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((**Welcome to Nyamithler Empire** Please give us a few seconds to get you the setting for today.))
((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy base roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos do to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now the Ram's Tavern and Inn is located within the outskirts of the capital city Necromar which is on the far side of the city compared to Kleshi Hold aka the castle.  It is late noon early evening at the moment; weather includeds a light wind from the west but other then that its clear skies. Empire NPCs of the day: Rose[Bar maiden] Elynia[Elven Bard])) post order is at the moment.. Morgause, Venna, Myself, Mae, Rag, Usher
HuntressRavenna: -Venna came from the top[ of the stairs in a sweeping dress of simple make yet nice quality. The satin and light lace of the black dress with the top skirting of the added berry made the dress stand out in the dark of the room with its low light that was soft and not harsh to the eyes. Her dress had some fine embroidery around the hem in golden shades. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail with black velvet ribbon holding the hair tightly in place with the shortness of the ends falling in with her ponytail disappearing in the low lights of her deep brown hair. Her eyes were brought out by the light rose to her lips as she had painted them lightly today a simple few shades darker than her own natural rose. She had the fine look of a lady from the town or hint of a lady of some means as she stood at the bar looking out from the bar. She seemed relaxed and fully at ease yet she still wore her throwing daggers meaning she was armed for a fight. In a few more days she would take the bear skin for sale as one of the towns people admired it and she was glad at the price settled upon for the skin. The elk hide was drying as well but needed a few more days to be ready for sale as she had hey to scrape the fur from it. The town taxidermist had come for the head and neck all held in one piece so her could work his wonders as he had someone looking for the head as a trophy. She had made good profit so far from the sale of the bear and the taxidermist also too the head and claws of the bear as well for other trophies and sales for simple items such as the claws on a necklace. Venna was happy with her hunts so far as they were showing signs of good animals here in the area. She knew soon she wanted the boar she had seen tracks for it was large and well worth the time spent tracking it for the kill. She never took more than she could haul that was her rule never waste what you hunt she would even find ways to use bones and from animals as she had managed to sell some needles made from the bears leg chipped of carefully to the armorer for use in stitching leather good as well as skins for armor. She did not ever wear much in the way of jewelry at times today was no different just that same crystal that appeared to be wrapped with a silver dragon and her silver ear cuffs nicely styled with the diamond top piercing simple understated though to think this was all in her belongings would be wrong.<c>
HuntressRavenna: -She was pretty with out many accouterments of finery yet she seemed simple in a way that always made her seen young and easy to talk with on occasions. Maybe that's what why she always seemed welcome at times to be seen. Her soft manors also seemed to be welcomed by many as she could be very formal or very basic in her ways both learned in her life as she grew up. She may not have liked many bits of her past yet they had made her into the woman she was now and that had to mean something as she was not weak yet not always strong but had a nice mixture of both. Today she would show off they softer side to her a side she kept hidden from the world at times. There was something about the dress that made her seem very different when she was around maybe more approachable was the word for it. Anyway you wold view her she had to remember she was also a girl and needed to show that at times even though she thought it would make her appear weak at times she knew better and others would also learn that about her. Maybe it was something about the way she moved so lithe and graceful at times that seemed to make the difference.-”May I get a goblet of elderberry wine please Rose I think I got a bit light headed for all the mead yesterday.”-She placed a simple order and waited as rose nodded her head and got the goblet for her. She would lightly take the goblet by parting two fingers from the other two to gently grip the goblet in the palm of her hand and when secure she raised it slowly to her lightly shaded lips and took a sip still holding the goblet as she closed her eyes enjoying the sweet yet light flavor of the wine. Its deep purple shade of the liquid speaking to the shade of the elderberries.-<e>
AezvyraIsadorValke: Minutes soon became hours just as the sun had nearly finished its travels over the large sky, the demonic empress other known as Aezyvra Isador Valke, or just simply Aezyvra seeing the woman had hid the fact she use to go by Isis, had started to stir from her sleep seeing the day had been weary and the woman needed rest. Slowly at first until the woman was litterly tossing and turning in her bed, the black silk sheets bunched up over her naked body as her eyes snapped open as she forced her self to sit up. Panting the demon would search her bed chambers from where she sat before glacing over to the door to see if anyone had entered without her permission. Seeing that noone had, not even the small impish creature from her past. The creature was the outcome of a spell or so she had thought way back then; it had shattered her mind. Aezyvra's emreald green hues flickered crimson and then block before settling back to their bright greenish color as she slipped out of her bed and moved towards teh window only to see the sun falling over the great forest of the horizen. "Dame it" the words came mumbling out as she moved to find her dark clothing as she crosed her arms over her nude body before finding the long black dress with the lace sleaves. She quickly stepped within the dress and pulled it up over her slim frame, of course the woman only stood to be five foot six about. Aezyvra's hands moved through her hair as she sighed brushing her fingures through her long onxy hair she was going to leave it down for once to show off its full lenght. The woman took a deep breath as glanced at her self in the mirror. 'this will have to do.' she thought to her self as she strolled out of her room and headed down the long hall heading stright to the double oak doors that lead out of the keep. Aezvyra yawned softly before slightly moving from her home at Kleshi Hold and making her way across the capital city of Necromar to the Ram's Tavern and Inn as she did on a nightly bases. With each step silent as if a trained assasin moving through the dead woodland that surrounded the city, around the buildings. Finally coming to the building itself she smirked as she held her hand out and pushed open the double doors before walking inside. The woman held her head up as she let her hood fall from its place and rest on her shoulders before looking around the room. "Good evening Rose." she spoke to the maiden behind the bar. She nodded to the woman as she pulled her cloak away from her body showing off her slim frame which still had been hidden underneath the dark fabrics of her long gown. The demonic empress smiled as she moved passing table after table until she made her way to the back of the tavern to her table off by it self. The same table she sat at on a nightly bases just so she can watch over and see if anyone sparked her intrest.
HuntressRavenna: -Venna has sharp keen eyes of the archer she was and she missed nothing of the arrival of Milady and smiled to her a bit as she stayed at the bar her had gently hooking the goblet with her four finger two parted on each side of the goblet cradling it effect with the palm of her hand. She saw Milady was alone at the table and had gotten lost in her thoughts as Venna stayed by the bar to sip her wine not afraid of what the night would bring as the sun was just starting to set on this lovely spring evening. Her own thought drifted around lightly as she stood there quiet in a contemplation of her own this evening in her black dress with lace sleeves and the satin of it flowing nicely. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly as her mind went to a different time where a dress like this was common place unlike here at times as she normally wore her leathers but today she picked a simple dress with top skirting of berry not the red or green or blue that she wasn't in the mood for.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman yawned softly as she still was tired, even though she had delt with the council most of the day. Her eyes lingered on the bar from where she sat the best she could; studying the people within the tavern before finally getting up and strolling through the main floor towards the bar. As she passed by the patrons she would give a sort of bow before reaching the bar. Her painted lips curled at their ends as she did the same towards Venna. "You look lovely tonight my dear." her luring voice chimmed out just as she had lifted her head back to its natural place. "It is amazing what a gown will do for someone." she teased seeing she had never seen the woman in a dress before.
HuntressRavenna: -Venna chuckled a little at the teasing she was getting as she looke to Milady a momet and nodded her hed a bit to that and smiled.-"Yes it does one wonders for sure and I havent wone one in a very long time though it might be nice for a change...Have to looks female at times not all ways a tomboy as I normally do but it is a comfortable look either way for me.."-Venna was pulled forom her memory and knew that many would view what she had on as very different indeed if they really knew her at all and she was right at times one needed to be femine at times and she had not be so in ages. She sipped her elderberry wine simpley setting doen her goblet for a bit and she knew she always came across as more tough at times but she did not have to worry about orc's just outdside of the city here in the tavern.-"Once upon a time they were everyday attire as a sometimes ambassodore and Councel member but those days are long past for me as I start anew here a simple bowmen for hire."

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon nodded sloftly her long hair frameing her face. "Indeed that it does." she laughed softly out as she moved around the bar to dig through the pile of bottle underneath in search of her own. "Well it does look wonderful on you my dear." she commented shortly as she stood back up with the bottle in hand as she turned on her heels quickly pulling a chalice from the shelf on the wall before taking a seat at the bar. She of course struggled with the cork as she normally done before finally able to pour the drink into the glass. "I know the feeling. I use to be all modern clothing before returning home. Now im back in long gowns it feels odd but it a change. Maybe with it i can pass myself off as someone else." she chuckled out shortly.
HuntressRavenna: “Someone else what a novel concept as I have learned we cant all be different than who we are at heart and soul. Weather it be dark or light or in the gray shadows of the spectrum of life.... One can pass there if one does not judge at anytime right or wrong except as it pertains to them personally...we cant fully change who we are in the depths of our being for at times it must be seen as we will long for that again..Yet I can live as female with more male characteristics at times and still be famine at times. Its hard to see that way with me but it is what it is for me. I have the shape and curves of the girl what not use them once in a while...”-She chuckled a bit and smiled again as she once again picked up her goblet and took a sip.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra chuckled shaking her head as she took a sip listening to the woman. "Very true" she took another small sip as if she was trying to be proper for a time. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the taste. "Oh what I would do for some sort of entertatment that not from our local bard." she chuckled out letting her eyes reopen as she glanced about the room. "There is news of a ball coming up from one of our alliance. " she spoke as if she had forgotten about it. "Im not sure if we shall make an apparance once i get the noticed of it and all." her eyes would widen a bit. "I don't even know if what I'm do if we have to appear" she laughed thinking about the matter seeing it had been years since she had to make some sort of an appearance at a large event such as a ball of some sorts. "Never mind that" she spoke out thinking for a moment. "Femine is a good thing though." she smirked
HuntressRavenna: "Yes it can be and if we have to appear at the ball I would suggest some one go with you as a second representive if you wish to leave early they can stay for longer as there guest as I am sure they would see to the safety of the guest."-Venna looked to this is when Ambassadors came in handy but she would not say as much as that was for her to decide as a represenitve shouls be versed in polite society at times.-"I would have a few items never worn for such occasions but have never been called on be in attendance as other were taken as representing the kingdom normally the kings family went as I was technically a member by marriage he would not hear such a thing."-Venna was good enough to speak at trade talks and possible arguments being had for she had a cool head but never for formal events.-"I think I have forgotten how to dance anyway and would be awakward as just that event."
AezvyraIsadorValke: She nodded. "its an idea gets some of us out of the empire at lest." she smirked at the idea of it and nodded. "That I will have to debate on whom i wish to go. I might just post it and allow anyone to go to it if they want" she nodded "I think that is for the best just in case im unable to": she spoke softly "I might need to be thinking of appointing some ambassadors soon " she chuckled out "or make the seekers have more work"
HuntressRavenna: "Well seeing its and ally I am sure they would understand if you were un able to attend yet someone who might be asked to as a personal favore, I am sure would be happy to as those seeking might feel a slight put out as they had maybe never attend such and event. I have been at the kindome when we hosted a couple of balls of course I can say I did enjoy that yet still was out of place as I am a hunter. I saw things im the eyes of an Archer and sometimes guard saw where they had been lax in security and sometimes totally undefensable. Sound horrible I know it but thats just me I did not say a word to the matter as that might be seen as rude."-Venna had been in situations where she saw troubles while on visits at times to places and she knew a single word might be an insult.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman nodded "I understand" she smiled as she had to put some thought into everything as she sat there drinking on her unicorn's blood mixed with wiskey. "Would you like to go just in case I can not make it?" she would asked as she didn't know anyone else she would trust and she knew her brother would most likely not agree to it.
HuntressRavenna: "As a favor to send your appolgies of cours I would not mind if you have no other available I would just need to know when so I can clear my calendar for that evening. Nothing like having several things going at a time Milady. I look at it this way a simple service I think I can manage for one night."-She bowed her head lightly to her honored to be asked for the situation. THen she thought about what to wear for it and she knew her gold and wine gown train and all would be approprate for then.-"I hope I dont wear the same gown as anyone else that is awkward but I will have faith my more elven gown will be a safe bet."
AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman would smile once more even though she had been nearly the etire time. "It would be a great favor for me if I am unable to, granted Im sure I will be able to but we do not know yet." she chuckled as she was still waiting on the information about the ball that was to be held. She took a deep breath as she thought about it. "Im not even sure if I have something new for it anyway " she would shrug known she would most likely keep to one of her old gowns if she could even find it. Her mind shifted as she glnced up. "Any how, how are you tonight my dear?" she would pause thinking she never asked that simple question this night.
HuntressRavenna: "I am dooing well tonight made a sale of the bear hid and the head and claws also have the elk head spoken for as well as I do believe the armor might get the hide from taht as well. I find I have a small profit on my thing here and I am glad for that....I do believ the bard I spoke with will change the story a bit to make it more or less a battle between good and evil or at least more dramatic than it was."-She chuckled know hpw stories changed over the telling and by the end it would be of a great hunter of legend with a much different battle going on for the life and death struggle.-"Such is tales and ways of the bard."
AezvyraIsadorValke: "That is great to hear that you are doing so well." she took a small sip before resting the glass on the bar top only to play with the lip of it with her finger as she listened. "I hope you fetched enough coin for it all." she chucled out thinking about the bear and the story behind it. "I think that is the last time I send you out for rabbits" Aezyvra chuckled softly as she licked her bottom lip to keep it moisted. "Oh?" she smirked and she thought about it. "Oh the tales they sing." she let her words fade into nothing as she lost herself to her thoughts.
HuntressRavenna: _venna chuckled as she knew people feared her going distinctly for bear and what she might actually bring back.-"Yes well that was just a matter of who snuck up on who in the tall bushes I think I startled more than it startled me but one does not run from something that size.."-Venna sort of looked into nearly empty glass she had and set it down as she went to the kitchen and got a small snack more than a full meal. Some summer sausage with a little cheese in slices with a piece of bread om the side nothing heavy like raost or stew tonight.-"I will gain weight at the way I have been eating not so good when one is more acrobat or gymnast in their life get hard to pull up into tree braches and balance throgh moving tree to tree."
AezvyraIsadorValke: "True enough. I'm just happen no one was hurt on their hunts, and everyone returned that Ive heard." she nodded taking another sip finishing off the glass before the debat to weither to refill it or not came to mind. She glanced up just as the woman had appeared back from the kitchen. "Hmm" she looked at her then to the plate before shrugging. "I doubt that one and yes last I knew one would have to be smallish to be more acrobatic." her words seem to drag as her mind went else were once more, it was a issue ofhers on this day. She couldnt remain on one topic.
HuntressRavenna: _Venna left her to her thoughts today as she smiled and knew that the hunts were tricky at times as anything can happen on them. Venna was also happy that no one was hurt as well that made the hunt perfect. She took small bites as she wanted to enjoy the meager meal she had infront of her and thought the fresh apple pie was unable to resist and she would get rose to get her a slice in a while as she finished her wine and set down the empty goblet and looked to Rose.-"I think I will go for some mint teat acyually I sort of over did yesterday with the mead not wise to do that again."

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra's chapped painted lips curled at their ends as they always done as she thought about dark things. Oh the things that moved over her mind was the same as always; how could she cause trouble, whom could she kill that wouldn't be missed, or who could she toy with and not feel to bad about it. It was normally the third idea that came across her mind. Yet, how to toy with someone who didn't mind being toyed with; everyone close to the empress seem to know it was coming. She thought about it as she took hold of the bottle on the bar top and pour her another glass of her mix drink. Her dark eyes lingered on the shelf before her as seh thought about it. "Hmmmmm" the humming sound left her lips as she heard Venna. "Oh? just wait until a drinking compation happens." she chuckled softly thinking about the last one she had started and the fun part was she never felt a thing after words. The woman sighed softly "what to do.. who to play with today." she chuckled out thinking of the missing bar maid from the night before.
HuntressRavenna: -Venna chuckled at her and the way her thought drifted around at times as she looked to her with the promise of a drinking competion and she shook her head a bit at the remark of who to play with.-"Well I am not in the mood for play time at times I can be depends with me. Then again have had no one to play with my way...Drinking competions can be fun but I normally pay for them later so I would have to pass on thet thought for now...Last time yes I lasted a while but seriosly paid for it the next day not that I did not have fun yet I would hope we don't get that stared here too soon."-Venna shook her head as she.wished for someone she could play with along the lines of maybe the bedroom fun but she guessed that was not the same for Azevyra at all.-
Guest_LdyMorgausePendragon: Morrigan quietly moved about through the captial city as she looked for a place to stay for the night. Her feet hurt from all the walking she had done, it had been a rought day for her. Her horse had gave out and collaped a few miles outside of the city and then she had ran into a pack of bandits. Thankfully the woman was gifted in the art of magic. The young mage had manged to shield her self enough to get away safely seeing she wasn't one to harm others unless she had to. Granted her magic was both dark and light it was different when she was away from her home. She had left her family home in search of a rare item.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra nodded slowly. "I was not applying we play now." she laughed as she took a quick sip of her drink before setting it down on the bar top. She knew it wouldn't be fair for her to even think about playing some drinkin game at the moment when she was bored out of her mind. She took a deep breath as she turned on her bar stool and glanced around the room. "Hmmmm" she hummed out again

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra nodded slowly. "I was not applying we play now." she laughed as she took a quick sip of her drink before setting it down on the bar top. She knew it wouldn't be fair for her to even think about playing some drinkin game at the moment when she was bored out of her mind. She took a deep breath as she turned on her bar stool and glanced around the room. "Hmmmm" she hummed out again
MaelumRagnarosYlium: ~Mae stirred in her bed, waking slowly as she yawned loudly and stretched out. She winced as her head bumped into the headboard of the bed. She then rolled out of bed and put on her tunic and sandals before wearily realizing her pants were missing. She opened the door slightly and yelled down to the tavern's main hall.~AEZ! Help!
RagnorKirryanValke: Wakeing in his room he smirks as he moves his right hand to his head and gently brushes his fingers though his hair as he is wakeing up and for once wasn’t hung over not normal for him but he quite enjoyed the lack of pain from noises in the morning. Moveing to sit up in his bed he senses someone beside him and jumps to his feet as it is Sapphire in his bed, quickly he looks down and notices he is fully clothed than looks to her in the dress he gave her. Sighing he remembers back to the other day when the incident occurred, he remembers harming her than helping her but making her suffer than giving her then dress what a rollercoaster he was on the other day. “fuck I need to start drinking at least my actions make sense well except my sword, how the hell did it get into the roof.” Shaking his head he turns from the bed and her to his door. Walking to the wooden door he motions his right hand and opened the door rubbing his eyes he walks to the banister and looks down to the bar and the lack of people in the tavern today, the maids looks to him and are shocked “master ragnor its not yet noon why you awake and sober for that matter” . he laughs sarcastically than grins “pour me my mug now wenches “ his eyes move to the one who just burts into the tavern looking for his sister he grips the railing and yells “keep it down woman”
HuntressRavenna: -Venna knew not to get involved but did notice the new guest arrive her while she stood at the bar and she motioned to Rose to come over to get her something to either eat or drink, and Rose went in front of her not asking out right but with a quiet look as she smiled to the new guest. Venna got on the stool near by and sighed it was turning into a long day yet she was happy it was going one here and smiled a bit as she went back to her small plate of foods as she just kept everything simple taking a the last bite of cheese.-”Rose when your done may I get a piece of the fresh apple pie please.”
Guest_LdyMorgausePendragon: Even though she had gotten lost a time or two in the forest the woman finally found her self on a dirt path that had lead her all the way to the safety of the city. Her long dark brown hair seem to move along in the breeze as she walked. Her heels making a clicking sound on the ground as she walked. The mage wondered around until she finally came to the tavern. Feeling the thirst call to her with the driness of her throat, her the soft rolling of her belly from the hunger. Her blue eyes lingered on the sign as she moved close. Morrgain paused just at the double doors before pushing one of them open before slipping inside. She didn't even glace down at her long dark red dress which had been covered in mud in places from when the horse had fallen.
HuntressRavenna: -Venna spied the new guest as she had come into the tavern after hearing Ragnor call down for his drink and looked to Rose a moment and smiled to her.-”I don't think I had quiet a enough to eat Rose for got something sweet May I get a piece of that fresh apple pie please it just smells so good. I know I decided to eat smaller meals to watch my figure its because I haven't had much of a real work out in a while need to spend a day outside just in the trees and doing some acrobatic things and work up a sweat.”-Venna knew what she needed to keep down her weight to eat the way she had been and that for her was a good thing as she would get that in somehow.”Go ahead wait on Ragnor first please I can wait.”
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demoic empress brow lifts from its place as she takes another sip from her drink before picking the bottle and the glass up and heads back towards her little area once more people seem to find their way into the tavern. Aevyra was never a good people person and that was even before her mishap in the past. The woman sighed softly walking slowly to her table before setting the objects down on it just as she hears stiring from the floor above. She figured it to be her brother and then another movement over head happen. Her eyes seem to widen as she heard one of her nickname from above. "Hmm?" she tilted her head up as she looked at the celing wondering what was going on and then the word help. Her head shook as she turned to face thee doorway before heading around the corner and up the stairs. Even though she heard the word help she was not rushing all the way up there as fast as she could go. The woman reached the second floor and headed to the room on the end of the hall. "What?" she moved to the door before stopping at i.
MaelumRagnarosYlium: ~Mae's face with flushed red as she beckoned Aez closer so Mae could whisper to her.~Come here, it's rather embarassing.~Mae looked around as she waited for Aez to come closer.~(tyt)
Guest_LdyMorgausePendragon: She walked through the the small corridor that led from the door to the main area of the tavern. Her sparkling blue eyes the color of the deep ocean seem to move over just about everyting from the bard singing off near the fireplace to the many men whom seem to fill many of the tables and then the wamen whom seem to dart around carrying trays. Morrigan took a breath and moved closer to the bar before finding a seat off by it self to sit on. She glanced to the maid behind the bar. She took note of the red hair the woman had. She waited licked her chapped lips as she pulled a small coin purse out to see how much she had left from the start of her long jorney. She sighed softly as she pulled a few small round copper coins with a squre in the center of them that seem to be missing. "Miss?" she spoke softly her voice softer then most. "Miss can I get a glass of water?" she asked the woman whom seem to be busy with everyone else at the time being.
RagnorKirryanValke: He watches as more people enter the tavern, the weirdo without pants than the woman in the red dress, “ok than” he says to himself as he moves his legs over the railing into the sitting position his eyes tracing over everything. Bouncing his head from side to side as if he has music stuck in his head he laughs slightly as he pushes himself off of the railing and falls from the second level landing on his feet but bending his knees slightly to help brake the fall. Standing straight up he moves his hands from his side and brushes off his clothing a few clouds of dust emerge before he makes his way over to the bar moving through the tables and chairs to his bar stool with jus happens to be beside the new comer. Reaching his stool the one maid looks to him than runs and grabs his mug placing it in his spot than goes back to what she is doing, moving his seat out he hears the new woman trying to get a hold of the maids but there busy. He smirks as he moves from his chair and around the counter than over to her, “water is what you wish for miss? He asks her gently before moving away for a second grabbing a glass and filling it full of water for her than he gently places it on the bar for her.

HuntressRavenna: Venna took notice of all going on around her here as she was a trained archer and that meant at times a guard as well but was mainly used when the carriages were on the road as and outrider. Yes she could do the same as a crossbow men inside a castle but that was not her best of things for court always seemed too constrictive for her at times. Yet she was what she was and that could not change as she had said one can not change what they are deep inside. Venna looked to the woman and then to Rose and set down a gold piece on the bar. “I am feeling generous tonight give her what she would need please on my coin please call it the repayment of a kindness I had been given many times.”-Venna left that simple gesture sink in that at another time when she could do the same pass it along. Venna watches as Ragnor gets her some water and she kind of smiled if she needed anything more she would have it.-
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra brow rose even more as she took the two steps to put her right in the the doorway pretty much. "Mae what's wrong? " she question before she even realize she had no pants on. She chuckled softly before shaking her head letting her onxy hair sway in its place. "Did we lose something?" her words muddled by the laughing sound. Her green hues moved to the woman's face then to the inside of the room as she moved passed the door if she was able to. "Where your pants?" she spoke softly out. "Did someone take them?.. was someone in your room?" she smirked as she thought about it. THen again the woman could have simply told her that she might have stolen them with a spell. They might have slipped though into the shadows without warning late the night before.
MaelumRagnarosYlium: ~Mae bit her lip firmly and looked around before whispering "I think I may have left them in your room...there's an odd robe in here that looks like one of yours." Mae's blush brightened as she giggled and grinned nervously as she realized she wasn't wearing anything aside from her waist-length tunic and her sandals.~
usherthesnowwolf: -the demon male skips from shadow to shadow in the forrest not knowing were he is going but knowing hes gotta stay hidden. he looks up at the clear sky as he thinks to him self feeling the light wind from west. as he would out of no were feel peoples near by and takes the way over there directly by flash stepping he ends up outside infront of a tavern as he looks up and down saying to him self- hmmm -he was going to grab the door handle but quick thinks that he might have to make hes tail and horns disappear and maybe some cloth that fits in to a tavern. so he would disappear into the shadows and changes and comes out again looking more like a human and opens the door and walks inside-

Guest_LdyMorgausePendragon: Morrigan sighed softly as she sat there quiet patiently waiting on the young woman behind the bar to help her. She didn't even noticed the woman whom seem to sit beside her or the male whom seem to appear from somewhere behind her and seem to move behind the bar. Her blue eyes lingered on the male before looking down at the bar. "Yyyyeeesss.. please." she seem to hesatite as she tried to force the words from her lips. She would glance at the glass of water once it was placed before her. "Thank you." she spoke softly before placing the coins on the bartop and slide them across it closer to the male before taking the glass into her hand. She would lift it and bring it to the edge of her lips before letting the clear water wet them and fill her mouth with a small sip.
RagnorKirryanValke: Watching her move he smiles dimly and notices her put a few coins on the table with a slight chuckle he waves his hand over the coins moveing them back to her into a neat little stack “that is not nessesary miss for water is always free to those who may need it we do not charge for such a thing. Noticing her eyes longer on him he smirks than leans on the bar in front of her “how about a deal miss.. a real drink for a name? sounds like a fair trade doesn’t it” he turns his head slightly as he awaits for her to finish drinking and answer him. His jet black hair covering most of his face except for one of his ember eyes, senseing someone else comeing close to the tavern than entering he looks over to the door than smirks slightly “welcome to the tavern my sister is around somewhere or I may be able to help depending on what you may need, best if you can find her seeing how she is the BOSS” he says the last world sarcastically and slightly louder hoping to bug his sister.
HuntressRavenna: -Venna once again did take notice of the man who stepped into the bar as she smiled a bit to the woman beside her and lightly leaned in towards her and smiled lightly.-”Venna looked to Ragnor and smiled lightly every once in a while a harmless generous act was well to do for another with little coin. She had been there in her life and some had done the same for her especially when she had nothing to trade for food at a tavern like some kind of rabbit or small game as the hunting was pour at times. Yet here she started get up and move from the bar a bit then looked at the piece of pie Rose had finally brought out and took a seat again and she looked to Rose and her empty elderberry wine and pushed the goblet forward to her and smiled for another.-
usherthesnowwolf: -he walks slowly around inside the tavern as he breaths out calm before turning hes look the way ragnor said welcome to him as he nods and walks slowly over to the bar- thank u sir for the welcome -he looks at the bar- may i get a bottle of dark whisky and can i get some food here to -he chuckles hoping no one here can sence hes demonic chakra or aura as he sits down slowly and takes a pack of cigarets out hes pocket and looks at the male who welcomed him- may i

AezvyraIsadorValke: The empress chuckled softly as she shook her head. "I was wonderring where that went off to." she laughed as she looked at the black silk robe that had white trimming along the middle. She glanced back to the woman's face and seen the blush before allowing her lips curl into a smirk. "Would you like them back?" she chuckled as she moved her right hand to summon a bit of the shadows from underneath the dresser to her as she licked her lips. Her emreald green eyes would seem as if they had darken as the spell started to form. She would slowly move her fingers as she pulled the shadows closer to her as she formed a orb with them in the center of her hand. Aezvyra would wait before closing her eyes mumbling under her breath as the shadows seem to move, flating out as if they were taking the shape of the woman's missing garments. The spell would take several minutes before the shadows would finally vanish wholesome leaving Mae's pants within the woman's hand. "Here" she would hold them out to the woman. Her head would tilt to the side as she heard the sounds from the floor below. She shook her head before glancing back to Mae. "It seems we are needed down stairs." she laughed as she turned on her heels which was much harder for her to do seeing she was infact barefoot and the wood didn't help a thing. The woman seem to move about again as she headed back to the door of the room. The demon took a breath held it and then made her way back downstairs to the main floor of the tavern. Her green hues seem to move to her brother for a slim moment before moving over how busy everything was. "Busy night." she spoke mainly to herself as she moved back to her little table off in the back of the tavern before sitting down.
MaelumRagnarosYlium: ~Mae chuckled as she quickly put her pants on, grinning as she ran up behind Aez and scooped her up onto her own shoulders. Mae ducked a little as she walked downstairs, making sure that Aez's head doesn't bump against the ceiling.~

Guest_LdyMorgausePendragon: Morrigan remained still just sitting there as she watched the coins moved before her eyes. "Are you sure?" she asked softly her voice nearly hard to hear over the loud tavern sounds. When he had asked for her name she didn't know what to say. "Morrigan sir" she spoke once more to answer him just after he had asked. "And you can keep your drink.. Im fine with the water. " she added shortly after as she lifted the glass to her lips once again before setting it back down on the bar top. She smiled. "How much is for a room for a few nights, or until I can find someone selling a horse? Mine is somewhere out in the woods.. most likely dead by now. She collaped on me." she spoke softly as she finally glanced down at her dress that had been covered in mud, her cheeks turned red as if it was a rose petel. "I look like a mess" she whispered out ot her self thinking outload before she watched the strangers around her move about.
HuntressRavenna: -Venna noticed as Aezyvra cam down the stairs and smiled a little they might be a bit busy but that was the fun of the tavern at times quiet hardly a soul others busy and vibrant. She looked to the man that sat near by and smiled as Rose got her drink for her and she cradled the goblet as she had before and took a sip of the sweet elderberry wine as she took a bite of the apple pie watching Ragnor a bit first with the woman and now the man here as she sat back a bit as she simply seemed to be passing the time tonight and for once in a dress not her leathers. Her nice figure showing more as she seemed to be going for that feminine look. She was a bit lonely at times but such was the way of a woman who mainly was outside hunting and running the forests. Venna looked to her a moment and knew what that was like many times before as her coin had gone unnoticed before and this time she set a few extra coins on the bar and moved then over to her and smiled a bit.-”Please call the room on me for the few days I know what it was like to be that lost and in need I see this as repaying a kindness to those who helped me.”\
RagnorKirryanValke: He watches the male move around the tables and makes his way to the bar he smirks at his request for alcohol than call one of the maids over “get this man a dink please and sure you can light up just don’t blow the smoke this way” he looks back to the girl named morrigan. The maid looks to the man and lightly bows “a dark whiskey sir right away” she moves behind the bar grabbing a larger mug than reaches for the bottle of whiskey and puts a healthy among of liquid into the mug than hands it to the man, “6 bronze pieces please sir” she says with a smile. “what a lovely name miss and no worries about the drink” ragnor says with a slight smile “and as for a room here that differs in prices depending on everything for more prices you may want to talk to m sister, and as for a horse that’s another story again the market would be the best bet for that”. He reaches for his own mug and takes a healthy swing and than places his mug down firmly on the bar and laughs a bit, than notices her looking at her dress “sorry about you horse and dress, would you like a place to clean up”?
usherthesnowwolf: -he lays 6 bronze pieces on the table and nods to the male who gave him his drink- thank u sir -he said before firing the cigaret up and inhales the smoke slowly and calm. as he would lay hes pack of cigarets on the table and blows out away from the way he shouldnt blow it out and sighs before taking a sip of hes whisky and smiles- its a nice place here. may i ask if its u and your sister who owns it?
AezvyraIsadorValke: In the time it took her to reach her table from the stairs she had manged to be picked up by her friend and carried the rest of the way. She could not help but to chuckle out as she tried to weave about and duck to miss one of the large beams. "are you trying to kill me?" she giggled out before blinking a few times as she let her emreald green gaze move over the full tavern. Granted that she should have went to the bar to help she didn't feel like the need to, after all she was the ruler of the empire and was at the tavern for some fun. To relax from a hard day of signing taxes into laws, or dealing with some form of alliance matter. Her favorite mishape of the day was some farmer had come to her claiming that a dragon had snatched up his only cow. She wanted to laugh at him, seeing she hadn't heard of the Great Beast coming down from the mountins yet, there were still a few seasons until that happened. Yet, she did what she would have done netherless she called the male a lier and stuck him in the dungons. This soul reason was her reason to be at the tavern this day, to try and end the day on a high note.
MaelumRagnarosYlium: ~Mae smiled up to her friend as she walked out into main hall with Aez still on her shoulders. Mae strode as if her friend weighed as much as a feather, but made sure to hold her legs firmly to keep Aez in place.~Hehe, figured you might enjoy the view.
Guest_LdyMorgausePendragon: The woman would smile and nod her head looking to the female whom seem to give her a small amount of coin and had requested to let her pay for a room. "I thank you kindly miss" she couldn't help but to smile at the woman. "I will be sure to pass the kindness along as soon as I can." she spoke softly before letting her attention move back to the male. "thank you, my mother named me after a goddess oddly enough far better then Crow or Sunset which would be what names my siblings ended up with" the woman would let a soft chuckle leave her lips as she thought about her family for a short moment. "Alright I will be sure to check in to see if they have one. I hope they do its a long way home and im not even half way done with my quest I am on ." she smirked softly before he had brought up her dress. "Umm, Im should be fine It a little dirt. unless you think it needs to be cleaned?" she would pause for a moment and look around and noticed everyone before looking back down to her dress. "Maybe I should."
HuntressRavenna: “When you are able and I hope you find what it is your looking for on the quest you have before you. I have known many who quest to find only disappointment. I think I have a dress you can wear since that one needs to be cleaned Morrigan.”-Venna smiled to her again having extra things with her upstairs as she at odd times did dress up a bit as she was a woman not of means but she had small things tucked away that she could take to the money changers and such to have what she might need. She always had items with her worth coin at places.-
Guest_LdyMorgausePendragon: She smiled softly and nodded. "thank you so much for your kindness. I do to I had lost a spell and mother making me go out and find some book that has it in it" she laughed as she thought about it. "all for a book" she shook her head as her brown locks seem to dance about.
HuntressRavenna: -Venna got up and looked to the stairs it had been a long day and she was getting tired and needed to head to bed she stopped at the table in the back and smiled to Aezvyra.-"well I am foff to bed for the night I had an early morning here is all I did scout around befroe I got into my dress as well as went to the city today. I think I will have just as busy a day tomorrow."
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic empress Aezvyra chuckled softly as she nodded. "Its different from up here but please put me down.. Im sure we been through this, I am not one for heights." she laughed as she held on to her friend hoping not to fall from her shoulders even though she doubt Mae would ever let that happen. Her eyes closed as she waited to be set down, hoping it would be within the next few seconds as she didn't like being heigh off teh ground at all. The feeling made her dizzy at times it was why she didn't take up on flying or hovering much. She took a deep breath and waited.. the time seem to tick by slowly as she remained as still as she could be. When she finally was set down she fixed her silk dress before sitting down in her chair looking out over the crowd. She chuckled hearing the traveler's words about who owned the tavern. Would she just simply sit there off by her self now. "Good night Venna I hope you rest well" she smiled as she lowered her head.


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