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KafzielLaVayne: His face looked stern after the werewolf scoffed, but his face slowly became gentle when he explained the situation. He knew he was in the wrong himself for presuming to such an extent." If the boy can fight when the time comes, then so be it. You are his father you know best. Especially a guard serving the empress i expect to know a good fighter from a bad one." Looking to the child for a short moment he stood up from the chair and up on his feet and looked towards the werewolf. Giving him a nod as he would an equal he turned around towards the exit of the common room and looked towards the blood fountain." If all you needed was to talk to the captain, then if you see the empress before i do...let her know that if you wish to be a guard it has my full support." With heavy steps he walked away from the two and the echo of his weight comming on the floor filled the room. His black and red overcoat swung up behind him by the sudden movement and to them it showed the weaponry he carried. A scythe crafted to fold itself to be hidden under the coat along with an obsidian dagger hanging loosely on a thin wire from his belt. Without any real purpose he walked out of the common room, a thought occured to him, he met a guard and one in training. A smile came to him as he thought to himself there were now more people whom may someday battle beside him under the name of the empress and the empire.
KatsuoOda: -Christopher blinked, and raised a brow, it couldn't have really have been that easy to win the aproval of the captain, was it? also, didn't they have better armor in the holds? Lucas and christopher still looked like street rats. "hmm..." Christopher thought, placing his hand on his chin. "c'mon. I'm sure we can pay it of with our first pay. The queen did say if we needed anything to put it on her tab for now right?" Lucas chuckled, "I thought she said that when you talked about booze." christopehr rolled his eyes. "getting the right apparel and geting you better clothes is more important.. I'm sure that'll be alright... where's the guard's chambers? I'm sure we can find some standard issue armor or something." Lucas sighed, "Why didn't the captain tell us where it was at and stuff? Plus, why didn't he issue us some armor? this is getting weird." Christopher shrugged, maybe he's too busy, i don't know. Let's go find some." Lucas squinted, "you just want to explore the place." the Lycan rubbed the back of his head and looked up, "I mean... yeah... we better... not going to get used to the halls just sitting in the common room..."-

KafzielLaVayne: Out of the common room and into the main hall at the blood fountain he had made his way to a nearby window and opened it. Fresh air for so far fresh air goes was quite nice from time to time. It was interesting to meet a new guard and the child that came with him. The man needed armor and the child needed better clothes, it did dawn to him. But on this first day for him it did not interest him to shove him into line. A new guard should find his own way in the castle, it made remembering it all much easier. Also it was interesting to watch confused new guards try and find their way through castles. He was once a new guard as well experiencing the same thing, it was not long before he found out why his own superior at the time did it to him. A chuckle escapes him as he turned around and looked towards the exit out of the common room. Some voices had started to come from it and with some amusement and a shine of red through his eyes did he look, waiting. His demonic self showed through moments like this, he loved moments like this. Perhaps because it involved a human was he so interested in acts like this. Naturally when asked would he lend his hand, but for now and he mumbled it to himself." Let us watch it unfold." 

KatsuoOda: -"chriiisto... can we eat first?" the lycan blinked, and looked toward the boy, "you ate breakfast didn't you?" Lucas nodded. "your hungry again?" He clinched his eyes and nodded again. "oi... your teenage hormones." he sighed, and flipped the doors toward the empire's kitchen area, wandering inside one of the chefs noticed, "Oh no, nobody but Kitchen staff back here.." Christopher blinked, and waved his hands, "I'm just looking for... a snack or something for the kid man, have some mercy, he's a teenager for crying out loud, you know how human teenagers are?" the guy just blinked, "No, because he's the only human i know that would steal a peach in a kitchen filled with monsters that think he'd taste like peach." Christopher growled lowly. "I'll turn your face into a peach..." the staff was displeased, "Lunch will be in a few hours, you can feed your little... hmm... Morsel then.. shoo shoo!" Christopher was getting irritated with the guy. "You better be glad i need to make a good impression on this empire's court, I'll see your ass on the street." he said, narrowing his eyes at the man. the man blinked and turned to go back to his duties, Christopher saw a batch of grapes on one of the tables, probably a tray for lunch, as so as the guy turned his back Christopher stole the batch and stuffed it into his leather, once he came out of the kitchen Lucas lifted his head hearing him. "what you get?" christopher sighed, "told me lunch was in a few hours and sent me away, but here..." Lucas held out his hand and felt the grapes collect in it, his mouth watered and his dead eyes gleamed as best they could, "Yay! Let's go find the guard's quarters..." he said, stepping forward under Christopher's watch, "alright... buteat all of those grapes first, so that none of the guards suspect us..." he sweated, "suspect?" he shook his head, nothing, keep eating those.." Lucas shrugged, and the proceeded down the other corridor.-

KafzielLaVayne: Quite amusing to an extent he stood at the open window listening to what transpired in the castle. After all what kind of captain would he be if listening in to the conversation happening in the kitchen was not in his range of hearing. He turns his head as the cranks in his head started to turn and the wheels that were his thoughts started to spin. Clearly this new guard needed to be taught how to act like one, before his child took it as normal guard behaviour. Though he doubted this werewolf to ever be a bad influence on purpose he rather step in early, it was his duty after all to make a guard out of this man. One that would prove usefull to the empress and safety of the hold. He started to look outside watching over the houses of the main capital and the people like busy bees going through the streets far away from them. It was strange being in this position to him, but he was happy to be in it. Part of the demonic species he always sought chaos, deep inside him it always called to end the peace. Yet this peace as calm as it was it is soothing. Perhaps it was not so bad to be bored, it letted him concentrate on this new guard. He places his hands on the edge outside the window and leaned further forward and looked up to the sky for a brief moment before closing the window loudly. Turning his eyes to the common room he then started to make his way to the blood fountain where he would sit and open a book that he could read, a fairy tail telling how a prince slayed the hords of hell just for a woman. He had started to enjoy them ever since he read them to his daughters every night when they were young, his fiance a queen meant that the one with the most time was him. He saw alot of them growing up, and it gave him new habbits. Including reading this fairy tail in his hand as he sat on the edge of the blood fountain.

KatsuoOda: -Once around the corridor the two began opening door after door in search of the kingdom's Guard quarter, on every door there was either an empty, beautifully crafted room or a room where one of the servants probably occupied. The room christopher paid great detail to was one probably fit for a Queen? "Oh wow..." Lucas smelled the air. "It smells like... well i don't know what the smell is..." he said popping a grape into his mouth. "It's probably the scent of a woman, Lucas.. I don't think this room belongs to the guards, but it is spacious, and very nice. fit for... a queen." Lucas blinked, "tis it the queen's room we found?" Christopher shrugged, "Maybe. C'mon let's leave before someone thinks we're up to something, this is getting ridiculous." the boy nodded and turned only to get bumped in the head by the door frame. the clash between dor rame and forehead made Christopher turn around to see it, Lucas rubbing his head in pain. Christo shook his head and chuckled, "what have I told you? If you walk extending your feet before the rest of your body you'll be able to tell what's in front of you." Lucas smiled, "heh... r-right..." he extended his foot forward softly, and moved it around to where the door frame ended, "Door post, this is the exit.." he said, finally getting out of the room. christopher followed him and watched, the boy turned around with a confident smile. "don't push your luck, keep walking." the boy scoffed, and flipped his foot back around to keep going, bumping into a table in the hall way. Christopher face palmed and leaped in to get the vase setting on the table before it dropped, "Lucas...." the boy sweated and rubbed his head, "I know I know... feet first."-
Guest_LdyMorgausePendragon: Morrigan had been roaming the streets of the capital for the last few days, seeing she was legitly stuck within the empire and it seemed she was stuck in the city more than anything. She couldn't travel without a new steed and the stables still had not had one to buy. The woman took a deep breath her blue eyes lingered on the dark fabric that made up her new gown she had found just outside her room at the tavern. She was shocked at the beauty of the objects within the box she had found and couldn't wait to try them on, granted it made her questioned who had left her such gift. The enchantress slowly found her way heading towards the keep, her heels clicking on the stone underneath with each step she took. Click..click...click.. the sounds seem to echo through the empty streets as she rounded the corner and took in the sight of the so-called keep. 'This is it?' she questioned herself in her mind as she looked up. Morrigan swore she saw a brick fall from its place high up on the wall. She would shake her head and stroll up to the double dark oak and steel doors before pushing them open enough to slip herself inside.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The darkness seem to swirl around the Empress as she sat there not far from the fountain, her emrald green gaze moving from the male who sat beside her and around the room. She took note of everyone doing their own thing before her painted lips seem to curl at their ends into a devilish grin. "True enough maybe." the words seem to echo out as she for once spoke out so everyone could hear her. Her gaze shifted back to the male hearing his last comment in her head. 'Oh? you know people might think your odd for not speaking.' she had sent back to Dunkan using the telepathic link between them. She paused glanced over to the fountain as she realized that Kafziel had been there, her brow rose from its place a good inch just as she questioned her self seeing she had not realized him there to start with.

KafzielLaVayne: The thick pages were smooth and the ink was placed carefully when each word was written down. It was a book of quality, as it should be for he stole it from a castle once. The book had caught his interest for he had yet to read it to his daughters and so he took it with him. By now he had read the story for his daughters twice, but by himself he had read it many times over. It had an addictive hold on him, and reading was always one of his favourite ways to pass the time. By now if asked he could tell someone the whole story word for word. So much was he in the story while he read it that the smoke covering his black and red coat had started to swirl around him, aura in all seven colors mixing with it.(red,orange,yellow,blue,violet,indigo and green.).It created a spectactle of light around him something he did not notice. The long overcoats lowest part swirling behind him just barely staying away from the blood in the fountain, but it showed the weaponry he carried. A scythe crafted in such a way it cold be folden and hidden away as well as a small dagger hanging loosely on a thin whire from his belt. His long black and red hair was waving behind him as if there was a wind pushing and pulling against it.He had not noticed the entrance of a woman, neither did he know that the empress was there or what the new guard and the child was doing. Perhaps he was being careless, or he would know something happened. Either way it was his clear his concentration was set upon the book, and it was not easy to pull him away from the story that had captivated him to an extent his own powers moved freely outside his form.

KatsuoOda: -"ah ha!" Christopher exclaimed, just as Lucas finished the last grape and tossed the stem. "wuh?" the boy asked, his mouth filled with the fruit. "i think i found the quarters, Luc. look at all this stuff! It's amazing!" Lucas blinked, and moved forward to feel the objects Christopher had mentioned. "wow a whole hall filled with weapons and armor?" chritsopher nodded, "yep. Let's see what they got that can fit you.." he said, rumaging around, "here, put these on." he tossed a bit of leather, finely crafted, to Lucas. "what is this?" he asked, lifting it up to feel. "It's underarmor, Lucas, It's what you wear under armor to keep yourself comfortable. the boy smiled and began sticking the one that felt like pants on removing his raggety clothes, and putting the underarmor on. "now what?" Christopher nodded, "now let's get you fitted into chain mail. chain will help you learn how to adjust to the weight of heavy armor, which for a human, would be good for you to wear." Lucas nodded, as Christopher dressed him in chain mail, and pulled his head downward, "this is a face guard, it'll help protect your face in combat, here." he put it on Lucas' face, then looked around. He spotted a beautiful steel sheild with the kingdom's crest on it. "Give me your arm boy.." Lucas held his arm out, thinking this was a lot of fun, but got a shocking suprise when he'd gotten a heavy shield placed onto his arm. "agh... Christo it's heavy..." the Lycan blinked and looked it over, "hm.. you need a smaller one... I don't see any. Maybe I can ask the queen if the blacksmith can forge you a lighter one." Lucas blinked, "uh right." he removed the shield and Christopher placed it back. He then saw, an actual, not rusted, one handed sword. "Lucas... this one has your name written all over it, I can tell." Lucas gulped feeling excited, as the sword was placed into his hands, "feel it, go on try it." Lucas walked to the small traiing quarter where wooden and straw dumies were and began trying the sword. Fairly accurate for a blind human, the boy began showing tell tale signs of his future as a guardian. every strike swift and smooth, every curve and jab precise and his stances, somewhat wobbly, for a trainee, but still, firm and ready for action. As the boy tried his new 'toy' christopher began getting some armor of his own together to get dressed, a leather overcoat, in the kingdom's main colors, his only heavy armor, on his sword arm, ad of course, he too, found an excellent Claymore. He looked the blade over twice before putting it on his back, and smiled. he needed to find a blacksmith now. "that's good, how's she feel boy?" Lucas shrugged, "A little heavy, but she'll do for now i guess." he nodded, "takes getting used to. Come on, Let's head to the main hall and see what the others think. It's nice to have clean clothes that don't have holes for a change, what you think? Lucas smiled as Christopher wrapped his arms around him, "mmmhm" he said chuckling. Once the two made it out ot the great hall they showed off their new duds, walking through toward the guard captain. Christopher noticed the book, but didn't ask about it. "We found the armory... and helped ourselves, I hope none of you mind. I'll need to speak to the smithy about a few adjustments though."-
KafzielLaVayne: The energy of his aura cracked through the smoke as the seven colors swirled through the grey cover that whent around him.He himself had not found out about this as his gaze sharp and direct was upon the book that he was reading. Much like a hurricane him being in the center had shown him little of what surrounded him. Although if he had known and was fully aware of it he had not done anything about it, no one could be hurt by it only feel a pressure slightly stronger then gravity itself.Yet he had to stop reading for a human child and his father a werewolf who had started serving as a guard aproached him.They disrupted his reading as they called out to him. Closing the book he slowly putted it away into the large overcoat he was wearing as the smoke and aura ebbed away and left to return back into his body. His golden eyes moving their gaze from the furr around his shoulders towards the two seemed to show suprise as he saw them. He spoke with a gentle tone, yet some strictness showed in his manner of speaking."I see, so you both do not look anymore like you lost half of your clothing. Indeed this is much better."Stepping off the blood fountain he dipped his left index finger within it and took a nip from the blood which he openly enjoyed. Some blood would show on his lips as he concentrated back on the two, especially the werewolf."Now all we need to correct is stealing from the kitchen and threatening the staff, but all in due time. Correct?" He raised his brow to the werewolf curious to his reaction. Though he showed that in all honestly he was not that interested and instead his eyes started to go towards the empress whom had noticed him while he had yet to notice her. Turning away from the man and the child he lowers his head in respect towards the empress, a greeting though small. He then looked to werewolf and turned his form towards him again. The black stones hanging from his necklace which he procured in the abyss released a high pitched chime as they swayed left and right against his chest.

Guest_LdyMorgausePendragon: The mage slowly glanced about the large corridor she had entered as she couldn't help but admire the stone work of the inside of the keep. To her amaze it was in better shape then the exterior; Morrigan smiled as she loved the dark aura that the building seem to give off all on its own, nearly like a dark mist. She slowly walked down the hall her eyes on the suits of armor as she passed them by before finally coming to the large room, her eyes drifted right to the stone fountian which seemed off seeing the crimson liquid that seem to spew out of it. Then it hit her, it wasn't water not even color water. She could smell it too, her eyes seem to grow larger as she figured it out. Her right hand moved up to her chapped lips covering them as she let a small gasp out. 'blood.. how in the world did they fill it' her gaze soon shifted away as she took note of everyone before staying close to the wall as she moved about. 

DunkanVulgien: -Dunkan raised a brow as she looked over the room and he leaned forwards, his voice playing in her head once more.- So relax your highness, it’s not like it’s the end of the world if you just enjoy life for a little while. -He then nodded and said- I may be young in comparison to beings like my brother, but I understand that to be able to progress, dead silence is disadvantageous -his voice silenced in her head once more and he closed his eyes starting to chew on the inside of his black lip out of boredom. When he wasn’t working he was typically training or stealing, neither of which he thought would be a good idea if he intended to keep his job. He figured they looked like an odd duo, sitting there, looking at eachother as if they were speaking, but only three words could be heard by the people outside the mental link that Dunkan had made with Aez. He cracked one eye and looked about before standing and waving kindly to Aez, walking out to explore the grounds without a sound escaping him even the sound of his footsteps being made null.-

KatsuoOda: -Lucas blinked and nudged Christo, "you stole those grapes for me?" Christopher sweated, "yeah... grubby old chef wouldn't let you have any food. Was aboutt o tear him a new asshole..." he said, pulling his sleeve up to check on his bandages. Lucas sighed, christopher rubbed his arm. it felt... odd. "besides... we steal to survive, if someone declines i'm not responsible for what comes next. Your a growing, human boy. I'll do what I can, and must, to ensure your health." he said, unwraping his arm lightly, he could feel some strange lumps in his arm. "agh... god... these wounds are irritating." his chest did feel a little, tight than it usually was too. His wounds weren't regenerating as fast as the normaly would. "don't pick at them or lick them! you'll mess em up Christo..." Lucas said, nudgin him again, christo snarled from the nudge and Lucas sweated hearing it, "jeez.. sorry." christopher shook his head, "nah, I am. your right..." he said, putting his arm down. "Now, about that smithy... need to get you some armor fitted, the chain mail is still a bit too big.." he said, bending down to have a look at it. "It'l do, plus a lightweight metal sheild... hm, and i'm going to need an arm guard that's long enough, this one is not quite fitting."-

KafzielLaVayne: It was quite amusing to watch the two go at eachother, it was much like a real parent and child. Yet his gaze was stern and more then anything a strong pressure started to surround him as he kept himself from showing any anger externally. He was a guard now and with it came duties something he forsakes by threatening a staff of the castle. Yet he was new to this particular position and as a captain he had to be just in these situations. He was so close to snapping to the guard even if the child was there he would have had no problem grabbing him and throwing him into a nearby wall. Yet he stayed calm externally and released a sigh to relieve the tension building up in him as he kept himself from showing his anger." You are a guard now, i expect behaviour fitting that position. That means no stealing and no threatening the staff. If something is needed you come to me. What you did was out of line and that is all there is to it." Raising his hand he moved his fingers through the long strains of black hair that had fallen over the front of his face. He tapped with the heel of his right boot against the stone of the fountain, impatient he was indeed.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra sighed softly as she watched those who seem to linger within the room as the doors seem to open and close from the flooding people trying to get out of the chilling winds. Her dark green gaze moved back to the male before speaking to him through the telepatic link they had shared for the time being. 'It is hard to relax with a curse swollowing the empire' She seem to blink as she let her body lean forward letting her arms rest on here legs for a bit. 'but netherless i can attempt to.' she added in shortly after the first phrase. The woman watched as the male seem to stand up confused by his last statement which caused her to fall silent so she could think abou it. Her gaze fell to the floor, she didn't even realize the shade move from her side and leave the keep. By the time the woman glanced back up and her head turned to see where Dunkan was infact gone from the seat beside her she searched the room before shrugging it off. She took a deep breath and leaned back in her seat before letting her eyes fall upon Kafziel just at the moment Christopher and Lucas seem to walk back up to him. Aezvyra just sat there listening into the three. 

KatsuoOda: -Christopher did not understand. the utter look of confusion on his face about being scorned about the food should have been a dead give away as to his confusion. In his mind, he did what he belived was the right thing to do. He grmbled under his breath and broke out into a sweat, feeling the aura of the man in front of him. It was like a man spraying a dog with a bit of water for doing somethign bad, like taking a piss on a carpet. "Fine..." he said, blinking and looking away, like a scorned animal would. Lucas blinked, hearing what the man said, about threatening kitchen staff, and chuckled, "why'd you do that for Christo?" he rubbed the back of his neck, "I don't know... he was pissing me off. I know almost every creature in this building looks at you and thinks mmm full course easy meal. It's starting to irritate me. At first even you did it. don't deny it." he said, looking up toward the head captain. "I could sense it. I came here hoping i could provide a better life for him, and i will, if it's the death of me." Lucas blinked, and turned to hug him. "noo... you can't die..." Christopher rolled his eyes, "teh, i'm not dying..." he said, patting the boy's head. he looekd back up, seriously toward the head captain. "I'm going to try and be a great guardian, but you have to understand, most of my life has been filled with primal survival instinct, stealing and threatening others to hold my territory and foothold, was always my way of life, to understand yours, will take me a while."-

KafzielLaVayne: He seemed pleased with the result of him pointing the mistakes the new guard made to him. The fact he pushed back was no matter to him, a bit of rebellious behaviour was good. This meant when the time came and he did something wrong himself he could count on this guard to return the favour he gave him today. He raises up his hands and with a clap they came together before he moved his left hand to place it on the guards shoulder." I am to old to look at humans as food, they were not even a speck in the eye of the divines at the day of my creations. This child was never considered to end up on my dinner plate." When he released the mans shoulder first giving him a serioud nod he started to take off his large overcoat, it made it clear that the fabric infact was thin. The overcoat was made by him and though it has the illusion of being thick and making him larger then he truelly was it was thin and laced with protective aura as well as one to keep him warm, as he wore no undergarments. He threw this overcoat to the man as he turned towards the empress lowering his head towards her before starting to make his way to the doors. With his overcoat off it showed the upper part of his body completely bare. It was covered in black tribal tattoos each covering the many battle scars upon his body. He lived long, fought long and like a tale it covered his golden brown skin from torso to back." I am a father myself Christopher. If you can trust someone to look after your child when the time calls for it, know it is i. I am your captain as well after all.Make sure the kid is warm at night, it gets cold sometimes." His steps were still heavy as he walked towards the front gates, his muscles brimming with energy shined as the red aura coated his skin. The doors as he walked towards them opened slowly and far enough for him to open by the wind that picked up. He was in dire need of a walk, see the capital and deal with trouble if it was around. A personal desire at best, none of his duties told him to do so yet he served the empress and the empire which compelled his loyalty to it to also keep the citizens safe and looked after. When he stepped outside and the wind blew his hair up behind him he smiled and with a leap gentle to the ground he landed upon the roof of a house not to far away and started walked over the roofs watching the streets and the people from a distance as he did so.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra yawned softly as she seem to lean back farther in the bench she had sat down on before glacing up to the ceiling. 'why here' the words echoed in her mind as she thought about how to end this madness she called her home. Her eyes closed as she listened to that around her before she could even say something about the comments she heard from Kafziel, her eyes fluttered open just as he seem to nod and walk out. She shrugged before looking at the two still before her. "He can be hard at times but he means well" the words left her painted lips softly as she let her gaze fall to the ground as it seem to hit her a bit. 

InfinityImplosion: The doors to the keep would burst open as a warm summer breeze kicked it's way inside. A feminine voice that would feel like the caress of the sun could be heard echoing into the now somewhat empty halls. "I've made it! Ah, good to be back." The woman in question who'd arrived was dressed in a flowing blue garb of silks and other cloth, much fancier than anything a commoner might acquire. She had bright fiery red hair that was curled into a light pony-tail that came to rest across one of her shoulders, eyes that shined like a the sun glittering across the ocean, and supple lips paing a delightful rose red. Upon her brow one could see what appeared to be the symbol of a crescent moon hanging from a circlet, and around her neck hanging between her cleavage was a small book. Her outfit was a rather complex corset that looked like it'd take six sets of hands to take on or off, doing a fine job of pushing up her supple breasts to give it that ample cleavage that made some uncomfortable and others excited. Below this she wore what looked like some form of dancers pants, covering the rounded curve of her hips with a soft flow while stopping at the ankles, where she wore a black pair of simple sandals. As she entered in warmth radiated from her in a way that likely made most of the shadow creatures and beings shrivel or shrink away, and she walked with such light steps and a had such a warm and loving disposition. Those aqua orbs of hers suddenly cast their glance to the woman who was sitting by the fountain, stopping for a moment. It took her a bit, but she did eventually recognize it. "Aez... Aezvyra... that... no.... but you were so..... I mean, hot damn! You got fucking HOT! Those tits are fabulous." She said, almost going up to touch the woman before remembering that those in the mortal realm tend to get rather touchy about such things. "How long have I been gone? I could have sworn I was only in the Fae realm for a month or two, oh how time flies. Also why is it so cold, shouldn't it be spring right about now? What happened to your parents, are they still with us?"

KatsuoOda: -christo gave a warm smiled to the queen and a bow, "I understand his intention your highness. thank you, for giving me a job here." Lucas smiled, but their attention soon turned to a woman who'd entered, and started mentioning the Queen's.... breasts. Christopher gulped and tried not to look while she was talking about them, but found his gaze staring down at them, his face went beat red, his blood, gushing through his heart at a million miles an hour. Even Lucas went beat red, just hearing about how.... suckulant they were made his mind go crazy. "christo.... what do boobies feel like? They... they sound nice..." upon hearing that Christopher coughed and blushed even further. "I... I can't describe it... Haven't touched one in.... uh... not since i was 16...." Lucas blinked, and smiled, "you really had a girlfriend?!" Christopher looked away silently. "I'd.... I'd rather not talk about it. It was a long time ago..." Lucas blinked, and nodded, standing close to his foster father. Christopher closed his eyes and turned to look away, and shook his head back and forth. his mind went elsewhere, back to when he was 19, actually Married, since hman lives were short, and with a child of his own on the way. he shook his head again trying to get the headache out of his mind. "So, your majesty who's the new lady?" Lucas asked, unaware of Christopher's trance.-

ZeleenaEbony: After and extreamly long slumber a small groan stirs her eyes snap open and slowly begins to wake up. She sits up and yawns looking around seeing how things have changed so much. The Demoness finally get up out of bed and walks to find her loving wife. Her eyes dart from side to side seeing how much things have changed wondering if her loving wife has changed as she enters the room seeing new faces" Iam awake and Greetings to you all...." Her head lited lookng at them as she would any other new face but watchs them very slowly.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez smiled softly and lowered her head in an answering bow to that of Christophers. She took a breath let her right hand slide over her lap as she went to get up, that when it happen. Hearing the large heavy dark oak doors which had steel on them slam open. The warmth hit her skin calling for her to turn her head to face the door more. "What the hell" the comment came flowing out her voice dark as she was confused seeing the doors were heavy for a mortal to push open and most people had issues with them but to slame them open to the point it would bounce back closed pretty much. her eyes widen as she watched the woman come near her. The demon seem to allow the shadows move from underneath the bench and worm they way around her as they danced. Aezvyra sat there blinking hearing the woman, her emreald green gaze lingered on teh creature and the talk of her tits. "Excuse me?" she sat there confused with what was going on. Her eyes seem to widen as it got closer to her her shadows seem to circle her more violent at this point as if ready to lash out at the being for just touching her without permission. "I don't even know you." the woman of course didn't know the being that seem to know her. Her eyes dropped hearing her parents.. "You knew Adrissa and Salathiel?" her head tilted as her sweet luring voice echoed in the comman room right up to the point she finally tuned into hearing what Christo and Lucas had been saying. She seem to glare at the two for a split second as if telling them 'really now' the woman wanted to chuckle but couldnt she was still confused with th woman before her. Then to make the demonic empress even more confused she felt another demon enter the room. Her eyes moved to the being as she seem to greet everyone. Oh Aezvyra was in a frantic state of mind now, she not only had to deal with the empire but now it seemed there was things about her self she didn't even know. Granted it had been nearly several years since she had escaped the paws of the demon lord who had always found her as his, to the seer fact he had actually kidnapped her out of her dead adoptive sister's lands just after she had burried her sister whom she had killed her self. 

InfinityImplosion: The confusion on the woman's face was quite easy to read, causing the Fae woman to frown for a moment. "You don't remember me?" This time it was her turn to sound confused. She thought she'd only been gone for a couple of months at the most, but time in the land of the Fae passed very differently from time on earth. For what may have been only a few months for her could have been eons back in the mortal realms. She took a slight step back, before giving the woman a light curtsy. "My apologies Princess. I sometimes forget the passage of time. I suppose it has been much longer than I had thought, but to answer your question you do, or at least did know me. I am the HIgh Enchantress of this kingdom, as was put forth by the Seelie Queen herself, Titania, after a deal was struck with the the Queen of this kingdom. I was here when Adrissa and Salathiel were but newly weds, and you and your brother were but wee children. Oh I bet he's turned out as good looking as you, I hope so at least. Tell me, are the king and queen about? I'll be needing to speak with them about what I've missed in the what I can only imagine have been years since I was away." She asked, her tone taking a little more of a regal semblance to it. 

DunkanVulgien: -As Dunkan ventured the halls he looked into each room, trying to get his bearings of the hold. He would look into what looked like a quest room from how untouched everything was, even maids and butlers left some sign of life in rooms, but this one appeared to have been untouched in a good while. He would feel two armored hands grasp his shoulders and when the guards went to speak their voices were made silent by Dunkan’s nullifying aura. Of course the patrol guards hadn’t been told about Dunkan’s presence in the hold, now he looked like a spy from another kingdom, they could even assume maybe a rebel faction was starting and they may have sent this odd man for intelligence on the inside of the hold. Dunkan’s body mimicked a sigh and his voice filled the head of the guard- I am to become a spy for this kingdom, now unhand me I am venturing the grounds under the knowledge of your empress Aezvrya -The guard just rolled his eyes and said “Yeah, like I’m going to believe that. We don’t do well with intruders, now submit or I will have to finish you where you stand”- Dunkan immediately retorted with a short comment- Ah, the smallest of dogs try to bark the loudest because they know their bite is insufficient -Dunkan felt one of the hands leave his shoulder and he figured the guard was going to go for a strike to knock him unconscious and detain him. In a swift motion Dunkan dropped into a black blob on the floor and slithered back to behind the guard. He then leapt up out of that form and kicked off the wall on the opposite side of the hall before landing on the guards shoulders with his legs coiled around the guards neck. He quickly spun and slammed the guard onto the ground and the guard squirmed between Dunkans legs for a short while before going limp and unconscious. Dunkan rolled his eyes and rubbed his arm, forming quickly was painful but effective when it came to combat. His skin ached as if he had just been shoved into an open flame but he toughed it out and slipped his arm between the guards legs and he grabbed the arm of the guard and threw him over his shoulder into a standard carry for unconscious people. He carried the guard back to the throne room and he nodded to Aez, his mind sort of nudging against hers to signal for her to open up their link once more and he would state directly into her mind- One of your guard dogs wished to pick a fight, seems he was too slow to bite. I only knocked him unconscious -he laid the man on the ground, completely silent despite the fact that the guards armor should’ve made metallic clicks. After laying the man down he would look up to the group, offer a gentle smile, and wave.- 

ZeleenaEbony: The demoness looked confused as to what is going on here standing there half naked from being asleep for god knows how long and looking at them" Who are you all what are you doing in my home?" She stood there asking looking around for love " Where is my wife? " She then looks over " Iam Ebony Valke this is my Domain i think iv been asleep for far too long it seems..." She thought maybe she slept in the wrong place at the wrong time in her mind she cursed those who put her under a sleeping spell. She gazes over at them standing there watching closely obsurving everything around her as she controlled her own witch was hard not knowing what has happen with how long she been out.

KatsuoOda: -Lucas blinked hearing the woman, none of is really made a lot of sense to him, didn't the queen say something about her parents dying? He tugged at Christopher's arm, which broke the Lycan's... loss of concentration. He blinked and turned his head back to meet the others. "Oh.." He'd bow to the new women. "Guard Initiate, Christopher Standet at your services ma'ams..." he paused, thinking, was that how it was pronounced? he blinked and lifted his head up. "It will be a pleasure to protect all of you from sudden dangers tonight in the absence of my captain..." he narrowed his eyes, was he even saying this right? he had no clue how to pronounce things appropirately anymore, hell he throught, he never did. Farm boy in the southern lands at since he was 19, then wormwood forest lycan pack until 14 years ago, he felt like a fish that was left out of water, incapable of breathing. It was so embarassing... something was giving him a headache too. that was when he heard it, he and Lucas both did, "Opposite hall left corridor Christo." Lucas said, Christopher's eyes gleamed with adrenaline. "I know, I heard." He positioned himself, ready to draw his great sword. He and Lucas both heard the muffled struggle o the guard the man incapacitated, not knowing wh he was, put the two on high alert. "good catch boy." Lucas smiled feeling like his training was helping, but it faded thinking Christopher was going to engage in another bit of combat already, his wounds weren't healed completely. christopher eyed the man that incapacitated a fellow Guard, and smiled, waving at them all. his eyes Narrowed, a low, threatnening, protective growl echoed in his throat.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra blinked still trying to place the woman which was a lost cause seeing she had lost that part of her memory mainly because she had possessed the body she was in. That alone had put strain on her all those years before now let alone there wasn't much of her childhood she could replace. She remembered her parents. her twin, the fact her parents were forced to marry, and her leaving home after the first war. other then that it was gone. "No I don't" she answered back as she allow her green gaze fall back to the creature before her, her brow rose as she heard princess. "Ummm.. I have not been Princess in a long time." she shifted her gaze to the fountian for the moment. She had nearly forgotten the sound of that title it had been a few thousand years since the last time she heard it or well at lest within this empire. She shook her head, her long onxy hair tossing about before finding the right words. "Adrissa and Salathiel were killed so I have been told" the woman shrugged, truth was she didn't really care for her birth parents even if she could call them that. She couldn't really remember them other then her mother telling her that she was some kind of Chosen one.. Aez never knew what that ment and never did care for it. Her stare didnt really move from Fae as she tried to fugre out everything to at lest straight it out in her mind. Her words seem to drift as she glanced across the room to see the shade her brow rose a good inch before she decided to open that little telepathic link between the two. 'Dare I ask why your carrying a guard?' the words would slip right into Dunkan's mind before hearing his responce. The woman seem to roll her eyes 'Yea that happens when your being shady and creeping around without telling people' she chuckled softly before letting her head drop a small bit in a nod before turning her attention back to those around her. Aezvyra rose to her feet before taking a single step towards the woman who now claimed that the keep was hers. The demon's black painted lips curled into a devilish smirk as she let her gaze roll up and down the woman who seem half nude. She seem to chuckle. "Your home.." she paused taking a step forward her long dark blue gown unbunched in places as she took another step. "Your home.. I do believe you Miss is mistaken.. This is Klashi Hold.. castle of Naymithler empire.. the home of Aezvyra Valke" she fell silent hearing the woman's name. "And you miss is not Aezvyra seeing I am." her green eyes lingered to the woman, the shadows about her seem to move quicker as she stood there. "I don't know who you think you are." she shook her head as she heard Lucas and Christopher voices. 

InfinityImplosion: Rosaura seemed a tad bit surprised upon learning of the news that the former rulers had been killed. It seemed that time really had passed since she left, and she understood at that moment that it'd been much longer than the time she had felt. She gave a bit of a slight sigh while putting her head downwards for a moment, seeming lightly somber. "I see, that is unfortunate to hear." However the morose moment was over, and the woman seemed to be back to her rather cheery, warm self as she gave the now new queen a light smile. "Well then, can't let this little complication get in the way of things. Your parents made a deal with Titania, and she plans to uphold that deal. If you would prefer that I not remain in my current position you would have to strike a new deal with her, and if you need proof of the previous deal it is in writing in the kingdom's library somewhere as well, provided it didn't get burned to ashes, as well as a copy with Titania herself." She said with a bit of a slight nod, her attention turning to the lycan and the young boy who'd introduced himself. "Well aren't you cute? Give me a moment to see if I'd enjoy riding you....mmm....maybe, I'd have to make a few changes." She said before returning to the slightly more formal curtsy that she'd given the queen. "A pleasure, and you might need some upgraded gear if you're going to do any protecting. What you have now is quite...unsatisfactory." She said, her head once more nodding with an affirmative note. She would allow the queen to deal with the quiet one and the woman who claimed to also call this her home, though not even she recognized her. She wondered what had changed in her time away, and if this other woman might have been here during that time as well.

DunkanVulgien: I was a bit more focused on not getting caught in that fight and getting my position settled than whether or not the guards would be concerned over me -he stuck his tongue out at her even though the rest of the group would not hear what he was saying- Not to mention I’m a shade, a spy, and an assassin, creeping around and being shady are sort of requirements in all three areas -he then looked to Christopher and he cut his link with Aez, trying to press his mind against the lycans in hopes the lycan was weak minded enough that Dunkan could force the primary connection. If the connection was successful he would simply say into Christophers head- Ask Aez if you wish, I am a friendly, this was a misunderstanding, the guard is only unconscious -the connection would terminate again and he looked to the woman claiming she was a queen of the realm and the aggressiveness of Aez. He just shrugged and ignored it until the sound of the Fae making a joke about riding the wolf. While Dunkan was far from innocent the first images were quite innocent, first Christopher in human form crawling with her riding on his back, then a wolf with her on its back, and then finally the dirty connotation of the phrase. 

ZeleenaEbony: Her eyes glow black "No little one it is you who are mistake my self and my wife Jayce has ruled this place and are the founders so i would tred carefully on how you speak to me." She stood ther knowing she can turn this place in to a crador if need be and no one would be able to stop her. Her eyes swarlled redish black standing there watching ever so closely with each moment. She may have been half naked but she would deffend her own. " Now your name has Valk in witch i have known those who are kin to me you however i have never seen before so would you like to try again my dear?" Her rage began to slowly show as her own instance thoughts began to come in to play. She would not tolorate anyone who try to put themselves above 1 of the founders of this empire. Her chains from her back appeared and begain to move swarling like but not harming anyone unless she is threaten since she has had about enought of these games.

KatsuoOda: -Christopher heard the link in his mind about the man being a friendly, and clamed down a bit, he didn't hear a screeching halt in his mind about the man until the woman that refered to the queen's parents said something about riding him. "WHA WHA WHAT?!" he blinked twice, emnsely blushign and wide eyed, his mind went straight to the sexual inuendo. Lucas smiled and raised his hand, "I like riding christo! It's better than a hors-" he went beet red and covered Poor Lucas' mouth and then his ears, "come on, seriously? in front of a 14 year old kid?!" he said, before Lucas pulled his hands off his ears, "why'd you do that for christo, I don't get it.... what did she mean by riding you?" he immidiately said "nothing" as fast as he could and covered the boy's ears back up, "i'm trying to hold off sex talk until he's at least 16, he doesn't need to play with his... " he paused, then looked back up, "yet..."-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon took a deep breath to clear her mind the best she could. With everything that was conspiring around her that very moment had her over whelmed even though she was trying her best not to show it. Her stare shifted back to the Fae as she took in the words she had spoken. "I supose when I have time I will have to search for those papers to find out more about this so called deal." she paused. "if I ever find time between trying to cure those who linger with the curse." she let the words slip out even though it never ment to leave the safey of her mind. "as for a deal no go.. I know Fae's and will not be striking that one." she shook her head knowing the type of creatures and how the deal coudl be twisted in their favor when ever they wanted it be. When the woman seem to move her attention to another that when Aezvyra took the time to address the next person, she was happy she could mulitask at times and this was it even though she really shouldn't have been. Her eyes moved back to the male off in the far end of the room mainly just to see what he was doing right to the point he had stuck his tongue out at her. She couldn't help but to chuckle at that one. She shook her head letting that little spark of enjoyment fill her for the moment. 'Oh you just wait they don't like pure out creepy' she chuckled out softly as she let her attention turned back to the woman whom had tried to stake a claim to her throne. "Little?" she let a dark chuckle escape her lips. "I don't know who told you that nonsense but this land was my mothers and fathers as now it is mine." her eyes seem to flicker to a black nothingness in color as she stood there. "The is no Jaycie what ever her name is.. I do believe you are lost." she licked her lips as she allowed the shadows to swirl around her more growing darker as the more seem to join them. "I insure you I am no kin.. My parents only myself and my twin brother and I doubt dad had family and Mom her being a full blood demon its hard to say. " she huffed out before finally getting the little comment the fae had made about the lycan. "Oh dear god" 

InfinityImplosion: She gave a light nod upon hearing the woman seem to continue the with the already arranged agreement, giving a bit of a wry smirk. "Oh dear, I'll have to tell dear old Titania that she won't be meeting you after all. How.....complicated that must be for her." She said, before turning to give her simply a warm smile. "Very well then, I'll be going to the first empty quarters that I can find then, and tomorrow you'll have to tell me about this....curse. I imagine it's the reason for all the cold yes? I'd ask if the Unseelie had a hand in things but I don't sense them being at the heart of this." She would then turn her attention to the man who seemed to be blushing rather hard, clearly more uncomfortable with the situation. She gave a bit of a light giggle towards him. "My you are a cute puppy, and I wouldn't worry about it. Your young pup is already touching in the area you don't want him to, especially at his age. I'm sure there's a girl he already fancies even if you ask." She said while giving the man a light wink, turning to the other two. "Please have sweet dreams when you get there, and try not to wreck the place." She gave them all a soft nod of the head. "Have a nice night everyone, speak to you tomorrow dear Aezvyra." With that, the strange Fae woman named Rosaura would leave the room and head towards the upper chambers, taking the bit of light that she had with her as the place grew dim once more.

KatsuoOda: -Christopher's mouth was gaping wide open, Lucas was wide eyed and red in the face when the woman said something about him playing with himself and a woman he already fancies, "Me? and a girl?! I don't even know what they look like!" he said in a sweat, "what girl would actually like mee..." Christopher face palmed, he felt as though Lucas either completely ignored the part about him playing with himself or refused to deny it because it may be true. where did he find the time to do that? was what was going through christopher's mind. He patted the boy on the shoulders, "There will be a girl out there for you... don't worry about what she said... that woman is about half crazy i think." Lucas blinked, and smiled, "okay." christopher smiled too, but flinched, and turned his head putting it into his hand, his headache was getting more freaquent, these hot flashes of embarassment from this fe really wasnt helping, "ugh I need to sit." he said, finding the ede of the blood-fountain and sitting there. Lucas wanted knowehre near that fountain and decided to sit with Aez instead. "Hate that fountain..."-

DunkanVulgien: -Dunkan saw Aez chuckle at his little joke of sticking his tongue out and he did a tiny little victory dance to himself. He then walked over to Aez’s throne and he stepped on the arm rest, jumping up onto the back of it and taking a seat. He listened to the comments about the touching themselves and he rolled his eyes. He thought to himself “This woman is quite the pervert, not even having the self-control to keep such comments to the adults. He took note of the conversation about some deal but he did not delve into assumptions on it, it was already stated the official papers were in the royal library, he would just sneak in and read over them on his own. AS the wolf walked off to the fountain to take a seat he attempted to speak into Aez’s head once more- Wolfy seems distressed M’lady -he then lightly tapped Lucas’s head, pushing his voice into lucas’s head childrens minds were easy to enter.- Would you like some sweets? -he reached into his portal and pulled out a stick covered in crystalized sugar- 

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez blinked as she turned on her heels just so she could watched the Fae move about before heading up the grand stair case and towards the rooms. The woman had made sure her maid staff had all rooms on the upper floors cleaned and open for those who needed them. She didn't even know what she was thinking when she decided to open Klashi Hold up much like an comman time inn for the moment. She started to wonder if her beloved empire was going to finally fall, the Great Mother was displeased with her and the Maker hated the twisted after all. Aezvyra wanted to blame her self even though she had pretty much walked in on situations at hand nearly with her returned. The female sighed softly turned back around as the demon who so called said she owned the realm seem to vanish back towards the upper levels as well. She seem to find her self back at the bench before sitting down on it next to Lucas before listing to what was being said. "Hmm" she blinked and glanced between the two males. "Why do you hate my fountain little one?" she asked her brow lifted as she wanted to know even though she had a good feeling it was most likely the blood that filled it. The woman had half a mind to destroy it and replant the willow tree that use to sit there but that she didn't need the memories of. "Are you alright Christopher?" she glanced over to the lycan slightly worried seeing the whole situation. Takeing a deep breath her attention seem to pull to the shade watching him leave the common area and seem to move to the throne rom. Her wondered what he was doing seeing once he had entered the throne room she could no longer see him. Yet hearing his words she nodded as if she had been talking to him before sending a comment back 'distress isn't the word'

KatsuoOda: -Lucas sighed, "It's the smell of the fountain. I don't like it. It's like my body tenses and tells me to stay away." he said, but stopped hearing christopher moan when the queen asked of he was feeling alright. Lucas blinked, "christo, is it your wounds? that healer told you to be easy." christopher shook his head like a wild animal and snorted. his eyes went in and out of focus from human-like to wolf-like and back again. "n-no... my wounds don't... hurt..." he rubbed his forhead with an open palm. It was his mind, deep inside his mind he was going in and out of focus, his head going back to his youth, a fair haired brunette woman, his arms wrapped around her, her beautiful smile, then sudden flash of lightning, there she lie in a pool of blood. Christopehr shook his head again, he couldn't stand it. his parents, a tall grey haired old man and a lightly red, almost orange hair colored woman with green eyes. He had her eyes once. Both of them dead along side the brunette. Christopher flinched again and turned his head slightly closing his eyes tight, then turned his head abruptly and snorted like a beast again. he put pressure on his forehead by pressing both his hands against his head, this was getting slightly worse. Lucas kept hearing Christopher snort like a wild animal, but his mind changed abruptly to hear someone offer him.. candy? Lucas gulped, "huh? who's that? who's there?" twas Lucas' voice that broke Christopher's concentration. his eyes were wide, like a dogs for a moment as he quietly stared wide eyed at the three on the couch.-

DunkanVulgien: -Dunkan dropped the candy onto Lucas's lap before reaching into his portal and pulling out his Manriki. He stretched and spun the black chain with two balls in his hand before grabbing one of the balls and whipping the Manriki across the room towards the clearly on edge Christo. He could see it in the mans eyes and stature, he was a beast ready to pounce. The Manriki were on a rapid path right for Christo's throat. If they made contact with his throat or anything directly in front of his face they would coil and smash directly into his face which could potentially knock him out. If they struck his throat not only would he take a blow to the face but the chains would be coiled tight enough around his throat that they could potentially suffocate him into submission if the initial blow hadnt already knocked him unconcious.-

KatsuoOda: -Christopher's eye direction changed upon seeing two balls and a chain wizzing past his head, the balls which were meant to knock him out actually did not work, but the chain did sucsessfully wrap around his neck, as he transformed into the beast and gave out one roar the chain tightened as Dunkan had planned secondly, just as the Lycan foamed at the mouth and kicked it's feet out from under, Lucas screamed at the roar forgetting all about the candy, pushing himself behind Aez. Christopher, now mindless momentarily, continued to struggle against the chain, before finally passing out by it. passed out, the beast retained it's true form, a half-human, half-wolf creature, passed out on the floor. "Christo?! Oh... I think he's sick or something... he's never done that before!" Lucas said in a slight cowardly shiver.-


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