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Post by AezvyraIsadorValke on Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:10 pm

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Alliance Agreement LmOcXIUL

Alliance not only a term of peace between two parties but a pact between two or more parties; made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests.

I. Any and all alliances of Nymaithler Empire must show respect from one another no matter what.

II. If you are within an alliance with Nymaithler Empire then there is a good chance you are within an alliance with any one of their vessel kingdom/queendoms. Please don't forget to stop by to them and make sure if they would like you to sign an agreement along with them too.

III. We don't steal roleplayers from one another; Alliances here MUST agree that from the point they sign this any party may not try and gain members from the other

IV. Agreeing and understanding that both sides will never withhold information from the other side.

(these are subject to change at any time)

IC What we can offer
Being in an agreement as allies we are able to do the following:
✘ Able to trade
✦ Imports: We are always looking for new source of Lead, Coal, Spices, Honey, Salt, Fine lines and silks, ale, different perfumes, Ivory, and of course slaves
✦ Exports: We are able to send out.... Wheat, Corn, potatoes, Gold, silver, iron, copper, lumber, stone, Furs, wines and ales, and some gemstones.

✘ We are able to send our best Warriors and Enchanters to aid in war times.

✘ We will open our home to take in as many refugees during hard times as we can provide a safe haven.

✘ The Nyamithler Empire, high council members are able to advise on matters.

OOC What we can offer

✘ Teach roleplay (no matter if it's a noob or someone who is rusty we are willing to spend time and help better people)
✘ Teach T1
✘ Help with normal tasks such as reading over a character bio and just lend an ear
✘ depending on the person.. some of us are able to make products and graphics Very Happy

(these are subject to change at any time)

Please after reading the information above mark this page as following

Name of Empire/Kingdom/Queendom:
Name of the Rulers:
Crest of Empire
Agreement and understatement of this page...
Your Signature

[size=18px] Alliances made with Nyamithler Empire [/size]

Templar Organization and Court
Name of the Rulers: Lord Dante Zeris Infernicus & Queen Cyra Diane Infernicus
Crest: ❖Pending❖

The Kingdom of the Lost
Name of the Rulers: CrytusDiVir & TrishArminaLiviana
Crest: ❖Pending❖

Black Rose Guild
Name of the Rulers: NicklausMochizuki
Crest: ❖Pending❖

Valen RP
Name of the Rulers: No current PC Ruler
Crest: ❖Pending❖


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