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((**Welcome to Nyamithler Empire** Please give us a few seconds to get you the setting for today.))
((Nyamither Empire(https://i.imgbox.com/STjhYQOH.png) is a medieval fantasy based roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene. The empire is the epicenter of chaos due to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now Klashi Hold [which is in the end stages of construction to repair it] is located within the outskirts of the capital city Necromar; https://images.imgbox.com/97/d6/1WRY2nfl_o.png. Winter is upon the empire; it’s a week into the winter storm that has hit the capital city. It's, of course, extreme cold with the temperature at -31 degrees. High winds coming from the north and heavy snowfall. Post order: ))
---------------------| SHHHHH there Roleplay going on feel free to enter if you wish keep your OOC to brackets |--------------
‘By the order of Empress Aezvyra Valke; you are found guilty of treason against the crown and the Nyamithler Empire. In turn have been sentenced to death.’  Those words seem to echo in the back of the demonic Empress’s mind as she sat there upon her throne; her index finger of her right hand tapping at the arm rest as she watched the crowds chatter about how she had sentenced her own wife to be beheaded and her head left on a stake outside the frozen keep. The woman of course ordered the body to be thrown to the wolves in the woodlands that surrounded the city but not until after it was torn apart. The woman seem to growl to herself as she rose from her seat, her right hand lifting from its place as if motioning to the council she was about to speak. “Where are we on food storages?” she questioned trying to get her mind off the image of the broken body in her mind. Her bright emerald green hue hung on one of the older males. “Speak now” she commanded as her eyes seem to turn three shades darker. Not once did they leave the older male who seem to be in his late fifties, which reminded her she needed to clear the council of the ‘older’ folk, she sat back down once again. “Well?” she waited for his response which was more of a few muttered and his head shaking. Aez took note of how his beard seem to shift from its place each movement of his head. “You don’t know do you?”
KaliAequitas: Since her confrontation with the Captain of the Guard, Rebecca had been keeping her distance from the keep. His behaviour had soured her opinion of the Royal family and the workers within and was seriously doubting the care being shown for the poor people suffering in the city when they needed guidance the most. She had spend more time in the tavern, speaking to the soldiers, the city guards, learning what they thought of the man that had complete control over them. So far she had not been too impressed. Eventually she decided she was finished mopping and would make her way back to the palace. She was wearing clothes of a higher quality for once. A royal blue winter gown to protect her from the chill which is invaded every inch of her skin. She ended up walking up to the gates and into the palace listening to the conversations buzzing around and trying to filter out for anything important, or the location of the important people, from the useless prattle. The people seemed to be talking about some kind of execution that had taken place. Then she heard the court. It did not take her long to make a decision, slipping outside the door to earsdrop.
She hissed out before glancing over to Kyran(her personal guard: http://prntscr.com/i9cr4h) who’s dark gaze never once left the woman, his hand laid neatly on the pommel of his sword on his waist as if waiting for that exact moment he may be ordered to strike down any one within the room. Aez sat there tapping her finger faster then she had before. “Do we not have the grain, the meat to survive this storm or not?” she hissed out waiting for the reply from the small man. The shadows of the room started to swirl as the candles that lit the room seem to dim as if something was bound to happen. “Do not make me repeat myself.” She hissed her voice darkening from its sweet soft luring sound.
TundraLynx: Aster's eyes slowly opened as he awoke from his forced nap. Why the women spread across the castle were so obsessed with him sleeping, he had no idea. He let out a stretch and a yawn, and looked to his pajamas. He knew he needed to approach the scary lady at some point, if for nothing than to get within at least ten feet of her. Though he didn't speak their language well, she obviously held importance and domain over the people and he neneded to recognize her with the same respect as the citizens; even if he didn't know why. She looked to Kafziel so much differently than everybody else... a thought popped into his head. He pulled off the silk pajama shirt given to him by the maid and tied it around his waist. He pushed his hair back as best he could, and scoured the room for a pair of boots. He frowned after several minutes of unsuccessful searching. He looked out his door to a butler leaving another room in the castle. He slowly creeped over and snuck into the room the instant the butler turned the corner. Right there on the dresser sat a freshly polished pair of boots set aside a set of daggers. Aster looked around and quickly snatched the boots. The boots clacked against the ground as he walked down the hall, obviously far too big for him wear. He tripped on himself repeatedly but stood back up on his path to the throne room. The shouts of the empress echoed down the hallways. She sounded angry or annoyed but he couldn't let himself be intimidated. He enterred the room where she and the other civilians stood. Nobody even seemed to notice him until he slipped through the crowd and up in front of the empress' throne, facing the people with arms crossed, and blank expression on his face.
KaliAequitas: Rebecca noticed the boy first, from where she was hidden in a shadow and raised an eyebrow. He seemed a little too small for his boots. She let him enter the room without speaking to him, but before he could close the door behind him, she slipped inside, masking her own entry with his for a more advantageous spot at the back of the hall. She could better hear the conversation now, and it seemed that the food shortages were still a rather large problem that had yet to be solved. She privately wondered what alliances were held with other Kingdoms, and if they could not help in this current crisis, though she supposed something like that would already have been tried and tested. She curled her fingers through blonde locks, her eyes fixed on the Empress as her fierce expression showed her raw power, the emotion seeping into the room and putting everyone on edge. How fascinating.
Aezvyra sat there for some time her eyes on each of the members of the council she was speaking with, whom decided to show despite the rumors of her foul tempter as of lately. It was no secret that Aez had been either absent in her own mind losing herself in her thoughts or she was easy to anger, each depending on the person whom she was speaking with. Then again she had heard of the same rumors the same that also stated she was cold do to sentencing her own wife to death for sure enjoyment. To watch the woman to be beheaded; torn to small parts and then sent them to feed the wolves. The woman chuckled thinking about it as she let her glance move about the chamber that held her throne. “Why do you not answer me?” the words fell out before her right hand stopped moving as her eyes flash black as night and her aura its self-seem to shift into a physical form of darkness that would swirl around her. “Has the Black Rose Guild not send grain? Has the Kingdom of the Lost not send help?” she hissed her fingers started to dance as if scrying some spell. The room darken more as the shadows came to life to harass the older male she was speaking to. “Do not waste my time.” She spoke out as her hand moved from the right to the left as if to swat a bug from her face. This action of course would show the movement that the darkness of the room would take before sending the male flying across the room and hitting the wall as hard it would take to make the sound of his bones to break to be heard. “Anyone else wish to push my patience today?” Her eyes would linger before seeing the boy move about the group and approach before her, The woman’s brow rose locked on the child whom clearly shouldn’t have been in the room.
KaliAequitas: Rebecca moved slowly, heading to the body of the man that had been thrown across the room. She crouched down beside him, seeing if he was still alive. He was, which she supposed was some kind of bonus, but he would not be walking for some time, if he ever did again. To be crippled for fear. The people here took themselves much too seriously. Rebecca slipped a vial out of her pocket, leaning back the mans head before she gave it to him, something to dull the pain. Not much but better then nothing until he could be treated properly. Patience was clearly in short supply in this place, which was mostly why she was not playing her usual games here. They did not seem the type to appreciate them. For a moment she was merely going to listen and get any information that she could from this meeting without actively participating in it. For now no-one had even noticed her.
TundraLynx: The woman's voice pierced through his ears. Such anger and fury to unleash, and even he knew not to cross her. Aster looked around as the room grew darker. He could not resist this immense fear in him that came from it. Embers slowly seeped out from his skin leaving him shimmering with red specs. It almost looked like he was covered with glitter, yet he radiated heat and light from those small embers. He watched as the man flew across the room in shock. He looked at the scary lady as she chuckled at the man's suffering. He wanted to do something but didn't know whether helping him was the right thing to do or not, even if he knew how to help. He didn't say a word, yet closed his eyes to shield himself from the situation in hopes that somebody else could help him without upsetting the terrifying woman.
KafzielLaVayne: WIth half the day over and his duties tying him to the castle he walked through the gates. The snowstorm outside covered his body mostly in snow. It contrasted nicely with the dark skin. The means of travel within the city were limitted and he was forced to walk between the walls. His arival to the castle because of this was a late one. The meetings were already well on their way and it sounded like it had turned into heated discussions between the Empress and the rest. How the shadows moved tipped him off quite clearly as to what was happening. His steps had started to become much quiet while he walked around the fountain. The Empress was yelling to a man, and seemingly had wasted her time a great deal. Even he knew better then doing something like this and as he brushed the snow of his upper body which even in the cold he did not cover he watches how the man got thrown into the wall. He responded to the action with a big breath and walked straight into the throne room. His steps were much louder now and they made clear echo's once he had entered. He reached the man and kneeled down looking him over. A clear case of broken bones and internal bleeding. The conciousness of the man was questionable at best. A barely there gaze looked towards him. They were met with a cold gaze though he did not recognize it as such as his form was but that of blurryness and shadow. With the back of his hand he would tap against the cheek of the man to see if waking him up to the world was an option. Nevertheless it wasn't so he sended some of his own internal energy in him through his nails which turned only slightly dark. Mostly meant to be a hidden act that only he knows about.Saving someone he knew not was not something he quickly would show after all. It would only keep him from reaching deaths door however if someone would take him away to help. Borrowed time at best for the man while he stood up and turned to the Empress. He lowers his upper body towards her and his head hung low as he did."Greetings my Empress. With aid of the guard at the west gate we have helped the arival of merchants. They bring grain at the cost of gold. What is your command?"A flare of violet could be seen in his pupils. The merchants had been stranded in the forests. Their aim was not even for the city, but to cross the Empire to head east. They had been suprised by the blizzard. As a captain however his duties were to the Empress and those that follow her. He had forced them to the city with a group of 20.
TundraLynx: Aster smiled at the sight of Kafziel, and even more at the sound of his voice. He watched Kafziel interact with the older gentleman. What was he doing? Aster thought. He shrugged it off as a weird Kafziel thing and went back to his blank expression up until the moment Kafziel bowed. He couldn't contain himself and founnd himself running up to Kafziel. His shirt untied from his waist and fell to the ground the first out of numerous times he tripped over the boots. He soon kicked them off and wrapped his arms around Kafziel's legs in embrace. "Kafziel Kafziel!" He opened his mouth without actually speaking numerous times, afraid to attempt speaking the common language in front of so many natural speakers. He paused in consideration and began speaking in his severely broken words. "I was sleep. Look like you!" He then turned to the empress, and looked at the man who lay on the floor before lowering his head with a light frown and looks of concern in his eyes. "Scary.. lady..."
AezvyraIsadorValke Fluister: Her gaze never left the boy as she sat there as everyone started to move about now, hush whispers seem to grow louder as she was addressed. Her painted lips curled into a devilish grin as she watched the nobles cowered towards the door which lead her to step down from her throne. “I as again” she paused looking around the room the child before her in her gaze as she watched the embers form on his body. “Careful young one.” She muttered as she peered down to him before looking at Rebecca and the others before Kafziel had addressed her. “How much?” she questioned the price before looking over the body that seem to have shallow breathing. Her gaze moved from the child to the Captain of her guard. She would allow it remain there for some time before looking at the boy again hearing the broken words with a raised brow. “Scary lady?” she couldn’t help but to chuckle at the child before her attached to Kafziel’s leg. “Scary….” She shook her head laughing before turning her attention to the crowd before moving her hand which told the guard to move in front of the door to keep anyone from leaving. “Scary…” she spoke in a softer tone.
KafzielLaVayne: The violet flare that had come from his eyes had overtaken most of his pupils as he straightened his form. The grin on the lips of the Empress he watched it as it curved his gaze trailing over its edges before turning his eyes to hers.The child at his leg which clearly wanted his attention had to do with a pat on his back as his attention was purely upon the Empress. The royals stuck with them in the castle got little time on his mind. He had just raised his right hand to just above his head. Swaying with his palm for a moment which got the attention of the guards whom putted their hands upon their blades.His voice sounded quite pleased and had a lighter tone to it."The price, i am sure, is debetable and ever changing depending on what my Empress wishes for." Though how he said it made it sound that it means he would sit around the table with the merchants to decide on the price. It was the way he looked to the Empress and the way he had the guards move to hold their blades to the ready that showed that her price would become the only price.
TundraLynx: Aster had his eyes fixated on the guards with their blades. Though he didn't know what those were, they intrigued him. He smiled and instantly grew excited. He turned to the woman he dubbed as "scary lady". "Scary lady... can I go?!" It was rather amazing just how much common tongue he'd picked up from the maids and butlers coralling him around the castle. "Let me help!" He parroted from the maids. He didn't know what it meant but he knew it was always what they said before they touched him to do whatever it was they were talking about; sometimes it was getting his clothing changed, or walking with him, or even small things like eating. He walked up to empress Aezvyra and turned to all the people in front of her throne when he began mimicking the hand motions he had watched her perform just moments ago. They weren't exactly the same however similar results came about. Fire coated his arm and hand, growing in volume and brightness until it became a blinding light that abruptly flashed in his face forcing him to fall back. He rubbed his head and looked around temporarily blinded as his eyes re-adjusted to the darkness and the ringing in his ears diminished.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demon stood there her head slowly tilting to the right as she watched the two before the crowd once more. “2pounds per 300 pounds of grain” she smirked knowing that in the end it was more worth it to her then the person she was buying it from. She would swing her finger back and forth as she watched the people before her. “they can pay for it seeing it took to long to answer. “ she paused with a wicked grin on her face. “Those who don’t will be subjected to my time of play.” She grinned as she allow her hand to shift into demonic claws before she acted like she was sharping a nail before watching the child once more. Her eyes perked as he stepped forward before studying him more. She wanted to chuckle at his words, the fact he called her scary amazed her. Then the words help came from him which made her wonder what he meant. She took a step back and hissed out as he moved mimicked her then the bright light. She growled nearly sitting back down in her seat before looking at Kaf. “Do you wish to explain tis?”
KafzielLaVayne: He nodded slowly at the decision of the Empress. It was quite cheap the price that she wished upon. But he will happily comply with the order and he turned his head towards the royals. His eyes stared them down as he awaits their generous donations to get the foor for the city. However his gaze got turned back around as the child made clear how he was going to help. The light that shortly followed after caught him by some surprise. Though his eyes were quick to adjust he too had to take a step back and cover his eyes for a moment. He then shook his head and walked towards the Empress.Placing his hand at the side of her waist he leaned towards her so he could whisper his response."A young pheonix. So he may have used his innate ability to use fire. Which in turn created this blinding light."Turning his head he looked to the child whom had fallen to the ground.
TundraLynx: Aster looked at his hands in surprise. He had no memories of being able to control his fire in any manner. He eagerly jumped up and attempted the hand motions again to be met with the same result. After a few failed attempts he got back up again and walked up to the Empress. "Scary lady?" He began making the motions again, except this time incredibly slowly as not to hurt himself again. "Wrong?" He let out an enormous yawn and rubbed his eyes. One of the maids walked up to him, also rubbing her eyes. "Empress Aezvyra" she said. "The boy has quite obviously exerted a lot of his energy. Perhaps if he is to go with the forces, he should rest a while first. He is rather young and as eager as he is could do something to really hurt himself."

KafzielLaVayne: The smell of fear starting to creep through the castle. Shivering bodies of royals at the door and even the guards taking steps back away from the captain. A horrifying sight was presented on to them. Purple flames licked around the black skull that hid the face of the Captain. Each step he made towards them echoing loudly through the castle. The black metal covering his form showing shimmers of violet like a reflection on to them.The gauntles formed like claws were wide open his palms towards the royals. His voice commanding spoke to them, like ants, no worth was given to them during their moment of doubt." I will ask this once. Think carefully before you act or answer. How much gold will we be able to spend on food for the city?" Short pulses of red light came from the eyes of the Captain as his gaze moved over the faces. Illusion magic in its basic form through hypnosis. For everyone except the royals he looked quite normall except for the armor he wore. The royals however saw something entirely different. A large beast of a man with black wings made purely from bone. His tail that of a scorpion aiming its stinger towards each of their faces. Horror was clearly written on their faces." Please, think about the people you govern." He spoke out to them. A normal voice could be heard by all, but the royals heard but a hissing voice. It's origin could be traced from everywhere but him. One of the royals an older man fells to his knees, and the youngest retreated behind a few of the older ones to hide the stains in his trousers. It did not take long before their fear overcame their pride. However the feast they offered him through their actions would surely be remembered by him. The red sin energy comming from their acts of pride surrounding him like a maelstorm of power. It did not take long before it was all assimalated into him. Gold was given in plenty, some even doubled down and threw some of their necklaces and rings before him on the ground. A few gems and a single diamond even adorned the pile. His voice now gentle spoke to the royals and they could finally hear that it came from him." Your contributions are very much apreciated, and will be remembered. Though not by you ofcourse. Otherwise....it would become a scandal." The royals would look confused. The beast of a man before them was clearly the captain, but not like this he never looked that way. They did not know that they were taken in by him through illusions of the most basic ways. A style most effective if one is to occupied to realize it. He knew that the gig was up now. A loud clap could then be heard and the pulses of red in his eyes turned to violet and much brighter as they engulfed the royals, guards and even the castle's servants. None but him and the Empress would know of what had just happened. The pile of riches so generously given had all but dissapeared safe for a ring. The royals clearly confused looked towards the captain. He was easy to recognize as he dressed without any upper clothing. His muscles showed clear his warrior lifestyle as did his way of dressing." My deepest apologies, it seems the meeting has been cancelled. The situation was overestimated by faulty information." He explains to the royals whom disgruntled spoke to one another. They understood that it could happen but travelling in this weather was rough one. It was not to their liking to be send away. In their mind ofcourse they had just arived. Making his way to the royal who looked to him suspiciously he picked up the ring and gives it back to the owner." Again, my deepest apologies." Lowering his head towards them all they started to leave one by one. He as they had all left would then go towards the guard at the door. A bag had appeared in his hand which he showed to him." There are merchants at the center square. The price is 3 gold per 300 pounds of grain, do not accept otherwise." The guard nodded hastily. Quickly the man was gone and he looked back to the Empress to whom he first lowered his head before making his way towards her in the throne room. He was unsure how he would be judged, but this was the extent of how far he was willing to go. A dangerous man easily manipulating and using any other means to aid the city.


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