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HuntressRavenna: -Today Venna was in black with a top coat that had three buttons and four belted straps down the bodice. Her sleeves were also belted to stay in place and not able to catch on the shrubs and plants of the forest. The top coat came down into a long skirted coat that fit nicely with the pant suit that was the whole of the outfit. She had thigh high boots that she liked at times and the two leg daggers as well as her left arm daggers. Her bow was securely in place on her back as she smiled a bit and went down stairs. She looked in fighting shape and stood a good height of five foot nine inches tall with the two inches that the boots gave her. She took a seat downstairs at the bar today and Rose looked at her with curious eyes as she took a seat at a table near the bar instead of sitting at the bar like normal. She also wore black gloves on this day no real reason as it wasn't cold outside yet it was nice weather not cold not hot of the summer that was growing closer each day. She had on the same silver ear cuff with the small little bands as well and the top diamond piercing with the crystal on her neck that was wrapped with a coiled dragon. She had her hair down straight except in the front on both sides it was rolled and then braided around to keep the front out of her face. -She had look of a cold woman yet she did have warmth to her if others knew her. She was part guard part bow men and part acrobat all in one small body yet she was not one to fell badly about the way she was. “Rose can I get and elderberry wine please?”-She called out in a lazy manor.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: As the day drifted the sun slowly moved through its path in the sky over the land. Aezvyra yawned softly before slightly moving from her home at Kleshi Hold and making her way across the capital city of Necromar to the Ram's Tavern and Inn as she did on most nights. She chuckled to her self as her long onyx hair pulled up for once as she moved; each step silent as if a trained assasin moving through the dead woodland that surrounded the city, around the buildings. Finally coming to the building itself she smirked as she held her hand out and pushed open the double doors before walking inside. The woman held her head up as she let her hood fall from its place and rest on her shoulders before looking around the room. "Good evening Rose." she spoke to the maiden behind the bar. She nodded to the woman as she pulled her cloak away from her body showing off her slim frame which still had been hidden underneath the dark fabrics of her long gown. Her emearld gazed shifted around to the patrons before she found her self up at the bar. "Evening all" she would lower her head and her body in a small bow before taking a seat at the bar. Her slim fingers moved as she ran them across the grain of the wood. "How is everyone tonight?"
mercinarious: -Maximous had passed out most of the iron swords he had crafted to most of the out lying villages, but most of his day was spent wandering around with his hands in his pockets while he whistles looking around the forest making sure it was clear, coming across the occasional hunter, which he would nod to before he eventually returned to the tavern during the evening, stepping inside to see Venna and the Empress inside whom he would nod to before walking over to Venna and plopping down in a seat next to him, crossing his arms and leaning back in the chair a bit as he sighs slowly. He had been pretty bored for HuntressRavenna: -Venna looked to Aezvyra as she came in and smiled to her as she had stayed in the corner of the room almost hidden by the shadows of the room in her all black outfit. The light on occasion hit the buckles and dully glinted in the light. Venna raised the Goblet that rose brought over as she was joined by Maximous and she smiled a bit as he sat down.-”I am good milady and how are you tonight?”-Venna asked as she took a sip with her berry shaded lips pressed gently on the goblet. She was calm relaxed and well at ease with the tavern as she had either served in them as the barmaid or the hunter either suited her and kept her busy. She crossed her right leg over her left as she sat back and took a drink then looked to Aezvyra.-”Did you maybe one day want to give Rose some time off I have worked a bar before as a barmaid at times not an every night thing but once in a while?”
AezvyraIsadorValke: As the woman waited for an one of the patrons to respond to her she would turn on her stool and face the main area looking out to see what everyone was up to. To her it seem quiet; she couldnt put her finger on what was missing. She let her fingure lift from the bar as she started to count the young fair women whom served the people. She chuckled as she thought she had missed one before remembering. "oh yea." She chuckled softly as she palm seem to face up just as she pulled her hand back towards her body. Aezvyra had forgotten she had yet to release the one maiden from the belly of her home. "I am doing very well on this night." Her painted lips seem to curl at the ends into a devlish grin. "This are as they should be it seems." she added in shortly before she decided to fix the issue she had found. Her eyes flashed pure onxy as she started to summon the shadows from around the room to her hand. Each stream of darkness seem to spin and twirl as they wrapped into a orb shape in the palm of her hand. The demon would watch this so called orb grow in size as she mumbled in old demonic as she worked her spell. She was pulling the woman from the dark dungons to back at the tavern or well trying to.
mercinarious: -Maximous crossed his arms and dipped his head a bit, closing his eyes and just realized in simple silence, his body going into low function mode for a bit, as he just listened, hearing the Empress speaking with Venna before doing something odd, which he just listened to happening rather than pay any attention too. He relaxed in the chair as his body would recharge a bit while he sat next to Venna, though it would look like he was simply dozing off-
AezvyraIsadorValke: The shadows which she had started to pull around the cracks and crannys of the tavern seem to make the tavern just that much darker before they would reach her hand. Her eyes would remain the pitch black as she continued to work her magic. She would mumbled softly under her breath as the ball of darkness seem to reach the size of a nice size melon. Aezvyra's lips pulled as she kept her eyes locked on the orb as she would then attempt to move it from her hand to hover just before her as it seem to grow in size more, this time taking a shape of a person. Her words would echo through her own mind as she remained on her task at hand not really paying attention to anything else around her now.
HuntressRavenna: -Venna looked to Maximous dozing off and she sighed deeply what did she expect he had been buy with the weapons and villagers as she herself had been out on a hunt again and this time she let the doe go as she had a fawn near by no need to kill both as the other would starve with the mother. She did not feel that was right as the fawn was a dinner for a different time just needed to do some growing yet. She had scouted out on of the off limits areas earlier and she watched as the Orc female made camp to follow others who were heading out as well She followed for a bit as she then saw a few of the males getting ready for fights as if fighting each other for sport but Venna knew it would be for leadership. She knew she had to let Max know about this they were trying to reestablish the chain of command among the orcs.-”By the way I saw what looked like the orc males fighting among themselves for control and power again you might want to nip that now.”-Venna sipped at her wine again as she watched as the empress worked her dark shadows and smiled a little.-”You know she may not be right in the head when you bring her back she might have gone insane.”
mercinarious: -Maximous waved a bit at Vennas comment about the Orcs fighting over dominance, he knew they would but they were making themselves weak, so any hunters wandering around had a chance to go in and take out a couple Orcs for some honor or prize. They should be more worried when the Orcs stop fighting, for as long as they were fighting amongst themselves they were weak and not dangerous, they were only dangerous if they stood together, as they often do not fight outsiders when they aren't sure of their strength-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra's painted lips kept moving as she kept up with the chant as she blinked watching and forming the darkness before her into a person. She knew she could do it seeing that was how she had wisk the fair maiden away from the tavern to start with, granted now she was doing it all for show. That was the whole use and long spell with the darkness was to draw attention. To her it was 'hey I'm still here' type a thing. The demon worked as she had the woman halfway there at this time, the sounds of the tavern seem to dull out along with the look of it to her. Her vision started to become fuzzy, nearly grainy as she forced her self to focus more. The words seem to run together and muddle as she went on. Her palm moved as her figures pointed straight up even though they were still touching side by side. Aezvyra would summon deep within her self the power to slowly start forming the darkness back into the woman. The dark colors slowly lighten to form the soft colors of the woman's clothes as the details came to view.
HuntressRavenna: -Venna slowly took off her black gloves and popped her knuckles one at a time slowly wiggling her fingers as if they had sat too idle and were starting to fall asleep as she sat back up and looked to Maximous the past two days he was busier than she had been and that was kind of strange for her. She needed better than hunting to do to keep busy at times. She had yet to see what kind of fish they had in the small ponds and the lakes in the area. That to her was something to go fishing at some point. Venna then looked at Maximous with a smile and fished out the room key she had and chuckled lightly.-”I grabbed your room key this morning not my own can I get it back please never know when I may just go up and go to my room or take someone up with me. I know your made of stone Maximous but really can you somehow seem to have a pulse as well. You haven't even leaned in and kissed my cheek tonight really starting to wonder if I excite you at all. If not that's alright I will find some to.”-Venna smiled lightly as she looked to him and she looked to the Bard not singing or playing and she shook her head.-”You know music has a way of living up a tavern as well.”-Venna went back to her wine as she then sighed.-”Ok Rose some pheasant sounds good about now if you don't mind please.”
mercinarious: -Maximous chuckled and stood up as Venna had and took her hips with his hands, pulling her close and kisses her deeply for a moment before pulling away and pulls her into his lap, wrapping his arms around her waist and rests his head on her shoulder and chuckles nuzzling her shoulder a bit- "Oh hush, we both share a room together, I'm a few steps away from just knocking down the wall between them just to save myself the trouble." -He chuckled a bit and lightly nipped her shoulder for her complaints-
GarexTasmin: "Outsider." If Garex had to describe who he was...then that would be it. Such was the life of a drifter, or rather...a wanderer, which was the way he prefered it...for a time. His attire was something of a spectacle to those who had time to waste. All black save for the polished bronze buckles and accents used in the vestements of his outermost layer. The buckles on his forearms, around his waist and the spikes on the bottom of his boots were also made of bronze. Semi-dark grey wrappings were under the boiled leather bracers on his forearms. they also covered the wrist and the palms of his hands down to the primary knuckles. Each belt was bound tight to his forearm, concealing the lead weights easily around his entire forearm, 50lbs per forearm so that he wouldn't grow weaker than he would've otherwise while he isn't training. His legs held similar weights disguised as hidden shin coverings, also made of lead, though each of his legs had 150lbs of magically compressed lead weights. The mask on his face was thicker than some bucklers and made of steel, painted white with black stripes running over the eye socket and a rather interesting demon's maw design which extened about an 18th of an inch from the base of the mask, acting as a mouthpiece with the serrated fang-like teeth interlocking. It did have a fitted nose piece and the metal itself had a thin layer of cloth bound to it using some sort of resin. The vestaments were made of silk from a species of large forest spiders, died black and had the bronze accents added on later after it had been properly fitted. 4 belts, of reinforced leather, three of hich had traditional buckles while the 3rd one from top to bottom was of a hidde clasp. De-tipped pyramid spikes surrounded the belt and it fit noticably more snug to the 5ft male's frame than the 4th belt, which hung loosely around his hips. A slightly lighter black trenchcoat that clearly had seen better days, at least the bottom 10-15% of it had, given that this particular section of the garment was full of holes and various tears. Underneith that was a thick cloth shirt, also the front and backs of this shirt would have hard-leather patches that covered his vital spots and hid his muscular definition from those with prying eyes. Unfortunately for Garex, his arms were exposed, the upper arms anyways. In the light, one would come to see his diploid coloration of deep crimson red as well as abyssal black, which was part of the reason he never settled down. Couldn't take the stares and the nonsense that followed it inevitably. His pants were of some heavy cloth material, nothing special just function there and his boots, with exception of the braided quadrouple stitching, hard-leather soles and bronze tacts that were added to the boot, they were just normal boots that most amatuer cobblers' could make. The onyx black hair which hung low, reaching down to his chest everywhere but directly infront of his face, where it only just barely covered his eyes from view. His eyes...now that normally scared away the ones who didn't get struck by his odd fleshtones. Crimson eyes with white pupils ringed twice, first the inner ring, also of white, and then the outer most ring of black coloration. Garex's eyes looked as if they could bore a hole into you're very existance. The item in his hand though, that he was presently using as a walking stick, was a Khakkhara, or Monk's staff. The With exception of the rings, the entire thing was crafted from a single solid "bar" of alloyed tungsten. The rings, each made of a bar of their own and then forge welded onto their new homes. Etching was used to form the mysterious symbols that sat on both flat sides of the beads which formed the inner spine inside the main disk. Both sides recieved symetrical armor spikes that had curved, hollow grinds to focus the impact of any blow should he desire it to be so. The tip atop it all was a miniturized spear tip, acting as a focus while the shaft, from disk to base used sturdy leather straps wrapped around the shaft as a grip and then shrunken with the early morning mists of the mountains as a water-source. " What little bit of his muscles did show was rather well toned if not quite the chisseled physique that one with knowledge of his material usage might expect. He walked lazily through the night, happening upon a tavern which made his stomach growl. The rations in the pack upon his back had been finished a full 24 hours ago and Garex found the hunger near crippling at this point. Each step he took left deep footprints in the softer paths such as those of dirt. He was glad it was nightfall, the multiple layers of all black clothing along with the lack of water in his kanteen made traveling by day extremely bothersome. Luckily he'd just finished a freelance job and had earned a hefty bonus to go with it. "Hope the cook is in tonight." -thought the male to himself as he pushed open the door and entered the tavern without speaking-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezyvra swore she had felt her self go without breathing while she was working on bringing the woman back into the tavern now. Her heart seem to skip a beat, knowing if she had messed up she could end up killing the young maiden which granted she could. Her full attention was on the dark form as she still worked on pulling the rest of the being from across the city. Sweat, small dropplets of water seem to surface on the woman's brow as she chanted more. "Qatof E zittaf uai blat swy koln xyddu ab tu waty. E lysilf uai sa swy hdopy uai zyljy. tou swy Rlyos Taswyl oddaq swez sa xy.. E zittaf uai xopn sa qaln. " The woman's figures soon parted as she held both hands up as she forced more color into the being as she nearly had the woman back at the tavern, or well all but her head it would seem. The demon's painted lips moved as her voice seem to cese. Her eyes closed as her mind went blank, her glace turning pure white for a brief second as she seem to finish. The woman paused her hands dropped as the young maiden seem to stand before her fully now; Aezvyra took a deep breath as her eyes shifted color once more this time returning to their natural state. The demonic empress chuckled softly her breath nearly a pant as she stood there her body trembling from fatigue even if she could call it that. Weakness, genuine weakness this is what her abilities had become it seemed; either it was her consciousness or her body she wasn't sure about it any longer. It needed to change, this weakness need to go and she was going to force it to. The woman turned on her heels and moved back to the barstool she had sat upon once already before searching around the main tavern room. She noticed that Venna seem to be busy with Maximous. Out of the corner of her eyes that when she noticed the stranger.  ((translation for the demonic : Woman I summon you from the dark belly of my home. I return you to the place you serve. may the Great Mother allow this to be.. I summon you back to work. ))

HuntressRavenna: -Venna giggled as she finally got around to her tonight and she kissed him back as she was now in his arms at the table sharing the seat with her.-”Yes well you had better as Aezvyra if that's alright first this is her Tavern after all kind of need permission to knock down walls or I can ask permission to build a cottage here so there is a place we can go to be alone at that would be our home. If you don't like that thought speak up I will ask anyway as I need a place to store the things I am starting to get from the city. Yes lots of dresses and such I know I hardly wear them but if you asked I might more.”-Venna smiled to him a bit and sat there with him as she kissed his neck lightly even though he could not feel it she still showed small amounts of emotion with him and affection at times. She straightened the coat a bit as she knew this was him able to show affection and emotion as far as that went with her and she giggled when nipped her neck a little as if lightly embarrassed by that as it was something any could tell he did on a regular basis with the light bait marks now healing up. Venna of course took notice of the new guest here her eyes sharp as any Archer's. Her bow rested on her back comfortable as she watched him her gaze following him as she he entered.-”Greetings and well met sir.”

mercinarious: -Maximous chuckled a bit and nipped her shoulder again before resting his head on her with a light hum, his eyes closing a bit, hearing someone enter, but not feeling Venna stiffen at all so he figured she must see it as safe for now. Either way he won't get in the way of her bow shot this time, so he relaxed with her on his lap, humming a bit- "A cottage would be nice, as long as I get to have a nice basement to myself for the occasion." -He grinned a bit at the idea of having a large space all to himself-

GarexTasmin: -Each step he took, the wood gave more of him away. Were it not for the fact that underneith the wooden floors was solid ground, he'd probably have put holes into the floor inadvertently. His heavy-weight become more and more noticable each time he took a practiced, methodically slow step, and likewise, each time his "walking stick" of choice hit, the rings would jingle and ring slightly and the wood would groan a bit more under his weight. Lifting his head just enough so that she wouldn't see his eyes, he nodded to the woman that spoke, acknowledging her greeting. Behind those locks of onyx black, his eyes could see enough to gather the visage of another male along with at least 3 other women. walking over towards the bar-counter, getting closer to the light to the point that his diploid body coloration was now visible, both the black and crimson. A soft sigh escaped his vocal chords as he tilted his head back slightly, looking at the menu for the tavern. Thinking for several minutes, he remained silent, not sure of what to get. Then his stomach growled again...almost angrily it seemed but quite loudly none-the-less. Looking down at his abdomen, He shook his head before looking back up at the menu-
HuntressRavenna: -Venna looked to him and smiled as he asked for a basement and she leaned into him a little as she rested his head on her a little.-”You dig the basement I will build the cottage on top it I can dig it but it will take longer any way still have to ask if that's alright for us to have.”-She reminded him that as Rose brought out the plate with the pheasant vegetable and potatoes for her and set them don the checked her goblet and took it back to the bar to refill for her. Venna sat relaxed in his arms still unwilling to go to guard unless truly needed of her then she would have an arrow ready to fly off as fast as she could do. He looked to be some kind of mage so that would lower her success rate but followed by throwing daggers straight after he would learn she was not toothless. She was something of an just who she was easy going for the most part yet very on nerve at times. She was after all a female allowed to be those things at times. And she took a seat back in her own chair at the table to eat rather than in Maximous's arms. She still kept her eyes on him the whole time as she gently cut a bite of the pheasant and chewed it carefully to not appear rude.-
mercinarious: -Maximous reached out and rested his hand on her thigh as she ate after moving from his lap and he simply looked around the tavern, noting the new comer and nodding to Venna a bit with a smile- "I'd have to say she may not like me living in a cottage on her empire if I am not a resident, so my perminant residence will be the tavern, but I'll enjoy sharing a bed with a warm body, especially a good looking one like yours." -He teases her and squeezes her thigh a bit before resting back in his chair and just smiling-
AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman sat there for a moment her head lower as she dug deep within herself to overcome this weak feeling that had come. She closed her eyes her hand flat on the bar as she took a few moments to her self before finally looking up to the person behind the bar. When she realized it was the young red headed bar maid Rose she smiled. "A glass of water" the words would soft and seem to be missing that luring tone that made the demon her self. She paused her gaze flashing back to the onxy color as sat there. When the woman realized it she would shake her head quickly as if trying to knock the color back into her self, her hair tossing about as she did so. "BIPN" the single word fell from her painted lips as she glanced about once more hoping that no one understood her tongue. She would turn her head back to face the bar maid whom seem to return just as she had done so with the glass. "Thank you Rose." she would comment before pulling the tiny coin purse from her uper torso underneath her dress. She opened the strings as she dug through looking for a few gold coins to hand the maiden. "Here." she allow her lips to curl at their ends as she placed the gold on the bar top. "you look like you need a new dress anyway." she seem to chuckle out before reaching with her right hand for the glass before pulling it closer to her self. The demon's slim fingers wrapped around the cool glass as she lifted it from the bartop and brought it to her lips. She paused before slowly tipping it letting the clear liquid rush into her mouth as she took a sip. Once the sip finish she would place the glass back on the bar as she would let her mind move over everything as her sense seem to fully return to her. The sounds of the wood creaking from each time they seem to bend caught the demon's attention even though she didn't turn around to see the source of it. Her brow slowly rose as she let the metal jingle be over heard. She took a breath as she took another sip of her water as she observed using her hearing; the sounds louder then normal to her. "The Rabbit soup is good." she spoke out softly between taking a drink and a breath. 

GarexTasmin: -Garex knew well the tense atmosphere that was hiding under the surface. Everyone seemed to be wearing a mask today, with him the only one that had an actual mask on. Still, he could feel it. Someone with alot of magicka was nearby and judging by the bow on the one woman's back, he figured it wasn't her. Archers weren't typically mages..or rather the opposite was true, mages weren't typically archers or bowmen of anysort. His own reserves were something fierce, but if he let go of his staff for too long, those near him would find out that he had almost zero control over it. At least, for most tasks he had almost no control over it. There were two things with magic that garex could do without using his staff, only one of which was any use to him. There wasn't much of a way to tell exactly how much magicka garex had on tap, nor the other source..at least not for the masked male of red and black flesh, the other might be able to discern the sheer quantity of magicka stored away in Garex's body, thus discerning more about the 'outsider'. It was the woman who sat at the counter by her lonesome, the one who'd just taken a glass of water and spoken about the rabbit soup. He felt this warranted a truthful answer. "Is there a limit to how much we are able to order?" -he asked the patron, his voice deep yet smooth (Think Jaal from Mass Effect Andromeda. Exactly like that). His way of speaking was slow and practiced as if his words themselves were carrying weight even though they were mere vibrations of soundwaves. Once more his stomach growled and his focus started to slip which let a small amount of his magicka leave his body and flood the room. Those who were sensitive to magick could feel it and those more skilled with it would be able to get a tiny grasp at him, knowing that something wasn't quite right with the male who stood with the khakkhara-

HuntressRavenna: -Venna could not help the blush that crept to her face when he said that to her if others had not already guessed they had become found of each other here. It was new to her and everyone around and she was not one to so easily give away the notion of who she was sharing a bed with yet alone show too much display publicly yet she did like it as well. It made a statement softly as a slap in the face to some she was taken by the stone made man as odd as that might be for some who noticed what he was or could gain any kind of idea what made him work with her. It defied all logic and as an elf that was supposed to make sense but she was glad it did not do that at all. In fact to her the fact it made no sense seemed to be some thing she enjoyed. Actually truth be told the fact she was flesh he was stone was something the gods seemed to have a place for. She had become a bit cold over the years after all she was never free growing up always a trade worthy thing when the whim hit for the people she had been raised by. They foolishly believes because she looked young in human years that did make her that way. Actually Venna saw it as a blessing for humans seemed to not age well they grew wrinkled and shriveled over time where she looked young and fresh and would do some for many years to come. The fact she barely looked 17 in humans years when she was actually sure she was at the minimum 120 years old but was probably older but that was before she could really remember anyhow as she had sort of only kept track for the past 120 years. Those deep emerald eyes with the glint of gold around the pupils that made them appear inlaid she knew was something not human. She knew she was an elf but the kind was a mystery most just said she had to be a wood elf because she was so at home in the forests, She had been raised by a hunter and his family and that had made a difference as they taught her how to truly survive.-
mercinarious: -Maximous stood up, stretching a bit before walking over and kisses Venna softly before pulling out the key to her room from his pocket and playfully wags it before snatching it tight in his hand and smiling at her- "I'm head to bed, I'll leave the door unlocked in case you wish to join me." -Maximous smile and took her key with him as he dissapeared up the stairs to go into her room, and get some rest for a bit-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The Empress seem to fix her stare on the shelves on the wall behind the bar. She didn't turn her head to face the stranger when she had spoke. She was trying to come up with a plan to put her self through training that was needed to work on her so called weakness. She had never believe the four years she had not used her so called special abilities that it would start to hinder her when she had. Aezvyra took a breath and finished the glass before lowering it to the bar. "Another please" she chimmed out shortly after she slide the clear glass across the surface of the bar as she waited for another glass of water. She would once more dig for a couple coins even though she had a rule about water, that it would be free to all. What more would she need the coins she had gotten from the taxes she had her gaurds, her tax collecters gather on. Granted most of the money was used to go to the imports she had to bring in. Or even to pay some of the citizens enough to life upon. She wasn't going to allow her empire be one of those so called rumored places that was poverty stricken. She did her best to reduce any issues that may come up. That was the reason she had come up with the rabbit hunt weeks ago, why she had contracted a sell sword to help the people gain arms and learn to fight. Why she had contracted her ex as her Captain of her military knowing he wouldn't stop at anything to keep everyone safe. Then there was the crypts to the north. that was one issue she had yet figured out how to solve. How to battle the undead which seem to just rebuild their armies the very next day. She seemed to sigh as she pulled her self forward a bit just to shift her weight on the bar stool. She waited.. it seemed as time stood still for the woman before the sound of the male's words caught to her ears. "No" the word was simple and to the point as she finally turned to face the stranger. "You order and the bar maids will get what every you want, if not they will most likely find trouble" Her shoulders seem to rise a few inches before dropping. "I'm sure that wont be the case though. as long as you have coin to pay that is" her left brow rose from its place as she debated if he was the source of the vibrations of magick or not. The woman's lips curled at their ends into a devilish grin. "Rose." she would call to the bar maid that stood behind hthe bar. "Please get.. " she paused before turning her head to face the male finally "I don't believe we have met actually." she spoke directly to the man this time her gaze shifted to the corner before back at the male as she spoke to Rose. "Netherless, get him what every his heart desires him." she chuckled out even though her words seem like an invation to just about anything. <c>
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra's glance would shift from the stranger and land in the area where she had last seen Ravenna and Maximous. She seem to chuckle out softly to her self as she had indeed noticed the closeness that the male and the archer hand become, she had found it cute just as she would find any couple seeing her self wasn't always one for just one person. The female lowered her head just a small bit as if bowing the the stranger. "I must not be rude." she commented first hand before finishing her words. "I am Aezvyra Isador Valke. welcome to Necromar, the heart of the Nyamithler Empire." The demonic woman's fingers moved over the glass of water that had been placed before her running circles over the lip as she kept her eye on the male. "What brings you to my city?" she would soon ask to kill the silance seeing she was in one of her moods. "I do hope its the rabbit stew"<e>
GarexTasmin: "I always pay my debts." -he said, taking notice that she seemed to be....hazed. As if her mind were elsewhere. Perhaps this was how she normally was, perhaps not. Either way, Garex did not know her, nor enough about her, nor have enough time spent with her to say one way or the other. He shook the thought metaphorically from his mind before continuing to respond to her statements, the more she said and/or asked...for now anyways..the more it seemed that Garex would respond. "No...we have not, to my knowledge. I feel sorry for your maid though. She'd probably die before she fulfilled even one of those things...let alone the full list. Humans have such short lives." -his voice retained the smoothness as he stared at the menu for a few more moments before turning to face the woman who identified herself as the ruler of these lands. "Well met Aezvyra Isador Valke. I have never heard of you're empire and the name..Necromar...I'm assuming that comes from the fact that most of the land around is...in poor health...yes? To answer you're next question. I am Garex (Gair-ex). Nothing in particular brings me here...I simply picked a random direction, and started walking. They said this was the nearest spot of civilization, and thus I managed to wind up here. They being the people about...10 days walking....to the...." -he stopped talking for a moment and pulled the compass from it's belt on his pack, opening it and setting it down upon the countertop as the little needle began to move towards north. Once it had settled, He'd close his eyes and think, pulling a scroll from the secondary pouch in his backpack. Slinging the large sack off of his own back so that the bed roll was on the ground. Grabbing a charcol pencil from one of the numerous small pockets on his pack, Garex would begin to fill in the parchment, apparently hand-drawing his own map from memory. "15 days due west I believe I have walked to arrive at Necromar." -it was then he faced 'Rose', speaking to her softly but still plainly "If possible then. I'll take 3 of every food item you serve at this establishment with 10 bowls of rice, large bowls please, and 12 loaded backed potatoes. Please and thank you." -with that he'd reach down and open the main flap just enough to reach in and pull out a quite impressive sack of what sounded like jingling coins. Either Garex was a theif, or he worked his ass off and had few bills save for food and water. "Oh, before I forget, 2 gourds of you're finest sake directions to a source of clean running water if you please." -he'd finish talking, putting the flap to his pack down before setting the coin purse on the table. It was almost hard to imagine how he fit the damn thing plus all his other stuff in one pack but he did. Turning back to Aezvyra Isador Valke, he'd speak once more to her after his stomach subsided from growling again. "I always pay my debts...But the barmaid cannot bring me purpose, nor happiness, nor freedom, I ask that you not ask of her the impossible. It is not fair to request something that cannot be obtained, Aezvyra Isador Valke." -he spoke to her like she were any other being he'd meet along the travels, not really informed of the customs of humans. It was only recently that he'd begun to interact with people outside of his "own kind" so to speak and they were probably rather different from those in this town. Still, it was all he knew, so it was how he was...at least for now anyways. Throughout the ordeal, Garex never did set down his staff, holding onto it and switching hands so that he could draw on the map before putting the pencil as well as the incomplete map back into his pack, bringing the pack up to sit on his lap. so he could adjust some of the belts and then sling the entire thing over once more onto his back, the item looking as if it had never left it's previous position-
GarexTasmin: [that was longer than I thought it would be, hehe]
AezvyraIsadorValke: (its fine)
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic woman sat there silent as she waited her gaze shifting back to the glass in her hand as she seem to play with it as she closed her eyes to listen around her. The sounds of the life of the tavern, the patrons speaking, glasses clanking together, the footsteps of people walking around or dancing. even the elven bard Elryria's sweet voice as she sang. The demonic brow rose as he spoke of her home. "The empire name is Nyamithler.. the captail city which you are currently in is Necromar.and no its not poor health." she seem to smirk before licking her lips. She could tell the stranger how she had named the city but it would most likely spook him as it did most. The city was built ontop of one of the largest grave sites which was because of the war before hand. It just seem to have stuck in teh years afterwards. "It for other reasons." her words where light in tone as she took a sip of her glass. "I see." she thought about it "well I will say if you are planning on traveling north around the Knyhr Summiti would have to tell you other wise its no longer safe in the northern parts of the empire." she would pause debating if it was worth getting into the whole story about the chilling ice that was moving down through the empire. Her brow perked the moment he started to list off all of the food he wanted, she gave a confused look. "Are you feeding a small army?" she would pause before hearing her full name once more. "Its just Aezvyra by the way."
GarexTasmin: "Nope. Just me. Besides, I haven't eaten in the past 24 hours so I figured I should get a jumpstart on tomorrow's meals to balance it out. Besides, Safety is illusion by comparison of differently arranged variables. For instance..this city is safe for you, but for me, its worse than a city of murderers. Unfortunately though, I will eventually need to go North towards the frozen peaks. One of the promises I made can only be fulfilled by going North. Unless there is some special reason why the ice covered passes of the Urindir Mountains hidden amongst the tundras and taigas is more dangerous now than it normally would be during the summertime." -he'd say, half asking half stating it. What did she know that she wasn't telling him? "Before I forget Aezvyra, do you know any place that sells specialty field rations?" -he asked that question as if it were a normal thing to ask a random citizen-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Her brow lowered as he spoke of just himselve for the food. "I see" she wasn't sure where all the food was going to go she knew her self that much would either make her sick or she wasn't going to be wanting to see another single item of food afterwards. "True enough" she paused for a moment long enough to take a quick drink of water. before debating on it. "Well at the very moment I can not say until my scouts have returned. All I know there is something that is covering the land in ice. I have not heard anything from the smaller towns and villages that call that part home yet. Just that this ice is steadly making its way closer to us here. (( so you get a feel about the empire.. https://i.imgbox.com/STjhYQOH.png )) Its driving everyone south until we can figure out how to stop it. I have my best people working on it at the moment. " she sighed softly her mind quickly switched to the last question. "The market down the street should have some."
GarexTasmin: "I already checked there....its all....too lean." -he said, giving away more clues about who and what he was than he really cared to. Time to stop offering up info although if Garex was lucky she wouldn't have a single clue as to what he was. After all, its not like there were alot of his kind around anymore, let alone people who were even more like him. "Well, if you have the time. I'd be more than happy to help you do a little mental leg work over dinner. You're welcome to order whatever you wish..my treat. Besides...I could use the distraction from my wanderlust while I wait for the kitchen staff to start cooking." -he said, setting his pack down on the ground as he stood at the bar. He dared not sit in one of the stools or chairs...knowing they'd break under his weight. Best to keep that bit a secret for now- "Besides. I've got nothing but time for the moment till I find my next job." -he said, rotating his shoulders a little bit before wresting his arms on the counter, causing the wood to creak just a little bit as his weight was shifted-
AezvyraIsadorValke: "hmm" she would have to think about it. "Maybe the butcher two streets to the right and four blocks closer to the keep." she shrugged softly as she had no clue honestly where he could look, normally the market had just about anything someone could want. The woman glanced to him when he offered to pay for dinner. She rose her left hand and shook her head. "Sorry but I don't eat here." she didn't give a reason she never did. she would of course help hunt for the tavern but she never ate there. Let alone she hardly ate at all it would seem she couldnt even remember when the last time she had fed. She felt perfectly normal with at lest a glass of her mixure of a drink which she had earlier that day. "I wil take you up for speaking though." she added in shortly after.
GarexTasmin: "Then how do you know the Rabbit soup is good?" -he asked, pointing out the contradiction she just spoke. If she never ate here, she'd have no idea if it was good or not...least not personally. And if she did know, then why was she lying? His guard suddenly went up as alert signals in his head were starting to go off. Tightening his grip on his staff, Garex began to examine more closely the woman who called herself "Aezvyra"....if that was her name. He couldn't explain why he was suddenly so distrusting but he was...and it was almost to the point of paranoia....but why? So far he had yet to find someone that could best him in a fight, not that many tried cept for dumbasses in taverns and pimps who had a problem when Garex began to get close to one of their "whores" Oh and slavers....Garex had a rule of killing any slaver he came across simply to do his part to end slavery. It was such an ugly thing, that it was-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Quick thinking, the woman had think. "Because it smells great." she nodded. "Yes it smells great that and I have seen them prepare it before." she spoke quickly trying to think if that was a good enough reason or not. Her eyes seem to linger on the male as she watched him her right hand moved to her lap as she got ready to pull some of the shadows from underneath the bar if she had to defend her self from the man. "It was my mother's old book it came from." she added in trying to think of what to say seeing she could feel the mood change and she didn't like it one bit.
GarexTasmin: "The truth..if you please. I do not hold this world long to those who lie. I do not know your reasons for trying to conceal from me the truth. However, to disprove you're current line of defense. Scent and taste are two separate senses because they are not the same, though generally similar or so I am told. It would still circle back to the original question that you do not know one way or the other if the food is good. After all, there are things that smell terrible, but taste delicious. And things that smell delicious..but are little more than poison to some. The fact that you've seen them prepare it does not factor into taste in this case because you have not said you've tasted it. Furthermore, if it came from you're mother's own personal cookbook, and yet you still have not had it, then this means the cook is preparing it wrong and therefore in you're mind is not good enough for you to eat here, which means you've seen them prepare it and allowed them to do it improperly, not only a discredit to you're mother but a terrible excuse none-the-less. Add all this knowledge up and we are still at square one. "How do you know its good if you haven't tasted the way this cook prepares it? The only other alternative at this juncture, with this new information, is that you have indeed had this dish before and thus choose not to eat here, and if it is indeed the same recipie then the cook must be preparing it wrong, which means that the food is not good and you're just lying to my face. For the record..I am not here to judge you..but I do find it hard to take the words of someone who is being deceptive and evasive regarding rabbit stew." -he said, continuously eyeing her- "It also makes me question if anything else you have told me is false." -he said, clearly hinting at the part about the northern pass being dangerous. Too much was unknown at this point to start jumping to conclusions and the matter at hand was more important than others right now-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra shrugged as she simpley did not put any care into it. "I choose not to eat here any longer simple as that seeing the last cook could not fix me what I wanted and he found him self upon a stake. " her eyes seem to darken in color as she spoke more. "It is good I have been told by others whom have eaten it but for myself I do not wish to know what it tease like, its to please my twin after all not myself." she seem to dismiss his words the rest of the way "It is up to you if you believe me or not. I didn't tell you from personal expieance after all." she reminded him she had just simply said it was good after all.
GarexTasmin: "Quite a severe punishment for such a seemingly benign affront. I must admit, that seems very tyrannical based on the limited information and context I have, which at this point, is only what you've told me. However...in order to avoid confusing others in the future, It might be wise to inform them that others have told you that the rabbit stew here is good at the start. Makes you look less decietful if you just come out and say it Aezvyra. Still, Regardless of my sudden yet minor distrust. A promise to help is a promise to help, and I do not have much in this world but my word is my law so I shall indeed attempt to provide you assistance in solving you're problem in the frozen north." -he said as the food started to arrive, causing Garex's mouth to water as the scent of it all filled the tavern with delectable scents and sensations for the olfactory system. Gripping his staff with two hands, Garex would seemingly mumble something underneith his breath, speaking it in a language not heard nor read since days long past and ages forgotten- "So...care to tell me what information you do have available at this time? Anything of note could help, even something as small as you're maps on the area or passing rumors from the trade caravans and such." -he'd add, starting to work on one of the baked potatoes, quickly devouring it and it's twin that was brought out after removing the mouth-piece section of his mask. This exposed part of his face as well as the fact that his lips were an even darker crimson than much of his face was, still though, he seemed to be almost engulfing the food that was brought out, still using the fork and knife that was provided to look somewhat...."civilized"-


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((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy base roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos do to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Kleshi Hold is found on the west side of the Capital city Necromar.. the keep it self appears to be nothing more then a run down ruin.. bricks falling from their places; the Iron and dark oak double doors is the only thing that between the city and the keep it self.. Once inside its another story its appears empty and even trees growing around the halls..the center of the room a large blood fountian.. It is late evening near full moon with a light breeze..))

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman's brow lifted from its place as seh waited for the male to speak. Her fingures curled and seem to dance on her lap as she was waiting to see if she infact needed to summon the darkness from its hiding places around the room. "Oh but it was fit at the time." she commented about the punishment. "If you do not show them who runs things around here the people will walk all over you. They rather be in dismay then have help at times." Aezvyra seem to shrug as she listened. "True enough I suppose." the woman paused as the food started to be set before them. Her glaze moved over each part before shaking her head as she returned to her water. To he she wasn't sure how he was about to eat all what he had order and was sure most of it would go uneaten. "Hmm?" she looked back to him before nodding slowly "That is the issue I have yet to hear back from my scouts. All I know so far is there is Ice.. ice that is spreading.. covering everything and heading south. I'm sure in the matter of months the etire empire may be in fact covered. " The demon brow rose as she leaned back and watched the male eat. she wasn't sure if she should say anything but it would seem he had a pit in his belly that would never fill.
AezvyraIsadorValke  > MaelumRagnarosYlium: played a few matches of paragon.. sitting GarexTasmin: -Garex seemed to be inhaling some of what he ate, using a knife to cut the meats along with his fork to do the same to the softer foods. The soup was gone the moment it hit the table as it seemed as if the 5ft male dressed in black who wore a mask was washing the other food down with the broth from the soup. Chicken, Beef, Lamp, Mutton, Goat, Vegetable medleys, fruits, rice, potatoes, Stews, Soups, and bourbon to wash down what the soup wasn't. "You're assumption was correct, the Rabbit Soup is good." -he said, cutting a thin slice of bread from one of the loaves privded and wiping up the rest of the broth from the bowl with it before tossing it into his mouth like one would water on a house fire, taking a 5 second drink from his first bottle of bourbon. The rate at which Garex was consuming, you'd think that he wasn't even tasting it, though he was. Fact of the matter was that his intake requirements were...slighlty higher than most....to put it mildly. He put his knife and fork down, picking a spoon up in his left hand as he set one of the bowls of rice on his left side, continuing to eat spoonfulls of rice. he was already through 6 of the 10 large bowls he'd ordered along with all of the steak, lamb, goat, pork and 3/4ths of the chicken. Most of the vegetable dishes were nearly completely eaten too, and so he combined the veggies all into one of the empty rice bowls so that he could free up more plates and such for the staff. "Have you narrowed down the search area or is this a very recent problem?" -he asked, wiping the small part of his mouth that was exposed thanks to the mouthpiece of the mask being on the counter next to him as he pulled a few sheets of parchment from his pack, laying them out so that he could work and eat at the same time. Taking a moment to continue thinking, Garex would bite into a pear, a sort of "Forced march" for his mouth. Where he seemed to be putting all this was anyone's guess-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra was unsure if it was genuined displeased at the sight or just purely disgusted by it. Her head lowered down to the right a small bit before traveling over towards the left side and then back as she shook it. Should she say something about it? Was there a need to? The questions started to flood her mind as she watched the food as soon as it was placed on the table just simply vanish inside the male. How did he do it? Another question that wouldn't have an answer it would seem. She cleared her throat just before she would pull her hand up from the lip of the glass. The demon was unsure how to speak, and the sight didn't really help her. Her eyes closed as she thought about it. "It is very recent indeed. I think I had sent my best men out no more then" she paused, looking at her fingers she counted the days. "Maybe four days?" she debated.. "Maybe it was week." she added in unsure of the correct answer. Her gaze fluttered back opened at the sound of movement as seh watched him seem to pull papers out.
GarexTasmin: "Do you know if the ice has reached the coastline yet? I remember seeing a few maps somewhere that show a port town real close to the Warring Waves. So, using the fixed point of that town, we can discern a more focused direction from where the driving frost is coming from. This should help provide a general direction. The other benefit is that we're close enough to the top of the continent, and since the ice is coming from the north, we just need to know if it's from the north east, or the north-west. The people by the lands in the ocean can tell us this much based on weither or not they have encountered the ice." -he said, starting to draw out triangulation lines on one of the smaller pieces of parchment. "If there were a third point, we could see where these lines intersect but without access to the north thanks to the problem itself, We can only narrow it down to a small extent." -he said, continuing to eat, albeit at a more humane pace...sure it was still quickly but clearly he was determined to hold up his end of the agreement-
AezvyraIsadorValke: "I don't know I want to say most likely. I know the orgian point is some where on Knyhr Summit but other then that.. I know the ice is heading south.. A few ships have reported that it my hit landfall again in the matter of weeks or was it months." she paused trying to think about it before she pulled the empire map from a small sack. "I believe its will reach the Crypts within the matter of weeks.. and then will be upon us here at Necromar within the later months.. season change maybe if something is not done.. I need to speak with my advisor Kai on the matter to be sure. He knows more about it then I do honestly." She sighed softly as she closed her eyes letting her left hand move up and touch her brow. "I don't know" she added in once more before fallening silent. There wasn't much she could say on the matter until Kai had reported back in with her.
GarexTasmin: -when she spoke, Garex stopped eating. it was his original belief that the problem was localised to this continent, but after taking a look at the empire's map, this proved to not be the case. "When you said north, I had thought you meant on this continent truth be told. The Knyer Summit as you call it, is across the sea. This is good...but, A promise to help you solve this is still a promise so my mission is thus-forth on hold. I am suprised though that you're empire isn't more...wide-spread...or perhaps, your people aren't. A more detailed map for later one day....but that is neither here nor there. It seems you have the issue narrowed down then as to where the problem is originating from. Roughly. Enough of a start anyways." -he said, trying to reassure her. In a further effort to A) calm her down some and B) reassure her of victory, Garex reached up, holding his staff in his left hand, so that he could place his left hand on her shoulder- "It will be alright. Although, based on what i've seen, you might need some Icebreaker ships. It partially explains the massive influx of supplies you're capital is recieving. It might, however, be best to consult you're advisor sooner than later. If you don't mind. I would like to join you during this meeting." -he said, softening his voice to try and comfort the woman a bit-
AezvyraIsadorValke: The only thing the demon could do was nod. She was unsure how to respond really to anything that was going on. "the expedition party should be back soon." she repeated her self a couple times under her breath nearly. Hearing his voice she glanced up and let her lips curl at their ends. "No.. I need to get the scribes and map makers to update maps again." she spoke softly. "I havn't been home long many a few months I think. Im just learning about all what is gone wrong here." she added as she tried to take a few deep breath even though she was getting worried on the matter at hand more. She would lift her glass and take a sip of water. When Garex touched her her gaze shot right to him as she sat there blinking. "Yes if you think an empire of snow and Ice is alright." her scarasme got the best of her at the split moment. "Indeed you may if you really wish too"
TundraLynx: A man rushed up to the tavern on horseback. The horse's hooves stamped against the ground from the castle all the way to the tavern, where the man knew the empress would be. He dismounted his horse and stepped inside, quickly met by Rose. "How are you sir?" She asked. He looked at her, and held an envelope he held in his hand between them. "A member of the advisory, Kai, has sent a letter to the empress. I take it she is here?" With a genuine look of shock in her eyes, Rose nodded and pointed in the direction of Empress Aezvyra. He walked over to Aezvyra, and quickly bowed. "Empress, we've received a letter at the castle from you. It is from the boy called Kai who recently became an advisor of yours." He stood straight once more and placed the letter down in front of her.
GarexTasmin: "Well, not like I have pressing matters that need to be attended to. Besides, the more brains thinking about an issue, the more hands doing the work the faster the work gets done. And I meant to get through to the northern landmass if the sea becomes choked up with ice, although I doubt that the ice is going to be thick, few inches...maybe a foot at most. I appreciate that sarcasm of yours though, makes you less...I don't know...stuck-up. Kinda." -he chuckled before removing his hand and continuing to eat, listening to the man who just came in as Garex's pace resumed to it's earlier speed as he continued to inhale food by the fork and spoonful. "Seems things are going to pick-up." -he'd said between mouthfuls as he continued to engulf the culinary creations set before him. All that was left by the time he was done was a single baked potato and for that he simply grabbed it in his free hand after stacking the dishes for the barmaid and began to munch on it rather slowly-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra sat there blinking "OH?" A devilish grin moved across her lips as she chuckled. "Maybe that is true." she took a breath trying to calm her selfonce more before she finally glanced at him. "me... stuck up.. " she started to laugh "That is a first" she shook her head as a her eye started to water from laughing so much. The demon didn't even hear the little bell on the handle of the tavern door sound when the rider approuched. She blinked as she was approuched "I see.." the words soon faded from her paintedlips as she took hold the letter. She pulled the wax seal from one side before her eyes started to roll over each and every word. Her glance moved to the rider. "you may take your leave." she spoke softly before returning to the letter. "It seems I was wrong about the timing the situation worst then I thought." she sighed softly "The ice already hit the crypts by the loooks of it" the woman shook her head as she placed the letter on the table before her.
GarexTasmin: "Well then. If the rate of expansion is increasing, then I suspect it's some device or item infused with excessive amounts of magical power constantly casting something you'd need a circle of master-magi to cast were you to do it all at once. And I'm not saying you're stuck-up. Just...formal. I guess. I don't know..it sounded more accurate in my head, probably more accurate to say that I was just wrong." -when he said the word wrong, if she could see his face, he'd visibly grimace, an instinctive reaction to being wrong. The way she laughed though was....heartening. - "I'm glad you found that amusing. Still though, I imagine that the ice will probably be here within a few weeks instead of 3 months as it was suggested earlier. Either way, thats a problem. Not enough time to build an ice-breaker ship." -he said, lifting the bag of gold up onto the counter, making the coins jingle. "Please ms. rose, take as much gold out of the bag as you need. I trust you're not goint to try to rob me infront of you're empress." -he teased, placing the staff he held in his right hand again as he turned to face her, putting away his maps and compass along with the bag of gold once rose was finishing taking her coin. Garex left a 20% tip "Please distribute this amongst the staff. They certainly earned it." -he said, picking up his now lighter coin-pouch before stuffing it back into his pack once more and slinging the pack onto his shoulders. Throughout the ordeal, Garex hadn't sat down once yet and when he took small steps to adjust his weight the floorboards creaked in pain-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra sighed softly her eyes lingered on the parchment before her as she tried to imagine a way to get herself out of the mess. She let her fingure tip play with the edge of the paper for couple of seconds as let the writen words maul over in her mind. "What to do what to do." she whispered out to herself before cursing in ancient tongue. "Qwu kayz swy Rlyos Taswyl wosy ty za.. Swy Tonyl balzonyf swez hdopy ofk faq swy Kolnfyzz pof's yjyf zoby es" Her gaze seem to flash pure black for a breif momoment before returning to their natural state. She forced more air into her lungs just for the sake of her magic wards not dropping and her mortal form be replaced with that of a partial demonic one. The woman glanced to the male and nodded. "If it is possible" the words slide faintly from her painted lips as she watched the male's coin purse hit the top of the wood. She picked up the glass and down the last bit of it before placing it in the center of the surface. "it seems necessitry that I return to Klashi Hold to try and figure out the next course of action." The woman would push her feet from the stool and finally let them touch the hard wooden floor, which had been cool to the touch seeing she was bare foot. She turned faced the woman behind the bar. "If anyone needs me send them to the Keep." she would then lower her head in a bow before glancing to Garex. "You may join me if you wish.. if not Im sure there are rooms open within the city.. I already decreed the city to be open to those traveling do to the circumstances.. We are taking as many refugess that we can."
AezvyraIsadorValke: ((Translation: Why does the Great Mother hate me so.. The Maker forsaken this place and now the Darkness can't even safe it))
GarexTasmin: "Sure, though if it's alright with you, I don't need a bed, just a nice wall to lean against." -he said as he rotated his arms a bit, standing up straight and waving goodbye to rose. "Lead the way madam." -he said as he grabbed hold of the remaining bottle of bourbon, walking with it in his free hand. "Care to taste?" -he asked, offering it to the woman was apparently Empress of the Empire. Huh....a day of firsts it was indeed. Sure he'd met politicians before, however it was never within his dreams that he'd meet an empress, mostly because he didn't dream...or rather, didn't remember the dreams he once had.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: "I am sure there will be plenty of walls in that case." Her brow rose from its place as she spoke back to him confused at his words granted she never really realize that he had not sat down yet. "Well just make sure no one charges you to sleep against a wall in that case" she chuckled softly as she turned towards Rose. "Goodnight my dear, if things get out of hand send a Raven and I will send the gaurds." she commented before smirking and turning to look to Garex. "Shall we then?" she waited a few moments before heading towards the entrance way of the tavern, her left hand reached for the door knob and unlatched it the bell sounded as she pulled the door open before leaving the safety of the building into the cool night air. She had nearly forgotten her cloak, turning on her heels she nearly runs into the male as she moves to go back up to the bar as Rose had already cloak in hand had started to head out towards the Empress. "Thank you" she chuckled softly as she took hold her cloak and tossed it around her before tieing it in place and placing the hood up. The woman smirked as she moved herself closer to the male as she had to walk back towards him before she was able to get ahead of him. "Well its not too far, just across the city." she chuckled as she pointed towards the near ruin keep that seem to be falling appart by the looks of it. "don't let the looks fool you, its a home.. I returned to it in this shape and now have to build it back up along with the empire." she shrugged as she soon fell silent as she strolled heading back home. 

GarexTasmin: "I appreciate that. You're guards will to. Not to sound boastful but the last time someone woke me up from my sleep and tried to arrest me, I tore him in half as if the mail wasn't even there. But that was many moons ago. And I am not that person anymore....thankfully." -he said, kind of drifting off at the words. Slipping the mouthpiece back to it's rightful place, Garex would then turn to follow the empress, exiting the tavern and rolling his shoulders some before using the staff once more as a walking stick, each step causing the rings to jingle softly.- "Looks like you'll be looking for craftsmen to help rebuild the castle. I am kind of curious how it became a ruin that looks like it's marring the land though. Must be one hell of a story." -he said, his deep voice smooth on the cool night's air. The breeze was refreshing. "Besides. I normally sleep outside on the ground, even in the rain, any place with a floor and a roof is good enough for me." -he said as if it were a matter of fact-


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[Klashi Hold gates]

TundraLynx: Hours passed, and Kai’s vision was nearly gone. The seething pain he felt on the mountains was now completely numb, and the ice in his wounds for some reason had not thawed in the unfrozen land. The moon still rested high in the sky when he arrived at Klashi Hold. His crystal of blood carried him almost to the door before crumbling into rubble on the ground. Kai had no more energy to use his magic. He hobbled up to the door, and in struggling to bring a hand up to the door to knock, he fell to the ground unable to stand any more. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: Minutes seem to pass by as the woman strolled along side Garex heading back towards the keep, their pace not one in a hurry just simply enjoying the night. She seem to debate if she would finally force the question out of her mind to life.. what was he? the question seem to bug her as they moved closer to the keep even when they had finally reached it. Her stare moved to the broken stone bricks to the iron and dark oak doors that held the cold out of the halls. She seem to pull her arms together crossing them over her upper torso just inside of her cloak. "Indeed I need to be as soon as the threat is passed. Honestly I don't know how it came to be, I had left my home for years after my parents had died and just returned to a run down keep." she seem to shrug it off not even worried over it then again why would she need to be. Most of the townsfolk seem to fear herself and her twin brother for some odd reason. "I would have to say the grand libary might have scrolls on the history on what had conspired since I left home." she seem to mummble out before her eyes shifted down from the doorsas she seen Kai. Her gaze widen as her pace turned into a near run, causing the hood of her clock to fly off her head as she hurried to his side. "Kai?" she knelt down beside the male. 

TundraLynx: Kai weakly attempted over and over to pull himself off the ground only to fall back down every few inches. He heard a distorted voice quietly, almost as though he were listening from underwater. His skin grew pale, and all he could think to do was face his wounds slowly. He attempted to escape the image of the creature in his mind, but that feeling of terror and dread was all he could feel. Bitterness, Anger, Loneliness, and Fear. The ice on his side slowly got darker with each moment his thoughts remained trapped in hell. He looked to the woman, and through his little vision, made out a figure that he deemed to be the Empress. He mustered up the energy to smile. "Aezvyra." He said. "His... he... hand... swarm..." His words were practically silent, and it seemed as though he was incapable of making enough sound to speak a full sentence. He spoke again, "Aezvyra."

GarexTasmin: "You had best summon a medic empress...in the meantime..I shall watch over your friend." -he'd say while standing over the pair. The sad part was that their lovely evening walk was now over. "You...stop talking....you're not dying here. What kind of a man dies infront of his empress?" -he asked, masking his emotions with anger. "Come now. Speak...what is it that ails you." -he said, sliding the pack off his back as he kneeled over the man on the ground. This must be Kai, given that the empress called him such. Well...seemed like the situation just kept going from bad to worse. "Riddle me this advisor....are you out of magicka?" -he asked bluntly before looking at the empress. "You should find a doctor, someone with knowledge of medicine and the arcane worlds. I'm guessing this isn't no ordinary ice onhis side." -he said, trying to figure out what to do next as he kneeled there by the castle-

AezvyraIsadorValke: It would seem by her actions the Empress of Darkness it self had a soft spot, her new life wasn't all blood shead and chaos even if she knew it was. To her it was just life and now it seem to be ripping at her heart strings sorta speak. Her dark emreald eyes lingered on the wounded male as she looked him over seeing the frost.. the ice that had coated him partly. "You shouldn't have gone." the words escaped her painted lips in a hush tone before she would return a smile to the foolish man. "I am here." she allowed for this short time her emotions to be seen by all; it was not evey day she would let her gaurd down long enough for people to actually realize she had a heart and it wasn't all ice after all. The woman tried to understand what he was saying to her, his muddled words confused her. "Who.." she paused "Swarm?" she sighed softly "Kai I don't know what you mean" she pulled the cloak from her body and placed it over his body seeing she already knew she couldn't move him her self. For split moment she allowed her attention drift away from kai to Garex. "I..I" she paused a she nodded and stood up before vanishing into the keep for a short time. She of course rushing about nearly like a chicken without a head looking for a healer.. "Swy wydd ez tu werw Yfpwofsyl.. o tory.. wydd yjyf of opadusy" she didn't even speak common tounge as she made her way through the keep before finally finding one of the mages and pulling him by his robe all the way out to the main door. "Fix him.." she yelled at the male as her eyes dropped to her friend. "My brother will kill you if you don't and you know it" she would speak more giving the young mage a reason not to screw up.
AezvyraIsadorValke: (Translation: The hell is my high Enchanter.. a mage.. hell even an acolyte )

TundraLynx: Kai's head pounded at the loud, distorted voices of the empress and somebody else. He forced sound to escape his lips, heavy breathing in between words. "The.. man.. in.. the... village." The image flashed again in his mind, as well as all the attacking creatures. The ice released a subtle dark glow at that moment, growing slightly darker. "I've... never... (non-discernable)... swarmed... (non-discernable)... monsters." He finally managed to raise himself up onto his hands and knees. Kai smiled again, and looked directly into the man's eyes. Something about his once-cryptic eyes had changed, almost as if they no longer looked at reality, but were frantic and crazed. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: The moment the woman had manage to pull the mage outside and to Kai her eyes widen as she watched what had conspired. "Kai?" she mumbled out as she watched the male seem to try to get to his feet. Aezvyra had a bad feeling, which caused her right hand to start to scribe in the air small wards as she stood there a few steps away. If the male would get to his feet and attack she was ready for it; it wouldn't take much for her to pull the darkness about the area and use it for either defensive or offensive. She sighed looking upon her friend and then back to the male mage. "I said fix him." she growled her voice darken as she was ready to use that same darkness to dispatch the mage if he failed her self. The demon after all had a tempter on her and disliked being told no and it showed. 

TundraLynx: The mage reached to Kai with his hand, ready to "fix him" as ordered so aggressively... and frighteningly by the Empress. He looked back and forth between Kai and the empress' cold glare. He had to wonder what on earth had possessed him to take such a position. A blue flame enveloped the mage's hand. "This ice shall only cause problems. He'll fall to frostbite soon." Kai caught the light glimmer of blue light from the corner of his eye, and swiftly opened his hand on the ground in an attempt to use his magic against the man, but nothing happened. The mage backed off temporarily, "I sensed a small surge of magic in his body just now. He attempted to do something but I have no idea what or why. This flame should help." He carefully brought the flame to Kai's side, weary of the possibility Kai might lash out. He held the fire to the ice only for the fire to extinguish before getting the opportunity to touch the flame. "That's odd." The mage said, unaware of why his flames extinguished. "He's got no magic left, and from his history, he doesn't use any sort of magic to counteract flames. Perhaps we should get him inside and figure out a way to keep him safe until we can get him to talk."
AezvyraIsadorValke: The female inhaled quickly her eyes moving back to the mage as her slim fingers seem to dance away ready to strike. Her painted chapped lips curled at their ends as seh could feel the fear off the male. Her gaze lingered on the bluish flare of light engulf the mage's hand before it moved closer to Kai. The empress seem to gapse at the cool air of the night as she watched that conspired. "What was that" her left hand moved up as if warning them to stop. "What is it?" she paused looking back to the cold matter before at the male. "if so." the words were mere whisperes as she turned and pushed opened the door. "Get him in the hall at lest." Her commands were cold and dark. 
GarexTasmin: "As you wish Aezvyra. Alright injured guy....time to move ya." -he said, wrapping his free arm around Kai while he clutched his staff, contemplating the effects of what might happen if Garex tried to flood Kai with magicka at this point to overload this..ice patch that was latched onto his side. "At this rate, we might try cutting it off by removing the underlying skin it's latched onto." -he said, trying to think of other ways to assist this man. "You should also find someone skilled in the medical field and have someone watching his vitals for a while. I'm no doctor..but I suspect this poor health of his could lead to his demise." -that being said, Garex, without any sort of apparent compassion, just picked up kai by the waist and threw the man over his shoulder as if he were carrying a sack of flour, furthermore, he didn't even seem to slow down at all, like kai wasn't even there. "Now then. Mage guy....how likely do you think it is to kill him if I just suddenly caused a massive spike in his magicka reserves?" -he asked, his mind racing slightly to try and create a stop-gap measure for the problem of mr. advisor man here, dying-
TundraLynx: The mage rapidly shook his head. "I don't believe that would be a wise decision sir!" He pulled a small book from his robes and wrote down his course of thought as he spoke. "Alongside the extreme likelihood that it wouldn't work, there's a number of things that could go wrong, one of which being he could be able to retaliate in the instance that it does work; or the ice in his wounds may suck it up to do something else. It's highly inadvisable." Kai's body remained seemingly lifeless; void of movement aside from breathing and blinking. His skin was oddly cold, and he barely spoke. He just allowed his body to be carried by the man completely unaware of where they were going or who the person carrying him even was. 
AezvyraIsadorValke: Once more over time the woman had lost her eye color to the dull pitch of black as the demon within her fought to surface for the whole world to see it. Wrath.. rage the purest of feelings which nearly overwhelmed her. "There must be something" the words seem to echo through the hall of the empty keep along with her mind. "Over here." Aezvyra had managed to get a few feet away from the group of males as she searched for enough space to work on the male. Granted it wasn't much but one of the wooden benches covered with the light fabric might as well do other then the cool stone ground. "Put him here" she pulled the potted plants from near the bench far enough away so they could have the room. Her dark stare moved to the mage once more as he seem to speak."are you saying its a lost cause?" her lips moved such a wave crashing into a devilish grin ready to strike the male where he stood. "You better find a way and fast." she let her attention move to Garex whom seem to have picked up Kai by this time. "Ice.. to think Ice did this.. There is more in play then merely ice." the words seem to dance right off her tounge as she stood there still letting her fingures of her right hand move about toying with the darkness. 
GarexTasmin: "This is not the time for a magic show Aezvyra, The mage before you is speaking with his head not his heart. I would ask you respect the unenviable position he is in having to tell you the facts as he sees them. His concerns are sound. What if you tried a barrier? Something to cut off the ice from the magic of the outside world? You...mage. Grab a doctor and some nurses...along with a scribe." -he said as he used one arm to move kai onto the bench, positioning him such that his head would be able to rest on the bench and he wouldn't have any back pain aside from the general position he was in relative to the bench...he wasn't crooked though- "Should also probably get him to somewhere more....ameniable to his care." -he said, turning to the mage before realizing the acolyte was still there. This caused a very strange reaction in Garex, who clearly had no prior contact with this "Kai" fellow. He'd walk right up to the acolyte in question and grab the man by his clothing, pulling him down to the 5ft male's height. "Have you suddenly grown deaf? I said grab the doctors and a scribe. You are to return as well and if you don't do this in a timely manner. I am going to hang you by you're own GOD DAMNED intestines in the city square and set you ablaze when a crowd gathers to watch this spectacle." -his pupils seemed to flash wit light as his iris's began to glow ominously. Garex was using his magicka to try and outright intimidate the acolyte who clearly had not done as he was "asked". "Remember this well, because I'll live longer than the typical jail sentence for murder." -as he spoke, his voice became demonicly rough and harsh and slightly deeper, almost as if Garex was being possessed at this point-

TundraLynx: Kai looked around, his head bobbing back and forth as though he extended no effort into holding it up. A light chuckle escaped his lips. The mage looked at the very tiny man in fear. "There's not a large amount of people here. Most of our resources were sent to the cities of evacuation. These wound's weren't acquired randomly or among village fights. My guess is that he obtained them by going where we've been trying to keep the citizens away. He isn't even speaking, and nothing I can do will get his condition any better. The only way for him to live I can see is to wait it out or find the source of this.... curse or whatever it is on him." Kai allowed his head to fall onto his chest, and the faint words gently slipped through his lips, "Lock me away...................... quarantine."

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra didn't know whom to be angry with the Mage whom was supost to be 'fixing' Kai or at Garex for his latest comment about a magic show. She wanted to speak her mind to yell at the male even threaten him as she done with the rest whom defied her words, yet what would come of that. It wouldn't stop the inpending doom of ice that seem to spread quicker then she had thought, nor would it now fix that sheer fact they were trying to help. She took a deep breath her eyes slowly seem to retain their emreald hue as she calmed her self. "E't zallu" the words came out as she calmed more. "He is hardly doing anything it seems. We need to know how to fight this curse or what ever it is before it reaches the larger towns.. My people are running out of places to hide from this threat." her glance seem to soften as she peered to the male, emotions was not always her strong suit even after she had lost the goodness from her soul which made things harder for her. "Darkness spreads." the idea came to mind. "Darkness.." she repeated her self before looking at the Mage. "Dark Fires... Hell fires." she smirked she spoke not even real sentances just mearly words. She clapped pleased with her self before turning around just to see Garex take hold of the mage. Her brow rose as she shook her head. "Didn't you just tell me I couldn't harm him?" she seem to pount as she shook her head. "I need another demon." she smirked before looking to Kai. "Quarantine.. I don't have the room to quarantine you or anyone else really." she shook her head. "Nether less a dungon cell may do for the time being." 

GarexTasmin: "Oh I didn't harm him..I just lit a perverbial fire under his ass." -he said, watching the mage run away in fear. "Besides...I was taking a page out of your playbook on using intimidation. Normally I don't even care enough to bother with most things. Besides, wouldn't the darkness simply contribute to the ice itself as much as the hellfires? You might need an angel rather than a demon, someone to purify the area." -he spoke, wondering why Kai was out of magicka. "Still, the fact that he has zero magicka in him is very..disturbing. But I guess we'll know more when the doctor's look at him." -he said standing up and walking over to the empress while kai lay on the bench. "His body might naturally start absorbing magical energy again once his health returns. I would also advise you to keep an eye on those tasked with his care. Given that the man in question is requesting quarentine, I would also think that this may indeed not be connected directly to the main issue at hand and might be another myraid of problems coming you're way and they're just using the Northern Ice as a cover to mask their presence. People should also be tasked to map the rate of expansion and give you an updated timetable within which you can act. You may to dispatch an army to solve this problem yourself, or at least, errect a barrier capable of stalling this situation." -he said as he stretched out his back muscles a bit-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman wanted to chuckle out from that. "True enough but do you have the guts to back it up?" she paused as she walked over to him her dark gaze lingering on his to see if she could tell anything from him. "My is not a mere intimidation it is a promise." her lips seem to pull into a smirk as she listened to his words. "it was a simple idea, one i thought may work" her eyes moved to the bench where Kai had been set. "It might work. we could test it." she chuckled out tempted to summon a small bit of hellfire and test it on Kai. When Garex spoke about the angels she allowed her face pull enough to show her disgust in the idea. "They don't know a rabbit from a hat" Aezvyra took a breath before debating what they could do. "Neather less he needs to be moved to the dungon until we can figure out what to do about his issues." she shook her head as she "What do you believe?" she stopped glanced back to the male and his idea. "We wont know if there is more until he speaks of it." She lowered her head just a bit before letting it rise. "Indeed a barrier may be wise for the time being.." she added in before taking a few steps away from the males. The woman was going to head towards her study and disbatch a few ravens to send word to the armies whom already had left and to tell the mages to start on a barrier as once. 

GarexTasmin: "Yeah. Dismemberment is an easy enough thing for me to do, besides, I really just needed him to get moving quickly. Time is sparse. Moreso now than ever it seems. And while I have never met anyone of the angelic bloodlines. I would say that they might know some form of purification to counteract the cold disease that is currently affecting your friend. Old Legends, stuff like that could be considered too for this matter. Best if the guards move him though. They know where the dungeon is and they're not paranoid of getting locked in one." -he said as he followed after the empress without being told weither he should or not- "You should take a moment to clear your mind, perhaps a nap, or at least something to eat Aezvyra. A mind does not work on an empty stomach or without rest." -he said rolling his neck some, rubbing the back as if it were getting a little stiff. It had been a while since he'd had a proper break too, but he couldn't afford to stop working...it was probably the only thing keeping him going at this point in his life-

HuntressRavenna: -Venna had manage to heal her own knee from the sprain and went out and got her horse from the stables as she road hard to the castle she knew something was up and she might be needed to help. She went to the castle at top speed by the light of the nearly full moon and soon was inside and looking around at everything she took note of Kai and knew by her crystal that something was definitely wrong as she entered and looked to see if there was anyone around. She sighed and called out to whoever might be in there as she was perplexed by all the activity here and she knew she was needed as an archer of good standing here. She was a bit slowly going by rooms to see where every one was the she decided to simplify the matter.-”where is everyone I cane to see if you were in need of an archer?”- Venna was a bit confused as she did not fully know her way around here yet and sighed deeply. As she stopped and waited for a reply from some one as she moved a bit further into the castle.-”You could have called on me at any point you know and sorry I was a bit late but had a sprained knee I needed to finish healing from.”-Venna was sure she was missing something important.-”really they should have asked for help sooner I can help manage some defenses here and take a more active roll.”-She grumbled under her breath as she stood still waiting for a reply from some one.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The room that the Empress was heading to wasn't far from where they had stood. The woman's eyes moved as she entered the large center room of the keep her eyes on the blood fountain as she listened to the flowing crimson liquid. "Hmm?" she paused her footsteps silent as she stood still to turn to see that the male had infact followed her. "True enough, time is everything now with the rapid moving threat." she wanted to tune the anglic part out yet she allowed his words echo in her mind. "Funny thing about those pure creatures..." she chuckled out before finally telling him. "Their numbers are too few and the last I knew were they were up on the summit." her eyes widen as she put thought into it. If the curse or what ever it was, its orgins was some where up on the Knyhr Summit; could it  have been an attempt by the holy beasts that called that place home. "The question is did they start this" the answer known only by Kai at this time it would seem. Which at this point in time Aezvyra had already moved nodding to Kyran her personal guard to move Kai to one of the cells deep in the belly of the keep, where he would be far enough away from anyone. She hoped at lest that the ice that had been on the would not spread to anyone or anywhere within the keep. "A moment is not what we have, I have to figure this out." she quickly turned back to the doorway she was headed towards which lead to a small chamber, inside a cage with a few ravens and a desk that sat in the mist of a large amount of bookcases. Her fingures trail over the top of her desk as she moved to the seat before pulling a few tiny scrolls before the quill. She took a breath as she wrote her messages to the front lines. "Lets hope we can discover the source or a way to bring this threat to a end soon." her eyes moved up as she would slowly roll the small parchments up before standing up and heading over to the ravens and attaching them to their legs before sending them out the window. The woman had not even heard the calls of the hunter within the halls until she had turned and glanced to Garex before leaving the room. "You may rest and I'm sure the kitchen is stocked." she spoke softly as she returned to the large center room with the fountain before touching its crimson waters. "I do not need rest. I need this threat to be gone."

Guest_Zenotin: -The wildlife of Wormwood Woods was known to be quite dangerous, the darkess of monsters that lurked the area made it very unsafe to travel the area alone but recently making the trip from Elador to Necromar had been a bit safer more merchants and travelers making it safetly across the woods when usually anything that moved in the area tried to kill you but....something seemed of, it felt as if most of the predators around Elador have....fled....still there are some cases of attacks to traveling parties but not as frequently, now the strange part is the very recent cases of a large monster that had been lurking around the Wormwood Woods, the description didnt exactly match any known predator in the area already...was it a new creature? did it migrate from the western regions of Wormwood? the more and more this creature was spotted the clearer it became that the predator was killing off other creatures in the area, but what kind of animal could kill the top predators of the Woods? it was very clear that it wasnt friendly being known for killing off parties of travelers and terrorzing the southern area of Elador, this went on for quite a bit, but on a certain chilly night right past Midnight a messanger on horseback had arrived from a long trip through the Wormwood Woods finally reaching the Capital the horse trotted throughout the capital in order to reach the Hold on the western side of Necromar, upon reaching the two dark oak doors that separated the capital from the hold the messanger would gulp a bit intimidated from the atmosphere the Hold itself gave off (im not sure if there are guards x...x at the doors if not ust pretend the messanger came in without an escort D: my apologies) -the Guards that waited at the door seemed to size the messanger and his horse he would dismount his steed digging around in his satchel handing over the message to one of the guards, the guard would glare down at it for a moment before opening the doors and handing the letter back to the messanger who grabbed the letter back in his hand and proceeded to make his way into the hold which to his surprise looked like nothing but ruins.....but this wouldnt deter him he would continue till he made it to the entrance entering as soon as he approached, inside seemed even scarier, the stench of blood coming from the fountain in the center was smelled instantly the messanger would slowly creep in trying to not to attract to much attention finally, he could see a woman entering the center room and a male following closely behind her, they seemed to be talking so the messanger waited for a bit to speak out finally making his presence known he would speak out, his voice filling the center room- 'Um...excuse me.....im looking for the Empress..."

GarexTasmin: -Too close to the matter was he getting? Garex coudln't tell for sure if he was opening up too much to the empress, showing off too much of his personality. Perhaps it would be best to take a break for at least something to drink then before they both passed out. It was then that Garex laid eyes upon the Elven girl from the Tavern the other day. "I believe the elf from the tavern wishes an audience with you. Besides...whats the point of eating alone?" -he asked, looking to her with a goofy smile hidden behind that well-made mask the male wore. "Thats an...interesting center-piece." -he said, eyeing the fountain of blood. Seriously...what was this kingdom's fixation on death? If garex didn't know better, he'd swear that he'd just made the mistake of a lifetime settling in this realm that was so....lifeless. Even the townspeople, while normal enough, seemed more distant than they should've been. The land seemed cold..and not in terms of heat but cold....on the underside of it all. It made the male stop and think as he walked beside Aezvyra-

HuntressRavenna: -Venna was on the other side of the fountain when she hear the empress and went to her side and took a knee before her.-”My bow is your Bow Milady just tell me where to raise it at and consider this done. Where would you need me placed to aid you as it seems the hours have grown dark here Milady. Anyway me and my bow or swords can be of use tell me and I will accept the orders given to me without question or fail. I am always at your services when needed most.”-Venna looked up at her and sighed as she knew that this maybe just the kind of thing that gets one tied to an empire for good as one of its servants. She was willing to accept that and have that as part of her world and welcome it willingly.-”The last time I pledged that vow many mistakes were made and the kingdom fell partly to my mistakes I have learned not to ever make the same ones for the innocent blood that flowed. If I could change that whole thing I would welcome to change that past. Now all I can do is serve as best as I can.”-Venna stood up and looked to her after that act of semblance to may help her with an extra fresh fighter to the cause here and she knew that she had need to be of good service and atone in some way for her past. A past marred by the death of two loves one formal husband on one betrothed. She knew that she never would have made this act official if she was not so needed.-”I can tell dark time are falling all I can do is try to aid in its defeat.”

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic empress seem to be lost in the plague of torment that now flooded her ideas. Could they have actually done this curse clear the land; and by they.. the anglic beings that still remained after the Lumene War. The woman didn't even know that there were any left, it had all been up to this very point nothing but rumors about the holy creatures that made their home the summit and now this. She debated if it was an attack, to her it felt as much. A hindering of the Darkness she was to spread over the land and now couldn't. Hearing Garex's words seem to snap her back to reality. "hmm?" her eyes drifted towards the woman who seem to move closer before the comment of the fountian. "Well there use to be a great willow that stood in that very place." she would would start the small tale. "It grew with the love that the Princess held for her Knight.. the moment he had left her the tree it self seem to die." she chuckled softly "I very much wasn't going to have a dead willow resting there,I figured a fountain was more appleasing." she nodded before looking from the corner of her gaze to the male to seehis reaction. In the matter of seconds after watching him her attention would soon move to the male whom seem to rush into the room. "What is it now?" her brow rose before her eyes moved to Venna once more. "I know my dear. as for now I do not know how to answer that question." she took a breath. "Kai had just return and now is in the dungon until we can confirm the source of this so called black ice this so called curse that is upon us now. She lowered her head in a small bow just as the woman rose back to her feet it seems. "Your bow may be needed in one time my dear, soon for now we need to aid the people to getting to safey the best we can. I have just sent ravens out to the front lines in instructing of the Mages to put up a barrier until we can figure this so called curse more. " 

GarexTasmin: "Fair point..the blood though is what worries me most. I mean I get it...the whole doom and gloom and "you'd better not fuck with me buddy" thing...its awesome. I'm just saying...Time and a place? Ah well..this is not the time to discuss fashion senses." -he said, hearing the pledge from the huntress and the response from Aezvyra. The main problem was their lack of information and then nearly equally as important, their lack of time to gather it. Still, that being said it was indeed something to ponder, but at this point, Garex felt that he had done all that he could for the time being in regards to the matter at hand. He said nothing further, not really sure of what would happen next...he knew he had to help solve the issue though, and the underlying issue that was clearly plauging the empire itself, even if everything seemed alright on the surface-
HuntressRavenna: “The allow me to set up in the city as I am sure there will be shortages starting such as room and beds for the new arrivals as I can maybe make sure some pregnant women and the old get to beds and rest as they will be tired. I can set up a make shift hospitals in various places as well large enough to hold the sick and wounded as well as much as I have been through this before I hate to say I am getting good at that kind of situation. I might be able to help Kai as well as I have something very potent as well a gift from a phoenix I knew once a long time ago. It the essence of the flames of rebirth and renewal that can heal even the most of arcane of wounds. Its something I guard closely but if it might help I can use half the vial for him from there save half for myself if ever needed. I am not sure if I can get more of it I can mix it with essence of dragon soul to back up the essence of phoenix fire.”-Venna looked to her for approval to make the curative for Kai and she sighed deeply as she knew she was risking a lot in what she was asking to do her.-”I can also scout the areas for you as that is kind of my thing as well always was good at that in my youth.”

Guest_Zenotin: -The messanger more or less trembled as he approached the talking people of the center room, his letter held firmly in his left hand he could do nothing but wait until a time was given to him to hand the Empress the letter which once opened had the words 'My dear Empress we understand you are a busy woman but there is no one else we could turn too, we need you to send any kind of help you can to Elador please, our children keep going missing and anyone willing to investigate hasnt returned, we are hoping with all our blessings that this message reaches you. the Woods have been harboring something that is terrorzing the land, it continues to become a problem we where hoping you coul interven whenver you could we are aware you might have more oppressing matters' written down, but even then this last cry for help would possibly go unheard, it seemed the Empress had some kind of Angelic beings she had to worry about, but of course the messanger didnt know this he was only just there to relay information, as soon as he handed the letter he would bow at the Huntress, the Male, and the Empress, out of respect of course he waited for anyone to say anything to him in order to relay the message back to the town, if nothing else was needed of him he would return to his horse that awaited outside with the guards-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman laughed at his words. "Blood.." she shook her head and let her eyes move to the crimson liquid. "Why does it worry you so much?" she paused raising a brow at the male. "There is nothing on gloom and doom, just simple the sweet smell of it." she chuckled out softly "maybe we will find time for the full story if we live to be able to tell it at lest" she nodded as she thought to her self. ' later is fine if we can reach later' the words echoed in the woman's mind over and over only to stop at the next sort of words by any of them. "very well my dear do as you wish" she didn't even pounder on what was asked just simply agreed to it. "As for Kai he had requsted no one see him down there. Im not sure why but I have half a mind to summon the very Hellfire to see if it would burn the ice off of him" she seem to shrug lightly at her idea. To her it was still good but she couldn't summon enough hellfire to covern the vast land that was affected and still she didn't know if it would work anyway. "I just don't wish for you to waste the phoenix feather if it will not work." she took a breath before "No.. No one is going up there.. its out of the question. No one is leaving to the summit anymore." she shook her head her words growing dark. "We need to heal Kai and he will tell us what up there. other then that another expedition is out of the question." her eyes flashed pure darkness. Once she was handed the letter the woman would glance down at the seal. "Elador?" she hissed out as she opened it and quickly scanned over the words. "Not only do we have the threat of an icy curse it seems Elador is in need of aid" her stare moved to the messager before falling to Venna. "Any idea where your fling is?" she asked quickly seeing she didn't really have to resource left she had already sent all her arms to the front line trying to keep the frozen curse from spreading down and engulf the rest of the empire. "It seems I am in need of a sword to hire once more"  her eyes drifted to the messager once more. "is that all?"

GarexTasmin: "Its not just the sight of it, its the why. Besides...the stench is...it kills ones appetite. My nose isn't much stronger than that of the average human, but Its enough to help keep me out of danger....or rather, enough to get me into danger. Either way...I worry at how you filled it, given the example you made of the other...foolish being." -he said, referencing the story she told him earlier that night. Hearing the woman and the messaner both speak, Garex would stretch his arms a bit, still not letting go of that staff he wore. "There's no chance in hell that Elador's population could be moved here and sustained. Given the resource requirements and the foodstores necessary, you'd have to be nuts to try to move a major economic hub like that...or especially desparate. Given that its also the only major port you can launch ships from, it might be best to dispatch extra guards and a few...uh...whats the word you humans use...Champions, or something of that nature." -he said, trying to be considerate of the situation while also making sure that the clearly strained resources and logistical infrastructure were not overloaded-

HuntressRavenna: -Venna knew not where Maximous was tonight maybe he was delayed for some other duty and she sighed deeply thing he would definitely come in useful right about now. A man of stone that would survive most any thing at times would definitely of help here for the Empress and she sighed deeply as she wondered if he had maybe left as would be his right he had after all managed to fill his end of the original contract and she was not at all unhappy or sad at the idea. She had hoped he was only away on some personal matter and would return. She would be able to employ him now and she could help more than just one town at a time. Venna nodded at her need to wait on the phoenix feather and sighed she knew just how powerful it was and hoped she had made the right choice for Kai.-”I understand as to my request to aid in the city with the shortages that will arise with so many coming here. I can rally the hunters of course keep food from being a worry of course. I will vacate my room at the tavern and take a piece of the floor as I am not one for the nicety of soft beds all the time.”-Venna listened to the man she had yet to introduce herself to and she cleared her throat a bit.-”Excuse me I don't wish to be rude of course I am Venna pleased to meet you I am sorry I did not catch your name I have been out with a bad knee as of late.”

Guest_Zenotin: -The messanger heard words of the conversation but not the very extent of it, not only did the Empress have some kind of curse on her mind but now Elador was getting terrorized, the messagnger couldnt help but feel a bit upset that he would even give her more work on top of the work she was already dealing with, after giving her a few minutes to read the letter written for him he would nod his head bowing at her- "Yes M'lady that is all that was given to me......but......as the messanger my Empress, i am told to only greet and bid farewell but.....hiring a Sword is going to be a bit out of reach we tried hiring any kind of Merc that would be willing to venture deep into Wormwood....but now even that people have gone missing from what we thought was 'Safety'.....As a messanger for my lovely town i hope to act as a represenative for them all and hope for aid as soon as we can, before it gets out of control" -after his small speech he bowed to the Empress once more, in the middle of the bowing he would hear the Male's words who seemed to only was stating his opinion the messanger didnt know if the man was dangerous or anything but he would stand back upright from the bow and turn to him- "I dont believe the danger is big enough to ask for all of its population to move to the capital....that would be alot of people being moved" -he smiled softly- "What we were hoping for is a small group of the Empress's skilled warriors or yes.....hehe -he laughed to the man referring to him as human- "a champion would be nice"

AezvyraIsadorValke: "Why not?" Aezvyra seem to giggle mainly to her self, her painted lips held a child like grin to it. "No sadly enough I don't really remember what fills it nor the source." She took a step closer to the black stone fountian before dipping a finger into the thick liquid she seem to study it before bringing it up to her lips and sucked it from her finger. "hmm..." she paused as she allowed time for the taste to roll over her tounge more. "human" she smirked before glancing back to Garex. "that might be why there are so few pure humans about thinking about it." The woman's shoulders lifted from their place, her onxy hair sliding down her bare skin some before they had lowered once more. "But I see your point, maybe one day I will have it removed and plant a new willow." she was unsure of the idea she had just come up with about planting a new tree but a seed of darkness could spout just about anything she knew that. "What little guards we have left I supose we can split in half and send them." she turned around to glace over the empty suits of armor in the corners of the room. "Or I can summon them" she pointed to the armor. "I rather I don't though.. that takes so much to do" her lips curled down in a frown as she thought about it. What more was there for her to do. her haunting dark glance moved to the female "I see" the simple words was all she said before letting her gaze fall to the rider. "Is the people of Elador children?" her brow rose as she heard how they most of them would refuse to even step foot in the forest. Then again why would they seeing after all it was a port city and didn't really need to unlike the capital which was surrounded by the woods. "Well it would sounds like we shall send a couple of or hunters and a few warriors we have left to support the city after all." she paused.. "as for a champion there is non left to send out" she shrugged softly before taking a seat on the large brick ledge of the fountain. "I will send the party as soon as I can." 

GarexTasmin: "Might also be prudent to conscript some of the locals in the capital to supplement the guards here incase you're worried about a rising crime-rate due to the lack of presence. The fact that Mercenaries aren't taking the job though is very worrying. Even a lack-luster group of mercs still has some combat training and generally speaking anyone thats hardened would kill to take an easy job like this where they can make quick coin. The fact that they're not is rather suprising. The timing of such an event is also troubling, although its possible that it is a coincidence." -he said, trying to think more on the matters at hand- "If you wish. You could hire me on as a mercenary. Not like there's alot we can do on the front here until Kai wakes up, plus I won't have to leave until you've finished assembling the group, which means I'll be able to continue fulfilling my promise to you from earlier this night." -there was too much going on at once and not enough information regarding either of these circumstances. Still...if they could keep the smaller problems from mounting and solve the ones that do crop-up, this would be a good chance to restore some faith in the government. After all, the citizens needed to believe in their leaders...or at least have faith that they weren't purposefully trying to screw them over-

HuntressRavenna: -Venna could not ever remember what it was to be in a pot city and she smiled to empress a bit she was willing to lead that party of hunters and such to Elador if need be that great for then as she was not in fear of much with her bow and sword with her as well as her daggers of various sorts and she knew she should not ask to lead that group but let it be her decision as all was her decision she lightly smiled as she knew dark time called for desperate measures now and again. Venna had led such and expedition many times without much failed there. She would await orders from her and simply listened to her as she knew what she was doing and Venna closed her eyes a moment and in that moment something almost magical seemed to flow from her in a light way a small light grew from her crystal pendant and then faded as if it channeled something through her body just what that was even Venna did not know what that might be as she was so young for an elf there was yet time for powers beyond her simple knowledge could surface it was simple yet complex at the same time as she then opened her eyes and all seemed normal again. Venna listed to his words and they seemed sound indeed a increased presence would of use and an Archer as well with a few others could be of use in stopping the flow of crime rates as they can go from distances silently and and move quick.-
Guest_Zenotin: -The messanger heard how the Empress called them children, maybe even then she was right....they couldnt seem to shake the fear off that they had to send him for help but the woods have never really been a problem with the guards there but even the guards either saw how others never returned from the woods or just plain and simple didnt want to go venturing into the woods, finally hearing the Empress say she is willing to send a bit of help he would smile in delight giving one last bow before turning and heading off to the steed that awaited him outside of the hold, and like that.....the messanger was heading out to relay the Empress's message back to Elador, or so. thats what he thought only a couple miles into the woods would the Messangers life be taken away from him.....the message was never relayed, but the after a few hours the riderless horse had arrived back in Elador to be greeted by the few Guards it had left- "What the hell....? Who's horse is this?" -but in all reality this was just another case of dissapearance, one that Elador was all too familiar with......whatever was in the woods..........got to him before he could make it- 

AezvyraIsadorValke: "It is true that is troubling but nether less, our people need help." she would glance over to Garex before lowering her sight to the floor. "I don't understand if they needed help why did they wait so long? Have they not understood they are still My people?" she mumbled out under her breath before letting her words drift to an ancient tongue. " qwos taly ez swyly.. ez tu hyahdy za kobs? Waq tipw taly ez swyly aswyl swyf zaty xyozs ef swy qaakz.. waq wolk ez es sa nedd o xyozs.. ofuafy qwa dejyz qeswef swy pohesod pof ka es.. swyu qaidk wojy... fa Ydokal tizs plu swyel qou wyly oznefr bal wydh qwyf swyly hdoefdu fa wydh." she paused moved her head up to look at everyone. "Kolnfyzz qesw ihaf swez ythely... yjyf eb es tyofz E tizs zoby esz hyahdy blat kyosw es zydb. E qedd fas boed tu xelswlerws faq" The pigment of her eyes shifted losing all color as once again that demonic nature; the empress's true nature seem to be scratching in the back of her mind. It wasn't long before the darkness surrounded the woman, as a dark auroa. Her leather like horns appared to part her hair, even the silver chains that had embeaded her horns seem darker in color at this point in time. Her dark gaze shifted back to Garex as he spoke about being her mercenary for the task. "If you wish." the words were simple and stright to the point. "both of you two will go and see this so called beast that the children of Elador couldn't simply kill themselves. It seems they rely on their fishing poles or their trade other then hunting as we do" her voice had lost all of its soft luring tone to it as she spoke. Her eyes moved to follow the rider as he left the keep through the double doors before falling back  on the two. She took a deep breath trying to calm her nerves only to lean back just enough to dip her left hand in the flowing crimson waters of the fountain she sat upon before bringing it up to her face and looking at it. "Why do I get the urge to recall my armies and send them to Elador?" her gaze would shift first to the male then to the female. "How hard is it to kill something? death is a person nature.. to kill the sheer pleasure and excitement from it should be enough but no.. they stay out of the woods. "

GarexTasmin: "Only those soft in the soul kill for only the sake of pleasure, Aezvyra. However, I think its more a matter that they can't handle it rather than they won't...could be a number of things in truth, each hypothesis more worrying than the last for different reasons. However, I'd also ask that you send with us a small contingent of hunters and trackers..people of the scouting disciplines." -he said as he nodded. The terms of this mercenary assignment could be discussed later as there were more pressing matters to attend to. "What do you think elf girl?" -he asked, not really sure of her name. Still her loyalty to the empress was...not that questionable. Either way, it seems they would be destined for Elador. Perhaps Garex could prove himself a bit and maybe even increase his prices if word of his exploits started to spread. Without hesitation he simply tapped the Khakkhara against his mask hard enough to make it ring out, sort of chastising himself for such thoughts. Discretion was indeed the better part of valor fool...and you should know it well enough based on the life you live." -That is what he thought at the moment., reminding himself of his past experiences with those not of his kind, and even more so with those who'd never heard of his people before-
HuntressRavenna: -Venna looked to her and bowed she would do as she was told and knew that she had never worked with this man before and she could tell he was already tired and looked to him the Aezvyra. You both seem tired and in need of rest in a bad way it might be best if we leave after he has had some rest it is late and I am also tired as well I would need to sleep and come up with a plan between us as well as we have never worked together before. I know not his capabilities and such things. Its unwise to no nothing of who you work with at times. I am sure he is a good fighter and all from how you have worked with him and send us out together shows you value him as well. I would be happy to hunt this thing they fear for them as it is what I was trained for and that comes in handy. I can give us distance to the fight to begin with and from there he will be able to react as well.”-Venna was sure in her abilities and smiled to the man who yet had to tell her his name as she might need to use it in the fight and she looked to Garex again.-”Sir if we are to fight together your name would be most helpful to me as I may need to call it in battle I cant say you or Hey you can I? I am Venna DawnSinger by the way and I would hope you call me Venna or Ven for short if need be.”


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