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VennaDawnSinger: -Venna was in a brown leather Pant suit with a chain meshing on the pants with the boots that matched the pants and top. She had her long brown hair pulled back in three braids that were two on the sides one down the middle that met into one braid along her back. Her languid Green eyes with gold around the pupils looked tired as she barely slept all night getting the reports from the farmers and hunters on the currant food supplies. She had taken good notes in different colored inks to mark what was what by the way of supplies. She had every intention of delivering her reports to Aezvyra as soon as possible and walked in late in the morning hours tired and needing rest she had been hearing the farmers argue who had a better crops and such things among themselves all night long as the hunters were complaining about the longer days on the hunts for all game large and small. Yet for the time being with the spring the hunts were good but there was too young to hunt game at times and they did not wish to kill of breeding pairs of animals, or mothers with young fawns. Venna saw the problems and sighed deeply they were right they needed the next generation to feed them later and breed as well to bring up the populations. She was looking at possible meat shortages with in the next month and a half if things continued to be so over crowded. For the time being they needed to start to ration the meat with strict hand out in lines for it. She hear the grain situation as well There was enough wheat and corn to last only two months at the rate things were going and the other grains such as barley and oats also needed rationing for the people as the would only last a month and a half as well. The stables needed to go to feeding only hay to the horses as well to process more of the oats to last longer about two months at best. Venna heard who had crops in and when the earliest harvest could be done on each. <c>
VennaDawnSinger:  -Venna has heard what other things would soon need to be rationed like vegetables but they could start harvest sooner than the grains. The fruits would come in on time as it was all progressing at natures time tables. She had little in good news and joyous news for the people would balk at the rationing but it would be the only way to keep up supplies. Venna also knew that some may be weakened like the Soldiers and those fighting and they would need to be rotated at times to keep fresh men on the field. It was a dangerous place to be in if things continued. Yet Venna was hopeful that they would find a solution to the ice troubles and get the people back to their homes and lands. Venna was one not to give up hopes in dark times. She knew that together they could manage to make it through. She trusted the people so far they had pulled together with the housing of the refugees from the villages and smaller towns. She knew the ports would play a crucial roll in the life of the empire now as they could go out and trade items for food supplies and bargains could be made here and there. Venna had given up her room at the tavern for a small family to sleep in and the people housed at the tavern could trade cleaning and such for there stay. Its wasn't much but it was all they had. Rose did not mind the help with laundry and such things as well. The stoves and ovens had never been cleaner and the either had the kitchens. Venna was happy Rose was happy for the moment as the husband was out cutting wood for the tavern. Venna left the tavern and went to the hold with her food reports and hoped the empress would be understanding as she Dismounted after a night of the reports coming into her.-”so far the only rationing should begin on the meat supplies but the rest can wait a bit here Not very long however week maybe two at best. Its the best we can manage Milady I hope your not too upset but the crops are planted the summer wheat and vegetables will be in as well. I know thats not great news but its the best I have for you.”
Guest_LdyMorgausePendragon:  Morrigan eyes widen as they seem to move over each male before backing up once again. "I see?" the state ment was more of a question as she watched them. She turned to look at the way he had spoken about. "Are you sure?" she stood there blinking before she seem to relax a bit. "I did't mean to interupte you both if you have things to do. I don't wish to stand in the way I just needed the directions." she spoke softly her brow rose as he started asking all the questions before shaking her head. She wasn't sure if she should tell them her tale. "mine died on half way to the city a few days ago." she shrugged as she followed the two to the stables. Once they reached the run down building with maybe three stallions and a mare she turned to look at the two. "Thank you so much" she smiled softly before pulling the small bag from her side and pulled out her coin purse before handing each of them a few small copper coins. "I know its not much but at lest its something." she spoke as she turned to see if she could find the stable boy or at lest the stable master to find out how much it would cost her. The woman frowned looking at the stable boy whom had walked up and spoke before looking at the old Mare. "Umm no I think I will wait until I can find better" her eyes fell to the ground as she shook her head. "She wont be worth anything for what I need to do, and I don't feel like dying because of a horse." she shrugged as she turned to take a few steps away from the stable.
AezvyraIsadorValke:  Aezvyra seemed to blink a bit before shaking her head and decided to let the male just lay there for the time being. She had other things on her mind that needed to get done and trying to wake Garex was not on the top. Making her way from the belly of the Keep the woman finds her self once more on the main floor as she searches around to see if she could find an messager. Of course, she could not so she decides to make her way to her study to dispatch a raven her self. She stopped nearly half way between the fountain and the door way that would lead to the study before seeing Venna. She stood there blinking. "Afternoon" she quickly spoke before the reports on the food suplies were giving which caused her lips to curl downwards. "I guess its something at lest." she shook her head. "I could always use the gold in the treasury to send for more food from our allies I supose."
VennaDawnSinger:  -Venna's steed was taken into the stables here at the castle and the hands saw to him as best they could for Azor was one that did not prefer too may different hands to work on him he was spirited and a trouble maker of a horse at times he would bit at the hands or rare up unexpectedly on them but she had warned them about his personality and behavior. They all tried to keep him in with the old mares to calm him and settle him down at times at least that was the hopes....Venna waited for Lady Aezvyra to reply as to the state of the food supplies and knew it was actually terrible news she had brought. News but she had to let her know the whole truth of the matter.-”I can run a message as soon as Azor is watered and eats some if you have need of one to travel should be less than an hour before I can be ready for a trip for you any where you need me sent weather to an Allie aro run errands again. BY the way how is Kai doing I do wish to know if there was any news from the mages.”-Venna did worry after Kai and sighed as she was in need of a meal herself as simple one would manage to help her and have her underway feeling refreshed.-

KatsuoOda:  -christopher sighed, the few copper coins would help greatly in feeding Lucas, but he couldn't accept it... not for that menial a task. It wouldn't feel right. "We goin fishin now?" Lucas asked. christopher sighed. "Come on. there's no way she'll be able to take that crappy old Mare." Lucas gulped, "your not kidding are you?" Christopher licked his lips and looked sarcastically over to Lucas. "Yeah, I'm going to let her ride." Lucas sighed, "okay but if she freaks out and runs away don't say I didn't warn you." The man shrugged, and saw her standing at the stables, waiting for another ride. Lucas followed along listening to his footsteps, stepping where he stepped from behind. "Hey... Lady I can't accept this money. At least... not for just walking a few short feet with you. But.. I can give you a ride If you don't mind the conditions of it. Condition one; Don't freak out." he said, he went to take the woman and Lucas swiftly by the arms, the boy went "woah" as he was tugged along to an alley way outside the stable. "Alright here goes." he started removing his shoes, then his armored glove that covered his arm from his elbow, then his leather jacket, followed by his great sword, and finally his pants, then like magic, only looking a bit more painful, christopher began transforming. his bones and uscles snapped to the changes of his body, and his hair grew out to fur. by the time he was finished transforming, he looked like a dire wolf, with red fur and yellow, beaming eyes. Lucas put his belongings on his back like a horse, without a saddle. Lucas then climbed onto his back, "mmm much more warm and comfy than a horse... I know.. I hate horses." he said, christopher flipped his head up to look at him, as he leaned forward to snuggle into the fur. "I guess we'll take you to your destination." the wolf said, Telepathically, as it waited for her response.-

Guest_LdyMorgausePendragon:  The young mage sighed softly as her sapphire gaze would move from the old mare to the ground before she heard the sound of one of the males appourch her and speak. She shook her head and held up her hand. "Please take it, I seen what the boy did. It seems you need it more then I do." The words came flowing out as she stood there her eyes moving between the two before giving a confused look. "Don't freak out?" the words seem to echo in her mind as she glanced to the man. "What do you mean by that" the comment had left her lips the same moment it seem the male would have pulled her into the alley way. Just by the sheer push into the abandon alleyway got her heart beating faster. 'here it goes, you got yourself attacked' the thought moved over her mind as she took a few steps away from the two hoping it was not what she thought it was. "Look I don't have much, just a few silver and gold coins left.. enough to buy a new horse and some supplies before I return to the quest Im on" she held both hands up her palms facing towards the two before her eyes widen watching the older man seem to shift shapes. Morrigan studied the creature in the new form as she took a mental note of it, she had heard rumors of such a beast and had yet seen one that would could actually transform fully into a wolf. "I'm not even ready to leave the city" she paused as she glanced to the younger one then back to the wolf. She had answered without even realizing the comment had come from the wolf it self. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra sighed softly and shook her head as she glanced over towards the study doorway. "You can if you really wish to. There not much more I can think of besides having the hunters go and hunt more." The woman seem to shake her head as she thought about everything. "Kai is i dont even know how to explain it. He infected a Mage and a guard. So not only do we have Kai to deal with but soon there would be those two too." she shook her head tempted to just murder the two so she only had to deal with Kai. "As for the mages, they seem stumped graned I just gave them some information how they use it I do not know" she seem to shrug as she moved to a near by couch to sit down for a moment; the woman had been busy since the moment she had awoke and have not had the chance to even eat or rest. 

VennaDawnSinger:  -Venna bowed to her and knew she probably had not eaten much today and sighed deeply as she looked to her.-”I was going to grab a small meal Something light simple and fast to be read you be in the way. Can I bring you something Milady and I will see to a tray for Kai if he can eat it might be welcomed by him. I don't know if he has lost that ability or not but it a small comfort I can offer for him at least he will know we still have hopes. Just do not give that up just yet. Please it might help you feel a bit stronger as well just something light at least maybe some pheasant, bread, and cheese. I think that's all I can have myself. I already have the hunters underway as well they know they are needed now more than ever please take my help when offered as I don't always have the ability to be of good use as Archers are a bit specialized as well. You also still have the contact crystal to recall me here at anytime for any small tasks you need done. Maybe a small visit from some one might help with Kai cant hurt to let him know we are still trying to find away to help.”-Venna looked to her as she asked to bring something to her and allow her to be of service.-

AezvyraIsadorValke:  The demonic woman shook her head. "I will be find Im about to go to the kitchen myself and see if I have a bottle of my mix here, I don't remember if any of it was delivered or not sadly enough." she paused before taking a long deep breath as she held it enough to calm her nerves some. "The exact moment all of this bad goes away I swear I'm going to think I died." she chuckled out trying to lighten the mood enough to be able to smile at lest. Aezvyra rose to her feet and headed to the kitchen in search of a goblet and a bottle of unicorn's blood and whiskey to at lest fix the issue of not feeding. "I think I have a bottle somewhere." she glanced about debating where it would be, nether less she hardly went the the kitchen anyway.
KatsuoOda:  -the wolf, christopher, blinked and looked toward the woman, Lucas blinked too, even though it was fairly useless. "Well... Do what you need to do in the city and we'll... wait at the exit or you. Don't be long!" christopher said as he moved through the city with Lucas on his back. Yeah, Many people stared, they probably never seen a Lycan turned Dire wolf form before. ignoring all the goggling and whispers as they moved to the main exit of the city to wait for her, the Lycan sat down at the gate. One of the guards raised a brow and the giant dog with a kid riding on it's back. He silently returned to his nap, not really caring as long as they didn't break any laws. "you think she'll come?" Lucas asked, Christopher shrugged, "If she doesn't it's her loss. We can go fishing after all."-

VennaDawnSinger:  -Venna followed to the kitchen and had a simple plate of the pheasant, bread and some cheese as she said she would have for a quick bite and made a tray when she had finished the meager meal. She finished that and fixed a tray for Kai rabbit soup and bread to go with it and hoped he could still eat even if it was just a few bites. She went for the dungeon and saw he was still in a fitful sleep as she slid the tray in the slot for food for the prisoners. She watched him a few moments and the crystal around her neck produced a warming prismatic light from where it hung on her neck. As she then left him to rest and try to fight whatever was happening with the ice that was over taking him. Venna walked away finally and she was trying to figure why her crystal did that when she was outside the cell door but she did not ponder for long as she returned to the main hall and took a seat by the blood fountain for a while just watching the flowing streams of the blood.-

AezvyraIsadorValke:  It wasn't a long journey to the kitchen from the center of the keep; a few feet down one hallway and then three doors down another. The matter of moments slipped by as the empress found herself within the large open kitchen that seemed to be busy. Her stare locked on one of the cooks and then the few servants who were busy trying to gather the needed ingredients for dinner which to the demon's amaze seem to be a roasted bore, granted there was also some cooked pheasant and rabbit stew from the night before. She chuckled thinking about it seeing she hardly ate it would seem yet it was mostly to entertained her guests, the allies or people whom would actually stay at the Hold. Aezvyra moved about leaving the kitchen as she slides right into the pantry nearly knocking over a barrel of what seemed to be grain over before falling right onto the ground with a loud thud. The empress groaned as she pulled herself back onto her feet using a shelf close by her eyes level with a crimson bottle as she did so. "Got you" she chuckled out as she reached for the bottle happy enough that she had found what she was looking for even though it had lead to her falling. The woman was unsure of why she was a clutz the last month or so but she would find her self-ether tripping or fall over nearly nothing. She would take the bottle and leave the area after snagging one of the brass goblets to pour her drink in as she made her way back to the main area as she headed toward the throne room to sit down. 

Guest_LdyMorgausePendragon:  Morrigan smiled briefly as she allowed her gaze to stay on the wolf. "Thank you?" she was unsure how to respond to the statement or even to the fact the two was willing to take her where she needed to go. She didn't know how to come by it, that the very place she needed to go was off limits set by the Empress herself. The ancient tome she was in search of was deep within the heart of the Crypts of the Withered and that was the base of the Undead Legion or so the rumors were, let alone the ice that now covered a third of the empire had encased the crypt. She did not know what she was going to find once she was there, and didn't know if it was worth it at the exact moment in time. She could wait, stay within the Empire within the capital longer than she already had. The enchanter allowed the ideas to bounce back and forth in her mind as she debating what to do. She feared the icy curse could have caused any of the undead to be more aggressive and let alone she did not want to get the two killed for a stupid book. Her lips pulled apart as she went to speak, but before a single word could escape the two seem to have made up their mind and already took off towards the main gate. The woman's eyes widen as she stepped out of the alleyway and searched the area before she decided to back herself against a wall before sliding down it to sit, even though it would, of course, leave dirt on her crimson gown without thinking about it. Her head seems to lean forwards met by her hands as she closed her eyes trying to figure out what to do. 

KatsuoOda: -After waiting for a bit Lucas shrugged, "let's go find something to eat with those two copper coins she gave you, maybe she'll be here later around dinner or something." chistopher sighed. "Alright, get off, I'm going to change into human form so people will stop staring at me. I hate it." Lucas nodded and slid off, tossing from the bag of their materials, a pair of pants, which as he was changing back, the Lycan slipped on. "Phew. that's better. Come on. Maybe we can have lunch at the Klashi today..." Lucas blinked, "That sounds expensive they'll take the coins in a heart beat...." christopher shrugged, "You hadn't had anything decent and satisfying for days, I'm going to take you there." the boy scoffed and put his hands behind his head, "Neither have you." He rubbed the boy on the head after getting the rest of his clothes on, and took him with him, "I'll be alright come on." going back through the city they'd slipped past the market district nd made their way to Klashi Hold. this once-predominant location looked little more than rags and tethers to Christopher now. Lucas couldn't see it, so he knew he wouldn't be picky about it at all. At least... the inside looked better. We waved open the large steel door fitted with dark oak bindings and let Lucas in first. That was when the boy's sense of smell hit. As christopher was shutting the door the boy began wondering of in the direction of the smell on his own, using his toes and hands on the walls as a directional pointing guide, he'd made it to the kitchen on his own, and peeked his head into the door to get a better smell of the food. Christopher turned around, Lucas was gone. "Dammit to hell. Luc? Luc!" he said, scrunching his face and looking around. He didn't know anyone was cooking. "Lucas?" he started heading toward the opposite hall way, he heard moaning and voices. "Luc? that you? you run into a pillar or pole again boy?" nope, he was at the Kitchen, pushing himself in all the way he felt fruit on a table in the kitchen, he could smell a peach. he gulped, it made his mouth water... Maybe... he could sneak just one... he thought, as he reached for one and plucked it from the bowl he smelled the Peach in his hand. "ugh... I haven't had one in.... six years..."-

KatsuoOda:  -Christopher noticed the cork being popped from a bottle, and turned his head to see the woman... she was standing there, drinking some sort of red liquid from her glass. He opened his mouth to say something, but she was already asking questions. "I uh..." he closed his eyes and opened them again slowly, "Have you seen a Kid? about yay tall, short brown hair a-" he paused, a noise come from the Kitchen, pots and pans and people talking and yelling, soon some kitchen worker came out and had a kid, brown hair pale grey eyes, by the arm, and lifting him. "Stay out of the Kitchen you do not work there." the man said, putting the boy's arm down and walking away. Christopher sighed. "Lucas... what did you do?" the boy stared at nothing. "I only wanted a peach... when I ate it some woman poited and called me a thief... I'm not a thief..." Chrisopher rubbed the birdge of his nose, "Lucas... ugh..." he blushed red and shook his head, the two coppr coins the woman gave him was probably enough to pay for the peach Lucas had eaten. "I'm sorry christo.. it smelled so good... everything in there smelled so good." he pulled the coins from his pocket and tried to give it to the woman in front of him, "How... much for the Peach?" he said, looking back at her, ignoring the boy for now.-
AezvyraIsadorValke:  The demon stood there and watched as the male seem to discribe a boy to her. To her it sounded much like most of the people she had seen lately. "No" the answer was simple for the most part seeing she had not seen a boy other then one of the mages and she was sure he wasn't looking for a mage. Her glance moved to the kitchen staff as she shook her head watching the older male pull the young male out of the kitchen. She would point. "Umm boy" she laughed as her shoulders lifted a inch and then dropped, her onxy hair slide along her skin nearly sending chills up her spind as she did so. "I take it that is whom you were seeking?" she spoke before she listened to what was being said. Her hand moved up as if pausing the help in mid sentance. "are you not supose to be cooking right now?" her voice was soft and had a hint of seduction to it, for most it be like honey to a bee. "Back to work there are hungry people." she smirked before turning her attention to the two. "I am sorry about that Gregor can be a bit.. out there at times. He is not used to the new open door policy there is at the time being. " The woman would explain before letting soft chuckle pass over her painted dark tinted lips. Her hands moved up as if stopping the male from handing her the coins. "Keep them.. this is troubling times." she added shortly after as she lifted her glass to her lips to take another swig of her drink. "what brings you to Klashi Hold?" Her greenish glance would move over the two before landing on the boy. Something seem off she could tell it let alone smell it, he didn't smell like an creature let alone had a plain look to him. She would then look at the older male she could nearly smell the dog smell on him, she figured he was some kind of lycan after all only they seem to have an outdoor smell to them that just stuck there. 
KatsuoOda:  -he sighed and blinked rolling his eyes at Lucas. "come on you. I've told ya before It's not stealing for survival if your caught doing it," he looked toward her when she asked what they were doing here. "I mean it's stealing if you take it without buying it..." Lucas smiled and put his hand behind his back. He heard her smelling of him, probably to see what he was, like a dog watching his prey Lucas watched intently to make sure she didn't harm him. "Uh.. I thought I would get him a bite to eat before we went to the river in the wormwood to fish...I thought since this was open temporarily that I could get him a big meal." Lucas scuffed his boot and used it to bump Christopher's in the side of his foot. He looked down, "she smelled me?" christopher cleared his throat. I'm not sure what Klashi Hold is, exactly. Is it a hold, is it a castle..." Lucas chimmed in, "It smells like a soup kitchen..." Chrito jabbed him lightly in the ribs but wth Lycan strength it still hurt "ow hey.." Christopher mumbled, "don't be rude..." he looked back up to her. "thank you. for... not charging us on the peach, maybe we can work it off somehow, repay you."-

AezvyraIsadorValke:  The demon seem to shrug off what she had been doing before she watched the two once more. That little voice in the back of her mind the one that was missing could have been saying to her ' your being creepy again' yet of course she was. "Its not stealing" she had moved about closer to the fountain this time her eyes not moving from the two as she sits upon the ledge of the object. "I see." she paused for a moment before letting her figure trail along the top of the black stone. "oh it is open after all, and he may have what every his little heart desires.. You just tell Gregor i said that." Her onxy painted lips curled into a devilish smirk. After all she didn't care what her staff thought of her as long as they did their duties and if they didn't, well at lest there was some truth to the rumors that had been the talk of the city. Aezvyra herself was shocked it didn't take long before the tale had spun about how she had wisked one of the young barmaid away and allowed her guards to have their way let alone torment her. The empress nodded as she watched the two talk amongest themselves for a short bit. "Its my home.. It use to be the grand castle of Nyamithler I had left and I guess from the time my parents had died and my return everything turned to shit." she shrugged not really worried on the when granted she was home now and it was her job to repair the empire persay. The woman seem to chuckle at the young one comment. "At the moment you could say that. With the imending ice threat, most of the farmers, or people of the smaller villages and towns had no where to go." she seem to get lost in her words as she told them how her doors were open to just about anyone who needed a place to stay. The moment the male had spoke about repaying her her brow rose an good inch from its place as she glanced at him then the boy. "Depends on the work" she seem to shrug it off before hopping off the fountain and taking a step over towards them before her movements seem to circle them studying them. "what can you do?" 
KatsuoOda:  -Lucas' ear flicked softly hearing the words "what can you do" referring to Christopher. "He's good with a Great sword! He's teaching me how to fight too!" christopher shushed him, "eh heh.. I can fight. Mostly Protect. However... there is a slight problem. Lucas is Blind... you've probably already noticed that... but..." Lucas sighed, "Oh jeez just tell her already If she was going to eat me she'd have done it already the smelled me!" christopher scoffed and shook his head, "Lucas is a human boy. Abandoned by his human mother, I found him and took care of him. Any creature that wishes to do harm to him must come through me first..." he unbuttoned part of his top to reveal serveral monsterous scars, then buttoned it back up. and looked down, "I couldn't smell them. I can't smell at all. for a Lycan, that is a death sentence." Lucas blinked, "Nah it's not... If a human can survive his entire life blins a Lycan can too. We can do anything everyone else can do even with our.... gifts. Right Christo?" He smirked and wrpped his arm around the boy, "Yeah, that's right Luc." Lucas smiled, "we're warriors! right?" christopher shook his head, "nah... Warriors go looking for fights, Guardians protect those who cant or wish not to fight. That's more our style."-
AezvyraIsadorValke:  The woman's couldn't help but to laugh at the two as she watched them as she had stopped before them. "I see" the words were simple adn to the point until they had perked her intrested. "Yes I can smell the sheer fact your human little one." she chuckled softly shaking her head before returning to the fountain to sit; she crossed her right leg over her left even though it was hidden under the dress she wore. Oh it was a change for her to be wearing a dress, she missed the fabric of her tanktops and jeans she used to wear before returning to this realm lost to the dark ages which made it hard for her to replace her normal close. She didn't mind it though, the long gowns made her act like a lady at most times granted it didn't stop her from acting out on her tempter. "I'm not going to eat you.. I don't like the taste of mortals anyway." her shoulders seem to lift once more as she shrugged. "And if anyone tries to harm you.. you tell me and I will have them thrown into the dungons" her words seem to grow dark as she wanted to make a point that she would actually would keep her word. Then the two started to speak how one was blind and the other had no sense of smell. She wanted to smack her self in the face for that one but she wouldn't "I see" she smirked softly 'at lest they have spirit' she thought to her self as she nodded. "I can see that" she smiled "If you like I'm in need of a couple of good Guards.. granted you start out as a simple guard initiates.. and over time might even make full guards or better part of the royal gaurd." the woman seem to shrug at the thought of it. 

KatsuoOda:  -Lucas smiled and lowered his head to rubb his neck but lifted it back up, "wait? Guard?" Christopher looked over at him, "Guard initiates? You mean I get an allowance? I get to eat food? like Legit kingdom food?" Christopher blinked and squinted, "legit kingdom food? When don't you think about food." Lucas crossed his legs. "I gotta find a latrine..." christopher sighed, "go piss in the street like I taught you." the poor blind boy blushed, "l-last time i did that some girl giggled at me i could hear it! I want real privacy!" He sighed and sratched his head, "for a piss?" Lucas moaned, "yeees for a piss! I don't want some girl walking up and giggling at my-" Christopher interupted him, "ooooh-kay do you have a restroom stall?" he said, already sweating about this idea. "You.. have to forgive us Manners, nobility stuff... is hard to come by when living in the city and forest."-
AezvyraIsadorValke:  "Yes a Guard.. will that be a issue?" she gave a confused look at she looked at both of the males. "Last time I checked I still pay guards." she paused seeing she was going to act like she had to think about it as if she had forgotten them. "Wait maybe.. " she paused again.. "No I still pay them a few gold coins i believe" she chuckled out as she teased the two of them before nodding. "Legit food?" she paused and looked the lycan. "what do you feed the boy?" she chuckled out as she shook her head letting her long onxy hair shift about a bit. She brow rose as the two seem to speak of a restroom she wasn't sure if to find little spat cute or not. "Umm.. down the hall two doors on the right I believe." she had to stop and think of the layout once more before agreeing with what she had first said. "Yours is better then some of the townfolk who had made sure I known their lives are living hell since my returne." she shrugged not really careing about how anyone thought about her. It was her birthright to choose which way the empire went.. Let alone it was her twin who kept her out of trouble it seem or at lest when he was around and not at the tavern drinking which was nearly every night. 
KatsuoOda:  -Lucas nodded, and followed her instruction, by feeling the walls. finally christopher had a chance to talk. "I feed him what I can afford him. What anyone can afford these days. no lie, most of the time we've had to steal things to survive or find our food from fishing in the river, since i can't track or hunt anymore I..." he paused. "sorry. I was beginning to ask like those town folk. Our lives aren't.. a living hell, though. we get by on what we can, traveling from forest to city... I never go too deep into the forest though. " he said with a sigh, "Two gold pieces? sign me up. I wouldn't mind that maybe I could afford the kid some shoes that don't have the soles coming off of em." he sighed, "I haven't had an ale in.... I was 19 when.. I'm 39 now.. wow... I haven't had an ale in over twenty years. Not bad for a man eh?"-

AezvyraIsadorValke:  Aezvyra nodded at the males words as she watched the boy walk of. Her hand moved to her lap as she sat up . "Why have you not come to the keep sooner?" she couldn't help but to ask even though it seemed she had people in and out of her home ever since she had made that noticed of her opening the doors to just about anyone, granted it wasn't the safest thing for her self and her brother but she didn't mind it. In her mind if anyone tried something stupid that was their own dumb luck. "Its understandable" she seem to pass the whole stealing part from her mind, she didn't care really for it people had to do what they had to to stay alive she had learned that one years before hand. She nodded. "Its fine I hear it all. " she paused before letting her painted lips curl into another smile. "Granted I have to say my favorite one was ' A dragonkin ate my cow' " she chuckled out shaking her head. "There hasn't been any dragonkin in these parts for i dont know how long. Granted Im sure the great dragons will be back sooner or later." she seem to get lost in her story before the male spoke up agian. "honestly its more then two gold. I think its like five and a few silver." she chuckled out and nodded. "well go get your self some ale.. them then I said so.. I will pay the tavern the next time I'm there. " she smirked thinking about it. 

Guest_Tazmulia:  -A mythical creature decends from the skies it is very rare that a creature like her would come to a place like this but haveing faced many faces of darkness in her life she dares to set foot in a place like this without fear her appearents reveals gold wings with gold and white feathers sit on her back on her forhead is a horn that is gold on top and white on the bottom hidden under her mane are two sacred amulets witht hat said she touches down and walks to the queen her tail swaying on it own she speaksgently but with a solid tone- I am Nebula Firestar I come to start a new life andpossibly help this kingdom I am on my own since I am without family
KatsuoOda: -he blinked, and laughed, "Dragonkin? tey wish that was probably a hungry Lyc-" he paused and coughed, "wow 5 gold and some silver? jeez. that's a lot. Me? get ale?" he laughed again, "I don't have time for any of that. Taking are of Lucas is really all I care about. I know... He's not my child, but being in my pack robbed me of that feeling and it took one cooky old vampire in a tavern telling me to take his grandson and raise him to change all that. don't know if he's alive or dead.. I doubt he'd be able to live against a pack of four werewolves." he looked up and Lucas was coming back. "Christo, nobody giggled! ah it felt so nice not to feel like being stared at while taking a pee." he smiled a little, "that's nice. If you want to earn your keep you gotta learn how to be a guardian, resuming your combat training once we find a decent sword for ya. Lucas gapped, "really? we get to stay?" Christopher blinked, "uhm, I know your not deaf, I said yes." the boy laughed and fist pumped the air, "whoo hooo!"-
AezvyraIsadorValke:  The woman paused from speaking to the male as a creature what seemed to be angling approached the two. Her brow rose as she seems to watched the creature her nose twitched slightly as she seems to stare at the wings. "Evening" her head would softly dip into a little polite bow. Confused at the creature that stood before her she would listen to the words she spoked to her. "Umm if you don't mind me asking, what are you?" she puzzled as she glanced over to the male whom she didn't even have a name for then back to the female. "Well, Nebula.. welcome to Nyamithler Empire. I am Aezvyra empress of the empire." her words were soft and her voice laced with a luring quality as she spoke nearly as if honey to a bee. Her greenish gaze would move back to the male "Is it too much?" she would be questioned the amount before shrugging it off. "I see" she nodded softly as she listened to the male speak to the boy who had returned. She couldn't help but smirk at their conversation before shaking her head. "So what shall I call my two newest guard Initiates?" she would pause seeing she needed a name to tell her captain seeing she left him no choice but to deal with whomever, she decided to hire. 
Guest_Tazmulia: -expecting this as since this is the first time the empress saw such a rare creature she explained- I am an Alicorn oh sacred jewel of the empire the stars told me of your home land's turmoil Iam here to lend my hoof in any way possible for the sake of the empire trial or no trial battleroyale or no battle royale an alicorn doesn'tjust pointlessly appear if you wonder what a alicorn is I am halfunicorn half pegasis

KatsuoOda: -"Oh.." he paused and saluted, "I'm Lucas, You can call me that." christopher nodded, "I'm Christopher... I know, unusual name for a Lycan, but i was once human, I was bitten by a pure wolf. My parents were strong Christians and so... Biblical name." Lucas chuckled, "Ironically My name is also Biblical but more demonic, It's Latin or something for Lucifer..." christpher smirked, "Fitting for a 4 foot tall 90 pound 14 year old Devil." Lucas rolled his neck and twitched his fingers, and made an evil possessive laugh by doing so. Christopher smiled and shook his head. "Maybe I'm saving all the monsters from eating the anti-christ."-

Guest_Beornraed:  ✠ The thick stench of death began radiating from the capital hold's front doors. Through the thick oak and steel, it couldn't hide the very thick and grease thickness that was the product of this miasma. What stood beyond the now decrepit barrier was a beast of a man too tall to be a human, yet he was a man of mortal flesh nonetheless. What he adorned was quite discerning, his apparel from head to toe was made from bone, blood, fur or blood infused metal, trophies taken from all the species that he's killed. Upon his rippling muscles was just about every race from dragon, to demon, to mammal, to elven and beyond. Whether they be shrunken skulls or pelts that he adorned and it became apparent that the strong swathe of death that his presence produced was being generated by these items. The halberd, grasped by the right hand remained situated at his side. The left shifted forward, delivering a knock upon the door the strength of which his powerful fist could not control, causing the doors to shake heavily upon their frame. ✠ 

AezvyraIsadorValke:  Aezvyra smiled she actually seemed content nearly happy at the moment, her eyes lingered between the three as she debated on some things to her self. "Well Its a pleasure to meet you all." she normally didn't take the time to learn peoples names but there was plently of time for the moment seeing she was taking it slow for the time being and trying not to rush off to deal with the issues of the empire. "Indeed I have yet to met an Alicorn before, please do tell me more about your lineage." she paused as she gave a confused look "The starts told you that my home is in trouble?" her brow rose as she chuckled out. it was no secret that she had spread a darkness over the land since her return. Granted the lcy curse that licked at the empire was not her doing and she had come to the conclution she was blaming what angels had been left for it. Seeing they hated the fact her parent had been put in change before her. Her intrested perked at the sound of unicorn before glancing down to the goblet she had placed on the fountian long before hand before chuckling, anyone whom known the woman would know the reason for it. She shook her head before turning her attention back to Lucas and Christopher. She had let a soft giggle pass her painted lips as the joke hit her ears. "Hey you never know these days. I once seen an Imp whom only stood three foot tall think he was the ruler of all." she chuckled softly before she heard the knock on double oak and steel doors of the Keep. Her brow rose as she seem to turn her head from where she sat upon the fountain ledge. Her hand moved up from her lap as she pointed a finger towards the double doors and flicked her wrist causing the shadows within the hall to seep out of their place take hold of the door and fling them open. "The doors open" she smirked as she turned attention back to teh three before her letting whom every was at the door to enter her home. 

MaelumRagnarosYlium:  ~Mae strode up to the great doors of the hold she knew well with a warm smile on her face. For the first time she could remember she paused and knocked on the door. She giggled as she heard Aez's reply before throwing the doors open with a big grin spreading acrossed her lips, a grin that showed her gleaming canines. She sniffed the air as she strode in and covered her nose immediately, looking around with a concerned expression on her face. Another first for Mae this particular eve was wearing a dress. It was a fanciful thing crafted of: silk; lace and fishnet. The dress' cut was low enough to leave even the middle of her muscled abdomen bare, showing off more skin than Mae was used to exposing. The only thing Mae had refused to wear that fit the outfit of a proper lady of a court was shoes. She strode barefoot, remembering how she had struggled to keep herself upright while wearing heeled shoes and decided against footwear of any variety. Her blazing green eyes contrasted sharply, but pleasantly, with her dark bronze skin and black hair that had been woven into neat dreadlocks. This too was unusual, for Mae usually wore her hair in wild, thick strands. Mae did not look uncomfortable in the court garb, but she certainly did not feel at ease either. The dress fit her form so tight that it made walking quite difficult, and it exposed so much skin Mae had considered with only a little bit of dry humor arriving in the nude. When Mae finally spotted Aez her expression returned to her former warm smile as she strode over and pulled the woman into a tight hug before placing a gentle kiss on Aez's forehead.~I have missed you.
AdorkableLilyParadox   smiles softly walking into the kingdom  
KatsuoOda: -Christopher was silent, though his lips curled into a light smile his face turned and watched like a wolf, not the Alicorn woman, but the man who'd entered a bit after. The one who wore pelts of fur, and everything he'd probably slain, for sport. He gulped, he could sense the death coming from the man, anyone could, but he couldn't smell it, Lucas could. "agh Christo what is that horrible... smell? Did someone fart in here? are there any windows?" christopher silently tapped Lucas' arm twice, that usually sent a signal to Lucas that there was possible danger. Lucas closed his eyes and, slipped behind Christopher as they were standing, just as he was trained to do if Danger came. Christopher did not like the feel of this new man, his aura... was Quite a bit different compaired to the other visitors and members who had arrived. "sit down here, and eat the food the cook gives you, Do not. Leave. that spot." Lucas nodded silently and kept his mouth shut. Anyone could see the protective demeanor of both, as soon as this man entered they raised a defensive shield.-

Guest_Tazmulia:  -she looks to the empress deiciding to satisfy her curiosrty- I have lived for 30,000 years in the elemental dimension Iorincally Iam its queen but sadly I am the l the last of the alicorns due to the elementalwar which engulfed the entire dimension the starstold me you wished for help for this kingdom to start anew by chance that is another reasno why I am here in my saddlebag there is a sacred book that I have had ever since I was17 but only if I feel a mother's love will the book open

AezvyraIsadorValke:  All of the movement had startled the woman even though she was in a great mood which was most likely caused by the lack of sleep do to the nightmares she had been having from all of the stress she was under do to the situations. Aezvyra paused and listened hearing two sets of three sets of footsteps enter through the door her eyes finally followed down the the all to see whom it was. She didn't know the male whom seem to be shrouded in death nor the smaller female who walked in after. Yet her eyes seem to light up when Mae walked in. She couldn't help but to grin at the sight of the woman in a gown. "Purtty" she smirked making fun of the woman as she walked over to her and hugged her "It looks great.. its a good change" she winked before blushing slightly as the kiss was placed on her forehad. She had gotten lost in the moment before turning around and addressing the lot of people trying to not to forget any of the converstations she was in. Her eyes lingered on the two males watching them as they seem to be focaused on the male whom seem to step in out of the cool weather and that was about it from him. Her gaze moved back to Nebula. "I see that is intrested at lest. I get to learn something new. "Is there anything you can do like a job what not?" she would ask before watching the small worman whom seem to be hidden behind the lot of them. "what brings you to Nyamithler empire?" her voice would carry over the main room as it seem had filled for the night from travelers and townfolk alike ready for the kitchen staff to serve dinner. 

MaelumRagnarosYlium:  ~Mae smiled warmly as she embraced her dear friend. Her cheeks flushed a deep shade of crimson at Aez's compliment and she stuttered a "t-thank you, darling." Mae grinned happily, still blushing, as she combed her fingers gently through Aez's hair.~I figured I should wear something nice...for..for you.~Mae's face reddened further as she turned away and bit her lip shyly.~

AdorkableLilyParadox:  -lily smiling would gracefully get up exploring the room while taking out a book to begin sketching things she found interesting,hearing everyone her ears twitched alil and giggles softly "hmm very interesting indeed" flicking hair to the side watching each person then continues to sketch quietly-

Guest_Tazmulia:  -looks to the empress- graceious one I have much to offer I am part of an affilation known as the Sisterhoof of the horn a group of elemental warriors my element is Light in the sisterhoof but the amulets on my forehead wield a dark secret I am good with healing I have been in7 major wars back home but without a mother's love my skills are useless if you wish to learnmore consult the sacred book that I carry with. 
TundraLynx:  Kai looked around the dungeon. He heard the screams of prisoners as they were mauled by the mage and guard. Their bodies lay on the ground, blood pouring from their injuries as life slipped just out of their grasp. He looked down to the clothes that remained on his body, being only the bottoms of his set of cloth-based armor, now torn and tattered. He stood from the wooden plank he'd been resting on, and drew his daggers, slamming their ends down onto the frozen chains that held the door to his cell shut. The ice he'd formed had taken over his cell, and would soon creep out into the rest of the dungeon. Blood coated the floors of the dungeon as he approached the entrance. His bare feet stained red with the crimson liquid. A humanoid figure appeared in Kai's old cell, its figure identical to that of the man Kai saw at Knyhr summit. He looked at it and smiled, proceeding on to the door. A blizzard momentarily raged in the room leaving all the prisoner's wounds coated in a blanket of that accursed ice. The prisoners screamed in agony as death could no longer save them of the pain they felt. Kai pulled his dagger to his chest. It's cold edge met Kai's skin as the blade slit through. The icy-blue blood solidified, and shattered outwards, demolishing the door that held Kai in. He stepped into the mage's library. They looked at him in horror, but for some reason there were only a few there. Only around six, not even half of the empire's reserve. They flipped through their books rapidly and simultaneously extended their hands toward him. "Stop!" One of them shouted. "We'll blast you to bits here. We'll deal with Ragnor and the Empress later." Kai smirked and stared him in the eye. They all held fear in their eyes, but why? They outnumbered him greatly. Then they each launched their spells. Rays of light shot towards Kai which he elegantly dodged. He motioned his hands with flourish as he evaded the blasts, and with the motions, his blood flowed into the mages through their eyes, ears, mouths, and noses. They stood, confused as to what he had done yet they all felt strange. Kai turned to them from the other side of the room, and with a grin and the clenching of his fist, his blood inside them crystalized. It shattered out into an array of spikes that pierced through the mages from the inside, splattering blood all over the side of Kai's body and face. Their lives had ended instantly. Kai then turned and left the mage's quarters to make his way to the main lobby where he was sure the others would be. He stepped slowly towards the voices he heard, holding his daggers tightly in hand. Once he made it to the main room, he stood at the entrance, staring at the group around the empress. A strange figure stood against him back to back, the same one from down in the dungeon, and immediately the energy he put off became alarming. 

GarexTasmin:  -The screams from the prisoners along with those of the mages before their untimely deaths woke Garex from his sleep. He had been laying on the ground of the main floor using his arm to support his head as he held the staff while his back rested against the wall. Eyes shooting open as his adrenaline levels spiked hard and the 5ft male covered in layers of reinforced leather and semi-sturdy cloth who'se training weights were made out of lead that were belted to his bracers and wrapped around his legs. "The scent of blood freshly spilled." -he said, rolling his neck as he pushed himself to his feet, the bronze tacs that had been inlayed into the sole of his boots and with but a single arm, he'd raise the solid tungsten khakkhara and slam the pomel into the stone floor, cracking it underneith him slightly but it caused the tungsten rings to jingle and jangle loudly, as if to command the attention of the room towards the area. he did it once more, walking away from the wall once he found Kai. Recognizing the man from when Garex had carried him into the keep. "Someone's feeling more.....Alive...so to speak." -he said, the steel mask on his face covering the entire thing save for the eyes which held no protective material. His nostrils also had a mere covering over the instead of the mask being solid in the front. "I've missed another meal...and you've woken me from my slumber without good reason. I hope you're prepared to suffer the consequences mr. Advisor douche." -spat the onyx haired male as he began rolling his shoulders and stretching out his other muscles, clearly readying himself for a fight. "Because I do not take kindly to random people pissing me off first thing in the morning!" -he spat venomously towards the shell of kai, moving his own hair out of the way as he stopped suppressing the presence of his magicka reserves. To those who could sense magic, before, Garex would've popped up like a rather well endowed (magically) human, maybe even an elf. Now...now he looked as if he was made of magicka. His aura radiating outwards invisibly to those who couldn't see it. For those that could, Garex had become surrounded by what appeared to be a crashing field of raw magickal energy. "Aezvyra...it seems you're friend has something very wrong with him. I hope you won't mind if I try to beat him back to his old self." -he stated, hoping the empress would actually solve this before he lost his cool and put on a public display of excess-
KatsuoOda:  -"what what's going on what she mean by that?" Christopher heard Lucas asking him about the conversation the two women were having, as that strange death cloaked male left and gave a sense of releif from the Lycan. "nothing. It's nothing. I'll... explain it when your older." Lucas scoffed, "you mean sex?" he blushed and flailed his arms into the air. "I said i'd explain it to you later!" Lucas closed his eyes and acted like a teenage know it all. "I know about sex, just didn't know girls could like girls, can boys like boys too? how does that work christo?" The Lycan rubbed the sides of his head. "they stick things i different slots. that's all your getting from me, now eat your food." Lucas stuck his nose in the air with a light chuckle. "the food's not here yet." Lucas laughed hearing Christopher moan. he rolled his eyes and smilled, rubbing his hand on the kid's hair. Suddenly though christopher got alarmed again at the sound of what sounded like an attack further down the hall. Lucas heard some yelling and then footsteps but he yelped at christopher pushing him back behind him again. this time though, Lucas could sense it himself, the overwhelming energy surrounding whatever this force was, is what Christopher had intentions of attacking. the Lycan in human form turned around spotting a man with daggers, a low growl came from his throat, upon seeing the Dagger christopher intently and instinctively sensed Assassin, Danger, Kill. suddenly Christopher's human form got larger, and gre more muscular and hairy, the snout snarled forward with two growl-like warning snarls. It was indeed a were wolf, a red-haired one at that. It lowered it's upper body to the ground as if it was ready to tackle this man, with it's ears pinned back, this beast felt threatened. It was ready to attack; and If that man came near he most certainly would. Lucas Sweated and did what he was trained to do in situations like this. He turned and ran around the fountain, and ducked down low and out of sight. He gulped fearing the worst. Christopher saw another being run up and got even more threatened, his hair began to stand on end, and his growl got more menacing. If any of the new men came near him or Lucas It would be at their peril. Safe to say Christopher jumped from being calm once more to jumpy, paranoid, and irrational toward other creatures again.-

Guest_Tazmulia:  =seeing a fight about to break out she lowers her upper hooves to slam the ground with as she does a divinding border of earth slabs erect from the ground dividing the two before there is a war she then shakes her head dissapointed- now now gentlemen there are ladies im the room well actually I don't count since technically I'm a mare but what the heck now if you two promise to behave I'll lower the divider until then I'll have to give you both a time out until you learn to place nice

AezvyraIsadorValke:  The empress let her green eyes linger over each and every one of them for a short time before letting them fall back to Mae at first as she blushed slightly at her words. "You are most welcome my dear friend." as soon as the blush happened it was gone as if it never happened, and there was no proof of it. The woman had turned on her heels and headed back towards the ledge of the dark stone fountain before running her hands along her back side to pull the long black dress closer to her body as she sat down on one of the stones. Her hands neatly on her lap as she actually tried to act like a lady for once, which was odd of her self. Her painted lips curl as she watched the woman seem to turn a bit before speaking. "Well it looks nice, and thank you" she smiled before letting her attention pull to the young woman whom seem to walk in and look around. Aezyvra would allow her eyes close for a moment as she just listened to the crowd. She could hear the poor folkes file into the grand dining hall as the cooks had announced that the roasted pig had finally finished, she hoped that would at lest learn most of the people from the hall; which would allow her to let her attention be taken by those who needed it for the time being. The demonic woman's eyes fluttered open showing their bright emreald color as she watched the young woman seem to go exploring the halls which caused the woman to smirk before letting her mind drift to another. Yet, her glanced back to Mae whom had seem to vanish up the grand staircase to the rooms for the night. "Hmm" her mind moved to that of the part unicorn being. "I see. and what tome would that be?" she spoke softly before debating what to say to the creature she didn't even have the words to say for her. She was confused about the whole thing and was unsure of the what the female had been trying to ask her. Let alone if she was useless what good would she be for the time being? Aezvyra nodded "very well" she would sit there waiting on an answer, before something pulled her attention to the males which seem to be in a defensive state do the the unknown male whom had gotten lost in the hall it would have seemed. The demon would watch them as her mind roamed free for a few seconds to her own thoughts as she tried to figure out what to do with all the new beings that had shown up on this night. It seemed to be short lived as the sound of Garex's staff hit the ground, Aezvyre would glance to him and then she heard it. The soft sounding screams that could be heard by anyone who had unnatural hearing could hear the screams coming from the floor below. The woman's eyes widen as she allowed them move from the newly founded gaurds to the hall that lead down to the dungon before seeing Kai step out. "How?" she mumbled out as she rose to her feet and took a few steps forward putting her self at lest in front of her so called guests, if the cursed male would attack at lest it would be at herself and not them. This was the worst time for a so called prison break and the empress knew if Kai was out that ment all of them whom had been quaratined could be roaming around the lower halls. "Try and not kill him please." Aezvyra sighed softly her eyes seem to flicker to a souless black tint as she allowed her right hand to slowly start scribing runes in the air as she started on pulling the shadows from around the room to her to use to at lest keep herself safe if not everyone that had been within Klashi Hold at the time being. 
TundraLynx: The being behind Kai raised it's head slowly, and its eyes eminated a bright blue light. "Killing him? Good luck." It said. Its sinister voice was eerie, the worst cast like they slid off a serpent's sinister tongue. Its wings wrapped around Kai's body, and slowly the figure faded into Kai's body. The voice spoke once more, though Kai remained motionless. "I've leant you a portion of my power my servant. Use it well." Kai's eyes suddenly burst aglow with bright blue light. The gleam quickly faded, and a strange black aura surrounded his being. The ice crystals across his body dimly lit beneath the aura, and his smile was one purely devilish. A small circular torrent of ice shards began to swirl around his legs, ripping the stone floor to bits, and yet Kai stood, waiting motionless in silence as the air around him grew frigid. 

Guest_Tazmulia: -seeing her eyes growing heavy she feels that itsbest she gets some rest with her luck of NOT being known for her paitence it would be a miricale to get at least get a t least 5 seconds ofsleep seeing that today is very important to her- I best return back to my home world and get some sleep today is very important to me -looks to the Empress- my lady I hope we can meet again soon I very much admire you well then good night everyone 

GarexTasmin: "As you wish Aezvyra. Though you may want to "encourage" your mages to work faster. Because by my estimates, we're only a couple of weeks from having the ice swallow the entirety of youre capital...possibly you're empire." -he said, using the focus which was shaped into the top of his staff as a point of focusing his magical energies while also creating a solid tungsten tip that he could use to stab people with if the need arose.At 6ft long, the khakkhara towered over the user by a whole foot in terms of raw height. "Ah....well that kind of explains it." -he said, holding the staff like it was a pole-arm type weapon. "Aezvyra...I have the distinct feeling that you're friend is being A) possessed or B) under some form of magical curse that is linked to the ice rather than his own magicks." -he said, taking a well practiced stance that would allow him mobility and stability so that when he reacted to Kai, it would give him the best chance of winning this fight-


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