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Post by AezvyraIsadorValke on Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:22 pm

Fall Sandbox Qyu5eu4T_o

[size=26px] Royal Family[/size]

Empress: Aezvyra Isador Valke (AevyraIsadorValke)
Empress's soon to Wife: Zelene Llithyia Valke (ZelenaLithyiaValke)

Crowned Prince: :: Open Position::
Crowned Princess: :: Open Position::

Children of the Crown:
:: More is always welcome speak to either Aevyra or Zelene ::
Princess Lumi (NuLumination)
Princess Alex Valke (Alexiira)

Lords and Ladies of the court:
Empress's Twin Brother: Lord Ragnor Valke (RagnorKirryanValke)

[size=26px] High Council [/size]
Nyamithler Captain: (KafzielLaVayne)
High Enchanter: Rosura (InfinityImplosion)
Master of Shadows: :: Open Position::
Nyamithler Game Master: :: Open Position::
Master of Coin: :: Open Position::
Grand Maester: :: Open Position::

Fall Sandbox XvdrLVyM_o

[size=24px] Empire Roleplay Setting Details[/size]
Nyamithler Empire is found within the realm of Lumene( a fictional realm in which its own little world). This world is still within its 'Dark Ages' (there is no modern transportation of any kind, firearms, or electronic devices of the modern age.) For characters who are traveling to Nyamithler Empire or any of the lands within the Realm of Lumene the main source is portals which can be found in the capital city. Characters are able to either find one of the open portals, be able to teleport and or accidental being teleported, or have been born in the realm.

Season: Early Fall

100 copper = 1 Denarius
100 Denarius = 1 Gold coin
100 Gold coins = Gemstones

Note: The realm is made of all types of creatures, the Empire itself is highly made up of Demonic creatures, The so-called God's of the realm have abandoned the land and are long gone...

[size=24px] Additional Information[/size]
Roleplay Style: T1 | Para | Strict Roleplay
Genre of Roleplay: Medieval Fantasy | Dark Fantasy | Supernatural
Type of members accepted: Members must be 18+
Character types accepted and Denied: Gods/Goddess and Demi-Gods have been removed from the roleplay these types of characters will be denied. Over powerful characters will also be denied.
Page Officers: KafzielLaVayne , ZeleneLlithyiaValke , RagnorKirryanValke

How to contact: If you are interested in joining the Nyamither Empire or wish to form an alliance, or would simply like more information please either inbox myself AezvyraIsadorValke or KafzielLaVayne. If not you are always welcome to stop by our in-client rooms recruit room: The Ram's Tavern


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