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((**Welcome to Nyamithler Empire** Please give us a few seconds to get you the setting for today.))
((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy base roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos do to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now the Ram's Tavern and Inn is located within the outskirts of the capital city Necromar which is on the far side of the city compared to Kleshi Hold aka the castle.  The forest itself is a dense ancient woodland which is home to many animals and dark creatures. It is late noon early evening at the moment; weather includeds a light chilling wind from the north but other then that its clear skies Empire NPCs of the day: Rose[Bar maiden] Kyran[Empress's personal gaurd]....Post order is as following Mercinarious.. HunteressRavenna, Myself, then KafzielLaVayne.. any new people will be added in to the line once they have posted their entrance and will come following the line ))

mercinarious: -Maximous had been out in the forest most of the day, and had been making quite the pile just sitting on a stump waiting for Orcs to come by, and when he had noticed they hadn't been around for a few hours he figured the odds were he had taken out most of the extended search parties. He pulls out the maps and his notes and begins to scribble a few notes down, and on an extra piece of paper writes a few notes and draws a crude map of a forest before he finds a raven nearby, bringing it down from the tree, whispering in its ear before tying the note to its ankle and sending it out. Max nodded a bit and went over to the Orc corpse pile, taking a few of the larger ones and breaks off their teeth, then he began to dig up places for the bodies and burrying them promptly, hoping it would keep the Orcs from trying to raze all the nearby villages for a bit. He puts the Orc teeth together in a pouch and begins to walk his way back to the tavern, keeping an eye out and around as he does, noting changes in animal paths, and the way the birds had been acting before getting back to the taven. When he gets inside the tavern he takes off the pouch full of teeth and drops them on the corner of the bar near where he always sits and smiles at Rose, despite her glare and orders the usual, while she leaves the bottle with the tankard as she tends to do and he fills it up for himself-
HuntressRavenna: -Venna knew she had to go to the city today and she put on a roguish black body suit a three chains belt that swung over the head with the lose chains was another weapon, bow, calf daggers, and throwing daggers. Yes she was armed to the teeth today she had just gotten back from the city and showed the section from her notes with Maximous what areas were the heaviest populated so far with the numbers of orcs. “Gentle men yes I know that makes the areas we can hunt less and the numbers of game low but the game birds are plentiful. Empress Has contracted With a man Maximous to do something about the orcs.He's different and I am sure at times you may run into while hunting and such or at the tavern but please don't hound the man hes a good man that needs time to handle the trolls and orcs. I am sure he will be diligent in his duties. That's all for now just make you arrows count.” -Venna took questions and looked out over them as theier were questions and such as well after she told them things and she left with skin and the hide with the heads already taken and went to the different places she needed to go to to drop everything off at then headed back to the Tavern after collecting her coin. She knew at times That some saw the bites on her neck but some just seemed to know she did not and would not answer questions for them even if curious at times. She was not a kiss and tell type person and she smiled to others she past by at times and bowed her head in respect to some as well as they past on the streets or in shops. She was also in good spirits as well as she she entered the tavern when all her things were done and sort of skipped a bit as she seemed to be in the really good spirits.-
mercinarious: -Maximous heard someone enter and looked over and saw Venna who he nodded to a bit, he seemed a bit off and irrated as he drank from his tankard, with all of his notes and maps in front of him which he appeared to be working on dilligently and grumbling a bit as he did. His notes and maps were covered in a different color notes and markings this time, to represent newer marks rather than having similar marks all over, with a key on the side as he drank between his scribbling to try to avoid spilling on the papers. He apparently had become irritable enough that Rose had even taken a bit of a step back, as he mumbled in several different languages, most of which were long dead languages, as he tries to attempt to write in common as much as he could between his grumbling-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Minutes soon became hours just as the sun had nearly finished its travels over the large sky, the demonic empress other known as Aezyvra Isador Valke, or just simply Aezyvra seeing the woman had hid the fact she use to go by Isis, had started to stir from her sleep seeing the day had been weary and the woman needed rest. Slowly at first until the woman was litterly tossing and turning in her bed, the black silk sheets bunched up over her naked body as her eyes snapped open as she forced her self to sit up. Panting the demon would search her bed chambers from where she sat before glacing over to the door to see if anyone had entered without her permission. Seeing that no one had, not even the small impish creature from her past. The creature was the outcome of a spell or so she had thought way back then; it had shattered her mind. Aezyvra's emreald green hues flickered crimson and then block before settling back to their bright greenish color as she slipped out of her bed and moved towards teh window only to see the sun falling over the great forest of the horizen. "Dame it" the words came mumbling out as she moved to find her dark clothing as she crosed her arms over her nude body before finding the long black dress with the lace sleaves. She quickly stepped within the dress and pulled it up over her slim frame, of course the woman only stood to be five foot six about. Aezyvra's hands moved through her hair as she sighed brushing her fingures through her long onxy hair she was going to leave it down for once to show off its full lenght. The woman took a deep breath as glanced at her self in the mirror. 'this will have to do.' she thought to her self as she strolled out of her room and headed down the long hall heading stright to the double oak doors that lead out of the keep. The days seem to run together lately and it was bad news after bad news it seem. The demon didn't know how much more she could take before she would end up losing her mind. Do to it the woman had went to sleep two days before hand and had not just woke. Aezvyra of course did not know this and wouldn't until someone would speak up about it. The demon took a breath glooked around the captial city of Necromar as it seem dead; even the normal beggers seem to be off the streets now. Her head lowered, her eyes on the ground as she just walked; weaving in and out of the buildings she couldn't help but to think this was all her fault. Aezvyra was sure the way everything was working out the plegue was upon them or worst, the Maker or Great Mother had made their returne. <c>
AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman walked, her footsteps near silent on the cold stone beneth her bare feet. She finally after what seem hours since she had left her chambers rounded the corner and found her self before the Tavern. Her green hues lifted from the ground as she noticed the different horses then normal there. She brow seem to shift from its spot and lift a small bit as her heart seem to pound just slightly . She didn't remember summoning extra gaurds; she hadn't even realize her most trusted Kyran behind her a few yards away doing his job. She sighed it wasn't safe anymore, granted she could handle her self that wasn't the issue. Truth was she was scared even though she acted as if she wasn't, she was truely scared what this new blight upon her homeland was. The demon moved walking right up to the double doors of the tavern before pushing it open enough to slip inside the entrance way. Her eyes flickered as the shadows seem to sway to her and bend in shape as the demon gaurd had entered using them a few feet before her. She shook her head. "Kyran; I can handle myself you of all people know this. We have no worries here." she spoke softly before walking up the the male in full plate armor trying her best to dismiss him. "Go play with the toy i left you in the dungon or something." she would try to tempt him with the lust in his heart only to fail. "Very well then stay" she crossed her arms as if disappointed in her self for not being about to send him off, Aezvyra never did like to be watched it made her skin crawl and the paranoia set in. The demon sighed softly stepping into the main room of the tavern her eyes lingering on just about everything before walking right to her little area in the back before sitting down in her chair. She had moved her hand nearly in a wave as the fireplace seem to spark to life by it self as she just stared at the dancing flames before her. <e>
HuntressRavenna: -As Venna came in to into the tavern and started for the bar she was stopped by one of the local hunters with a rolled up messages and paper and she took it and smiled as she chuckled a bit the Raven on the mans shoulder.-”Well he missed me at the town meeting happens at times. So here is his note latest to the hunters so let me mark it on my map as well then you can pass the word on the notes and we will manage to all have the new map notes and things among us. Venna smiled to the hunter as he seemed in a happy mood by the notations she made on her map handing the one just arrived to her. She moved from the direct path of the door making the notations and markings on her map from the new one in a different color. By standing against the wall. She noticed the doors swing open and saw the Empress pass by and she smiled to her a bit from where she was then finished and handed the man the maps and went to the bar. She now and took a seat by an irritated Maximous and looked to Rose who smiled at her and rubbed her neck with a raised brow and Venna blushed a bit of a nice shade and so did the tips of her ears.-”Rose please just a tankard of honey mead please and a plate of that bear roast with a bit of the side potatoes and Vegetable of whatever you have please I am sure you will make it nice.”-Venna smiled to Rose who got the tankard poured first then set it down as she went to the kitchen as she started on a side vegetable of onions and peppers with mushrooms to add with the bear and potatoes.-
KafzielLaVayne: A bright red light started to fill a small dark alleyway at the ends of the main capital.Footsteps echoing at a volume that made it hearable on the main road as well.A large demon,pale and dressed in white had made its way near the area of his destination.The tavern nearby is where he was going and though the wind was cold he did not seem bothered by this fact. Dressed in thin fabric and a coat to keep him warm just barely able to cling to his shoulders swung around behind him. The light which started to get dimmer the more he came closer to the main road was a result of his aura flowing freely around his body. The gasses it made circeling around him like a venemous snake, yet it resulted in small flowers upon the places his feet had been. The earth around him though solid acted like liquid showing ripples when his feet came down on it with each step.His silver melted upon his horns as decoration complimented the light and before him the road was bright by its reflection, it made walking easier with the sun down. Having started to walk on the main road to make his way to the tavern his aura or rather the gasses it produces dissapears entirely leaving only a bit of the light it created. He did not feel like bothering others with a light show and by the time he opened the doors and stepped upon the wood even the plants he had left behind stopped growing with each step. With a quick adjustment to the small crown hanging from his white horns he looked around him and stretches out the muscles in his arms above his head.He spoke with a voice sinister yet having a off beat light tone that did not fit it in the slightest."Greetings on this fine day."
mercinarious: -Maximous looks over to Venna and pushes the bag of Orc teeth over to her and says something in a language she doesn't understand before stopping for a moment, taking a deep breath and sighing pointing to the bag- "That's a tooth for every Orc I killed today. I cleared out most of the edges of the forest to give your hunters more room to move in, but they need to tread carefully. None of the Orcs would talk and tell me where their camp is or where their leader is." -He sighs and looks back at his notes, scratching his head a bit before pointing at the forest on the map a few times- "By the looks of it, they're in the middle here, setting up camp bit by bit, but I do not know if their warlord has moved in yet, and I do not want to hit it before he does because they will move to a different spot and make it harder to get him. They think, they're invincible at the moment and the loss of all their scouts will come as a surprise to them, they'll start to wander more real warriors out, but not in big numbers, they'll be more worried about losing any more Orcs. I am just not sure if the Empress wants the kids and the women gone as well as the men." -Maximous had noticed the Empress come in before, but wasn't going to bother her as she seemed to be relaxing off to the side and he let off a sigh looking down into his mug, wishing he could get drunk to relax for a bit at least-
HuntressRavenna: “Greeting and well met sir and hope the day teats you well this fine afternoon.”-Venna called from the bar as she sipped her mead and waited for her order as she sat with a irritated Maximous and she leaned into him gently as a bird.-”Well that's a good start and I made the notations on my maps as well as had the hunter take the map to show it around and told him the note says to be cautious. As well as possible more patrols of them out in areas. Would it be that hard for you to take out the women and kids because a small orc today grows in big ones tomorrow.”-Venna looked to him her green gold kissed pupils show brightly as she looked at him and this simple closeness was something to see for Venna seemed never close to anyone before. There was also a softness to Venna around Maximous none would have ever seen before with him from her and she smiled a bit as she sipped her mead some more and looked at the bag of teeth.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon seem lost in her own mind as normal; her index finger of her right hand moving along the grains of the wooden table as she sat there staring into the fire. She seem content watching the smoke roll from its place on the flames and up the brick chimy. The heat of the flames not bothering her or the feeling of the wood beneth her fingre tip seem to do anything, it was just simple movement to keep her body moving so she wouldn't be tempted to summon or use shadows around her. Aezvyra seem to glance up hearing the door of the tavern open and then close even though she couldn't see it from the room she had been sitting; honestly she couldn't see anything other then the center of the building and parts of the bar from where she sat. Her emrald hues seem to lift from the dancing flames as she looked over towards the door frame. Her finger which had stopped moving had followed suit with the rest as if ready to pull the darkness from under the table to her hand if need be. She sat there blinking before one of the bar maids seem to enter the room. "What" her voice was darker then its normal luring tone, The young maid seem to start trembeling by the mere tone speaking. "Can I get you anything?" she would ask the Empress before falling silent as if she was waiting. Aezvyra sat there blinking at the woman for a few moments. "Bring me my bottle and chalice." she shrugged before waving her left hand to dismiss the woman from her sight. She thought about the maid from a few days ago before calling out "And don't take to long." her stare seem to move into a glare as she watched the young woman hurry off to fetch the items leaving her once more to her lonesome for the time being. Seconds rolled by as the demon started tapping her finger upon the table as she waited, her eyes moving from the young woman to the partons whom filled the bar area along with the table in the main hall. Her chest rose as she took a deep breath her glance moved back to the flames just as the bar maid seem to return and place the crimson bottle and the brass chalice on the table top before vanishing back amass the rest of the tavern. The empress sighed softly as she glanced at the bottle before her eyes settled on the cork, the very bane of her exsitence it would seem at this very moment. "They could have left it off." she cursed under her breath as she sat there looking at the object. "You.. are you going to put up a fight too?" she mumbled talking to the object as if it was a person. 

KafzielLaVayne: The demon shining almost like a beacon from being so brightly dressed in this dark establishment had stopped looking around. The sharp gaze comming from his light purple eyes going to the woman whom had greeted him back in return. Giving her a nod noticing her attention was to someone else, and he himself had just made a shocking realization. Blue runes had started to appear upon the skin of his chest, a piece of soul still pure the day he got it reacting to its original owner. A grin would start to paint his lips and at the same time he started to look around him untill he saw a maid going into a side room in which he could not look from his position."That is where i must go."A off thing to say out of the blue yet for him and if heard by the one in question something that would tell alot. Quickly he starts to make his way through the tavern his heels clicking loudly against the wooden floor. When he passes the maid whom had just walked out the side room to the rest of the tavern their shoulders would collide, his attention was fully elsewhere as he did not even react. Instead it pushed the maid aside whom only threw him a glance of disbelief towards his disrespectfull behaviour before waking further again. He stepped into the side room and indeed as the blue runes on his chest became brighter there she sat at the table. Reaching to the wall nearby he knocked upon it as his grin became a smile and his voice as he spoke lost the light off beat tone leaving only its sinister self behind." Honey, i am home."He would make his way into the room to take a seat upon the same table she was on. Using the chair on the other end he sat down there to give her a look with a shine comming from his eyes.
mercinarious: -Maximous wasn't paying attention and nodded a bit when Venna spoke until she was looking at him and he sighed a bit nodding a bit, scratching his chin a bit looking over at her- "Yes, well you're correct so I'll make sure to be quick about them. As quick as I can." -He sighed a bit, he knew it was generally morally wrong to do such things, but he also knew that leaving a child alive with no father can often end badly years down the road, and he was going to live long enough to have to worry about a child growing up so he nodded deciding he would take care of the women and children as well- "Guess you're right Venna." -He seems to have calmed down quite a bit now, and was drinking slower, and scribbling a lot less now that she was there. He took the moment to sigh a bit rolling his shoulders to let his stress out, the sounds echoing from his shoulders sounding like two boulders ground together-
HuntressRavenna: -Venna did turn her head a bit and watched as the new person went to the back area where she knew Aezyvra was and she smiled a bit, as she looked to the maid that rushed into the bar area grabbing her bottle and challis. Before Venna might suggest she remove the cork this time the maid hurried off as she food was brought out and and she sat up a bit as she looked back to Maximous and the bag of teeth. Then heard him relaxing a little with her close by and she smiled to him as she leaned she looked to him again knowing he did not like the idea of women and kids bu yes she was right as well to say what she had about the orcs on day growing up. She then looked to her meal and smiled and for a little bit the whole room danced away as she started to dig in to the meal.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra paid no mind to the sounds of the tavern, the mist of people talking among themselves or the sound of the elven bard whom seem to be telling one of the many stories she has heard over time, or the sounds that came from the second floor of couples enjoying eachother. Her gaze just locked on the bottle debating if she would start the normal struggle trying to get the cork from its place or not. Was that drink so important at that very moment that she would do this same dance she normally did, the answer yes. The deon eached for the bottle with her right hand taking hold of it before placing figures from her left over the cork. "I will surly win this time." she mumbled out as the struggle started. Why she wouldn't just use the shadows to pop the cork simply she didn't even think it. She sighed as she struggled. Then it hit her, the sound of the male's voice that seem to come after a knock. "Hmm?" she glanced up looking at him and the blue runes. "You.." her eyes seem to widen as she held the bottle in both hands just looking at him. "Don't call me that Kafziel, that was a long time ago." she hissed out as her gaze caught the runes. "That.. That needs to go." she pulled her left hand from the bottle and pointed at his chest. "I don't want that.. that pure soul near me." she mumbled out shaking her head letting her long onxy hair dance along her shoulders. "I dont see why you wont just let me taint it." she chuckled softly licking her lips a bit before returning her attention to the bottle before giving up and placing it on the table once more. "stupid thing." she cursed as she crossed her arms leaning back in her chair letting her gaze move back to the male. "I supose i should welcome my Captain home hmm?" she questioned softly. 

KafzielLaVayne: With a bouldering laughter comming from him he had sat down on the chair across of her while he reached for the bottle that she had given up upon. Taking out the cork with relative ease he starts to fill the chalice as he looks down to the blue runes shining from his chest."You know i will not let you taint the last remnant of the woman i loved.She gave it to me on her own free will and i will cherish this part of her untill there is no time left for the planes of the worlds." Smiling to her he starts to lean back on the chair placing his hands on the table his palm holding the top part of his other hand."Yes i am home, i will stay and fullfill my duties as i was meant to do."With a quick nod he looks around in the side room glancing over to the flame that started to warm him up.Turning his gaze to the bottle he had opened afterwards he took it in his hand for a quick sip which he swallowed down with a sigh of relief followed quickly after.

mercinarious: -Maximous chuckled as he watched her eat for a moment before cleaning up all his papers and notes and maps, a slight sigh escaping his lips as he thinks of all he has missed out on in his time, though he does leave out one map of the area, as he begins to pull out other significantly older maps, trying to figure out exactly what was at this spot a millenia ago, and whether or not he has left anything burried in the area, which he often does for fun sake for himself or someone else to dig up, or simply to see if he has ever known something of the spot he is in, scratching his chin and then letting out a huff. He quickly gives in and just puts away the maps and tries to find something to do to entertain himself and keep himself busy-
HuntressRavenna: -As she ate she wasn't sure what was happening in the other room and she was in no rush to intrude there either as she looked at Max as he poured over more maps and papers. She smiled as she took a soft bite of the potatoes and chewed it then swallowed it down and took a sip of her mead as she looked up at Maximous a bit and wondered a few things like if her could taste what would he want to try first she thought she might get around to asking at some point yet she was happy as she finished the meal and pushed away her plate. As she took the last drink of the mead and pushed that forward for a refill.-Maps to know where you have been and places you have past through can be fun to look at I had a few in a cabin I once had fire took that home and sent me out traveling hoped to rebuild one day but not sure I found a place to stay for good before I do. I mean leaving a building behind you in a spot says something as to who you were and the ways you lived.”
AezvyraIsadorValke: When Kafziel had reached for the wine bottle and pulled the cork her eyes widen as she shook her head once more. "Stupid thing." she mumbled out under her breath looking at the bottle in his hands. She wished she would have known why the last few bottles had given her so much trouble opening, maybe it was just the expanding do to the warm weather, but she couldnt be sure of it. Aezvyra sighed as she let the words softly leave her painted lips. "Sadly enough I have be reminded time and time again you will not part with that old thing, Yet, it seems I will forever have to deal with the light it shines. To remember to good timesit had brought. It was a smart choice after all seeing the threats back then. " she nodded wondering if now after so long to finally give up on the soul bit or at lest for the time being seeing there was so much she had to deal with and really didn't need to worry about one little part of a pure light that use to be within her. "Yes.. Yes I know I did. As I know it will never fade. its more less insurance it seems incase of my death or will you not part from it even then?" she chuckled out shortly after. Her green hues moving to the dancing flames before she used her right hand which seem to relax on her lap to set it on the table. "Very well, granted I was starting to wonder if you had ran off as always. " She hissed out teasing him a bit before her eyes fell on the crimson liquid that was being poured into the bottle. The woman could smell the metlic smell mixed with the sweet whiskey, her mouth seem to water a bit as the longing for the drink seem to seep into the back of her mind. "There is much that you need to be filled in on it would seem." she lowered her head a bit. "And here I thought it would be easy to come home and try and realx after everything i had been through dealing with my adoptive siblings." she seem to chuckle as she paused thinking about everything she had been through and it didn't seem to be letting up any time soon. Aezvyra glanced back to Kafziel hearing the sigh. "What is on your mind?" the words slipped out before she finally reached for the chalice and pull it closer to her before looking down within it. Her left hand just sitting there where she had left it as she decided to pull some of the shadows from underneath the table to form a small orb which she would mess with for a short time before finally taking that first sip of Unicorn's blood and whiskey. 

KafzielLaVayne: His fingers raising up in unison tapped against the woodwork of the table as his eyes whent from the bottle and her whom he still stubbornly called after her old name, much to her dislike. With a voice much more serious sounding he started to speak while he gaze moved to the fire which he started to enjoy the moment he had walked in."If that day comes and your life is lost it will not be you to return, but the woman i once knew and presented that old forgotten ring to. Untill then none shall touch it, only see when you are around and it starts to react to your presence."A smile like a short lived wave came over his lips before just as quick as it came dissapearing showing his serious face again. Picking up the bottle again with his right hand he took a gulp from it and places it close to him at the end of the table for easier usage."Indeed there is much for me to catch up on. But what is on my mind is little, a minor issue easily resolved. Like many similair issues like it, it only needs some time." Tapping with his nails against the glass of the bottle he looks to her eyes whom had changed so much since the olden days."So what is it that i have missed..my empress?"Presenting her a grin he leans forwards over the table and awaits the long tale of what he did not know.


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mercinarious: -Maximous was bored as Venna talked about a cabin, and he grinned a bit looking over at her- "I may not have a cabin, but I've still got a nice room I've kept pretty sound proof." -He grins again and stands up stretching for a moment and points upstairs- "Will you be joining me once again, to add to your trophies?" -He points to her neck and chuckles a bit with a wink before starting to head towards the stairs, humming a bit with his hands in his pocket- "Better be quick, limited time only." -He teases a bit with a chuckle as he walks, looking back at her to see if she'll be rushing to catch up to him-
HuntressRavenna: -Venna was fast out of her memories hearing him say the room was still sound proofed and hurried after him with a grin and laughed a bit as she followed.-"My trophies from our friendly play as you call them are as much stating you have conqured the huntress here in your own way and for that I must say thank you. I can feel comfortable again with you in the same room with me."-Venna stayed right be hind him her hips swaying with every step as she followed him. Her whole body seemed in a rush to keep up yet stay controled and slow even steps as she moved towards the stairs with him now right on his heels.-"Anyway I was wondering if you were going to ask or if I needed to tempt you?"
Nym10: =An almost imperceptibly imperceptible skittering-like sound that barely registers from inside this mighty monolothic mansion, to all the patrons inside save for those with a hightened sense of hearing, growing stronger and stronger with each passing half-second. As soon as the sounds are nearest the door the sounds stop as what seems like an impossibly large force all but knocks the thick wooden doors of it's handles, as if a giant had punched the doors, as the form of a rather disturbing creature with what seems like the upper body of a very stern looking drow woman with ravenous beauty about her and a look of utter disgust on her face as she finds those inside this place to be foul looking creatures beneath her. The dark elven woman's lower body is most peculiarly that of an impossibly large black widow almost devoid of any kind of hair with each of the spider-legs covered in thick metallic coating.=

AezvyraIsadorValke: As always, the demonic empress waited the chalice pressed against her bottom lip as she allowed her eyes to close taking in every small taste of the drink and how it seem to mix together. It had been as if the very first time she had mixed the two even thought that it self was a faint memory in the past now; all she knew was the mix three parts blood and two whiskey no matter the kind. She took a breath her chest forced her upper torso to lift from its place and then lower right back to where it had been to start. The woman's eyes fluttered open as if she had been asleep just then, as she awoke from a dream. Then she to her amaze it was no dream she was there, at the tavern still and he before her. Her suprizement seem to fade finally as she listened. "That would be a day indeed it seems." she commented not really sure how to respond she truth was she feared the day he would had to use that part of her being to summon her back if she had fallen in battle. The idea of death came to her, only because of what had been going on within the Empire. Death.. it feeled the area it seemed now and time would tell how it would end. Her death she had already planned for the most part, granted nothing ever seemed to go strictly as one would want it. Aezvyra already made sure the best she could, her time would end on the battle field if she could help it, not by some sickness, not by some spell gone wrong. Then the ring came to her attention her eyes shifted down to her lap as her right hand moved up to the necklace which seem to have not only the black gemstone but the ring hidden away within it. "Lovely a tracking spell" she hissed out thinking about it fully now. If anyone knew the both of them would have figured that one out; let alone it told him when she was near to him. There was no hiding from him even if she tried to. The woman watched him take hold the bottle before her brow rose. "When did you start enjoying the taste of blood?" she couldn't help but to chuckle at the idea. For her it had been the first time the darkness had took root fully and started to change her; the countless mornings she would wake from her slumbers only to be covered in blood, fact was she was happy it had not happend since she had returned home. She was scared of harming her people persay granted there was time she couldn't help it it seemed. "There is always something my friend. you know you can speak to me about it." her gaze lowered back to her free hand as she finally set the glass on the table as she started to shape the orb, playing with it to keep her mind from revisiting the past. "What have you missed?" she paused debating on what all should she tell him. Should they speak on the roaming bandits that threaten, or the Orc packs she had managed to hire Maximous to find and kill the leader.Maybe the worst threat of all the ice. "Well there alot you have missed. We are threaten by what seems like a spell I believe Im not even too sure what to call it. There ice that is covering everything up North and it is making its way here." seh paused. "Let alone the Legion and its attacks on the small towns." she would lift her head and gaze to the male. "You know I dislike the title. Is it so hard to just simply call me by my name?" she hissed out shortly after the summery of everything. 

KafzielLaVayne: A flare of blue light escaped his purple eyes showing his suprise. He had forgotten that he never told her about how he could always find her, even in the darkest of days and furthest distances she was never lost with no one to find her. This was the very reason he placed that spell on her wedding ring which it once was atleast.Now it is but a reminder of a past long forgotten to many.His voice seemed distant as he responded to her and him speaking about the day of her death."Let us hope it never comes to pass, but prepare for the day it does." Turning his eyes to the bottle from which he took a quick sip he putted it on the center of the table in case she wishes for more while his gaze now with no blue light looked towards her."I started to enjoy blood since the day of my death and rebirth as an Arubino Daraku. Perhaps it is my demonic self seeking it, or i changed personality wise. I am not sure. Not used to being this version of myself, fleshy bodies are strange it takes time to get used to. Yet it is but a minor issue." Having noticed the entrance of something strange his gaze moved to the doors shortly, it was an amusing sight to behold. A creature heralding from such a young race looking with such disgust to them like she was above them. It made a chuckle escape his lips as he turned back to the empress having choosen to ignore this one."Well i can call you Isis if that is what you prefer."Showing her a grin as he teased her he started to ball his left hand into a fist. Words of trouble in the empire were of great concern towards him as he held the highest possible position that dealt with the safety of its people.Though he rarely showed sides of him like this unless he found himself in rare moments with very select people like Isis whom sat infront of him."Is there something i can do? you know when it comes to battle i have no issue riding out and meeting these kind of things head on. I am very effective when it comes to that.".

mercinarious: -Maximous came back down from his room, holding Venna in his arms, chuckling about something they had been talking about upstairs as he brought her down to place her in the chair, her legs still shaking a bit as he sat down next to her, leaning against the bar and noticing something strange that he hasn't seen before in the doorway, raising his brow a bit in surprise but shaking his head a bit with a sigh, seeing no imminent threat, he spun around to face Venna and lightly kissed her cheek. He noticed that the other two were still in the side room and hadn't come out, so that reinforced the idea that there probably wasn't any threats at the moment so he asked Rose for a nice whiskey, which surprised her, until he poured it and handed it over to Venna with a wicked grin at Rose, who then irritably handed him another cheap bottle of whiskey to go with the nicer one- "Cheers to another fun session together."

Nym10: =The drider slowly makes her way into the tavern proper, the look of disgust on her face never leaving her lips as she looks at a nearby male with the most disgusting disdain that any being could give, only for it to be topped when she see's the male ordering a woman around. To this drow, she finds it the most foul thing alive and is tempted to let the multiple snake heads of her holy whip to rend this foul male's flesh from his body while tearing chunks of his body off.= "Rul'selozan dhynen. Lu'oh shlu'ta dos dro wun natha beldraein nindel zhah xuileb erg'les l'mildrin mzilst nrunnin beldraein, lu'ori'gatoin nindolen ... NESSTREN l'zaer dos bauth. Ol orn'la morfeth Lolth loff'ta whol uns'aa ulu katrill dos jal." =She says in her native tongue as her sanity and self-perseverance calms her nerves and she moves towards the bar proper to see if she can find something that would make this waste of space worth it's space on the World Above, but she knows nothing could save this place from facing the wrath of her Spider Queen goddess.= ((translation: Disgusting mortals. How can you live in a building that is without question the single most boring building, and letting these ... MEN boss you around. It would make Lolth happy for me to slaughter you all.))
HuntressRavenna: -Venna was catting a bit before they came from the room with her being carried as she was placed at the bar and she took note of the Drider who entered here and her own brow raised she had seen them before and even had one as a friend at times and at first she wondered and then thought that would be a strange to cross paths with the same one as before but yes she was not really a threat. She was just cursed by her goddess and that was a shame as they were creatures that were evil yes but also had qualities that allowed for a bit of good when simply given a bit of respect. Venna smiled and kissed Maximous back lightly also taking note that the male that entered and went to speak with Aezvyra was still in the room with her and she would at some point go see if she was ok with the visitor there.-”I can get used to the kisses at times and maybe a hug as a greeting when your not irritated.”-Venna chuckled as he had for a brief moment made Rose happy only to steal it away from her with the good whiskey handed to her which she accepted and took a sip of.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Her gaze shifted from the small room back out through the doorway that lead to the main tavern floor; she couldn't see the entrance way from where she sat or the area where the elven bard had set up hours before hand. She sat there staring wondering what the source of the sound was even thoughs he never moved from her chair as she returned to the conversation at hand. "I had nearly not even noticed the change." her gaze fell back upon the male as she studied this new form. "It looks good on you granted i still prefer the old you." her lips curled at their endds pulling into a smirk. "Flesh is one thing but its the appearance to keep up." she spoke softly before her right hand moved to her long flowing hair before moving over her head showing she didn't even have her horns in few. "Mortal." she chuckled out as she learned to hide the truth well after the demon hunters had been spotted. "Yet tales of the empire ruled by demons still found their way out." she seem to snort out. "Then again the death.. the call of desire don't help either it seem." she allowed the smirk vanish soon after as she went back to the topic on hand. "Aezyvra darling Aezvyra is my name." she glared at him "Isis was just short for Isador, you knew that." she would let the words of her name pass and fall short as she didn't really wish to argue about what he called her. She already knew it was a lost cause he was going to either call her Empress or Isis just to get on her nerves; and she knew it. Aezvyra paused before falling silent her eyes on her lap as she pulled the shadow into a small rose before setting it on the table before her. "I already hired a sell sword to help some of the villages with the bandits. and he to kill the orc warlord if he able to find them that is. I believe someone has traveled north to find the source of the Ice that is sending the Undead to our doors. " She took up the chalice and took a quick drink to wet her lips before speaking again. "Ive already sent messagers to our cities to get every one the safty of the walls. It its their choice to do so or not." she sighed softly "Your job as always my dear is to train our gaurd which seem to be dwingling now." she shrugged "and no I didn't kill them." she chuckled out thinking about the bar maid from the other night whom had found a new home within the dark dungons of the keep thanks to the empress. Aezvyra's attention soon moved to the rose as she moved her hand over it trying to force it into a real form; not just the dark near black color lifeless object that seem to shift every time a gental breeze would hit it. "Trust memy dear there will be bloodshed; you know me better then most, when do you know me to let this stand." Even her chuckle seem to darken as he voice did her eyes shifting in color seem to darken. Her brow rose as she caught the sound of something in the main hall. The woman would lower her head as she rose to her feet her dark silk gown falling from being bunched up. She would take the few steps to the door way before leaning on it her hands crossed as she looked around for the creature who spoke. "Who said that?" she hissed out her eyes scanning landing on Venna and then Maximous and then the new comer. Her arms would fold across her upper torso as she let her demonic features show, her horns seeping from underneath her long onxy hair to curl up towards the sky, the metal chain links that have been embeded within the leather like texture. Even her long barb tail seem to come into view as the glamor seem to have slowly fallen off of her as she looked for whom spoken before calling out. "Vel'uss uriu l'nerve ulu telanth bauth ussta homeland Nau nesst ilstaren ghil, ori'gato maglust non inbal rin'ov xo'aus ulu. Usstan morfeth l'ilstaren d'nindol nibele ghil ji xun telanth phor Usstan daewl ulu zhaun vel'ussa xo'a'es ulu telanth d'katrillzecce ussta lodias"  ((translation: Who has the nerve to speak about my homeland No man rules here, let alone non have ever tried to. I make the rules of this game here so do speak up I wish to know whom dares to speak of slaughtering my people))

KafzielLaVayne: With his hands having nothing to do anymore he places them on his propped up leg which he had done so to place his foot against the chair he was seated on.A chuckle escapes him when she noticed her almost not noticing his change, but he was not suprised by it. He knew her well enough to know in her eyes he still was the same man she once met.Nodding slowly along as he listened to the info he needed to function in his position he released a chuckle in response to the thought of her killing the guards and a understanding "hm" towards how his position functions. His gaze would sharped knowing bloodshed was a matter of time. He knew this all along and he took his position holding that knowledge already, it was what made him so excitement after all to get it. The sound of the drow language speaking the name of Loth and a semi threat towards the people inside made his eyes grow dark, aura once only a dim light shined brighter covering his form with its red colour. Though he would have act if given the chance with the empress standing up herself and dealing with it he only stood up and followed after her. His steps were heavy and they released echo's through the tavern that could silence all that did not know him better. The presence he carried was filled with bloodlust and though he did not show this on his face he stood beside the empress only slightly further out towards the main hall of the tavern and out the side room.

mercinarious: -Maximous could hear the odd creature insulting him and then the Empress jumping in to say something, he just shrugged it off and ignored it, he never was favorable too those who think they were better than others so he just laughed allowed looking forward to the bar and to Rose- "You hear that Rose? Apparently I'm ordering you around and am going to get killed for it. We will see how that goes won't we?" -Rose laughs with him as they both laugh and Max nudges Venna a bit as well to see if she has any input on someone trying to kill him, since they always enjoy talking about how difficult that really would be if someone decided to put the effort into it-


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Post by AezvyraIsadorValke on Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:15 pm

Nym10: "Kyorl dosst nasket tone dos elg'caress, dos ph'telanthaad ulu Soriural Baenre, L'drada rosin dalharil d'Ilharess Baenre, tupora zhal'essin whol l'Orbb-Valsharess Lolth... zexen'uma dosst ooble'l'puul fuer'yon p'los Usstan sic ilta jusron pholor dos." =Soriural says as she gives this lowly woman who talked so foul to her a death glare, as she grabs a hold of her Scourge of Fangs, the holiest weapon that all priestess of Lolth are given, as she feels the writhing and sentient snake-heads that adorn this whip and act like the whip itself, hissing and salivating for flesh. She grins as she can just imagine this bitch begging for a quick death after a few strikes from this holy weapon, as she starts to grin madly with sadistic glee at the thought of rending this pathetic woman's flesh from her body.=

HuntressRavenna: -Venna heard the return challenges from Aezvyra and looked around worried there would be a fight here with them but knew she might be able to calm both sides if need be. It was a gift she had a simple flute song one that was haunting and captivating at the same time two the bard could sing after that as well both song of love softer to help bring quiet. Yet one of the love songs what somewhat sad yet captivating at the same time. At least at best guess it was a challenge she suspected as she did not speak drow at all but had met a couple driders in the past one helped her find herbs to cure a friend long ago the other passing through a tavern. Both did not fully like the above ground but preferred it to underdark.-”Well if she does that she will have an arrow in her chest in no time or a dagger in her belly fast as well I will join in Maximous as I am unfamiliar with what she says I do believe the empress has a few things to say to that subject from what I am guessing. She and you wont stand alone here trust me on that.”

The demonic empress stood there in the doorway, her head only turned partly as she heard the male behind her shift about and move beside her. She chuckled as the idea had brought old dead memories to her mind as she forced her self to deal with what was at hand. Her right hand moved quickly as if painting symbols in the air as she started to spin one of the dark spells commonly used. Her dark green hues had all but lost their color remaining the pitch black abyss. A dark chuckling sound escaped from her lips as she heard the respond from the creature as she took a breath long enough to pull air into her lungs and then back out as she pulled the darkness from out from under every crack and crany causing the tavern to grow dark even the light of the candles seem not to really help at that point. Granted with the demon being rusty at her magic she couldn't hold the spells for long without it causing issues. Aezvyra would listen and watch the beasts fingers move as she spoke. Her painted lips curled into a devilish smirk as she spoke. "Tone.. Tone.. " she would chuckle out more "Usstan xun naut kyon vel'ussa dos ph'ravv d'dosst ssindossa d'xinanath. Dos ph'addressing l'uss lu'er'griff Nei d'Nyamithler. Ussta xan'ss zhah liad ghil. Ol zhah dos vel'uss z'klaen zexen'uma dosst tone." The demon would hiss out as her right hand seem to pull more darkness which would now surround her body as if waiting to be used. "Kruk dosst chaon aterruce.." (( Translation: I do not care whom you are nor of your whore of parents. You are addressing the one and only Empress of Nyamithler. My word is law here. It is you who must stay your tone......  State your business creature.. ))

Nym10: Soriural sighs heavily as a grin fills her face, as she magically coats every patron in the building with a very faint and bizarrely pink faerie flames that outlines their entire, but do no damage what-so-ever as her grins moves into a homicidal gleeful look of pure damnation. Her blood-red eyes look about the room as she opens her right hand and fill the entire building with a bubble of pure nothingness, the very lights around the border being seemingly sucked into the preternatural bubble of pure deeper darkness as her very eyesight shifts into the infrared spectrum of light, as she sees those inside the bubble without the lightest concern as she skitters silently towards the one with her bow drawn back with the Scourge of Fangs in her hand. The venomously voracious mouths of the multiple cobra-heads that adorns this weapon utterly salivating at the thought of tearing into this woman's flesh and devouring her very being till she's nothing but bones.=

KafzielLaVayne: True enough the situation that lead to him standing beside her surrounded by bloodlust, an aura brimming with energy and sharp eyes that seemed ready to do battle was much like olden days. She met him as a warrior and that aspect of him never left his way of life even when he wore a crown. How he was now standing beside her was nothing more then the exact same way he stood beside her many times before over even more years then one would be willing to count. He enjoyed the darkness that started to fill the tavern, a demon is drawn to such things. For a moment he did not even pay attention to the being in the main hall that cared not for respectfull ways of speaking. Given the chance however he is the same way and once blood starts to paint the floor he is as much a creature of dectruction as any other demon or devil. Seeing the empress weaving the magic with her fingers instead of joining the fray and confront the creature himself he walked half way infront of her and leaned back with his butt against the wall. Would the creature decide to attack he was sure to step in, but if not then he would spectate most likely. He always respected that first come first serves and he was not the first to react to the creature and as such would he not raise his hand unless trully needed.The changes in the way his eyes had to look through different kinds of darkness came to him much to his displeasement, it was annoying and a bother. His words which he released without opening his mouth but instead by making vibrations in the air had altered his voice into a darker and more sinister tone, a demons voice." z'lonzic xuil l'yur'i wun ssussun. " Nether escapes from his form and it ran through the web of matter that created the plane, it took stamina and a large amount which was shown in the strong red light of his aura growing dim. The taverns light would return and one could look around the same way before both of them started altering the space in which they were."Ka biu zhal'essin talinthe il f'rear phor jal. Il zhah uljabplynn." He turned his eyes to the young creature whom had such a vile tone again and raises his brow. He knew those of the spider queens belief think women are above men, but he was never one to care for followers. In his gaze it could be clearly seen that he was looking to this creature the same way he does to humans,vampires and every other lesser being that did not even have the chance to reach an age to experience the days before the fall of Asmodeus.

mercinarious: -Maximous was standing up and between the creature and Venna long before it had started scurrying, despite his tall stature, he was quick on his feet, and held both of his hammers in his hand in an instance, the darkess was not easy for him to see through, but he also did not come up in any form of heat vision, as he did not have blood, nor a heartbeat to give off a heat signature, so if this was what she was seeing through, he would be invisible to her. He had been lucky to be able to see almost down to pure darkness, so he could still manage out to the creature moving towards them- "You've already lost, it's three on one even with your little magic trick. I won't sink to disgracing the drow language to speak to you in anything other than common. Cease your suicidal acts and cut your shit or you will have your life force stomped out quite promptly." -He called it out, bending his knees slightly and anchoring himself down, the center of his chest lighting up in an almost brown hue, that none would be able to see due to the light-consuming darkness and all, and this would extend down into his legs all the way to his ankles, as the very earth below them came up to root him in the ground at his will. His body still not giving off any heat signatures, despite this use of magic, but he could still see the spider scurrying towards him, but Max also knew that her flail wasn't going to be able to hurt him, no matter it's affects-

HuntressRavenna: -Venna smiles wickedly as she knocks the arrow into her bow and turns toward the Drider and smiled faintly as she takes a bead on her judging the distance and range she must fire from where she is knowing this shot must be direct to her chest she takes careful aim and shakes her head a bit if the Drider can see her or is she so intense on the empress she fails to pay attention to the room. Venna stands the arrow at the right angle for the distance with a full pull of the poundage as she knows that might be a serious threat. However with Max in the way now she could not fire on her and she would say something but she understands his need to feel protective and she unknocks the arrow and takes off her chain belt with it now acting as a whip as well but keeps thing as they are for Maximous as she knows he will defend her and she has never seen him fight before.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: There she stood ready for anything her dark stare on the creature, even though she was unsure what it was seeing she had never come in contact with an Drider before this point. The woman had armed with only her abilities to wield the shadows around her, yes she could shapeshift but what fun would that be. And seeing she had left her weapons at the keep didn't help, after all where could she put them now that she found her self wearing dresses again. Her eyes moved over the creature studying it as she tried to form a plan, honestly she wasn't going to attack unless she absoultly had to. The shadows around the woman seem to twist and turn violently around her being as she watched the creature seem to grin. She waited, just as the being seem to create faerie magic which was out of place. Her brow would rise as she held up her hand seeing that her personal gaurd had still been within the enty way of the tavern. Her eyes moved to the demon as she pretty much told him to hold his place. The moment the tavern seem to grow darker the woman chuckled. "I'm a being of darkness will no one learn this?" she laughed as she seem to just stand there her hand scribing away as she still worked on a spell, a spell which would return the state of the tavern back to how it was before any blood was shed if there would be. She didn't need anyone to think harm would come to her people at her hands after all. Out of the corner of her eye she seen him she couldn't help but to smirk knowing this day had an old feel to it. Minutes seem to pass by  as she watched the Drider move closer to Venna; the empress figured that out of everyone the creature would start with the least of a threat. After all that what she wouldn't do, it had always been the worst plan to deal with beings she could first and leave the strongest for last. "I think she retarted." she whispered out just as the light had return to the tavern. Her eyes closed for a breif moment and reopened still without color. The empress watched as Maximous seem to move between the creature and Venna. She sighed softly ready to pull the shadows from around her body if she needed to. 

KafzielLaVayne: Amusing to say the least if he had to call the events anything as he watched it all unfold.It was interesting to him to see it all happen and with a gleefull smile curling up on his lips along with a shine in his eyes did he pay attention. He had planned nor thought that there was any need to step away from his position. It was a young being and he did not see a threat in it in the slightest, but he had grown cocky at the age he was allowed to reach so far. Though he was not armed with no weapons or anything that could act as a weapon in its stead on his person he was capable to attack. With the creature having proven that she was a threat in any possible way he pushed himself from the wall he had been leaning against."I rather think she wishes for this with a sane mind Isis. Let us give what she desires."His hands and arms hung loosely beside his form and his steps were slow and small. He never was one to hurry himself when space was relative and his reach was what he sees. The red light around him started to shine bright again and the blue light once before in his eyes returned stronger then before. Both were aspects of his aura and he was an effective manipulator of it, taught well and experienced in each aspects usage. From the ground while he rose his hands up slightly something he did to enhance his concentration at the task at hand metal started to come from the ground. All earth had some form of metal in it and he brought all that together untill 3 spires 2,5 feet long and going from a 30 inch thickness to a sharp point at its front was floating around him. This was done through the red aspect of his aura called Muladhara which allowed the bending of metals, Vishuddhi the blue aspect of his aura in turn creating electricity which flowed around the metal.The first of the spires would fly quickly away from him after its creation and it was simply meant to reach her sight by going in a semi circle around him before piercing into the wall at the bar. His gleefull smile had now turned to a smirk and his purple eyes were hidden by the blue of his aura which was the first time in this tavern for him to look as such. The white coat which hung loosely from his shoulders yet somehow always managed to stick to them flew around violently by the two aspects of his aura colliding against the air creating different area's in which air flew differently. The silver on his white horns had turned black and his hair had started to stand up. Killing an avatar of Loth, exciting, was a thought that came across his mind as he made his move for her attention before starting the confrontation.

mercinarious: -Maximous gave up on the whole thing, he didn't feel like fighting anyway, so he pulled his feet from the ground, kicking away a bit of dirt before plopping himself back into one of the bar stools, filling his tankard up with whatever was lying around on the bar and drinks it with a sigh. He rolled his shoulders for a bit, he didn't like having to use his magic, especially since it could take a lot out of him, but also because it generally made him feel pretty tense overall, which annoyed him more than anything. Either way he reached his big arm out to Venna and pulled her down into the chair next to him and wrapped his arm around her, holding her too him- "I'm sure he can handle it." -He says to her, with a small shug, and a bit of a tired look on his face, he had quite the long day so far, and he was glad he wasn't going to have to excert himself any more than he already had-
HuntressRavenna: -Venna hated seeming like the weakest member in the room her but understood in there eyes she was just an elf nothing more of a threat and she jumped back from the form of Max in front of her trying to be her protector and she seemed a bit made he got in her way from her shot. With that bow she might have not been as weak thought. She was maybe the most armed as well and her tough thing leather armor was skin tight allowing her the acrobatic abilities to add to her defenses as she looked to Max a bit angry now yet knew he was just doing what he thought best for all here.-”I know why you are in my way and I don't like it one bit thank you for the disruption to my dead center chest shot there Maximous.”-She was more irritated as she had put her next to him as she sighed deeply and knew everyone meant well.-”Yes I am sure he can handle it.”

Guest_SpectralAtlas: -She dashed in a frenzied blur into the forests. Her sightly dress of a beautiful damsel torn from thorn bushes as the material stuck to the sharp plants and ripped quite easily. A beautiful maiden she truly was. Her eyes large and bright blue with gorgeous black hair running to her neck. A simple crows necklace bouncing against her ample skin as she ran into the dank woods, the tree's leaves rustling about as she stopped at the base of a tree trunk. Her heavy breathing causing her to nearly gasp for air as she attempted to formulate ideas, before that accursed voice called out- "..You know! It is custom to welcome guests with wild berries, perhaps even wine if the situation were to call for it!" -The voice was smooth but simple. Seemingly echoing around her. She placed her hands to her ears and quickly dashed off- "But Miss, our deal." -The voice called as she continued to dash. The trees spun past her as the voice became only louder. Nearly haunting her before she finally came to a stop. She could hear laughter a bit off, her irritated eyes closed before coming across that of a Tavern. She gasped loudly as she quickly ran forwards, before smacking head first into a branch. Her neck bent backwards as her body flopped onto the ground like a dead fish- "Ah my oh my.." A man's voice called out as he stepped from behind the tree, those disgusting, lime green eyes staring at her with that tanned, malicious smile. A fur wrapped on his right shoulder whilst an armor piece on his left. A green tome wrapped around his neck with a giant piece of string. Scars ran across the right side of his face - "Seems you bruised your beautifulnew skin, Scarlette." -He said before slowly drifting his hand downwards towards her cheek before she suddenly slapped his hand away and began to slowly drag herself backwards- "Ahh Necromar. Beautiful city it is." -He said as he slowly turned his eyes towards the outskirts before looking at the beautiful miss lying on the ground- "Course it's a shame you won't be seeing it much soo- Hah!" -That sudden laugh was due to the young miss shoving her hands towards him, the fingers suddenly sparking before dying down. The woman gasped unusually as she looked towards the green man, a soft, emerald light enimating from his left hand as he smiled. He was a quarter Djinn, or one fourths Djinn, three fourths human. He wasn't much for being able to manipulate magic...But stopping others magic? Quite easy. He softly clasped his hands together as he walked towards her, her quivering lips softly muttering sounds of help whilst Atlas slowly nodded- "Alright, guess I'll just take it." -he said as black dust like particles began to slowly lift from the woman's skin before suddenly drifting towards Atlas. He opened his arms wide as the black sand was removed from her body and forced into his own vessel. A coy smile lay across his face as he watched her skin corrupted once more. Vampire Queen asking for the escape of death only not to wish for the conditions. He was able to 'grant' wishes to an extent...But of course, as a Djinn, he was a necessary evil. Teaching others about wordplay and never to trust someone like himself. Her skin turned pale white as her eyes began to slowly shrivvel like raisens. Her mouth lay agape whiles the lips became terribly chapped. Within seconds, she had become a husk, whilst Atlas was already savoring the extra years of life- "NOW!" -He said before clapping his hands- "TO DRIIIIINK~" -He clapped his hands excitingly before leaving the black mess on the ground just on the outskirts where the guards couldn't have seen. And even if they were...What could they do? It truly was just another contract. With a soft cough, he opened the door with a light smile, simply slipping inside to be part of the group. He slowly made his way towards the barstools and pulled himself upwards with a hoist and quickly requested a pint- 

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic empress chuckled as she stood there her hands still up as she twisted and turned the shadows not only around her body but the others that seem to fill around the room. Of course she was not going to be the one fighting this time just support if the captain of her gaurd simply needed it. Her eyes moved as she watched him move away from her and before her words could even find their shape and leave her lips she watched the area around the male change. She had not ever seen this new gift he had since his change and it was a show to her. Her lips curled as she watched "I would have to agree, a very dumb move for a spider who wanted to be sqashed." Her tounge left the safety of her mouth and ran a quick course over her bottom lip as she seem to nod. "We wouldn't want to disappoint it now would we." she gave a devilish grin as she used her left hand to pull the very shadow rose from the table behind her and let it rest within her fingers. "Do show off for mommy" her laugh seem to echo as the rose left her hand and started to hover a few feet above where her hand was. Her dark gaze move to the patrons and to the few up at the bar as she noticed another male walk in and simply walk over to the bar not even minding the events that were happening right in the middle of the tavern before locking back on the Dirder. "You will not have the pleasure of slithering back to the dark hole you crawled out of. You not only threaten the wrong people but the wrong place." Her eyes would be drawn away from the creature she was speaking to the metal that had appeared. 

KafzielLaVayne: With only two spires of metal floating around him in a fixed pattern and electricity running its course over it he felt underdressed for the occassion. Normally he had been wearing armor, weaponry, wings and many more things that were shiny. He certainly loves to show off the things he has while hiding the things he can do, it felt that way he could be more suprising in battle."You certainly seem happy that i am doing this Isis. Though i guess that is not much of a suprise." With a flick of his hand still to help with his concentration the second spire which he was going to use stopped its fixed pattern of floating around and levitated its way to just above his head on his right side. He stood at the center of the main hall at this time, concentration of the Dirder on him with every intention of using her whip against his unholy flesh. Yet he felt no fear for such a thing, but that was to blame that he had yet to get used to a form of flesh. The concept of wounds upon a body which would bleed was still foreign information to him and that made him bold yet reckless. With the Drider storming with every intention to attack as he had made the first move he places his weight upon his right foot. When she swung the whip towards him he jumped up and out of its trajectory landing with his left foot on the spire which had levitated in one place just above him. He flew the spire with him balanced on top of it straight for the center of where her stumach and lower body met while grabbing the third spire from behind him in his hand. The lightning burned the top layers of his skin with a crackling sound and a large amount of smoke releasing a terrible scent. This interested him little and with a lunge he plunged the spire into the top of her head the electrcity coursing through the metal boiling any form of brain matter inside the skull od the Drider which came bubbling out between the metal and cracked skull. Riding the Drider as it fell down standing on the small end of the spire it crushed her ribs and pushed parts of her intenstines out as his weight pushed the spire around inside her. Stepping on the ground he turned to Isis with a smile. His shoes were covered in blood, brain matter boiled to a paste stuck to his hands yet he looked like it was a normal thing which could happen to all."It certainly is something those driders dont you think."

mercinarious: -Max had heard something behind him, which h left to simply being the death of the drider from earlier, shaking his head a bit he focused on the bar and kissed Vennas cheek lightly and nodded at her complaints- "My apologies, force of habit. I could take the hits, and I was worried she would get to you too quickly. I do have my contract to follow you know." -He nodded a bit before drinking from his tankard with a small sigh at the thought of it all. He began to realize most of his life had been spent either killing, learning or losing, and he wanted to change that-

HuntressRavenna: -Venna couldn't stay irritated by Maximous for long and soon had a Mead in front of her as she sipped her tention left her body as she looked to him.-”Sorry but I hate my shots being ruined for good by someone. Really do its one thing to feel protective at times and another to react.”-Venna knew it wasn't his fault. Venna turned her attention to the new guest and smiled lightly her elven ears twitched listening to the room and the words of empress and nodded her head to him.-”Greetings sir and well met. Sorry for the drider here I am sure its completely handled right now pay no attention please. Its not an everyday thing here please trust me.”-She smiles to him and sips her mead some more.-”Take it you are passing through maybe need a place to stay a day or two?”-She knew the drider was dead she could smell the burnt flesh and turned back to Max as he kissed her cheek and smiled to him.-”I do know about the contract and thank you for doing you job as following it to the letter.”

Guest_SpectralAtlas: -As the pint was passed to him, he was quick to place the cold beverage to his lips. That nutsy, foamy, hoppy, with a surprisingly fruity note which lingers on the tongue taste which he groaned to. His mouth gulped down half the thingbefore bringing it down to the table with a satisfied gasp. Nothing like that of a cold pint right after a successful pact. The afterglow being quite wonderful. He stretched backwards softly before looking towards the woman next to him attempting to have a word with him. His green eyes a tad muddled from the alcohol as he spoke- "Never heard of it. In these parts, Blood and Mead should run in equal measure." -He said before taking another swig of his own, large mug. His eyes closing before slowly putting it down on the table as his exclamatory slam down was already used. He didn't seem to be bothered by the fact of the rabble behind him. The shadows which apparently filled the bar couldn't even touch him at this point. He slowly waved his left hand while his right patted his chest- "Atlas. Merchant." -He said before reaching his right hand out with a mild grin- "Seems I'll be needing to find a place to stay, yet. This would be as good as any." -He shifted his weight in his chair while he spoke- 

AezvyraIsadorValke: As the matter of time seem to slip by them, to the woman's amaze it wasn't long until the male had brought the Drider down. Aezvyra took a step forward her right hand moving as she ended the spell she had been working with that caused the creature's body to just simply vanish, a dark shadow gateway opening up beneath it letting it fall into the voide, not even leaving a stain of blood upon the wooden floor to soak in the wood. Her dark eyes over the matter of seconds seem to return to their natural emreald green state. "When I am not enjoying the sight of death?" Her brow would rise as she kept the rose made of shadows hovering over her left hand. "It is who I am, you sir have missed many things." she paused as she glanced over to the others before her head started to spin from holding the spell a while. "Just as I have missed from being away from here." The woman sighed as she turned back towards the side room of the tavern and seem to stumble about returning to her table to sit back down. "I wouldn't know that was the first time meeting one that I can remmeber." she shrugged softly her long onxy hair dancing along her shoulders as she moved, her body seem to tremble slightly. "Im getting to old for this." she mumbled out softly her voice finally returning to its soft luring tone, which left two things out of her demonic form to be seen, her barb tail and the woman's horns. The leather like horns she didn't mind anyone seen but the tail, it was too much of a risk seeing each barb was coated with a potiant poison that could kill the largest of beast in the matter of minutes. Forcing the tail to vanish she recalled her glamor to hide her demonic qualities once more. She moved took hold of the brass chalice upon the table with her right hand and brought it to her lips before taking a drink of the crimson liquid. "old times." she chuckled out before letting her eyes fall on the male before the rose floated down to the table and laid upon it once more. Her mind fuzzy and her sight slightly blurry but not enough to hinder her. "it would seem necessity for me to get back in to using my demonic gifts again." she laughed mainly at her words knowning a spell or two may end up being the death of her if she would remain from using the dark shadow magic. After all what was a demon without their dark abilities? Aezyvra would lower the glass once more and set it on the table before letting her finger run circles over the lip of it. "You sir, loved it didn't you. Admit it you missed the trouble." she giggled softly as she glanced back towards the bar area at the three whom seem to been sitting there as if nothing happened. 

KafzielLaVayne: He clasped his hands together as he walked back towards the side room away from the main hall. The spires which he once controlled falling apart and going back into the ground from which they came. Aura that once surrounded him both red and blue dissapeared with only a soft red light shining down upon his form to show for it." Indeed that is true. We both clearly have been away to long for our own good."A smile came over him followed by a chuckle as he placed his hand on her lower back to help her walk back to the side room."Naturally i loved it. I am a demon after all, and the trouble around you always keeps my heart beating that extra beat." Nodding he stepped with her into the room though unlike her he did not look back to the others. They were doing their own thing as much as he was a moment ago which they did not disturb him in.Taking the seat he once sat upon again to rest his butt on he places his hands on the table with a smile as he looks towards her drink. Reaching over he took the bottle in the middle of the table and from it took a gulp to aid his dry throat.

mercinarious: -Maximous wrapped an arm lazily around Venna, while drinking with his free hand, his arm around her waist and holding her a bit as he places his tankard down before resting his head on his hand getting a tad bored, but shrugs a bit before smiling at Venna a little, pinching her cheek just to mess with her a bit before looking at Rose and throws a couple crumbs from Venna's plate at Rose and grins a bit watching her glare back at him with a bit as he sticks his tongue out at her-

HuntressRavenna: -Venna shook his hand and smiled a bit as she turned to him again.-”Venna Hunter and Archer here if I can be of any help let me know there is a city not far away I am sure you can add to your sales material there as well. Maybe trade for things with some of the shop keepers as well never know what they might need.”-She smiled lightly and knew this place was a good one to be at for a day or two as one could always find something to interest them. Venna looks to Max as he put his arm around her waits and smiles as he playfully pinches her cheek and she leaned into him kissing his and chuckled as he seemed to love tormenting rose just a bit.-”Well one day she will find a way to get back at you that much I am sure of Maximous she is just think on how.”

Guest_SpectralAtlas: "Of course. I am sure I can find some things others would find worthy to trade." -He said as he softly clasped his hands together, the finger tips gently pressing against eachother as he placed the hands upon the counter- "Always a pleasure to meet a-" -He tilted his head as he watched her being rather busy with the boyfriend on the side, with their pushing and touching and what not. He simply stopped talking before placing his hands to his drink once more, his green eyes closing whilst he took the final sip. He had learned far better within his time to even try to talk to others when they had a significant other around to distract them. In short, he found it rude. He merely showed what he recieved. He gave a gulp before sighing contently- 

AezvyraIsadorValke: She couldn't conceal the feeling, the fact, the very moment the being had threaten everything she held dear had caused her to feel the wrath bubbling up within her. The very feeling that had been replaced with the death of the being even though it had not been done by her hand. Aezvyra's painted black lips curled up into a child like devilish smirk. "Only because you know there always is trouble.. You have missed many things and the trouble I am able to cause now is ten folds from the past." she licked her lips quickly as she glanced to him. "Sorry for the weak moment, it happens lately." she was ashamed of the feeling faint. she was just glade she had not faint completely and in front of them all, she could see it now that would never be let down. She felt as if she needed to keep her appearance strong and without weakness which was much more then what she seem she was able to do for the time being. "Now that we had our fun" the demon chuckled out before letting her eyes land on the rose without color before she let a soft humming sound pass her lips as she tried to figure out how to cause it to gain the color of a rose, instead of being just a shade. 

KafzielLaVayne: With the thought of the drider still fresh in his mind he nodded slowly as he listened to Isis. A worry was still in his eyes to some extent for not being sure no others had followed her."I will be around alot, serving the empire loyally. For now however i shall roam the city and the hold and make sure no other disturbances are causing trouble." He rises to his feet and after taking another swig of the bottle he smiles to her as he gulps down the mixture."I shall return soon. Untill then be safe Isis."A shine came from the blue runes still shining on his chest, it had known the times to depart and reacted towards it. He turned around and as his steps lead him out of the side room the runes would dissapear fully when he stepped through the doors outside. It was the deep of night, red light made him stand out like a blazing fire in the darkest shadows.A smile painted his lips as he started to walk away from the tavern, smoke followed behind him and shadow would deform. No man without sin was outside and this demon was sure to scare those that carried them as a trail of shadows and smoke followed behind him in his tracks. A scythe appeared on his back made from the bones of the dead and flesh always dripping down its blood. Hands with almost no muscles and skin held the blade of the scythe in place.Slowly would he walk out of the streets upon the tavern was build and into the alleyways where shortly after the screams of those doomed to meet him could be heard, it was a beautifull night and enjoyment for him was in the cold wind carried over the city letting it be known that once more did he roam these streets with no intention of leaving.

mercinarious: -Maximous stretched a bit beginning to grow tired as he runs hi fingers through Venna's hair before kissing her forehead lighty and stretching a bit before he stands up and smiles a bit to her, slipping his hand ino her pocket to steal the key to her room with a smile- "I am going to steal your bed, you can join me once you're tired, I on the other hand am going to get a good long rest, I am probably going to head out tomorrow for the warlord and finish that up quick." -He nodded a bit and pointed to te bag of teeth on the counter still- "Make sure the Empress knows I haven't been slacking." -With that he gave Venna a kiss and then headed upstairs to her room which he was stealing for the night-

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic empress nodded to his words and then sighed as the male seem to get up and walk out. Her heart seem to sink as it always did once he left, yet something within her told her that it wasn't gone for good. This was why she had decided to make Kafziel the Captian of the Nyamithler Guard. It was his new found job to train and lead her armies and it made sure he wouldn't leave her side. She chuckled at the thought of it, how the fight with the spider creature had brought old memories she had long thought lost or dead in her mind. Aezvyra sat there her gaze moving from the rose to those who were at the bar then back down before she drew a breath once more. Selfish.. the only thought that came to mind when she thought about the past, and the blue runes were on the males chest. She wanted to toss it aside and she did so trying to hide the fact she had feelings other then the dark desire that lingered. "Rose.." she called out from the room by it self as she waited a few moments. "Rose.." she called again right before the red headed barmaid appeared. "Bring me a parchment please." she asked before thinking pushing the rose aside which caused it to shift and lose its form seeping through the cracks of the table. "Who out in the tavern?" she asked the woman when she had returned.
HuntressRavenna: -She kissed him back and smiled that he would steal the key as he was so comfortable with her and she got up and went to the empress with the teeth and smiled to her in that back room and set down the bag in front of her with a grin.-"I do beive these belong to you. His trophies for you to know Maximous is doing his job as he said he would in the contract. If you like I can string them on a necklace if yoiu like something for your collection here."

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman waited until the young bar maid came back and moved to her side before telling her all who was about. To her amaze it would appear most people were just heading to their rooms. Her eyes lingered down on the paper which was handed to her as she placed it on the table. "That is all." she quickly dismiss the woman befor Venna seem to appear dropping the bag. Her eyes movedto the bag she reached to open it. "I see." She dug her finger around feeling a few of the fangs before moving the bag aside. "Its proof enough." she shrugged before letting her gaze more to the woman. .

HuntressRavenna: -Venna took a seat and smiled to her as the proof that she had become very close with Maximous was evident on her neck in bite marks and a couple of hickys and she did not have to point them out formally.-"Well if asked I think Maximous might stay around after the contract is up then again I might make a contract with him myself for a while if all else fails."-Venna smiled to her she had ideas for that thought but left them unsaid to her.-"Still thinking on the idea there with him. I just know it might be wrong to take some of his freedoms as a freeman and tie him to one place if he would really want to leave once the contract was filled."
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon brow rose as she looked at her friend before shaking her head seeing the marks. "Looks like a couple had fun." she pointed out before looking back down. "I see." she was lost in thought as always yet it wasn't really thoughts but memories at this time. "funny how time moves on." she mummbled out before touching her necklace and the stone seem to glimmer for a moment. "Dame tracking" she hissed out. "after all this time he could have found me when ever." she chuckled out shakin gher head before looking to Venna. "Don't get married." she teased. 

HuntressRavenna: _Nothing wrong with some harmless fun and things as long as they dont rush to fast into something more serious too fast after all. Marriage is far from my mind anyway at this point..He cane be very exciting when Maximos wished to me in ways I think might suprize you as they have me. Wasnt expecting that with him will say that..He may not feel emotion directly being what he is but he feels what they mean in a way to those around him and takes the ques well for a stone man as he can mimich the feeling as he as leaned how."-Venna was shocked at how he could feel something tender for another yet fully show it in ways that could amaze one at the same time.-

AezvyraIsadorValke: "I see" she chuckled softly. "So what have I missed when I was updating the captain of our armies here?" she blinked a few bit before shaking her head. before pulling the necklace off enough to run her fingers over the gemstone that held her old wedding ring within it. "Time stands still" she laughed "Sorry for my emotions today their out of wack seeing that little bit of me seems to have found its way back sorta speak."
HuntressRavenna: Ex's have a way of doing that as well here and it would not surprise me at all that he would feel we wished you back I am sure he loved you and a part still does. Then again at times that can drive one insane just as much as well...I know how that can be at times I have had a few fligs turn up at all the wrong times in all the wrong ways. I am never sure what to do with that or how to deal with them at times..I know its never that simple as good bye..-She looked to him having guessed who the man was to her only one that close could bring about the past emotion.-"I hear you call him Captain of the guard here really wise to keep him so close?"
AezvyraIsadorValke: She shook her head at the females words. "Not in this lifetime" she chuckled out "even though it would seem so he cant always stand the new me. im not the same." She paused and nodded. "I dont trust anyone else.. He was the first person i met and fell inlove with and we have had our fine share of battles. We are better together then part at times but last i heard he has a new fling." she giggled out
AezvyraIsadorValke: "pulse its a good role, he never did like being in charge when we were younger." she laughed thinking about it. "Its a good place for him by my side but not if you understand that."
HuntressRavenna: -She sort of did understand that it was Halon and her together they fought for each other at times with each other but always there was a unshakable something that kept them close when he was alive at times she had been brought to the point of leaving him yet she just couldnt seem to want to lose his trust and respect.-"I think I get the idea I was like that with Halon very much so but saw him fall and never to rise again as the one thing with the few soul stone I have and maybe if really need the one I might be able to glean. I guess I kenw a loss that I wish I never did."


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