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((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy based roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos due to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now the Ram's Tavern and Inn is located on the outskirts of the capital city Necromar which is on the far side of the city compared to Kleshi Hold aka the castle. It is evening; full moon and a chilly due to the first days of fall are coming near.The tavern is empty with the threat of the undead near.. Ten miles from Necromar; roaming bands of undead approach lead by one of the general Linchs.. Post order: Aez, Kafziel, Morrigan, Lumin, ))

MorriganOkultizmas: The Dark Acotlyte sat there teasing the young red headed bar maid as the Ram's tavern seem to fill quickly now from the people whom wanted to get off the streets and out of harms way. Yet, there the woman was not knowning what was happening in the world outside of the building all she knew was on a normal nightly basis the tavern was dead, so few souls in it then what was normal which the woman didn't mind it was less noise she had to deal with. Her fingues still wrapped around teh glass of water as she finally sat down at the wooden table her back towards the bar so she could face the doorway just in case of an issue. Morrigan yawned tilting that glass partly enough to allow the clearish liquid inside touch her lips once they had closed enough from the yawn. Her blue gaze lingering on doorway as if she had been waiting on someone.

NuLumination: As she walked towards the town square her cloaked flowed around her like a silk curtain dancing in a warm spring breeze, as it moved about her it was making her clothing change as if she were using some type of magic, the dress she wore faded into a well form fitted red and black armor that was hand made just for her. It was a skirt with a matching corset top, easy for her to move about in and yet protect the most vital parts of her for on the insides of the armor were runes and enchanments. Drake was not far behind her with her weapons at the ready for her to strap upon her body, smirking the first on she grabbed was the dagger and stopped long enough to tie the straps of the sheath around her left thigh and patted the hilt, each weapon she held had a name and it is own unique personality, her daggers name was Nightshade and it was a rather deadly if she didnt hold on to it. Turning around she looked at Drake who was smiling at her and she blushed, "Now is not the time for you to be looking at me like that Drake, you are my guardian so keep your thoughts to yourself and off your face, now please give me Icebringer and Bloodwing" She held out her hands for the two katanas that Drake was holding and he shook his head, "Let me M'lady and forgive me for looking at you in such away its just I am not sure if you should be fighting in your condition your father and husband will have my head if you or thoe boys get hurt." Sighing she turned back around and let him place her blades along her back and rolled her shoulders, "Now that you mention my father lets go find him so he knows that I am here and I will be fine." She started to walk off again with a now angry faced Drake in tow. A deep purple aura started to surround her as if she were signling her father of her presence and within a matter of moments there were some undead being heading her way and without hesitation she drew Bloodwing from the crimson sheath that held her and started to whisper softly, "May the flames of the blade of hell dance around you and burn you until there is nothing left," as she did so the blade started to glow a blood red hue and flames of dark reds oranges and yellows sparked about the ground like snakes and darted towards the undead.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman's sword moved quickly left and worked its way to the right at a upwards diagnal as she slashed through some of the so called undead corpses. Coated in blood the woman seem to be her self, happy with her self she worked as quickly as her wounds would allow her, seeing she was unable to make full swings of her blade to do the most amount of damaged as fast as she normally would have.  Clink... The woman's brow rose as she glanced up to see what her sword had hit to cause it to stop. "Well isn't that impresses for a brute like you" she chuckled out looking at the undead troll before her that actually had plate armor on it. "Who taught you that trick?" she asked before ducking just as the beast of a troll had decided to swing its massive club aimed stright for the woman's head. Aez shook her head before taking a step back, her arm moved up as she jabbed the end of the hilt of the sword into the nearest goul. "Now lets talk about this.. I  didn't mean to upset you but really..." she paused turned to take care of a corpse before returning to her little topic with the troll which only seem to growl and groan. She shrugged before taking another swing at the beast only to hear her great sword clash against the enchanted metal of the plate armor. "Well.." she paused and decided for the best it was to leave the troll alone even though no matter how many steps she took trying to get away from it; the troll seem to follow her swinging it's club hitting just about anything in the way that wasn't smart enough to either duck or move. 

KafzielLaVayne: As the punch against the cheek of Gilgamesh connected the man flew onto his side upon the ground and in a daze his head slowly dropped to leave him with no reaction. The archers,knights and guards whom so abrubtly decided not to do anything but watch the sword fly in shock looked to the commander. He himself started to look around the faces and with a grow he he pointed over the wall and towards the undead hord that was free to get ever close now."Well what are you waiting for!"He yelled as he jumped upon the lower wall beside him ready to jump down the whole lenght and infront of the hord."Attack you gutless bastards!" With a loud signal to resume the battle he grabbed the blade which he still held in his right hand in both hands and jumped down. Quickly the sky once more filled with arrows and the front lines of the undead started dropping quickly. The gates, closed, started to open and behind it the screams and yelling of knights prepared to step foot into the battlefield could be heard. Yet it was not men or women clad in armor that first launched out of the open gates. It was a demonic wolf his pet burting through the rank and running towards its master. Both were prepared to do battle, but with a raise of the brow the demonic commander looked up to the sky behind him."Why is she here?" He asked himself out loud finding that his daughter was near. The battlefield was no place for a pregnant woman after all, but in this period in the battle he could not leave. He lets out a growl and looks back towards the front lines of the hord."I do not like this at all."Mumbling in response to the raid and his daughter being around he started to shake his head. A red aura to enhance his body could be seen starting to coat his skin and infusing into his body. Though he didn't want to use it so soon he had to make his daughter able to find him. His aura signature was well known to her and by releasing it he broadcasted his location. Although this did not mean he would stand still, instead in a sudden burst which left a crated on the ground that he stood he dashed forwards. The blade ready to swing held behind him carving in the ground because of its lenght and the way he held it partly downwards. His voice would also be amplified by the red colored aura and he used it to command his troops during battle."Archers, aim for the sides of their ranks. Knight, break through the middle and start seperating their forces."As he made this command known he had already reached a close distance of the hord. A burst of wind blowing away the arrows that were falling towards his position making himself the space he needed to leap upwards. His height which he reached during his jump allowed him to fly 6 rows over the ranks of the undead and as he landed he slammed the blunt side of the blade against a undead. Together with the undead his blade crashed against the ground, it broke in violent fashion and threw undead around him which he quickly cut through in 2 quick succession swings of the now 2 handed blade.

NuLumination: Once the flames took over and burned the undead, the sounds of their screams made her shiver and a dark twisted gleam danced in her bright ce blue crystaline hues, Drake stood back and shook his head mumbling, "I wouldnt use all of your abilities like that, there is something much bigger I fear." Not paying attention she looked up the very moment she felt her fathers energy and within an instant she pushed off the ground with her right foot and darted towards him, Bloodwing still out and shaking as more undead were trying to rush at them but Lumi was well trained and moved with such a speed and grace that she appeared to me a dancing blurr in the crowed, her long black tresses flowing around her like a ribbon and she hummed as she moved through the hoards of undead, she was finally getting close to her father and that was when she unleashed a bigger flame from Bloodwing, this one was black with tinges of crimson, violet and gold spreading out around her and over the ground but instead of it moving about like snakes it moved as if the mere demons of hell and shadows were controlling it. She waited for Drake to come near her and when he did she leaned against him to catch her breath, she was in shape but she was carryng extra weight and knew that once her father reached her or vice versa she reached him he would scold her after he praised her for all the damage to the hoards that she did using just one her enchanted blades. As she rested against Drake, he wrapped and arm around her protectively and held her close to him, his own weapon drawn and at the ready just encase he needed to use it, his weapon was a large broad sword that was nearly the size of Lumi but then again the man did stand well ove six feet and weighed three hundred pounds and most of it was muscle so the sword was no issue for him at all to lug around.

RagnorKirryanValke: loseing the ability to sleep seem to be the norm for him as his mind races more on thoughts that seem to bring the darkness in his mind to the surface, swalloing it he shaked his head and looks around his room in the tavern. "this wont get any better and this night smells like all sworts of hell will be brought loose" he shrighs as he closes his eyes and welcomes the fun that tonight may bring. "first a drink i think gotta start this shit off right" moveing from the stone window where he was standing he walkes over to the door of his room, moveing his right hand he reaches for the door and pulls it open. hearing very few voices in the tavern he grins slightly as he walks to the railing and looks down to the few people in the tavern. the red head from the bar is the first to notice him and quickly moves and grabs his mug with her right hand he raises it to ragnor and he gives her a slightly nod. she moves down the bar around the other workers and starts filling his mug with a dark ale. gripping the railing tighter his eyes wonder more untill he notices her at the bar, he sighs slightly as he looks down to her griping her glass of water. "well theres a surprise shes actually out tonight" he chuckels again before moveing from the railing and starts on a path to the end of the second level and begans walking down the wooden stairs.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic Empress sighed as she seem to weave between the horde as she looked for a why to either lose the troll or slow it down long enough to deal some damaged, or well at the point she could figure out who to make enough damaged with her sword to do anything to it. So far each swing she had attempted and landed on the beast would just simply bounce off to her it did not even seem as if it was leaving a dint in the armor it had on. The woman seem to dance nearly on the battle field as  she managed to get close enough to the swordsmen of her armies. "Took you all long enough" she hissed out before finally turning around after realizing she had placed her self between two of the three trolls that seem to be the main brunt of the horde that had been attacking the capital city that hour. Aez took a deep breath wincing at the pain from the cracked ribs, turned on her heels and lifted her sword the best she could to block one of the blows that was aimed at her. "Maloe ut o xaal loe ma lui" ((today is a good day to die)) she would use what strenght she had to keep the club pinned against her sword, letting the other troll have enough time to swing and managed to knock her right into group of knights to her left side. 

KafzielLaVayne: The closer his daughter was to him the more he become aware of where pricesely she was to be found. Noticing she clearly whent outside the walls and into the field where he and the knights fought the hoard a clear sign of anger came over him. With a growling sound comming from him he grabbed one of the undead that came to attack him with every intention to bite and with him he bashed against the other that wanted to do the same."You got to be kidding me."He said in his dismay as he looked around him. It was a clear mess for him and he started to fear what may happen. He senses his daughter close and the flames in his sight told him she was not planning on keeping a distance. But it did not end for him there even. The empress not far from him in between 3 undead trolls got lunged into the knights whom were busy penetrating the middle of the ranks of undead to seperate their forces to a large extent."I got a bad feeling about this. A wounded woman and a pregnant woman....fuck."He spoke while he fought or rather he spoke while he held on to the undead from before and smashed it into any undead that came close enough to him. His mind was racing with things he had to do now. Lead the warriors, save the Empress, kill his daughter for going against his orders. To much to do in such a hectic situation. It quickly however came appearant that he started to make a decision in trusting the warriors and grabbing the blade that was stuck in the ground from his landing into the ranks of undead. With the blade in his hands he much quicker starting making ground towards the Empress. Some wounds on his arms to show off later but even one of the undead orcs which made sure his right arm was turning red from a deep cut could not stop him and quickly with its legs cutt off could not stop him."Empress. What are you doing here?!"He yells with a questioning tone as he turns his back to her creating a perimiter in which he had to make sure there were no undead as the Empress was there."It is not safe."With dismay in his voice knowing he had made distance between him and his daughter by comming here he threw a glance to the Empress whom had crashed into knights just a moment ago to see how she was doing now.

MorriganOkultizmas: Morrigan sat there her index finger seem to slide over the top of the cool glass as she waited. She watched as more people seem to flock in talking about sort of horde that had made it to the walls. The mage shook her head her dark brown hair tossing about seeing it wasn't pinned up for once as she sat there pretty much thinking to her self. Morrigan always had kept to her self unless she was approched most of the time, unless it came to magic. Oh, that was a topic she would always speak on. Her glace turned as she turned to look at the bar before taking a sip of her water once more. Seeing more people seem to come into the tavern made the woman wonder what was really going on. She rose to her feet and walked to the nearest window to watch what was happening. 

NuLumination: As Drake held her she closed her eyes and started to focus more on where her father was located, at this point she was becoming a bit irritated and pushed herself away from Drake, she looked at him and then with a low growl she knelt down and looked a bit of the undead around her that were fried from the flame and placed her hands upon the ground, it started to shake a bit and the bodies were starting to glow with a deep azual hue, stating to get lost in her magic and it was becoming clear by the fact that the sky was darkening and shadows were popping up around her, Drake was shaking terribly as he had only seen this happen once and he started shouting hoping that Lumi's father would hear him and show up in time to stop her from over doing it in her condition. "Lumi stop this, you will do more harm to yourself and those boys you carry if you keep this up.!!!" Ignoring him she kept going, now the bodies were standing up and moving about under her control, her voice was weak but she still managed to speak, "I control you now do my bidding, aid in the fight against those that wish to do harm to the innocent, kill those undead bastards and make sure they stay that way." The now annimated undead bowed to her and started to kill their brethern, when they walked away she turned to the very shadows that were surrounding her and with a snap of her finger they rushed off in a flash to aid where they could, feeling exhausted now she tried to stand and managed to get up a bit but then started to fall, Drake dropped his braodsword and ran to her as fast as he could, his footsteps sounding like thunder crashing until her reached her and threw his body under so she landed on him instead of the ground which wasnt much of a difference because of how toned he was.

AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman's eyes widen as she crashed into the knights, the woman groaned as she picked her self up from the ground and dusted her self off. "What the fuck do you think your doing..." she hissed out at her men before shaking her head as she not soon and turned around and nearly ran into one of the guys knocking her self right back down; which seemed to give enough time for Kafziel to realize it was her and to act on it. Her gaze moved to the male and seen the blood before fighting the urge to get up and smack him. She didn't realize her gaze had narrowed as rage filled her even more just for the fact that he was bleeding. "I"m fine.." she stood up finally and dust her self once more her sword in her left hand now leaning on the ground before pulling it fully up. "I was out and came across this horde about ten miles from home." she ranted to the male before shaking her head. "You all nearly shot me." she pulled the arrow she had saved and swatted the male with it before turning around and acting upon the goul that had started to claw its way towards her. "It is never safe it seems." Aezvyra paused raised her sword and moved it striking at the corpse close to her. She glanced over to the male and shook her head. "I'm fine" she mumbled out again before turning her attention back to the battle.

KafzielLaVayne: Knowing now that the Empress was safe even though his actions had putted her in harms way not that long ago he smiles and shakes the blood from his arms." Aslong as you are safe, but for now i need you to pull back and let the knights do what they can. I need to move myself as well so staying here is not an option." He spoke qite calmly now as things started to fall together in place. The positioning of the knights using the commander as a central point started to make a safe perimiter around the Captain and the Empress in which she could fall back for now. He did not stay around to wait for an answer himself though, it was a clear request. Having found out that his daughters energy signature had dropped drasticly and that a odd feeling change in the battle had happened he knew he had to be quick. His senses able to feel and see energy helped him greatly while he moved through the battle fields. In moments he had to little of a room he used a nearby undead and like a battering hammer he forced space to open while using the two handed blade as a finisher to those on the ground. When he came close enough to his daughter to see her fall towards the ground and the guardian using his body to soften her landing he knew the time to act out of controll had arived. His eyes a piercing white and black starting to give off a red hue that grew in its intensity with each deep breath he took. The metal off his blade quickly followed and it broke apart in many pieces that floated around his body. They cutted through undead easily and with the force of his aura propelling them they absolutely tore them apart in pieces. Its area of read quickly grew with more of the undead dying around him and like a wall of broken pieces of metal kept them away from both him and his daughter that lay on the ground. Feeling that it was safe to do so he stepped next to where his daughter and her guardian were lying on the ground. The rage in his eyes though almost hidden by the red hue showing that he was controlling the metal parts were clear to see even then." Are you out of your mind, you absolute disgrace to my bloodline. If you want yourself killed together with the twins then do it somewhere else. This is not the place for sheer stupidity to shine." though he spoke harsh and his voice sounded even harsher it was not a suprise that he acted this way. He had told her many times not to do things like this and her actions now pushed his patience for her over the acceptable limit.

NuLumination: Drake sat up when he heard her fathers harsh tone and words towards Lumi and shook her a bit to wake her up, once she regained herself she looked up at her father and seen the look on his face and in his eyes, his tone didnt make it any better and she quckly threw up a hand to him before standing up slowly, once she was on her feet she stood her ground and spoke in a tone that could send chills down anyone spine, "Was I not taught by you to aid where and when I can? Was I not trained for battle and war by your own hands? Just because I am in my current condition doesnt mean that I cant be out here with you on this very battle field fighting at your side which is the least I can say for the rest of your children." She knew that those last word she spoke were sour but true and they would get him even more upset with her but she did make valid points. She turned to walk away further into the battlefield and as she walked away a wall of flame and shadow danced behind her to try and keep Drake and her father at a distance. Drake snarled and punched the ground and his dark grey eyes looked at Kafziel and spoke in a rather dry tone, "That girl is more stubborn the you are and you want me to watch her? She has nearly killed me more times than I wish to care to remember and has threatened to disembowl me if I ever disobey her, so tell me what I should do here." He was truly at a loss in this one and he looked over to Lumi and his eyes went wide once more as he saw her reaching for Icebringer and shouted, "LUMI DONT YOU DARE DO IT!!! YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU UNLEASH ICEBRINGER AND BLOODWING AT THE SAME TIME!!!" She waved him off and grabbed the hilt of Icebringer and slowly started to unsheath him until she felt a shock rush over her from Bloodwing and she hissed from the pain and nearly threw the blade away but she couldnt because it was something that her father had given her. Stopping when she was far enough away from them both she held her arms out to the sides and the hand that held Bloodwing trembled as the blade started to turn black and pull the closest shadows to her, her left hand seemed to slowly curl into a position that made it seem as if she were holding something in her hand, it was a deep violet orb that was spinning and only growing in size until it was roughly the size of a large cannon ball and she dropped it onto the ground as it fell it started to spark and shatter into different directions, the sky was now as black as night from the clouds that were covering any signs of light and with nearly all the shadows gathered she threw Bloodwing into the ground and watched them rush into empty bodies to take over and control. 
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aezvyra brow rose as she was requested to leave the front lines. She couldn't help but to laugh at the male before shaking her head. Giving the small moment to allow the pain from the cracked rib and now the few gashing that have coated her face and arms. "I'm not leaving " she hissed out before watching the knights move about gaurding her now that they learned it was infact her on the field which didn't help her any. "Do your god dame job and kill some undead." she would shout out before taking off once more hacking away with her great sword before becoming out of breath. The woman's gaze move quickly in the direction that her Captain went off in before turning long enough to see the end of one of the undead troll's club to make contact with her torso which caused her to go flying yet again; this time right through the stone wall that had already been crumblings long before the moment she hit it. "Shit" she mumbled out laying on the ground in the mist of the dust from the rubble of teh wall she had just went though. 

KafzielLaVayne: He could do nothing but contribute her actions and words to the raging hormones in her body. No matter how angry he was now, how enraged he is and how easily he could turn and discipline her for her actions. There simply was no time sadly for that all, it was time for battle and he knew this. Flicking his wrist as a mentall activator he moved the shraps of metal flying around and formed back the two handed blade." This is only more trouble then it is worth." He spoke with dismay and looked towards the guardian whom he ignored and waved to so he could go run after what his job was. He himself growled and then turned away from his daughter, if she were to die then so be it. With his job as Captain he had no time to run after children and quickly he started battle with a nearby undead orc. Adding a few more cuts one on the right side of his upper chest and the other on his left outer thigh in the process of killing it he then ran over the battlefield. He did not slow down oftenly the undead were slow and easy to kill if they did not expect your arival so near. When he arived at the knights whom seemed to be struggling to keep their morale up it was quickly made clear why this problem had arived. The empress had come across and an undead orc and crashed into a wall." Hold the line men." He said as he grabbed another by the shoulder pulling him next to him." Do everything you can for now, i will go after the Empress." With these words spoken and spread down the line of knights their morale seemed stable. Though they did not like the captain much they understood his capabilities and that giving his protection held some weight behind it. He quickly made his way at the back of the line and with a whistle the demonic wolf joined him after having gone seperarely for a while in which he aided the knights on the other side of the battle. With a quick leap he sat down on the wolf and swiftly the wolf ran through the groups of knights and undead locked in battle to find the Empress which had flown into the crumbling wall.


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