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DunkanVulgien: -Dunkan looked to the now odd human wolf hybrid and he looked to the tight chain around his neck and he thought silently to himself. "Damn im glad that worked". Dunkan then walked over to the unconcious guard and he nudged him with his foot which resulted in a groan from it before he nodded and stole the hand shackles, stupid gaurd didnt even have feet shackles on him. Dunkan just shrugged and walked over to the slowly suffocating Christo and he would have grabbed one of christos arms and the opposite leg and he bound them together behind his back so he was incabable of walking and incapable of fighting. He then grabbed his Manriki and tugged them loose from Christos neck so he could breathe once more and he stretched. 

KatsuoOda: -Lucas gulped hearing the chains and shackles, wondering if he was next... it frightened him terribly, upon the release of the chains he could hear Christopher gasping, but not changing back to his human self. upon being shackled the way he was he could hear christopher trying to move around on his side, and giving off a violent roar. Lucas closed his eyes and covered his ears, but he ran to the man doing this to Christopher and went to beat on his side like a child thinking he was hurting Christopher, "STOP it stop it your hurting him let him go!" Lucas got so worked up and worried. Upon seeing the boy crying in fear the Lycan's eyes shifted to humanity, and calmed it's self back down to human form, gasping. "nuh..." he lifted his head up wondering why he was chained like a piece of livestock or some wild animal. "no.. no no no no no... Coal i'll be good just let me go! I won't run i promise!" Lucas sniffled and gulped, wondering what was going on with Christopher, and who Coal was. "no don't... no please.." he kicked his free foot back twice as if he was using his free arm and free leg to get away, reacting with pure fear. Lucas could hear it, the pure fear in the Lycan's voice... "What... What's wrong with him?!" he asked, turning his head eery which way for and answer, from someone, anyone.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez yawned softly a she had watched Christopher right up to the point Dunkan had caused the male to fall unconcious. Her brow rose as she stood up, she had not really noticed Lucas had moved behind her partly. She took a deep breath as she turned hearing the young boys cries she watched as he moved and seem to find his way staight to Dunkan. She shook her head and moved taking the few steps closer to the male as she looked at the beast that laid on the floor. "Lucas hes not hurting him." the words seem to flow out as her eyes fell back on the chained male. She had to study him she was confused when she realize Christo's mind seem to be else well. "I don't think he's within our time, a distant memory maybe." her gaze moved to the child as she seem to move closer to the lycan before glancing up to the shade. "He is not safe around others if hes going to attack someone." she shook her head. 
DunkanVulgien: -Dunkan rested his hand on the head of Lucas and he ruffled Lucas's hair, letting Aez do the talking for him. He would grab the chain on christo and he leaned down his voice pushing directly into Christo's head- I am not this Coal, i am Dunkan, and i have no ill will towards you -he looked to Aez and tapped his head to tell her to open their link before his voice filled her head now- Get the gaurds to carry him to where you think he would be secure. -Dunkan moved and walked over the thrones, jumping up onto the arm of Aez's throne before taking a seat on the back of it-
KatsuoOda: -Lucas gulped, "no... he's... Christo wake UP!" Lucas said, swiftly kicking the Lycan's leg, he darted his eyes toward the boy, his eyes getting less glazed over. "L-lucas..." the boy blinked. Christopher heard Dunkan's voice but snorted at him like a beast and lay his head gently on the floor. "what... what's going on..." he said, closing his eyes and putting his sweaty head on the cold floor. cold. he opened his eyes and looked at the floor beneath him, his wound from the hole in his lung had black ice spurting from it lightly, like... like that crazed man. the ice was spreading through the floor around him in a small circle. "cold... so cold...." Lucas blinked hearing he was cold and waddled his way back gently walking like christopehr had taiught him, finally at the couch he took Christopher's leather jacket and came forward to put it over him. It didn't help with the cold shakes any. "Christo...." Lucas heard what the queen said about him not being safe and turned his head toward her, "NO! not true! Christo is always safe! he's always a good person! he doesn't deserve to be locked up..." he said, gulping he was nearly in tears, the boy was afraid... without Christopher, what will he do?-
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon watched she took a few steps nearly circling the male as he seem to slowly come back to the present time. "I have this odd feeling" her questioning seem to echo through her mind and out of her painted lips as she watched the male more before glacing up long enough to see Dunkan motion, she nodded and allowed the link to open as she stood there watching. 'That would be smart but..' she paused as she was slowly speaking through the mental link with the shade only to hear the male ramble about cold. Her eyes widen as she looked at the lycan then to the child. "Lucas come away from him.. quickly please." she used the word please even though she wanted to snatch the boy away to make sure he wouldn't be harmed. "Guard... Guards" her eyes shifted as she didn't noticed the shade had moved away. The woman would shake her head as she watched the black ice. "He needs to go to the dungon. Now" she mumlbed under her breath cursing at herself seeing she should have been the one to have stopped Kai not Christopher. 
DunkanVulgien: -Dunkan continued to relax on the back of Aez's throne and he pulled out the last bit of jerky from his portal and he chewed on it greedily while waiting for the guards to do their jobs. Dunkan would then turn sideways and close his eyes, drifting off to sleep on the back of Aez's throne, either she would get annoyed and shove him off, or he would get awoken when his services were needed.- 
KatsuoOda: -Lucas blinked, it was like his entire world was crashing down in front of him, from what he was hearing, as the guards blinked and did what was asked, he could hear christopher shivering harder, and Lucas fell down to his knees, quietly gaping, trying to find out what to do next. They were taking his father, the man who'd raised him, taught him, fed, him, clothed him... away. He gulped, not understanding what was going on. "tch.." he turned his head toward the queen and clenched his fingers to the floor. "IT was an ACCIDENT! I'm sure! why are you doing this?! He didn't hurt anyone! He crawled closer and felt the candy that fell on the floor from earlier. he scoffed, "I'm not a little kid! take your stupid candy and leave me alone!" he said, tossing it across the hall. He sat on the floor where Christopher was and wrapped his arms around his legs, he didn't feel like talking to anyone, he was hungry, but didn't ask for food from anyone. He decided he wasn't hungry. what he wanted was his father. He was terrified. all of these creatures could eat him at a moments notice, whenever they wanted to now.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra took a deep breath as she watched the guards linger out of the shadows from their posts and lift the lycan if they could to take him down to the dungon and place in in a cell all by his lonesome. The woman shook her head as she thought about it and started to count how many souls had been cursed so far within the captial city. Aez sighed and glanced over to lucas before taking a step towards him just as he seem to grow closer to her. "What was an accident Luca" her words fell silent before she debated wither not to tell him. "Lucaus that not why he was taken to the dungon." she shook her head before letting her voice darken a bit watching the boy as he threw his fit. "Nothing is going to harm you, if they do I will end them ok.. Your father will be alright."

KatsuoOda: -Lucas swatted her away. "I don't want your tidious hows and whys, or anyone to beat around the bush anymore because they think i'm a kid or can't handle it." he pointed, "My dad is suffering in a dungeon right now because he did something i know in my heart he would never try to do! Something is wrong with him, just like something was wrong with that crazy man in here a few days ago. Tell me what's going on so i can help my father!" he said, turning himself back around with a sigh of agitation. "I'm sick... of people taking pity on me because i'm blind, or because i'm just a human kid. The only person who's ever cared wheither i live or die is in trouble, and... I fel like i'm the only one that cares enough to help him, instead of letting him rot in a dungeon and suffer. I can't just put this aside because my entire world is down there... what good would I be to anyone without him...he's not just my eyes... he's all the family i've got..."-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman blinked her eyes started to swirl as she was getting angery by the words the boy was speaking to her. Her voice darken as she hissed at the child nearly "You can not help him at this point in time no one can help those who have been infected by the icy curse." she growled as she turned away when she heard Lucas pretty much accuse her not caring. "Your right I don't care.. for all I care he can rot down there. feed the flies" the woman shrugged as she turned back around. "I have to think of everyone not just those who are under my care." she hissed out as she seem to pull some of the darkness from underneath the bench to her as she took a deep breath. Of course the woman was bound to snap with everything that had been going on around her and she did not wish it be on the kid but then again who was she kidding she plainly didn't really care at times and this was one of those times. "Look I am doing everything in my fucking power to fix this mess." she paused turned around to face the kid. "Everything i am this freaking close of dropping anyone infected into my little shadow realm and let them die there at lest then they can't harm anyone." she mumbled out before walking closer to the fountain and watching the flowing blood. 

KatsuoOda: -Lucas scoffed, and flinched his face. He was right, none of them cared. "WELL I care." he said, standing up, and picking up his sword. He was blind, but others were often times even more blind in the heart than he was. "Any true Queen and king of the land would care about all their subjects," he said, putting the sword in the sheath he used his feet to move about like his father told him to, finding the edge of the fountain with the sides of his feet he moved around it. "dropping them off into some realm and letting them die isn't going to help them or those who care about them, It'll just paint you out to look like a ruthless queen, I know your not." he felt the walls as he walked toward the repair site of the hold in the common room. "I think one day you'll be the queen Necromar needs, you just have to beleive in yourself, and people will beleive in you. show them in ways that you do care, like you have been... Open your home to the weary and feed the hungry... the kingdom's problem won't solve it's self, you have to care." He bent down and started feeling around in the reprairs for some pieces.... and even feeling where christopher's Ice had come out of his wound. "Do your mages have enough samples of this... Icy curse?" He asked, then bent back down. It was like a whole other side of Lucas was revealing it's self. "Hm.. This ice won't be enough... it's already melting too.. and these floor boards have absorbed whatever was left from two days ago..." he rubbed the back of his head.-
Aez gaze never left the flowing blood as she stood there, she had half a mind to just tune the boy out yet there she was not in the best of moods and faintly listening even though it wouldn't seem so. When she heard him speak of a true queen she allow a dark chuckle escape her lips. "Boy do you have it all right in your head huh.. like I had some choice when I came home, I was thrown onto the throne the very moment people realized who I was.. Did they ask my twin if he wanted it NO.." she hissed out shaking her head as she lowered her head enough so her long hair would shift from its place as she ran her fingures through it. "No There are no mages left within the halls other then Morrigan everyone else is either out on the front lines making sure that this curse dont reach the city or dead thanks to Kai." she shrugged as she finally turned on her heels to see what Lucas was doing. "and honesty dropping them off in some shadow plane sounds like a good idea seeing I cant tell you how much longer the mages we have left are able to hold back the cold.. " she snorted out as she pulled at her hair before pulling it up into a ponytail to get out of the way. 

KatsuoOda: -Lucas shook his head, and blinked, "No Mages, what of enchanters? have you asked those in Necromar for help? I know an enchanter in the Market that holds a workshop but nobody hardly visits him cause they think hes a total weirdo... at least that's what Christo said." he said, smacking his hands together. "I'll go talk to him as soon as I can... manouver around town a bit better by myself... kind of hard being unable to read signs."-

The demon mumbled along as she seem to spoke in her nature tongue as she let her eyes move back to the blood as she took a breath before nodding. "Maybe." she shrugged as she seem to turn on her heels and take a few steps away from the center of the keep as she headed towards the large doors. "are you coming?" she mumbled out again as she turned to look at the kid before shaking her head. "Do you need me to help you?" her voice had finally slowly started to soften back up as she calmed from the lilttle eposide she had a few moments before hand. She turned faced the double doors before flicked her wrist which sent the shadows around her body to the doors and flung them open as her gaze feel on the night sky that had been covered in clouds that caused the city to be darker then what it normally would have been. 

GarexTasmin: -Despite the obsessive objections of the few remaining doctors and accompanying medical staff, Garex had managed to force his way out of the make-shift medical tent that was assigned to him. "I'm fine...." -he said, gently shrugging off one of the nurses who attempted to stop him. The crutch he'd been using was his own staff and as his pride kept getting the best of him, causing his inane stubbornness to not sitting on his ass while he had a promise to fulfil and could still technically at least, walk. Hobbling over towards the keep, clearly favoring his left leg given that his right leg and left arm were both currently mending thanks to the "fight" between him and that advisor guy named Kai. His ribs were also cracked near his spine and he found both moving and breathing difficult thanks to the battle damange he'd sustained. His left arm was done up in a sling and cast as was the femur on his right leg. Luckily for him, he generally walked with the staff in his right hand so it wasn't as awkward as most people would have it. "Damned demons possing people........FUCK." -he growled the last word as he mistakenly put pressure on the leg again, causing a severe spike in his pain levels. Still dressed in his usual attire even though he was forced to remove the hundreds of pounds of training weights that he normally wore as a concession to the medical professionals. Slowly Garex made his way towards the keep, the rings on his staff singing softly but in a very crude tune that was a bit harsh on the ears for some. "Can't believe I let that bastard hit me in the back." -he said, groaning as the mere act of speaking now seemed to be bothering him and causing him a hassle. Once he made it to the keep, he'd notice Aezvyra along with that little boy that was always tagging along with the wolf-man. "Well. Isn't this a suprise." -spoke the male of yet undisclosed species and origins. "What brings you out in this darkness Aezvyra? And who'se you're new play-mate?" - he'd ask, his voice betraying the pain he was in as it was clear he was forcing himself. Still...that stubborn streak of his was at least good for something for a change-

KatsuoOda: -Lucas smiled hearing what the woman said about finding this enchanter to see if he'd help the mages. "yeah! Let's go. I heard Christo say is name is Baldo...Baldy... somethign with Bald in it." he said, following Aez to the market area of town, he looked back wondering if that...whoever that voice was, was going to go with them. "this guy is kind of.. eccentric and wild, he only helps those he can profit from or something, maybe if you submit him a good cause he can help your mage problem. Also, He's a Shade, shifty devil."-

The woman stood there a few feet from the doors as she took a deep breath and waited for the young male to reach her before finally leaving through the door. Her glance moved to that of Garex whom addressed her soon after she made it past the doors to the outside world. Her arms moved up crossing over her torso just as a blast of cool wind seem to hit the city causing her skin to crawl a bit. "Stupid" she mumbled out before lowering her head seeing the male. "Shouldn't you be in bed?" her brow rose as she glanced to the male. "Should I put you in darkness?" she hissed back shortly after "IF you wish to follow go head, we are on the way to the market." she glanced to Lucaus before back to the other male. "This is Lucas" she shrugged before she started walking again heading towards the center of the city. 

GarexTasmin: "I take my debts very seriously, almost as much as I do my promises. At this point, I have both of those obligations to fulfill. As such, I refuse to sit idly on my backside while there is work to be done. "Death before Dishonor." as they say." -he spoke, hearing clearly thie hiss in Aezvyra's voice. "Besides. With the amount of food I eat, you and I know damn well that having that level of waste sitting on the sidelines just isn't going to cut it. So let me do what I am sworn to do." -he said, hobbling a little faster as he came to walk besides Aezvyra. "Well met, young Lucas. I am Garex." -he said, holding in the strain in his voice by propping additional weight onto his staff and leg so that it hurt a bit less. "What brings you out to the market at this hour? Most of the shops are getting closer to closing time if memory serves." -he said, keeping relative pace with the pair-

InfinityImplosion: Like a star in the night sky the Fae woman would shine brightly in the market. She was currently getting to know the locals, seeing as how it had been many years since her departure. Far more than she had originally thought. So she felt it good to find out what had changed, getting to know those who had come and gone, and the few who had stayed. There were a couple of townsfolk who seemed to have lived long enough to remember her, but many of them were only carried on by their descendants it seemed. As she was talking to a jeweler her azure eyes took in the sight of the new queen, or well, new to her at least. She told the jewler that she'd be back for some of her wares tomorrow, and easily excused herself from the situation as she softly patted sandal covered feet over to Aez and what appeared to be a new man whom she didn't quite recognize. She gave the two of them a smile that radiated with a soft light, the warmth of the sun itself seeming to emenate from her. She was also quite literally giving off a small bit of light, as stated, like a star in the night sky. "Well hello again, I thought I'd come to see how much has changed since I've been away. It's good that I ran into you though, I figure now is a good a time as any to talk about this particular....curse as the towns people are calling it?" She stated, before turning to the male. "Well met, I am High Enchantress Rosaura."

KatsuoOda: -Lucas nodded, "how do you do..." when she introduced him, "I'm gonna take her to my dad's friend, I think he can help with the curse... My... dad got it trying to help you put that... guy back int he dungeons... I think this guy can help." Once the trio would make their way tot he market, Lucas would lift his head upward, though he couldn't see, the night air in the market area was always familiar, the stench of fish from the fisherman's catch that remained, the smell of the fresh fruits and vegatables from the farmers, there was an oddity shop that seemed to always remain open among all the stalls, Lucas remembered it lightly. "Do you see a shop called uh..." he pointed his head down and snapped his fingers once or twice, "Something Crow..." above him to the right just about 15 feet away was a sign with a burnt out candle beneath it labeled, "The Calico Crow." this shop's label was a Crow, with a white cloth wrapped around it's neck, the crow looked comedically nobily distinguished, as it wrapped it's white cotton cloth scarf around it's neck on the sign. None of the lights were on inside, but the door was entirely unlocked, you could tell for it blew open with a light wind that blew across the market area.-

Aezvyra brow rose as she heard the comment from Garex before shakin her head letting the bit sway about seeing she had tied it up. "Maybe, then again at this point I really really don't know" Truth was the woman didn't know anymore she had witness so much the last few weeks and it seem the so called curse was on her doorstep now more then ever now. Even if the Empress didn't know that the ice had overcome Elador already and was stopped by the barrier that what remainding mages of the empire had put up. "Maker help us" she seem to snort out as an insult seeing she was sure it was the Maker who decided to come back now after forsakening the realm. "suit your self Garex" she seem to glance over to the male before she started walking once more. She seem to round the corner to the center of the city where the market place was (kinda like this http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragonage/images/c/c7/Denerim.JPG/revision/latest?cb=20091001003154) Her eyes moved to some of the empty stalls and crates that seem to be still there even though the people were not. "Empty still" she shook her head before feeling the brightness of a creature come close. Her emreald green glance moved to the Fae as she lowered her head in a bow. "Good Evening" her voice had that luring tone to it once more that had been missing the last few hours. "We are actually about to go see if there another Enchanter about to help." she spoke softly as her eyes moved from those in her party to the woman. "I have yet been able to find those documents still." she added in shortly before her eyes moved to the boy. She seem to search the buildings that had circled around the center of the tents before seeing a sign. "ummm I think" she nodded even though she knew the boy couldn't see it. She would reach out and touch his right shoulder "Right hand side" she took the few steps form where she stood to the shop before looking at it. "are you sure this is the place?" she turned and asked the boy before pushing at the door. 

GarexTasmin: "I hope you're right Lucas. Whatever it is....it must be brought to an end soon, before all the world shivers in ice." -he said, being cut off from saying more by Aez and the woman who'se glow did not escape the sight of the injured, masked male, who nodded his head in acknowledgement of her words. "Not much to talk about, though I'll leave that one for Aezvyra." -he spoke towards the strange woman. 'Rosaura'.....a name as strange as the woman who wore it indeed." -thought the 5ft creature to himself. The exchange between Aez and Lucas however escaped his view, making Garex oblivious to the fact that lucas was infact blind. "Well...that looks warm and welcoming." -he said as Aez began to take the lead, refering to The Calico Crow- "Lucas...how well do you know the guy who owns this shop?" -he asked, following behind the empress, his instincts really not having a good feeling about this. His mind however turned when the diploid colored male heard the words of the empress. "They'll come back. All you have to do is show them that this place isn't dead...that its worth fighting for still. And you'll find that people are always going to go where they think their lives can be the best." -he'd reach out, trying to put a hand on the shoulder of Aezvyra, but in his current state he needed both the working arm and the working leg to allow him to stand upright. "The worst thing you can do is stop having hope. If the people at the top lose hope. Where does that leave us who follow them?" -he added, his voice earnestly light as he tried to cheer her up a little bit, or at least take her mind off of the dire situation she found herself in. If only for a few moments.-

InfinityImplosion: She gave a light nod to the man and the young boy, before turning her attention to Aex once more. "Oh, well that should be good then. I'll accompany you, as High Enchanter I suppose I have a duty to meet as many of the mages in the Kingdom as possible." She said, moving to step along with the others as they seemed to head towards the run down house. Granted, to her she could easily sense the arcane that resided inside of it, and as such she seemed far less unsure about whether or not someone was living here.

KatsuoOda: -Lucas shrugged, "not very well. Christo tells me to stay outside a lot because the guy is a bit on the wild side, or so he says. I have yet to know exactly who he is..." said the boy. the shope was filled with oddments, oddities, from around the world. A few dusty old spell books, one weird boney hand in a jar, (think that shop in harry potter in the chamber of secrets) there was even a small monkey in a cage. It was shadow magic, all of the lights in the room were shrouded, blocked by a dense fog that turned the lights down darker, glowing red eyes came out of a torture box filled with nails on the inside, then darted out and across the room, Lucas could hear the light scuffle of bare feet across the ground. "what was that..." he said lightly, stopping in his tracks in the store. "Was that one of you?" if everyone remained quiet they could hear a loud creaky-like sound, as all of them faced the front of the store a man's head with red eyes formed from the shadow magic which engulfed the entire area, and whispered, "It was me..." the unfamiliar voice made Lucas scream and nearly have a heart attack. The floating head giggled almost maniacally as it flipped it's self upside down. "hey, what's with all the stallagtites hanging from my floor? huh huh huh..." the weird floating head phased through the shadow magic and revealed a floating man, no more than about 5 or 6 feet tall, somewhere i between, and about Lucas' size in terms of weight and body build. He moaned and give a light smile even though his eyes didn't change emotion from bored and dreary. "we got a lot of good lookin ones day Hairy." he said, the monkey in the cage squealed and looked over at them revealing it's fangs. The guy floated in shadow. "what you want? I got gizmos and gadgets, whozits and whats its..." he floated over to Garex, and wiggled his eye brows, "I got a special toy for you big boy... mmmhmm.." he backed up on the shadows, and even backflipped over his own counter. the shadow disspated revealing oll of his oddities now, and a shadow arm extened, in which he used to collect an apple from his bowl and munch on, leaning on his counter to see what these people wanted at this late hour. Lucas spoke up first, after catchign his breath. "uhh... okay... are you Baldy?" the guy blinked, "hmm, nope I have a full head of hair." Lucas blinked with confusion. "I can't remember your name... I'm Lucas, Christopher's son..." The black haired male blinked, "hmm... grouchy wolf boy that won't let me touchy?" Lucas' eyes squinted with even more confusion. "uhh... I guess?" the red eyed male wiggled his eyebrows, "guess he sent you to deliver his debt? alright bend over." Lucas blinked. "what?" he was starting to get irritated, "your ass is too tiny, I couldn't squeeze a mouse down that hole." Lucas went completely red, "wha what?!" the guy looked up at Garex, "I bet I could fit a bottle of wine down yours big guy.. can I try?" he said, wiggling his eyebrows again, looking at Garex a bit romantically.-

GarexTasmin: -As garex watched the entire scene play out. he had this exact thought "How the fuck do I keep ending up in these situations?". Clearly he wasn't completely unaccustomed to being hit by members of the same sex, not that he found it appealing nor unappealing either. Everyone enjoyed compliments to an extent...but acts like this simply confused him. Garex's "paternal instinct" took over when the floaty, semi-attractive shade guy started making comments about bending the little human boy over and Garex, without a beat, pulled lucas right to his side, turning a bit so as to offer some form of physical barrier between the man of shadow and lucas. "If its all the same to you stranger, I'd appreciate it if you'd leave children out of your playful 'games'. And while i'm at it, If I sleep with someone, its cause I'm bending THEM over, not the other way around. As for the debt, you'll have to take it from the grouchy old wolf." -he said, keeping lucas close to his own frame as he started to let loose his aura a bit, the sheer amount of magickal energy radiating off Garex was starting to become staggering and it was still increasing. The romantic look from the rather eccentric shop-keeper caused garex to wink back. At the very least, the amusement distracted him from the pain for a while, moving that suddenly wasn't a good move though he'd do it again if it meant keeping the child a bit more out of harms way- "If we're all done scaring the crap out of small children and fantasizing about eachother. I believe we have a matter to discuss." -he said, not providing his own name just yet. Strange as it was, Garex was being extra cautious around this fella. Just seemed like the right thing to do if you were to ask him why. The empress seemes to have zoned out though for a moment but in truth, Garex wasn't really paying attention to it as his mind was focused elsewhere at the moment.-

InfinityImplosion: The Fae was only half-listening at this point, her attention a bit caught up in what appeared to be a book about curses. There was quite a bit in this shop that interested her though most of it she either had or could acquire on her own. Her cerulean hues took note of the proprietor of the shop but she didn't seem to give him too much attention, merely a glance. She did however try to stiffle a giggle at his mentioning of what was clearly an act of sodomozation, far be it from the warm and bright summer fae to find delight in such outwardly horrendous and vile behaviors. She however would let Garex handle it as he seemed to be the one to wish to take charge, and would only come to speak up when they got involved in the actual discussion of the arcane. For now she seemed strangely content with reading one of the books, figuring out the way this man casted magic.

KatsuoOda: -He widened his arms, and stretched them out, "games? I don't play games my perpetually magically circumsised friend, anything's fair game, hell i'd even fuck your mother for a copper coin." he winked and smiled, sucking himself back into shadow and popping his head back out through some strange box. he was like the chesire cat from alice in wonderland when it came to shadows and magics. "you can bend me over, sideways and under my fine fellow. It matters not to me what position you prefer your cock in~" Lucas gapped, Christopher wasn't kidding when he said this guy was weird. He floated himself on a shadowy black mass staright over to Rosaura. "you appreciate the fine arts, but i suppose this be your first run in with a shade of my..." he winked, "superiority." he touched his feet to the ground, "Do take care in handling my murchandise, although i've read these books ten times over they are practically my entire life since my grandpappy gave them to me..." he said, blowing the dust off of one. "psychotic old Wizard coot who thought conjuring a mass of Dark magic would be fun... instead he got me." He shrugged, "So yes!" he spun around and a veil of shadow, and reappeared back at the counter, "what's this business you speak of?" Lucas went to open his mouth but the shade got almost immidiately bored and moved on to the other woman. the other woman, being the Empress herself. "Low and behold the empress in my shop, at this late hour, what a great honor..." he waved a bit of black smoke from his face as one of the trinkets on his wall imploded it from a hole it had.-

Guest_Beornraed: ✠ Over the market place in the distant sky that originated from the Eastern horizon was a dragon's roar echoing through the clouds in the dark night above. Lightning the sky like a falling star descending from the heavens toward the Earth, it was engulfed in ungodly flames. Upon the back of this beast flapping its wings and spiraling out of control was a barbarous brute wielding a gigantic sword. His left hand viciously punching the dragon across the snout over and over again, sparing it no mercy within his brute strength. This gigantic beast half the size of the entire village was succumbing to his brute strength. Both hands grasped the sword, the right on the pommel, the left at the center. He ripped upwards through the dragon's mouth, ripping off its jaw that bursts from the cartilage, then flies away departing into the night sky. A small hop, then he brought the heavy slab of metal downward, cleaving the head from the fire spewing beast with ease. The dragon, having gone limb on its heads disembarking had enveloped the barbarian into its neck stump, ingesting him into the confines of its bowels. When the beast crashed into the ground, bringing about savage seismic activity he had stowed away in its colon. His enormous blade burst forth from its scales as cleaved his way out through its soft under belly, emerging victorious from this battle of man versus beast. His left hand reeled the guard of the sword onto his powerful left shoulder as he began rising from the crater. ✠ By the All Father's beard!

GarexTasmin: "An interesting offer. Guess it would beat sleeping on the floor." -he said, chuckling softly, wondering where this new found level of public depravity had come from. perhaps it was the stupor from the healing salves or something. Garex vaugely remembered that one of them made people loopy though he knew for a fact the doctos had yet to encounter someone of his kind. "More on that later then. So my cheshire companion...we've come here to seek your assistance on the matter of the massive fuck-ton of ice that is currently being barely staved off by the mages of this empire. So far our efforts to pin down the cause and cure have proved almost fruitless. At this point, all we really know is that it's some kind of curse and that it allows someone else to either posses them or it drives the afflicted rather bat-shit crazy. Your friend Christopher is also among the current living casualties of this damnable situation, so we were hoping you'd be able to help Aezvyra, your empress, beat back this forsaken curse and restore some sense of normalcy to the empire in which you make your home." -he spoke bluntly, feeling as if the shade knew more about Garex than the creature was letting on. A problem, but not the main one at this point. Far more important matters needed to be attended to for now, like solving this freaking curse. "Oh, and I'm Garex. you already know Lucas and Aezvyra. The Enchantress here...well, Its not my place to introduce someone who can still talk." -he said, taking a few hobbled steps back, bringing lucas with him as Garex had to lean against the wall a bit to help stabalize his body somewhat. The injuries of his were healing just not fast enough for his liking were the truth to be told. It meant that if they solved the problem, he'd have to stay and rest up. Garex was not a fan of accruing debts nor owing favors nor promises to keep. But he was if nothing else a being of his word, and that was one of the few things that would never change-

KatsuoOda: -He was blinking and nodding, listening to Garex, but ost of it went in one ear and out the other. Lucas blinked thinking about Christopher, and the shade looked down seeing him. his reccollection of christopher went back fourteen years ago. It was a Lycan's taint he'd painfully removed from Christopher, the Lycan was owned by another who was relentless, ruthless, some MFILF (mother fucker i'd love to fuck) as what he reffered Christopher's little problem as. Christopher needed a way to break off that bond with the other werewolf completely, and sought Balda for help. Balda's enchantments and incantation reversed the effects of the other Lycan's temptate, freeing Christopher of his slavery, so that he could live freely with the boy standing in front of him. Balda admired Christopher's tolerance for pain, and his fatherhood reminded him of his own childhood days as a twinkle in his master's eye, though his master long gone. his somewhat daze was returned to the present when a loud crashing noise from outside caught his attention. he groaned, opening his door to his shop he looked up and out, not really caring that a dragon, the rarest of beasts in this world, was being slain by a stupid muscular idiot. "hey! do you mind? it's upto hours of the night and people are trying to sleep! clean up your mess and go fuck a gutter maid at the tavern for christ sake I don't care, get the fuck out of my market!" he said in a sort of irritated, hushy tone, then slammed his door. "god.. who the fuck crashes a dragon into market?!" he swiveled his head back to Garex and wanders back and forth, the floorboards beneath him creak. "Christopher still owes me money, removing a dark temptate like the one he had is not an easy manner..." he said, continuing his train of thought. "Also, removing a curse as large as the ice curse of wormwood... as some are calling it now, will require a lot of work, time, rescourses and research, wich lately i've been too lazy to even remotely do...." he paused, "Plus, I do whatever the fuck I want. so..." he said with a smile, "No." Lucas frowned, "why not? I'm sure the Empress will pay you for your work.... besides Christo can't repay you if he's dead... plus, you'd be doing your civic duty..." The guy covered Lucas' mouth with a strand of shadow. "ahh shh... you hear that?" Lucas couldn't hear anything, he shook his head, "that's the sound of my fucks on civic duty. From the looks of Necromar nobody's given a flying fuck about civic duty in centuries. good luck getting me to do it now." he floated over to the queen. "Oh lord... if this is what everyone's putting their hopes into dark lords help us all..." he said, amking a "Tsk tsk" noise and rubbing two fingers together. "Aezvyra, Queen Aezvyra... she will help us all they say... hefty responsibility for someone whom doesn't even look like to me she even knows what she's doing. hmm... yes... a lot of pent up darkness in that little body... sink everything into a shadowy place and just let every thing on this earth fall to ruin... It's almost story book. A select few whom rise to try to save said cruel world, like these few fine gentlemen here, not even they can give our queen the motivation to remotely care... am I right Queeny? she doesn't care so why should any of us, riddle me so, Garex, was it?"-

GarexTasmin: "For this particular case, its because I made a promise and I am honor-bound to carry out promise I've made. If you mean in the grand scheme of things....I'd say I care because I have to. Not to mention that I'm nosy as all fuck and giving a damn about others gives me plenty of things to satiate my curiousity. Keeps things interesting. But if I had to say it bluntly...I'd say it makes me feel needed, as if I actually matter for a brief moment. Self-serving a reason as it is, its the closest thing to the truth I've been able to come up with. I'd say you're wrong though. I can't be entirely sure of her motives..but I am certain that Aezvyra does care about this ungodly level of bullshit that seems poised to swallow the world and trap it in ice. As for the debt christopher owes you. We'll save that for the next discussion. I think you and I know well that if the ice problem doesn't get solved then its going to just keep spreading until it kills off everything. Until nothing remains but the cold and snow. That also includes you my cheshire companion. So if for no other reason, then perhaps you'll help us out of Self-Preservation." -he stated, hoping that lucas could help him convince the cheshire man to aid them in their efforts. "Besides. How am I going to bend you over if one of us is dead?" -he teased, the effects of that medical salve were really starting to kick in thanks to the increased adrenaline production in his body speading up his heart-rate somewhat-

KatsuoOda: -he stuck his tounge out, "Jokes on you Mr. self preservation, I've seen a few of the cursed in town, it's in their blood, and look..." he used his black dagger to cut open his hand, all that poured out was a black miasma of dark-magic. "I got no blood." he smiled, "I can live in a frozen world, can you?" he twirled his dagger. Lucas smiled lightly, thinking of something. "Can you handle living alone in a Frozen world? do you like dick-cicles?" The guy stopped whistling and twirling his dagger momentarily to turn his head slightly to hear the boy. "dickcicles? Frozen pussy...?" he turned completely around. "I never thought of that.... It'd be... oh god... can you get frostbite down there?! THEY'LL SNAP OFF OH GOD NO!" Lucas chuckled lightly hearing this guy's dissatisfaction. He put his dagger away. "ALRIGHT! I'll help solve this curse thing." Lucas gleamed, but the man raised a finger, "BUT!" he said, looking toward the queen, "In exchange I get all the dick and pussy I want... this includes molesting the do-badders and rapists in your dungeon." he said, his eyes gleamed red as he laughed maniacally and rubbed his hands together.-


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