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Post by AezvyraIsadorValke on Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:15 pm

((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy based roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos due to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now Klashi Hold [which is in the end stages of construction to repair it] is located within the outskirts of the capital city Necromar; https://images.imgbox.com/97/d6/1WRY2nfl_o.png. Winter is upon the empire, with the temperature at a low of 16 degrees, there, of course, high winds and light snowfall. ))

AezvyraIsadorValke: The Demon Aezvyra had just left the throne room finishing up on her daily duties for the most part as she made her way slowly across the Keep. Her green eyes lingering on the common area as she made her way to the center courtyard which was had been enchanted for the season. It was odd for the woman to have had the mages to do such a thing; in the center of the courtyard where the fountain had been was turned into a yule celebration topped with a decorated tree and all. Aez even ordered a few of her so-called castle staff to dress up and play small roles such as Yuletide bards, even the Yule father to hand small gifts out to children who had decided to visit the keep. The woman chuckled watching the sight as she took a breath, the fact she was missing her fountain centerpiece was normal but she honestly did this for the empire; to higher the moral of the city and those who traveled to see them. The Empress strolled quietly across the courtyard before finally walking down the hall towards the large double doors that held the outside away from the keep. She flicked her wrist and the doors opened allowing the snow to drift in. Her gaze shifted watching the guard at the gates as she stood out looking over the icy courtyard.

KafzielLaVayne:  With a stride that boasted his physique the man walked over the streets of the capital. Eyes a beautifull golden in the center looking over the thickly packed people that had to deal with the cold.On the other hand the aspect of pride seem to not even notice it anymore. He was dressed impacable with style and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. His pants simple black jeans was quite thin and wrapped neatly around his muscles.The upper part of his chest was openly to be seen, it was no suprise that many gazes were aimed to him when he passed groups of people. He knew this and he enjoyed it. Not far from the castle he easily looked towards it his hands like a roof above his eyes to keep the sunlight that escaped the clouds away. He stood still for quite a moment while he watched the castle from the distance. The people that noticed him gossiping about whom he could be. It was true he was not wearing anything that could imply his position, and normally he did not go around looking like this. An oddity he was for a change, even though he was a good looking one no one adressed him. Except for the guards that knew him by face not one would show him the due respect in greetings. So he strutted on and walked over the pathed roads of the capital towards the castle. Seeing how the doors were open he raises his brow and wondered whom it could be that was awake out loud to himself in a joking fashion. His chuckle grabbed the attention of one of the newer guards that stood post at the gates that lead towards the castle. Their way of stopped him by holding his shoulder suddenly keeping him from walking forward responded to with annoyed grumbling.He recieved quite an earfull about how it was not allowed to so easily make your way into the lands of the castle beyond the gate, and though he listened pretending to atleast by showing a few nods his annoyance was quite clear. The guard finally done he turned away and started making his way for the castle itself. Though he tried to stop him with a wave of his hand and red energy surrounding the guard he flew into his little shack that kept him out of the snow so the Captain could go ahead. He was sure that the guard would be told what is what eventually by those that watched, it was none of his concern so far he looked at it. Once he stood infront of the open gates his eyes shined brightly when he finally noticed the one that stood at its center looking over the icy courtyard. 

TundraLynx: A man and woman strolled down the hallways of the magistry. The woman held their baby in her blazen arms and looked down at him with tears in her eyes. Her husband softly pushed her light blue hair of flame away from her face and caressed her cheek. "We'll get through this Rose" He said in their native tongue. "He'll get through this. I'm sure he'll be alright." His hair glowed a bright white, singing the banners along the hallway. He pulled Rose and their child close to his chest. The warmth of his white fire feathers calmed Rose. She wiped her tears and nodded at her beloved. The grand doors in front of them opened to reveal a podium before a collective of the order of the holy phoenix staring down at family. The one in the center motioned for them to come inside. Rose grabbed her husband's hand tightly as they stepped onto the podium. "Rose and Vale Arevan." The council leader said. "We have researched extensively on your son, Aster Arevan. The council has come to a decision. Your child shall be sent off of this planet in exile as he has been deemed incapable of controlling his gifts. As the son of two strong soldiers and phoenix kin, we can not risk putting anybody in danger at his hands should he grow strong. This is our final decision." Rose's eyes filled with tears as she dropped to her knees on the ground, holding Aster close to her chest. Vale knelt down beside her and buried her head in his shoulders. Her tears evaporated off his blazen skin, and his off of her hair as he began to cry as well. The head of the council snapped his fingers, and the baby became enveloped in an orb of fire. "He shall find his home on another planet where hopefully he is never trained to grow stronger than his birthright." His mother screamed to the skies as the orb along with her baby disappeared into embers, cast off into the universe to find a new home. /////// 4,000 years past in space. The sleeping Aster had grown into what appeared to be a boy no older than 13 years old. He quickly began falling rapidly. The heat of piercing through the layers of the atmosphere felt like home though he didn't realize it. It was only minutes before he came plummeting towards a city the inhabitants of the land would know to surround the Nyamithler Empire's castle. Days past before he awoke to find himself chained up and dressed fully in cloth attire. His eyes slowly opened revealing their firey color. Little black embers fell from his hair and the long feathers that grew from his temples. He attempted to move only to fall as he'd been chained to a post in the middle of what seemed to be a small house farm. People stared at him, and many began shouting. "He's awake! He's awake!" From there the mob's shouts were no longer coordinated, but individual thoughts gathered into one massive blur of sound. Aster had no idea what any of them were saying as it was in a language he'd never heard before." Soon three men burst through the door of the house connected to the area. They looked at him with desire, and smiles of greed dawned upon their faces. "Hahaha. He's actually awake. About damn time." One said. The others laughed and pulled out their daggers." Aster looked at them strangely and attempted to speak to them in his native language, the very little that he knew only for them to laugh in his face. "Good!" One of the men shouted. "If he doesn't speak our language he can't whine as we pluck each feather from him. Oh the money we'll make off of treasure hunters." The men approached him, and one lifted him up by the front of his shirt. Aster struggled to break free of the man's grip. He put a hand to Aster's imperial head feathers. The sizzling of his skin against the feather made him shout. "Yeah. He's for real alright" He said before cutting Aster's chains in a single swipe of his blade and threw him onto the ground in front of the other men. "Come on!" They all shouted. "Show your true form so we can pluck every last feather from you. They'll grow back after all!" They all began to laugh as one of the men rammed his boot into Aster's gut, knocking him across the ground. Aster choked and coughed, his clothes and face now dirty. "let me have some fun guys. Don't hog it all to yourself!" said the third man. He let out a boisterous laugh and knocked the knelt Aster down to the ground with a blow to Aster's back using the handle of his sword. Aster began tearing and shouting to let him go and get back to no avail; they didn't understand him. "Enough playing around" Said one of the men. "Let's skin this phoenix." They approached Aster with swords primed and pulled him back up by his shirt. Utter fear filled Aster's eyes to match his tears. Just as the sharpened blade touched his body, he let out a blood-curdling screechy yell and began to glow blindingly bright. A phoenix is born. His teeth were sharp and fire surrounding his body and the ground beneath him melting the snow in a fraction of a second. His blond hair burned like fire and his skin remained exceedingly bright. <c>

TundraLynx: The crowd dispersed. Aster yelled once more and several pulses of fire eminated from his body knocking the men onto the ground. Small wings sprouted from his back and he quickly flew over to one of the men, grabbing him with his razor sharp nails and threw him onto the other two men so they fell in a pile, too weak to stand up. He stepped up in front of them, ignoring every burning house, stand, fence, etc. around him and extended a hand out in front of the men fingers spread. A small flame materialized and with a single push of energy, a stream of fire pounded the men into the ground even harder until their screams turned into dull sobs for help.<e>

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon's arms moved up her hands sliding against her upper arm as she seems to brush herself as she stood there partly out of the cold looking out. Her emerald gaze shifting around as she watched the men move about in the same fashion they had done every day since they had become guards. Aezvyra has grown used to it now that the keep had nearly been finished with the repairs and the snow has started to fall the day before. Her eyes landed on the figure that seems to move closer to her; she watched as the guard was sent flying backward as she shook her head not even really realizing whom this stranger was. Her body seems to shift towards the right as a gust of wind seem to blow her long dark hair around as she studied the figure. 

KafzielLaVayne:  It was with a lick of his lips as he started to shift his weight upon his right foot that he spoke out. His voice was a dark one and with it came a alurring tone as if it was artificially being altered when it started to come rolling from his lips."Greetings my Empress."A smirk travelled over the edges of his lips while he started to bow down and for a moment his form shifted from his old armored Captain one back to his current more well dressed one.With his hand upon his chest he raised himself back up and rests with his hands against his hip bones while looking to her a little confused. For a moment he could have sworn she did not realize whom he was, while she could have sensed the soul piece in his chest which would be forever present within him. The vague rune symbols just barely able to escape the borders of his skin from the distance he was standing away from her. With a shaking of his head he dismissed the thought of it and started to look around the courtyard and the guards at the gate talking with eachother after what happened."A beautifull sight the empire at winter."He spoke with a relaxed voice and a calm gaze that looked from the courtyard over to the city in the distance. The flames that suddenly appeared in the distance and the sound of people in the distance did not even seemed to have moved him like anything odd. He just smiled and turned his body forwards with his back to the empress as he mumbles to himself."Beautifull." 

TundraLynx: Aster stared at the charred bodies of the men. Why haven't they revived? He wondered. He looked around to see more and more people staring at him. He took flight once more out of fear they may try to hurt him as well and randomly weaved through the city. The trail of flames and his wings set things ablaze in his wake. After only a few short minutes much of the city was on fire and yet for some reason the buildings hadn't disintigrated. His flames were only hurting the people, all of which he had fear for. He halted to a stop upon reaching a large courtyard full of people. They celebrated, however in Aster's eyes, all he could see was the evil grin of men who wanted to hurt him. He let out another piercing yell and flapped his wings rapidly stirring up scalding winds to burn the citizens. His strength quickly faded, and he fell to the ground, back to his normal appearance. He pulled himself up slowly to a slanted stand. The people gathered around their empress pleading for her help to rid them of the creature that had left burns over their bodies. Aster looked to the woman they crowded around. Something about her was regal, and refined as well as that of a man beside her. His eyes welled once more and he mustered what he could into the broken words of his language. "Where... am... I? Where are my parents?....."

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra brow rose as she seen the smoke lift high above the wall, the winds carried the smell of the burnt remains to her as she shook her head. The woman took a deep breath as the gates seem to life open allowing the fleeing citizens into the courtyard. 'was it Ren' she shook her head putting the idea of it being her dragon which was causing the damaged. The Empress didn't even really give the attention to Kafziel who stood before her bowing to her before she waved him off. "Do your job." she murmured out as she stepped out of the Keep fully and into the cold as she made her way to the gates. As people moved behind her she stood there watching the creature that seems to have taken lives and lit her home ablaze. "you are in the Empire of Nyamithler, if you don't wish to be harmed you will cease your attack on its people." she hissed out at the male. She didn't care for her people that was given but who was she if she ruled a pile of ash and bone. 

KafzielLaVayne:  It was a little bit of a suprise that he watches her. She did not brush him off that oftenly he would almost go as far as calling it a first.Perhaps just a bad day he thinks to himself as he then started to watch the creature land upon the grounds.Not the first time he sees a pheonix though those did not tend to be that reckless so his attention was set on him quite firmly when he took on his humanoid form. A little boy he sees now upon the snow, not really dressed for the weather either but neither was he. Considering he was told to do his job he ignores the Empress as he walkes past her and made his way to the boy standing upon the snow covered ground. Kneeling to be at his height he looks at him with some curiousity. Certainly he made quite the entrance but how he was now that memory seemed almost fake if he did not know better. His language when it came to pheonix was not one he would call his best skill, but he was able to speak with those of his kind to some extend. The planes of excistence were not one he was bound to and he was no stranger to roaming through different ones in times he felt like one started to bore him." You are a long way from home child. This is not a plane you are supposed to be in alone. How did you get here?" Rough to his throat to speak in its native language he rubbed his neck with some discomfort, but what needed to be done was something he would see to. 

TundraLynx: Aster nervously looked at the male, though his fear was somewhat subsided as the man showed him a gentle nature. "I... I don't know..." He said through sobs. "Where... are my mama and papa....? Are you my papa?" He looked around. "Why are people here hurt by me? And they just lay there after getting hurt....." He sobbed again, lowering himself to his knees and bursting into full blown tears once more. "I wanna go home!" He extended his cupped hands out to the man. A small ball of fire showed and in it showed his most recessed memories from infancy including both himself getting exiled, landing on the planet, and his experience with the men when he awoke from his own point of view. "I wanna go home!!!"


AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra watched as the male spoke to the child which honestly for the first time in weeks placed a soft smile on her black painted full lips. She crossed her arms still standing before the townsfolk she was in charge of as she watched the boy who seem confused about everything. She studied the creature more as it spoke before shaking her head, her onyx hair tossing about as she prepared herself to speak now that she could hear the muttering of people behind her as if she would protect them. "You little one aren't home that is for sure." she mumbled out trying to not hiss at the child for the destruction he had made throughout the city yet. She turned her back to the boy and walked away. "Kafziel if you wish to help him if not allow a guard to do so." she was trying to hint the male as she turned and walked back towards the Keep before finding shelter out of the cold elements once more. 

RenvaMeI: The soft falling snow left like tiny bullets as she propelled herself through the air. It was sloppy, wings occasionally hitting off beat from one another and making her dip to one side of the other. But Visibility was low and she'd spent a week or so in the forests. She could not go back, be truly free. She'd strongly considered it, admittedly. Now that she could fly, even if it was for short distances. That limitation wouldn't stop her from nearly being untouchable and unstoppable. She'd decided against it, however. The Lady of the castle didn't seem to demand too much from her and it was warmer than the forest. Not to mention that her cities might hunt her down for stealing live stock if she were to go off on her own. The wall of the hold was a harsh climb, her wing muscles ached to lift her, even flying at an angle. It was so burdensome she almost didn't make it over. She did, however, and handed less than gracefully on the crest. A brick or two loosened, crumbling from their hold and falling down into the Lady's courtyard. Her chest puffed and fog swirled from her nostrils as she caught her breath. She kept her wings extended, a dark green shadow against the raging clouds around her. Dropping from this height would be dangerous, with her tendency for shaky landings. After a few moments she did step off, membranes snapping with the rush of wind that lifted her a few feet before she began circling down. She angled so as not to land on the castle itself… but were those people in her landing zone?

Guest_Syexon: Syle appeared upon the castle steps in a thick cloud of ash and black smoke. When it cleared it would reveal that he was kneeling on the ground as if he had landed from a far jump. He then rose to his feet, grabbing his suit case. "So it seems my journey has led me here.." He approaches the door and places three good knocks."

KafzielLaVayne: Slowly he started to rise to his feet. The cold of the snow upon which he was seated was not one of the most comfortable places.With his hands he got to cleaning his pants from the snow that stuck to it while he looked back to the Empress for a moment before looking to the child on the ground."I am Kafziel La Vayne. I hold the rank of captain within this large empire, and govern its militairy branches." Leaning with his weight upon the left foot he lets out a cough and starts to look up to the dragon flying about towards them with some dismay. "Is that dragon comming out way, or is it just me?"He asked them mainly as he was thinking out loud, but slowly he started to look around him to the others whom may have noticed the fact a dragonic being was clearly heading in their general direction from what he could tell.

TundraLynx: Aster looked up from the ground upon hearing Kafziel's words. "I'm Aster...Aster Arevan." He said quietly. The sound of something approaching buzzed in his ears annoyingly. He followed Kafziel in standing, and began looking around. "What is that?" He asked. He looked up to see something rapidly approaching and darted behind Kafziel in hiding, clinging onto the tailss of his shirt tightly while just slighly peeking between his arms. His skin grew hot once more, and his temple feathers flared slightly as his gaze set on the approaching being. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: Now within the doorway of Klashi Hold she turned to watch her captain and the small boy hearing the sounds of people speak once a large shadow passed overhead she couldn't help but to chuckle. Most of her people had forgotten she had bought a dragon which now seems to have returned. She smirked and nodded. "I would advise you all to move." she shrugged as if telling them to move or to be crushed. Her gaze soon moved to a male before lowering her head. "Evening" she gave a short smirk before her eyes moved back to the dragon which seemed to be trying to land in the courtyard which was filled with panicked people. 

Guest_Syexon: Syle adjusted his scarf above his nose. "Good evening.. I am Syle Kitranis. I Believe this is not the time to explain my presence." His voice was deep and smooth, echoing even if there was no ability to echo. He turned his gaze to the Dragon in the sky, causing a ruckus. He then turned back to the woman, deeming the dragon unhostile. "May I enter?"

RenvaMeI: To avoid crushing what looked like a man and a child she angled more sharply. It made her teeter, unfortunately, and when she managed to land a few yards to their side, it took a few steps to keep her from eating pavement. She did have the good sense to keep a wing up, incase she was closer than she though. It wouldn't do well to knock the parents head off. Still, her pride wouldn've been the most hurt of everything if she'd been so clumbsy. It was sore just from her lack of grace. Now, she tucked her extra limbs tight against her back, head arced up high as she half walked, half strutted into a more poised position beside the wall, sheilding her from the wind. It was more obnoxious than painful, but her eyes were still sensative without the nictating membrane pulled over the lenses. She looked from the two standing in the hold to the Lady standing at the entrance. Her nostrils flared as she looked her over, as if asking or even daring her to give a command. "Lady Aezvyra." Her gavelling voice was half carried away by the dull cold and harsh winds..

KafzielLaVayne: The wind and snow that blew in his face as the dragon landed near to them made him covered mostly in snow much to his dislike. The cigarette though fake and made from a mixture of solidified sin energy even stopped giving away its red smoke. For a moment he just stood there processing what just happened. A child was hiding behind him giving heat like he wishes to take the spot of the sun or so it felt and a clumsy ass dragon just barely manages to miss him and even covered him in snow. He started to shake his head in his dismay to the situation, it was so far out from what he is used to his reaction to it was...normal. Though a point was to be made not a normal reaction for him."That my boy....is a dragon, and a clumsy one at that."He remarked as he started to whipe the snow from his body and shaking what had come within his clothes which had quickly started to melt. Combined with the cold even he started to notice that it indeed was winter now and he was not dressed for the occassion by even a little.

TundraLynx: Aster looked back and forth between Kafziel and the so called DRagon being. Never had he heard of such a creature. He gently blew a gentle flame around Kafziel to melt the snow without hurting the man that had shown him kindness. "Dragon?" He asked confused, fumbling over many of the letters/sounds within the word. A troublemaking smille stretched across Aster's face with a light chuckle. His top slowly burned away from the embers that began to radiate and engulf it. His bronzed skin held intricate markings in orange almost as if made from ink. With a fluorish of his hand a fiery feather formed in his fingertips. He looked once more at Kafziel with yet another chuckle and threw it towards the woman. Though he knew it would cause no harm, but at the most a slightly annoying burning feeling or sharp poke on her, he hid out of view behind Kafziel again, gently pointing at him as though he did it in course he stepped out of the way. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez took a deep breath watched as the sights unfolded before her before shaking her head watching the snow being flung everywhere from the dragon's landing. Her gaze shifted to the beast as she watched it seek shelter from the wind. "You know if you were able to shapeshift like the rest of your breed you be safe indoors." she spoke softly before nodding. "Nether less yes?" she waited a moment to see what the female wanted before lowering her head to her and allow her attention move back to the child and the captain. "Get out of the cold" she held her hands to her upper arms as she took a few more steps deeper into the Keep. Her brow rose the moment she felt the touch before shaking her head. 

KafzielLaVayne: His eyes now able to see and notice the scene that was unfolding around him once more started to be filled with horror. Flashbacks of raising his daughter flashing before his eyes and the many ordeals he faced because of her behaviour. This child even he was already pulling pranks and it brought him to the brink of a breakdown which would have resulted in a fit that lasted more then a day. However after taking in a deep breath and catching the feather in his grip he looked to the empress as a plump of smoke came from between the gaps between his fingers."A good idea."Glaring to the side where the child was hiding and pointing to him he leans down to grab him by the waist and throw him over the shoulder to take him inside while speaking to him in his own native tongue."Lets get inside."

RenvaMeI: No commands were given, but the strike at her ability made her growl. It was so low, almost inaudible, but just the same there. "I could always tear a hole in the roof and crawl in." She said with an edge, but threw her head to the side in turning towards her usual spot in the bushes. They were coated in snow, something not really comfortable to sleep on. Not that it wasn't soft, but ice had a habit of forming between the seams of her scales. It itches. Maybe... she could try. But she had no idea how, and certainly she didn't want to be watched. At what age can it even happen? All these questions dug at her as she dug her claws into the walls. "That child will probably burn your castle down before I can squeeze in." She stated, tilting her head as she began to scale up to eye him. Her pupil flexed to focus on him at the changing distances. Perhaps there was a balcany she could try on. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: The Empress paused watched the sight before her as Kafziel seem to pick up the child and start in towards the keep. She shook her head turning her attention to the dragon before nodding. "Lets not I just got the keep fix I don't want to spend a few more seasons to fix it." she teased before chuckling. "I can even shift into a dragon though Im not sure if we have someone to teach you how to shift.. I don't know many dragons anymore." she shrugged it was true the demon could shift into a massive shadow dragon but she had only done it once and that was a few hundred years ago she lost count, it was to help her adoptive sister out of a jam and it sorta just happened. "You may be right but it is freezing and if I had my way you be in the hall too." she gave a faint smile as she had to figure out how to get the dragon out of the cold. "Did you find the caves we spoke about last time?" she couldn't remember if she acutally told the female about the caves to the west or not. 

RenvaMeI: She held on the side of the wall, ignoring the snow that threatened to collect on her head as she did. "I will try, eventually. It will happen or it won't." Although she wasn't sure she wanted to take on such a form. "And I found a small cave system. It's where I've been staying the last week. Still. If you have balcony with roof over it I could nest there until the winter storms pass." She retracted down a bit until her back legs rested on the ground, front half still holding onto the chilled stone walls. "Unless you'd prefer I stay out in those caves?" With it being colder, she'd have to eat more, but not soon. Her last meal was a few days ago and it was a hefty deer at that.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra nodded slightly before taking the two steps out of the door and back into the winter storm. "I would think, I don't remember if there is a balcony or not" she chuckled for the sheer fact she couldn't remember if there was one or not on the keep, It had been years since she had explored the full keep and was aware of every inch of the building. "Whatever you wish to do, I will leave that up to you." The demonic Empress took a breath her body slightly cooler than normal for the fact she had gone out without a cloak in just her long dark gown. 

RenvaMeI: She thought about it for the moment, then nodded. "I'll hunt for one. If not, I'm sure the stables have a few empty stalls I can nestle in for the night." She was proud the whole of her words came out intact. "Know I will likely steal some things from your village." If one were clean off the ledge she'd been using as a personal perch above the door they'd already find a shield, freshly polished, as well as a few other bits of shiny metal, including a decently valuable bracelet. But who would take these from a dragon? No, for her nest she would probably be stealing pelts, hay, clothing items and even using bit of her own kills to fashion a sleeping cushion.

onehellofahatter: Traven ward tumbled through a mysterious portal he had found in the woods. In synapsis, he thought to himself, It was not the best idea. The colors swirled about him and just as he began to get used to the changing colors it all stopped. He found himself at the doorway to a keep. A door way at which he puked his breakfast and lunch on the door and promptly passed out. Shadow wisps rose off his body as he slowly regenerated. His bones snapping back into place and cuts knitting themselves together. The magic from the portal had over charged him and left with plenty of energy to heal, however anyone who could perceive this spike in magical presence as it drenched the area with it.

AezvyraIsadorValke: She nodded hearing the stable comment before thinking about it. "Indeed they should, armies are moving throughout the empire." she shrugged softly as she gave the beast a smirk hearing about stealing. "Its a natural part of life" she added soon after as she seems to find her attention move onto a stranger who seems to appear out of nothing behind her and collapsed. The woman's eyes widen as she walked over to the male before looking down, the demon shook her head before looking up to a guard. "Take him inside," she commanded the guard standing there snickering at the male. "Make sure he alright" she barked her orders before turning her attention back to where it had been. "I dealt with the livestock that had gone missing." 

RenvaMeI: Her brow pulled down as far as it could with when the person just appeared, puked, and then fell unconscious at the door. "As long as you understand." She said, albeit distractedly. She backed all the way down the wall. All 12 feet of her slunk over to where the guards were bustling about the body. His scent flickered in her nose, but it didn't really interest her much. "I could always eat him. Guests who come in with much need aren't worth it." She was joking, of course. At least half joking. She, herself, had come bound in enough chain to sink a small ship. Her tongue came out, running over her lips to continue the jest. "You should get inside, however. It's very cold." She guessed it was, at least. Plenty of people were out in warm furs and breath was visible. 7

onehellofahatter: The man’s body was taken inside has his body was still healing but his peculiar brand of magic was leaking out of him and infesting any who touched him. The servants who picked him up would be plagued with nightmares and the feeling of lost loved ones for quite some time. When he was finally set down the shadows in the area seemed to crowd closer to him and thicken.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The shadow demon muttered under her breath a few times before nodding towards her so-called scaled pet even if she could call her that. She didn't mind what Reylene did yet she could not allow the dragon to eat the traveler. "Now now no eating the guests." she chuckled out her words as she watched and studied the area around them feeling the shadows pull as she waved her hand to disrupted her beloved shadows from moving from their places the best she could. The female nodded and slowly strolled up to the door once more. "Indeed and it will be getting worst most likely." she took a breath sighed and shook her head, her long hair danced around her shoulders as she glanced back at the male. "is he alive at lest or are you until to tell?" she hissed at the guard which seem to back away and nod before taking their place back along the door. "Very well then" she shrugged before checking on the male herself. 

onehellofahatter: Traven arose as the shadow demon approached. His eyes however where not of the traveler but rather of the demon he was pact with. “Does it live? Does it breathe? For now it simply bes. The demon meets one of its own. Drama and terror are the things I feed. I am bonded to he and will never be free.” The demon inside the traveler laughed as Traven regained awareness. “I am Traven ward. Discard everything it said to you…. I am sure of nothing it does when I am not aware of it.” He looks around vaguely in effort to determine whether or not to announce himself in a courtly manner. “I am beholden to Queen Jaxi of the house of Jekyll. It is a pleasure to meet you” He makes a small seated bow.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Hearing the words of the male right after he his eyes opened gave it all away. Her lips curled into a cork little grin hearing what was said. "Aye a demon it would seem." she chuckled softly as she stood there her hands lowering to her side off her upper arms now she was safe out of the chilled winter winds. She would lower her head in a polite bow as he introduced himself. "Pleasure I'm sure." she paused glanced around the guards who had slipped back into position and turned to nothing more than suits of armor. "Lady Aezvyra Valke" she smirked softly her bright greenish orbs landing on the male. "Empress of Nyamithler, in which you have found your self in." she brushed the ends of her hair behind her shoulder. "what has brought you to my lands sir?"

onehellofahatter: Traven stands before her his magic levels finally reaching maximum capacity instead of full till bursting. “ I noticed a strange portal in a wooded area near my lady’s castle. I went to investigate and fell through it.” He looks to the woman with out fear or pride such things were not needed in a report.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez couldn't help but allow a soft chuckling sound pass over her lips as she nodded. "Indeed the mages have been trying their best to close most of the portal's which had open leading strangers into this realm. She sighed softly as her gaze drop to the ground. "It seems they are causing more than the normal portals" she paused thinking of what to say the male. "at least you are you are unharmed for the most part" 

onehellofahatter: Traven chuckles warm heartedly “Only because of the shear amount of magic in the portal its self! Its like an endless sea of it!” He seemed giddy at the thought “ If I could learn how to duplicate such a portal…. Well I wouldn’t have to worry about much would I?” Travens grey white molted wings shuffled slightly into view and his pointed ears wiggled gently. “Can I barrow one or two of the wizards working on the portals?”

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon Empress seem to study the way the male moved and spoke; he seemed glad over falling into a portal that was randomly there which by this time most likely had already closed as soon as he had fallen through it. She had learn and study them herself a bit seeing she didn't always remain within her realm but it was slim chance of her leaving it also. She nodded listing to the male's chattering before agreeing. "I'm not sure if they will be any help honestly, the tare that causes the protal are random, its the unbalance of the magic within the realm they believe." she chuckled seeing that sounded wrong coming out. "They are truely gifted at what they research I will give them that. The ripples are the main portals being moved from where they once have to the new magic tower that being built." she added in shortly after before rising a brow at his question. "What would be the purpose of them?"

onehellofahatter: Traven understood the question was rhetorical but decided to give his best answer anyways “ The portals were caused by an imbalance of magic. So In other words this world is either lacking or overcharged with magic. In my opinion someone attempted to either syphon one worlds magic to this one or tried to syphon the magic out of this one. So in order to make a new tear…. “ His voice seemed to lower as he began to talk to himself while attempting what he spoke of aloud “ Draw in the magic around me and release it suddenly….. “ A small tear would form just before their eyes as Traven grinned widely at it. “So now I need to figure out how to aim where I want to go……” 

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman was confused by the words that had been spoken as she nodded. "something like that." she muttered not sure what to say and how to, wether or not you are welcome to pick at their brains if you wish. I can't promised them being forthcoming about what you wish to know." she started to ramble off as she went on. "I would assume to picture the place you wish to go, it has always worked for myself." she smirked softly seeing she often did make her own shadow gateway but most of the time it was to her own little realm; a world between realms which made her traveling around much easier then most. 

onehellofahatter: Traven nods no longer realy paying attention, honestly he doubted weather or not her workers new the amount of information he did at the moment. " So if the realm works on imbalence I should, to aim the portal, simply put a surplus of energy from my world in one spot so it flings itself back to where it belongs and cause another tear so I can follow it..." He nods again his thoghts reaching a conclusoin. "Ready for a lift home ? " He spoke out loud to the aura that wraped itself in his hand and condensed itself to a tight ball. The aura was about 31% of the demons own power. " If I see any more portals Ill throw in some hungry prisoners to seek you out and deliver a message in exchange for food. So keep some jerky on hand" He let the energy go and was flung with it back to his realm. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra brow rose slowly as she ran her hand along her side feeling the soft cloth as she listened confused at the male's words and simply nod and agreed to it. "Something like that." she took a few seconds to think about it, to really think about the words and then nodded. "yes, that should take you." The demon smiled softly right to the point Traven started talking to his self causing her to shrug her emreald gaze on the male  now listing to the words and feeling the energy off the male her finger on her right hand started to circle as the shadows seem to dance around the room to amuse herself. "Oh please do, I will be waiting for them and what type of jerky would you like so I can have the butcher prepare some special for you." she smiled softly nodded once more


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