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DunkanVulgien: -A shadow slithered among the trees, drifting from root to root, even leaping through midair from trunk to trunk. Clearly this shadow was an anomaly, a shadow moving so erratically, without a host, without an owner, even though the slim patches of light that escaped the choking grip of the foliage above. While the mundane animals, squirrels, wolves, bears, et cetera hid away from the anomaly, not being able to understand it, the dark creatures looked at it as prey and leapt for the snaking tadpole shape that was the puddle of darkness. As the puddle of darkness approached the castle its edges began to blur, as if it was excited before it slammed into the front door and bubbled through the small crease at the bottom. Shortly after the puddle slid itself up a pillar and leapt across the gap to land on the chandelier. It hung like a limp piece of black fabric from the chandelier before it shuddered a bit more, a black and red mist floating above the puddle before a pair of yellow eyes sprung open and the form of a face began to appear pushing its way up out of the blob. A large portion of the black mist began to condense and string together onto the scalp of the head that was emerging, forming into long black locks of hair. Next a stark black right arm came out of the orb of shadow and grabbed the edge of it, as if pulling the rest of the body out of a hole, and then a left arm joined it on the opposite end atop of charcoal black that resided there, the red mist began to form an intricate phoenix tattoo overtop the left arm. Swifly both clothed legs were “pulled out” of the ever shrinking blackness and now on the edge of the highest chandelier of the castle sat the shirtless form of Dunkan. With the fight going on beneath he didn’t expect anybody to notice him slither by, especially in his shadow form. He decided it was for the best for the fight to dissipate before he went down to offer himself up to work for the resident queen.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra's eyes drew dark as her aura seem to do the same as shadows seem to crawl from their hiding places within each and every crack and cranny of the dark stone bricks of the fountain or along the pillars that held the ceiling above their ends. Her mind hand wondered for the time as the fight had started she blinked a few times as Kai seem to have managed to move from the doorway and attack the alicorn that had been standing next to her. The demon didn't understand it but for once she had honestly forze up on battle. She stood there watching as Garex and Christopher both tried to stop Kai. She moved her fingers which seem to cause the shadows around her to dance more as she took a step back just as the pillar of ice seem to shadow, moving her hand quickly she caused the darkness to act like a wormhole causing her to vanish to just about anyone who could not enter the shadow realm. Panting the woman had took a few steps back moving her self across the room far enough away from everything before finally letting the shadows drop around her to coniuted their dance. 'I don't get it' she thought to her self trying to figure out why she didn't attack the crazed man but froze up. Her eyes lingered watching as the shockwave hit causing her to lose her balnace to nearly fall. The woman's hands quickly moved out to catch her self as she pushed her self back upon her feet. The empress shook her head and dusted her long dark blue fabric gown. The blue nearly the color of the deepest ocean with a darker shade of gold trimmings not including the light lace like fabric for sleeves. Aezvyra just seem to watch the movements of everyone right up to the shift in the darkness which pulled her attention up. Her brow rose as she just glanced to the brass rusted chandelier as what seem to be a dark mass moved about. The woman studied it trying to place if it was one of her so called shadow creatures, yet she couldn't remember producing one within the last few momths. 'nope' the word echoed in the back of her mind as she watched as the so called mist seem to take on a form. "Intresting" the single word slipped from her black painted lips as she watched it a bit longer before she had to let her eyes move back to the fight seeing it seemed the Lycan had pulled out of it. 

DunkanVulgien: -He watched over the fight, both the participants and the bystanders. He raised a brow at the odd creature being struck beside a woman who had taken his interest, not for her beauty, nor for her stature, but the fact that he could feel her link to shadow realm. He then noticed that her gaze was up at him and he tilted his head out of curiosity before he raised his hand and gave a kind wave the instant her gaze went to divert back to the battle. After the wave a swirl of blackness appeared above the waving hand and he reached up into it, pulling out a Kusarigama, one with a deadly looking scythe end and the ball side looked much more like a hook than the standard weighted ball. He coiled a portion of the long chain around his arm and held the scythe end spinning it out of boredom before he threw the hooked end onto the chandelier furthest from the fight and he leapt off this chandelier, the part of the chain that was coiled around his arm tightening and offering him a strong grip to complete the swing. Afterwards he would loosen the grip his hand had on the chain and he slide down the chain slowly while the chain ran against the black surface of his arm. He would then swing the chain so a wave motion traveled through it and the hook flicked off of the chandelier and he tugged on the chain with the scythe itself making the hook swing back to him much faster before he coiled the chain tighter around his left shoulder and upper arm and he began to walk towards the empress, his voice attempting to push into her head- “Im looking for some work as a spy and/or assassin, sort of my forte, are you hiring?”

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman seem to just stand there, her right hand still scribing away runes just incase the battle would come far to close to her self. Even though she was on for her people she would think of mainly her self first. The woman dark stare seem to glance back up to the lit candles upon the chandelier closeest to her as she seem to look for the spot of darkness she noticed the odd kind of scythe as she watched it. Her mind wondered a bit here and there as she tried to figure out what kind of dark creature had found its way to her home. Her painted lips curled at their ends as she seem to move her attention to her right hand as she seem to pull some of the darkness to the palm of her hand as she created an orb to play with as she waited for the fight to end. When it didn't seem to end she turned and walked the few steps to a near by couch before sitting downupon it at this time she noticed the figure wlking closer to her; her eyes shot up to the chandelier that seem to be swinging now. The demon brow rose as she allow her eyes move back to the shade type creature as she heard the struggling mental connection before allowing it to give it a more easier way to speak to her. "I am in need of one." the words slipped right passed her painted lips. 

DunkanVulgien: Dunkan nodded and he noticed the ball of shadow in her hand just shrugging and reaching into his portal once more to pull out a piece of salted jerky, eating it in perfect silence as his voice pushed into her head once more.- “Ah, well then I offer my services to you” -He looked her head to toe, taking note of every little feature of her, including the curves of her body, the way she was standing, even the black lips were noted for future reference. The shade offered his hand out to her, his yellow eyes looking piercingly towards hers. His kusarigama hung loosely from his neck and opposite arm.- “I am Dunkan Vulgien, it’s a pleasure to meet you your highness” -he was able to pick apart the fact that she was the owner of the castle not only from her answering him that she was in need of his type of worker, but from the way she carried herself and her reactions to the battle.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra's dark painted lips seem to twist and turn as they met into a devilish grin before watching the male poor something out of the darkness. She would lower her head in a slight bow as he spoke. "I would be honor." her words fell short yet held a good luring pull to her tone as she allow the dark ball vanish from her hand and melt back to the shadows that danced around her body. "Its a pleasure" she glanced down to his hand before taking it. She would watch their hands to see what he would do, if it was a simple shake she would of course add a little squeeze to it and if he decided to do what most had done and kiss the back of her hand she would allow it. Granted, in that cause it would bring a soft rose pink tinte to her cheeks as she would have blushed if the kiss was placed. "Its Aezvyra... Aezvyra Valke"
MaelumRagnarosYlium: ~Mae strode in through the great double doors at the fore of the Hold with a big grin spread across her lips. She wore her new dress once more, though she still did not wear any shoes to accompany it. The black furs adorning her shoulders were simply to cover what little she could with the dress without looking completely ridiculous. Mae grimaced for a moment as she recalled how little the dress actually covered of her, not entirely sure whether or not she was comfortable with showing so much skin. Her blazing green eyes searched the keep until they found Aez. Mae's grin returned as she swiftly strode over to Aez, her dress riffling with each step. Mae moved right past the man kneeling before the other woman, seeming not to notice as she embraced her dearest one and gave her a firm kiss. She then blinked for a moment as if the presence of the man in the room had just registered in her mind and she turned to face him before nodding to him and introducing herself.~Hello there, I am Mae Ragnaros of the Ylium clan.

DunkanVulgien: -As he took her hand he did his best to regulate his aura so she could still speak. He knew that everything and anything he touched would get infected by his aura for the duration of the contact and silence it so he tried to make sure that it didn’t reach her vocal chords. As per the standard for greeting he turned her hand lightly and upturned her knuckled to plant a small, deathly silent kiss to her knuckles before their hands parted and a woman quickly embraced and kissed Aezyra. His voice pushed into her head once more and simply stated- “Pleasure to meet you, both of you, Aezyra would you care to address this Mae figure for me, maintaining multiple connections is difficult.” -he looked over the Mae figure without fear of upsetting her. A whore? No too well dressed and well kept. He pulled another piece of jerky out of thin air through a miniature portal and he chewed on it in silence.- 
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic empiress brow rose as she glanced to the male, the moment she had took his hand she felt something was off. She licked her lips as she tried to figure it out and then it hit her. She waited watched him until she pulled her hand away from the male after he kissed her. She shook her head, allowing her hair to move from its place as she nodded softly until she was startled by Mae. Her green hues widen as she was kissed. Aezvyra chuckled softly as she smiled. "Its good to see you too my friend." she smirked softly before turning her attention back to the male whom seem to speak within her mind once more. The demon nodded her eyes falling to Mae. "This is Dunkan Vulgien.. hes is going to provide the empire with an way to spy on our enemies." she nodded softly it was a good fit she figured before she turned back to the male with a rised brow.
MaelumRagnarosYlium: ~Mae quirked a brow, her green eyes sweeping over the figure before nodding.~Well...that does seem the most fitting task for a shadowspawn.~Mae frowned slightly, then shrugged indifferently and stood behind Aez and wrapped her arms around the other woman's waist and rested her head on Aez's shoulder.~ If we do need spies at all, he will likely be quite able.
DunkanVulgien: -Dunkan crossed his arms and he nodded before he looked over to their embrace and he just shrugged- “Two queens?” -he questioned not really caring about the whole situation in the first place. He pushed his voice into Mae’s head now. Hopefully it pushed through rather than got shut out, though if it successfully entered her mind she would head him say- Well from my short time on this planet I have learned that the majority of kingdoms are taken down via their allies, internal forces, or enemies that they had no knowledge of. Espionage is necessary for a kingdom alone to be successful, for an empire, it is a necessary force to survive. I believe my services are needed even if you do not personally believe they are. -his link to her head would terminate after he stated so and he rubbed his head from the minute headache that had arisen from having multiple links.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman chuckled softly as she nodded feeling her friends arms wrap around her. Her brow lifted as she stood there. "Indeed we do and I think he is perfect for the job." she smirked before hearing the faded words within her mind. "No just one." she chuckled at her responce. Fact was Aezvyra was indeed single but the sheer fact ofher only reacting to the darker side of things do to her missing that little voice in the back of her mind, that chunck of good within her soul it was harder for her to behave. "I just enjoy the company of those who are close to myself." she smirked softly again as the words slipped from her lips and let her eyes trail upon the shade. 

DunkanVulgien: -He nodded to the empress when she agreed with him on the need for espionage and he then raised a brow at the fact that she was so intimate with someone who wasn’t her official lover. A mistress? That would be horrible for her reputation? What is her current reputation?- “Oh? Good to know? -his eyes trailed over her form at the same time as hers trailed over his form. He spun the scythe part of the kusarigama disappeared into the blackness of a portal and the chain unraveled from his to fall into the portal also.

AezvyraIsadorValke: "mhmm" the humming tone was soft as she agreed to the male's words as she debated to wonder what was going through his mind by seeing her consort wrapped around her much like a lover would. As soon as he seemed to move Aez's gaze moved to his weapon and watched as it seem to vanish. 'intresting' she thought to her self forgetting about the mental link at the moment if it was still there or not. 

DunkanVulgien: -He scratched his head lightly and he nodded to her- interesting enough I guess -he would reach into the portal again and pull out a piece of jerky, offering it to her since it was one of the few foods he could keep in his shadow realm long term without them going bad.- Want some? -he offered with a genuine kind smile, while the blackness of the lower half of his face and his piercing eyes that seemed to gaze straight into you may make it seem a bit creepy. 
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez blinked a few times watching the male before he seem to reach into a portal once more and pulled what looked to be more jerky. The woman thought about it seeing she had left her goblet on the fountain and she was sure it had been knocked by this time. She took a deep breath paused and nodded before holding her hand out accepting the bit. She smiled and nodded. "Thank you" she would take the jerky and take a small nip at it. 

DunkanVulgien: -His body mimicked a silent laugh when she lightly nipped at the jerky and his voice filled her head- You royals humor me -he grabbed another peice out and spun it with flair to signal it was a demonstration before he bit the jerky with his molars and tore a chunk out gnawing on it with his mouth shut.- You wont get anywhere taking small weak nips at salted and dried meat, do it like a man or you wont be able to do it -he smiled to her and took another chunk out of his peice of jerky- 
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez brow rose as she watched Dunkan, as she noticed he had been laughing at her. She shook her head hearing his voice within her mind. She chuckled softly and looked at him before letting her voice echo in his mind. 'How so?' she questioned her head tilting slightly to the right as she watched him take another bite before she gave up and took a good size bite from it before looking around. 'oh shhh' she chuckled in her own mind mainly do to his reaction to the small bite she had taken the first time. 

DunkanVulgien: -He smiled and he lightly patted her shoulder- That's more like it -he took another bite of his jerky- Loosen up a little, makes life more fun -he stretched while he smiled to her and he looked over to the ongoing fight before shrugging and starting to walk over to the couch. He took a seat and patted the couch next to him as an offer to her.- 
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon shook her head as she took another bite as she watched the male. Her mind drifted back to the fight as she seem to shake her head. By this time the woman was far tempted to drop the mage and her cursed advisor into her little shadow realm. The very place where normally she allowed others in when she was in the mood to play with them. Granted, it wasn't normal for her to just drop someone into it, it would most of the time be other demons tracking her and would have to enter it to get to her. Aezvyra yawned softly seeing hse had grown bored with the battle even thought at this point it was the fate of the empire with it going on. 'Hmm?' the humming tone echoed in her mind as she felt the male touch her bringing her attention back to him. She watched as he seem to sit down. She chuckled softly as she followed behind him before sitting down. 'it is my job to look tense, to make it appear that I'm doing my job'

DunkanVulgien: -He leaned back into the chair casually and he crossed his arms, his body mimicking a sigh.- Oh please, if we were meant to constantly act like we were doing our job I would be all dark and broody, and I wouldn’t go out of my way to talk to people -he patted her back and he closed his eyes and ran his hands through his hair- But instead I’m being casual and talking, well… communicating -he smiled and he relaxed back into the couch-


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