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The Layout of the Empire Empty The Layout of the Empire

Post by AezvyraIsadorValke on Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:37 pm

The Layout of the Empire JZDVxraY

Main Setting

The Layout of the Empire STjhYQOH

Within the Realm of Lumene rests the Empire of Nyamithler. Now the Empire physical area is average about seventy-eight thousand square miles (78,000 Mi.). Within the area, there are about one point five million of people that call the empire home (1.5 Million). Nyamithler it self-divided to make three vastly different regions. The first region being Aceoxis , which is the main part of the empire. Aceoxis the region that is nearly covered by the dense ancient dark forest known as Wormwood Woods. Aceoxis Region is the home of the Capital city of Necromar. Necromar a vast large city home to over twenty-two thousand people; makes it the largest city within the Nyamithler Empire. Ranking, second largest city within the empire also calls this region home; the port city of Eldor with just over fifteen thousand people living within it. As for the remaining population. they reside in numerous small towns and villages scattered throughout the entire empire. Far north from Eldor lies the ruin crypts of the Withered; the home of the Undead Legion. The northern most point of Aceoxis rests the Knyhr Summit, which on its highest flat peaks rests the lost city of Nisci; last remaining city of the angels.

Asneuna Wilds; a never-ending dense lush forest that only a slim few whom have been able to adapt to live within it. This region primarily for explorers and the slim few bands of villages which call it home. Its main port and source of entrance being Syhx Harbor which happens to be its main thriving city leaving its major town being Karthmere. This region is the Empire's main source of their production of gold, silver, iron, copper, and lumber. Also within the Ferygh Mountian rage is the main area to find most of the precious gemstones. Despite what is known of the forest, most of the territory that makes up the Wilds has not been explored. Unlike the other two Regions, there is little said about Wryfir. It would appear nothing more other than a desert wasteland that the only source of the population could be found within the Port town of Vlyherst Port. Granted it is rumored that there are small bands of nomad races who roam around the land. Other than the main regions across the very bays and seas lie several small islands which do hold a few tiny tribes on them.


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The capital city of Necromar ranges about four hundred and sixty-five acres, with a total population of twenty-two thousand people. The population consists of mainly various types of demons ( 79%), Halfbreeds of all sorts( 9%), all other races (5%), and of course the rare mortals and angels faction (less then1%). Within the city, there are a total of ninety-six noble families. There is an average of one hundred and forty-three guards who keep the peace within the city, four priests and priestess of the Maker & Great Mother. With this being the capital city a person is able to find any sort of trade, ranging from bakers, blacksmiths, inns, jewelers, masons, tailors, taverns, and so much more.


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