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((Nyamither Empire is a medieval fantasy base roleplay centered around the empire in which could be found in the realm of Lumene.The empire is the epicenter of chaos do to this and it is up to the royal family and their people to either balance it or let it fall to sin... Now the Ram's Tavern and Inn is located within the outskirts of the capital city Necromar which is on the far side of the city compared to Kleshi Hold aka the castle. It is evening; full moon and a little cloud cover. The tavern tonight only has a handful of patrons within it, not too busy  ))

AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez yawns softly as she squirms in her seat just a tad bit as she fixes her dark crimson gown as she waits at the back of the tavern watching those whom entered and mingled with the patrons. On this day the Empress was searching for beings that was worthy of helping her rebuild her empire once more. Her right hand lingering a inch above the dark wooden table as her figured danced along before finally reaching her gobbet filled with Unicorn's blood and whiskey. Bringing the glass to her painted lips she takes a sip. "hmm" she lets the small sound pass her lips as she sets the glass back down on the table letting her emreald gaze shift about.
Bynkx: Sanbi's patite form marched in from the doorway, her blue eye sparkling with interest, her brown eye boiling with a deep inner fire... This place would do for the night. Her Long pale blonde hair was tossed wildly over her small shoulders, her bown leathers and rough shirt clung to her form tightly for easy movement. The scouting had made her sweaty and touches of dirt stained her here and there, she pulled a bramble from her hair, and flicked it off somewhere to her left. She looked down her nose arragantly towards the bar, then 'huffed' as she stalked over, her snotty attitude obvious in her step. "Spiced ale, if you have it." She brazenly slapped down three gold coins and a silver, being the price or not, that was what she had in hand at the time. She had a pouch that jingled, no doubt there was more where that came from... but her bossy way usually got what she demanded. She looked over her shoulder to the door, as if expecting someone, but as she saw no one, she 'huffed' again and turned her sour gaze back to the bartop. "Damned males..." she snarled quietly to herself...
AezvyraIsadorValke: The demonic female sat there leaning back in her seat as she took a deep breath allowing her chest rise and fall quickly. Her hand moved as she glanced over towards the bar from where she sat. She watched as a traveler entered the place and then sat. Of course Rose, the barmaiden had helped the woman quickly before returning to her other duties. Aez's painted lips curled at their ends before rising to her feet before taking hold of her chalice before walking over towards the bar. Her footsteps silent seeing she had decided to go barefoot this night. "Males are only good for a few things." she commented shortly after hearing the strangers words before finally sitting down.
Bynkx: Glancing over at the female whom had answered her comment to herself, she raised a bow, "Pray tell what they are, I've yet to find any use for them." She smirked, her small hands holding the tankerd closely, deeply enjoying her drink. Her blue eye took to the woman instantly, admiring the feminine grace and beauty, the brown eye seethed with agner at being addressed at all. She nodded her chin to the tavern in general, "This place usually this dead?" She question, once again tossing her wild blonde hair over her shoulder.
AezvyraIsadorValke: The Empress nodded "They are good toys after all; and some seem to be best fighters I have seen and when their heart is set into it loyal." she mummbled out softly letting her soft and luring voice fill the part of the tavern. She glanced about the tavern once the woman had brought the attention to how slow the tavern had been. "No normally its fully and lively, its was the curse that had been broken.. People are still scared to leave their homes thinking it going to claim them." she chuckled out before taking a sip of her drink before turning back around her eyes moving once more. "Its just how it been lately; I can't wait until it back to normal."
Bynkx: 'I won't be around long enough to see that change, I'm headed..." she thought about it, "As far as I can make it." she finished. She had to get away, she enjoyed her freedom to much to let it go again, no way would The Lady get her this time. Those other two bafoons could wait around for her to wake up as long as they wanted, she wasn't going to be around for it. "Toys, I don't understand but I guess your right." she thought of her brother, sleepy, lazy, and thought himself funny. Then her little sister, overly eager to please and help her master... Dullards. Both of them. She 'huffed' again and looked to the woman, "This place have good beds? If there is nothing else for miles, I may rest the night here."
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez sat there listening while drinking her mix drink. Ever so often she would nod just so the person she was talking to knew she was listening to them. She took a breath before speaking out once more. "The finest beds aside as the ones within the Keep." she smirked softly. "If its not well enough here their is always open beds within the Keep." she repeated her self thinking of her home and how she had opened it up to most. "It also cheaper here then most." she chuckled out before taking another swig of the drink before sitting the empty glass on the bar top seeing she had forgotten her bottle on the other side of the tavern.
Bynkx: "Cheap is it." she noded, pulling the coin from her pouch to place on the bartop, "One night." she stated, then stuffed the coin purse back in its cling on her belt. "I'll take two more spiced ale, and whatever food you serve this late." she added, looking around, "Do you have a bath?"
AezvyraIsadorValke: She nods letting her onxy hair toss and slide across the middle of her back. "Indeed, one way that we insure our traveling guest would be at ease." she chuckled out before letting her gaze fall to Rose, "Rose I need another drink please." she asked before watching the woman with the firey bright red hair move about bringing another bottle from the back room. "Thank you my dear." Aez smiled clapped her hand together before opening the bottle; for once she didn't fight with the cork before she pour herself another drink. Rose turned to the stranger and nodded taking the coin and then placed a key on the bartop. "Each room should have one.. if not there a bath house three blocks north.. Tell them your staying here and you dont have to pay." she hurried off to the kitchen to fetch some of the salted pork that had been cooked up for the guest. 

Bynkx: Sinbi slid down from the barstool, her legs not long enough to reach the floor, and slowly walked around the tavern, taking it all in as she swished the last drop of ale around in the tankerd idily.
AezvyraIsadorValke: Aez's brow rose from its place as she turned on her seat to watch the stranger before speaking. "I am deeply sorry if I seemed rude, I am Lady Aezvyra.. Empress of the Nyamither Empire; which your currlently in our captain city Necromar" she spoke softly letting her eyes move around the people once more. "
Bynkx: "Pleasure." she answered, not looking back up, she was enjoying the heat from the firepit more than usual... ah yes... fire... She twitched suddonly, and looked back to the woman, "What room?" She asked, eager to get cleaned up.

Aez would make a quick pass at the  barmaiden Rose before glancing to the stairs. "Its upstairs.. Most likely room sixteen would be open. It dont matter most keys open any room it seems.  As long as its empty you should be fine." she nodes softly speaking instead of the barmaiden whom seem to have nodded in agreement. The demon rose from her seat once more and walked about placing her glass on the table she had started her time at off by it self.


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