Chapter One: Ashes of Disaster

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Chapter One: Ashes of Disaster Empty Chapter One: Ashes of Disaster

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Chapter One: Ashes of Disaster YFpf5lUt

A darkness.. that is all there was. Purely darkness, an endless void of nothing. A physical manifestation of emptiness and Rhaurnoth was displeased with it. A gift to replace this void would be for the best, a gift of Life. Comprised of his love for his beloved Xyaler, focusing his heart and soul he took a deep breath and extended his very being into the void. He started to shape it into an image that would please her. As the water started to form he gave it color, pure color. The same beautiful hue that was the bright blue of her sparkling eyes. Yet, the sparkle was missing, so he envisioned a set of bright stars to give the world a gleam. The glittering sparkle was the closest as the same gleam in his mate's eyes, the gleam she only had when she stole a glance in his direction. Something else was missing still though, he couldn't quite place it. Gazing upon her beauty once more he saw it, the very face he feels in love wit. The tone of her skin; the many curves of her body. The way she danced this is what was needed still. With one more pull from the very core of his love, he pulled the land out of the water and gave it shape. The forest sprang forth from the ground and danced in the wind of the new world; just as she had always danced for him. Seeing his new gift complete he shrouded the world in a vast blanket of midnight blues and diamonds, thus giving a new life to the night sky. Bringing this gift to his beloved he waited.. waiting patiently for her response.

Love, this is all she felt for him, Rhaurnoth the only one who ever crossed her mind. The very one who had brought her this gift. A gift of a new world, molded in her very image. No gift could have been as sweet as that which lay here before her, where before was nothing but the lack of existence.  She turned to him as a solitary tear fell from her right eye. A tear which traveled from her eye over her colored cheek and down her face where it fell from her face down into the waters of this new world. A new life sprang to life, one that she herself had created without meaning to. The tear that shed not from pain but of happiness. Only the purest feelings could have spawned the purest of creatures, the Seraphim, the first of the Angels. The beings were the first of many yet to come, the others wouldn't be born for a long while. This creature caused the Maker to soon start the creation of the other two planes. First, he called forth the clouds and fashioned the heavenly plane; Vastum Arcadia for these pure beings to call home. Another he would start from the negative of the main world This opposite world; Regno Tenbrarum would remain lifeless. Once each plane was finished Rhaurnoth had sent the Seraphim to live within the heavenly plan leaving the Maker and the Great Mother to themselves; alone once again. This gave the two of them time to enjoy the simple things in life days passed by turning into decades, then centuries. Before once again Xyaler and Rhouroth believed something seemed to be missing. Her being the one who was bored and displeased; so she took a breath as she thought about it. She felt more beings, more creatures to fill the open realm. Her eyes closed as she opened her heart and opened a vein with a fingernail. As her blood hit the ground the different races were born to the world. These beings without sin still; immortals, dwarves, elves, and so much more populated the world. They worshiped the two, The Maker and the Great Mother as their main deities. All was well and peaceful, years seem to pass into decades once again and then the Seraphim felt as if their makers had forsaken them. This caused the first Sins to be born into the world. Twelve angels fell with jealousy in their hearts and became so twisted. These beings would hide within the empty plane of Regno Tenbrarum, the very place that was created to hide the shame from the world.

It was not long until these fallen creatures decided that they were going to destroy all that the Makers held dear to them. They desired war with their brothers and sisters. Mounting attack after attack on the Seraphim, finally the war spilled over engulfing Lumene completely The Lumene Races soon divided; some seek an alliance with the Seraphim, which they felt was for the best. Others finding friends within the twisted kin. The battle raged on at time of Lumene Races had suffered the most losses more than their so-called allies, despite their immortality. War went on... Good verse Bad, Light verse Darkness.. time seem to find itself unbalanced. Xyaler wept for her lost children, thus enraged her mate who took action. Rhaurnoth found himself within Lumene; summoning both Zadimas, the leader for the Twisted Seraphim and his twin sister Ilyrana who lead the Seraphim. Bringing these two brings together caused more debate; this heated the Maker more finally coming to the conclusion that the realm of Lumene was condemned. Thus he went to his beloved Xyaler telling her the shame which needed to be cleansed. He went to her because he felt the need to wipe the slate clean fully. Xyaler the being of compassion; found a way to save her creation, her children. She begged her lover, who gave soon gave in. Rhaurnoth thus passed judgment on the realm. He allowed his will be done, the realm shook, all three planes smashed together forming into one. This killing many beings, and when the dust finally settled after a year. The Lumene races realized that the updated realm was not at all, but they had lost their immortality fully. Some more then others, this punishment gave birth to a brand new race; Humans, the beings of lowest out of all. Even with the birth of this new race, the Maker and the Great Mother felt the need to abandon their realm. Lumene, forsaken by their deities has now turned to their so-called royal family for guidance.


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