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((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy base roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos do to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now the Ram's Tavern and Inn is located within the outskirts of the capital city Necromar which is on the far side of the city compared to Kleshi Hold aka the castle. It is evening; full moon and a little cloud cover. The tavern tonight only has a handful of patrons within it, not too busy  ))
MorriganOkultizmas: Morrigan seem to ponder around the city as she searched for the few goods she still needed. Of course she had yet find a well priced horse to replace the one that had simply died on her. She sighed softly pulled her cloak closer to her body as she walked around the empty streets. 'Where is everyone?' the idea moved over her mind as she thought about it seeing the streets near empty not even a simple begger on them. 'how odd' she seem to stop in her movements as she looked around trying to get her barrings on the area; of corse the sorcerer was lost beyond all reconition. Her glace shifted to the tavern once which was the place she had started to call home the last few months seeing she was unable to leave the city. Her feet slowly moved carrying her closer and closer to the building as she decided seeing she had once again failed on finding what she was looking for to call it a night. At lest within the tavern she would be out of the cooler winds that seem to flood down from the Northern Region. The mage was surprized that she had managed to find a way to come up with a little coin to keep up with the room she was renting let alone the food she needed so she would have the strenght for the very moment she was told she could head to get the Black Grimore that was the only reason why she was within this empire in the first place. Yet, it would seem the woman with dark brown hair seem to be growing on the land and its people over the time she had spent there. Pushing open the door to the building, her lips curl into a smile as she looks around the area before heading stright upstairs to the third door on the left before stopping before it. She lifted her right hand, before digging through her coin bag which is where she kept the brass key to lock the room while she was away. "I know I have it somewhere..." she mumbled out to her self as she sought for the key that had been at the bottom of the bag under the silver and gold coins she had made from doing little odd magic jobs around the captial city.
AezvyraIsadorValke: As the day drifted the sun slowly moved through its path in the sky over the land. Aezvyra yawned softly before slightly moving from her home at Kleshi Hold and making her way across the capital city of Necromar to the Ram's Tavern and Inn as she did on a nightly bases. She chuckled to her self as her long onyx hair pulled back partly and laid behind her shoulder; each step silent as if a trained assasin moving through the dead woodland that surrounded the city, around the buildings. Finally coming to the building itself she smirked as she held her hand out and pushed open the double doors before walking inside. The woman held her head up as she let her hood fall from its place and rest on her shoulders before looking around the room. "Good evening Rose." she spoke to the maiden behind the bar. She nodded to the woman as she pulled her cloak away from her body showing off her slim frame which still had been hidden underneath the dark fabrics of her long gown; granted the woman stood to be five foot six. "Don't spill anything on it this time I just had it cleaned." the demon spoke her voice soft and luring to anyone who heard it. The demonic empress smiled as she moved passing table after table until she made her way to the back of the tavern to her table off by it self. The same table she sat at on a nightly bases just so she can watch over and see if anyone sparked her intrest. It was here she would wait for the tavern to fill. Normally by the time the woman had arrived to the time the the full moon was nearly high in the sky it would be full from the patrons. But not this night, granted it was still early but the Ram's Tavern and Inn was nothing but dead, a few patrons who were hardly talking, just sitting around the building and keeping to them selves. Aezvyra shook her head before lowing her gaze to the table afraid that this very night she wouldn't be able to find anyone worthy of even a conversation. To help her mind off of her duties was always the main reason she would spend the countless hours within the some time busy place; plus it was an added bonus that she could some times find people worth holding some rank within the land she ruled.
KafzielLaVayne: With the cold wind commin from behind him the large demon walked through the streets of the city. It was still bustling with life as he walked across the main streets and looked over the people whom avoided him with quite the few feets of distance. He did not spend much time around the people of the city and the times he was seen he was a cold man that kept an emotional distance from them, anti social and uncaring the whispers told about him when he listened to his surroundings. This reputation that most of the people have from him was mostly correct, but never did it mention his loyalty. He did not mind much about this and with a scoff at the people he stepped out of the main street and into the outskirts of the city. With the tavern nearby a smile showed itself on him as he was in need of a strong drink that made him forget the worries of the outer world. His coat taken for a formal appearance waves freely hanging only upon his shoulders loosely showed a black suit underneath, flames shown comming from behind him throwing a shadow over the front of his form. With his golden eyes and sharp gaze he looked through the windows of the tavern before he stepped inside and announced his presence through a sudden dissapearance in his aura which normally roamed around him. He had pulled it back fully into his body to lessen the strain of being close to him, and to make himself harder to notice by the few people that were there uncaring if he was present or not. Closing the doors behind him softly he makes his way to the side chamber where those he knew were and lowered his head in respect towards the empress herself." Greetings my lady." He spoke with a deep voice that came close to a whisper." Greetings Miss." With a wind that carried his voice it kept itself away from the others while making its way to Morrigan. He had noticed her when he came in, though was unsure if he truelly knew her but he knows she was linked to the castle in some way. Taking his seat and crossed his arms over eachother upon the table he starts to look around himself to see whom he had to adress for a drink that could quench his thirst.

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez chuckled softly at the pure thoughts that had been flowing into her mind the whole night so far. She had not even realize some of the people whom had entered the building after she did. She glanced up from her table to see a bottle of her favorite mixed drink sitting there along with her chalice. "Hmmm" she sat there confused and blinking before reaching to the bottle and pulling it close to her to pull the cork from its place. Her eyes widen a bit before she glanced down when the cork didn't just simply slide off from its place. "Ummm" she mumbled out before the struggle started. The woman sat there pulling at the small object as she nearly started to growl at it before placing it back on the table at the same time she heard someone address her. "Yes?" she glanced up from the bottle to the male before her. "Evening Captain" she smirked softly before letting her green gaze lower once more before flicking her wrist and using her so called dark magic to pull the cork from its place. "Ah that better." she chuckled out before pouring a glass.
MorriganOkultizmas: The entchantress sighed softly still digging around her small pouch looking for the room key still before finally managing to dig it out. She shook her head letting her sappire blue eyes move back towards the oak wooden door before her before reaching to unlock it. With a flick of her wrist and the key in hand the door lock seems to click as a sign as the lock opening. The woman smiled before taking hold of the brass doorknob and turning it to open the door. She sighed softly hearing a voice; the voice causing her to look around the hall before shaking her head. "Its all good its all in your head.." she spoke softly before realizing that it couldn't be seeing she hadn't cast any spells that would cause voices lately. She quickly walked through the thrushhold of the room and closed the door behind her hidding her self away within the rented out room.
KafzielLaVayne: With his seat taken and sitting upon it in a almost casuall way he watches the Empress use her power to take out the cork from the bottle so she could start pouring her drink. His dry lips aching for the cool sensation of a cold drink he starts to turn his head and looks towards the waistress with a demanding gaze. A voice deep and carrying a strong pressure spoke out for her as he threw his hand up above his head." A bottle of bloodwhine please, and some meat that can be forced down by it." Lowering his hands when the waitress showed him a nod he looks back to the Empress and with a smile he leans forward upon the table." How have things been in the empire lately? now that the ice crysis has passed."
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez blinked glanced up before lowering her head some "Good evening" she smirked softly as she placed the bottle on the table she of course sat at before reaching for her glass. "Any news?" she spoke softly out as her greenish eyes drifted to the male as she brought the chalice to her painted lips tilting it for a sip of the whiskey and unicorn blood mix. "Its quiet.. Its unsettling other then the assassins and the talk of the towns folk going hungry do to trade routs still being slow do to melting ice still." she shrugged softly as swirled her glass a tiny bit watching the crimson liquid mix.
KafzielLaVayne: With the bottle of bloodwhine ariving first before the meat could he took a chalice that was left on the table and after opening the bottle pours it full to its brink with the bloodwhine." Such a shame." He comments while he took a gulp from the drink. It was true that it was rarely found that he went out of the city as of late, and so his knowledge about the surroundingd of it was small. It seemed it would be for the best that he started to roam around the empire and spend less in its castle." Are you considering it may be the silence before the storm?" He asks turning his gaze back to the Empress not noticing the platter of dried meat being delivered much to the dismay of the waitress whom walked away with a skoff.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The woman brow rose as she looked to the male before nodding. "its life and I do not know what about to happen hoping for something good this time." she mumbled out before placing her glass down on the table and leaning back in her chair. "We do not really need anything else to happen since that silly little curse that had happen, the people are still not over that one." she laughed thinking about it and how some of them actually blamed her for it sort of.
KafzielLaVayne: Taking another gulp from the chalice he leaned back in his seat and looked towards the plate of dried meat much to his suprise that it was already there." You never know sometimes. Bad things tend to come in pairs." Taking a slice of the dried meat in hand he bites into it and narrows his eyes. He himself started to think about the situation now that he knows some more, and how things are going." Hopefullly if something does come it will not be as bad as the ice crysis."
AezvyraIsadorValke: The female rolled her eyes as she looked at the male. "Yea bad enough that they trusted us to rule sorta speak" she laughed as she looked around the tavern. "its quiet here too which is odd." she mumbled out as she looked at the plate that had been brought out before shaking her head. "How can you eat that crap?" she hissed out before looking back to her glass debating on another sip.
KafzielLaVayne: " Perhaps it is not late enough yet for people to start appearing." He commented as he then took a sip from the bloodwhine and ate away another piece of the dried meat that was delivered." How you ask?" He starts to chuckle and clearly a proper answer was not going to come from him." I put it in my mouth and chew, quite simple actually."
RagnorKirryanValke: Being locked in his room for a few days with only his racing mind and his twisted thought, words in his mind from people promises, lies and there lives that have been given and taken from this world to soon and the ones that need there lives taken, he sighs slightly as he turns his head to the side looking out the window in his room, the sun coming down for the night casting long shadows over the land. “the tavern will be picking up again guess I can put my happy face on tonight and get lost in a mug of rum” his eyes trace the cobble stone floor as he moves his head and looks to the door. His jet black hair covering most of his ember eyes, sighing as he pushes his hands into the bed and pushes himself to his feet, landing with a slight thud on his boots he smiles slightly as he clenches his fists each finger cracking as he does so. “well first thing I should do is get my blade down im thinking sissy may kill me if I let it stay there” he says under his voice before walking to the door, he chuckles to himself wondering if he can relax for once but as he clenched the door knob in his fist he thinks to himself,, “what if she’s out there” his heart jumps a bit and his eyes widen than slowly dim. Opening the door quickly he slowly makes his way out and rests his hands on the railing and peers over looking to see who is in the tavern, not wanting to really start anything he stays quiet until noticed.

Morrgian could hear the echos of people from the floor below her room the laughing and cheering. The mage sighed softly as she moved about putting the belongings she had finally bought within the market earlier that day away before looking about her room. It was dark now she could tell without opening the blinds. Movement inthe hall caught her attention long enough to move towards the door unlock it and peek her head out once she cracked it open some. That split second she looked down the hall and then towards wherer the balcony would have been. Her eyes widen as she pulled her self back to her room and slammed the door shut hard enough to have the door echo in the tavern. Why was she doing it she didn't know all she knew was she was stuck there still even after the ice had melted mostly she still couldn't leave for some unknown reason. She sighed slide down the door as she sat there in her dark crimson dress her hair done up and for once she had decided to were her circlet. The female sighed softly leaning back on the door long enough to tilt her head up. 

AezvyraIsadorValke: By time the tavern finally started to fill with people Aez had done zone out losing hersel to her mind even after Kafziel seem to get up and leave her there. She shook her head finally brought herself out of the dream state and looked around she sighed seeing that her once lover was gone. What had this world come to that she actually missed the past before this place a little bit. Was she selfish for summoning him back there to her even though he couldnt fully have her. What games was she playing with the people around her. This was something she never thought of. The Empress took a deep breath reached for her chalice and drank from it some of the crimson liquid seeped from her lips and ran a corse down her chin. 
RagnorKirryanValke: All he herd was the door slamming and echoing throught the halls, but the crowds in the tavern quickly dulled the sound. Wondering where the noise came from and the sound of the door slamming he smirks and looks to the roof where his blade is still in the roof gathering dust. “yea I better get that” , he smirks as he jumps onto the railing and walks along it his boots lightly tapping on the wooden railing. Nealing down and pushing off with his right leg he jumps to the nearest cross beam, landing on his feet he walks away slowly to the center of the tavern than looks up to his blade. Moving his hands his moves his hair behind his ears, “about time I get you back” he chuckles as he jumps up reaching for it with his right hand he falls a foot short and than falls back down to the beam, landing on his feet well he is hoping for but as luck has it he feet slipped out from under him and he lands hard on his ass. “stupid sword “ he mumbles to himself. As his eyes wander around the tavern quickly noticing his sister and a few other people that regularly visit the tavern, with a clear view of the room where he thought the door was slammed. “I wonder whos room that is.”
MorriganOkultizmas: The mage sat there her eyes closed as she mumbled out back and forth as spell after spell she tried to drown out the sound of the somewhat busy tavern. She growled when she wasn't able to it was bugging her this place was getting on her last nerve let alone she looked towards the wardobe where she had kept most of her belongings including a dress which was a gift which she found odd seeing it didn't have a name. She took a deep breath picked her self up and dusted her self off before finally unlocking the door once more now she had collected her self; let alone she needed something to eat at this point in time. She could smell the cook boar from her room and it didn't help anything. THe woman quickly moved to the nightstand picked up her coin bag and headed back towards the tavern below. She sighed letting her hair move in her face she walked right up to the bar and sat down. Before she could even ask a glass of water was placed before her causing her to smile. Yep, she was right she been there far to long when the bar maids have learned she didnt drink most nights. "Do you mind if I get a plate of that rosted boar please." she mumbled out softly her voice low well hidden under the chatter of the tavern other then by the people that were right around where she was. Her chapped lips curled in a smile as she lowered her head long enough to pull the couple silver coins from her bag and hand them off to the young woman across the counter from her. "maybe a couple parts of bread too. "
AezvyraIsadorValke: Hearing the thud caused the demoness to move her gaze to the center of the tavern she shook her head her long onxy hair that had been braided back seem to dance as she did so. "Your not going to get it that way." she chuckled out looking towards the area her brother had fallen sorta speak. "Have we learned anything yet?" she mumbled out mainly to her self as she sat there leaning back in her seat with her glass in her hand taking another sip of it
RagnorKirryanValke: Hearing his sister talk he looks down to her he smirks, “well I am your brother, so I guess im a stubborn person just like you and I will get it sooner or later I think with any luck” his eyes trace her glass as she drinks it. His eyes quickly move from his sister to Morrigan who moved from her room to the bar probably getting food or something as he knows she doesn’t drink to much or at all, he picks himself up and takes to his feet his eyes still fixed on the girl at the bar. “guess she hasn’t figured out that the gift was from me” he sighs slightly as he looks from her and than back to his blade. “stupid sword how did it even end up there anyways shit” he paces back and forth looking around for an idea to get it. No matter what he tries to think of though his eyes trace back to her. Walking back to the part of the cross beam over the bar he laughs slightly as he walks off the beam and lands at the other end of the bar. The one maid notices him fall from the bar and fills it with the dark rum from the tap, pushing the mug she sends it flying down the bar to where Ragnor is. He quickly moves his to the bar and grabs it before it goes flying off of the end, taking a deep swig he growls as he finishes a deep swig and feels it burn going down. “yea that always helps”
MorriganOkultizmas: Morrigan brow rose as she sat there quietly to her self as she waited once the plate was placed before her she was tempted to pick it up and head back towards her room. she had withdrawn away from the people of the empire seeing the chaos that had happen since the curse was broken and lastly she didn't need some witch hunt to start. The mage sighed softly picked up a small bit of pork and chewed on it as she sat there her gaze shifting to the end of the bar as she watched a mug travel down it from the corner of her eye. Her eyes widen as she seen the male before blushing slightly, luckly she was still facing stright so hopefully Ragnor didn't see the redness of her cheeks. 
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez laughed watching him. "Yes that does run in the family and that it seems your as stupid as ever.. I would like to know how it got up there." her brow rose as she watched her brother before shrugging. "I think she does know it just doesnt want to show it. I know she had left something around your room but knowing the people around they most likely picked it up" she commented before returning to her drink the same moment her brother had left towards the bar. 
RagnorKirryanValke: Putting his mug back onto the bar his eyes trace back to his sister as he smirks at her and watches her drink her drink, “yea that’s the family and why its fun I guess” leaning on the bar his hair covering his eyes slightly so no one can see where he is looking his eyes trace down the bar and fix on the mage who is enjoying her dinner. He thinks to himself you only live once I guess and with that he gently kits the bar before grabbing his mug and slowly backing away from the bar his eyes move to his sister as she is probably watching him move to the other end of the bar. Walking through the crowed and to the other end of the bar beside Morrigan, he looks to the empty seat and smiles as he looks to her “is this seat taken mis?” he says in a soft voice but loud enough to be herd. 
MorriganOkultizmas: Morrigan eyes widen as she heard the sound of the male standing behind her. "ummm" she paused confused before turning on her bar stool to look at him. "I... I don't think it is" she mumbled out softly turning red once more. What was wrong with her? she sat there blinking before forcing herself to turn around once more taking another bite of food
RagnorKirryanValke: “”well that’s good” he says lightly as he watches her move back around on her chair her long black hair flowing with her motion. He moves to the empty seat beside her moving it around he sits down on the sold wood bar chair and swing around beside her, placing his mug on the bar he turns his head slightly to look at her. Watching for a second or so he swallows the lump in his throat and just speaks up softly “umm so… I haven been meaning to ask for a bit but the dress… do you like it… ive seen it on you and it looks beautiful on you.” He quickly goes quiet after the last word he said than looks down into his mug as he picks it up slightly and swirls the black liquid.
MorriganOkultizmas: She chuckled softly mainly to her self as she listened to the sounds around her before turning to face him better. She blushed the moment he brought the dress up. "Thank you." she smiled softly as she nodded before taking another bite of food. "I loved it." She paused waiting debating if she was going to ask if he got the gift she had left only a few days before now. 
RagnorKirryanValke: Hearing her words they seem to brighten up the situation as he never was to good at talking to girls other than family, didn’t help that he felt weird whenever talking to her. Lifting up his drink he takes a quick swig than places the mug back onto the bar with a soft thud, looking from his drink to her moving his hands to his waste he gently snaps his fingers causing the shadows under the chair to moves slightly and curl around the chair and up to his waste forming into a leather belt style skirt. His eyes glimmer slightly as it forms completely, but he doesn’t make a big mention of it to see if she notices and he can watch her reaction to see if she was the one who left it for him.
MorriganOkultizmas: The woman chuckled slightly as she forced her self to resist the urge to shake her head. She sat there quietly chewing on another bit of meat as she waited for something... anything to happen she wasn't even sure at this point in time. Morrigan shifted in her seat enough to allow her eyes move from the bar top to the male beside her studying his frame. Her cheeks turned bright red in shade as she noticed what he was wearing. "I take it you found it." she chuckled out softly before taking a sip of water from the glass before her before she replaced it back in its place. "It looks good on you by the way" she added shortly afterwards. 
RagnorKirryanValke: He smiles brightly at her compliment showing a bit of his white teeth as he does so, “well thank you but most of the credit goes to you for picking out the great gift” he notices her face getting her red and more flush as they keep talking. Moving his head closer in to hers he chuckles and speaks softly to her so only she can hear, “if I knew red looked so good on you I would have made the dress in red”. He moves back from her to see how she will act to his comment, picking up his mug with his right hand he takes another swig than motions to the bar maid to come over and top up his drink. Finishing up his drink he places the mug back on the bar and pushes it back to the maid, she quickly grabs his mug and moves it under the bar to the tap and filled it for lord Ragnor. After slowing the tap down so the foam didn’t flow over the mug, moving it back onto the bar she places it in front of Ragnor and goes back to her duties. 
MorriganOkultizmas: Morrigan's eyes never once left him after she had finally finished her food. She had not even noticed the woman who came around and picked up the empty plate and refilled her glass with water. "It was in the market and I figured it needed a good home." her words trailed off as he moved closer which caused her to blush slightly more her lips still in a child like grin as he spoke to her. "Red is one of my favorite colors." she chuckled out softly whispering back before turning long enough to find the glass of water and taking hold of it to sip from it. 
RagnorKirryanValke: Watching her motions as he picks up his mug and takes a good swig of his drink than places it back down , “yea crimson red seems to suit you, I mean I didn’t think you could get more beautiful but your face hasn’t changed from the breath taking shade of red since I sat down”. Not really knowing anything about how to flirt or talk to girls he does his best to try and not be his normal self or make a fool out of himself. Ragnor moves his left hand from his lap and moves his hair from his face and tucks it behind his ear as to see her better, leaning back in his chair he moves his chair turning it to face her better. “hmm yea I will take good care of this great skirt it suits, and the dress is hand made I take great pleasure in making things such as that, I know it’s a odd hobby” he says laughing slightly. 
MorriganOkultizmas: Morrigan nodded at his words before realizing she was of course still blushing, which made let a soft giggling sound pass her lips. "Oh?" she tilted her head down towards the left as she forced the red tint from her cheeks the best she could or at lest til they had returned to a soft pink color. "I'm sorry" the words hit faintly as she glanced back up. "It is a odd hobby for one such as your self." her comment soft nearly hidding it from all those who may have been trying to over hear the two. 
RagnorKirryanValke: “theres no need to be sorry my lady, and It may be a odd hobby but it helps when I have lots on my mind and it brings smiles to peoples faces” he notices her head turn guessing she was trying to calm the red out of her cheeks. Chuckling slightly to her actions he looks around the room to the others having a good time and helping them selfs to drinks and food, his eyes go back to her sister sitting alone still having a drink he smirks wondering where her lover was. Giving her a soft smile he picks up his mug and raises it to her slightly before taking a drink and turning back to Morrigan, placing his drink down he looks to her hands than back to her blushing slighty.
MorriganOkultizmas: The enchantress sighed softly as she nodded before she allowed her right hand move up to brush some of her hair from her face quickly. "Alright" she spoke softly before glancing away from him for a moment. "What else do you like to do?" she couldn't help but to ask as sat there debating weither or not to get away from the large group of people which made her uneasy.


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