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KatsuoOda: -In a puff of black miasma like smoke, a young-looking man appeared at a table, his smoke shooed the three men sitting at the table previously, and scared to poor bartender serving them, the three men ran off and he took their seat, wraping his arms back behind his neck he stoped floating above and plopped down, "Oi, Bartender, big ol'glass of booze... any Tavern women in today? I wanna have a good time!" he said wiggling his eyebrows. "don't worry i won't bite... eh.. Much. Not unless you like that kinda thing." he said with a wink, and a sigh. Two of the men came back, "Hey, that's our seat mister, find your own. you got a deathwish er somethin?" He blinked and looked up at the bearded dwarf. "no but you do, acting pretty tall and mighty for a Dwarf, do you even know a Shade when you see one?" the two laughed together, and the dwarf put his mug on the table. "I dun'care bout no magic-y tricks. you want our seat you'll haveta wait, we got it first. now get up." Balda shook his head and smiled, "Rule number one, do not ignore the fine arts because those who practice it can litterally Anally screw a man of short stature and a Hammer. he said, flicking his finger a fluter of black-mass looking butterflies swarmed the two and they started dancing like jiggling idiots, as the objects of pure darkness floated the to dwarves out the door, they dropped and vanished, just outside the tavern, in the horse stables, where they splattered the two men in a pile of horse manure. "Now, Barkeep... how bout that booze?" he said, as a pleasure girl came over and sat at the table with him, "ohh hello~" he said, she giggled and wrapped her arm around him and leaned over im, as he put his feet up on the table. "hello happy time."-
AezvyraIsadorValke: The nights seem long enough to run right into the next one even though the day would break them up. The demon other known as Aezvyra, Empress of Nymithler had finally found enough time to leave the safety of the Hold if you could even call it safe. The woman had been not only trying to help her so called subjects get back on their feet after the whole curse thing but to bring money back to the land. Yet, the main issue at hand still remained, most of the empire was still covered in the thick Ice from the few weeks before. She couldn't wait for the summer months to apporch mainly for the sheer heat of the on going sun which hopefully would melt the ice away. The quicker she could get the empire back on its feet the better. The Shadow demon sighed softly as she finally decides to get ready to take that short journy she normally always had done before the ice had claimed the land. The woman with long onxy hair seem to finally find her way from the large double dark oak and steel doors of Klashi Hold to the city. Life seem to slowly return to the streets but not as much as she hopped for, the rumors of uprising and rebellion still lingered. Aez felt as if nearly everyone was staring at her as she walked along those cobble streets. Time seem to pass the sun nearly setting fully as the woman finally reached the half way point, the market. Aezvyra small frame seem to linger about as she seem to skip every few steps as she quicken her pace, she was ready for that drink she longed for now. Minutes passed.... slowly as she seem to wonder about the dark alleyways her emreald green orbs moving over the people who seem to take shelter on the streets rather then be at the hold in fear of the down bringing which would never happen. Her head tilted up, her eyes linging on the building just as a seem to come into view. She could just make out the lights of the tavern as she grew closer to it. She stopped took a breath before pushing forward and finally reached the door. Aez smiled softly pulled the cloak over her head some before pushing the door open and stepping inside. Her green gaze lingered on the center of the room before she would stroll in and up to the bar before removing her hood completely followed by untieing the strings to the cloak, folding it up and handing it to one of the bar maids. "Thank you and how is everyone tonight." the room seem to fall silent after she had spoken, her gaze moved as she looked around the room turning very slowly on her heels as for once in her life felt sorta out of place. The woman dressed in crimson and black silk seem to push it out of her mind before sitting down at the bar.
KatsuoOda: -Balda smiled, looking over at the pleasure girl who looked up in a sweat seeing the Queen of all people join a tavern. "What's wrong baaaby? Ol'queeny's not going to condemn you for doing your job. You gotta earn dem coins bitch, look at the ones I got... Sold a bunch of old books in my shop the other day. We can go at it allll night." The girl blinked and giggled, rubbing his chest. "Oh Balda.... your so funny." he smiled and shrugged, "As long as I get booze and sexy ladies like yourself, I can be funny all night too." he looked over toward the bar maiden and whistled, "Hey precious, you wanna join our little party? you look so mighty young, you have to be a virgin. We'll show you the ropes~!" the red haired bar maiden hmphed at Balda and stormed off after delivering his first booze, "Wow. such tight pussies around here today I swear..." The girl on his shoulder giggled. "When are you gonna take me upstairs?" He took a swig of his booze, "hmm... Let's add to our party make it a threesome? maybe a foursome... hell I wouldn't mind it if the whole tavern became an orgy, that's how I'm feelin today." the girl giggled again, and slipped her hand to his crotch, "but I want it all to myself..." He smiled, "now now, sharing is caring." he said with a wink.-

Aez seem to glance about as she sat there, her eyes finally lingering on the selves behind the bar full of the different bottles. She shook her head her head seem to turn slightly as she couldn't help but to listen into the conversating the male she knew as Balda was having. She seem to chuckle before glancing over to Rose before lowering her head. "My bottle please Rose." her words seem have that little luring pull to it this night as she sat there. She waited as the bar maid brought her her brass chalice and a bottle of her mix drink. Her painted lips seem to pull at their ends into a smile as she nodded before pulling a small coin purse from within her top part of her dress before tossing teh woman the few copper coins. "Thank you" she chuckled out before pouring her self a drink and spinning on the barstool to look over the crowd. 

KatsuoOda: -"oh come on babyy.. I don't want to share," she said, pouting, she raised her lips to his ear with a smile, her whisper gave him goosebumps, "I Don't care..." she said, squeezing his crotch playfully in her hand. the shiver went down his spine, to his legs then back up to his crotch where something started to wake up. he blinked and smiled back at her, she gasped and giggled feeling his crotch rise. "Oohh... looks like somebody else don't care either.. come on..." Balda raised a brow and looked around, the bar maiden was looking over, though in disgust, like a typical man he figured the maiden was jealous. "come on over here if you want some I got plenty of room in this booth for two." he said with a wink, that made the maiden gasp and look away. "I can't tell wheither she's disgusted or wants to fuck.. jeez tell her to make up her mind..." the lady chuckled, and wrapped her arm around his neck, "Virgins, they can't make up their mind, se is, in of it's self, a vile corrupt thing to them.. they ever see the pleasure or beauty when two become one..." Balda smiled, "you sure your a pleasure girl? I'd mistake you for a poet." she giggled.-

Aezvyra would let her left hand lift from her lap and cover her painted lips as she yawned. She didn't really understand she had those brief moments when she was all lady like and then others she was herself. The air had been warm when it hit her hand and soon gone mixing with the moldy smell of the tavern air. Why the woman enjoyed the tavern during the nights she did not really know, it seemed to be more alive then during the day even through all of the lost hope it seem still to linger on its daily duties as if nothing was happen around it. Aez chuckled lightly hearing the whore's comment before looking at the bar maid. "Did you ever think she might not want to share?" she allowed her lips to curl into a devilish grin as she brought the drink to her lips taking a short sip. 

KatsuoOda: -"hey I can share, I'll take ya one at a time." he said with a wink, "then when you feel a bit more kinky i'll take you both!" the pleasure girl threw her head back in laughter, "Or you can have me all to yourself and get kinky with me..." Balda licked his lips, "ooh... how kinky? tell me tell me..." she whisered and smiled, whispered to where only he could hear, his face began going red, he looked like he was about to burst just thinking about all the secret stuff she was saying, "oohh I like that... what else?" the woman bit her bottom lip having fun with this, and then whispered some more lusty things in his ear. "mmm... "-
Guest_LdyMorgausePendragon: The day had been long and the enchanter had been busy around the city trying to still buy the supplies she needed for the moment she was allowed to leave the main city. So she would just roam the streets of the captial until she had the go head it was safe to travel about once more. Her mind seem to wonder about as she seem to have allow her sappire blue hues linger on the dark fabrics that made up her new gown; she had found a box all wrapped up even with a bow but no note on it outside her room at the tavern. She still wondered who was nice enough to buy such a dress for her and hoped one day she was able to repay them for it. Morrigan sighed softly and soon found her self heading back towards to tavern for the night, her heels clicking on the cobble stone with each step she took. The mage took a deep breath and entered the building so had called home since she had arrived within the city, the city which she still wasn't use to and did not like the fact it seem overcrowed now that everyone was just stuck. 

RagnorKirryanValke: he sighs wakeing up in his bed the blinds over the huge windows in his room to try and block the world out< "three days sober this is rough" he sighs again as he moves his one pillow from the empty side of the bed to his face and growls deeply into it before throwing it against the wall. "thoes maids must be board i mena i havent been around in days" he shrughs as he moves in his bed than sits straight up, wondering if the girl he met beffore ever got his gift and if she even liked it. gripping the sheets slightly he tosses thm off himself still fully clothed as he seemed to be most the time he swings his feet over the side of the bed and pushes himself off of his bed and onto the cold floor his feet chilling almost instanly "oh thats cold " he dances a bit untill he is comfortable with the cold of the floor. makeing his way to the door he slowly opens it and looks around the upper board walk of the tavern no one around he walks to the railing and looks down to see people carying on and a few familure faces in teh crowd, sighing he looks to the cieling his jet black hair covering most of his face as his red eyes fix on his blade that is still stuck int he dam roof. "still want to know how::" he laughs a bit before jumping up onto the raling, balanceing as he walks to teh closes cross beam right under his blade. jumping up to the cross beam he lands smoothly his feet tapping as he moves along the wooden beam. now under his black blade he looks up to it just slightly out of reach he smiles more as he rememebrs teh last time he tried this, not sober at all and ended up brakeing alot fo stuff.. this time he jusmps and barely taps the hilt, he tries a few times before giving up and thinking of a better idea, looking down to everyone he decides to sit on the beam and watch everyone, his eyes ember coloured now as he rests his hands on his lap .

Aez: Even thought the woman was placing her self within someone elses conversation she seem to pay no mind to it when the shade and the woman seem to just start whispering. The woman's shoulders seem to rise a few inches and then dropped, her hair swaying from the force as she would use both hands to run through the long onxy tangle mess as she went to tie it up so it wouldn't be framing her face anylonger. Aez blinked her hands finishing its job as she slipped the string around the bulk of her hair as she lowered one hand the other moving the now bundle of hair down to the right side of her shoulder before she started to play with the ends. Her greenish gaze seem to linger before she turned back around on the stool to face the wall as she allow the sounds of the tavern to help her ease her mind.The woman's eyes slowly closed as she listened, she could make out some of the chatter from the patrons.. the elven bard Elrynia whom seem to have been singing some sonnet about the curse.  Aezvyra sighed softly as she let her eyes reopen just as she reached forward for the brass chalice full of unicorn's blood and whiskey. "I need to remember to reopen the ports as soon as I can" she mumbled out speaking mainly to her self at this point as she thought about how the empire was running low on its resources as of lately. 

KatsuoOda: -He stretched, "well... You sure tell a convincing story woman... Might have ourselves a bit of fun upstairs what you think?" he said, the pleasure girl smiled and stood up from the booth. "mmm yeah, follow me." she said, pulling Balda's scarf up and forward she tugged on him like a dog on a leash and he followed willingly... passing the jet-black haired man on the upstairs railing Balda wiggled his eye brows up and down. Finally, even though it was only one, he'd get some pleasure. He so wanted more, but this girl didn't want to share. "What was that you said about 'raping' me? I might like that... I'll pretend to get away..." she giggled and shushed him and pushed him into her room, slamming the door.-

ZeleenaEbony: Zeleena seem to find her self in a place she is not fimiler with. She enters the tavern looking around only seeing a few people around as she decided to keep to herself. It has been a very rough time finally able to get away from those who have tourmented her and twisted her mine. She slowly walks in keeping her hood up as she asked the wench for a drink. Zeleena sat down waiting for her drink and trying to not draw attention to herself. Since she had run away from her former owner a former close friend had sold her to. Gazing over at the others only seeing a couple of them but she still kept to herselve in fear of others bring her back to the man looking for her. The wench bring her her drink while she smiles and nods take it and sipping on it. This had been the first time she had anything to drink other then water.

Guest_LdyMorgausePendragon: Morrigan had just about left the main entrace of the tavern to the main room. To her suprize the building seem to by busy more then she even thought about it. Her heart seem to skip a beat as her gaze shifted around the room, she took note of the couple who seem to head up to the upper floors of the tavern, the bard whom seem to be spinning some tale and of course the empress at the bar. The mage slowly walked in and looked about trying to find a empty table so she could be at lest not bothered by some of the people. The woman was tired of the beggers and thives she had delt with and wanted time to her self sorta speak to try and plan out how she would be able to do this so called quest she had left her home for. She had not even the male up in the rafters as she passed underneath him on her way to the far side of the tavern to an empty table.


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