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Post by AezvyraIsadorValke on Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:52 pm

((Nyamither Empire(https://i.imgbox.com/STjhYQOH.png) is a medieval fantasy based roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos due to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now Klashi Hold [which is in the end stages of construction to repair it] is located within the outskirts of the capital city Necromar; https://images.imgbox.com/97/d6/1WRY2nfl_o.png. Winter is upon the empire; its early day storm to hit the capital city. It's, of course, extreme cold with the temperature at -31 degrees. high winds coming from the north and heavy snowfall. Post order: Kafziel, Morphine, Aezvyra, Lumin, Kamio, Tundrea,   ))

KafzielLaVayne: With the birds chirping in the morning, and the sun breaking through the clouds to shine its light upon the waking empire. The captain walked through the halls of the castle. He was clothed in a summers outfit and much of his upper body was shown through the gaps of the coat as he did not wear a shirt or anything underneath. For a moment while he passes the room where he had decided to let the child stay after bringing him into the castle he looked to the passing servants that got started on their duties. He was not found oftenly in the castle at this time, normally already at the walls and directing the guard duties along with the patrols needed within the city. However this he had done on paper the night before. What he governs is instructed and it left him to fill his morning on his own. He quite enjoyed the rare free mornings he sometimes got to have. His first trip was to the kitchens where he took some honey bread which he slowly ate as he started to roam the ground level of the castle. His hair was quite messy and his clothes were still plagued by wrinkles in the fabric. No weapon could even be seen upon him. When he reaches the front gates he moves his hand against the wood and one by one he opened both the large doors to the outside. He watches the frozen over gardens, ate his honey bread as he stepped a few outside. The normally green and showered in colors garden was so cold to watch. Normally the people longed to see it, but ahead the gates only showed the two knights holding their post. Even they still jawned as they sat on their chais in the guard tents. They were not able to notice him by the distance that he stood from them and slowly he turns back around to walk into the castle looking at the yule tree that still stood at its center. He walked around it and reached the throne room. Leaning with his shoulder against one of the pillars he looks to the empty room. He did not remember this room ever being actively used. Except for when the Empress made major decision, no one really got in there except to clean." Such a dull morning." He spoke in dismay and his voice sounded as it came from the distance. His mind was off daydreaming about other days while he finished his honey bread. With his right foot moving the heel over one of the burn marks upon the ground he looked vaguely to it. The empress had probally once made it during a mood swing. His thoughts left him to make a chuckle as he started to walk again. Eyes roaming over the paintings as the sound of servants doing their morning routines filled his surroundings.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Lady Aezvyra had managed to return inside from roaming around the city for a bit. To her surprised by time she had made it down the streets of the city and to the very center of the market only to search for a few new objects which she, of course, paid way more then what they were well worth, only to give the folks a bit more coin in the bags despite the rumor of her being such a 'Wicked' Empress. She had her moments that was for sure, the demoness, after all, was a demon, a creature of chaotic behaver. Despite the lack of the light within her she still found a bit of her self-showing compassion or at least enough that she could fake it to prove everyone wrong. Aez sighed softly as she strolled through the halls of her home now, her hands tucked behind her back as she walked debating on what she would do. She could return to the center of keeping; to the sorta common indoor courtyard where she had the mages enchant the fountain into a yule tree placed instead of a large willow tree that had decayed much like her past.The female seems not to have a care in the world seeing once more she had opened the halls of Klashi Hold to weary travelers and those who did not wish to stay at one of the numbers of inns within the city. When was she going to learn? The woman was attacked the last time she had opened the doors to just about anyone but she didn't mind it, it kept her on her toes after all and the excuse she could use if she decided to send someone to the belly of the keep to taunt and torture or well to listen to their screams as she watched. Still, the woman seems to round the corner into her private study after she had placed a small wooden carving down on her desk next to a few scrolls. Her fingers wrapped around the seat before pulling it out and sitting down. She would take one of the scrolls break the seal and start to read from it. she had been trying to decide what to do about the food shortage and oddly enough needed a break from her tasks. Rising from her seat the woman would stand to the side push her chair into the desk before letting her slim finger touch the wooden carving of a knight before turning off and going on to the next task at hand. She would slowly stroll out of her study and into the small indoor courtyard once more. She painted lips curled at their ends as she heard the maids sing as they slowly seem to clean the tree's ornaments. 

LumiLaVayne: As the morning sun light started to peak through the sheer crimson curtains of her room she rubbed her eyes and let out a sigh, she just wanted to stay in bed because she was tired of hearing the whispers of the servants about her. It was bad enough that she was still trying to understand that she was princess let alone that she was the prince of an Empress and her father who was the Captain of her guards. Deciding to slide from the comfort of her warm king sized bed she stretched and then went over to the wardrobe to pick out something to wear for the day, she finally decided on wearing a royal purple gown that had bits of gold on the top of the breasts and around the waist. It clung to her slender yet curvy figure rather nicely and after she got herself washed up she got dressed, put on her black high heels, a gold necklace and then pinned her black raven locks up into balls on her head while the rest of it rested against her back. Once she was full put together she walked out of her room with her crimson red shawl hanging over her arms, making her way down the hall she kept hearing the whispers again and she sighed softly trying to ignore them the best that she could. Once she was into the main all of castle she looked around hoping to see a familiar face, not finding one she tried to remember the layout of the castle and where the throne would be. Giving up trying to think about it she decided to ask one of the servants to show her the way, at first they weren’t wanting to help her but did anyway so they weren’t going to get into trouble, finally at the throne room she seen her father and walked up to him, “Hello papa, have you seen mother today?” She had asked in a very soft tone trying to be polite.

TundraLynx: Aster awoke to the sharp pitches of the birds with a splitting headache. Their sound was so frustrating in its frequency at such an incvonenient time. Aster opened his mouth, letting out his own screeches in response. Once the chirping finally stopped he clawed himself out of bed. The bed retained a dent from where Aster's body left nothing but charred remains of what was a bed. He looked at himself in the mirror and began stroking the feathers on his temples as to tidy his appearance. He slipped into a pair of cloth pants and opened his window. The light shined brightly in his face and brought a smile on him. He placed his hand to his heart and his feathers turned into flames. His humanoid form faded away, and morphed into the flaming likeness of a phoenix. He was still incredibly young and very small. The wingspan of his phoenix being just under two feet, and his height at one foot. He flew out the window, little black and red embers trailed off his blazen feathers. He looked down from the bird's eye view to see Kafziel, the single person he'd met that treated him well. He tilted his wings to turn downwards and glided down onto Kafziel's lap in perched position. His flames grew slightly larger and brighter being as he was happy to see this man he regarded as his friend.

KafzielLaVayne: His gaze would look drowned in his own thoughts as he continues to walk around in the castle. The steps he made soft from the fabric he used for the boots he is wearing. Only a few times it was that his gaze looked back connected with the world. Once when the Empress walked to her study and another time when she came back out again. It was with a long and tourist route that he is making his way towards her. Once more he came by the front gates again. He looked back again over the frozen garden, dead and depressing to look at. A loud sound in the distance then would take his attention, and the silence from the birds afterwards made him raise his brow. What a shame as the snow had started to fall down he thought to himself. The mood was nice with those birds and the winter weather outside while he spended his time inside, nice and warm. When he stood once more by the throne room he heard his daughter greet him. His eyes,their gaze, would be set upon her as he looked to her with some suprise as he was not truelly there when she adresses him."Your mother?"He asked in response. Shaking his head to get back in the game he smiles and moves his hand over the back of his head."I think she just left her study. She just walked to the smaller inner courtyard."Raising his hand he points towards the yule tree at the center around which her mother should be. He had forgotten to keep his attention on the Empress and lost her so he could not give her a better answer then where he saw her last. Catching then the small pheonix that had just flown in to land on him he holds the boy pheonixin his hands infront of his face. His eyes looked more compassionate around the child from knowing his situation, a rough one. Being a father this strikes a cord with him to a degree."Lil one. Feeling better after some rest?"He asked as he looked to the small pheonix. His gaze looked him over. To an extent he worried for a night attack on the child, but it was good to see that he was safe for the night within the castle.

AezvyraIsadorValkeHer attention seems to linger on the people cleaning and shuffling around the indoor courtyard decided to find one of the benches and stand next to it. Her emerald gaze moved about the tree which still could be seen even though the holiday had come and passed them by. The woman took a deep breath before gazing upon Kafziel who seem to off in his own little world and wonder about. She placed her right hand on the wooden bench standing behind it as she just stood there, her eyes peering out of the nearest window watching the snow swirl around. She took a deep breath in a matter of minutes maybe even hours the weather last she knew had taken a turn for the wost. The woman heard the double doors of the entrance of her Keep open and close as people seem to come in off the streets to get out of the colder temperatures. Her hands seem to move from the bench at this time and cross over gripping her upper arms as she turned to face away from the center of the room. "What have I done now," she muttered out softly in a hushed tone as she shook her head and retreated closer to that window she was looking out of into vast courtyard watching the snow build up. 

LumiLaVayne: With a bit of a heavy sigh she looked in the direction her father had pointed to, knowing that him must still be a bit upset with her. Ignoring the urge to ask him she looked to the little one and gave him a smile before she turned on her heels and headed for the small inner courtyard, her dress turning about her feet as she moved it was something that she wasnt use to it and she was going to have to get over it. Once she reached the courtyard she stopped for a moment and took a deep breath before she started to walk towards her mother.

TundraLynx: The phoenix's head tilted as he looked into Kafziel's eyes. The man's question ran through Aster's head and without even thinking to morph back, let out another screech in answer. He took flight off of Kafziel's hands and slowly flew around Kafziel. slowly he lowered himself to the ground. The fires of his true self brightened until they became bright white. His body slowly morphed back into his humanoid figure. As he was no longer scared around Kafziel, his colors began to glow brighter. His hair had shifted from its pale blonde to a glistening black tipped with ashey embers, and his eyes were once more vibrant like the heart of every flame. He walked up to Kafziel slid his hands to his shoulders. They had developed small pricks from where feathers would grow from his body. He lightly touched them, excitedly looking at his friend and pointing back and forth between the spots and the feathers from his temples. He smiled and grabbed light hold of Kafziel's jacket. "Who is the woman from the other day?" He asked. "The scary one."

KafzielLaVayne: With his head back into the world he looked to the child whom had morphed back into his humanoid form.Placing his hand upon his head patting over the hair he looked up at the notice of the scary lady."The empress you mean. She is currently...."Looking around the inner courtyard he raises his brows as he looked for her.Noticing where she stood he pointed to her with a smile."You should greet her. It is her castle after all.".

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra had nearly lost her self in her thoughts trying to figure out what to do about the food shortage without getting into her own storage which was implace to keep those within the Keep of Klashi feed, her family. The demon took a deep breath once more letting out a sigh as she heard the sounds of heels approuch her. Her gaze shifted to the source of the sound as she glances to her daugther. "Yes Lumination?" she asked softly as she turned to face the young woman whom she had learn to be her daughter the season before. Her glance shifted here and there before falling back out of the window to see the garden below off in the corner wishing the winter months would end. 

TundraLynx: Aster frowned and shook his head. The feathers on his temples drooped. The glare she gave him when he came to the world left an imprint of fear. He couldn't speak to her, at least not in a language she would understand. He could never understand a word she said but each sound seemed harsh or cold. He felt guilty though as he understood that her letting him stay in the castle was a very kind act, and he didn't want to upset her. Aster reached to his shoulders and pulled out a small feather fragment and giving it to Kafziel almost as though he were trying to change the subject. He looked at Kafziel with feather outstretched. Suddenly his stomach began to hurt. A quiet rumbling sound growled in his abdomen. He began tearing up and began bawling, unable to shake the strange feeling. 

KafzielLaVayne: With a almost dissapointed look he watches the child react.His gaze moving between the empress and the boy whom showed him the small feather fragment.Taking it between his thumb and index finger he looks to it curiously." What is this?"He asks curiously as he looked again to the boy whom suddenly had begain tearing up and then bawling. Kneeling down next to him he places his hand on his shoulder and looked to him."Maybe you should get something to eat first. The castle is that way."Raising his hand he points to the door just out of the central part of the castle. The servants there were nice women and could happily give them food. The fact of which language they spoke would already have been forgotten about.Giving him a tap on the back to give him a start to start going he then starts to stand up to wonder about what would be done next.

lMorphinel: She needed food, Her stomach roared not just grumbled and every time she thought of eating her mouth watered thinking of honey coated roasts and soft potatoes but that wasn't what her body craved right now. She wasn't even sure how she ended up in these woods but she was glad she did as food looked plenty if she was silent enough. Bow and arrow drawn what seemed like a large stag was before her, about to strike a large swirling red and black portal appeared before her, The stag still visible between her and the portal but shooting the arrow could kill someone if it went through the portal she knew that much from teachings and lessons learned, Earlier she stepped through one that took her to a different end of the woods. "Are you kidding me!" Lyra growled scaring the stag and she lowered her weapon. What did she have to lose right now? Heeled boots stepped though it and with a sick feeling at the end she found herself outside a palace or even just someone's home perhaps? Though the large gate told her otherwise. She wasn't from here so knew little. Fiery hair a mess and yellow orbs glanced up "If they can't offer food what good will this be.." Mummering to herself. Guards were at the gates which she noticed right away "Not a friendly home then." She sighed getting to the gates, Waiting.. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: The Demonic Empress stood there blinking her attetnion partly on her eldest along with out in the storm that seem to have started its assult on the Empire. She watched as the snow seem to fall much quicker then before now as she placed a free hand on the window feeling the cold glass under her touch. She seem to turn back facing her daughter more as if waiting to hear what she wanted. "Hmm?" she repeated herself once more as she glanced to teh woman. "Was there something you needed Lumin?" she spoke softly before allowing her gaze shift back to the courtyard. 

LumiLaVayne: Hearing her mothers words she moved a bit closer to let her get a better look at the woman that she had become. "I just wanted to know more this place, and about you thats all." She said in almost a near whisper as she wasnt to sure on what to say or what to do at ths present moment.

kamiomega88: Amartolos walked through the encroaching trees of the forest smiling as he went as he listened to the gentle clinking of his marvelous golden chainmail and his heavy footsteps that crunched twigs under his feet. While he was greatly enjoying his romp through the forest he found it a little cramped in here since there were many, many trees clumped together brushing against his body but who could blame them for wanting to be close to such majesty? Amatolos was a giant among men towering over most at an even eight feet and without any of his splendid garments he weighed in at a monstrous four hundred and twenty pounds of bone, muscle and sinew. While he was indeed large and muscular he by no means looked like a brutish thug, his massive muscles were toned and almost seemed smooth. His figure bore an air of elegance and nobility that not even kings could match that went well with his facial features. He had black hair that was clean and sleek looking that while unkempt only served to highlight his handsome manliness. He had a well defined and slightly pointed chin, a dignified looking nose, kind looking brown eyes that had stolen the hearts of many a woman and a wonderful Handlebar mustache that he had a habit of twirling. He was wearing his casual attire when strolling through the kingdom which was a pair of tan leather and golden silk boots tailor made for his size, comfortable woolen ankle socks which were royal purple in color, a pair of white and silver lined trousers which were currently dirty and stained with tree sap, a belt made from the scales of a crimson drake. For his upper body he wore a ruby red jerkin under a royal blue shirt which was covered by his golden chainmail upon which was fastened his silver and gold cloak held by black pins and a pair of black silver gloves all of which bore his emblem, a jet black circle around a golden seven. As he went forward he saw light through a clearing in the trees up ahead and smiled his mustache twitching in delight. As he left the sea of trees and entered an open field he looked around and mused on how easy it would be to ambush people in such an open field though he needn’t worry as he was no longer what could be considered human. Long ago he was a poor but strong man from a village in the middle of nowhere with an overly religious elder and priest who ruled with an iron fist of dogma. He had never been religious and the pressure of the Church eventually drove him from the village as he refused to conform. As he wandered the wilds he eventually had to resort to robbery to survive and ironically this is what led him to think on the Sins. Was it a sin to rob and kill to survive when they did the same to animals? What made them exempt from sinning when they killed animals? Why were they better? For three years Amatolos thought of this and his thoughts eventually lead him to research the nature of sins. A year later he heard of an expedition by the Church to find a sacred artifact and went undercover as a mercenary to tag along. As he traveled with the group he found that many of them did not have the overzealous nature of his village and he enjoyed plenty of discussions and debates with the party. (C)

kamiomega88: Not long after they arrived at the ruins they would be investigating and he was told to go in front with the other mercenaries and soldiers to protect the priests sent to retrieve the artifact. As they reached a room with a fifty foot high open ceiling that showed the sky he saw there was an eclipse overhead and as soon as everyone was in the room a solid block of stone closed off the only way out of the room. As his eyes adjusted to the gloom he saw a chalice sitting upon a pedestal as did a priest and he rushed to grab it which turned out to be a fatal mistake. As the priest was no more than a yard from the chalice a ball of fire shot out from it and and burned the priest to his bones within seconds and in the stunned silence a voice spoke from the chalice. “Oh mortals who stand before me, I ask you a simple question, what is is Sin?” Scoffing one of the priests answered without a second thought “The vices of the Devil and the burdens of man.” The disembodied voice laughed and the priest started choking as his tongue became a serpent and swallowed him whole. “Thou who spouts the blind lies of dogma shall choke on his wicked tongue and be swallowed by the serpent of his sins. Again I ask you, what is Sin?” One after the other the priests answered with certainty and one after the other they perished until only Amatolos and the other warriors were left. Breathing deeply he stopped in front of the chalice and simple said, “The darker sides of virtue and the freedoms of life.” For a full minute the chalice remained silent and Amatolos’s heart felt like it would burst in his chest when the chalice said, “Well answered O Mortal, my last question to you is, do you accept your sins?” Amatolos nodded and remembering this chalice had no eyes said “Yes.” The voice laughed but this time it was one of merriment and the tension fled the room and the voice spoke again. “Then drink of your sins wisest of mortals and be free in life.” As the room darkened Amatolos looked up and saw the eclipse seemed to almost open up like a hole and a black liquid spilled forth from the eclipse into the chalice and filled it. The voice simply said “Drink.” Taking a deep shuddering breath Amatolos took the chalice by it’s two handles and drank from it until it was empty and set it down. As he did so he began to feel lightheaded and gripped the pedestal for support as he started to change, his body grew in size and stature, his limbs elongating and his muscles swelling and within moments his transformation was complete as he looked down and realized his clothes had been shredded and everything was smaller. The voice spoke one last time “Live your life and embrace your sins.” As he turned to his fellow warriors he saw them kneeling before him and swearing their fealty to him for having the courage to save them all. Turning back to the chalice he saw both it and the pedestal were gone replaced with seven items that glowed with a magical aura. Before long Amatolos discovered he had been imbued with elemental, physical and mental powers relating to the seven sins and had ceased to age. His elemental powers are as follows, Pride gave him control over light because one naturally wants what they are good at to be in the spotlight. Wrath gave him control over heat and fire for nothing burns as hot as a man’s wrath. Sloth gave him control over trees and plants since they grow slow and change very little. Lust gave him control over water and ice because sometimes the way it moves is enchanting and inspires wanderlust. Envy gave him control over the wind and air because who doesn't envy the birds that fly free. Greed gave him control over earth since everything is claimed by the Earth eventually. Gluttony is lightning and electricity since it devours all in its path. For his physical powers Pride gave him a body capable of withstanding immense punishment as well as a healing factor capable of even regrowing and repairing lost limbs in seconds(Four turns). Wrath gave him a body that became stronger the longer he was in combat and emitted a blistering heat, he has a starting strength capable of lifting thirty tons max and his strength increases by a ton every few seconds (each turn), his starting heat is that of a raging fire at a thousand degrees celsius to start and the heat rises every few seconds(each round) by two hundred degrees as well as his body being able of emitting and taking in heat without damage to himself. Thanks to Sloth his skin is thick and very resistant to damage as it doesn't want to move but this doesn't hinder his skills in the slightest. From Lust his body naturally absorbs any naturally occuring energy without damage and stores that energy as his own through energy conversion.With Envy he can mimic physical skills or abilities he doesn't already have but he must see the skill or ability first and then after about twenty seconds (over three turns) he obtains it, Thanks to Greed whenever he is hit by an attack be it (C)

kamiomega88: magical, physical or mental he can siphon off the same type of energy from his opponent and slowly drain them of said energy. Finally thanks to Gluttony he can use any external energy he has absorbed and use it to heal himself of one wound he received every thirty seconds(six turns). From Pride he is able to send out subliminal thought waves that expand all around him and even underneath him in a circle with him at the center with a range of five yards and increase by one yard every six seconds(One turn), these thought waves make those in their area of influence look upon his as a ruler, a leader, one who should be protected at all times and should never have a hand raised against them. As soon as someone leaves the area of influence they're free of the compulsion unless they are in the area for over ten turns (One minute in RP time) and then the effect is permanent and they become completely subjugated by him. With Wrath he is able to send out waves of telepathic pain at twenty yards and increases by two yards every six seconds, while these waves of pain aren't debilitating at first they get progressively worse every six seconds until one can do nothing but cradle themselves as their body is rocked with agony. (A side note: those who are in the area of influence of Pride are safe from this effect as he has no wish to harm those who see him as their leader or ruler.) As with all the rest as soon as they leave the area of influence these effects end. From Sloth his mind naturally exudes a mental signal that starts at a range of ten yards and each turn expands two yards, upon hitting a being capable of thoughts this mental signal slows down their sense of perception to a third making everything suddenly seem three times faster to them though once out of the area of influence their senses immediately return to normal. Thanks to Lust Amatolos can mentally "Brand" others he manages to touch, unlike the other metal effects of his Sins this is a permanent effect and after the first six seconds he brands someone it activates a mental compulsion that makes the branded want to approach him and grows in influence and desire every six seconds until a minute has past and they feel like they MUST approach him and while at this point the compulsion CAN be resisted the branded cannot make any actions that require concentration of any kind and after eighty four seconds the compulsion becomes impossible to resist and they cannot take any actions but go to him in the quickest way possible and as close as possible (Side note: Some crafty people can actually use this as a means of attack if they're crafty enough) and do nothing but touch him in some manner. With Envy he can send out mental signals that have a range of twenty yards and an increase in range of two meters every six seconds, these signals aren't like the others that are used as a means to hurt his opponents but rather those inside the range of influence get a strong desire to compete with him, upon seeing him take a blow, do a feat or take up a challenge, those within the area of influence of Envy feel compelled to match him, to be even with him to do what he can do and this compulsion gets harder to resist over time and after thirty seconds his opponent MUST try to match one feat he has done. As with all the area of influences once an opponent leaves the area they are free of the compulsion. With Greed he can send out mental impulses that have a range of twelve yards and a range increasement of two yards every six seconds, these impulses while not directly harmful compel the opponent to become so overcome with greed that they wish to steal from Amatolos’s person anything they think might be of worth and thus enter his other areas of influence and after eighteen seconds of being under this compulsion the opponent MUST move at least ten feet towards him and try to obtain something off his person. Finally with Gluttony Amatolos sends a mental compulsion that is less about eating and more about feeding off other desires. The signals he gives off with Gluttony have the longest range of all with a fifty yard range and a four yard increase every six seconds, while this area of influence does nothing on it's own it serves to enhance the other areas of influences, every time someone becomes subject to one of his areas Gluttony cuts the number of seconds it takes to have their full effect(by one round)and while this areas influence doesn't get stronger it serves its purpose well. The items he gained are the Gloves of Greed, the Heart of Wrath, the Axe of Pride, the Spear of Sloth, The Whip of Lust, the Shield of Envy and the Horn of Gluttony. (C)
kamiomega88: The Gloves of Greed is a pair of gloves which allow him to put any object he touches into a pocket dimension in the gloves and he can bring it out in an instant and all of his current items of Sin save his Heart are stored in there. The Hearth of Wrath is a withered human heart that Amatolos never carries on his person and acts as a kind of Phylactery which can revive him after death so long as it isn’t destroyed. The Axe of Pride is a monstrous battle axe with a four foot wide head and a six foot long shaft including the handle which allows him to channel any of the sinful elements through it and discharge them as a blast of energy and can phase through any defense. The Spear of Sloth slows those it touches by a third and if it touches someone three times it paralyses them for twelve seconds. The Whip of Lust spreads an intoxicating pheromone that dulls the senses of those who breathe it in until they are robbed of their senses entirely. The Shield of Envy is a Spartan like shield that can absorb all kinetic force from outside attacks and then use it for Amatolos’s attacks. The Horn of Gluttony is a battle horn can summon any amount of any kind of food at will including magical food along with any utensils needed to eat said food. As he went through the clearing and through the castle gates people stared in wonder and bowed as they gave their respects to one such as he and it brought a smile to his face and he tossed several gold coins into the crowd as a reward which were grabbed before people went inside to take shelter from the rising snowstorm. After entering the front entrance and wandering into the inner courtyard twirling his black handlebar mustache his eyes were met with the sight of several people whom seemed to be slightly richer and better dressed than those he passed and he cracked into a wide grin spreading his muscular arms wide saying in a booming voice “Good evening fine people, truly, though the days has been joyful and delightfully cool with the gentle falling of snow and you look well fed your day is now complete. For I have come to grace you with my presence and majesty.” As he said this Amatolos grinned and his skin flared with heat as the snow brought by the storm melted into water vapor around him and the group. (E)

TundraLynx: Aster nervously inched forwards as Kafziel nudged his back. He looked back and forth between the maiden that motioned him towards her and Kafziel who gave him comfort. He wiped off his eyes and began on his way down the hallway with the woman as she returned him to the dining hall to eat a meal of the chef's creation. With each dish they brought he ripped into the meat with vigor. The maid looked at the child oddly as it wound only be natural for somebody to be confused at the sight of a little boy packing down pounds of meat. He ate and ate until he couldn't eat any more. He sat in his seat silently watching the maid beside him. She reached out to gently touch his shoulder to which he only replied with a curious and silent stare. "Come now. At your age you need a nap or you'll feel badly. I'll send empress Aezvyra your thanks for the food." Aster looked at her in confusion for not a single sound she made registered as communication. He turned to stare at her hand as she raised him from the chair and led him back to his room. She motioned him in. He looked at her and the room motionless for around half a minute before she awkwardly nudged him to the bed, and placed him in it. the bed began to deform beneath him as the fibers melted and yet he just stared at her, still wrapped in silence. She quickly scooted out of the room, trying not to make eye contact with Aster as she left. As her footsteps faded into a distance he lay down in the bed and stare at the ceiling into nothing. 

KafzielLaVayne: The guards has their usuall day looking over the entrance into the city. The bowmen that walked above watching the distance and ignoring the people that moving in and out beneath then.Two of the men whom stood at the gate itself would watch the woman that was going to enter the city. It was not their duty to check every man and woman that enters and so they would not move to stop her. Their sharp gazes however for the moment had been locked upon her for the moment before they whent back to what they should be doing and watch the other people that whent in and out of the city gates.It were 3 other guards sitting in the guard tents at the castle gates that got the suprise of a lifetime. The snow storm which was plauging their sight had caused them to miss a man casually making his way for the castle. Their speed was terribly blow and their attempts to be quick could only be seen as walking with extra movement. They wanted to yell for the man but the wind made it all fall upon deaf ears. Not even they themselves could hear their own voice at times. The man whom already was inside the castle shortly after got followed by snow covered guards trying to grab him. Their running was clumsy at best untill they got covered by the heat. For a moment much to the captains dismay that had to watch this sight unfold they stood still. Their calm posture and relaxing attitude completely forgetting about the man that had made his presence clear to be noticed by speaking out. The captain himself rose to his feet after watching the child leave to get some highly needed food. His terrifyingly sharp gaze towards the guards though possible not quite shooting flames at them. Their attention was quickly taken hold by this and they stood at attention scurrying to stand by the man that had walked in without a care. With arms crossed behind his back the captain would join them. His large strides made quick work with the distance between them. The voice by which he spoke a demanding one while he adress the lot of them." Great job guards, i see you allowed our guest in with ease. So what brings the.."His gaze moved over the men."4 of you in here like the lot of you own the place?" Standing straight up he with his right foot would take a step forward looking closely at the 4 of them with down looking intent. Like ants stood before him it was pointless to be angry at them. Not one of them was expected to be any special. Their failures in act and response would be forgotten before the end of the day either way.

lMorphinel: Lyras pointed ears flicked at the sounds around her, She watched another man before her walk on in she was sure, Snow was causing her vision to blur but not just that, It was causing her to freeze. Not from the outside but the inside out. She was a little different but from the portals and odd things that had happened here so far told her this place was more than used to different. She gripped her bow tighter, Not to be a hindrance or attack but due to pure reaction. She walked through the gates as she could feel eyes on her but no one bothered to stop her. Red hair was turning white but that was hard to tell due to snow or was it like that to begin with? She got to the doors of the palace at last. Or at least what she assumed to be a palace, It was a palace to her anyway. She was soon in what could only be explain as a large open area. Her ears twitched at a man who spoke of people being well fed? Her arms were crossed across her chest and teeth chattered "Well fed." She scoffed. She then spotted guards, their eyes on another man who seemed to command them but she couldn't pay much attention right now, Was he even in the same place or was her well tuned ears just picking up their voices "Focus Lyra" She scolded herself. Her body with the cold seeping inside was causing her to blur. She blinked several times to focus but it wasn't helping. She glanced around for a fire, For heat ignoring what was around her, Perhaps guards calling her even trying to stop her but her teeth chattered and eyes blinked "Fire?" Would be her only question right now to whoever would listen. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman nodded slowly, her onxy hair shifting about as she glanced back to the young woman she spoke to and smiled started to form on her lips. "Aye, I would think you would." she chuckled out as she turned pulled her hand from the glass no longer wanting to watch the snow drifts form and shift back to the inner courtyard. "Shall we?" she smiled once more her hand moving to jester the bench closest to them to sit down. Aezvyra shifted her weight, her body leaning toward the right more then what it had been as she took the few steps to move back closer to the wooden bench in the indoor courtyard to sit down. Her gaze never left that of her daughter even after hearing the doors open and close once more. Her hand lifted once as if brushing off the maid whom seem to have come to see if she needed something. "I'm sure you have chorse to do." she glanced at the women whom apparounced and then seem to hurry off after her comment. "Well what do you wish to know exactly" the woman paused as she glanced about the room once more to see those whom had entered it to see if she was needed for anything before turning her attention back to that of her daughter. "We could sit here all day and night for the next few nights if you wish for a full history" her words soon ended as she started to forget about the food supply issue and turn to the history of her home and her self. After all she knew the female had many questions about the demoness, after all it was a lifetime nearly she had missed. Aezvyra blinked a few times and nodded. "Well.." the word seem to trail off seeing Aez wasn't even sure where to start with any of it. "I have only returned home less then a hundred years ago I believe." she lifted her hand once more as she started to play with the ends of her hair that lay passed her shoulder on the left side. "Your grandparents, Makers has their souls were complete oppsits. Forced to marry eachother by the Maker and his mate before they left. Their twisted little joke after they had made the realm what it is now. The realm Lumene use to have three different planes much as other realms before the Maker decided to 'punish' everyone and forced it into one. Those who were not killed where changed. New races were born and everyone's started to age pretty much." she shook her head softly as she  told the story that was told to her by her mother. "Mother always told me she hated my father, that he wouldn't touch her even in their wedding bed." she seem to chuckle " she had to use a simple illusion to get him to touch her in a way she would later have my twin and myself." she seem to go on with the story here and there leaving small details out right to the point she had vanished from her home and took shelter in the land of the rose and her adoptive sister. Truth was Aez didn't know much other then what she was told and even then her memory was short of some of the details such as why she had returned to the Empire in shambles all she could do was build it back to its glory she left it in. "Over time things change simple as that." she muttered out as her eyes drifted to the travelers whom seen to enter the inner courtyard now. "Leon" her voice carred out as she summoned her servent before leaning over and whispering in the male's ear to make sure her guests were taking care of if Kafziel or one of the others had not done so before hand. 

LumiLaVayne: Lumi followed her and then sat down on the ground infront of her mother as if she were a child all over again being told a bed time story. Her eyes were wide, bright and full of wonder as looked around for a moment watching a few snowflakes fall and then her attention went right back upon her mother so she could listen to her tell the tale of her family history.

kamiomega88: Amatolos while waiting for the people in front of him to respond he heard a voice speaking to him and his eyes looked down while his chin remained held high to see the captain of the guard looking up at him and demanding he answer. Giving a small chuckle as he twirled his mustache he looked down and replied “You have such arrogance in you little man, what do you think gives you the right to demand answers from one as magnificent as I?” Seeing as none of the people before him were reacting to him Amatolos just smiled, they must be stunned by his majesty and charisma and such admiration must be rewarded. Lowering his arms he said in a normal voice “It seems my entrance was quite stunning, I will take my leave and head down to the tavern for a drink and come back to give you time to long for my presence once more.” Turning about he then headed for the tavern he had seen on his way in as the area around him turned to steam as he went.

KafzielLaVayne: With confusion he looked to the man. Such pride and arrogance. He loved it. Not many showed him that much, it was almost as if i walking buffet had come through the doors. It took him completely off guard and he just looked at him with narrowed eyes. He watched him leave. The guards that shortly after tried to go as well quickly grabbed by their armors and pulled back."This will not happen again, or i will have your heads on my plate."Looking at each of them he then brushes them off with his hand and turned towards the Empress and his daughter. Quite sweet to see them like this and he started to walk towards them to stand nearby and listen in on their conversation.


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