words left her painted lips as she moved to look up at a few of the people whom had walked too close to her. Her eyes widen as she seem to curl her body back nearly falling into the foutain as she had done so.
VennaDawnSinger: -Venna smiled as she saw this and dropped a dagger into her hand ans then quickly tossed it up to come into her empty hand ready to also thrown a a second dropped to her other hand again by the tips ready to be thrown with a gentle flick of her wrists ready to stand with this stranger to her. She did not like talk of treason spoken either and here eyes went to scanning for the first target as she took slow even breaths as she then for a brief moment looked to him and nodded he had back up and all that she had taken mere seconds no time at all when considered it was just the beat of a heart.-”You may be alright but even a whisper of treason you should not hear.”

KafzielLaVayne: Would he have taken off the fabric covering most of his face one could have seen the almost gleefull smile upon his lips. Death was acceptable, murder was allowed, treason would be met with both. A demon in the most easiest ways of thinking when it came to betrayel. He started to spin the dagger he had caught beofre upon the top of his fingers as he leaned forward using his right foot to arch behind the back of the empress pulling her to him so she may regain her balance. At the same time his arms had reached the his side and the clanging of metal upon stone could be heard. He had dropped the dagger and in return taken out the two special ones hanging from his shoulders which he aimed towards the people to close towards the empress. For the most part he had ignored Venna as she did not seem to recognise him from what he could tell, it did not matter to him however. A soft blue shine could be seen starting to creep from the gaps of his armour. Blue runes had started to appear upon his chest, a piece of a soul calling for the rest which were oh so close.
AezvyraIsadorValke: She nearly fell, her heart started to beat away within her chest as nearly if she had been scared to death. The moment he had pulled her her greenish gaze shifted seem to grow lighter in color as her eyes never left his even after the sound of metal on the stone. Her necklace seem to shift as if the ring inside could be seen without her permission, not many people had seen what the onxy gemstone carried within it. She took a breath, her hands on his arms as she tried to calm her self, she didn't even realize the blue aura showing.
KafzielLaVayne: WIth her back in balance he moved his foot from the arch behind her back by which he had pulled her and placed it upon the dagger that had fallen. On the bottom of his boot there was a space with a magnet which in turn made the dagger a hidden blade which he could shift out of the heel if needed, a handy contraption at times. The people at which he had pointed his daggers had quickly started to make their away far from them and back to the hospital ward, it seems even they sensed his bloodlust and saw the rusty blood upon the metal of the daggers. He puts away the daggers and takes off the circlet so he could do away with the mask around his face while he sat down next to the empress whom he stubbornly called Isis. The blue runes upon his chest which was given away the blue light started to pulsate with energy as he had come even closer to her." Are you okay?" Some worries was in his violet eyes as he looked towards her.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman shook her head, her long black hair that she had nearly lost the willpower to keep the tone of it had nearly turned white once more. Her glance moved as she watched him reclaim his dagger before putting it away. Her lips formed a small soft smile at their ends as he finally removed his head gear. She nodded. "mhmm" the humming tone left her lips as she glanced away just to break the eye contact for a moment, she had nearly forgot she was staring at him. "for the most part. I'm not sure how much more i can deal with having the halls open to everyone" Her gaze shifted letting their color darken once more back to that bright shinning deep emreald color they normally was. If anything about the woman never changed it would been her eyes that gave here away; everything else she seem to be able to change to shift slightly but them, after all it is said the eyes are windows to the soul even though the woman hardly had one at all. "These people may be the death of me sooner or later" her comment was soft a near whisper as she was sure most of them were at this point plotting against her seeing what did she do but trapped everyone within the capital city. The best part was they were alive, Aez knew that and she figured her so called subjects would thank her sooner or later if she didn't end up killing them. With the close quarters and the ice still remaining even after the curse was deal with for the most part didn't help anything she had found her self being 'good' she has not killed, toyed, or even locked away anyone without a good reason.
KafzielLaVayne: With his hand raised up he moved his fingers through his oddly short black hair. For a while now his hair had been long and some red was made to break up the dark colour of it. But his time in the capital had changed some things about him.He seemed more entuned with the shadows and the bloodlust which normally surrounded him like a fog was now worn by him as if it was a damn coat of pride. His changed had all been to adapt to his situation for he looked formal, well kept and one to serve in a castle this worked against him in the capital. So now he was like this and in the slumms not even the biggest traitor would bother him, but he did bother them by taking their lives. This meant over time he had to change back when all was finished and life in the castle was going to return to normal.Clearly however this would take time and with a sigh he looked for a moment to the hospital ward before looking back to Isis." Know that i am here for you, and if there are any traitors wishing to dabble with treason they shall taste their own blood by my hand." Unlike her he had been openly vocal about his intentions and the two dead men whom had recieved 2 of his daggers in the center of their throats quickly got glanced at by few while 2 servants were cleaning up and preparing to do away with the corpses he had made.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman had lost her mind to her thoughts, to her memories as she stood there in his arms still partly. Her eyes seem to shine and then gloss over for a moment before she had called her self back to reality. "hmm?" she chuckled softly before looking at him once more before letting her right hand move to the necklace which still for some odd reason showed the glowing ring within its dark color stone. Aez took a breath and nodded. "I know you are. " she smirked softly before thinking about it for a split second. "Bal uai odqouz wojy xyyf tu Koln Nferws" of course the moment the words came flooding from her lips they seem to have taken shape in her native langauge for some odd reason as if trying to keep from everyone knowing. Why she was hiding it she didn't know it wasn't like the blue aura that the male gave off only when she was close by didn't say something.. Or the fact the woman had the necklace which was only made to enase the wedding ring. or even the small knight statue that was on her dresser in her room which she had never parted with.
KafzielLaVayne: Some effort was put into keeping his chuckle with him, it was hard not to notice all the little things that she gave off. He quite enjoyed her company when he was around her though a moment of confusion came over him as she changed her language out of the blue. The confusion passed however quickly when he noticed the change and in his mind translated it to one most known to him." Perhaps, after all i can only be truelly angry when i am so for you." Turning his head away he looked to the blood and by cupping his hand he scooped some up and brought it to his lips. Though it was a little messy he drank it as it streamed down his chin much to his enjoyment.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman stood there a few moments before realizing she was still holding onto him her cheeks flushes a rose pink before both her arms dropped to their sides as she took a step back from the male she had made her Captain. Her eyes moved straight to the floor as she put some distance between the two as she let her right hand move up and grap hold the onxy gemstone to cover up the glowing wedding band within it. Her eyes lingered back up to the male as he spoke. "angry?" she was confused by his statement her head tilted to the side as she tried to piece what he had just said "I don't think I understand" she muttered out as she watched him move to the fountain and drink from it. The trail of blood that rain down his chin caused the woman to giggle as she shook her head trying to push the thought... the urge to lick it from him out from her mind. It took all that she was not to.
KafzielLaVayne: After he enjoyed the blood as much as he wanted to as his throat was parched he leaned back and licked his lips clean with a smile." I mean it exactly as i say it. I get angry for you, i kill for you." Raising his brow he turns around and sits back down as he had started to notice the blue shine escaping from the gaps between his upper armor. His mind had been a tad occupied so he did not pay attention to it. He took in a deep breath and the blue of the runes started to get masked in the red aura he started to release which in turn mixed and became purple of color.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman held on to the necklace before moving it up so she could see it. Yet, no matter she tried the ring was not going to vanish back to the stone. She seem to frown as she shook her head "Why?" she glanced back to him as she allow a devilish grin come back to her face. "Why shead blood for me?" she mumbled softly before she closed her eyes and thought back to a different time. She seem to chuckle. "You know your cute when you get mad"
KafzielLaVayne: With the smallest of glances he looked towards the stone in the necklace to find out what she had been looking at and placing her hands around.Some curiousity was in his eyes and as the blood started to trail further down his neck he leaned forward in the hope to find out what it is. He had started to smile as he also concentrated on hiding the blue shine of the runes that had formed upon his chest the moment he had come close to her." Because it is you. I need no other reasons and never will i need one." For a moment looking away from the stone he looked up to her eyes and in return he also showed a grin." You would know if i am after all, saw me mad a couple of times."
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez chuckled softly watching him before letting her eyes go back to the stone as if she was trying to hide it from him. "What?" she glanced back up letting her hand cover the stone. "You dont know what this is do you?" she asked as she had now watched him try and peek at it a couple times before her eyes moved back to the trail of blood on him, the woman seem to lick her lips as she glanced back to him. "That i have" she moved her free hand up to her lips putting her index finger over them before giggling. "No one knows I remember yet." she chuckled out as she moved her hand from her face and her eyes back on the ring. "I have seen many things such as you have with me."
KafzielLaVayne: The tingling sensation of the blood trailing down his neck made him slightly chuckle as he looked away from the stone and with his left index finger whiped away the blood that had started to reach to far down." Perhaps not. I feel like you rather not have me know anyhow." Nipping the blood from his finger he raises his brow and looks to her a little suprised at the mention of her remembering, it had been a long time ago but he still remembered the day she lost her memories and in a sense he also lost her or rather the women he knew and had met all these years ago." Indeed you have. You witnessed my rise from the most humble beginning all the way up, as i have watched you go from small Rinaldi princess to the magnificent empress you are today." He smiles and leans back forward placing his hands against his hips.
AezvyraIsadorValke: His words caused her to blush even more the stone seem to lost all the color just a clear rock that held the ring inside now. Her eyes glanced down to it then back to him before moving her hand showing him. Her bottom lip pulled into her mouth long enough to chew on it before realizing he had moved to get that trail of blood that had tempted her. She took a breath now that she could some what relax from being tempted from it. "Not as much as you.. I just grew darker in the arts." she chuckled thinking how much she had been corrupted since they had first met, she was shocked she her so called dark soul hasnt managed to taint him even though it would have seemed as it did to her at times. "if you really want to know.. " she removed the necklace before tossing it to him to let him see what the stone held inside. "The statue you you made me and gave me upstairs within my chambers." she chuckled softly.
KafzielLaVayne: He caught the necklace holding the stone and looked at it closely. The moment he realized what it held within it the shock in his eyes was clear. A suprised gasp came from him and he had to take a step back making him fall back against the fountain upon which he sat down using its edge as a chair." I see, so that is what it holds. I did not know this had been there all along, not even the statue to be in the hold either." Shaking his head he smiles and kept himself from laughing out of the suprise. He never thought of himself as holy neither did he think he was normal." Corruption you say. I was the high general of SMBE, killed on the whim of an crazy high empress with a gleefull smile. I was never not corrupted, i was just better in not showing it."With the comment upon this he looks to her and grins.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez eyes feel to the floor as she stood there her head down low right up to the moment the male seem to had to sit down from shock. "mhmm" she didn't know what to say how could she find the words to say that she had never once parted with her ring.. or the symbol that she held his heart fro all these years. Most people most likly would have tossed them away, and Aez was tempted to a few times but the moment she would try to something deep within her told her not to. After all they were a part of her, they had become the one thing of her past to keep her from truely losing herself sorta speak. "Indeed. Im not sure why the charm i had placed on it had removed it self at this moment. " she glanced up to see his reaction. "your displeased I have them" she mumbled out before his words hit her ears.


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